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2-15-17 4-5pn The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 15, 2017|

Tom talks with listeners about the New Orleans restaurant scene plus cooking tips

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Above above a pop pop pop pop up 105 point three FM. WW LF MHD. Two. This is Tom Fitzmorris with the second course of the food show to our program publisher about eating drinking restaurants cooking wine. The entire range of it and no we're not getting snooty by mentioning wind here we we talk about the Ice-T we talk about. Hamburgers. Especially when my wife is hanging around with us and you really talk about hamburgers. She could do a show that could be called a hamburger show she can probably keep it going to our today forward. Twenty years and everybody would continue calling it because sets of charming she is but also everybody loves a good hamburger. We'd love to hear from you about anything on your mind if you are still struggling to figure out how to get. Into the HD system I'm. I'm not blaming you or anything it's it's not the most obviously in the world but it's not hard to either and sooner or later you get one anyway so. If I could encourage you a little bit I'm I'm doing it from. A fully selfish mechanism here right. I want to go listen to our program has softened issues can it is just so you can eat better. But also saw our show will be more enriched I mean that you know we've the more you called the better the show gets CC with that says about you. Anyway we we would be very happy to talk with you about any matter of culinary interest. 2606368. I have just came in the mail. A little and I mean little. Book a cookbook at. It comes from the justice system a publisher I think that's and in the publisher is called quirk. So this is what you are if you're quirky Europe quirk. So that's anyway this is the book. But it stunk. If decisiveness thing it's nothing. You could hold it in your hand and can you won't see it anymore. Let's see the name of the book is recipes. Every college student should know. Why would that be. Read the back here. You have a microwave a mini fridge. And the strict budget what's the tastiest way to a satisfying study break. Referred to recipes every college student should know usually you'll discover and quick breakfasts. Backpack friendly. Lunches and meals to cook once but eat twice a hot at the end of that place. Dorm mate. Dormant or UIC dorm mate dinners for a crowd. And all of the above I don't know what that means. Well anyway let's see what's in here I'm just gonna flip in new at random and see what it says. Chicken apple salad one serving. Raisins apples honey. Let's say a fourth of a head of lettuce. One cup of chopped cooked chicken. 14 of a cup of raisins. One half a cup of apple slices honey mustard dressing. Wash and dry the wetness. With clean hands or a knife for terror cut the lead us the to bite size pieces. Place in the salad bowl with the chicken raisins and Apple's talks with the dressing and serve well that seems simple enough. I'll write him the other side of the page here for that is so a Greek salad so obviously has some Greek stuff in here. The two bills lemon chicken with roasted potatoes and that's getting a little ambitious. For two servings. Three medium red potatoes. Cut into bite size pieces 14 to a cup of olive oil one half a teaspoon salt. Fourth of a teaspoon ground black pepper. You preheat the oven for 25. Who. Were kind of them do they have in this dormitory. 425 that's catnip to comply everything in a hand. And stir it up with an even coating of oil don't crowd the even potatoes. And you bake it for 45 minutes. Or until the potatoes break apart easily when you pierce of with a fork set aside and keep warm. Leave the oven on and and you view them of their report on how to make roasted chicken. And this is cute little book I guess. I don't see anything well I haven't looked through the whole thing yet but that that tells you anything that. You would be run an up and down hallways. In your dormitory. Saying the system most delicious. Who have directly in my life who lesson veggie wraps yeah that's itself was. Our number is 2606368. But we would love to have you join us here on our broadcast every day we've been doing doing this in case you're just discovering us for the first time. Uh oh we do we do this show every weekday from three to seven it's nothing but food there's no other country. Are probably no other country and no other no other place no other city in America. That has anything like that and just bragging because not because it means to the that the show is so good I mean I think we're OK but nothing really out of them out of range. But we do live in a city that truly years. In the top ranks of eating cities in the world. I say it's the best the city in America where you think. Call me and tell me about that or anything else on your mind. That's the nature of our program beauty for some reason. Hi I am told this by people are running to and restaurants and other places they signal a cold you show. But whenever I know I have something Elena Toniu you're always talking about something else. And I always say the sole want to forget about it just Paulus and as soon news. We dispatch with this guy who we were thinking was going on too long. We will talk to you in and and to talk about whatever you want that's just the way we aren't here we we we don't care what you wanna talk about as long as it's something interesting if you're boring and an erotic here we've been put. We we don't get that too much in fact we have a running stick around here. That if somebody. Calls with the with what they say is a stupid question. Or eight or silly you're trivial question. That we will somehow get mad about that in fact we find that those are the best calls we get. When somebody calls and says. I have a stupid question that's gonna be the best question we will hear that day as it's always that way as it always really is. So let's see what else we have going on while we're waiting for somebody call him. Again I tell you it's 2606368. Gives some buzz and Telus what you been cooking at home if you went out for Valentine's Day yesterday I'd really like to know where he went and how how it went. So next year when people ask me where to go on Valentine's Day I can give them some better information. I went out last night with my wife and my daughter we had a nice time at cafe Geovany. Nazi. There was something I. We have to today. Was the there was a man born in this state let's see his name wise you've probably heard this name before. His name one point oh Cyrus McCormick you remember what Cyrus McCormick. On developed he was the man who invented the reaper. And what I was looking for some illustrations of that to put it in the newsletter. And all of them depicted. Was the old scraggly guy who comes in gets you it at 12 o'clock midnight on New Year's Eve you know open the reaper the grim reaper put. Anyway this was a piece of equipment that you could lug around behind your bureau. You're a bigger mules and you're donkeys. And it's kind of cuts all the green for. And this was considered to be a major. Development not just in farming but also we in manufacturing. Date in this country and Cyrus McCormick's. Company evolved into international harvester which is still around after all these years. So we probably eat differently as a result of this guy. Who came up with that machine. On the other hand. My wife. Cool cool. Pick some books interestingly I'd of just leave it at that it's I'll say that it's it's not the way I would choose books. But why should it be in hell so she picks her books and she's. She comes up with some pretty alarming ideas and but a year ago she ran into one written by this doctor. Who kept making the point that if you eight to flower. All or anything with flour into nor really any carbohydrates. And all it seems to me just reading the book. That this would become a deterrent for your brain and you are your brain would actually shrink away. And die. That that's I'm I'm may be exaggerating a little bit but only a little bit I do this this book really made that point very strongly. And so my wife is largely gotten away from eating bread impostor. No leasing Suu Kyi has always Seton. And I bring that up because. How much of the blame do we have to layer of two to put on Cyrus McCormick for inventing you know. Our number is 2606368. And now joining us on the brown phony is Mira Mira welcome. Well thank you there and that terror and currently icky to bring in as well red dress lightly and wonderful told me. On Sunday we had a lovely crimes it cafe should be. Yeah that's that's a that's a great looking rest on don't you think. It did and they had a nice little bet combat they're playing need to. Yeah I didn't know that they would do music do I I just wrote an article about them just this morning I. Did I did know about that I'd in my have to add that to be written article. Yeah yet what are you recommending that they get the water and we ask herb like he hit recommended it was very get go. Blanton will last night we went to lunch. And and. And Lama as soon where is that. Across the street from the Catholic Church. All I forgot about that that's that restaurant that has been about fifteen different things. Yes yes. Query. Yeah I end this somebody told me it was Lama is in the weather is a connection and not between the law llamas family that used to have. To boost the stand at saint the saint rock market is at the champion. Name and win the war in yet. Matt has been spent here helping. All of this don't they love to do that you know I feel like everybody needs their advice right all right so let me tell you what to say next and hot with the. Well I have to say we can't aren't there is in the national. It. A dozen oysters right now. Well Monday is our raw on the half shell. Yes nicely there. Islam or cat shadow all. Don't want. Sounds good to me voices of my favorites food yes our. Are there. Looks that that sounds like a good weekend just right there yeah. And that where. We eagle and this time. Actually gone from friend it is. Well no kidding is that we just had a guy call up and say he was going to to Asian. Brown and I think we're gonna. Yeah. The end of that Anthony is planning it me Saint Louis cathedral and I pulled it. They are and they have thought playing new Arlen. Okay. That's that something had the most symphony orchestra is would not be able handled very well but those guys I would I would have total trust in them. They're really good that that is a great orchestra. Yeah it did it there that we're in it's creation act and lock kind of certificate state journal perfect. And have a lovely evening act in the state. Marbles. You know the over at them. Two jags they invented the cocktail known as the grasshopper. That was every I was actually created it over there. And and and they are the site of this Joseph Q ready here goes a skeleton walks into aren't the into eggs into two jacks. A skeleton walks into Asia aegs. The bartender says can I get to something. And the and the and the guy says. IE yeah I want a a beer and a mop. The skeleton says that. I think we've lost them well thanks for. I got out now. It's OK the and Cheney yes. Good will tell my said hello and it's thanks for drugs and see you lay that out at bat the grant apparently you know the grass. The grip no I'm sorry did I say grasshopper know this is a different joke it has its just involves abort nevermind in it and some other time. I tend to enjoy a begun to eject the second oldest restaurant in town Clyde to welcome. I dare I can be given out to reach out numbered because that 19 members they hear my lucky number. But we haven't started yet so don't tell me now this I don't have I don't have via software here but yeah we are gonna start the child numbers over again. On the if because of or move into the new modern age. Oh boy here gentlemen last players aren't wonderful thing. Make sure our. Thank you PLU two. The food show. 2606368. Gary is here Gary welcome. L com hello Garry I'm on an indoor airport in my life and com it's. Typically on I don't stop and eat somewhere eat eat it ought. Men that we have been due to swear issues to be. File shows his delicious. It really is good is only the is only one drawback to eating there and that is. Parking is sometimes a little squirrelly not always but to lose sometimes they fill that little parking lot. And is not really any other place to park in around there. On Norton well you might get away with that. I'd be careful about that but to yeah yeah you'll feel find something it's not a matter of never doing it that's the first thing he comes in my mind I think you're going there. If they have a lot of good food there the are in Cheaney for an appetizer that's something you might not think of ordering they have wonderful veal dish. Called. Veal salt in Boca which translates into jumps in your mouth it's so good it just jumps right in your mouth and it's not a feel with some per shoot toe in some. Some cheese and this scum like a Marsalis thoughts delicious this that's a great restaurants for stars with me. I don't. I don't think so but it never hurts to get a reservation because reservations are free and when you go to a restaurant you've got one they treat you better than defeated. Oh. So enjoy yourself. Thank you very much our nice little run of calls him a we're number is 260. No it is and yet 2606368. That's right. We'll come back with more of the food show in just moment after first please this. Imminent then. But bonded out buff body be down upon. Hello it's the food show. You're on WW LF. MHD. Two. And lots of different ways to get to if I would strongly recommend and this is easy for me do because it's free. But the WWL. App for Europe Smartphone. There is there all kinds to a just from that one tool. Many different ways that you can listen to BHD to signal that is what we are putting out now. We're really happy about it it sounds terrific. So much better sound than what we have been giving you for all these late past years but you know that was the end of an era. AM radio is like from the U from a hundred years ago time to move on happy to do. The only funny thing is. My entire career in radio. Was on AM stations this is the first time I've ever been. On an FM station is my name my of normal case. Looking at the you know we we don't have a weather report now on have to figure out how to work whether into this some time away pissed you gotta have weather right. They're talking about the temperature being about 47 degrees tomorrow morning when you wake up. On the South Shore. And about in May be in the thirties. For the North Shore so I'm just thinking about my kid Eason and yours you know whatever else she got out there. Or number is 2606368. Or 260. Menu Regis spell that out here on your mobile keyboards there. And no we'd love to hear from you but anything on your mind about food but cooking about wine. It's all open. For conversation around here Doug Weight and any of those people I gave you wanna do it. Okay thank you. I figured you know we at this point in our history. With this program. He's just at the beginning it is it's a little confusing for some people and I'm sure we don't have quite the kind of listening ship that we. Had built up or will have in the future I'd know I'd absolutely sure we will have lots and lots of more people than we ever had because of this. But having said that. We've we every know and then need to kill a little bit of time. And that's why one of the reasons I'm giving you a little weather report there is to kill a little time to us that we can. Keep everything all straight. What is he talking about I don't know and I barely know myself. 260. 6368. Speaking of cafe Geovany in chef duke. We were over realist and my wife and my daughter and I group had a really nice evening. And shift duke told me he wants to do in each club dinner sometime soon we he was looking at. The that who stay away or so Wednesday I forget what Thursday honey you know that it. It's the third and I think you you you got to write Thursday. After Mardi Gras is when you march a U you've got a date do you say. Well anyway we're looking at doing that and if you have if you hear anything further by the way in which I'm sure you will I just don't have the details yet I don't have the menu. But that dinner whenever we do one over there it sells out very quickly sometimes it sells out before he even gives me a menu which is. Pretty unusual not many restaurants can get away with that. Speaking mainly via the I have Scott. You get back from Haiti's own no kidding. Scott how you doing. Who allegedly attempted floors so you yeah. I'm a legend I don't really exist and what was I. Why do women come from Scotty is. Scotty you still there. I called again whoa whoa whoa get that. Yet though what fat fingers that much so I know that feeling. 2606368. Scott is the co proprietor. Of KT's. Which is on the corner of Libreville street in Pelham Marcus. And they. Had really been running up quite owed an operation there was really great. Until the hurricane came in the hurricane dealt such as severe blow to everything in mid city image was just them. That they were gone for awhile but when he came back. He came back with a lot of good ideas and it just keeps getting better all the time and I have said more than a couple of times I think it's the best. Neighborhood. Restaurant in the city. Just for the variety in the goodness of everything OK we. This Issa is a saliva when now we're still waiting. We'll get him in a minute. All right Shelly push a button or show you. It's done OK Scotty there. I think we've gets embedded with the legendary talk. A complete with a good day. Kate he's let's see how all that we now with 23 he warriors. Have been here for 24 years maturities is no. 33 new hidden bonuses equivalents. I remember. Are you still live in the neighborhood I live about four blocks away from the air and I often just walked over there that was a a lady who ran things and when Cindy was Kathy. It was Catherine yeah yeah he's a nurse line injured kept minding your business yeah hawks and she passed away. Yeah great lady and you know mom actually started the restaurant by the mayor yeah which my mother's not there in the get confused time. I would say so we know. By since then you have run up a pretty amazing. Menu and is this always so much stuff on the menu I never know what to go for. Although I always find something great. Well I you know we want to every evening you. It is diverse so that. Anyone can find almost anything that they had like on the menu. I always joke around as people were coming here any Chinese food on the country and there were put some rush yeah you never know. But it's been a lot of foreign and you know I wish state you know. I was about to ask you about that is I always seem to get there on the day that its stake night but it's on the night that I can't have a stake for some reason. We do it on Wednesday Wednesday's. On the line week we can't be yeah really and we do in New York strip. Yeah oral live which is choice Angus. It's very quoting me and we do with twelve counts. The York strip. Or a fourteen untrue about with a salad for 1995. And that's all the deal it is and for them to three bucks you can no load potato potato wedges or Brussels sprouts you. I do the traditional Brussels sprouts with the bacon and onions and their delicious you know. That was set foot thread through which we get a good one red you would do the red fish oil which is over fresh vegetables. With Jumbo local Jumbo shrimp it a little bit herb butter which is a very very popular dish yeah I'll bet. Here in the double that for job tonight we have that would agreeing being cancel roll with a mushroom Danica. Which is always the Olympics so when he gets that. One point eight fact. But it's not a bad price for some like that. You know in the red there's no I would point notify and that's loaded with crabs and Jumbo loan Croats do and then three Jumbo sixteenth when he tripped. So we have a lot of fun with that you know. 'cause as your upstairs room. Great you know are you are you ever using that front our core business or is that's just for Q a firm private parties. We use it we use it every night do you don't. I mean it's made a big difference. Mine up doing more. We Levin on Saturday and Sunday. Especially under. But you don't have to wait. On Sunday will be no longer than 45 minutes to an hour were used to tool empowers. People would want. I know it's it was astonishing. I'm not give away anywhere from adults have been the food it is yeah yeah that would be about almost the most is bloody marys and it's it's. Quite a party also 600 people and 30. She wins six hours and mentioned that. It's Cory who would guess that who would rather than other that little rest. I remember what we've first bullet literally what was it 150. Yeah so. But I will it first started doing brunch at a regular customer come and it was it was one of the first coast was clear from Verizon. This is gonna take off Scot it's going to be unbelievable micro U thinks so and it. It mixture I've been very lucky here are you gonna go to. Well it's not like you don't work pretty ornament to. So I am a bit faster and you know well who needs more restaurants collide we got enough when it. We live in there anyway it's a little bit part of the problem and be a part of the solution. Well ain't you. Are still doing the oysters and sure. Oh yeah we do the totally citizen that we give it was just Schlesinger which is a drug lords are with probably yummy the doormat. Topped with they eat spinach. They can and shrimp that you know saw. Yeah that's that's so I could eat those until the cows come home and that the justice unbelievable debt. That it was coats lesson here at the university of north balances. Probably the best. Basketball team in the state Louisiana right now. My homo mater. My two and a well there we go you see a couple of UN no guys who made good. The we've we've been. Very fortunate you know try to bring that university back. Well it's psyched Haiti's ladies and gentlemen and it's on the corner of Tel makah street and in Brazil in mid city. Always busy. But always say a great bunch of people hanging around I mean that's one of the things I like a by going to restaurants have been that busy is that you you always running into people you don't nobody gets to talking with them in the next thing you know. You have for us some more friends on your list. It's really cool because it's a very diverse group of customers and I live to talk to me you know are brought to the tables and Alex stepped up there were able to. Yeah and if Foley could talk to the people sitting I don't that would really be something I'm Blanche. Well listen always great talking you and I sure will. Thanks for taking a minute now to talk in Australia by Spezza can eighties restaurant in mid city and this really is everything he says. Who really Agassi and if you go there really really hungry you won't leave there that way below or you're listening. I hope. That's that you're just listening. I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here review talking about food and restaurants that cook. Cooking and all that. We just talked to Todd out there he's so one of the guys that runs programming around here. And he said that he had four guys stop in today. And ask about. In the the changes we've made over here to you know to advance our technology a little bit. And none of these guys realized once it was pointed out to him that all of them had HD radio already in their cars. And that might be something that you have to so if you if you cars only a couple of three years old. Maybe even a little older than that. HD radio may well be installed money won't need to do anything else there's no charge it's it's it's you you there's no monthly thing that's for sure. And that's one of the reasons that we have shifted over to HD. High definition radio. It is to radio of today what FM was back in 1963. Or whenever that way. But they started making inroads into things and boy we're all the better for that would you say. Let's see here who is calling us on the green phone. This is what's can right over here says so right there Ken welcome. Hey can you there. What happened. He's gone oh well our program is sponsored by the maple street cafe call us back Kenton. The maple street cafe. I saw a lot of very subtle food on its menu I find that the style of cooking is the light. Not tasteless. Light. Not a little portions. Light. It's it's as if gloomy it's giving the example. It's a pasta dish they sell it as an untreated sexually vegetarian entree. But I don't let that stop me from ordering something and it contains. Some pasta I think it was a bow tie posture or something around that size. And then was of an assortment of various exotic mushrooms. And all of this was in of a Blu-ray Allen saw us not a Ronnie Brown sauce not a super thick brown sauce who's running above perfect. Because who was getting some of the colorful mushrooms. Anyway but this is an appetizer one day at the isolate loved it so much a give and almost every time I go now but you could make a meal out of with parmesan cheese and all the other things you add on there's planning more on their menu that goes along those lines. Every now and then they'll sneak into one that's a little and have besides like the possible go they're pretty famous for that on the weekend particularly. It's the maple street cafe open seven days a week luncheon dinner. And all you need to do is who have go there and sit down it's a nice little restaurant. It feels good do it without making you spend a whole lot of money. Yet the maple street cafe 76 when he three maple street that's about midway between Broadway and Carrollton. 2606368. Combing. Talked to me about whatever it is that you have been cooking. Or whatever restaurants you've been going to or if you have some ideas about where you might go to in the future but you're not sure if they were worth going to. Called beyond that saying that I know better than you. But I know something and we have a lot of other people listening to who's who can. Emperor and what's the word I want here amplify that's the word I want. That effect of our program that's what we do around here on the food show. On thirteen fifty. Three W. Oh no we're not doing that anymore I gotta get rid of those those ideas to speak so. 26 so. 6368. Call right now you'll get right in and that pool with boys missed this show went by didn't it. They we just rolled and rolled right through this. Today. Or program is also sponsored by a few worries. In Metairie furious is a restaurant that first of all John fury every time I talked to. He always tells me about five or six things that have nothing to do with food nothing to do with serviced nothing to do within me that it it usually has to do with. Fine points of where you can park if you go over there that the truth is you can park pretty much anywhere you want you'll see the lots and lots of parking there are so. It's it's not an issue he also keeps me informed as to what days during the carnival schedule which. It is but to really crank up next week. And and because of where he is sometimes the parades block him at the end of the run. And sometimes they don't but he is always seems to know. So if you wind up. Over zero in on one of those nights ask them what the deal is on the on the parade so you don't get caught won't be a problem last few years it hasn't been anything at all. They are right across caused a excuse me right across of veterans highway from door next supermarket. And they're open for lunch and dinner. Sep oh Monday through Friday. Monday through Friday lunch and dinner. They stay open all afternoon so if you're running a little late for dinner or a little early for forward dinner guests and you what you can. Just walk right in and order off the regular menu the whole menu all the specials and everything is there. Everything's fresh everything's prepared to order its fury use on Marc Berman avenue Red Cross into an excellent just off of veterans highway. The whole ball one other thing they do dinner. Only on. On. Saturday night's Saturday nights they do dinner but no other meals and then the rest of the week it's Monday through Friday. And. Every every day of those 260. 6368. I have in my newsletter today. In my diary. It's a big big can the dining diary I've got to write this every every day about the rest protect them too and the the article the diary has to do with when we shifted that the radio station over I have. Never done that before. I have overseen. A whole bunch of changes but never anything quite like that and I think you'd you'd like seeing the inside look at and radio station especially one that is two weeks kind of drastic this is the most drastic than it has ever happened to that radio station. He's going all the way back in 1925. But we did that I think we gave it a prop up prompt a sendoff because a proper sendoff because. We we gave a history of the station and played since the use the music that you would expect to find including the National Anthem at the end of at all. So I feel satisfied about that and totally good. Fourth that's worth 20606368. Do you need a place to eat tonight. Call me I'll give you some ideas maybe places you will never have. Would never thought of on your own not because I know everything in you've known and know anything I mean of course not. I just know different restaurants than you do you could tell me about a few that I don't know but that it's kind of what I'm trying to make happen. So if you bin. To a good restaurant lately closeup and shareware this would you because we're all looking mrs. what we're a bunch of gourmets in not in this new. To me you're gourmet if you. Are always looking for. Better things to eat. That's the chicken and our. Our food almanac for today. It's seed Benjamin Benjamin Franklin did something interest in you know you always think about the the founding fathers is always doing great big big things. This is a little thing Benjamin Franklin ran an ad in Philadelphia. On this date in 1758. He was selling mustard. He ground his own monster and packed it in glass bottles. It was the first mustard in America. And Benjamin Franklin he was aghast and all me he was a grim day. Of the highest order really and he was an entrepreneur or a two. And he'd love that in his in what he ate when he went to him to France and he said now we've got to be selling this so. The next time you have a hot dog with yellow mustard on it aura rose before boy with some creole mustard or whatever. Remember that. That is largely who the responsibility. Of Benjamin Franklin no less. And no it doesn't cost a hundred dollars. Two. To get mustard. Today's the birthday of saint Louis Missouri. Founded in 1764. I I would say Missouri. But I have friends who live there and they swear to me that if if you say Missouri they know you're from out of town come like the same way. If somebody in New Orleans says they're from they do love New Orleans. You know they're not from here. Right away but anyway. There were two famous dishes. That came out of Saint Louis at least that there are a well known one of them is their barbecue. That's one of the distinctive folk forms of barbecue is Saint Louis ribs those of the big pork ribs but not the baby backs. About twice the size of that. And you can start a real argument as to which is better. By the Saint Louis ribs or the baby back ribs I say believe baby black but called me and straighten me out if I need to be. Will be back with more of the food show after first please this. If it is that it didn't being living bing bing bing bing bing hello it's the food show. No I just only a minute ago that John furious always very careful about telling the what's the situation in who a vis a vis his restaurant. And the ends of the carnival parades on veterans highway and John Volpe called over here in and he knows somehow. Yeah you act giant. The junior dummy allies so I'm glad becoming very definitely going to be close this Saturday and obviously the filings to go hunt more money right now. OK. Well now we know that takes care of that. The N and John all John. Used to Qaeda and he'd make a call he call me at home strange clear up and they would tell me all this stuff and then and he would always end it with. And that's great Tommy you keep doing that you do enrolled good forest. There nice guy yeah real all right well thank you for telling me that now I know. CO. Speaking of things that we just learned. And our chief engineer. Who I can tell you is one busy man right now. I came in to tell me that there was a lady who was trying to figure out how to get over to HD two on a radio she headed on her car. Was working fine. But it it turns out that each of these. HD radio state they have corks in them like just about everything in the world does. And the way hers work ways you wouldn't go to 105 point three FM which is you know step one no matter what. And then you could you would go to HD one up from there and you would land there and it would set up. And then and only then could you push another little button that would take you with the rest of the way to HD two. And and but debt that had the she had to figure that out and she did and everything is fine so. You're gonna keep here and little reports like that every now and then as we try to get this all of all worked out the rewards are good that this is really sounds terrific and a speaking of the chief engineer he told me. That though we are about to install a much more powerful transmitter on the HD lined. And I was surprised by that because it already is pretty darn strong I can pick it up with no problems at all. It at my home in the beaver springs which is a long way away. So I'm I'm even happier about this this this getting better and better day by day. And let's see there was one other thing anyway cafe speed so that was it that was the thing cafe east peace. Is open. Everyday aches a Monday and Tuesday for dinner. They don't do lunch really except on weekends for brunch they are they are on Saturday and Sunday very very good brunch that was always the case. In the early manifestations of cafes beset. You know it's it's funny that should come up by just wrote an article about the place just this morning. And knives who had to dig up dig up all the hours and all that stuff from the different issues that they do in China makes some sense out of it all. But this is a restaurant that. Has it curious history over the years it has been opened and closed opened and closed always for some good recent like Hurricane Katrina for example. But that they have as of about who five months ago they are back open again. Long term I would say. Because. Chef Singleton is back there and mrs. this guy really knows what he's doing. And missed the Napoli families still in control of the building as far as I understand and it's just. A beautiful place with a little bit evoked a reset. Of the news of the dining room. It seems to me that the bar was not quite as big as it was now as it is now in the old days. But I like the way it sets up because you can kind of be in the bar and at a table at moralist the same time it it feels good especially if you have. But the people coming may be to me chip. Well anyway. So much for all of that. We have thought another show tomorrow. Can do we have is in effect we have two more hours today. For you to dig into our butts. That is today's was was pretty good I mean this was as good as last Friday's in last Friday's was. Was silly could dream come true I couldn't believe how busy we were with calls of people who had already figured out the worked HD. To. That's some day that day is not far away. You'll not. He even flinch when you hear HD one HD to all of that it's going to contribute to our. Dining and our enjoyment of radioed to him that I have mentioned to you that I really love doing this a better place than doing it all my life. Well stay tuned for a CBS news that's the next thing. Coming up and our our frequencies and and then more after that it's the food show. On WWL FM HD two Kennard New Orleans. Stay tuned for the news from CVS. When it I say. 105 point three wood and I say. Stay tune. Thank you.

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