WWL>Topics>>2/15/17 Scoot 2pm- Should Trump be investigated?

2/15/17 Scoot 2pm- Should Trump be investigated?

Feb 16, 2017|

Do you support an intense investigation into reports that the Trump campaign was in constant contact with top Russian officials?

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I hope you'll witness at the beginning of a show at 1 o'clock if you weren't any get a chance to go back and listen to the podcast go to our website WW real dot com and there's some black banner at the top. Got a podcast deceive you connect to catch the beginning. But I just on summarize by saying well this is America. And and we should celebrate the fact that we don't always agree. And when you agree that me or not. Your opinion is very important to our show every afternoon here there is something new every day all day. Especially now and I don't see this coming to an end subsiding anytime soon. We will be here every afternoon to talk about it. And since this is America many of us will have differing opinions. It hasn't got some people want holds up from last hour wanted to direct to the calls but also when what you know that tone introduce a new topic this hour. And to me it's innocent and absurd example political correctness. I'm ESPN announcer Doug Adler was fired by ESPN and two days after controversy. By January 18 he was so I'm calling the Venus Williams match at the Australian Open. And he referred to her attack style as a guerrilla effect. Like a guerrilla attack. Well some people. Solve the word GO RI LLA rather than GUERR. I LLA. And you know if if somebody's is somebody sees it interprets the wrong word. Is it the fault of the person who interpreted wrongly. But the person who. Actually said the right word used to mean sometimes words sound alike is that an hominem. I Fergus and and and and Tom and m.'s one of those is is a word that sounds just like the other word and I I think it might be hominem. On so we have a lot of prominence in the English language and I just think it was unfair to fire this guy because he was UIC worse. When I talk an issue I see the words that I'm sending. If I say guerrilla effective guerrilla attack. Is obvious based upon talking about whether or talking about the animal or. The the military strategy but let me get your calls so for those who have been a whole thing from last hour Jesse your debit WAOK afternoon. Sure it. Uncle point. Again. I'm. Warm it is what people were surprised that Donald Trump whom he won 62 million people on. Mean this guy is politicians won't. And I formidable convention setting and so well. All. Some kind of monitored me. This is his four year deal. It is not anything that he wants to legally get Islam the better. Better trading at the end. I mean we don't we don't know when you when you think about Donald Trump's ego I would think that. The being a president and and having an impact on this country would be something that would be a motivating factor for Donald Trump. I absolutely agree with that just beating that part of big epic book negated that you'd think. Padilla president for health and ties between the presidents or else Steve I think there at least they wanted to make a change. The better I did I don't think there's. Anything that personal gain in the. All right well that's what we need to tough to find out I mean I would like for there to be an intense investigation to find out. If indeed Donald Trump does have some relationship with Russia and if these reports are correct and we don't know if they are. But if these reports are correct that that high ranking trump officials during the campaign. We're in constant in close contact with Russian officials. Then it does lend credibility to the police at Russian medal than our election and help trump when the White House and if that's the case we need to know exactly how. And we need to know why I mean that's that's a that's something fair for us to ask and for those who say. Well this is just too which aren't. I would disagree in that if if there's enough evidence for an investigation and let the investigation determined whether or not there was wrongdoing because this is something that we. A caller pointed this out earlier in the show we have a right and a duty to question authority. I mean I. My my point is that there should investigation. The elections are allies in world war it strike. And then they'll be like should you should we go along. And yet we're still going to be waiting until something. Happened. These are the core position. Meet one. Person should I expected. Is that it is treated the country that how that actual entrance it actually. A country beating quickly compromise but the that's a great thing about being Americans. The actual. Gentleman that called earlier. One that was a potential double the Serb military and called and so they were even be. Sure that it. I don't published in one week I think this is just as he human being lazy. Why would we be either one of they are points in both parties on the books. I generally don't. There aren't as and then. That that's one of the problems we have today Jesse is this idea that. You read all right or you're all wrong and look the vast majority of this listening area and this country. Is not right or left it's in the middle leaning right or less what. And that group doesn't have a voice and that's what I've tried to do since I started doing the show. Give a voice to the moderates. Who have strong opinions being a moderate doesn't mean you're spineless and it has no conviction. It's simply means that you refused to be a member of the club on the right with the club on the left. And that really does reflect most Americans Gene Simmons had a conversation with him yesterday and that's pretty much where Gene Simmons is politically. The right and the other thing. Too is that in changes it'll. And I think it more conservative workable but actor but you know I pressures they might like to change that. And I don't understand why. If you are liberal or. Maybe you yourself you know the state that whole life. For whatever reason you'd differentiate at any point. You're considered a traitor is to you and your mouth. Ronald Reagan was Ronald Reagan was Ronald Reagan was a Democrat of one point and so was Donald Trump. But I'm saying why are we still. Some parties I get the way it should be you know. This could be a four hour. Or even more partly. This has been all along and hopefully that the big thing that we out of what just happened in this election. What party because of the what people will not be able tropical trop because it. But a pet truck to truck had to work his way into the system as a Republican to. To get on the ballot and to be in the in the process of being nominated and and to win the election mean I agree I agree with you. There should be more than two parties would be the political establishment like. There are Republicans it would probably never tell you but secretly they would rather Hillary camp one. Then trump because tropic shaking up the system. And they don't want their system which day which yields and great power and money they don't want their system messed with. There are not a great I agree that the other part point I think you'll all agree that you guys are scared. These guys are like as what things are happening yet it. It irks me personally there's a lot of things that upset me but I packed right now gotta have been in the system so I got to meet that the democracy that we. Because archer bounces and Arctic that you have to really believe that. At bat which changed yet or some people might think this Tuesday. Scenario. The system but we're. Jesse I've I appreciate the call here's a Texas says that Mitt Romney was a moderate and he lost to Barack Obama. It's it's true because the problem is. Mitt Romney was not allowed to run on his moderate record. They distance Mitt Romney from his health care plan in Massachusetts. Which is working for the most part as far as I know. And his health care plan was almost a prototype for Obama here. Mitt Romney a moderate. John McCain moderate. And Bob Dole a moderate. All of these guys were pulled to the right with the Republican Party agenda. Wendy became the nominee and you've got a match on a moderate. Senator like John McCain with Sarah Palin. And think that that's not going to take that ticket. So. These guys were moderates. But they were pulled to the right during the campaign it's. If you would rejoice with the comet are numbers 2601878. Tex embers a 7870. Is a Texas says the election is over trump is our president to accept it and move on. Well OK but what if he did wrong. And we can't just accept that he's president. Here's an update on a pretty general pretty appalled. Do you support any intense investigation into reports that the truck campaign was in Constant Contact with top Russian officials. 55% say no. 45% say yes I'm scoot and will be right back with your calls on WL. On this day in 1970 wind this song was released. And it's important relevant question today Marvin Gaye what's going on. I wrote a blog for our our web site titles for the first time I am deeply concerned about America. And I am. I'm deeply concerned about America for a lot of different reasons are read it share with others Chilean agree or disagree about something else we're talking about this afternoon just the idea that. It's OK to disagree. We're talking about to whether or not to talk Trump's top advisor during the campaign were in close and Constant Contact with high ranking Russian officials during the campaign. We don't know for sure of New York Times and as CNN reporting as an X and other people reporting it as well. But there seems to be some phone calls and some information this has been intercepted accidentally. Picked up. How about these conversations. If this did happen do you want an investigation. Right now 53%. Say no don't want an investigation. 47% say yes. If you don't want an investigation into. Trust relationship with Russia. I'd like to know why. And were also talking about something that I think it's really a but certainly we should be intelligent enough to live to know the difference. And ESPN announcer. Doug Adler winners are fired. We're talking about the strategy of Venus Williams during the Australian Open. And use the term the guerrilla affect. And some people thought he was saying guerrilla GO RI LLA. And he was that he was saying guerrilla affect like the war strategy. It was a compliment. The fact that people can't distinguish between those two things. Is their problem not the problem with the announcer here's a Texas says you shouldn't be punished because people cannot decipher. The difference between two words. But the text your Cisco sometimes I wish to call in to work sick during your radio show it's so entertaining from Slidell Terry welcome. Good quarter. I'm but the trump thing that's been beaten up you know Google. We just forget what you know little one Obama became Europe and about his birth certificate number not a bad you don't want them a lot hotter. I talk about the gorilla back. I bet they are now that Ella she's back in the should thank you so yeah now do you. Good that would that would make it look real ball. I'm out there and Ellison what it would put the ball because mama. The so called robo. Call 300. Years are like. I obviously I don't have a specific memory of that idea out to be honest with you and Andy and tell them but I RS early trust which are saying. It is back would not get was put it even amid in the Mac and then nine EL SU was called gorilla ball because we use you know. 3040 home on the everybody's Obama and nobody. But it is there even referring to the animal because of a stretch right. But it in this case I mean talking about somebody's strategy in the tennis game. First of all I would think that everybody watching tennis would be intelligent enough to decipher between the two words I guess the problem is. When this went viral through the New York Times. On people just took it the wrong way and he may be. Terry maybe it's a case of people themselves. Fought gorilla the animal in reference to Venus Williams. And therefore they got angry they were really mad at themselves but instead of getting mad at themselves they lashed out at the announcer and and he is Pia. All you would like once him he would agree. But yet all that. And don't get it out in the block that are. Carpet at the news today. In Iraq or keep outlet outlet every day people caught. And I. Because it. You I was with. Some. Some but the biggest problem today nobody and it rates in a York isn't right. In the you know at port man so popular but. Terry I appreciate the call but it's it's more than that it's it's more than just disagree. It's it's the name calling its its EU should see some of the text that I guessed. You I think liberals. Or you blanket conservative. What would you just because somebody has a view. That might be conservative. That makes them a blank. Because somebody's a liberal that makes him a blind. I don't I don't think so but that's where we are as a nation this is why I wrote this blog about for the first time I'm really concerned about America. Tommy on debit WL. Stewart answered questions that you would be basically pro business and boy somebody of the supporters becoming an engine and I think I understand why. Okay trial. Tillerson Flynn excess federal all have ties with Russia truck was paid large sums of money. Just being in Russia why let business interest distraught have with Russia. Drop the nation says that drug does not release is stacked returns because it might reveal those centrist. I mean he has even. At least the audit page on our well funded supposed. Well and you know Tom there are people who don't wanna know the truth and that's how Howell. The line they are to even warning to know reality because if Donald Trump. Has an inappropriate relationship with Russia that's the president of the United States and that is that interest to all of us whether you're Republican or Democrat or independent. A lot of it is cold followers. Seem to think of them more as a model. All void in the upper. That a president is it to in my view you know they usually. These links are coming one outs it that it. Actions within trumps old. It party. That. Interfering as well as the fact that dropped issued an invitation to debate as he should be the intelligence cities he mocked them. You as that you once before you don't get away with that W that information or their release sets. Personally I doubt that truck based coordinate with Russia during the election and this is the reason whys so you know Betty is quote. Followers don't wanna nine elevenths type investigation. Which is debt outlook public gets its statement. Yeah I mean I think we needed our time I appreciate the call. If Donald Trump and I think this bears repeating if if if Donald Trump has a relationship with Russia must have if if he has a relationship with Russia. That. Woods. Cause him to instinctively. React. Or act. Based on his personal business interest rather than what's in the best interest of the American people that is a concern to all of us. And look you know I remember sitting here and and hearing people call Barack Obama he's not a presents a dictator he's the president he's a dictator. I mean they hate is almost equal on both sides. And depending on the day with a person maybe it leans. In one direction more than the other direction. But this is where we are and it's really it's our fault. And I'm gonna continue to do all like him to give a voice and to create a home for moderates. People who are not right or left the people who represent the majority of this country. Will be back after CBS and WWL news. And the truth news. Those on the right. And those on the left. At most of the attention. Not the majority of this country. That is a moderate. Moderate leaning right or leaning left. Because. The way our news operates. And this is the product of news in a free market society that is not controlled by the government. The news focuses on extremes. And they did the person who uses common sense. The person who. Is not beholden to the right of the left that person doesn't get a lot of attention on the news and therefore we feel like our countries to find. Far right far left and that is not the case. It is the moderates and got a text about this is the moment the moderates. Elected Donald Trump. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll do you support and intense investigation into reports that the truck campaign was it Constant Contact with top Russian officials. 57%. Say no not in favor of it at 43% say yes they are giving your opinion by going to our web site. I mean if you don't dot com coming up in the next hour we'll talk about the the Nike theme of equality it's being promoted during the NBA all star week you weekend here in New Orleans. Opera Kennard Dave thank you for hanging on your now on WWL. You let's review history for. Discussed Trump's possible conflict with the Russians. Hillary was criticized for making a speech before Goldman Sachs being paid a heck of a lot of money part not releasing the transcript. Now quite possibly. Goldman Sachs paid the money to influence Hillary if that once you became president. And I agree with Hillary critics she should have released the transcript when you run for president there's nothing the public should not be made aware of you have no privacy. Now indeed from what hopper did read from make speeches to the Russians. Now what he paid for that I'm sure he was and I think the American people have a right to build not only Hamachi was paid but what he's set to the Russian. Now at least to Hillary's case we know she was paid in we know she made the speech. But in Trump's case he'd never revealed anything about it now how much money was paid I have no idea it could be in the millions. Now perhaps strong ball releases tax returns because that's earned income that path to be disclosed on your tax return. And Richard Nixon that the American people have a right to know whether or not the president as a crook. So if trumps being influenced by the Russians. I think the house oversight committee or congressional committee. They have the right to subpoena president Trump's tax return it if there is they conflict and that return I think the American people have a right to know what it should be released to the public. I think that's why they why would we don't have a right to know if somebody has an inappropriate relationship with the foreign nation that is that is our enemy tactically and and potentially on a tremendous threat to us. Why do we not have a right to an element lawmaker but I know I'm I'm and I'm asking the question why would anybody arguing that I. Dave I appreciate the cog ledger witness and from Harvey rate year on WW well. All you all story or like him. What the king and although. White and black who supported her in the market then number it is. They actually probably all of both state and they'll. Let them liar aren't constitution. What. More then. Opposition liberal. What do you now. People would. Make. A bow. Up and it. And and the reason why yeah. Technically. Paper written. But they're doing. Moammar. Right call. We don't know inept. And then. The structure of the Russian control room with. Thank you to. Serve. Up that. Way. And ministry to come out and make. It true that certain. And more importantly. It is. We. Put this country. And that we did. The global. Ray I appreciate your call and in our eyes again I I find it interesting in somewhat hypocritical that. The truck himself. Is. Focusing on the fact that the information was leaked. Now that's wrong. And I'd is illegal. So the information not supposed to be released yeah that's that's part of it. But try and Republicans. Bashed. The Clinton Campaign and Democrats. Because they didn't focus on the contents of the emails they focused on just the fact that they were inappropriately and illegally leaked. And and there was a demand or what about the content. It is something we talked about quite often when that topic came up what about the content I mean you're not addressing the content the content is. Even more important. Than the fact that the information was leaked illegally. Are you here on hold hang on if you wanna join us our numbers 2601. A seventy. Arie cut 5042601. A semi tech's numbers 87870. So today Donald Trump is calling his former national security advisor Michael Flynn all wonderful man. Very very early unfairly treated by the media. That and your calls next oh by the way the first guy ever the first white guy ever to appear on Seoul train do so on this day in 1975. Whittier who once we'll be back on WL. Are you surprised. On this day February 15 1975. Gene over nearly became the first white guy to perform. On soul train. I got a couple of attacks start during the break on its Elton John needed Benny and the jets know as geno finale. Maybe they just noticed as Afro and they didn't notice anything else they said no he's got the F froehlich when he wants ultra. Tino Belli was still being in New Orleans and in the seventies and our adversaries owners. Sold out shows here in New Orleans at the news oratory which is in shambles right now and you know I hope the city and FEMA can get together and on figure out what to do with the municipal auditorium because it's. It's an important landmark in our city so our president Donald Trump says. Based national security advisor Michael Flynn is a wonderful man and he was treated very very unfairly by the media. He said it's a very it's a really very sad thing on Flynn was treated so badly. You know just yesterday. Trump asked for and accepted flings resignation. General Michael Flynn was forced out of the truck administration is national security advisor. Because of his actions. Not because he was treated less fairly by the media. Are from New Orleans will hear on WWL. Yes. A want to comment on the investigation. A low watt should be investigation. I think is very extremely important. The what are from the listen. They'd. Might add speech there and paid like. It's his decision making them the ability has been compromised he received money from Russia. And leave America 04. Or some type of and the and the and the military perspective. So. It is his decision making ability. Compromise the heat might miss some some intelligence information call an attack on the united. And you know and this would explain if there is this relationship with the with Russia this would explain why Donald Trump to candidate and the president. Has has stopped short of saying anything negative about Vladimir told. He even infer that bill Riley the interview right before the Super Bowl game. Went to a writer recently Isa Isa killer and tone setting you know they're like that was out there you know you think the United States is innocent. Right and another that want to comment. The Williams I understand what you're seeing winning week that you wanted to be ailments. Tactic I can't remember exactly way. You know yesterday you understand. What it was one of things the American against British American revolution. And the thing is. As. If you were a week ago. Marquis de Guerrero were. Charm you for black people so if you would. Should go 11. And bowling actually me and Iranian. Just saying program and explains and so scientists and I think that the reason. But will the little. He actually explain it by bike talking about the gorilla affect when he was talking about her strategy means that. That puts it in the context of war not an animal. Yeah Machida they about an element need to be talking about people who think all our. And that but that's that's their fault that's not the fault of the announcer if you know we should not reward people who don't think. Our total agricultural net buy into and and and today's society. You just have to take picnics and you have to go about what did you make all you like yes it's a real quick and it's Serena Williams's is that. And we knew it was Venus but not that it matters. That's right now I'm sorry no Eliot it was easy instincts. Okay well it's you know they are old she built in ridiculed about. She's taller than average one. She didn't issued an even here in this was something they went viral through the New York Times and and I mean I don't know how many. I don't know how many people who were actually watching it were offended compared to how many people were offended because it. It went viral they will listen I appreciate your opinion and directly to color show. Bias is blurring the reality of politics. And it's tearing our country apart and there seems no end in sight. I'm scoots. And will be back whatever ago. CNN is reporting that the Defense Department might recommend combat troops in Syria. So I'm sure we'll be talking about that is that it continues to be a story. Hi Eric you're under the W Mellon got time for a quick comment before our news. If you're right. I packed look out there like which is and you know first formal you know can agree or disagree and in a lot here on your show they disagree with. Others think that hypocrisy out there you know that now the Democrats. You know one and of itself into the conversation and then everything that was said in. And they keep pushing a narrative and an even even you sound like you push a man duplicate article grow. It crops in others bought but it ran with potent and I just think that that that happened. When you keep brought it all over and over almost like there's it's sort of been proven to be true and honestly that's that's that's. Not an Eric if you if you interpreted that way I mean I I I can't I can't account for that I'm I'm I'm trying to be very very fair here and I'm talking about is this is the case and why not should do it why should there be investigation. I'm not assuming that this is exactly what happened that we have a right to know. Well my thing here it is you know. Amanda parent I'm former military and I think he should always keep a watch art when you go up you should never trust them to. You know I just think you know the outcry you know they wanna know what was said not comic you know what Hillary Clinton on Yahoo! email you want in the State Department on. Hypocrisy Eric got to introduce break I do appreciate your call like we're coming back with a lot more equality. T even know how to define. Equality.