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2-15 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on NBA All-Star Weekend

Feb 16, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke preview the upcoming NBA All-Star weekend with NBA TV's Ro Parrish.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And degrade Deuce McAllister is where this I read your preview each in who wins you review and preview all the things in sports. Pretty jaguar Pena Bo Ellis you've posted twelve straight game last night an accident Ole miss. Had the Tigers. Should the basketball. Program expectations. Be go to the same light as football and other sports in bad route cast your vote online at W derby Julio. That comment due to see where it is now do steal a 2017. Combined forthcoming we got that list in front of us will point out some much. Notable names who go with some ones talk about the SEC's influence. How many players were invited some snubs. But the Saints during the may issue went into it obviously the infinite pass rusher. And it was kind of one of those things I don't know if this happens Dolphins deuce I know you. If it certainly couldn't attest to it is singular give on mr. Immelman in sight but it seem like the Saints guys. What they warnings like from a standpoint I guess from Paris and nail and structure and how you say to draft board he got. The best player at that the needy at the in the heat in their position which with interest and again my rankings. Look at it this year. What is it easy is it a slammed out what they need need value tell that he inducing take us through here's a list as any team mass about it I'm not rehearsed on this. How that process goes about in and how much he does actually put into the thought. About how you rank these guys and if they're available in what you do when you pick on it guess especially when they matched up against someone that's pretty compatible any may be a different position. Well one thing you have to look at is really houses organization operates and works. I mean if we go back to look you know it is it is you coached on trade and diplomacy together. And obviously Jeff Ireland the last couple years. They do a lot of their work via free agency first. And until they war two field is immediate needs as possible. Via free agency and but do and so that would put them in the best position to and that quotable reach for players. And so. That's taken a player that wouldn't be normal. Normally greatest half. Needle would vote at eleven. Then we don't wanna be taking someone that portable he's running. As the very best player. Because no one else is there umps don't they take care of businesses in free agency. And that didn't sign the players that fit team and you know he's going to be a bit locker room. Is going to be hopefully a productive player and he can be an adult you know he's going to be one that's dependable. That's what they wanna try to that apply in free agency and so once that draft comes around. They can goal a lot of different directions you know they've they're they're they're up for. At at Pitt had beaten me in the year. You know world now they don't have to reach and go after a database maybe. Before. Right these intermediate and they angles bay get of those positions and that may be quarter and why he's out that lap back I mean insult. That's kind of how they stack their board also what I've noted they doom and they're not the only team is but you look at the teams' drafts. They look at the other teams free agent players and they look at what other teams are signing you know work the other changed drafts. Not necessarily you know they did they'd look at it from a standpoint. What players they have. Am coming back at what players that are free agent you know until they are trying to sit together so you can understand though. They look this is what we expected we expect the quarterback to build one you know we expected. Now that they do that needs that would create its peak that it may put you know that may make him not be pretty deep into prominence much. I mean it'll this is the quarterback needy team like San Francisco based on a quarterback they like in creativity but it's. Very highly unlikely that they would go and once you know high in the draft and they made him so but you know. It's not it's not very it. They'd normally wouldn't do so that's how you stack your board and you look at indeed go from a from that standpoint. That's a great Deuce McAllister a Mexican alert preview of NBA all star weekend you'll get to Tony in Metairie to sports talk on WW yeah. What he is boarded those old choked famous back in the day are you with some moved up when magic had those purple and gold indeed is that he uses what with the Lakers. Tim may be the joy and so now TDs gear to the king you NBA all star weekend is for the third time in the big east since 2008. This week in Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday people getting in broadcast handing. Are basically already with national radio and television shows coming to town broadcasting from. Locations all over the city champions square to the actual all star game itself it's leaking since. It all kicks off coming up later in the week joining us now from NB ATV reporter wrote pears grow thank you so much for the time and may for New Orleans at the all star game for the third time since 2008 that I think it shows a good bond and relationship with the NBA. I think it also shows that the players I enjoy coming here. No question about that one thing you almost have on that everybody in there. New Orleans saint legend Bobby made out furcal at the bank so I appreciate invite. No doubt payroll look I mean it's his cup McGinn a lot of questions the last couple a times that we were actually doing some broadcast at the convention center. And though they had to veto that like to jam session Wiki it could interact. And notice I don't know if there's some advanced like Dag gone on but my question allergist bacon and I don't assume it. Because at the all star game was not originally supposed to be here and he came in a week we look anywhere as many a time but this stuff is playing years ahead of time. Because it was a late destination is that the reason why when I have in the jam session this year. What you don't do a lot of things. With MBA it. Happened because the budgeting reason. The last many in. You never know exactly who is in the game is very tight lipped out certain information so. You know what the mentally but now. We are all excited to come back down in the war it was a great when I was there a couple of years ago but all star game more than a perfect big New York I got the body brought up about it the perfect big new carpet treaty. They have these type of all stone we didn't need it. Aero forget about being induced I've long felt and I steal third distraught about this that the NBA is the best in the business when it comes to showcase and an honor. The Pioneers the legend Sammy you can walk around downtown New Orleans to the some wreaking sending anywhere you might run in the Bill Russell. Above and it got to JD Harris I mean the legends come out in the Indy does a great job of honor and they alleged stick current stars and I think it's it's kind of a feel like you know you always welcome here and I'm really. Applauding a stern but I think even amazed to see over his barter to another level. No question you know how things went back in the day when you. Legendary. Commissioner. Take the reins back in 84 when you're when you're talking about previous commissioners and you bring in an Adam Stern. They understand that this is a man's league and they do it all for entertainment. And to make sure that the fans are happy so. They make the players acceptable in and and they end is the players understand that listen and make as what we are so. What better way to show our appreciation and give back the fans to be acceptable and come out there. Cool as myopic as they'll be sign an autograph that's one thing that the NBA has always done personally and I'm. But up that like we do it the period that any other Professional League. Now we're all you have a lot of first time players first time Aiken all star appearance. But I want to take on this look at Dwyane Wade to anyway wades a run of twelve straight selections. In the NBA's showcase that had to be an all star game. In Indian and I was reading where and explained his tummy. That he would've been a starter on the old form that takes only fan voting into account. When choosing the opening five beach Rossum did end Chicago gardening qualify without being Dwyane Wade. Because in a revised system employed by the Indian now that also takes into account. Bolt from players and a panel a basketball media. On judges bring that dog is now all of a sudden you have the likes what Gordon Hayward Dan the Hendry jarring Kemba Walker. The first opportunity. A look at a poll jars Kevin Kyle Lowry Paul Millsap Isiah Thomas. John Wall. It's villages saves like. That is the right way to go about things would just to break that down they do all star selection. Well number one I would like to feel that I'm not like before all these work with MBA they did the National Basketball Association always extremely aggressive there are always looking at the next thing to do how to take that next that movement forward. To make sure the league continues to grow so of course we had fan voting for very long time. Armed there was people that hasn't been that say about that let's you know let's try to change it up. Try to you know what you want when you we could tweak this is a little bit so everybody's happy so why. All along with the span voted player voting and media boat but we take those all count we get more. Who all star game and the proper represented this that it would be the popularity content so. Expected Dwyane Wade future hall of famers than the all star game of these times. But this is a new situation where we have a lot of young players and our league. There are ready become and and it's almost like a changing of the guard you have. Right now at this point I'm note Dwyane Wade or Carmelo Anthony. Know Chris Paul so a lot of these better than have been and their common common is still very productive players but the opposite that you got a couple of law. And I think this the perfect showcase. To bring some of these new players along that you know maybe it isn't so familiar with. Now row oh boy look at that I'd say you know the different pregame shows post game shows no matter of oh. NFL NBA Major League Baseball I mean it's about as good as it gets when you look with TNT. The way they do it inside the NBA which should kill a neo and Charles Barkley. Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. And when you get that tiger show on the road that that's about as good as against the with the gonna have a champions square. Starting. You know fairway at sixteen I was reading at 6 PM and going into the weekend always that in ninety. Yes sir when you talk about greatness you talk about turner you talk about the NC in the yet again. Lead to a report out of a little biased but we have. Such goal like inside indeed it is in the television all the same you have. A ME winner alike are dot in the legendary. All payment like Shaquille O'Neal Charles Barkley. You know hated to admit. Our own bit their chemistry is unlike any other and what they rating in the studio on the road unmatched by any pregame post game show all and so all the bands that are gonna come out their that would be able to witness a great show because. These guys do like no other they've been doing it for years. Pro pairs NB ATV reporter is it with a setting up I'll style weekend Bobby Hebert in the Bellamy and deuce deuce guarding it. Brought got a couple questions for you it is. Just all of which he Dinka obviously on the national level well what to reporters to think of Anthony Davis in the park later. That he is and has been calm in the and you know any trade rumors for a moment there it looked like Oakland for May have been coming. Two new laws but that that that may be off to. Table right now and you know what what is delicate knees and then the capital solidified themselves as they play. Why Anthony Davis is in my personal opinion a top five player. He's the guy that of course we know it's history before Khaled you the point guard came to Kentucky. And he expanded into a very Brooklyn player. Offensively and defensively came to the NBA needed became five to play they can do with all the more. From 1250. No question he's a great player the pelicans that we need to more now on the round in the order to continue to grow. I really liked the Republicans to do it. As far as the trade with Boca where you know the trade deadline is coming out until after the all star breaks so you never know it bat off the table they're probably could be something that. Look to be working to call being made. Told bill does necessarily give up on it yet that you hope a lot but I mean the public in the pocket yeah right preachers to wreak and that duality of former all star the other night solid nucleus of great players is only a matter how you get the right player at the plate. And potentially adding somebody like local will only help it. Rope AC NB ATV reporter row for those that day in this entity how can they keep but we'd deal on social media moment. Thank you very much with and that's that everybody in the week they also called the boo. I know yeah Paris is there at the appearances with all. 82 boys that are oh and then PJ RR IA at the age. Altogether one word. Phase book. And Ingram Twitter goal it hit me up and no doubt check out the warmup at a show. Rocky but winner and the NBA you'll get a lot at all star break. Then Lyon and Tony Wright joined me and we bring you everything whether it's Choo. Mean audit that though we gotta what you would be broadcast live on Saturday and Sunday from the movie season. Wrote thank you so much with C is week in and start a big east. I know that about animation you log on NBA. Dot com we got everything you're right there is going to be eight. So we get thank you Rhode. He CBS news that big. Our man I am Allegra to missed about a four. I don't know dues now almost thirty years but. The scene was 301 Hickory street in Amy Louisiana. A Saturday afternoon is the fall is in ninth and who all how to in the middle bedroom in my house mom my people's house so to speak. Need be basis and is Andy petite Michael Mullen you'll all watch an 88 dunk contest dues in this it was a long time come in because in eighty fast. The man simply known as human highlight real or neat. Finally showed shake sure had they showed out the much anticipated read their showdown with. Jordan eighty fact Dominik it's an out in the dunk contest when Jones was a rookie. 86. As when Jordan couldn't dating because he was injured 87 Wilkins was injured and you come up. And in these two finally square off. In 88 it came down to reduce the ways they had of their first six dunks each of them had a perfect 54 times. At their first six he came now it's the biggest robbery of a dog hears reduced of down and he all he needed was a 47. To seal the last don't. And he did. A win be a win me a jam to handle it and all the judges gave him was a 45 deuce in it sit at speeds well. What Jordan in his own bag yelling at old Chicago stadium. To walk all the way back to the length of the court in courts and he flew from the free throw line. And we all know to judges gave him in. But do his best excitement about all star weekend that I steal think about in the count gets me pumped up all stars I don't know the dunk contest that would used to be but. I just think the entire week in its enjoyable for sports fans in this some with everybody. Deacon I have that Jordan poster at my house where he went way it would it would it would strong and Williams leaped from the free throw line. Mean it's a bat and not tonic pitchers I mean iconic moment for the NBA announcement from Michael Jordan you know it is. Something that you didn't think could be done again I mean but all water issues with the dunk contest a lot of times is. A lot of the best talkers are not in the season at full well. We talked about you know Chris Paul now they can we talked about. You know just make it a match and if LeBron was an adult content you know. The that he got in one maybe when he was a lot younger but I mean a lot of your bit doctors don't even get in Indy in. You have to think. These guys as well athletic I mean so there that the wind meal two handed down it looks easy. Because we've seen it's so much I mean still it's now up about in the prop you know but millet Blake Griffin. And he eat took the Q out there and jump over the Q car values at ease with Kia is Dorsey but I mean it's all about what you can do that art creativity doubtful. I'm excited and looking forward to. Now was deuce just has gone NBA in the basketball topic deacon deuce. But when I read this that said this is amazing you know how we look at it. What's a consistent program we that I can you say all of the team on supporting me in the playoff hunt and have a chance to win. Every year. When I seen. San Antonio are on it and I'll bet that. Deuce when I read this because I'll look at the Patriots that they've done. Well over a dozen years has been the toward diversity entry. This car there's. That big of a death. To win fit you know like fifty gains OK okay and you win fifty games. That the Spurs won fifty games in each of Duncan seasons excluding got to go back to 99 in nine. But then when I saw this. They reached the playoffs. For what would be the 28 street season in 27 last twenty years. I mean it is like unbelievable that. Manila it would make news of this pars all of us I just fall apart and what would be I think the only two entering games behind the Warriors right now. You had a three games. Out of first right now. They only have one all star you know and it quietly and you've gotten better and better each year. Is the thing about him now you wanna steal as much pain you know whether it's Buford or what does pop you know. That you wanna steal what putted tournament because they are on the brink you know always being creative always. But he popped up get I mean because he will be it. On his older players to give Brett you know the NBA is upset because it's the prime game premier game meant. You're not that a player but I mean he is going to do what's best for his team. A lot of times they were the first organization to really be an international team. You know for the longest they're may have only been two or three American players on the team. You know everybody elsewhere in Europe Tony Parker's. Richmond you know. South America. Judge in you know Lee here yeah. You'd you'd you'd you've got to know Lee you've got the that the senate that they traded to a land I mean it'll for the longest they were at the international team. And you know he's he is capable to project like a Nick Van Exel he's taken a whole you know the players that would have been cast offs from other teams and you know they have consistently want. Deuce is always a pleasant we will talk yet again on Friday before you make Europe two in home at its crew hooking no problem. All right do all right do so before we get to bring to squeeze it Tony Allen in Metairie Tony good evening thank you for calling WW. We're ready and be around. So all I have to record its MRI here. I bet he would go out and happen to you. The government you all of you industry roll on it and you know that's my opinion a court in years. Greg make it. I think if you weren't great brick through. At all between. The team in 100 and now they're all great Rick. Now you talk about LSU right to own. I'm talking about enriching lives and our logo issue you know rear hurt me. Well upstart and rules that are out there but you heard different reports and and that they would score. Without a great draw them achievement I don't know what happened trauma what I would you know. And that if I don't think they want to being. A big game. And they've given up ninety points aside to get used the help on defense. Yes Harry and we we achieved and it. Craig are you wander at all while I was there way each year. Greg withdrew what were dominating force on and tried it I just don't know I want to determine a while you're situation and what happened here I can't Aaron thank. The next thing years. It sure. Landon and all of a sudden to be here and a buyout there's that Eric Young man with a great pray. And I wondered DiMarco. That if they're around what writer cannot support COLT or for the job and I wondered if there are a lot of great relationship between. This young man there tried not to come back and built to caught a break are you don't know what good relationship wise. We tell about guarding key right there on eight and everything and he deserves nothing to do than go and none none our. You know a good. And you know you remark you know project. There are no I mean UPS and answer I can tell you right now on the farm percent think it has nothing to do to to coach in the moment they're not. You're very I'm I'm I'm not thinking I'm ten in any harder to sit back it has not and a coach that absolutely and do. Again Agassi would Brandon even an Olympian Brandon well. I troll you know an old you know. But there did you all of the four bombing it if brand enhancement on a late inning. And if coach O thought he was completely on the cars they would have played it played out I had opportunities in the coming to game meeting planes and at the net so I mean I think it's is a good opportunity for him he got he's he's getting his great to gradually go and try to. In a ball somewhere else and that's what you do roar he took Florida's as a student so he's. I know that you you disregard your in my opinion there yeah. This rhetoric about the EE if you can do I need to know. Where you're here he mentioned norm people. Because I think he would clear person. And there's big manic dirt on him now he's hurt yeah you can't deal. Only when you're out on your body the QB Peyton getting paid to get in message out yet now and out team Bobby get it to about in the morning. He's on ESPN in Baton Rouge seven and nine he went to Baton Rouge because he wanted to work in the morning he has a young family. And yet it. And that drew Matt ESPN that route yet. Yeah do you use a computer and you can tell. You you booed at eight years game and new to the right upright. Google Google is almost like a dictionary I mean just to go to Google. You could typing anything you can type in dirt you can type in doll. You could dived in Deke you could type and Bobby whatever in some is that Obama is just as simple Psycho are all time. Eating anything and you can't cook you could find me any good and it is is like he's taken over everything in big sits beyond basketball that being college basketball NBA. A couple of tidbits and news you see where bids him its we gonna come here or commit a commitment Braylon doing a basketball market has come with the pelicans. And who gets you set for the Jenny Jones show as far as Craig Vick does concern. He was actually put all the team before the Tigers came right before the first of the year the Indy Janes at the end of December so. Always say they had they have won a game in 2017. I don't know how many games they morning to down seventy. But they have won a game in 2017. But yet when you lose a player like that it's gonna hurt that would LSU beat that much better. It's hearted tale coming Israeli or there may be harming imagine that they would be like in the top six to seven in the SEC. But when you lose when he of prime prime time players it's so hard because you talk about a person that you don't know how it could change the whole complexity of the game is presence out there. His ability to affect with the other team does it mean it's a good question but it's hard to say how much better. They would be and the one thing it would be the worst and they all if he was there and think we'd all be surprised they are worse. I will come back and now wrapped things up this is sports talk on their VW. New Orleans pelicans other teams are winding down before all star week in the pails a date mob Menard. Thanks speak idea pelicans a little bit of news coming out of the pelicans today involving check the aloe the rookie. At they traded for in that at this year's NBA draft. He has been recalled by the team from the a yellow was the second rounder and averaging seventeen points eleven point three rebounds and 2.3 blocks. In 31 minutes a game down in Greensboro and it's his third. Back to the pelicans once again his numbers with the pelicans this season. Pull those up right now have been. Thirteen point eight points on five point on 515 shooting some points or rebounds. Two point one blocks 25 point three minutes a game that was his deal league numbers. Across three different teams users with selected by the Clippers 33 overall in the pelicans of course traded for him to no word. As to whether or not he's actually to become a full fledged member of the team now where to send him somewhere else to get more work with interest to had to keep sending him to these. Different. No word on that but he is coming back to the team now fourth. The pelicans themselves they have a game tonight in Memphis will be taken on the division rival Grizzlies the Grizzlies come into the game 34 and 23. The pelicans almost a mirror image at 22 and 34. The the game starts at 7 o'clock tonight the final game before the all star break for the pelicans and it wraps up a Borg four game road trip. That road trip so far they are I believe one and two and a CB to a 121 on that road trip. In terms of the standings they are currently. About three and a half games out of the final playoff spot still. So they continued to not really make up any ground they got the string some wins together you know would do that the last time the pelicans won two in a row. January 12 over a month ago. And dale has won two games. In a row so the pelicans have some work to do tonight and we'll see what they can get done in Memphis in their final game for the all star break and of course as we can all star weekend. Body healed will be in the rising stars challenge and anti Davis will be in the skills challenged as well as a starter. From the Western Conference will of course keep you updated when all that information all all all across the weekend as the NBA all star game in these the presence that. Among men on March I can be Q with your social media he'd foul me on Twitter at mark Menard thirteen. All right Bobby Jones almost a week you will be in and out Thursday night the Euro final game. In the inside indeed it going to be broadcasting from my chance everywhere you guys are sick Cade can you do it. Joseph Eric EJ all the movies. He had Deke. That's the show I mean if you want you love basketball annually to be entertainers just I love to hit it to about polyps or anything it is and maintaining the anything. The wash Shaq Michael washed. Paint on Knicks to six sacked just an entertaining to me yet and big also. If you look at it Travis got. He's gonna perform hip hop recording artists. The T and t.'s pregame coverage beginning at 6 PM. Pit bull. Yeah you know all star Saturday night afterward eighteen. He's gonna be performing on Monday chance their wrappers Columbia around you has to wonder why all of grammys nine. I know you than you I know you've beauty if you don't know him in these music I know you know his commercial. Mean me the Heath and he can yeah. And it from cars and there's a Mayo at the look into the basketball news in sync with the NBA forum go to college. Vince Sam you know we look at navy. He obviously Barry as one of the NBA's. Top twenty rising stars in in like they tell my young stars. Heaney I'm eighteen yet. Bids Simmons continues to make progress. That's what the Sixers are saying though that was 76ers. Recovered from surgery to repair his you know his fractured right foot but it looks like his debut might be put on hold until next season. Coach Brett brown since then his will participate in any five on five work. They are an all star break that begins this week so. The guy I think they want him ready to roll and night. Maybe have any setbacks so we might Nazi Benson until next year and leave it there about this a little bit tomorrow also. Ball whatever it took a dominant program that UConn Huskies it's unbelievable there hundred consecutive winning coach geno. As good as it gets beat you know it's intrigue in UConn again Dunn underwent the before this Sony surpass. So as they beat their own record honoring him being on their home you have an it writer Doug dominant and I to get two on and running very. Very similar and they're near passing the great run of the legendary it was a Westwood in when he was what you said they they've been in the creek John. Wouldn't thanks so much to Chris Miller on the news and Marmol on the show and Jonas tomorrow from 4:8 PM. But it's set the all star week and a College Baseball preview coach Julie joins us from Tulane. Coach pulmonary from LA issue robe a show will be with us from Louisiana Lafayette coach Greg being from the UN though and despite all the coaches will have for you and we'll preview state College Baseball tomorrow. I'm the ability is always tell by the K can't embody a banner on the way elation. Song and I view.