WWL>Topics>>2/15/17 8:10pm Double Coverage NFL Draft Prospect defensive tackle Pat Gamble at 8:20.

2/15/17 8:10pm Double Coverage NFL Draft Prospect defensive tackle Pat Gamble at 8:20.

Feb 16, 2017|

Should the Saints approach free agent to be Nick Fairely with a deal before the frenzy begins or should they let him test the market?

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Yes indeed simplifies always faithful welcoming this Wednesday addition of double coverage here on WWL in math and in dot com along with him Zimmer. And master control on crushing Garret keep me company for the next three hours here. Solid show WA packed gambled that the tackle George tech for the yellow jackets he'll join us and they'll draft hopeful will join us and he twentieth our first break Josh cats and Stephen nine point seats. And will not comment as he does great job covering that beat for Nolan comment has beat you also Angela Jake onto energy Madison. India at 10 o'clock hour right from a tree shots dot com and the all star game and of course pelicans or an action tonight. It's updated school warriors a few moments but. In particular got I got hot along with. Anthony Davis. Coming up India 10 o'clock hour this hour though NFL draft prospects and tackle pat gamble as I said should the saint approach free agent to be. Nick fairly with a deal before free agency. Frenzy begins or let him. See what's out to that test the market in the combos he had last year. With Sheldon rankings together in sacks he put up numbers he put up by one of his better years but. There's always a little bit of buyer everywhere was players in in his contract year so should deceit maybe let him test. The free agency. Frenzy the market. Maybe come back to offer a look a little bit of leverage I think that he likes playing here in the world so close to mobile hours from. Or should they lock them up before free agency begins on March tonight. 5042601870. Tech's 887870. LSU announcing ardent heat taking a leave of absence from the program east remains on the team. Did elaborate as to with a personal reasons weren't elicited no comment I saw his dad talked to the advocate. Earlier today saying today he's fine he's one focus on some personal. Issues and looked is that significant blow for polish football if if ardent key. Doesn't necessarily. You'll come back for. Next season he was that he was watch list for Heisman Trophy candidate on defense the players you know the that the players like it could potentially five for. Isaac trophy. You look at the amount of taxi he total he totaled last year you look at their pressure to pass rushing ability he had. He was one of the bright spots Maclin probably going to be their best defensive players. For team that's losing a lot of on the defense south football for Dave or and it was big blow ardent key. Com take a leave of absence from the program remains on issues football team that held its fiftieth 43 over the grizzlies at halftime of the pals and turbulent that he also offered little bit of momentum. Also. The guys solace but. President truck declines. And offer thought isn't usually turn the brackets to ESPN over president Barack Obama. Made this very wildly popular you'd these bracket picks for the men and women's and tango. Indoor sports and it is customary it was a huge basketball fan I'll trump saying it. He doesn't wanna. Film outlook. I don't really care if he doesn't want to. If you don't feel like ZE he knows enough about basketball. To render a bracket or maybe it's an axe to grind with the ESPN's business like the the that side of the media. Is that it is he's counts legally it's the media but in particular ESPN's been you know. Left leaning. In a lot of ways and a lot of issues so maybe that's that's a factor but I think really with some bulls down due to mean I would talk about it. There are. Appreciate it means is it Allan Donald Trump really knows so much about past. That's OK okay and out of wanna see it go from comedic standpoint like the comedy of it. How funny would it be easy down trust projections in a sweet sixteen who's going to be back bracket busters who's going to be. The elite eight final four and championship team and newbie like me fill out a bracket. Only about out about terrible. You're in year out we always we always do it you know audio double coverage we always thought the brackets and obviously though the horse won although I had 11 good bracket a couple of years ago. I was by blind law. June June for the front page art she's always good that she's it's her right real every year tens tell me. Our HR director. Our HR director June if it's is is incredibly insanely good at the brackets is you hadn't paid 10s and I think am I mean there's. The best approach approach because if you really know. College basketball. It could be. Paralysis by analysis may be knowing too much. Knowing that the teams two well in second guessing yourself when there's always upset what do we see the what that. The 6116. Upset as has never happened. It's gonna happen soon right is an all kinds of it's been a year the streaks this been the year and a half of streaks come in and sports in outcomes when it's a World Series. I asked the cast coming down gone back from. Three games and on it's been a year the streak where you know eighteen tagged on a roll in and break those courses alone if you ever gonna I wanna mussina this year that would be. At least on the net the plays a ban on in Vegas right against yeah. A sixteen to one upset. Finally. Eventually died you mean your favor. Via I mean president from declining if not as instantly turn the idea that caters. These singular blast them for some people are commanders defends Elton out on animals like whenever it with the now who care. Who cares I subway we'll come back. Will visit attacked him next on double coverage WL IMF in the dock. As we do each and every year. You closer close to the NFL scouting combine is certainly the NFL draft pool. And double draft prospects. On the show we have one right now packed gambled that the tackle for Georgia Tech pat thanks for joining us are human. Well including the network will. Real good real good so. We rule where it will even up to last you know since the season ended obviously train him but on the road to take you through that process. Maddon spoke not a tribunal that. Amara was the destructive man and in all the laws meant is trying to manage it. All Katrina debacle that little. A eagle on to any com. Any he played hitting the all departments are you gonna come I don't know right now. Our mom our duty all business and but it oval or mark at least he's. In the home rob Rea we come to net well they believe what ails our little local goodwill. C had surgery to repair a labor staring him right he played all year with that. Yeah Amanda played in dog years all I know proud about it will be you know law you know you've seen mark or you. Note neither have surgery involved you keep an angle. Oakley in our outsold the outsold the glee medical. In local wanted to beat out teammate you know Michael G. A million galaxy fans and audit program last year you know I don't wanna leave. And let them oh. Now let it be that crane and it and we'll get package. Pat that's a risk I mean for a guy that had NFL aspirations and NFL talent to. You know a lot of a lot of players they're shut it down so you know look I'm gonna have my surgery give myself ready at that point for the NFL draft and has to look. Now teams or golf really poke and prod and make sure you're totally healthy because you waited a little bit longer to have that surgery. I guess just talk about that decision and it was a risk for you. Yeah mental yeah. Opted out our our Luke. Although. One of the media about greens are you know don't want to go to three years you know now where is what. Oh. And how he sold in the day. But you know you can use magnetic it and now on the you don't recap the news you. Jim better served in the war. You at all. The Ria will own Concord would hurt more so off mobile don't agree idea today. In La evil idea on treaties and did you know a sure the animals these Abul. I'll be back though at school. Pat what's this transition been like no meat you're about to go from. You know playing college football where you can only practice so many hours a week and he only spent so much time in the facility. You know in college but now he's give way to be your profession have you that much thought. Yeah. I don't know you can. A home luckily blue Bentley now. Political will operative I got there pretty jet but don't go. Last year they are talking bout. You are you transition from the cold really feel like YouTube because you know we're glad you know. Hello no rule word you know this. You know you get the demeanor you'd do a pretty gain little ball. They know you spoke and all that so you know look forward to a may low against Ole ball and our. I look forward to to be around to gain. Oh. Tag gamble defensive tackle for Georgia Tech of the yellow jackets here on double coverage get ready for the NFL draft as you heard there. Having are you had surgery either to repair a torn Abram. Sit after the season went final in so you what how how far along are you post post op. Problem among them Marco and they begin Gerry we're on Marco. Oh so fortunate. To have problems. OK so that could potentially be right at April you'll either be all the to have a Prodi has been George product to protect for a. Yeah humble home participated in the Enola going to be called the culture is very well. Do albeit where. What are they telling you as to you know feedback as you know. Where you might land. Well projection you are you know what what are some of the teams telling you about within like my game. All right and now all mile route it all nobody. Has managing their but the actor's attorney. Round do in the boat noticed picture control you can spend. So they'll just look blood. How much he paid how much he nova. About the same tough familiar argue with him. I'll pop a good million. A lot of late and probably years you know barriers. Creator gay. You know all encountered oil. He will be. You know Libya so. We always yoga trainer appeared. So late oh. War on the bulk property Woodbury called unity they complete every time. You don't at all between the field a little different order they. Lose. Which current NFL player in particular on a defense a line Utah. Watch and study a little bit maybe take pieces of their game one cutting Emily your game math and you'll be your own individual but. Who is an AV you really custodian watch. Well. I'll log off are two popular little armed are actually great your ordinary he's phenomenal later. And I'll program are kids and load watched mark Bennett. Yeah well look the simply meant that. Inordinately slow to prisons Bolton is loaded you've been had the will. Moderate gains slow and low box that split. Pat what's your favorite nothing to do we not. Think about football train and etc. lots of the what would you kindest cut away and and relax shut them and kind of you know reboot if you. How low blow a little beauty you know how does a lot out of all of what movies. A load you know are your vote may be trained in doing mobile and old to give away. Not a lot to do though campaign's been you know all old people all ultimately. Drought. And you know you can. Which genre as it. All genres he of one particular. Not like albeit. You are all right RB. Omar would be. Own you know goal. Of the Eden no ruler. Probably the article on loan from the old old old Donald. Pat pack gambled offensive tackle for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and they'll draft prospect and any if you love music he'd be a good fit down here just on that alone I mean this this is. A jazz capital etc. I mean yeah I agree music down along great food you got heavy red some on the world's zeman. On almanac had at least a little blood out of the old police complain about here. Let Arnold down 2.0 ball. You go experience it like that it'll probably about who you know a little bit with relief won't do. I know they got a lot. Oh. Pat self scout yourself what we're would you say is the is the strength of your game. Thought that that might gain news is mark and MR Malik all my energy areas really will. And on abuse of the lab you know as one that won't talk pretty. All been in my early he got beat oh totally serious blow old you know gold options and avoiding. Pack gamble on offensive tackle for Georgia Tech the yellow jackets and of course a famous saying down here in these parts pat swilling. Go into. George take your talk to him. No I have ma'am. Quote two and another column today although good don't you know karma coma. Multi bit difficult there'll be. A great player group. Not not be allowable bowl you know off the road trip latency. Oh acute. These you. Involved. I'll watch the old Treo would vote buried yet answered that one game thing you can pay equity expect that debate. And I bet there'll be credible or India. Most eager or later in May have been there at all. Look this that we got when it. Adult should be as of this week up at the height all. Accrue on the old tool don't Julia young. You know the holiday. All to. And greatly greatly. Yeah I still very very very popular down here and he's parked packed gambled four year old man won't. What do you what do you what do you do for drastic am I gonna watch the attack skate well to the united. Are you final you know probably you know yesterday. You know he's a group who. Until my family's been taken nimble bill. Pat gamble we wish you the best of luck man Dobie Gillis highs you costly. Can a future. Aren't yes indeed. Pack gamble that the tackle for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets went and got some they've got some pretty good lineage over there yellow jackets and you talk about pat swilling. Calvin Johnson right to marry is Thomas some other big names have come out of that that program. At George tech continuously puts guys and the league in passing a pat declared he dial was an injury as he mentioned three to five months out so you wonder. How teams and how that's gonna affect his draft stock later on you know as he closes wanna make sure Tina wanna make sure. And do their own medical assessments on that player but and they understand about a month saints certainly has an interest element. They deploy he's he'd be good fit if you look authority tier defensive tackle. The American you know you don't like I gotta put up numbers like he did. With. With a totally room in his hip. Stop right there in EU like the fact easily he wants to be the first teammates and he's accountable to his teammates it's a good locker room presence to the fourth for any football team. I seven Michael back final four to 601870 tech's 8787 if you wanna jump in the conversation our CBS news update and also. We'll dive into little nick fairly discussion. And the saints are free to see what should be the approach for the black and gold and make fairly. I walk backdrop of an interview. Pat gamble if you missed it here again. Debbie google.com podcast and click on my face them and Eamon shoes and schedules in illicit that in view. Ice let's open honest nick fairly congress right. Great year Tim he's gonna get some stats in terms of the numbers and fairly were it was it will put up this year the last three sexy ad. When he got on bonus partly as a contract was structured a one year deal with the saints. The last three sacks netted him 2000 dollars a pop. As a bonus not bad not bad at all for nick fairly in the not coming in. To this year with nick fairly resilient in a couple of up and down and pulled. Motor. Some he takes plays off I didn't see that this year. Nick fairly as a motivated player he was a force. A real force inside for the saints and and in particular with Sheldon rank and got backe in. He and a shallow right field together I think that's it that's a formidable duo it's not that entered the line. And here's why I think it. It's the question of Norwegian. Ultimately should the saints. Approach free agent to be nick fairly with a deal before the frenzy begins or let them see what's out there. Here's lack the tee he's got to go right now and don't let them test the open market because somebody's going to overpay. Forty feeling you'll want to react you don't want the price the market be driven up. Because he'll item at the free agency market. In particular the nomination that you have as I mentioned with seldom rankings and Tyler Davis got a young talented nucleus. Even on him on yet count the nucleus of enter players that you keep him in that rotation. He obviously make your defense better he's gonna give you better pass rush from the interior which it six and a half sacks a career high 29 tackles. A career high fourteen assists so the numbers were there the production was there it's what you would want. From an interplay a really good. Season from nick fairly career high in sacks sixth map. And if you're trying to say the consensus is that. You need to start. Adding more to the defense line in particular at the end. Why would you take that away loud and he you basically if you if you don't sign nick fairly bullish yet some money freed CDU party know you're signing. And you know that you gonna have a huge item you gonna bring and he's no more talk. EU weakening the defense of one knows because I drafted players let's he's number one you know it's the first round epic. He's identical times and well. Not to be impact players that nick fairly could potentially be you already know you Marty had him in your building for a year he can know how he fits in your locker room how he fits in the scheme. So if on the saints. Now break the bank for nick fairly. But they they know his market value. Mean they understand what ultimately he would fetch on the open market and the pay him a little bit. Act or robot that market but you can't risk the idea that he gets the free agency. In some team blows the doors off them. Like for example the Cleveland Browns they got a hundred million dollars a hour cap space. So if they overpay for guys like nick feeling it's no big deal that. It's no big deal. Beagle way above market and they can afford to is how much money so you can't relate to him. Usually a lot on the test the waters because some team out there is gonna have enough money. There are nineteen other teams besides the saints have better than 35 million dollars as our destinies. If you are one of these teams at like the browns and 807500. Million dollars in its our cap space to play with it OK fine maybe do that. Seems articulate them back match even if it's above which you originally wanted to pay. If I'm on the saints a look and act fairly in a three year deal. I don't know average in the three and half for me dollar range per year. I think it's a it's a win for both sides he built in incentives in there as well. I think that that's collar approach I wouldn't let him test the free agency route. Phone lines are open at 5042601870. Text 878 semi should saint approach free agent to be. Nick fairly with a deal before the frenzy begins or let them. Test the open market text me 8787. On product crushing Garrett also voted 260 point seven. Double coverage on WW. Parkway. Head football coach David feast or going all in on Alabama to now you're about this. So they're not welcome apparently on campus a parkway according to David Easter. The Easter. Baton Rouge radio they said. Ellis is welcome in my school anytime the only school that can't come apart ways Alabama national long story. Behind that but it evolved. But it was involved with not being ethical in their recruiting in feast or goes on thought about. Basically. Alabama the coach. Wanted to Pitt told the Easter he wanted to offer Brandon and coach says okay good and record back to be offered so far. Apply Alabama's coach replies about six or seven. So you really haven't offered anybody as what. Is what they'd you know as what these two set well coached. And offer as it. An offer from us at quarterback has really offer to from the camp is what. Alabama told feast or about pointed direction now Brendan Harris moving on transferring off from Allah issue. So they basically got him. To a commendable offer they offered on some than in when Brandon Harris goes on his visit to Alabama. They pulled because there a wait and see mode with. Other quarterbacks have been offered that year indeed feast or took exception of that. And I'm surprised he came out this hard on a program in particular the statue the stature of the statute the stature of in notoriety in the success of Alabama because. You run the risk is like we talked about last week with these Noah these July schools. A consider a boycott analogy you run the risk of hurting your program. A players in your program he probably feels like he's protecting players from this unfair on ethical recruiting is now that Alabama. Does however are used in this practice against Brendan Harris however. That's common. Mean a lot of schools do that it's not just exclusively Alabama a lot of schools do something similar they'll they'll they'll keep a kid in a lurch. Am trying to commit and they may be back off of that a little bit and sale in speaking to on the campus. But will wait on a couple of offers me a kind of happens a lot. I'm curious though Dave if you strap I admire the fact these. Willing to you know go out there step out there against a program like Alabama he said Ella she's vocalist campus and time he had one. You know mix even on campus but I'm surprised even feast or took that hard stance. Because how can potentially impact his program with players that might have aspirations of going to Alabama. And then see that they're not welcome on campus slowing might end up going somewhere else I searcher program doing that. What were where do you stand eating game FISA was right and publicly acknowledge in this insane as. It kind of giving you a peek behind the curtain. When it comes of recruiting recruiting practices. Used by not just Alabama but other big time. Football programs he was right to defend. That process are are kind of throw Alabama on the boss and you feel like Andy ultimately shouldn't. Involve himself that much based on. The practices and he was he looking out for the best interest of his of his player. War is there a bit of an ax to grind year that he liked the way in all transpired when Brandon Harris 50426 of one point seven text 8787 Timmy gets them. If that he's making about himself now not about the players just wanted to wage Brent Harris yeah yeah I mean that you can look at it that way you can look at that way it's. Apparently though it's not he that he elaborated and said it wasn't just about when are they do this he now is it like I said. They do this a lot. But that's what you get to do when your Alabama truthfully. And there's no rules that say you can't do that so they're playing within the confines of the rules I understand that sometimes you know. Sports endeavors. Recruiting processes. Free agency etc. It has Titus unwritten rule as it this neo code of ethics that he might have to abide by but. Those things can be manipulated and twisted. Their left out of the rules on purpose so teams so schools can manipulate them it's clear process were it's it's it's a shady ugly side of that. It's a business. It's really deal with amateur athletics. Also parkway also has the number one player in the state Terrance Marshall. He's a top Tony player in the countries like receivers so yeah it's right now they haven't between LSU and texting and amber you know and I could change in over here. Yet and look the other thing too is LSU fans there are read this and yet give David feast or don't let Alabama coming here. Guess why is Alabama really wants a player that's not gonna stop them like this. This thought from David feast or saying that in Alabama not welcome on a campus I guarantee Unix David's not gonna adhere to that at all. He's not gonna go located at parkway gimmick and wanted to player. Got. I night I'm just adults on the read this about these unethical. According practices Dallas on this is not anything new is not using it surprises me like. If you're trying to collect players and you're trying to get the best players may be only have three scholarships. For scholarships for your always gonna offer. Six to protect yourself what if somebody comes in steals your when he recruits that you have media at two deposition. Yet six guy yet this guy rated teams might steals a while and was about yup you lose that use that player she protecting themselves you're adding a little bit of a ball ball buffer zone. Ellis she doesn't to capture I'm always big programs have to do it and that's why. At times you see. EC players open reopen their their recruiting process. And they know that their meeting at the top target. They wanna go to that school. But they understand the depth charts not to be favorable for after seeing more more guys potentially commit that's a recruiting processes are now. See how you're gonna stack up scene where you're gonna fall if your priorities to play more play quickly play play immediately. In. Seeing guys stacked against you on a depth chart is that may make you reconsider in that your right to. I don't think high school coaches should be talent college coaches how they should recruit. Teams goes against one of the one of those dislike like Alabama not gonna tell David feast or look on offense the run because it'll benefit there. They're program better that make sense to me. And also gives part ways coast ability to ban any other school and college that. He doesn't agree with that they won or predicted there. Yeah I mean you're set it's a bit of a slippery slope here is at a bit of a dangerous precedent and again I I said it. I admire David feast or for being able and I had the gall step out there and say that against in the best college football program and that's college football coach in the country. But. Ultimately healthy it's gonna have a whole lot of key to it is not a thank cent gain any real traction. I think you run the risk of hurting yourself and maybe your program war. By delivering such a mandate to a program like Alabama. Public against LSU fans a look at that and yet gives us an and it's now. A long way to go in recruiting battles of world Nick Saban to gain and it can be a long time for anybody has beaten him in recruiting. Phone lines open a 504260187. Tech's 8787 we think David feast or was he off base. To say Alabama's not welcome on par fuse cap parties campus. You do the right thing and protect his players are to be. Maybe hurt himself and the program to 601878 X 8787 double coverage. Josh cats esteem joyous and nine Tony saints beat writer for Nolan dot com and it ties between welcome back double coverage also went by to join Deke Bellavia tomorrow Rouse is mark and Carol the mid city devils beat chief. They're new to to stop by the ghost of an tasty Phillips talks saint LSU and hoops with the all the media spears in the NBA all star game. This week and Allen on the nor shall what's going on here on W to drop a call. Christian or doing in. Korea that wanted to say. On the particular school that you were talking well hard to talk about. That is not an unusual situation. That's sub fields schools that develop them. Oprah. Okay. A I UA. Coach. Hookah. Woo I'm not actually reveal obviously we're York. So so you know that because I mean obviously Celeste B aside an organization our program Aston has understand. Well what the compliment album in the Dayton completely beating them the OK. They are doing what they would be. To make the program can be. Able to promote a one. But tone. The college coach looked at school coach and and coach on the extent of volatile fortune acute 100%. Okay. And you communicate that to acute and sit down and due process with the parents. And they go make that decision and six weeks later that they have to do. You have to certainly within the rules. It's so good with two people. Okay. And. Allen and only on the the only school that would do some like that it does something like that. Bullying globally in real issues. Role in all its orbit to be seeing if they are for home built city. Not many personal and forward portion alone. But de LO two and how much commitment to speaking. Of the word they could be at the top quarterbacks in the nation. And they'll we want to either poll legal. And player. Yes since the rules. Yeah. Good there'll of players to change for our gift that that's what they have to do. A real. Good there no welcome. School campuses. The player that they won't go directly in. Your directly to their parents. In that certificate. It's a high school coaches. Sort of pick and well probably in the since you have percent so called for an in two weeks later when we come on the day. Particularly. Yeah I can understand that and Al thinks the focal thinks for time educating us aren't. Okay no problem thanks a lot. Yet Tigger I don't understand why you would deal upset by that bus Watson would be upset by that however you know I think it. This is opens up a bigger conversation which is now like you can pull scholarship. Right adding council bought any time now a year in two years and even the last scholarship. So that's decent this is gets into the amateur vs pro debate now who pay athletes etc. Because his staff to have some protection there's no real protection. For the player on scholarship and other get a free education there's no real protection and it's gonna continue. So maybe that. Conversations you had somewhere down. Policies football next hour Josh cats and steam saint be ripe for Noah comet constitute double coverage rolls on.

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