WWL>Topics>>2/15/17 9:10pm Double Coverage Would you invest more money & resources in the offense this offseason?

2/15/17 9:10pm Double Coverage Would you invest more money & resources in the offense this offseason?

Feb 16, 2017|

Keep in mind the offensive line and QB are aging! I will tell you why the defense might not be as big of a priority as it may seem.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rock and roll our two double coverage good to have you with us coming up. Josh cats esteem at. Touched on a topic last hour David feast or parkway. Saying today that. Alabama not localized campuses like how he how they had unethical recruiting practices going back to. As former quarterback and now Brandon Harris is transferring Allen Allen shoot. Got a text here 878 semi 0980. Says the united your kid I'd be pretty ticked off you get the kids hopes high and then you just drop them. I think it as a parent I I think it's incumbent on you though to educate your kid in make him understand how this process could end up turning out for. However like to expected these coaches. Who are getting paid. And in their security comes through what success right on the field how does that begin to take shape by getting as many good recruits is possible. And when there's some money online when a pink slips on alignment jobs online for these coaches. To expect in the behave in a bit of an ethical fashion. Is I think is an unfair expectation yet we would like that to be the case we would like there to to have a little bit of a moral compass say hey you know. A gentlemen's agreement on your year agreement that Sandra. Are on your your commitment just like you expect those players to honor their commitment but. When guys are getting hired and fired based off recruiting classes. And how they do. Mean look no further than LSU. Jabbar to Luke was dismissed gaming Kregg dismissed after a national signing day. It happens a lot right but to expect them when they know that their jobs on the line. To behave and is kind of terrorist group news scrupulous manner where they have to be very very ethical when a note that. They would. They're not the only teams that wouldn't be unethical like there's alert teams doing it it's come one of those deals where yet tequila with the joneses and allows you do so. When there's rules that are in place that strictly express one thing. You we have if we've learned anything about sports just look at the New England Patriots we know. If the rule if it's not in the rules that gonna play right up there for a free of that rule wrote to the edge of that rule and it doesn't prevents them from doing this that and behave that way. This expectation that unleashes operate with a with a you know some ethics. While. When again paid Nagin and Jamaican money in their jobs are on over. It how do you expect that only you should expect that from a from a kids perspective this goes back to a talked about last hour and that is. Where it's protection for the kid that's why you've seen over the last in a handful of years more more of an outcry. For. Special athletes at the college level on up towards Megan pro. Allowed on the B quote unquote paid. They argued scholarship there argun. Assistants etc. but. The big rub is really just about the protections afforded a and it's an 1819 year old young man compared to the protections afforded to. You know these coaches that are making several. Millions of dollars into go to coach several leads dollars to. When these recruits the pressure is immense if they don't win those recruits that not a remake of that money. So it's really just about that kind of trickles down after that. I know it's not perfect it's not right. But. I'm not at all surprised us and that I'm not at all but that's that's the way they can play it they're gonna play and beyoncé in. I'm more teams this is a little bit about sour grapes I'd teens are taking exception and with this. Other teams that are still doing this but not having the success that Alabama still. So there are upset that they're playing the game better than they did they make it because Dan Morse and have a better head coach because they have a story program Kazan highly successful program. Two kids wanna go there it's it's got to the point to where. You know. Everybody is all these kids that are an item like college football and they have the talent to play in the SEC. And it is gonna pick Alabama mostly because they wanna win a national championship they note that double bill skyrocket them the draft board. To the NFL. I mean this is totally makes sense to me become a parent and my 1918 year old kid is getting recruited by Alabama. I think you know I would expect there to be a little bit of a commitment but I would also understand that hey they they can pull editing moment. And that's their prerogative to do is look at the rules allow so as a parent you guys that you let's say to your kid hey look just just understand that you know while it's nice to you got to offer. Don't you know don't count your blessings until your role there and offers extended at least our plane in September we report the football camp. In July or August when he report. I don't know I mean parents shouldn't be that upset about it because they understand how works and we've seen enough for awhile. I suddenly come back over as we just cats and Steen scenes be right final outcome of the times Picayune. Should the saint approach freeagent to be nick fairly with a deal before the frenzy begins a load test the open market that's coming up next double coverage. A go Tenneco about a little Pearl Jam welcome back double coverage of pelicans on the verge of when he three out of four going into the all star break in the Davis is an huge jump shot falling away. Many for anyone there up with seventeen seconds remaining over the grizzlies rookie proposal toggle pelicans and at 10 o'clock hour. Buddy deed may be delivering an ultimatum. Discussed that keep that around also. Was on the story. It was a tourism staffer in Baton Rouge that that fire lost her job after. Sending a text on the up public terrorism account that was. A video that was kind of an appropriate. Involved in there though since some sort text misses some point it's all wrong person are all that mean to say now on. Josh catches the antique at this thing on Twitter saint B writer for Nolan dot com and ties Picayune was a Josh. Good man you never he never sent a text. Where me you know maybe where you're like one at that time as that happened you know. Well I mean now I don't know of an effort and I think that that amount period which you are a class equipment. Yeah also I iPad a couple embarrassing moments and you know looked they may or may not have involved a little inebriated to and from from drinking. That that led to at some of those texts that were maybe. And it's an appropriate richest. Not very Smart let's put them steal a Smart would be Smart for the saints Josh to go ahead right now and in present. Nick fairly free agent to be defensive tackle he's a career high in sacks this year six math should they present him with a contract now on and lock him up before free agency Arlen test. The open market. Well I think they would. I mean I think it begins at first thing cola for free agency because there's a good change that you know what if you open market that is. You know value will go higher than bank on hey by the same time I mean it is about to take two to tango and acting. You know at that point in the transferred fairly that the the you know what his market value is because. You know the last few years you'd have created the update left and it and you thought you would work. I mean obviously when you went to English and just pack up in your mind mine and you know I'm minor bounces. Well likely you'd get a crack at Carolina but. You know. Between that and then coming to the saints and I think you know at the former first from it. You know national champion. I mean you know I'll you know few options do but you know. This was a fairly I think a lot of people really expect this seat throughout his career finally proved it with the saints this year so I think you really want that. You know get paid admission. You know much as possible about -- entity that is he would eat or on the open market but it and you think that you know there's a chance that. You know they'll they'll be and I think price range just because like with dot that the inconsistent and talked about all year he was not a career best numbers. You know yell at the possibility that you just zoning consistent mostly you know as orders in Detroit and obviously. In particular are in together so I think that make that make sense for both sides can you know reach an agreement that. Apartment yet happening you know unless he's willing to take. You know what might be less money than he'd get on the markets as stated well. What do you think that open market might might be what are we think you effects from another team I feel like Josh that he gets this free agency market right and there's teams out there. You know that have a hundred million dollar eighty million dollars like got teams like the browns. That is that if any symbol TV news the patriots have the second best cap situation here in the league and they can over pay and still be all right with doing so. Aperture. One reason you know thanks from that perspective you know could get double digit million dollars I mean if you're entered the payment there. So little line gains didn't bring him back for secure option was up five million dollar deal I think he played her I mean with the ran. In 2013 and I think you literally re million. Any year in depth in the men closer. 59 but they'll basically. If you look around at the other part of patently Ebert on most productive. In place he produced a top level in 26 he and so he's gonna go out there. It represented their target Asia making you know and let million dollars. And I mean I heard that. You know he'd. His people think that he's the second that the front of linemen want to acquire bank last year so. You ought to be paid you know cloaked in Jordan make you obviously you know and people my pocket and yet. Effective. Let. Or kept it on top of each year and again and it paid more and more. So I mean it which he did you know that panel of nine out in the open market but at the same time. You know I don't know that he's at a point courier wants to just chase the money to go you know you're at someone like Cleveland and Jacksonville State Department get you to deal. I mean we suddenly Jack flash it was. The jaguars at and the deal close to undermine. Quite well in Denver. Been known fairly most of his career at a lot more. And there even if you followed that are not as though. I'm not sincerely honored millions but. You know there's that chance something could give him like earlier ordered he'll work you know opera the ten million and so that's one thing and kept Bieber. Do you think there's a bit of a concern. And you covered him in Detroit right you think there's a bit of concern. That you know on a saints the half were they talk about sample size they wanna see it you know proven. You know proven sample size not just one year is there can like a buyer beware kind of concerned because when my players are in contract years I know that that can sometimes. Makes him makes a team to little squeamish. I think there had to be and and actually that's one thing that I think works the paint advantage and good you know we we are. Not me and got the area drop in the mobile group plan. Now likes being close to the Stanley. And so I think that would boost production factors that contributed to him you know playing so well this year as the comfort level. And I know we get along really well those Frontline. So you know it. It's hard to say you know your another team how scared are you that if you give him that money that he just gonna go revert to his old ways. Because. You know if he goes tomorrow you know he might not be accountability group view the pain. I think that definitely quite a Lackey kept at though. And ultimately it's one that you know could take if you keep it out of the running. But again you know just be better for the state and and how much it would pay. Just to humor me if you will just Katz's theme anti testing on two and a great job covering. The saints for Nolan a common ties between humor me for a minute over under on the amount of offensive players the saints will add. In free agency or the draft over and under like four. I think well. Mean it's over that over. Than in the opener against Penn State and at some point out. You know at least one running back because you know I think it's still missing. You know that that. But receiving packed tight that they reflect at other you know CJ Spiller that it in and out they go back there girls. Reggie Bush I don't know that our debt. Is doing that civil level but you know they want so. Are there at some point hard because either they re sign Munich re sign Jahri happen. And and Leo and then they'll add young guard you know to secure that position and long term impact beer by contrast. They regret the quarterback. Conduct my appetite and they can hop and act like your opposition but my beginning you know overlooked a little bit because. Joey we keep thinking that you know I'm key. Could get kicked out to tackle at some point but really you know it's if he's not if you look comfortable this year. You know playing right tackles are on the right side of the line I don't know why we expect him. To you know certainly did gain that comfort in one more year so I think you know it's definitely possible and long term place will be dark. So that would make the need for a long complacent Fredette Sri you know something that would be important though. You know they might be mark yeah but you know I think. You always add people average prediction you know even the stretch for a couple weeks. I think you know over the you know obviously the investment will happen on decent. Yet poorly phrased by Mia I come in you know for as like you know pretty big. Investments you know whether BP contracts or pretty high optics so. They pick up like I think that that would mean at the end you if you look like. I mean he often would be better. Really dynamic running backs though an update now on there in the back there around releasing the draft running back and I'm for. Matt Damon is back and they go Mark Ingram of profit that year. You know that certainly ancient secret satellite receiver maybe you know they're planning on you know we don't know. Well it contract situation going to be is even exclusive rights free agents that it has signed into one year deal. In element and cook on the appears last I mean. They truly go by the player available there's which can't be a mile from players. You know I think. They've been an active laughed when you sign Micah young dark like at 39 dollar deal that. And that being a very important players even if you know epidemic in many ways as Somalia they're contracts. Josh guys Justine at. The check out safety writer Sinaloa common ties to you good stuff Josh appreciate the president. Like every person that picture is double sectors that demand. Alia now well I've learned my lesson the paint that. A few times are from from people go on was this intended for me like you really send me this oops my bad sign in to adapt. Yeah if it's important got a double. Yes indeed thanks Josh urgent and I are CBS news update also. Which invest more money and resources in the saints' offense this offseason we'll talk about it next double coverage on WW. I welcome back double coverage. Which I got that it would Josh Katz's theme will be appeal on line for bad W blown icon could follow on Twitter at G cats and Steen good job Timmy for. Locking down Josh pelicans when 9591. But you know we touched on a little bit there with Josh. If you're the saints would you invest more money in resources. On the offense this offseason then and there may be worth were considering a nearby school and into going all out all out. I don't know that that's necessarily the case and it might not be the thinking. Com. On airline drive by the way Tim is. Reminding me that at every guest I get on now for a for the saints from here until the season starts as he came out that hot take. Last week that. That Mike Thomas is all favor future hall of Famer. The reason mine's Jamie Kennedy and ask them that so I'll I'll do that from now on Tim for your honor advocate and a year. Your ears staining true that's what I admire about you make eagle against the grain. It's not a popular take our kids out there you will to put it out there alike that but getting back so. If you look at yet certain the saints need help on defense absolutely. I can rattle off four or five different positions that they could end up going. That's why ultimately in I get asked this a lot. Where do you think the saints are gonna go in the draft you know and I and the meaning you jerk and I don't like Internet question it because. I have a better understanding once free agency gets an away and act kind of concludes after the first two or three weeks. You know when when when the frenzy slows down a little bit you'll get a better idea as to what they're thinking because they usually use the free agency as a way to augment their roster. And plot holes and in. Draft and build foundations. And always been successful with that but bill foundations. Through the draft with some depth etc. and adding more difference makers. But. The defense. Defense and we talked about that ad nauseam. Linebacker cornerback I however. Your team runs through number nine right now and he's in the final year of his contract and you're going all in a couple years ago you started this transition period you started this. This rebuilding process and you never acknowledged it but that's what it was a rebuilding process. With the whole goal in mind of you know by this point in time by by 2017. You're gonna be in. Better and enough salary cap situation having more money to go out there in in in in improve your team this is the targeting all along. And Drew Brees and finally it was contracts you've got a target this out extending Drew Brees lashing knowing that he's gonna have more money the play with this year and he had an opportunity. To get back to the glory days a little bit that's the whole. Point that's that was the reason why they extended a year ago. As a reason why they the they've they've drafted defense in the last couple years and try to do a better job is to they knew they only had one more shot at this thing. Since you only have one more shot at this thing. I think the yet to look at and say okay. Our best players still number nine. Our championship hopes still hinge on number nine they can rebuild the defense all they want and it and it could be a top ten defense. But if they. Have an injury to Drew Brees then all bets are off at that point however as they can maybe put. Protect him from injury he's heard the pro football focus numbers in terms of when he was pressured this year because of some offensive line issues. Then in he was not as effective as a passive at that goes for any quarterback. In the national football whether it's Tom Brady or whether it's air Rogers media right might be the exception. But I I feel like. The more pressing need honestly because of who your quarterback is it because of the age your quarterback and because the importance of your quarterback. You're you're you're pressing need is along the offensive line guard and a tackle. Zach Strief there witnesses play gonna decline that's a question it's unknown Jahri Evans if you sign him. First off you Cottam last year with the notion that you're going to be able to draft a guard they had those intentions. Last year they didn't they want able to fulfill that so they had to bring Jahri Evans back and Jahri Evans played well but he wasn't the Jahri Evans for five years ago. Seattle holding on to feel the sign another beside him to another one year contract knowing that his best days are behind him. Now you go out there are free agency and eat one of the top go arts he go after him. Draft the right tackle. To the yeah at a running back I agree we Josh there. Ten high towers up in the year you know don't bring him back if you get a team find another attempt our tech. Tim Hightower type of running back and give you those numbers you might already have one on on the roster and Daniel last though we need a more dynamic threat at the back field. For the saints. Mark Ingram had a had a solid year mark in terms of well rounded player. But he's not down right dynamic. The saints are in need of a dynamic playmaker again at that position to make him powerful we look at when the saints work. Dominantly or make him when they were making a playoff to make noticeable is what because it an offense had so much dimension to. The tide in position is not what it what would it was win they were making those runs the playoffs the lot that the running back group is not what it was when they make it run the playoffs. However that's why you can seat the rationale that I'm troubling California. That you could. Make the argument and I would make the argument. That you might wanna address more of the offensive needs in. As originally thought to be had in terms of the defense and by figures going all in on defense. The wall and now I mean a running back. I don't know wide receiver. Offensive line as I mentioned. He might still end up drafting a cute future quarterback a quarterback of the future. On a defense is not a football you've got some pieces. But I I would not be surprised if we wait it out at the into the offseason. In particular free agency because sometimes one position is skewed heavily in favor of of your needs than the others are you might go all right one way to the draft addressed this but we can go ahead and fill a couple holes at this position. Because it's so it's a loaded in free agency and so that's where we're gonna look to fill these holes. But I think if you we balance it out only week we appeal of that we unpack it at the end of April at the draft includes. In undrafted rookie free agents conclude I think either going to be. Now 45 potential. Large investments. Whether draft picks war. Free agency on the office of football that might outweigh some editions the big at large investments they make on defense and no saints fans. Cringe to hear that. Let's not also forget who's who's the head coach this team and offensive minded coach. An offensive minded guy while he's tried to devote a few more resources. To the defense south football lately let's not forget now. He just Michael Thomas in the second round yeah I traded up from on bell in the last two picks have been on defense in the in an effort and a first round. Last couple years but. Let's also forget let's also not forget that the first pick. Two years ago interest he offered to player he's gonna draft at least one office a player in the first two rounds. For that's per it's a pretty large investment. Because he knows. He's got to retool of that offense is well while it's dynamic it's not nearly as explosive as it was 2009. And eleven so what if the saints invest more. On offense this off season than they do on defense. Beyond that I'm about big players come up. Hi tropics are high dollar free agents to 601870 text. 87 eats at a double coverage rolls on here on W to dwell. I look back double coverage so. Would you invest more money and resources in the saints offseason are saints offense this offseason. You focus your attention more so they can the area and need more so than perhaps the defense. The media and committed Jason industrialist bombing Iran WW LR. Goodman but he voice. On. It between Erica and that. A lot in our offense in there are going after a high quality high priced park it on offense I think that tactical running back. On Mark Ingram is the money serviceable job. I thought your comment actually what they'd better or back for the paintball and an Ingram wants. I appreciate Ingram peppered in the app lets you what he didn't court picking it up until you threaten the job from my power. He started running angry he started on an aggravated because he knew that. Is spot will regret. And it wasn't until and it was so it's part Bratton that you started running dialogue. And their police so that that in bill before it starts turning in the white noise. Every week on art you know. A modified you know he's normally. And he actually did not to repeat it or pack two run in the what you're going to. Lou ironically oddities and it wasn't because he was an artifact it was really just disease for the ball on the ground that's why inserted well. There aren't anymore yet but but the way stuff for. To say that Mark Ingram is an effective pack like he's not Monet you know. I think he's extremely motivated I think that there's he's he's pegged out I think he's he's he's reached its peak in terms of that that that the running back that he's going to be. And he's been impressed he had an impressive year broke off that the big knock against him going into this year was he could bust the long run he ran. He he bust of a problem in particular what 75 yard I believe against San Cisco. Out by the day so. He kind of dispelled those those notions but by and large I think that if he's not one of those players that you go man. He is an absolute 100% bonafide gain teenager running back now if you wanna have that argument at that discussion weekend. I'd feel like you know if he's not any Enron and art but there was a noticeable difference. Between what you'd be able to do. Once he was brighten the starting job and what he did that pretty evenly not to that I don't in the book. And I mean I appreciate the effort that he put in Italy he did the second apple easing by it's not going to be that is these guys. What I would expect from Mark Ingram movement forth because. I I would look at the but I don't think that is. I don't think that his comfort zone and comfort zone is what you want the first three Nazis in humans there of course he's in the whatever. And then when he finally got a job threatened. Because you put on the ground agree the prequel. And. After the you like and guys don't the plane and he does rain like them and as well again and actually take useful are. Before you start getting comfortable and. Here's Michael and I know I know Wichita aina I you majors I smell which is step in the right. I give it. In the motivation might be an issue but I think it. As he goes forward now in year three of the four year contract he signed a total loss seasons ago he understands the clocks ticking again. On a potential contract seduced there's still going to be. Motivation for Mark Ingram and I've never question his want to in in that since 2011 he's been on this roster on the sixth or seventh season. And time that's been on interviewed him I never question it is his desire. And his toughness he's got all. I just I do question and maybe it's unfair. That is never he's never really gonna live up to those expectations of being one of those. Yes via 71 of those dynamic. Game changing kind of run and access is not he's not he's not blessed with that skill set a very good skill city as though. And I think that you know the saints have. Certainly they have plans and should deservedly have plans for marking him going for now if they got the running back. Be no different then and it is to draft one high it would be no different then. When he dropped the marketing Reggie Bush the roster and protect themselves like I mentioned marketing rumor going now I think you're three of a four year contract he signed. At some point it's rare in today's NFL that running backs get second time I've third contracts from their original team. From their original team they easily can move on it's rare that they tell you one you know as a second year deals are second deal done. With the same team teams don't like that that at running back position is tricky Jason thinks of the fall comment the looking your bowling endeavors while Ryan on a cell phone you're on WW well. Or. All occupation. Or call. While. You know marking bush. That. Well I traded. Ricky a a year later the yeah. It is. And we. Hope. And I. Yeah. Yes well yet do so rusty drafted Reggie Bush is great compliment to deuce. Note that could they couldn't tell they couldn't tell the deuce was gonna get you know had a knee injuries and Ian up with back to back years that he can forecast that. Understandably so. But yet you highlight Ricky we've been on the roster in induced fell to own one that's points that year's draft they they grabbed him because dynamic key was. As clerk and that'll mess. Reggie Bush is on the roster in 2011 A draft Mark Ingram says this is it's about time for them to invest in another run the Mac as bouncing. And chocolate. Asia. In which. It lol ha ha. You it's. So that. His career here. What ever. It that. You can. Try to torture and now. You're autonomy. You know there really December 8 inning. You're down. Picture or at all on. I hear you trying. Now. It's a year to year deal its year to year approach I think from the saints and from Greece and I think Brees more so than the saints having has acknowledged that is how it's going to cop. Transpire Ryan. Look at to get thought you know it's a good question the kicked around but for me I feel like. This is why have I always felt like. Sean was not really aged and moving on knowledge reports happen because he's gonna stay were Drew Brees long as pre easier I don't know that Sean Payton. Will be around for when the saints start a new quarterback they gonna Mitchell at the start from scratch now think it's this year and now only we think it's a twenty team. Put that's laugh feel like you still need to give Brees is much protection on the offensive line you can't. Fortified that build an offensive line that you had similar to the 2009 offence were they were voted the best in the league. That's how you get. To where you wanna go yeah you need help on defense but protect number nine he's your most high able. Asset on the team makes a phone call Ryan double coverage rolls on here on W two duo.

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