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2/15/17 Scoot 1pm- Trump and Russia

Feb 16, 2017|

Were top advisers with the Trump campaign in close and constant contact with high-ranking Russian officials during the campaign?

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Well he's got cool once again and it's gonna be cold tonight chilly tomorrow morning but tonight in the seventies on Saturday and Sunday so we are crazy weather cycle does continue. Now our shores three hours and when we have giveaways I can't tell you exactly when I'm gonna give this away. But I can't tell you that we don't always give stuff away in the final power. Korea and radio sometimes people wait till the last hour to give something away. So if you wanna try to win something than all get to do is listen for the last hour of the show so we give things away. In every different hour. I've got another pair of tickets giveaway to the or the escapade. Bret Michaels the temptations. Once you draw the day before morning draw I've been to this went last year it is un believable and Bret Michaels and the temptations are performing. I got a chance redoing some tickets via song of the day is get ready by the temptations. When you hear that sometime between now and 4 o'clock. If you're the eighth caller tour contests line you with the tickets valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents to be listening for get ready. By the temptations. This may be the most absurd example of political correctness that I have an offer. Ever heard. And ESPN announcer was fired. And he suing ESPN. He was fired because during a tennis match. The Australian Open. Venus Williams was playing. Andy was talking about. Her play. Anne and her strategy. Any refer to it as. The guerrilla affect. Some people perceive that as being a really GO RI LLA. But he was clearly referring to guerrilla GURGUERR. I LLA. Gorilla is in. A strategy for attacking something. And a guy got fired. Want to talk about that this afternoon a little while and also we'll we'll talk about ninety promoting the theme of equality during the NBA all star week in week and your new worlds. If you are downtown if you've been downtown recently there are few very large banners. About equality one of them says on the ball should bounce the same for everywhere. And there's a Nike TV commercials that promote this idea that with within the lines of the courts. Within the lines at the field of any sport. There is equality and people are judged by their performance is not by their skin color. How do you define equality. Sometimes I think there's a misunderstanding about what is and what he sought equality. So think about it we're gonna talk about this a little bit later in the show we're gonna try to define equality. And do you think we know what equality looks like if we if we see it. I thought it's interesting if you're sinking from nineteen this equality team during the NBA all star. A week and weekend here in New Orleans before we get into talking about our our first topic I wanna spend just a moment talking to you. This is America. And we have a right to. Have opinions. We have a right to disagree. This is something we talk about on their show a lot to buy it. I I've been noticing recently. Vet. The judgment. And I hate. For somebody that has a different opinion. Is really out of control and it's getting worse. There's no doubt in my mind the social media has contributed to this. Because social media gives. Individuals a chance to hone. The error of judgment and heating skills. And while in social media may be there's profanity used maybe there's not profanity used. In other situations but people carry that hate over. And he practiced that hate they practice a hate on social media and let teenagers due in their lives. But people don't concerning politics. And the other problem is is that. There are so many people who who don't actually listen to what's being said. By anybody. They're not really listening to each other they've already decided they hear one or two words or phrases. And they immediately know what that person means. They're not really listening. And they don't listen to news reports. And this really isn't fair. If you want to criticize something. Let it be because you understand. What was said. And not what you think was. And so every afternoon on the show. We will talk about the top issues and right now with the neutral administration. There is stuff coming out every day. Every night every morning every middle of the day all day every day there's you stuff. Are you confused. That's okay. I'm kinda confused to. Their soul much. Whether that's good or bad that's our reality. But he all of this. You have your opinions. I have my opinions. And regardless of what my opinion is your opinions are always welcome in a very integral part of this show every afternoon. It doesn't mean that sometimes I'm not gonna get a little passionate about somebody that I disagree with that's okay we're we're human beings. But let's respect each other enough to. Understand that we should be celebrating this in America. Not condemning it. Somebody hears something they disagree with that it's like typical crazy. That's not necessary. This is America we should be celebrating the very fact that we can disagree. When it comes to a lot of different things. So I just wanted to open the show and I guess I'm gonna. Remind myself to remind you of this once in awhile. That we can disagree. This hasn't happened in every country. When it happens here. And with all the flaws in our media. Our media is free from government control. And the opinions that you disagree with the things that you don't like to hear in the media. Quite a manifestation of our media that is free from government control. And that is a true blessing. If you here's something you don't like. Then that actually means you live in a country. Where you can say something that somebody else doesn't like. And isn't that something we should celebrate. We're top trump advisors. During the campaign. In close and constant. Contact. With high ranking Russian officials during the campaign. If the reports are true. Then there was contact between the trump campaign. And Russian officials. Does this lend credibility to the belief that Russia medal in our election and help trump win the White House. I wouldn't talk about this and I I I wrote a blog for RRR website. And it's title for the first time that I am deeply concerned about America. And I am part of that is what I I talked about at the opening. But a lot of it has to do with what we're gonna talk about this afternoon. I'm scoots and we'll be back on WL. It is not my intent to offend the many truck supporters that are regular part of our afternoon audience here and every WL AM FN. And W real dot com. However failing to be honest about a political controversy would I think disqualify me is incredible radio talk show host. Throughout the presidential campaign and in the weeks following the inauguration of president trump I've always strive to talk objectively about the then candidate and now president Donald Trump. In doing so I've been accused of blindly supporting. And unfairly bashing trop. From both sides. But I guess that comes with the job of not being a cheerleader for the rights were cheerleader for the left. And I'm willing to accept that is the reality of of my job but regardless of what I think on this or any issue your opinions are important. The current controversy over reports that top advisors. To Kenneth trump now president trot. Were in constant communications with high ranking Russian officials are known to US intelligence officials. Raises questions about Donald Trump's relationship with Russia and cannot be just passed off as politically motivated attacks from the liberal media. Now this has yet to be proven but these are the reports from some credible sources. And the questions continue what kind of relationship does Donald Trump have with Russia. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Do you support an intensive investigation into reports. At the trump campaign was in Constant Contact with top Russian officials. Right now 75%. Say no. Into 45% say yes. So if you're among the 75%. That says no. Then. Why. Why would you be opposed to an investigation. If you wanna join us for the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Carrie code 504260187. At Texas a 77 from mid city Darryl you're on the show welcome. A group with an opera I've I've got a couple one banks so. I know you and you are constantly. Make. Oh. But is this really is our. In America it is not only our right to question leaders is our duty to question. OK. I am a liberal. Outlook does come right out and say I am a liberal. We gave them and there are people on their political reasons are created in. Like what. From the start it will be here or there yeah let me make this point there rule. One B is of normal. We've got a note and work law there was little K arm. I'm a look at the Vietnam War I carried signs and I shouted anti government well. I think that all the way up that day with the line now. And Jordan United States Marine Corps because that an American it was my arms are my car. OK I don't think that the of these people kept me on America. The error then let your black and tell everybody what would it matter there are a bit in my. And tell me I'm not there. But it got the job while all people. And I believe in the law. And I believe what are Orton and what our government. And make sure that they're doing the job that we ought to do. Alan. America could not have those those who went I had been. People want nation where you know this nation. Don't you should not have ever been off the field meant to feel you are right we do you have a right and a duty to question our leaders. You know it doesn't matter who's in the White House the role of the media is to question. The establishment question. On. The Republicans the Democrats questioned the the system and in this idea that we cannot question and look at the results are also four. 75% of the people responding to the polls that they do not want an intensive investigation into what trot on. People may have done during the campaign with Russian officials why he wondered now. Because because because. Well through their their their fears how. OK at the bit they're two. Oh lead and uneducated. Public OK you tell what the the rate of and new Gallup point four. Look at it at all. And as you get there aren't you aren't and you can you give them the impression that you're the only one. Can lead them out of the problem. Right and gotten so good why are we hit a chord with their way. I I was there in 1968. OK compare what was going on this nation the day I mean they yeah it was a great a lot and all of our hand and being called by. It has the war I think there is Aaron Aaron Asian art. And prop is at the loop it because he's report. Card is it the bike. Okay people are. What it would trumpet cute but you're right. Well investigation. I would want all our own lap one. I don't. Like that if you live with more power. OK with or how applicable. They are you all means that. There and you're deserved the bad and the president but the rest feel. Yeah you know our. What we deserve the right and know what he's what he did we deeper in debt as the American people. I appreciate your call I appreciate your passion. And I appreciate your honesty and what you do for our country thanks a lot. You know you never know who's gonna call the show. As sometimes it's it's it's somebody if you look like kindling that person saying that. And it surprises call like that was just great great and you might not agree with that person. But let's. Appreciate his passion. Chris you're an avid avid about. You great. And they'll. First. Thank you very well. Atlanta comet or not matter about how many would trump did or did not now. You know go into his presidency. I'm but it pretty clear that I have his administration's handling it period unfolding. I'll answer it surprised people at this point com. Just from history and take. An Allah it's and I think it's pretty clear how many youngsters element loss Torre now. On their part and major you know an album. You learn the basic. Foundation now. That government works com and they're essentially going in the law school and learning how important churchmen and it. Arm it's certainly important thanks see you initiative and essentially there on you know say. On. I thought they couldn't they have been there appreciate everything it and. A separation I'll call them appreciate you being part of our afternoon audience and you know we do have a lot of young young listeners here. Yeah it's hinted that its roots on and again at a Clinton can't share it the opportunity and a I just really important that's written on them and we're very diverse in the armed. And we had to you know the perch every different opinion be open mind everything in her back until now. Armed at all we can do it again as as American citizens are right now I perilous and arm. I think it's important that we used to bury your Pippen and has been optimistic and I and. Keep our minds open as well and and and actually listen to what's being sent me but if you're if you're starting to be a lawyer you know how important it's going to be. Two on to pay attention to what somebody's centimeter or build cases around. What somebody actually says you need to pay attention that it and what they say either makes or breaks your case. Yep I mean at the Bagram and that one went on to be quite honest that's that's what we learned all. But again it is. It's important can change your mind and again it's silly thing. Com Thursday. Been urging and and it's and that whipped or on our allies it is about a certain Serbia book checking. On the and we all understand. It isn't it would. Right now remember where you redo and it's a standing together so not an easy task Chris I really appreciate the call and anglers are part of our afternoon audience. If you're Arnold stay with this and getting close to a CBS news update I don't want to try to cram a calling here before that someone to give your chance to see what you wanna say. And then the following SRW owners update and then we'll be right back with with mark your comments. You know and then there's also the hypocrisy. Of the trop White House. And I think only one who knows assistance. The top White House is talking about the leaks. That's the real problem. Okay look leaks or a problem. But when the Clinton Campaign focused on the leaks. Of information about the emails over the content of what was in the emails. Trump his supporters Republicans. Even I did it we criticize them for blaming the leaks for her failing campaign as opposed to what was written in. The emails that were leaked. It is the contents of this controversy that is important and if it's true it's not the fact that it was a neat. That is the only problem the other problem is what was done. If it is proven that this was dark. And truck has lied to us about that. This is not good. That's my opinion and you know again for the first time in my life. Of being on the year I am concerned. About this country. If your health stay with us I'm scoots in the afternoon. And we'll be right back whatever WL. Yeah this is a land of confusion every day there's something new there's something new all day and every afternoon we're here to talk about it here. On WL I'm studio remind you the song for today is get ready by the temptations the temptations and Bret Michaels will be performing at this year's morphine escapade. When you draw any morial convention center and when you hear again ready but the temptations if you the eighth caller to a contest line you witness tickets. Are from New Orleans Chris you're on every to be well. Page skewed public deal also word of our country. I go forward for the first time in WikiLeaks through fields and overs and indeed journalist and you collapse were and concludes. DNC. That from John Podesta you know and I still wonder though I mean I think that there are shot themselves. And if we can't. Used the media. Institute what should we care about your opinions know and. And I understand it Chris but you know this is a talk show this is not hard news on that induce should not be as slighted as it as it is I think sometimes. We talk about the mainstream media were actually including shows that our our our opinion terrific. Michael Reilly and Hannity and Rachel mad out those shows are driven by opinions that's not the hard news. But we also learned that there is some bias in the news media and so you know the media deserves a lot of the credit that is is receiving. Yeah I mean nobody has come and apologized. To go to the public for totally. Sliding out. And lying to tell you that it is impossible for Donald Trump to win because we saw that he did. And we saw that there is something very Euro the credibility. Media. I remember in the beginning they were people who said it would be impossible for trump to win but it but above all long day that the main cable news channels and and and talk shows were looking at the polls but. I don't remember anybody saying it was impossible for fraud to win and those polls may have been skewed in part because. The of the phenomenon that some people. Were embarrassed to even tell pollsters that they were voting for trial they told they were voting for Hillary but they editor for front so there may have been some some skewing and as far as that's concerned. I agree I I think we need I think we should investigate are part of Russia would chill pollution also investigate uranium on. John Podesta and we should also investigate job the debt that further for other areas street and but Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton get paid getting paid half a million dollars from a trip because under uranium wonder shouldn't the at all. If you would happen. As I appreciate the call and front Covington that you're going to be W no good afternoon. Issue paid on I'm gonna. You know I. You know I'm sickened deep breath here I'm very conservative. You know I think a lot of you know I know there's a big eight under pound gorilla sitting in the room of media that we don't talk about. And that is you know I I spent. This morning listening to Fox News. And their world view. It's completely different from what's going on in the in the real world practical a lot of your your viewers your listeners. Listening to our news. And the context. But they're listening because Fox News. Rush Limbaugh and independent and they have a right wing media and if you listen to what we meet Sean Hannity. Mark Levine. There's an enormous amount of propaganda that going out there if you listened to. How will they you know in general and was. This disinformation out there and I hear your concerns. I wish he died when you talk here viewers that coming your listeners for coming out it was and only Fox News. Rush Limbaugh show. Well what what's players I don't want Fox News and I've said this many times. Mad at Fox News has a right to be slandered in the same way that Rachel madcow and MSNBC have a right to be slandered. Put on all of the networks Fox News CNN and MSNBC. If you look forward you can find a voices from the other side what scares me. Is that is OK to view these slanted news channels but if you views them with the idea that. This is the only fair channel. Then you're doing a disservice to yourself and and to everybody because it's. There's there's definitely an agenda there there's. Fox News that decides what they're gonna come for help the gonna cover things and Fox News and I watch a lot this morning. I'm for much of their their morning show FOX & Friends the downplayed. The on the new information out about the possibility I thought people were are talking to Russia during the campaign. On the networks for more so by selecting not to cover that. That is part of of what they're doing and what I said yesterday about. The on the Fox News contributor on Charles Krauthammer. Being quoted by. And by Sean Spicer I think was Sean Spicer yesterday quoting. Quoting a Fox News contributor. Is somewhat unprecedented. It's it's very frightening right now because I honestly I think that mr. trump is presidential is an agent of Russia. You know I just I just. Feel well and and we don't we don't know that you know it hasn't been established as yet and and people have a Tennessee now I'm gonna have to move on I appreciate the call people have a tendency to believe what they wanna bully. And we should all challenge ourselves to go beyond that. It is what you want to believe don't don't don't believe it because of that recent believe it because of the evidence and right now we don't know. But how could you not want an investigation. Could this be the reason why Donald Trump did not want to release his tax returns. Could there be something that indicates that may be. Donald Trump does have a relationship with Russia. And it is a personal slash business relationship with Russia. Would that mean that he would be acting on all kinds of different issues acting instinctively. On behalf of himself. Rather than on behalf of what's best for the American people. If you are told hang on I'm scuba coming right back in order comments. It was on this day in 1964 something have been nets has never happened since then. And is day in 1964 of the top five songs on billboard's hot 100 chart were all occupied by one band. The beatles'. I'm Bonnie number five please please me no before she loves you. I SARS and they're never too and when ordering and number one that you showed you how popular Beatles were and they just came to America for the first time in early February. Our congratulations to David you Marty is just one appear for a tickets to go to the RP escapade with Bret Michaels and the temptations at the morial convention center. And that's going to be let equality before morning brought the tickets are valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents don't forget you can purchase your own tickets if you wanted to be here for this incredible party. I go to crew a fourth he has dot com an element of the curve to this giveaway tomorrow from Kenner David welcome to the show. Hello David. It's just like we got disconnected there and from home a Floyd welcome to WWL. Good thing they call. Showed up fast government works. They don't look they have BI and whatever security department we contend is defined not that general green had called Russian government. Ended he knew what that conversation would agree according to what do. Are written the patent firm paid him. Yet if and it took him a year activity in the couldn't find a single time that Hillary Clinton there all of our communications. And I don't know how to answer that I eat their idea then there was no I don't either there was nothing they are that they could could find or they they hit. I just. I have a hard time believing. That's the media would not go after the biggest story and you know we've seen it happen with Monica Lewinsky and Clinton would if there's a scandal out here the media loves the scandal more than they love their political bias. But yet you write it any more and more formal banquet to scoop up I was watching me out confirmation. That made it this morning on the senate. In a ranking senate that would send center on the Republican side would sit there and they. Guess the world ranking senate to work on the democratic side to artists and independent. Is it hey thank you for the last Florida appreciate listing. From Mendocino GO a year and a BW oh good afternoon. Yet and and read and that being called an American a liberal yeah. Mean. You're conservative you're not street. From not seen Albany Paul and bill third street week. Branch shirt Nat city. But it sounds like it sounds like your your discrediting the the marine for saying that he he can call on America because there are the yeah. I understand but like the don't mean it when you say well. The other side does it to it again when you do that it it sounds like you're excusing the negative behavior of a saint companies. Now this big debt and now. The general consider it to somebody who served in the military problem. They all preach hate to star in all will go by the Indian. Military. And is. In the military guy it's yeah. You know he get that that could account in America. Why would you get a well why would you get upset with that Joseph. Why. I don't know what I mean why you why we wanted it looks at what I understand that's not right. I support it on the show for I can't help me that's that's the problem how are you talking about. Okay general it's all all right so Joseph if you support conservative and somebody calls you and Nazi. And somebody's does not support trump and they get calls on American it's really the same thing. What the problem. The problem is neither side should do. Calling it like not be. Joseph Joseph cellular voice your your only the what you're doing. Your focusing on one side. No I have a I have I did call I call on American amber anybody calling ex marine and an American unless you're. Bird doll. OK. If you don't know why aren't Joseph I appreciate the call but I mean you don't know everybody so mean. I know I mean I've been called things like an American. Because. Of my opinions. But yet it's just an opinion. This is the whole focus of our show right now this afternoon. This idea that this is America. And you're entitled to your opinion. It's over other people and yes unfairly some conservatives are called Nazis. And some people who are liberal are called on Americans. That kind of stuff happens. It shouldn't. I'm astute. We'll be back with every appeal. I'd I'd Demirel news update coming out the end I just about a minute and a half I don't wanna try to squeeze colander so if you are on hold just hang almost like it's your calls coming up in the next hour. A what you once again pay attention to the results of our party chair of opinion polls are sour do you support an intense investigation into reports the truck campaign was seen. Constant Contact with top Russian officials. Earlier today. 75%. Said no only 25% said yes now 57%. Say no 43% say yes. So still a majority doesn't even want an investigation into this now when you hear the results of these polls this is not. A scientific poll of our audience it's a poll of those who go on line and respond to the hole. So if you feel alienated because of the results of the poll. It's not that your alienated with our audience it's that these this is the result of those who are responding to the poll. I'm skewed in the afternoon yeah we'll continue our conversation plus we'll talk about why and yes TN. Announcer was fired when calling the Venus Williams match of the Australian Open that's coming up.