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Jake Madison Interview on Double Coverage at 10:20pm

Feb 16, 2017|

Bourbon Street Shots' Jake Madison joins Double Coverage to recap the Pelicans 95-1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Basketball that's right at pelicans 95 and anyone over Memphis three out of four now for the pelicans. I'm doing well thank you know to bankers. Sherman always a pleasure it. Talk a little hoops review and iso 9591. End and make the get a win and that's important like right so the three games out of the playoff potentially and and there are some that a start to get excited cut take the approaching it like I let it lets see him get there is a Bennett he's pretty much up and ally like there. And their partners off on the opposite end of the spectrum in in the saints where they looked good. Look good look really good and they looked really bad so what do you make of this recent surge. You know it's like you say things and it did about the games back from me he deferred most of the key to change it kind of thinking in the paper not really making up. Any ground in October being in these deep into the season were seven games for the coyotes are well over half way. They're still experimenting and still trying to trying to. Figure some things I think that and QB inconsistency. Should they be doing and you know he's in in almost three quarters into bigotry and you're probably not. But you know they played with the small lineup that was very effective for a period of time but indeed protect Bangkok getting hurt playing center. They needed to deal week that the bidding kind of rotating. Other centers in whether elect the agents to not mock units or complaint church jailed there. And until they really trying to figure out their identity in Vail are it's going to be helped them to really surge into that he bought. But now that there at the all star break out a couple of you know about a week or so law wouldn't treat it Beatles week away. These next he'd either some days are gonna be vitally important for the strange. And it really gonna kind of give them the activities they want whether they make them or not. And kind of figure out what the wannabe trying you know podium playoff spot during the stretch run. With the trade deadline looming. What if you're a gambling man would you would you bet that they make a move data and they pull off a trade to a local four. I can be for Okafor that would be Brook Lopez to someone else who's been mentioned or maybe you know there's a wild card in there somewhere I'm sure I'd say yet. And let you know I don't know they sincerely your gonna get the best way they could. Have to say yet to be you know dynamic employment to an extent here. But mainly because delta is on the hot seat and he needs to be something to trying to save his job standing likely he's going to do that. Looking to make a move to try to you know retain his job for another year couple seasons after. And they kind of hone in on the opposition they want which is an offensive minded that are there are some that are available. There are portrayed that could go and make out there it's just whether it goes straight comic the right price or not for the team. Pay analogy Madison had no Jake does a great job covering the pelicans for Barbara tree sized dot com good follow on Twitter at Milledge Aiken. For the burgers and our conversation. What does Anthony. I mean I'm sure he'd probably prepped them in private they become them that it put a whole lot more pressure on him luckily he did have a conference call. With reporters and media yesterday Ricky emphatically that I want to be here I'm not going anywhere and that reassurance from. The band panicking don't command say that within the first year contract extension. You've locked in for three more seasons after that he's got no you know leverage to demand betrayed you need it became public. Publicly said that. The vote wouldn't grant and they're not gonna trade him at least until the final year contract through you know the team has from time. I think that they would probably just look worse for the team with a shell of the dysfunction the crime scene. And you know I'm sure he's frustrated he's talked about how we needed so important to them. He wants to leave a legacy behind. You know if you have a legacy you need to win you know he can't be happy. Behind the scenes look at all but on the circuit he is saying all the right things. And you know you don't necessarily doubt that as well. Do you the notion that fans are a little tired of the Hayward were improving the improving narrative that seems to come with a pelicans. You know I don't really trying to did you beat gene fan interest especially on Twitter where they feel they are that. Team. And the frustration is there a hiring you have you know it all started when he gave it all NBA player who goes in 1990 output up you know at times historical lines with a point and rebound and block he gets. And they can't win. And that bear frustrating see what you got there's 120 lifetime you generational talent in him when they drafted him first overall. And they just had no ability to put a winner. On the court and to try to sped up without that gentry and like you know what we talked about just before it would be inconsistencies. The hard acting general manager Dell Demps. Make these moves are players that don't work out in all the concentrating a future first round picks for guys with whom there are strict according complain right after the definitely frustration. He's up there and it it's a reasonable thing for them to be feeling. Winding down we Jake Madison that Nolan Jake writer for virtually shots dot com what they do with Jrue Holiday is also is scheduled to come. A freeagent. You know the debate in very many options you know like it paid we're walking he's he's gonna commander. And your Max salary or somewhere in the region of 26 million per year. If you weren't 2690 probably worth a little bit left it's going to be a flight over paper maybe a couple of million pitched in the grand scheme of things is it really that. Pat but if you let them walk you're not going to be able to spend that money you'd have the 26 million aren't anywhere else gonna come even close to. Giving you equal value on the court equal production. I think ago looked to Max him out basically maker making an offer he can't refuse hopefully. And bring him back over the past ten or so games he's been a bit of the different player he's been far more aggressive far more decisive and seeing actually now. In its outline we put 24 point. Template readout on deputy played at a near all star level itself Anthony Davis Love in two by and large degree human you know especially after being big weapon with his wife results heated. So I don't. See him on the trading block it all the trade deadline I think they'll keep them and the looked to recite in the talks he's. Quickly Jake just what's on a site right now look at people find a perversion is just not come. Over their bishop who got behind. Content talking about Brook Lopez who will Okafor anyone like that that's all that's been rumored to the comfort to argue why their good fit whether not a good fit. Whatever you need to know about those guys we've got primary sport and will keep that common in the days to come up until the trade deadline. Indeed that's for surely to back real soon Hampshire as the trade lie trade deadline comes to fruition and if the pills are active make a trade. I steadily come back over as the winds yelling channel for W to Google TV necks and also you ever Senna. Text message he wanted to have back. Simply lost her job in the tourism industry in Louisiana we'll explain next.

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