WWL>Topics>>2/15/17 10:10pm Double Coverage Pelicans anyone?

2/15/17 10:10pm Double Coverage Pelicans anyone?

Feb 16, 2017|

How would you feel about Anthony Davis delivering a win or I am outta here ultimatum? Sound familiar?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes indeed you're down one ago welcoming double coverage third final hour tens ever master control Christian Garrity an Alley that Josh gad Christina are. 9 o'clock hour packed gamble that the tackle at Georgia Tech. Join us and eight when he can catch those and abuse again Jake Madison coming up a tenth when he also lines yelling. From W multi channel four will join us at 1035. A thorn all in the mix tonight in particular this last hour with Anthony Davis delivered an ultimatum. Win warm out here you be all right that should be. The other should be put that this is in the street should be in any kind express some pressure nation outwardly. Which BI with him delivering that mandate would get them go one. The pelicans winning tonight 9591. Over the grizzlies Rihanna for headed into the all star break their thirteen thirteen its style is in a points out since December it would mean. Laviolette. I'll get excited when they're in the playoffs. That's now I feel about the style that. The three games out are. There's some optimism. Pullen drove a 5042601870. Text 8787. Mark in the French Quarter what's going on here on W Lamar. I I don't get Jason. Should. Arm all right Jason Garrett. That's a lesson. Like everything you laugh about you know drafting another running back at love feast somebody like. A Reggie Bush. Cool what he would go motion to people would go. So it would be like. Eleven against 10%. Ethnic and get that you know get level he has by his that they need help where. Explain to me. The implication that it's with. The salary cap and the debt issue that we collect that money is. Really restrictive. Probably enable it do the things that we would like to do it always seems to be in the way. And I'll chill well. What do we still. I mean with. Salary cap issues. So. He still legally you gonna legally Alex Lindsay you illegally again ended in dead money. OK however. It's not and it's only five million dollar range and it's been in the past you're gonna have 35 million dollars roughly the playlist. And so. Look 33 million dollars as a man now because salary cap. Total liabilities like right now they have a 144 million dollars already invested and committed to the sour. Whether that's whether that Saddam. Players currently on the roster etc. and war dead money and dead money is players and along on your roster that you cut or traded. I like it. Jimmy Graham junior glad etc. all so so the salary cap is projected to be 173. Point 754. Million are. Mum. 144144. I so what's bad Matt little a little under 3030 million dollars. And they carry it when I mean out but they they're carrying over I think four million dollars this year senate gives you at Telluride ultimately the 35 million dollars now. It's not gonna they're not habeas uptight against it that the captain is we've seen operate under the last couple years of the gonna have a chance suspense of money. They're gonna be that and then market to where they have enough to play with him out there make couples splashes in free disease now like it's been the last couple office. That help. Really appreciated and that spotted Anthony Davis. If peace should come out and say. You gotten at least comply as yeah. Yeah are all flawed act because you know to have NBA game I mean how many MBA in the we wanna go Peru. And lifetime. And they all locked away and you know ship but the ball somewhere out. Well I see a day and do well if they would want it fixed. Since December that would be up but the talk about the spotlight it is you know not that big deal. You know look I'm with you mark I kind of feel like and then that day goes against the professional code right where you wanna keep business and Allison. But if you look at the MBA it's not all that uncommon with LeBron James this year now. In it is doesn't have the resume yet of LeBron James. But he has that caliber of talent and he is clearly the face of your franchise and that the feast your franchise. Calls you out and says hey look I want more talent around the operatic year. I think that's fair I think I would be OK with that. Because at some point. That's the only way that's gonna really turn up pressure. On the pelicans now they wanna win they wanna go out there and and try to do things right in acquire talent com. But right now lives feel like if you go out and say that. Trying to took a trying to fight back it's easier Kirk. But if you let there and say that it would dial up the pressure and I think it's where fans with would say okay. Wait a minute now we've heard this before from a guy like Chris Paul and look what happened. He left our team so. And you let a superstar walk out of building while I was in the face your friend doesn't so I I think it. That would really make fans anxious knowing that eight. Jason in prairie milieu on W you'll score on Jason. The problem of the Christian assembled by the LaBroque size much all right major Bo is called when I get a chance with a powerful word Tom. And real quick absorbent braid their decision made the point both having Chris Paul Longo is somewhat like that bank. The bit this situation right now. As they have with the dead and I am on the war not a Moochie about woes though when he was on the shall would you. A home I think the difference is that as stand right now we can actually he gets. The kidneys so. I think for me the difference between him and Chris Paul woes can young David was. Do you have a Tyson Chandler you have a story. Was it despite that is maybe. In my season. Period okay. He battled the if you remember when we knew. We were in the second round in Dayton beat the arms and he's deeply that Obama. You have them now and in what to a one. It. And yeah Adam now. And that the worst that can be as you know what would have been to handle those. And next while England next while we had to win in a win and passivity of the league and four days that we did more will be at Tyson Chandler you have a squad. Yeah but it's different it's. Umps are Amylin chief there's nothing and we're gonna. Yeah. But that was listed. As in. A point that came out of these questions but tightened jailed in the it's something we haven't had let's. The sample we need to promote it about NC. I can be. That means that opened in response commendable that you. Aren't well look you know he hasn't he hasn't had a talent that around him that that's part of the reason why Jason. And I feel like to back on the back oh with a break a rule equally. That's part of the Ryder that's last feel like he should call the lot that's why he should expresses frustration because. I'm not sure that they're going to surround this guy with what it takes two to win and we consistent consistently before he ends up leaving town. Well but also also personally and I know it even if he doesn't have an actual record but. You see that red light and started to realize that right. Where it relies Le. Then a minute ago. Oh yeah how is he needed help for a couple of years. It's also questioned if some of the player in new you have to sports. And in who you know that's him like does he have to see it Caribbean and two more likely to have BO right like I. Now I think they know adjacent I think they know when I mean what I mean is it would in turn the pressure squarely up. On an. And I agree with Google in the department cutie is because he has meant to oracle in the group policy. After row. Review invention. Of oppression that it is too late. Why would find it. It was late in the camp upon them he would instantly. Now like quick about about about the real sincere about the money into we've got some good money and everything out there and when does it cannot thank. Having who is real good for right now because you know. We're pretty good thank Libby in the morning. But they also look at mr. Nelson would get them the chance that made the Pluto or anything like this in not my thing about the play cute if you were and it. No matter what you let the world format good who are or aren't. If you and apply them which they have budget itself but playing it fortunately like what the public and saying let's get there in regency were from that. Look I don't agree with the notion of just you need to dance and UT's if you look at you look at this year and last year. Who played in the Super Bowl the tees at home field advantage that's what has happened the saints have the hope that wouldn't look at 2009. They want are all because they were home knew that they were the one C 2006. They did have home field advantage they didn't go to. It goes then go to Chicago negotiable 2011. Their best squad and a shopping in and Drew Brees. Didn't have home field advantage. Did make a suitable so I'll know I'll agree with that and history shows this whole last painful years that just getting in. Really is it you you're you're you're playing against the odds you you're you're you're really not. Stack and odds in your favor. Two to to to kind of get hot I mean yes for the Packers did it but. And it's not stuck in the end and that these these playoffs this year it was clearly in the advantage of the home team. I'm doing well thank you want to record for. Sherman always a pleasure it. Talk a little hoops review and iso 9591. End and they they get a win and that's important like rights of the three games out of the playoff potentially and and there are some that a start to get excited that I'm cut take the approach Jake is like I let's see him get there is a Bennett he's pretty much up and ally like there. And their partners at all on the opposite end of the spectrum and in the saints where they looked good look good look really good and they looked really bad so. What do you make of this recent surge. You know it's like you say the meat and did about the game back from the heat street firms most of the you can change it kind of been in the could not really me you know. Any ground you know upper beyond its deep into the season. Setting games for the culture well over half way they're still experimenting. Don't sleep trying to figure some things I think that adds QB inconsistency. Should they be doing and you know he's in in almost three quarters into Alvin Gentry and you're probably not. But you know they played with the small light that was very effective for a period of time than Davis chipped in Bangkok getting hurt playing center. They needed to wait for mats that kind of rotating. Other senators in weather elect the agents did not money use or complaint Terrence Jones there. And until they really trying to figure out their identity and who are going to be helped them to really surge into that he bought. But now that they're the all star break out a couple of you know about a week or so law wouldn't treat it like being a week away. These next eight meter facilities are gonna be vitally important for the strain on. And it really gonna try to give them the activities they want whether they make them were not and trying to figure out what they want Libyan trying. You know hold on playoff spot during the stretch run. With the trade deadline looming. What if you're gambling man would you would you bet that they make a move that they pull off a trade to a local four. I don't have deeper Okafor that would be Brook Lopez to someone else is that Mexico maybe you know there's a wild card in there somewhere that your acting yet and that's. You know I don't know that necessarily you're gonna get about where they could. I think you have to say yet to be you know and the equipment and then here but mainly because. Delta is on the hot seat and he needs to be something to trying to save his job standing likely is going to do that. Looking to make a move to try you know retain his job for another year couple seasons after. And they kind of honed in on the traditionally want which is an offensive minded that are there are some that are available. There are trade Vick could go and make out there it's just whether it goes straight comic direct Chrysler now for the team. Pay analogy Madison had no Jake does a great job covering the pelicans for Barbara tree sized dot com good follow on Twitter at Milledge Aiken. For the verbs and our conversation. What does Anthony. TV show be good or bad for the franchise. I mean I'm sure you probably are dug in private but it becomes that it put a whole lot more pressure on him look we keep it at a conference call. With reporters to mediate yesterday Rick you emphatically that I want to be here I'm not going anywhere and at nine reassurance from. The band the defeat of command update that that in the first year contract extension you darkened for remorse he's and after that he's got no. You know leverage to demand to trade in need to peak came out publicly. Publicly said that. The boat wouldn't grant it may not gonna trade him at least until the final year contract with you know the team has from time. I think that it would probably just look worse for the team with shell in the dysfunction behind this team. And you know I'm sure he's frustrated he talked about it we need is so important to them. He wants to leave a legacy behind you know if you have a legacy you need to win you know he can't be happy. Behind the scenes look at all but on the circuit yet in all the right things. And you know you don't necessarily doubt that as well. Do you the notion that fans are a little tired of the Hayward were improving the improving narrative that seems to come with the pelicans. You know I really trying to did you gauging saint interest especially on Twitter where they feel they are that this team. And the the frustration is very hiring you have you know it all started but he gave it all NBA player. The growth in 1990 output and up you know at times historical lines with the points and rebounds and block yet. And they can't win. And that very frustrating to see what you got this one satellite time you generational talent and when they drafted him first overall and they've just. Had no ability to put a winner. On the court and trying to step up without that gentry and like you know what we talked about just before would be inconsistencies. They're tired looking general manager Dell Demps. Make these moves are players that don't work out in all the concentrating a future first round picks for guys like the mayor archer according complain right now is definitely the frustration. Is up there and it it took reasonable thing for them to be dealing. One now a a free agent. You know the big deal in very many options you know like the date we're walking he's he's got command and your Mac soured or somewhere in the region of twenty million per year. If you weren't excellent he probably worked a little bit less it's going to be a flight over paper may be a couple of million pitched in the grand scheme of things you can really that bad. But if you let them walk you're not going to be able to spend that money you'd have the 26 million on anyone else gonna commute in quote you. Giving you equal value on important. Equal production. I think ago looked to Max him out basically maker make him an offer he can't refuse hopefully. And bring him back over the past ten or so games he's been a bit of a different player he's been far more aggressive far more decisive he's seen it showing up. In its outline were put twinkle. Point template readout on deputy split in the new year all star level itself Anthony Davis Love him two by and large agreed human you know especially after being they went through with his wife at all either. The see him on the trading block it all the trade deadline I think they'll keep them and the looked to recite in the stock either. Quickly Jake just with the messiah right now look at people find a barrage is just not come. Over their bishop who got behind. Content talking about Brook Lopez too little local for anyone like that that's all that's been rumored to the comfort zone he won their good fit whether not a good fit. Wherever you need to know about those guys we've got primary sport and we'll keep tech coming in the days to come up until the trade deadline. Indeed that's for surely to back real soon Hampshire as the trade lie trade deadline comes to fruition and if compels our active and make a trade. I steadily come on back over as the lines yelling channel four W Google TV necks and also your persona. Text message he wanted to have back. Some lady lost her job in the tourism industry. Louisiana we'll explain next. It's they had together DM route to settle your differences. They I think the Palestinian I would hope that is that the outlook it the city of gore about now Banca. Winning three out of four on the road is is anything to get to a at that point. Job what do you mean. I don't wanna hear about potential improvement etc. that's at the offseason is for right here where season. I wanna hear about potential in three games back in the oh playoff spot whenever you should be contention for a playoff spot right now he should Arnie have. One guy in the making whether your position for like six or on the seventh seed find a three should be be right now for pelicans. Absolutely I mean it looked at him you were at these seven games in the art. And it came. Much the same you know every every couple every stretch or report game by game stretch wrote oh whatever it being. And it's the most important stretch of the season and Whitney's life back into the great. And now our appeal are great and we're so and the same thing and I think it's pretty ridiculous. You look at the marvel at year's end and over the moon is made I mean. At this point don't they just have to go others know aware and it's absolutely. Malpractice solely and the roster did not arrive. And there are board last year and and that you've got Tyreke is you're paying your it. And a guy did that might be fighting for his job that he would have the ability trait should make trade. You've got to get the proper order you look around the league is it that you would and other public proper. Would be good because he seed in the Western Conference the secretary. Bible the statement you're not even in the lottery so I mean there's just shot. A litany of problems of the organization starting leadership and then move into the laughter. Did I don't even know him talking about oil war. Lions com. Curious to know your Yukon and against the grain kind of guy what do they they Davis came out and say look when robotic here like I. I like in shorts art call another organization that's that's kind of taboo in most. Leaks and it would most teams however in the NBA it's it's a little more accepted it does he need hourly expressed some as frustration. I think so I mean are we hope he's he he's been I think any organization. It would on the but but there are apartment you know our our ears and that he just not that kind of he's usually pretty useful. You know it seems like he's been in the league for a decade now it but he only point musical personality isn't. Yeah he's not that outgoing and it doesn't have that article. Are important personality somebody's gonna stand out. For the franchise in and then also you look at the new Stevie and I mean you're talking about different. 10100. Million dollars you know what would that collective bargaining agreement. And in what he can get on the pelicans and from another thing but but I think he's at the stand up and really forces organization can't because you wait away. Here at some of the best years of his life and when he did go someplace else and obviously you lock and perks for four more years bullet. You know if at all and in order quickly. I think you're gonna you know unfortunately out of here because he dockets that are well it is swallow the bottom of the Western Conference. We're with the organization we have a gentleman and come out. And talk about is being mean. So is it like it said that there is no better leadership on the scene. And I think that the big problem put this all on down. And I think you need the help. Line jealous that line gel on Twitter sports anchor for WW LTV are part of the weather channel foreign. Lines so so bring out the crystal ball and give it a little rub and tell me. Is Anthony mean art Nathan is. Dell Demps. And Alvin Gentry here next season. I think it the better chance the government entry is but I think yeah. I think it starts with Pam and that they need to bring somebody in that they can better. Steered the organization and they can have a better handle our program and I mean it if you look at the pelican doctor. And and the situation there and does the important point to you and you look they've got David Solomon Hill. All your Arctic E'Twaun Moore. And then they've got a jet in the locker at 118. 2019 either I mean you'd committed. Upwards of eight or ten million dollars all of these guys walk in. And so you're a pretty precarious situation. Especially when you look Golden State in the top the and ended war guys who were who were all or. They're they're going to be about nine million dollars and Cleveland and a hundred point seven this year they've got. Apple opted pillow with. They median salary guys. Marginal guys can talk about doctor enabled it quashed everybody. Though it is. The palpable remake its roster and and start to bring in them. The bigger count helping at the David they have. Wind now aligned yellen outlines yellen on Twitter so ask you this I'm awful question lines so you heard about this story. In all the north Louisiana tourism. Directors who lost their job Pratt and listening in nude live video of herself and number 82 tourism accounts that have. To her husband have you ever had not one of those maybe. Your head a text you that he needs wish you had back feel like two or walk of the next David like uh oh. We I was influenced. By now albeit poor decision and in since helping us whether it was the text or picture or what have you and as a inappropriate. I'm I'm sure that I have I would hope the that I would send it out or kennel but not I don't think I've ever done it. Like that but I realized that that I had. And at tech that I want back that structure. It we all have it. And I got a story I'll tell at retail take a break but com. There's been there's been some from likewise coming down the pipe from friends of mine. Right where their media victimize my my name's Christian is starts with a K and it I have they might have somebody. In their phone as Christen. Right or our our Christie you know what have you right Christine that's appropriate given my United Airlines ran over the over. If it. But they'll like it. So I've woken up to some let's say on tasteful pictures and some some shots that it had these huge. If if it lets you go that way you really don't want a city. And I wrote about him like dude. Wrong person I'm pretty sure. I think did not intend to send this to me. And they were completely mortified so I had no idea I've got a few of those Randle as well I didn't really know who he was aisles like I don't think he intended this in the estimate. And they are like and just to see the reaction could you can see on the iPhone in particular when their read the messages as three dots he. He NA NA in his disappears and it comes back as they're like oh my gosh what do I say how can I do this now man it's yeah. At the audio itself the numbers somebody somebody. Somebody who really get around out there I've never eat anybody else like that I though. I know what paper bag it did if my picture minute picture went out on Twitter. I think they've probably go out of business and it would shut down. I'll come always automatically. I think adding I think the Internet would blow up man you'd be hello I'm gonna guide down you know that you look you gotta go ala the hair the part on its movement. I don't know about that added it'd probably big show people. I lines I got asked this is Tim he's making me so Michael to eat you know the take last week at Michael Thomas a future hall of Famer. UN led stempel blurring now. Man. Look. And that. And take oh for a year they've week sure. I'll that you can talk all they are about anybody. Their first contract that mean Google orders so many things that it happened it. Anyway it'd go good but no it at this point not all Famer yet experts you speak beak from. Lines always a pleasure magazine thanks for joining us late and they are really good sport as well part. I'd send those texts. To. Somebody regret. Outlines yelling. W Google TV sports anchor on so yeah mine's a case what analysts billion. So it tourism director northeast Louisiana shooting northwest Louisiana lost their jobs. She actually sent a nude live video of herself on social media to the tourism accounts that have her husband Alan I've sent some tax with no pictures. To people. You know I was angry frustrated are actually set one expressing my frustration about someone to. I was attendee for to go to you know a friend of mine and actually sent it to the personnel was expressing frustration about yeah I've done that since cranes and I've desolate. I have a rule though about. Up pictures. From now I'd have a rule that I just don't compromise the you don't get any you I'll send those out. Won't happen. It is now Allen and that's why don't who snapped face snaps yet as Bill Belichick was sick I managed. I just. And I don't want I think as blackmail material and that's illegal now right they can't making use that against union morbid. I just don't like that and like Denton their ability to leverage and only that but als he. The point of sending a photo but anyway she lost her job right. On trying to attain her husband and I could see where that can happen may be tempted you away. You throw your husband or through your wife whatever com. That's Elton Katrina between you two when he goes on social media count with the tourism industry asked reacted that and you bossier. He visitors have to after react as well but. One. Acknowledge about the one I sent where I wanted to backers of the Russian frustration. To somebody. Now as you know I was angry with and I actually sent it to the personals anger with instead of somebody else that are really just wanted to vent too but I also. Sent a text message. To. A female one time that I was explaining. House trying to send it to. Couple buddies as to what can a party Alice have a right. Pretty a pretty good party. And you some language in there that might have been offensive and send it to a wanton. And she just probably responded with I'll think economy that party announced like oh. I send it to the wrong one so pretty embarrassing. Pretty. Pretty humbling to end yo here's the thing. I got bodies to that one of the drunk dialed draw text right at the dangers companies like if you snag guys you fight or gal. If you find yourself tempted to be on the phone and have a conversation with somebody when you're eighteen beer's name. Just know that they can eventually outlet for you to be quite embarrassing me in if that person. Try to lock your phone away put away it goes goes there and spare yourself. Matt on a cellphone was gone and you're on W two duo. It's a match. I don't have that. Now. I guess who'll put Matt on hold we'll take a break come back to. It's just remember Pete the leader Warren doesn't count yet CS thing it it it doesn't count if it was an on air we are there any reason that it. It doesn't deter. As a they. They've had bad apps where you can recall emails are to have the ability to recalling a one a winning and get the app where like even when before EC go always through like you see the line and kind of shows that that that the text message descending there should be a way you can recall that at least give you. Thirty seconds you know after you send it to hold them via oh I want that back but you have that chance. When might send it doesn't doesn't it and it's got its name that you should not than yes yes exactly but there's that time where you're seeing today. AA can be honest innocent mistake and you go oh wait no I want that I can't yet say the other all protects a that was not intended for you. I come back from battle a cellphone rapid and up next here on double coverage W to do well enough and dot com. This is a lesson and I love you text intended for my wife to my boss I think a lot of bosses have gotten those before right. That's a common misty stand there really embarrassing ones really embarrassing ones like. When year you know if you do it's I mean that's those we Dylan. Stefan now. Committed relationship it's better than in to give Boston a buddy my nano. Com. Senate grow the Texas is a Momo way over recent is at the earliest leaving. Pretty tough pretty tough match on a cell phone you're on W ago what's up. It. Oh. It. Oh well. On any debt that. Our. Great. I thought that war on a formal ball more want. So you all all we Dodi are all all. You don't all. Day. It all. And one day they shot. Or pull back. I all that might do a lot. Or. So they liked pictures. A La. La so they like trying on outfits and stuff. Not not on an awful ought to Wear it on on the way it up like. It. Did you let them know like hey I got my phone. I like this is my vote now. I like it but I did it back. I think that are all about why it was like which one is to look I didn't know what they like. Oh. Yeah pretty. Like anarchy. A moderate like that like all the up and elaborate on that. You sit there like girly look good do some book length of ideas about it like you're you're you're live by it. Let's go up there and Iraq. It. They got a bit appalled by the guys. Yeah out that it was that it was. Nobody gets into much trouble. Oh. It. Equal body it terrible out in well it. Yeah oh yeah you bet your betterment because I'm out of in light out to play along with the game and I. I think they think I'm on my life go to. Heaven in a Red Sea and everything a little morally. Until. It. And it out of bad apple pulled cargo like I got via the U. Don't know. That they are random like man and it wouldn't it. All that you know. It gave that they like to step up and you know honest errors though you about that and people did real well a lot Wednesday sentinel group and that is being may. Have bought. Yet for sure absolutely Ken Matt thanks a phone call things the story. Knight digger here walked in on somebody to like. Accidentally about a change in the red that happen now now and a bass tournament and a bloody. Now Tim. Well definitely it's that's awkward I know it's more awkward walk this money on dressing. Or. Sending a bad text message Alamo. That's tough like its until we walk around I try not to make eye contact for like ten minutes can zone they connected. You look at I tens of our match controlled itself is always just catches the head no with Jake on. Really good interviews today goes to my podcast senator. 811 tomorrow night you know double coverage have a draft conversation. Also tackle football vs flag football which one's safe for the numbers might surprise you a little bit. I'm Christian Garrett that funny alias of a five on up.

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