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2-15 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on NFL free agency

Feb 15, 2017|

Deuce joins Bobby & Deke to discuss the upcoming NFL free agency period.

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It is our number to a sports talk two more hours status 5 o'clock now this is like Dallas 7 o'clock we had things ought to the LSU sports network for the Jenny Jones show. Operating that carving your vote is available for you at WWL dot com it's about an issue basketball last night the Tigers are eleven point lead. In the second half and Moss. 96 to 76. To the Ole miss rebel on the media 96 amnesty to the rebels Ole miss scoreless in close on a seventeen over on. LSU basketball is it hailed the same expectations as Bobo and other sports when it comes to the hitting coach. Cast your vote online at WW real dot com amateur those resort right now in adult website you can take I mean things including. News talk and the sports and of course the guts and great forecasted to hit the tweaking the first beat week in the into Marco next week with a lot of Torre it's. It's it is should tiger basketball be held to the same expectations as football and of the sport when it comes to coach 100% of saying yes he shoot. Cast your vote online at WW attack companies are timely it's old news and the New Orleans Saints. And you with this for a review preview every Wednesday every Wednesday and on Fridays two and house was forced out. The great deuce McAlister joins us now reduced big big week here and to be easy Mardi Gras kicking things off the first big week in week in a parade. Because of College Baseball on the scene in the current time in basketball. And also in BA almost all we can't get motivated just about everything for a sports fan in people intake in the city the next few Gary. Look for it. Coming to a fantastic you know beauty equally different truck there on a player of weird that you won't. Go that this is going to be a bonus for anyone but you know. A lot going on I mean this year if you are sports and you know this is probably one this time of the year out but you know. Having actual football bowl and will mean we're averaging hostages going all. You you have to be excited. Now dues to get it up possible. Free agent of prospects in the Saints and you talk about the franchise tag in. Yeah I don't think that Nate fairly had a great season. You know his best season as NFL player but I don't think he's in that company. When you look at kind of what you say no brainer no brainer now like Eric Berry with the Chiefs are. Our challenge totally beyond bell or even like vehicle on shark. They considering. You know he was dominant now not so much last season compared to previous seasons but when I look at a couple of players in the Anderson is Steve eakins. Big and again franchise tag and I'm Melvin Ingram. With the charges above average edge rusher. You'd think that the charge it would take Jeremy and then also the cornerback. Yeah AJ boy EA. Then all of us and you worry about that long term deal because he's kind of a one year wonder Bo Bo what is your take it would direction maybe the Saints. Should go because who would I like it is. It is the guard position because the Bengals don't like to pay off at the guard they Kevin Ziegler. Now well what is the status a Jahri Evans. But Kevin Ziegler when I was reading 26 years of age. And he can bold he's a dominant run and pass protector. About as good as against from the guard position. The thing that you. You know none opposite of those players that should. Be. Or were drafted by the team that will keep an arms and he was drafted by a detour and he can be free agency. So I mean you wouldn't be surprised to see you know deeper into wouldn't be Super Bowl viewed branch as a means to speak. The old draft picks. 444 organizations. And have a different motivation keep them when you look at. Think the motivation. Followed up fairly but for the it will attract people but it obviously is going to be. At the right price and you know people. You know. Knicks article. Advocate earlier today if the price there although I mean our actual tour and blow he's earned. And all you all are being a free agent. You know his number's going to be. Going to be. On the low eight million. Probably about in the league I mean an exit for a premier deep into that net and look at it they've. Out a year that you know that per year averaged. Boy player electorate is now the question beat what thing do they think it. And you know shall we yeah we got like you lecture lash it was kind of cool deal. You know. Agent and he sure. And you going to be motivated week in week out of him because he played he is a dominant dominant player I think any other player that we go after look at. What is the gore position or whether it. Whether it's quarterback position or you know in position. That kept the ball going to be Maine and he could easily say that you have to overpay for players. By comedian at this point you know you guys write in game two of which are well. Now deuce is this. I guess that come into consideration are. You know fans speculate on this that you got to look at individual player. Obviously Jabari her a big hitting cornerback. With the Buffalo Bills and and you looked visibly. Jared spurred. Now I thought he had applied season this year but overall consider what you paid amended CJ Spiller. Not working out Stevie Gilmore and a quarterback. From the bills. Is that just something fans speak where they look how well we don't you know the bills player. Tito vs the may be looking at individual players if you like him. Because Jabari Greer was probably wanted to best cornerbacks in Saints history and obviously you know we got him in free agency and and one you know part of the draft. Oakland records you know you golfer. That you know that they come from a good system. Our but I will play by Welker or can't. Get our. That we had were preoccupation. In. Your career you talk about don't girl. No. No one screen it maybe more to communicate and you know we knew we. Hoped it would Tomo would. Plea come and intrude. Are right that's a great duo so I'm always does get he's take going hoops last night is cosell Ole miss. Handing LSU loss and even the violates your stance in a different way when ailment in BA almost all week in his come into town not a broadcast. I'm a big Thomas in the Big Easy College Baseball a lot to get to do says this franchise tag start. In the NF fail and boy yeah used to be kind of one of those things where. If you get tagged it's a bad thing in the case of a guy like Kirk cousins. He's saying. Take me please tell me more on that just a moment this is sports talk on WW. Eight is an event. Which a lot of folks are excited about I note the KG can in the myself all very excited. They will I'm not LSU coach aid they they always are on him retiring his has who Jersey number. Friday night in a bruise. From a seven assess the miss them in the Rose in accident right there across to breeds on the roots so to speak. Joining us now he's teaming of Pete Rose who is one of the I'm be with its putting has been own with a lot of help from a lot of good. It's a sellout. Going to be Friday night team out thank you so much for the time and I know a lot of folks. Have put in a lot of hard work for this. And this is at a big big thing for everybody down in the by. News story at all to me it'll look up call but you know like you know out of and so. Coach know what the accomplishment a year ago. You know you're speaker how many people does in the field you know it oh yeah book are who. We bury on the real need to you know that it he would eat it all on the coach grant that. That himself and pitch and so a lot of the but it lowered of this so that's about the year and well I don't know 3040 people that got him. A little bit actually. Look I'm telling him it is obvious abrasion on the wild like the 1970. Seminole. So yeah fortieth anniversary. Obviously we could celebrated their football team that has coach show's going to be busy but it. There retire his Jersey and also celebrate in 1977. State championship. A solid coach soul on that team together him and I roomed together and are blessed state university in Louisiana enact an issue. For three years but it you know one thing when you look how unique it is a coach O. The eagle when you look at LSU in the program they've had a Louisiana coaches before we got to go my way Jerry still alone yeah he had to learn off Louisiana mr. so when you look at south Louisiana that that's why it's so. A significant and it can tell who's actually. Like going to be part of this that and coming I heard Joseph Olivo was leaving college it is hard to just about you attending. Ego contingent Trammell should it come revelry pairing at the GAO. Mike Gilbert of the people in the future and a lot of leaders being at dignitaries on the big they're sort click here. Our ability to bring down a coup and end up well with Joseph Lieber is going to be towards the end you're sick it's more towards the bit. Well that is leave realized that that early airlines. I'm not much I Timonen leads team in of the alienate. Do being a date you don't hit on the court a little bit. More out yet to be your big guys did doubles team you are suddenly a lot of stories he got them. Work out in you know Joseph leave it could be towards the end and curt grow by real cultural and you know well I actually like to do it by beating Juli. Welcome you know his decision and and Nicole children will be looked at them India each beat you know we've got some there's a couple believe. More and now we're we're very shot. You know what Bobby what forty years he played a perfect forty year. And available. Emmys and. Well there are mentally yet and what the next generation is that some you know not. Nobody there a couple of feet got pulled which LB it was like fell out of a rebuilding year if you had like three years overall how many runs in the like. In order of Justine what you know and yet you call he would be game as a junior yeah and and you know you'll be surprised if the body until you know like. What pathetic like your habit. Email gay joke we are looking forward to it is Cotto picked demean you. We got white beans and rice fried shrimp gumbo and Petit to send email we on the phone senior Friday and am a man thank you so much god bless him was he on Friday. Unit. We rarely come early stay late all right a CBS news of the. The great Deuce McAllister is here would disallow indicate he came back baby inducing. I of the game lead in all of fine folks down at at the bi ya I failed to mention earlier nobody's been apart of I've been a great part of it too as well. The longer this I'm in the Blaine Kern called it once. Still is the bachus and buy you an idea is to crew Hercules and I know you going to be a big part of that coming up. And deuce oddity is he ready have a good time because the folks down there they don't rule out the red carpet entry to it. I'm the years. And millions to get arrested and I know you are not worry about it and play. Not look at it. Scared me in. Harvard notebook the things about it that night and I'll do. It by about it. And man isn't this. You know I'm excited about it and you know just to be able to beat grand Marshall and a look forward to a you know it was it was on do some stuff there is some pomp visited a couple. Everly Michael's ability to use him and you know just be able to celebrate spirit of Mara grow up. They are great jab and and usually that talked about is about to do a great job reaching now did community they go to classes that you noted Peabody can't get out and kind of bring Mardi Gras Tillman. As what it's all about you know it's it's like now these these Mardi Gras parades they've kind of taken on their own soccer. I know you know when the NBA comes it is we can't get to a you know areas that if the rebuilt since Katrina and it's alas all star Gainey been in also take a look at what took place in the east. But big big goal and a visit in the eight take a look at different things and they bring awareness to the community and bodies Marta broke the rays do that and the down there they visit places. You know I got some of these guys you call them. Senior citizen a resort to what people go and they can't get out much so it's a real good part of the community Ambien on their Friday deuce Asia had to back into the weekend and recuperate. Back into the week and not in the media I'll start mean it is it is. On the we can't them you know mumbling unfortunately you know it's been able hopefully to gets you know that the dunk contest or at least the practice and in. You know it is just enjoy it well enough for the city you know just looking at them and numbers you talk about Margaret robbery. And about 500 million dollars to the city able to talk about also we you know an average normally about a hundred million dollar them and so. To force city and state it needs to double those and we're looking forward to it and you know just hope we want to be fast at all we can that. Deuce you know the last some a lot of different things we talked about nothing man Sam win the NF Theo painted. And their the lockout they lock the players now and I guess at the and the owners got what they one of the plays like they go with they would think it seemed these kind of moving toward. The players which once was like you know doom and gloom was traded. Franchise tag and Bobby now hitting on his that would be to take its almost like now it's got to the point two ways now that. Certainly anybody wants him long term but it got likely it is Kirk cousins where his base this year. Was nineteen million. If he eats hey I received by the economy what's close to thirty mean no let's put it by putting our toys it was only twenty from the induced to meet. In which used to be a bad thing that you like to head it's cold over the course of a handful of years with. That's a six million dollar increase of what you may from that so is like that hag now is maybe not all of is being quote unquote such a bad thing. Well it is it's bad a lot of different ways because it's no long term can't see. AMIS hit it is it always putting all the pressure on you'd hate eat you have to block a full. I mean because you get hurt don't print after a year the new note the next two years or can it be as a team because. Now it's like I wasn't able to get anything long term. A year older as far player. And you know some teams may be wary and so it's all about it the market the right time you talk workers. Prepares Lugo from nineteen lose to possibly 25 million it's his total contract when he RG three were drafted together. Probably will total. Obama would be nice to privacy to have million dollars means vote to increase solo home. From one fantastic to have another that's aborted his whole contract world were three or four years in the mean but he was sitting at a perfect situation no. Team neither quarterback played whale. You know the marquee talent that they had margin in the technical and a tip ball up there you know you look at it and you know guys want. He is one of the league quarterback to the me and that type money and so you know he's gamble on himself and he scattered they look at the position. You to maybe war. You aren't gonna electrocuted or or just. Sisco. Well and I saw this the the deuce and it's all timing. You know when you have people that really want you to. Kyle Shanahan. Kyle Shanahan you know right Kirk cousins when he was in Washington now he's the head coach there 49ers I was reading this where. The question now is that a Redskins plays the high a price exclusive. Now I just read a franchise tag but exclusive franchise tag because they're not now. It the Redskins choose not to. A team like the 49 as you'd think to try to sign cousins. Away in India you look at the exclusive tag up at 21 round draft picks as I think as Shanahan things that highly. Of Kirk cousins now you might say it sounds though park management. I could see that scenario because our coaches familiar when them. He has common it's a cousins in. That's when all's and that's why you get paid when you have big competition is nudges one team in the mix. What not only that but I mean you look at Channing and they have a new quarter knew that new head coach as well the GM and both those guys got a six year deals so they're there but loan terms of their ponder got. Quarterback squad and you gotta remember 49ers. And they hang out it took they have extra picks where they didn't. Quotable Campbell. And about their quarterback of the future and beanie goes in this round and peak is around him. We degree Deuce McAllister here 260 warning Sammy got a question reduce and you could Texas 870. 870. And also do so looking at and we talk about with the franchise tag and long term contracts. We now deuce of with the way the NFL was. It it was almost like in an Indy took the first approach whereas if your first contract is Joseph being his contract something wrong with it. And you know that that kind of got a lot to the lamb I went Sam Bradford eat their feet deep fat mean guarantees. Jamarcus got that thirty Meehan and you know Sam got hurt in play much to start off with. And the and we know we have we jamarcus. But now reduced if you stay healthy I think you you hope to get there one contract. But you say taking it there are contracts and they should just last like Brees of the quarterbacks you know you play in his league an awful long time. That's going to be the time when you make your money you know you go make what you slotted at their first contract but its second minute there when. That's when these players that's when it'll make their quote unquote big contract if they get a big contract. Well you gotta get to number two I mean as a player you've got to get to number two you always hope that they look. You know I'd normally be locked in at that four years in team option probably five. But I have to get to number two to be able to unlock portable that big contract I mean obviously there's they're beat in terms of com feels good to build the amount of blood on. It's it's only the first time three years of anti money and mean and after that. It that your year contract I mean until Garrett will understand that the economics of it. What state did deeper into it I mean it it's always good for the aided because he he he gets as they look back at the highest state senator. I got the highest paid quarterback out there I mean but it ended today what's to geared to heed of that contract you know and how long is that guaranteed torso. It's an exciting time for a lot of players and you know the interest and see how old Pete's piece it on the matchup. He is Deuce McAllister has Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia were returned the NFL has released the list of the invite tees to the 2017. Come back we'll take a look and brought some notable names this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. If I was released today day 330 players they've been invited now they've been hit by this because they invited does not necessarily mean they won't go. But some a Jerry do participate even if it's just for the U measurable loss to see height weight and the interview process. Putting NFL combat and they were a lot of the players arrive to Indianapolis. A couple of weeks we from this coming Tuesday it's going to be Tuesday February 20. And it last all the way through that week in the first of march so that's what you're looking at all the way things go from. Measurements a psychological testing all feel work out which includes. You know. Forty druse. The skier or Rios which he during the individual groups or that type of thing that goes on. I'm by the group's ten players from LA issue and I'm trying to count up all the SEC players that I do here but. A deuce take us your thoughts on the comment would it goes to a player's standpoint. And now I'm looking here today of guys that were thought to be invited one is considered the snub was so Ole miss quarterback Jay can. Well yeah me wanting that Phil do that they it is actually the virtues maybe second year they've had this rule and places to. Com and I don't know the exact language over the I can paraphrase it but it's if you spin. Involved output government so I think that you have to be convicted I think if you've been involved in anything that's Dillon would often field domestic violence and war. Home getting in trouble off the field and they would decline you from going to the compound there's actually two players. From home is in both were in a real prospects. And it can be from what I understand dues because of the language number promote exactly in the open up and down a break. It could be anything just from being accused or an accusation and look different if you. And I applied it you know I don't think he would be convicted on the right because. I think it was accusations. To beat in this one player Pope on a running back. Who won't be invited. You know he he is talented enough to play it and it failed and obviously. His situation that Oklahoma is the reason that he he won't be going saint being with a ushering follow up little home is that obviously nearly as well also. This is it's nothing new that the NFL has put in place in. I'm unsure if it was there that the led the previous two years but I know it's there. This year and you know it's just let guys know it's not only once you get to the NFL but. It's it's what you do before you get and feel that there adhering to and not allowed and you have that opportunity until. You know for a player like less residual makes him he was a two year not only did he acted to stay in the Senior Bowl. But he won't get to bill Britton and you know run and do some different things. Of of that nature I mean because. You've made it get to participate. At the outcome being underclassmen. But you could go through and meet the coaches you can build through it do and be apt to kids and do some different things like that you know as far as weight in makes that a result. It it's making guys accountable. For their actions before they get into the NFL because obviously it's not something Nash is going to be given to you have to earn that right. And what it says once a player is invited them play asserted to have background check. And the players that are unable to participate if the background six search shows a misdemeanor or felony conviction involving violent or you sweats and domestic violence sexual offense and a sexual assault but also it does not had to be. Convicted any situation is that we would talk about also and one thing going to bring to deuce and almost made comments and like always in the you are drafting. Kids that are not seniors so why not let the ones that did already for giving any eligibility participate and that's something they change a few years back. When they are now juniors to go to the come on now is where. Well yeah I mean because you draft. I mean you handle more the more I can get my idol more continue to work out. The better I mean because before in the topic popped free elements you know what coach is still Meehan what do you in practice I mean till now. It gives them an opportunity to be able Goetschl OK you know if they choose to do so I mean by they've got to be will choose to do so. You know trust their ability to go and say look I'm I'm good enough player can go out your performance and do these drills. And again it goes so yeah before. You know we go to break through a comeback which elaborate. When you look at the Saints make at number eleven knots in a number of mock drafts. Whether it be Davidson band linebacker cornerback. Just break down from what you know. Geoghan had BK commuted to a position of need but also the value the highest rated player on the board of what direction in my. I would reduce his take on then just for the united by the time and or ego doesn't really mean think last year 35%. Of the plays in my eyes become kind. Were not selected in the NFL drafts and the majority those little. And went to some type of camp and allowed him meet teams last year in the inning affair prayer at thirty players invited to the timeout look at some notable players that weren't invited. It just a moment we return mole at deuce and I review preview each who wins the U here at deuce right here on WW.