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2-15-17 3-4pn The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 15, 2017|

Tom talks with listeners about mangoes, restaurants and cooking

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Mean. It. To bump bump bump bump of being crumple them before the this is the juicy voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this. Is 105. Point three. WW LF MHD. Too complicated. But worth it. It's great new sound on our on your radios. Unless you don't have the radio yet in which case I strongly encourage you to get one it's not that expensive and radios are something you know by all that often amazed how many times have you swapped out your cell phone. And now how many times have you gotten a new radio and in your lifetime might the the have a but. And believe not eight radios that actually function that are rattling in different parts of my house. And every single one of them works. And every single one of them has over twenty years old. So always here's one that you ought to get though it's the HD radio. And and the reason I'm telling you this is that you don't know that it's already interesting but it is something that will allow you to. To penetrate into our newly crafted. Radio show. And it comes by getting off and AM. May end and moving on to an FM band but even better than that because its H two HID. Function is really something that's stereo and everything else. And you will be very happy you view got on that wagon but a by the way. If you are thinking of getting a freer car check out the car first to find out if it doesn't already happen has it might. A lot of radios. In a lot of cars are out there and you're just ready to go to hear our show just like you. Well like you used to do with the old frequency but with much much better sound so anyway I that I just seemed to fall into that every time I've. I walked past our number is 26. So. 63682606368. Those are the same numbers that we use in the old place so but so we're ready to use some here. Book somebody's on hold who The Who might this week we'll find out oh it's Greg the gourmet. First caller of the day. I'm doing well a new and good day today other than the a little bit of rain you maybe got in the morning and blue cool right now. And ethnic going to be at thirty or well let's go to bed. And improve my in my animals are OK with that they told. The tactic kind of like it. Yeah well they figured it out and parts of the global wildlife. On. The go no I haven't what would goes on there. Our aegis followed nor out of them but I don't thing to have like a rat you brought it to. All sorts of things are very long highway. Forget it it's since Folsom. Four or LA or 42 or something acrylic. I've heard of the the The Who whatever you do it whatever you would all that. Mean I am and who. Global global wildlife. All I know what you're talking about I've never been there but I know and now now we just hit me when it is Pia a sort. Of you know. There are well you wish we could use a few more animals on our program. Yeah I I don't know where we put him but you know it's impede some think about. If you look at that. Yeah my wife and I and our daughter two we all went together because we're all each other sweethearts. We went to cafe Geovany. And we have they were doing the special menu for Valentine's Day it was 45 bucks for three courses in and we all got that. And you know one glass of wine that went to me and everybody else was drinking water these girls who know they don't need they don't drink. And what you will will lovely evening. And I didn't embarrass my daughter by singing next to her. Yet she really hates that night I don't know why exactly but it's that that's that. But yeah we have that we could win a fine time in chef duke was there in regale and over everybody was a pretty full house. Young righty called in yesterday and we talked to for a few minutes. Absolutely ordered or court. Leave food word of the day you know why don't even need this piece of paper with view around. It's mango. Mango the this will surprise you the after I tell you this tell me if you. Had known this before. Mangoes. Have surpassed. Bananas. As the biggest selling fruit in the world. Oh yeah I mean and bananas when number one for. Decades ages. But mangoes seemed to have moved ahead of them wonder why. I don't know but mango portrayed as we talk about lock Greta you know next on your show speaking out they make it real mom. I'm not a big margaritas and but there's more called mango Margarita. Mangle Margarita didn't tell she used to play for the for the U what was the name of that basketball team we used to have here the pride. Was that the name of. I think you know part in. Well and I know that tango mango margaritas are very good like rocks are frozen but. I'm a bit but you know or report is yeah. This week you know but. Put some good chips and takes them but you'd good marker and labor and he. Underrated so I think she chewed up a break and I. Pretty darn low for pretty luscious I think mangoes that there's only one thing I think might be a little bit better. And it's another tropical fruit from down there in that that part of World Cup tie as I was about to you beat me to it. I hate I knew I once met a guy in New York City get a little sort roadside stand. And he was selling. A variety of fruits but he said Oman. He hit a what you want is the Pope Pius it's Popeye as are the best tasting fruit in the world. Are we and and it would they were really good. Quite an Iowa down there to. A nice little community called Boca del Toro. And it's not too familiar and most people go to Costa Rica but that crossed the border to Panama in we. You know we're on day as we like to travel so that aren't there roadside so nice that the people out there cutting fruit or Ian Mets or discover apart. In animal. Bill would be a good place to do it. Have a friend of mine who has been living in Panama here he and I went to high school together. And he. Has been living in Panama for quite a long time I'm gonna say it's at least twenty years I think it's more than that. And every time I ask him. You know how are you making a living don't mean what do you do he says I'm a gentleman farmer. Well we're all and I am no idea what he means by I still don't. Oh heavier brother. Have you ever been on the have you ever been on the transatlantic. When it would be tragic excuse me am I Busey entirely wrong where there. The Panama Canal crossing. We are. Now that is if you ever get the opportunity to to do that Elena on a ship especially. Do it it's really amazing. Right well off it's grown in popularity. At a market tourism industry over there it's when he. Yeah really lightly Costa Rica of course everybody that's in the C I think fifteen or twenty years going to be so americanized. What you know are not that that are different but just an observation I've noticed a lot of folks. Our expatriate where they're from from the state that are there so. But if you are or like Central America are you the only it's meant that I can think. The fifth. You know I. Know I'm I'm I'm I'm laughing because side Johnny he follows his last name he was illness and a very well known. Writer of popular songs. He he has a song. In which he uses. The word yes votes it which is hard to say yes the most. As as a Ryan word with Christmas. Well our Johnny Mercer thank you Doug got a that are correct right off the bad Johnny Mercer. Thanks for calling CEO and it's the food choked so mango is our we're. Our food word of the day. A you do not have to discuss mangoes if you call us but I would love for you to call us though even if you don't have anything particular to say. Like. If you were told to meet a guy name. Fred. On the corner of chapped as seen in maggot coolest no wait a minute that's not you number five. Or in front of love in front of Dallas or summit that. And you'll meet this guy named Fred and you were. You or are told that. He usually takes about two or three minutes before he gets down to the recent he's talking to you. Well we can play that game too. So if you don't have anything to talk about. Call us and you'll see that you do have things to talk about and they will be interest thing in the leave you laughing and that's kind of what this program is about where we're you know on on the top. We're a food show we talk about restaurants. We review restaurants if you are going to a place that you wondering about this in any good call us that's what we do. However if you have your own ideas about some rest and you've been to when you have very you know you thought it was either better than it should have been nor. Or worse call us up and tell us about it or if you need a recipe for something or B one of them you know to a cocktail I mean anything under the sun. That it is about eating and drinking. We are open to that all the time you don't have to wait till somebody else brings up your subject just go right ahead and do it will shift right over the U. And it would be our pleasure to have you want the program. A very much so again even if you don't think you have anything to seek issue probably do you see you go to you go to different restaurants from what other people go to. And every infect everybody is different on that we all go to different restaurants and when we get there. We ordered different dishes from other people in that restaurant. And to me just right there that fact. Gives you like an insanely. Huge amount of possible data. For eating better and this is all I care about his eating better you're gourmet if you aren't thinking about how to eat better. So I share your thoughts with me would you and everybody else they would love to hear what you think about those those statements that refer your favorites and and the dishes to. 26063. 68. Now you know by now right I hope you do anyway. That we ought we have moved to lake in entirely. Different kind of radio broadcasting. Call HD. What does that stand for I've heard high definition but there's a there's one that's supposed to be really official and an. High definition sound too good to me but anyway it's in stereo it's better quality than FM it's better quality than a CD. And you know that's nice moved in and of itself but the other thing is that we really get out there with the signal. And there are a lot of people. Who what did you know I talked to them all the time that says listen to you show until I get on the causeway and then lose it well I know exactly what you're talking about. We don't have that problem anymore it's over it's done ninth to thirty years almost. And finally it's done. And we also. We you know this always this this problem during the wintertime where we have to not the signal down because we would be interfere with somebody somewhere else in the country. We no longer have to even think about that it's it's not on our page. Miscues resell you want to call us up. You'll get better son you'll get better stuff and I'm relaxed and ready to go with the 26 so. 6368. Is the telephone number and now there's one other thing there are people I know. This is only Dave for our forums during the new the new style. You know outside a fourth day and there are still people who are trying to figure out holidays that you actually listen to this station because it's not on a regular radio. And I tell you there are a bunch of ways the easiest for most people is to turn your computer on and if you have a pod or pad. This such a thing as a pad isn't there. And and if you have one of those would you know anything along those lines including a Smartphone. I'd just go to WWL. Dot com. Look in the upper right hand corner. Of the page that comes up. You'll see two buttons one of them is kind of a light red the other one is a dark red almost a maroon click on the one that's maroon. And it'll take you over to WWL. HD two web site and over the air we have peace streaming service of everything you would hear on the show. He is right there you could just sit there and listen to it all day long if you wanted to I don't know how you could but it is there it is. And given a world CC how it works for. And hey if that doesn't work. There are a bunch of other ways that you can pick this up one that that really is promising because she could carry it around in your pocket you can Wear it even. It is the WWL. It the WWL. What do we call those app yeah that's the app. Download it it's free. And no joke you can hear everything we're doing right on that little gizmo you can plug it into your dashboard in your car you could do you know plug it into amplifier at home whatever you wanna do. But just don't you know you figure it out in and rejoin our little get together here every day about food and restaurants this the only place in America that has anything like this you know. We'll be back with more of the food show after we listen to this thank you. Indeed the dean team hello there you are listening to the food show. On. 105 point three FM HD two this is the new home of the food show and who great to have you here and talking to us. But sequences over here on the screen phone here is Dan Dan welcome. That's some great preacher oh thank you are just getting started but thank you anyway. Yeah a little bit confused I think it might have been last week and there and I thought not crazy. The. This on a nice feeling every now that feeling you are not crazy. Exactly. And it's it's about an old Red Cross yeah I'm going back about. Your age bracket is and so I. Most of them. Late fifties early sixties. A cousin of ours came and it now it was a marine and he was going. You know. And we were and now this restaurant all or I could've sworn. Here's our. Debt it was located ball well real I mean on. So I remember though there are remember who was an Italian inflation. In the table cloth and had great. We're at this spaghetti I was on Rio. All. Well. I've started looking into it looked to your side and I've found for and I find it so what was that were struck but no longer there will. Yet this this sounds to me like a Tony spaghetti house. It Tony's head pizza they had they had everything under the sun in terms of Italian food it was very basic so it was inexpensive. Even though he was on up crime piece a real estate there he was right across street from gala towards. And they were jobs. And you'd go in there and as for what seemed like almost nothing he would they we give you this in mammoth played of whatever it was you ordered. And they they had nothing but good food there they also did. Really great breakfast every when you go in there they had their own homemade biscuits they were hot out of the oven they would do scrambled eggs and all that. It was agree it was a wonderful place the I knew. The last owner of it he he inherited it from his father than his father before him so was there quite a while it started I wanna see in the 1920s. While you. Unreal. And one outlet which. And I I don't know some pot should true or people are here I'm. Yeah could be this this already sounds like mass on stemming. Exactly yeah I went there and it in the mid seventy's were born and my friend and is. The first is that BY. And bear fruit was just untouched. It was say it was a really great restaurant that in its time that towards the end it got kind of flaky but it's that there are still. Among dishes that people call me and ask me about. Well there are two or three dishes that we're from that's restaurants mess sons menu that people ask me about all the time one of was. They called the on and port which was basically a huge blob of blotter and almonds and flop if that wasn't much art to it than that and anyway but they they did they were famous for a rack of lamb they were famous for all the different kinds oysters baked oysters that they did over there. AL is a great place it's all gone now the building and everything. Yeah the long ago let me ask this question and I just thought this or talk. Do you think this kind of in question in in you'll over. Your comment about this with with the stand. True true I would think do you say let's say over the past. I am making 2530. Years. That the people are straw that are still out there put out the greatest. Of food and service. You'd think. Since people's attitude is changed you know you'd you'd get folks. You know they're. Waiter actually see your own they retire dire or whatever and then today's threats raunchy it's kids that are. You know the the millennial you know their attitude may not he is good news. I did it work I think you're. All the says these think that flavor. Of New Orleans restaurants are still good at this or the quality. All all know much much better than it more than it was just in the years that I've been covering it I started writing this stuff every pews sit since in 1972. And I mean there are some some restaurants that I wish were here that it is edited so lost not having them here. The first when it comes to my mind is. Was. Oh gosh. What a little Ruth's wheel routes on the West Bank in and close second place would be hell would plantation and not only are those who restaurants gone but there's nothing even like them anymore and like I kind of miss that but that doesn't define the scene you know you. I think canned ones is better now than it's ever been. I think gala towards his great deal to have Broussard it's even and our nose caesar's certainly better than it's ever been I mean just gets better all the time. But don't pay that that the the funny thing about the millennial though is that. But I like him speak I have to two kids who are millennia Milan noticed. And and in their mind eating out in a restaurant is the normal thing to do eating out at home eating at home. Is the abnormal. I and they eat in restaurants all the time. And they think nothing of it I mean it's so I'm glad that visited it will help the rest on community continue to grow as it has been doing. Sure all right. Well thank you very natural calling appreciate the call and drawings over here is Steve Steve sorry that took so long but he had interesting stuff. Hello. Think it is Jeremy is it up but think it. And we're. Well why I'm not a huge huge fan of like king cake myself he Ollie of Uga I eat my supply. But I I've always liked Gambino is I think they are really terrific the I hate Els has always been good. And let's see who it is one another and on them forgetting middle come to be in a minute but anyway. There is also another king cake bakery out there that is so advanced in in figuring out new things to do with king cakes. It's really great to a more Reese's bakery in Metairie. This he make straight ahead kind but he does. A lot of other ones like this this this this one king cake he does that is completely covered with ripe strawberries. Yeah it's he insanely. Delicious. Any does like four or five other things that are really out there like that but really great yet it's getting better all the time today. I just want and what thanks for calling thanks for a listening to. And how are you how are you getting the signal house at. Your iPhone perfect. Good but thanks for calling. You to see it's easy to do. That WWL. Cap app a Getty yet the WWL. App is what you need to. Free IC how can you beat that and then you plug it into Europe Europe Smartphone in the near you want you can get a walking talking. Of version of the food show. That's kind of a revolting thought that was in the our program today is sponsored by. Acropolis cuisine Greek food obviously goes back a long long way. But. Greek food in new woodlands has it didn't come up huge lead for the last. Hold on to say 1015 years we used to have quite a few. Greek restaurants round talent and though a lot of we're very very good. And now really. Acropolis is just about the only one we have which is okay I guess. Fortunately. It's big enough. That they can and you know serve a lot of people but they it's also small enough. That they are never gonna turn that place into a huge commercialized. A sort of a cafe they're gonna stick with the basics of the Greek food. And they do that very well not only that but they have a large portion of their menu was dedicated to Italian dishes. And there's also a section on there that's you know pretty much straight ahead American New Orleans normal kind of you know seafood and everything. And you can mix or match however you like nice dinner every night 34 courses around 25 dollars available. All the time and and all that great Greek food to its Acropolis cuisine there on veterans highway at Cleary. And if you don't see a it. Convenient parking space right in front of the Playskool around the back of the building there's a bigger parking lot back there and as an entrance from back there too so you don't have to worry about any of those things. And that is set Acropolis cuisine in Metairie on track on that veterans highway at. And that. Oh what's Cleary who used to I was thinking clear view and became clear you know Hopkins or doing. But anyway it's a half past the hour shall we take a break. Will come back and more of the food show in just a moment I think. Yes yes no way a poet dogs on the phone will will get to within a minute. Well five point three WWL FM HD to the HD two is a critical part. And once you get that figured out. You'll love it kill you if you don't have an HD radio at home you really ought to get you'll really enjoy. The quality of the sound and also the expanded the amount of a programming that is on there I I put forth to you humbly but not to humbly. The fact that there is not a radio show like this. Anywhere else in the country you might see something that's like one hour on the weekends is something we do this every day seven days a week now. And all we do is talk about food because we know. That food is big. It always has been big if you don't eat you don't. So here we are and making having good time when that and we want should have a good time too so get that radio or get something that works and in its place. And and joy with us every day we're here in the afternoons from three until seven every every weekday afternoon. And on the weekends Saturday and Sunday depending on how the football and basketball and all the other games play will be in there somewhere most weeks. All right shall we take a break or no we don't want a break okay to a 60. 1870. Is a that's not a numbers gives me a box so customers you've now 126063. 682606368. Menu. What does that mean to a 60 always means yes that's right we have that went 2260. Menu just type it on your your little button thing you know I am hesitant to do that because. FO at home I have this very cool looking telephone it's sort of fake in teak kind of look but my daughter's. Thought some years ago that it was just the funky kind of thing that I would like and she was of course exactly right about that if and and I do like it. It has a light on that that blue and it's of it's bright enough you can use it is a as say a night like but anyhow getting back to this thing. One day I was I've hits had to dial in. A phone number that was given to me using the letters is not instead of the numbers. And it didn't answer and I tried and tried in Kenner but there was something wrong with it turns out that whoever made this telephone and probably some place in Asia. Did not know where the letters went. And so when you tried to dial anything. While by the letters you were out of luck consume it that's gonna send you where you thought you were going. Usually just buzzed down 1260. 2606368. Or 26 so menu MP and you. 260 menu all right let's see who else do we have here a world food word of the day I mentioned earlier is mangoes. Would you do would mangoes in your house mango and ice cream is pretty doing good he this new this. I actually I first started doing this with tangerine news. But but it's it's it's really good with mango. There was a flavor of ice cream. That the only place I know of where you can get and that's that may not may not be the very the only one but. It's one of the only ones at the very least I Angelo Brooke condos. Which is that you famous Italian style Jim Lott the Ria. In mid city they have a flavor. That's called. In homework up today you know I saw two sitting near them just the perfect word right there are in chino no that's not it it's something like that. And UH it's a mixture of Vanilla. With some. Some almond and that but it's like ground up very finely. And there are a little tiny things that look black. And they told me when it was and I forgot now. But anyway this is a wonderful. Ice cream to begin with but you put it over something like a peach or in. And and nectarine or. For that matter even a mango and you really have something. What's torrent chino that's the name of the escrow torrent she knew TO RR ON COC. Ohio and all right we'll come back with more of the food show after first if you will this. A bump from look on the something shocking now haven't noticed. Anything goes it's the food show. On. WWL FM HD two and 105 point three FM you start there and go to 105 point three FM. And then if you're on and FM radio here you will be able to click it right over there. And then you'll hear us in our many different to boy our many different prices. 260. 6368. That's our number that's the same as where was forcing him as one thing you don't need to change and all you don't need a new phone that you think like that 260. 63 succeed and we love to hear from you about food in any way and its own. We talk about it every which way in to whether it's a restaurant you went to that wasn't anywhere near as good as it should have been. Or if fit so a recipe you need to add a little missing piece to the two hours something's missing that's not not happening last night was. The Valentine's Day one of the busiest days in the year for restaurants one with a lot of people out on dates. While my wife and my daughter and nine when all went to cafe Geovany last night and and lovely dinner there as we knew we would. And the singers were there it was it was a nice evening for a Tuesday night over there so line and they knew they had a pretty full house. We although my daughter had to not vague exactly but cajole a little bit today chef duke. To givers imposter because at and don't think they had any pasta on the on the Valentine menu at all if they had some I didn't notice it when I had was this. Pork chop this double cut pork shop that had a kind of a sweet and spicy. Saw us in a lot of other things going on although it might have had one too many things going on but that's you know that shift to that story he has. 20606368. I have loved. And I've department in my newsletter that I don't use very often because it never comes up all that much but cut in the department has called. The philosophy. Of taste. And as we usually play it for laughs just so we can we don't seem to be too too serious about that but it today we note. That is the birthday in 1851. Of philosopher. Alfred north Whitehead. And the only reason I bring this up to you is set to there's a quotation from him. That I think is really great and this is something that everybody in the restaurant business or hospitality business in general. Ought to walk around with them a card in their wallet that says this it's a short quotation. But it it has so much meaning NCs would be so much a more useful than some of the things we say. You ready here comes we think in generalities. But we live in detail. Think abut that. It's the food show let's see who's over year Mike Mike welcome to our broadcast. You thank you. Little restaurant court order yeah. What are. So you want. And sure. Sure. All yeah yeah right around back. Ya right around the back of the coshow place which is that's a wonderful. Little rest and is. Well look I don't get on a daily print their election. It's the best portrayal which I have never been a lot. That could be that's a good formula to start with so. It would have. People walk errors. Oh ports and collectors like already. Oh this no doubt about I think that's the best restaurant that those guys run. It really is that yeah and they haven't damaged well a big Mac. And it and as important parity on it. Yeah. That's different. And I said that's different. Yeah yeah they the they advertisement. Like McDonnell ahead there big man yeah it. Out. Then that's. I bet that's a great little operation they have there and its store they're spreading it around the country a little bit they I know they opened one briefly you know Lafayette dosed. Lafayette was the wrong place to put that stuff please those of they've if those are the people that know that. Tennis sausage making them backward and forward in fifty other ways. But the but the quality that they put out his superb. Like it was back in and out. Public certain. Yeah limits and you don't. Mind me these are there. And oh yeah. That's that's a savory king cake it's not sweep they've they've put what things like Hammond stuff and it would what is it. Other. Well that's right yeah I remember it now you just will we need. And a well thank you very much with a report. Oh yeah sure government. To borrow. Mr. John steak house. Well. First of all you probably have discovered but I better say it anyway you have a reservation right. Yet who you can't penetrate that place without one. They they have agreed appetizers there. Called The Who dat trim. It's nice size shrimp they have two different sauces one of teams got to. A pretty good hit a pepper the other one is a little on the sweet side it's a beautiful presentation very colorful. And and really good is an appetizer it's too big for an appetizer though you ought to split it with somebody just only get one. There and I think the best state that they have this is sir loin strip. But I'm a sirloin strip kind of a guy so you know let your conscience be your guide. They Dubai 100%. USDA prime beef and they I don't think they dry aged but they are at least buying prime all the way from the top to the bottom a lot just. Even the good steak houses a lot of them do not get prime. Filet. So what they they do. I aren't I look like to be here. Now please do Y be we always like hearing from our alumni here so to speak but thanks for call via the food show. And joining so we hear on the blue phone is Bob. Well it up didn't sound good afternoon to you have a lovely day so far. How can I thought going cold so men and elsewhere he goes the worse. We are going to. Forest as stepped out and got it to rejects and I. And we just wanted to does some recommendations. And figure for old times and we get these risk. I would tell you don't bother with that. It's it's it always was good but this a limit you can go with boiled beef brisket and I'm a fan of boiled beef brisket but if you really wanted to go ahead get it. That the they have completely. Redone that restaurant as of about four years ago. You know there was a change in the generations there. That mr. latter who had run it for a long time. He passed away and his son came in and took it over and his son has just. Thrown every bit of imagination he could possibly. Bring to that it's. Situation and has redefined. The whole rest and it's really good looking in there again. Maybe for the first time ever in fact and the but the that the menus full of great stuff my favorite dish there is this thing that they do with yucky potato and yawkey and crabmeat. And wild mushrooms you can have this an appetizer or you can have it as an entree it is unbelievably. Wonderful. And there are plenty more where that came from but if you want the brisket don't get more than one order that though them date. Even mark the latter told me you know he actually was thinking about taking it off the menu. And Ralph Brennan told me. If you do that let me know cause I'm gonna put it on mine. It's up yet which is I think the right way to look at it. All right on any of any other nations that are a couple of. Well there's there's so I you know I can't remember if I've had land there before but they they are buying good groceries they are not mess around they've they went in there. Saying we belong in the key in the company of all the other long running great restaurants in New Orleans in Brigham and we know we only are gonna give it. I get a if we give it and that's they've they've really transform the place. Well enjoy yourself and I hope you cold is better. Ottawa at. La hat and now vitamin C to don't forget the vitamins. How goat. A cutesy and keep hearing things at that says it's not really true vitamin C doesn't help you. But again I have a cold coming on I mean just if I even have an idea I'm catching a cold but just load up on it. This of a triggering your body a McEntee what it does but it lets you know when your bucket too many but and it seems to work for me. I I almost never get colds anymore once in a great while in the and then it'll only have a for like two days and then it's gone. So you know what that's worth 260. 63682606368. Our program today. Is sponsored by care restaurant supply. The care family. It's been in the business of selling equipment. To restaurants. For three generations. So they they've know they know what's going on which is very useful first of all it's great for the rest went to buy from could say no they don't have to waste time trying to explain what they need to. Some clerk or something. They walk in marinades you know placed the order in the areas but you're guy. Even though Lou we don't own restaurants. We can go there get the wholesale price. And have a selection of all of this first class restaurant quality. Of schools and and and serving stuff and even. Even. They have a full fledged. Kitchen. Oven for for a small operation in a hole my guess they said it would do that but they say they've sell more from four for commercial use. Anyway the fact that you can buy all of this at the wholesale prices of real attraction and it also there are certain items that you will not finding in the in the stories that hosts say they sept but they. Specialize. In cookware but you know with you that the professional. Stuff. They build that to get the job done not for its looks if you're if you're looking for knives and and and tools. For your kitchen in your thinking but what you need to stuff that we really looks good it might be the wrong store for you. But if you want cookware that works that's the place care C a IR Heath care restaurant supply and con type street right off. B and Phil Reid and you know where the old buds broiler is in city park avenue it's a block and a half from there. Care C a IRE restaurant supply we will come back with more of the food show after first please this. And a Big Dig deep deep. Hey have a little exercise a little mental exercise here. If you would don't know how to call in or even listen to and and HD radio station you are listening to one right now. I'm impressed if you call me because it is just starting from its a standstill. And getting the Aires not the easiest thing in the world but do we gonna get checked and you're gonna love it. We promised that we are this is such a huge improvement over the kind of broadcasting what we have been doing. Technologically speaking anyway for a maybe a lot too long but now we have felt we have this so. Start off by going to have a WWL dot com click on the more rune button up in the upper right hand corner. And that will give you a live stream of this show and everything else that's on this frequency the rest of the day we are here. From three until seven every. Afternoon. And so we vent a little time to that we used to be just three hours now we have though you're here you're hearing this for four hours so. And great we're hearing from anybody but we're having a pretty busy day today so clueless would you. 260. 6368. A program today is sponsored by Messina as runway cafe and I have noticed around town lately that. We have had some blimps visiting the city I don't know what that's about. Was that was there's some big sporting event that was here last week. I might be it. But does that the reason that interest me is that the most of the blimps that come into town they dock. It's kind of that's how they put it. At the Lakefront airport. And this is where all the private jets and private planes and and helicopters to all of that largely works out of the Lakefront airport. And right in the middle of it there I mean this is such a busy place that they've always had a food service operations there. Than the one that most people knew was the walnut room which was a catering facility. And it was fun because you could go there and have your event. And watched the planes coming in and taking off from the blimps. Rising and and dropping. And you can still do that they have it for breakfast and lunch every day except on Monday. And this is not just your simple nothing breakfast if you for if you feel like eating pancakes with a side order of sausage patties. They've they've got that no problem scrambled eggs steak they've got. Okay but if you wanna really enjoy yourself like you would do by going to elect a Sunday brunch or Saturday brunch or something. They have all of that all the poached eggs with the holiday sauce and it meant that him and and of the crab meat and all the rest of I didn't and it's terrific and then for a lunchtime. They work up a pretty decent. Menu of of the outpour boys and seafood platters and and the entire range of eats that we'd love around here. One out great place to take your kids or your grand kids just you know have a breakfast or. Quick little luncheon and watch the planes come and got to be great. Anyway it's the Lakefront airport it's Messina as runway cafe. And the Messina family has been in the catering business for a long long time in that in fact they've done. Know the old zephyr field all the food from there and and lots of places to great great folks. Messina as runway cafes. Do too cute cute cute if call right now you get Reagan and it's you know not much of a promise but there are there it comes I have decided. And before I implement this I'm going to. Read Jaeger. The a software used for this so we we won't have problems with the again like we had many years ago. I am going to start up the child numbers again. A child number spelled CI. AL like an Italian person would say hello or goodbye with child. Although it has another meaning to. We're going you give people a number it's just the number it has no significance at all except the few people wanted to certain number for one reason or another. And this piece by having child numbers by everybody having child numbers we can give away stuff. If indeed we are ever given anything to give away. It used to be really easy to get prices to give away on the radio now for some reason it's almost impossible. Ms. O'Connell laws about it too that's not sure at some they do with. So anyway I get ready for that I'm gonna do and we're gonna start this over again we've done it twice before. Back around twenty years ago. And it just one day the computer died and we lost all the numbers and that was that meant I brought it back about maybe four or five years ago. And die I didn't loose it and I didn't take the computer didn't go down but I think because we have been inaugurated a new era. For our radio station I'm just gonna start them all over again though give everybody a better chance and he. And know anybody who wants to repeat what they used to have four left and let him to. All right so that that's such a trivial little thing we have coming up in the not too distant future. Our program today is sponsored by Mickey moto. Mickey moto is a sushi bar. Primarily I guess you could say that I meant that doesn't sound Arnold line. But what you. Find there is a whole lot more than that now they're sushi let me just dismiss this quickly. If you're a real connoisseur of sushi you go into sushi bars and you say OK what do you have fresh it's never been frozen in new questions like that then and then when they know. They you're not fooling around and they they know what to serve you. But then they go beyond that. In there in two parts of their menu that most Japanese restaurants don't even have on their menus one of them is there hot appetizers. But give me an example of one of them this is something I'd just love. They takes big so ups. Mussel shells. And they film with some muscle meats which is you know the equivalent of what you have in the news in the shell of an oyster but smaller. And they put them in there and they they have this sauce that's I think mayonnaise based which is common in Japanese cooking. And they mix in some of the caviar. That you'll often see on one end or the other of a piece of sushi. And they they run this under the broiler and what comes out is so good it's it's like it compares with. With dishes I've had in the most expensive French restaurants anywhere I've ever been and it's amazing. How good but that is. I get in almost every time I go now. And it did their entree section with country with entrees done in in with some cooking is supposed to sushi which isn't really cook most of the time. Also equally good lots of interesting stuff. The only problem is sometimes there are a little busy so give them a little time to help you out they also delivered throughout the city. They have a drive through believe Internet and and they would love to have you come in Mickey moto. So in Carrollton avenue couple of blocks away from airport boulevard on Leo lakeside. Of the street there and then it's a Mickey moto. Too deep do do do do QQQ today's Tuesday hour. Pumps are it's Wednesday but to our food word of the day is mango. The other thought about mangoes if you have a real passion for them if you or if you hate them their people against who probably as people who hate. Just about anything. But moving right along our rest under the day's (%expletive) read butchery is so I'm really. Very good restaurant on its on nov. Carrollton avenue and she nets treated had a number of restaurants in that space they've recently moved themselves into a new building greater on the corner. But we really enjoy going there it's quite a menu. I'm not a lot of coverage there we trying to get him to go on the air with us so we can talk about what they might have so for specials today put and that's later. Right now we're coming up to the CBS radio news I like them apples. W. No way we don't have to do that anymore I get WWL. FM HD two Kennard New Orleans. The news is next from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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