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Feb 15, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with Tigerbait.com's Mike Scarborough and Bryan Lazare about defensive end Arden Key's sudden departure from LSU and the current 12-game slump for Tiger basketball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk he indicate he came Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia coming up today from five to 630. It is our review preview each and every Wednesday. Throughout the intact calendar year deuce McAlister joins us and deuces Brittany on Fridays as well. We point 22 up ready jaguar opinion poll at WW dot com dealers U men's basketball team lost last night their twelve straight contest. Should tiger basketball be here with the same expectations as tiger football and baseball when it comes to the head coach you can cast your vote on line. At WW dot com L issue had a 5544. Lead. That was a with about sixteen. 1630164. There was have been if the play by play. Start last night in the second hand and then they hit three. To cut it to 8176. With under families who have to play and win some assistance now as the season where you on America sentence that game. In that time I walked in house and came back out. Ole miss him and you know rhyme. Which in turn into a seventeen hold on and they blew them out about it the thing with a hell happened what the hell happened a lot and they shoot news gate to Logan man just a moment. But here at times there was this afternoon. When Mike Scarborough a tiger bait dot com authority amateur news when it comes to tiger. Athletics. Mike so we both got a little bit of surprise us someone of a shock. One of the country's premier pass rush as a freshman all American came out of Georgia had a tremendous freshman year. Did nothing but elevate his status his sophomore year was not a sophomore slump aren't key in sacks taken time away from football. Yeah. And let you know whatever it is person to you know there's things personal habits you know I'll remember. But whatever it is we would certainly it did that there were resolved in in. Everybody's healthy and in excess or the flip side of the as the from a football standpoint. You know what does it mean going forward for him and certainly these. You know arguably in the you know you know to me he's the number one player now she's treatment in one of the top two players on the team period. So. You know. If he's in his step away from the football program. We're trying to get along well he's actually withdrawn from classes and it he would withdraw from classes. You know that gives you pretty good indication on whether he's going to be put policies and the president be very difficult. It if you withdraw from classes to get in complete. In all the classes. And then have to double during summer school in order to get eligible. Yes and the cornice this is all just talk on the which summit academic calendar. I think it's a twelve hours you had the pants and each semester which is 24 for the year which could incorporate the fall semester the spring semester. Is it to week it's about a fifteen day period caught in a session you can pick up six Al was it that the Mac to pick up in a session. And then you had a summer school session at bank the Max in summer school is nine out saudis feasible it is attainable. But that is going to be in order to be you have to have a tutor or never says to write it Tomas like you say Mike if if you take time to do not discussed or if you're taking time away from football. It's in and we just cycling but it's hard to imagine that you wouldn't be taken time waif. Always glued to be the case in this summer school and college note how concentrated it is and how many hours he spent in the classroom. Into it every day so it and it's not. You know did in yet that the study birds sing and you know that goes beyond just the class from Tom you know the that the numbers it is that. Big deal for our strength and conditioning. You know working out with teammates. Certainly the defense and then. You know like our key is wrong then from the opposite players in the work they're gonna need to do this summer but still. I'm that he would not that. You know my I don't know it's it was like dynamic players who have the ability. They count on edgy whether it's family issues. Personal issues within. In and I'm just speculating here. You know having to go to rehab alcohol on Smith. Well at the University of Missouri. All unknowns. As the Nazis. The NFL deciding whether he's going to be available in March in ninjas and domestic violence thing coming out. All that's it I've seen him play at the 49ers. I mean the NFL could not block him but he's always in trouble. Yeah what big big key is our partner but no pun intended. Right about that aren't key in his situation he can have all the talent in the world but you have to beat a complete individual. You beach gonna succeed whether you noble and all of the field. Well I'd you know look at anybody who's ever contributing. We you know we were around in recruiting and you know what it means he uses likable they do it. You know unaware of any major anything off the field so. You know unlucky that it sells speculation that is so whatever it is. He's able to. Did it with a Stanley and and whoever he's counseling with a then and it would move forward and and get closer to his degree and and and a and a teacher a big NFL career. Hopefully just a bump in the road that you know looking at it. You know he. Obviously it was going to be selfish and we want to ensued it was Q it is well. But it takes. You know whatever amount of time in order to put things we get sick whatever the personal issue is. Independent and and prayers are with. My Scarborough tie debate that com www. Tiger made that comment a special guest against top L issued news. Pass rushing specialist so without question the best returning defender from LA issue for going into 2017. Pass Russia or in key. Is taking time away from football the doors opened he used to it William and Kenya's off from football. But the door is open for him to return to win if he is ready. Key in two seasons became. Known for cash for rushing steals with freshman all American at Georgia fifteen in his pace here when it tops in the SEC and the country with ten sacks Bowden. Now. Mike when you look at the talent that Cubs throw a shoe. In obvious you look at he was on that the Patriots roster bark TV's mingle. When you look at a marquee dismaying and guarding key don't aren't even have more upside than mingle as far as the future. Yeah I think so just. You know he's just a bigger guy right. It's it's you know there's no guarantees I mean we'll see what this book that you know episode in an Ortiz like that amounts to. But you know I don't think at this point of saying McGovern's career we would have guessed how things turned out for him. Right well aside both in the NFL both its next innings outstanding elegy. Is your program you could be a stud in high school the united Egan nicks that he can be a starting college and you got to the gimmicks that banana now. And eat eat eat easy you know all the time. And is look at Julian Edelman would he. A world champs in the Patriots even as a quarterback Kyle. But he is very athletic in his skills that yet it is it's a kind of progression. That when you think you've made it no justice steppingstone. Dubious that in high school yet obvious that in college. And yet dubious that in the pearl's well let me be considered the best that have Benson and a pro football game. Yep and now you know course everything we're doing the speculating. So when you immediately start thinking OK what do the residents. There and and put it took for the 2000. Rich you are to implement. How does that work. Well you know under the did you also have how many years or out of high school is seen right. You know and yeah so he doesn't play next year but that he. You go prove it right. Again my starboard tiger made Dak I'm gonna he would brown as our later in the program the day of course as we hit a violation news each and every day out topic was looking toward. Friday night's opener against air force in baseball with brown as awe and also the situation to LSU basketball team and into early this afternoon. Are the key announcing that there he would take some time away from the football program Mike before we had to go and they're by no what's. Opal on the site hating it to latest on the buy you think yeah. Check back tiger base that count we we're we're on this story in. Of course we're discussing on our message boards a lot of pre season baseball coverage Brian really does have good job as anybody on that basketball coverage of course and in the big boys from the Booth. Recruiting event for the class of 2000. Eight team. Is Saturday and so we're going to be walk while recruiting this week and next week. And what time does that say it in mind this. It all consolidate camera. And that's a who's who got to Mike's Cabrera tied debate deck on Mike what's happening Hannah you on Twitter. Not at Scarborough my can and also tiger bait dot com and FaceBook. Mike thank you so much for the time they are right again aren't key stepping away from the LSU football team citing personal reasons. And that is all that is known at this point in time we'll come back get much more an issue baseball to get to the basketball team losing their twelfth straight. Again in a fashion that he thought they would do a Wayland boom home is close with a seventeen total run score feet to two in the second half to LSU's 29 and ending it was a quarter break. Why hasn't Joseph leave. I don't know address the third thing is situationally they would coach miles why wouldn't treat the basketball coach does I would think that the football plays in basketball and had a 38 days since no this litre nothing not. All right this is sports talk on WW yeah. And welcome back on LA issue news of course to tiger basketball team are collapsing I don't think many people are surprised. About. LSU losing last night for the twelfth time by blood they that they get Olindo they gain I don't think they are a little bit I Alabama Saturday on their elite guys or gain as out of their way and a vote. Can recall this and I think you play Auburn. Yeah and that could be a shootout. The big game when you know that hears it takes Deke is not about LA. You football it's about with key ones may be realized that if he gets hurting in his football future. The world where ideas who does that theory that you had to play pro football if you played college maybe he's getting a degree. On a football scholarship and that's the way I look. I'm sure there are some some guys that are like oh that's good in theory but ultimately that's that's good and David at the ridiculous rag bit but when you when they had him you have to also looking to you know let's just say. Perry Mason before the game Perry Mason the same situation he won't be an attorney he wannabe is. Big time Bedard is going to be the next Johnny Cochran next Matlock went out. And he didn't do he got him into a different route that's all right but the thing years a lot of times some of the things that you don't want to do. You have to do because that Angel quote unquote gravy train that you bread basket. And this young man right now he may be a dot I don't know what he's graduate you know what he wants go to Google I'll be gets more degrees and the mom and but right now it looks on the surface is best I've turning move forward to make a lot of money at a short amount of time to get off their great start Lions look set up his financial future. Is professional football or maybe that is why. He's taken some time away from football right now because he's the connective long picture of football long term is that a short term. And you know hate more power to him god bless him whatever he's gag on owner I'm hoping it's it's straight. All right welcome back it's a small cost us balance I'll be where this LSU basketball that type of baseball team suffering some injuries. And they have a a series this week and oh with air force and army but also a big series coming up with a team that a lot of people expect him to make some noise in the ACC this year. A week from this week in LSU in attained Maryland. At the box holiday yet to come wanted to chatting grin and a rescue caller to 60187 that you can text that's at 87870. The Tigers lost at twelve straight game is tiger basketball have this same expectations as other sports on campus when it comes to the coach. Chris Miller gives us local news the first up a CBS news update. And welcome back to 601870. You can take this and 870 eights and we hear of LAQ you think of top tier sports gymnastic baseball track and field. Thank you Theo for books that are one Nike basketball and all capped. At the same past and slack as an acceptable you know if you need to keep their prestige and reputation in the of this program in the boat and push the excellence. I think it there were more people like you that would demanding or there was more of an outcry. You know they have they may be and they Spacek you know. I was such talent time and s.'s one of our great. Program people that is here Debbie did the aero you know the last few weeks I've been in the day advocate that you know this horrible team has been like featured. And in the union and it gives you idea not that they'd not deserving of a bit. The softball program is and how that right now I mean. We've we've had basically more good news far more good news by the sob over gymnast that here in gymnastics in the top five south boss top Tata tea and and it's I don't think people asking for the well you can be there's no reason why you came go round of 66. Pass 64 members 66 teams. May determine their due to playing games by army. There was no reason the reason why status again no matter where you just ordered no matter what the sport wherever there. Is people there is players yeah it is now like Ellis she's in the middle of nowhere. In. In bomb you know what's on the Cota are arm ward Dakotas and you know the either proximity. In the deep south and it taxes. They got players yeah OK how can all of us and Baylor have an outstanding program not I would challenge all universities around. Baylor called Baylor is located in Waco Texas years in have been a Waco when it Waco has to offer. Mean he's a great at Baptist university you know it's a great medical school but in the as far as the basketball and that basketball program had serious problems much like the football program he dealing would murders he exactly. I mean that's about drugs and birdie and it is a look at one time this year it would normal. So that's like Timmy has to be a priority. And there's no reason. To me it's an acceptable each and not have. Maybe programs. The highest level like a Florida Kentucky being legal ones I mean I I think the SEC should be relevant no matter what the sport. Because it's a high dead athlete. Whether football basketball baseball track limited track Arkansas LSU in an eagle on and on that's why it's embarrassed and the SEC in basketball. Two phones we go out to grin at the chain chance thank you for calling their BW hill. Great things at me you know Bobby got it right and what might count it was going to be a home. We aren't at EC I believe we have the best talent you know right in Ellis is backyard having it look how many. Outstanding in NFL players that are from the war area. I just don't know why you we can't get that level of talent on the ball. Well the stud basketball players leave I mean it just looked recently Greg Munro going to jars down. The shall make it big on west again tacky and the Youkilis Decoud who is. They'll all the individual I went to Duke from Slidell. I mean did Alan Duke crews do their Chris Duhon is over and over to have player you can give examples. Where. Call 188 UK beat grass and you'll laurels and on banquet dale brown our our coach Brady when all of a sudden you make in the tournament and Shaquille O'Neal days. And and right and an even in a hostile column Chris Jackson I changes mean it's a Muslim name on him in north Gulfport but they have to our players here. I mean you gotta get him to go to school and Timmy is. Basketball border even like football. Because you look how small basketball team is to me recruiting coordinator to coach that makes all the difference in the world. The I don't know enough about Baylor. But I guarantee. Whoever is the Baylor coach who could fit in adversity that they face of where their at. That you gotta be outstanding lead them that are pro. Joining us now a senior writer at tiger bait that camp Bryan bizarre earlier we had Bryant's its own and talk about basketball baseball will get his take on ardent key. Seve way from football for personal reasons in a moment. I'm Brian last night LA issue was an eleven point dog on the road though wasn't the you know. I think people look at the score did in the filed this ago hate that they loss at the I knew him gonna lose. But when now when brand and Sampson made to free throw. At back to back free throws Eller Hugo's at 55 to forty full with sixteen point five. The Mets in the kindness. Being used pitch Randy kind nipped in took the lead changed but they maintain a 567. Point lead you get down to about twelve minute mark and the in home historic lows in the union. They narrowed to 66 to 62 win now and 31 half and you know missed really start to kind of sway things in their way and they recapture the lead with 640 left. At seventy to sixty that in the new move down the bid for the them and he says okay well this is that you ambit LSU failed by hand they got a three. Honked off in the end it Bramlet and with four minutes left in the county is usually 350. Ellis is only down 581 to 76 from that point owner. From the 432 mark left in the contest L issued in school point. And in your hand in their blatant ethnic he took a handful of starts in the second hand beating get to the free throw line. It was it was more of it a dismal way of how they lost not that they. Yeah you're right the they're bid out and number you can. Lot. What happened at the late. LA she's not why Lebanon. At. I think was 65 to get people wore. And then for the rest that he the last leopard and it got outscored 42 well. All of that. That you. I'll shoot an 817. LU 79 that is why we won three worn out. Oh that scored seventeen points and LSU eight possessions in that it. The three shot and commit doctor. That Antonio like me who used certainly the thought Patrick scored 22 points in the first a lot. Break his career options 32. In the last eleven minutes he took three shot. And 20 shots in the last seven. Yet his masked these massive team that you need in Brennaman and commitment to play about like that Wanda Coleman balked in those at their painters whose play about playing basketball just like football. They give you every shot witty it's made or missed an attempt and they gave you that China what is known and with seven minutes left exactly seven minutes but making these last shot attempt. He missed a three point like Browns super and it is a man it's only way to have a career high he had 20/20 two points in Irsay. Uttered were sold on you know I thought about that the players. You know we gotta get players that note I get good players and bat the ball. Eagerly. They'll think that quickly but here here here it is that. Major creditors on your own on it. And he's been here a year. He had coached. Johnny O line. Your realm Marc and Jordan and eat. It of quarter meant. Then Simmons and Matt and Antonio like. 06098. You know pop up more on the roster and at colonial quite it will be. Below O'Brien is that strategy then and the Knicks are. Yeah is this note you know there's no doubt about that Alex you can't eat out. You can't I don't know how many you know I'll dot Pataki. Ami team and yet the city. In the last five year and head six. You know lord Blake it will make and the roster you probably got a great you know luckily. I think that. And yet in this stretch. They made one and Utley are prepared and in the game will lead against north on. And got it's I think that let you know who realized. The last time the wept. On Kalish and LAQ coach went I've beaten. Five straight seasons and only one NCAA tourney. Was the last spot years they'll ground career. John Brady aggregate. Trent Johnson never. Right right. Brett laminated it meant so we go back and we we look at this and that and the outcome being the first day you go back and put tape up I was excited it was a feel good although. When you think about it on Johnny's record nominee people get a job in a power five conference. Awful what he had done and north Texas but it was you know I know some deep behind the scenes of pushing me it's in sick success recruiting. But Joseph Lieber should have in these known that you know one of the challenges are going to be you know coaching. And you know if if it's not him who who who are his top tried assistance is gonna bring in so full because. This isn't something and it Dick coach Jones hasn't already done I mean I'm sure you go back and look this this pattern a coaching has been the way he's coach's career. You it conquered record court records herb fifteen year do one more spot on the pop art coached in the sun and got a lot or. Oh win that coaching hire when coaching hire was made. Jill we want it to be that to you want and what copies at what it financially. For him and sport like you know it's on who wondered is opposite their. Only a lot out to the ball and knows the lord's. League and about dale brown with them. Ha yeah fortune on the board right body get Johnny art thought. You know between your money. It wanted. In that he didn't get. Into. Him and he would be hurt last year. It. A good feet. So trying to be so beat to be fair to believe he he went after a guy and he went to smear in any ball to the board look we visible Alford and this is what he's worn. In the board date he started they went up they want to go under the direction is that correct what did you think and then I can't blame and he infinite game because I don't think anybody would do this opponent would a guy like Tubby Smith now because it's kids on the law so I mean right. So you know Johnny. And while you're. People they. Get somebody out there and realize. Aha. On February 6 last year February 6 the last being at LSU beat Mississippi State. Bat DE a LEQ eight and two record in the NB. And that means it's at 810. Allah issue played they played eight war Cochran Keene last year. Basically to gain yet EC tournament that again. And it played thirteen games. So far this year and compete at one victory being against that he ET and don't want intriguing. LAQ spot we're in. Eight keen walkers and thirteen and he seen walker would be. Well Brad if you would hang time with squeeze in a break. And get some more basketball brownies takeaway aren't keen got to ask him what we can expect Friday night when LSU movement of the season against air force on a matter coming Tia. It the latest violation news today basketball baseball and football in ardent heat. Anyway from the football program citing personal reasons this is sports talk on WW. One and now a senior right anti debate that Tom Bradley as our hitting or LSU basketball. A game five wins in their last 23 SEC games in of those. There was games that they've had double digit games in which they've lost by double digit points or more Brian when now quickly. Your thoughts are and key step away from the football program for personal reasons. They do a lot of work the afternoon and not really not much. Not think positive and scored a reason. He. Again what is no elections and I think it caught everybody by surprise. And you know there's not being substantial say okay this is what his problem is third issue if all goes. It could traveling matter supposedly using good health and east staying in rule and schools so. We just get through what it's going out in the normal. And practical quickly gamble and an animated is an about it it's a question on anything to show but. Just LSU baseball and we hit an earlier this week as in now at coach and they were gonna visit in the mob but. From what I understand this is so you know series they'll know where they'll play air force and army begin next week understand Manning comes and they're going to be and O'Meara was pretty close to be a pretty good team this year. Yeah look the second third week end of the year she's not seen greeting your Maryland who is right somewhere between twenty and forty odd. Preceded. And then the following week. They are return in Houston and it's like top ranked TCU. On Friday and they play Texas Tech on Sunday and also so that's. In the second and third week end of the year they're they're playing I mean we get that match mine needs panel. It's not and it's flat and easy schedule at all for eligible were they opened up. And Brian you know fans and then you know you get all kind of tanks and all that they kind of speculate oh. You know issues you dealing with it. And it could be anywhere for immediate families are you know obviously Q was it about is kind of like Woody but he can't stop smoking pot you know with a Havilland honey bag in time I met and I respect him yet you know something along those lines. Plus they give it something like that. That's definitely something that you get a grip on could you got to play within the rules and he could be eligible I still think to contribute and next year. Yet again built these thing. Enrollment schools to not drop out of school Ernie thanks so. We'll give step too late in the your you don't know you know it's it's a violation of some abuse policy panel beat there yet. X number BA's top like that again where he's at right now there's no way to act in the air force is not so. I acted there's no idea what it is that the number we don't. Shoot. You know you shouldn't speculate on what the issue beat and like. I. Spoken to anyone on the afternoon and go practice what the issue. It seemed senior writer tiger made dot com at the L door and beat you with the eagle or he on Twitter brown as a Brian as always thank you so much for the time. All right this is sports talk on the BW.