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2/15/17 Scoot 3pm-How do you define equality?

Feb 16, 2017|

Nike is promoting the theme of “equality” during the NBA All-Star week in New Orleans. What is – and what is not equality?

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If you're just joining our show this afternoon we do well welcome you finally cooled off feels a little bit more like February it's going to be a very cold tonight tomorrow morning but then warming up by the weekend and it looked to see if there's going to be some really nice separate watching weather this weekend and there's a ton of parades rolling through the streets. But we have already given away a pair of tickets to the or fee escapades at the morial convention center. It's like to draw the day before Mardi Gras night it features Bret Michaels and the temptations had a temptations song earlier how we gave the tickets away. So. Dealers and tomorrow we get another pair of tickets to giveaway tomorrow Tommy Tucker has pair of tickets to your way tomorrow from six to ten we're doing is in the morning and in the afternoon from one to four. But I just a remind you that we don't always give stuff away in the same hour now a lot of radio shows wait until the last hour. Because they're thinking as well which is giving away the last hour so they'll keep listening. Until the last hour. Willis you only give it away in the last hour than people only have to tune into the last hour. So we gave this away a lot earlier today who knows I'm gonna do tomorrow Vista I tune in and hopefully you enjoyed the show if you're waiting to win your tickets. I've sort of blood for our web site and it was it was hard to write to because. It was. It was honest. Its title for the first time I'm deeply concerned about America. And I am. I'm deeply concerned about. Some of what's going on in Washington. I'm deeply concerned about the American people. The divide. The opinions. The quick judgment. When it comes to so many different things. The lack of so many people not paying attention to what he said. Assuming they know hearing a word or two here in the air and then jumping to a conclusion. And then heating you because. They think he says something you didn't release say. People don't even pay attention to the news. They assume they hear something. And all of this is based on this phenomena which would you which we often talk about confirmation bias. Too many people are not looking for the truth. They simply want their feelings confirmed. They want the bias that they have. To be confirmed. And I just I I can't help but think that that that bias. Is. Stopping us from appreciating reality. By guests over reality. Is shaping opinions. And to me this is a fundamental. Concern for what will make America great again. We've also been talking about. Truck top advisors that the two reports out. Actually more than that protect to resources on New York Times and CNN. Reporting that a tough trust advisors during the campaign were in close and Constant Contact with high ranking Russian officials. So what does this mean what's your reaction to this. And are pretty general opinion poll has been interstate. Do you support any intensive investigation into reports that the truck campaign was in Constant Contact with top Russian officials. Earlier it was 75%. Said no they did not support the campaign. Now a majority shift. 44% say no and a majority 56% say yes they want an investigation. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Democrat from New York was on the senate floor earlier today. The recent reports of potential high level contact. Between the trump campaign and Russian intelligence. Including general Flynn. Should raise fares hairs. On the necks of every one in this body. And we've also been talking about CNN being sued for a wrongful termination by an announcer Doug Adler. Who was fired back in January when he was he was announcing the Australian Open match with Venus Williams. He referred to the guerrilla affect. Well that went viral. I'm through to New York Times and other social media outlets. On some calling it appalling to use the term guerrilla. Spelling a GOR I LLA. Igniting the flames of anger and hatred. Look this guy. Used. The guerrilla affect. He talked about that in context. Of a strategy. Wryly as in GUERR. I LL and its own. A war strategy. A guerrilla attack. So this guy gets fired. Because people don't make the distinction between the two words. And I think it's. Incumbent upon our society. To punish the right people. And if you're not gonna make a distinction between the two worse. Than that falls on you and shouldn't fall law and the announcer. I don't know how many people were actually watching this match or if most of two of the criticism came from. Came from from those who who saw this because it went viral. But in any event it is this guy uses the word in context than we need to be Smart enough and demand that everybody understand the context of the work. And I think it was wrong to fire the guy. This is NBA all star week and weekend at New Orleans and and downtown I'm seeing many of the signs that the NBA is in town they did in town before. And this is an amazing event. Nike is promoting the theme equality. There's one sign draped over the site of a downtown hotel on pointers that reads the ball she bounced the same for everyone. There's Nike TV commercial promoting the idea that within the lines of the court or the field and any sports. There is equality. And people are judged by their performance. Not a gender. Not their skin color. Everybody talks about the need for equality but what does equality mean. How would you define equality. Sometimes I think we also need to talk about what equality is not. Not only what equality is but what equality is not. So how do you define equality. And what something that you think is misunderstood. About the concept of equality in America. If you wanna join us with your thoughts or comments on numbers 2601878. Very code 5042601870. Text is 877. From Mississippi mark welcome to the show. Pace who partied on good. I want to go back and it just happened about it mention on a theatrical. And not an Egyptian saint tied to how democracy. Can not so bad too much ignorant. And you applied to that this situation would. Now Gingrich and applied it to idiocy to situation pitch well to investigate and. And encrypt the idea. The idea behind them mark is that if if the government is not running everything then people have to be Smart enough to act on their own and do the right thing. Right and you can and you can also equate into investigation. On what could. What do you know where. To campaign Gretchen you issued Matt you're a Democrat or Republican or independent. It's it's up a bit involvement in Russia which is not outright. You know what's wrong which now what has that helped into the net and game thinking everybody you know you know we can. As well it's the situation with Venus you know. If you too ignorant to understand the difference between a guerrilla guerrilla warfare you know game that's a. Yeah I agree. Tiger mark I appreciate the call are eight yard hole stay with issue got a comment 2601870. Erica final four to 60 when he said he text. He 77. As we get ready for the NBA all star weekend here enormous it like this is one exciting weekend is a lot of stuff that goes on around us and time I love that time I've I've been downtown when this has happened before it's happening again. In fact we're getting this because I'd North Carolina pass that. And controversial LG BT lost Antonio TPT law. About the the bathroom suffered discrimination I forget which show when it was in some form of discrimination so we we got it because they passed that law. But there's a giant banner with the word equality. I draped on the front of the bench of talent pointers and then another hotel in pointers I think it's of them not learn the meridian because icing it. PO the meridian. On that's also when pointers big banner reads the ball should bounce the same for every one. Nike's theme is equality during this NBA all star week in and weekend. So we talk a lot about equality how do you define equality. And what do you think is misunderstood about equality. Since we talk about it so much I thought we'd have a little discussion about it. What we should know what it means we should also know what it doesn't mean. Equality doesn't mean we're all going to be equal. Because we're not equal. For everybody to be treated completely and totally equal in a society. They would have to be under a form of communism. Equality means. Equal opportunity. But not everybody will take advantage of the opportunity. Not everybody will find the opportunity. Even though they have a chance for. Equality means that everybody. Is treated fairly. Even people. That you disagree with even though you don't know them and you can you disagree but somebody's lifestyle look. We sort of the show talking about this and this is America. Why can't we celebrate that would would you want everybody in this country to be just like you. I wanted to beat a country with a bunch of movies and I would hate me. So I mean we should we should celebrate that. But equality doesn't mean everybody's going to be equal. Some are gonna have more than others. Some people get opportunities others don't have. Equality means that we should not judge others. By a gender. Skin color. Race. Religion. Nationality. We should judge people on who they York. And I like the Nike TV commercial we have. LeBron James. It promotes the idea that within the lines of a court or field in any sport. There is equality because people are judged on their performance and you think about that with the saints in the pelican you think about that with Wii Sports teams. People don't see color when McCain is going on. They see the performance. They see. The player. The individual. And I guess there are a few people that can't get beyond seen color but for the most part this is this is our challenge. To understand what equality is and and destroy fort. How what you define equality and what what do you think is something it's misunderstood. About the concept of equality. Our if you got a thought you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Erick are 504260187. Or Texas a 787. There will be a lot of people in in downtown New Orleans this weekend for the NBA all star game and I'm not equal to them. The had opportunities that I didn't have they have physical attributes. That I don't have as so we're we're not equal. And a misconception of equality I think is that there's this assumption that everybody's equal. No we're not all equal we have equal opportunities. And everybody should have added I'm not suggesting that there has not been a problem because it has been a problem. Because not everybody has gotten equal opportunities. And then. In modern times. It's almost as if we have people. Looking for reasons to judge in discriminate. I mean the whole idea of somebody's lifestyle. Being. A point of criticism to the point where it's used as it's used as a legitimate form of discrimination I. That is absolutely. Appalling to me. I don't understand it. Because that one thing. That that person or that coupled dies now one thing they do. Affects you. Affects those who are so critical is so judgmental. And and it is my belief that that actually criticism of same sex marriage for example. Defies conservative ideology. Which is power to the individual. Less government involvement. And yet there are people who want laws passed they want the government to enforce. Or ban certain license. I'm from the it's our Gary from your point you're under the WL. I wanna comment on the equality should you media art pregnant doctor Walsh. Our. Our malt from years ago we. We picketed. But the people in. On the restraint but it particularly not being I think ought to opt alternate lifestyle. Sure I don't I don't. Would. What it it it makes me and it and yet the same opportunities as they do sheriff Bobby. Sharing your views is is different having an opinion disagreeing with the house somebody leads their life that's one thing by using that disagreement. To justify discrimination that that's that. David Regis well yeah when you make pitch. You know you can. Break it down. And your arms. You know it I think there's a misunderstanding Gary you can correct me if I'm wrong. I think as a misunderstanding your of pushing a lifestyle. I don't know of one person who has ever tried to convince another person to be coming homosexual. And so when it comes to pushing a lifestyle. Maybe this is misunderstood. When there's this idea of it looked don't judge me. I don't judge. Those who pleaded different lifestyle don't judge. I'm somebody for being different it's not that I and again I I'm a streak I don't I'm speaking on behalf of the the gay community. On the don't judge don't judge the gay community based on on one what they do they're not trying to force their lifestyle on you as much as they. They they just want equal opportunity to wanna be discriminated against because of a foot ER. Should be. Yeah I appreciate the call. And if you got a comment 2601. In seventy. Erykah final four to 60 when he sent him text is a 7870. Just lets you know how people want to get involved in other people's lives on him to go back to something happens on a few years back. The case that went to the Supreme Court. Vet. What is used to to declare sodomy unconstitutional. This was 2003. May be the case was large vs the state of Texas. There was a case in which it's Supreme Court. Two people were arrested because their two men and they were involved in an intimate relationship. You don't have a police found out about it. Their neighbor didn't like him. They're neighbor was peering through the window of their house. Watching them hated what they were doing and called in a phony. Good charge to get the police out there the cops caught. That is a perfect example of it's not about just leading your life it's about I want to tell you how to lead your life. And that's what we need to change. In America he might disagree if you do our numbers 26 cell when he seventy tech state 77. I'm scoots in the afternoon CBS news W real news coming up and we'll be back. And it I mean it's a really simple question like can't we be France. You know we'll share more in common than the things that separate us. We breathe the same mayor. We take up the same space were on the second and again you know you can you can make a list of things that we have a common that would it would just have to go on forever. A quick update on a pretty general opinion poll. Do you support any intensive investigation into reports that the truck campaign was in Constant Contact with top Russian officials 36%. Say no 64%. A growing majority now say. Yes and it's been a big change. Here's a Texas says a scoop one thing that. You're wrong on is when you say it doesn't affect others if I don't take store and don't wish to participate in a game marriage. Why should I be forced to that's where the problem. That's where I have a problem I don't care if they get married on but no place should be forced to participate. Well I would argue that your not being forced to participate you're simply. On being asked if you if you choose. To be in business in America and that that's a choice. You don't have to choose to open a business. But if you choose to open a business there are certain rules that we have in America. And one of those rules is we don't discriminate. And for those who bring up behold seeing things well do you do you ever make a cake for a couple of having premarital sex. Ever make a cake for a couple it's delivered together for a long time. And they don't. They don't repent for what they did it they're happy and now again and what about that say it again it. It's too easy to try to justify. Why you discriminate. And people discriminate sometimes based on what they see on the news. And it's an. This Julie enter. Here is a Texas says I judge people who judge people will now that's their judgment. Yeah I mean let's go ahead and judge the people who judge people here's attacks if judging people by race is wrong then why. Do shows exists. Why did he shows exist dear white people and black church. I've never seen dear white people. Are seeing black issue number of times it's a funny show. It's an entertainment. And so black issue exists because. It's funny. And that the truth is that regardless of the group. You Archie Bunker. Made fun of the stereotypical. Conservative white guys. Black issue. It's not that they it's not that it's about stereotypical African Americans it's just it's if it's a funny show I mean cultures are different people are different. And maybe that's part of that discussion of equality that we need to recognize. Equality does that mean we're not different. Economies we all have an equal opportunity. Maybe not the same opportunity but an equal opportunity to advance but that doesn't mean they were all the same. It why can't we celebrate. There were different. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601878. Arie cut 5042601. A Saturday text 877. I I just one of the issues that we we have in this country is to dismiss understanding what things really mean. And people get locked on to many people get locked on to something. And it's almost impossible to change their minds. Because they don't wanna hear anything that's contrary to what they already belief. And that's scary to me this as the reason I've I wrote this blog today for the first time I'm deeply concerned about America. I mean I'm confident we're gonna be okay but you know honestly I'm I'm not as optimistic as at as I was. A couple of months ago. And it's not just because Donald Trump as president it's because. It's because of of how the country has react. Those who support trump and those who oppose strong. And I I go back to my conversation with Gene Simmons of kiss yesterday. When he he talked about. Taking what is best from both parties. And being part of what he called the American political party. And essentially what she Sims is saying is he's a moderate. And moderates have opinions and have convictions. They just don't. Have a membership card in the right what the left. And most people who call themselves conservatives or liberals. Are not truly conservative in every way do not follow conservative ideology in every way there are exceptions. But one of the problems we have today is if you if you answer one question. That indicates he's liberal slant. Than people dismiss everything she stands for. And you're a liberal you're damn liberal. Europe like in liberal but I I see it in text. I can talk about small government lower taxes I can talk about a strong military. I can talk about. Personal accountability being responsible for your actions and not blaming anybody else. But if I say I support same sex marriage automatically. I'm a liberal now that doesn't automatically make you liberal. An RPI a bit more open with on the show this afternoon. I wanna continue to. Create a voice I want the moderates of this country because we outnumber everybody else. The moderates in this country with strong conviction. We need a louder voice we need to be louder with our voice. And I wanna continue to create a home here from one to four. For moderates that aren't afraid to admit they're moderate. Everybody else is welcome and and we can disagree and you can be conservative or you could be both liberal and you can disagree and we can talk about it. I'm scoots and we'll be back on W well. Yeah I love this audience and here's another example of line. Here's a Texas as an astute I'm trans political I do not identify as conservative or Democrat Republican or liberal. I just try to vote for what's right here we should all be that way here's a text on. Full. Okay equality is equality. Under the judicial system or in lights. It general. Coming up next is sports suffered Bobby Hebert Deke Bellavia and Deuce McAllister joins the guys from five to 630 talking about the saints LSU pelicans and more. And they'll be talking about the NBA all star weekend. It's almost here and there are many signs downtown stores are ramping up for a big big weekend and assistant. Yeah this is an exciting time to be in downtown New Orleans and and I know many views never even when I go downtown but. If you have an opportunity and you wanna take time to find a place to park illegally. It come downtown it's exciting to be part of the crowd this weekend and there will be a lot of tall people in town. On there's always something new every day especially now. And I have no idea what we're going to be talking about tomorrow but I guarantee you that there will be something new going on tomorrow and we'll talk about it. And it's never my intent is I opened the show saying several my intent to offend them any troop supporters at a regular part of our national audience. However failing to be honest about the political controversy or not covering something. I think disqualifies me or anybody as a credible radio talk show host and throughout the presidential campaign and in the weeks following the inauguration of president trump. I'm always strive to be objective. That doesn't mean that I don't have opinions and you have opinions and again we can disagree so what this. Let this be a celebration of America where we get together every afternoon we talk about all the stuff that's going on and you and your opinions. Even if they're different are very important part of our show. What do think Diane Newman RW WL program director Todd and assist our assistant program director. And John wick our studio producer had a great afternoon. Lucky to Wallace.