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2-16 5am Dave, Put down the phone and drive!

Feb 16, 2017|

Phone use behind the wheel has contributed to a skyrocketing crash and death rate in Louisiana and across the nation. WWL's Dave Cohen asks listeners for solution. Also, is Pastafarian a real religion? And should a teen who was saving a man from dying in an icy lake have been benched for missing the bus to his high school basketball game?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake. Now on board WWL first news with Dave Cohen on WWL pay on my Thurman dot com and it. It's after 5 AM at the early edition at WW Albers says it's February. The sixteenth. 2017. Even better than days before Friday Al happy Friday eve to you and yours yeah. Yes I didn't days on ice who celebrated twice here on the early edition of WWL first. I am not I guess surprised. That nationwide. Part me and here in Louisiana. That crashes. And fatalities. Are on the rise the highest we've seen in over a decade. Because. Officials say. Texting and driving. And drinking and drive nor employed on a combination. Dwell on that when you do about the text a drink and drive. That reared you're done form by now I mean. You know they told us for years now that using your phone while driving it not only texting people word. Emailing are not playing Internet games there's act adding FaceBook saying whatever it. That is actually more dangerous. In many cases than drinking. Because you've got a situation where people are just looking. Not at the route. They're looking at their bounds as a serious business here I'm out doctor reviewer doing thirty or seventy you know you. There's too many people come on magic come up behind him cotton in front via. You know you gotta take your eyes off the road for significant amounts of time when you're interacting with your found that more and more teams that people just don't. It is now worried about it the feeling they can handle it or they just think about it I don't I don't know what to do but they just think like it's okay. To. Use your phone while you drive. Pan. I don't know if there's a solution at this hour rough is a way to solve this because there have been several public campaigns trying to attack this to go after it might it. But it just not work now. And even the fanciest. Technology that you could have in the car you're still going to be distracted even it's all on the dasher now. They're punching away at things and yet if you're talking here and so I don't know how to solve this. Because they've made you know legal text and drive everywhere. And that Athens the problem because it's very hard for. Very difficult to pull someone over. And then say you were texting and driving now I was looking at my map I was using my variation I mean how can. In and is on so much an officer on scene can do without a warrant and then it just becomes such a nightmare in terms of prosecutorial process and judicial process so. I don't now knowledge uses no easy answer to all our nose when I get in and takeoff and strapping on. I feel like come you know going on of the race course. You know I think I'd really don't and it's just that's that's were my attention who's gonna beat them. Even at that's your lucky to have not get Napster enter some ride and I will admit that I will when I get to a red light. Returner attacks read the taxpayers to see what alerts or arm or pull over and I have been guilty. He usually of being one of those people that drive me crazy. When the light turns green you're not paying attention he'll go away. And they don't communicate due to go. And then as that that was him on your behind them that much time you medium before you'll. You know as easily go 11000. The North Korea the only two or three seconds before you to have on the on any deal as it is one of those. As little friendly tabs on guys and nobody I don't think everybody likes getting haunts. And now that the atom atom an argument for it. So it takes 87870. And he cannot dispute the evidence the numbers are clear crashes are up to tell these are. And they're going up every year and and what do we do. To get people off of their phones and paying attention when their operating. These. Thousands and thousands of pounds of vehicle. Today can easily kill themselves or somebody else in our more than ever as more than last decade. How do we turn this around. What's the solution. I don't know it melt at things going anywhere is to think and today on and kids are seeing it irked some kids are gonna do it too I think we're gonna hold generation of drivers that. Are going to be paying attention it may may be self driving cars as answer Rolf maybe throw reason he had asked the you know I've been kind of on the fence about self driving cars for awhile but now and one of the I think about it maybe it's time to put self driving cars on the road so we take good driving control out of the hands of people not paying attention please the computers will be paying attention on my Viet. Maybe negative aren't. Thanks in its seventieth avenue folks what's the solution in this. How do we solve this problem or religious in awhile just gonna see more crashes more fatalities. Just the way we're at it. I don't think you can fix the problem of texting while driving one person tax is 8787. Hopefully while driving. Just like people say you can't fix stupid. Another presence as the key to fixing the deadly car accidents bubble wrap. Not sure how that would work but okay does that I love to drive and I'm great at it but spoils the experiences the other drivers. And then there's this text message it's. The crash rate is up because pools disobeyed the law. Take away the person's phone if they're caught. That is a solution now wearing and a decades tie. Crash and fatality rate both in Louisiana and across the country and experts blame. Texting while driving surfing the web while driving social media while driving and drinking and driving in age old problem. And I just don't Steve turner around anytime soon because everyone it seemed disease in the phones while they're behind the wheel and I'm asking do you have a solution. Taken people's phones away. Does this get another one on the forecast. We'll see plenty of sunshine today a little warmer out they're too with a high of 634. Today mostly clear in Chile with lows on the North Shore the lower forties in the South Shore the upper forties. On Friday look for clouds increased during the day when it come a little warmer with a 20% chance or some late day showers high temperatures climb to around the upper sixties at 69 degrees. This is a go to Friday night serie the first 60% chance for showers and thunderstorms but the rain should wrap up by 9 AM on Saturday. And becoming partly cloudy and mild great weather for the parades with highs around 76 and seven days days partly cloudy and very mild with highs in the upper seventies. For the pinpoint forecast center on WW LTV you biologist Dave dust. A few clouds over the airport in Canner where it's 49 degrees north wind used it five miles an hour tonight to module windshield and on the North Shore. Woo its frosty clear and 34 and slide out with calm winds and it's perfect conditions for a little. Ice to form on your windshield. Steve Geller is here with sports on your Friday. CI performance from an unlikely source in Memphis crossover dribble though beats Addison goes to a two lives. Who's this Sullivan show are all about that call courtesy of the pelicans radio networks on the hill put up to three points to the piles doing 95 to 91 victory over the grizzlies. Drew qualities word 97 assists for New Orleans well Anthony Davis added AT. Republicans because their four game road trip with 81 record and how's it. Who would have used behind the eight seed in the Western Conference going in all star weekend. Will be LSU baseball team had some positive news around me outfielder Greg indictment deep practice yesterday with no problems. After suffering a fractured cheekbone last week. If he gets clearance from a doctor to date the tigers beat the home run hitter from last year should be in the lineup tomorrow against air force. Staying on the diamond the elegy softball team like Louisiana Tech five nothing tigers pitcher Pete Hoover. Her second career no hitter striking out elected as the by evening gals improved to five point. It's too late meant that almost pulled off a big upset against night brightness and you the green wave that the first thirty minutes. Couldn't hang on pooling AD seventy by expanding to losing streak in ninth straight. Well called the company is headed to New Orleans know the pelicans having traded for him. But to New York Knicks forward has been added to the Eastern Conference all star team for Sunday's game in this movie king center. It's being spent all started for Melo who replaced injured Kevin Love look. Cleveland will be brought Jesus had been selected to more all star game to be among active players. At trump won't be filling out in NCAA tournament bracket yes yet this gore. Its predecessor Barack Obama. ESPN's spokesman says that the network expressed its interest to the White House continuing the presidential bracket and was respectfully decline. Today apple on sports talk with Bob Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Ready for the opening weekend College Baseball we'll check in with Ellison's pulmonary to entrap Hewitt will be a lot yet south east and you win those head coaches right Steve dale with you early morning the sport. I've taught history they've gone together with you on your radio said Guyton and earlier this week gets hit in the face of the ball fractured as she needed surgery. To repair the damage. And yes there is back to practice yeah I think Youkilis had the hot seat this to be a prime candidate they speak now one tough customer. We still don't know if he's gonna be medically cleared to play. Tomorrow when Alice you baseball opens the regular season. I yet later on today around 3 o'clock after practice pulmonary we'll speak with the media and let us know the Riyadh the results from the doctor but dom. All sides from practice just they were positive so great sorrow for Alicia baseball that's a tiger is leading home run hitter from last season. On top customers thank you Steve. But what you try to do that apart again about Tony Imus sports on WW well how do you solve this problem of increasing crashes and fatalities largely due to. People using their phones behind the wheel text messages and it's 7870. On Reza does make a movie about the dangers of using your beeper and phone while driving. And also take away the sounds from people who are caught using their phones behind the wheel and make that. We paid to get their phones back. Her horses and their reasons why you want place serious hardball and that would work averages jam up the courts and become an administrative nine daily what's the solution to texting and driving. They're very simple solution they used to have. A digital speedometer that would activate a given device. Everything's electronic ink are bound days is just. So you've gone shouldn't work at all if you're going over a certain speed well it could actually make it where you could receive signals. But not transmit what if there's an emergency you've got to call the cops are so. You pull over did not get the get. It spewed out and go to zero that's what you should do it mostly emergency pull off the road. They we appreciate the call with the early edition read WL offers news on the sixteenth of February 2070. It is a decade before Friday at that happy Friday eve 21 at all Friday that it's nice we celebrated toys edition giving it EU just like New Year's Christmas. The others significance. Racial. I don't think you can't fix the problem texting while driving on parts of Texas and it's. Document affected. The Calgary scratches in decades guy because of people who will now but their phones down behind the wheel they did acted the connected it interactive with their phones in this social media texting and everything else while their rating. A huge motor vehicle. One person Texas and that's unfortunately is going to take an accident or fatality. December and then with a light bulb goes off for most people. And they stopped texting while drive by the way things are going everyone's you know some guys. Oregon and Austin which saw such a massive increase. You can just imagine you know parents lose. A child. On and on that they know that was the reason. As like really although I've been here in those stories now for. Ten years now yeah. You know about the teenagers died and is that is teenagers anymore every or sure. Technology is already available for note texting while motion has detected as another person and it's neat but it called this before the news who said the same bank shot. The phone down when the car reaches a certain speed. And part of me says that the idea if the phone doesn't work. Insisted it was good as it yeah now I hope the technologies they're definitely navigation still works a phone to tell you what ago. So you know you know that's the last thing ways people trying to. Navigate around when they have no idea where they're going in your phone can tell you. Turn right 500 feet and then got the goods especially since it talks to you know really have to look exactly. By on the other hand you know my first thought was lately if you have to call 911 what do we have an emergency. And you're moving too fast and your phone is disabled because of this software. And as a emergencies you really have you have to call now a college or just pull over over beeper number and Elizabeth chasing you don't wanna pull over some chasing. That does that really happen. But I have a driver for a few decades now and so far no one's been chasing all over colony chases that we never had that all the places they can say yeah. I guess that is pretty greater maybe I don't know. That that another person lives. Where the problem texting and driving and the increases the town when you get people like you only add to the texting problem. Asking people to text about dumb stuff in the morning all I'll be able to drive all piracy okay. Waited until it's my fault your eyes making new text and drive because that day texts me at 878 and he. I frequently say don't do it while you're driving. Bind and again that's my fault. And it's dumb stuff apparently but this person Texan and they were driving when that it. There might very well you're not and at least. Answers are if you reach agreement how about some salt and several mile Texans that the answer is self control another person does that says my vehicles equipped with speak to tax. And I think that's helpful as well if you use the speak to tax is still not really paying attention to dealing. If you're telling your car a text my wife and talent and now BOO eight. I mean. Elis you keep your eyes on the on the road I guess in the situation. Which is still not really paying attention. And I just wonder how we live without Smart in how did how did how did we survive. Well we're dying because art gallery or fewer fatalities yeah we but not how to get along how to week utterly satisfied. You know our our needs to be connected when. Before he had to pull over on a pay phone if you look at the calls them. You into the conversation coming what raw. People aboard eyed Dutch court has upheld a mayor's refusal to issue driver's license to a man. Who submitted a photo of himself. Wearing a Hollander. On his head. That's the thing that you use. When you make your spaghetti on yet another round here in notre yeah yeah yeah he poured out of the pot in doing calendars the ball with the holes it is on his head he's gotten on his head. And the people think the pace that you can't Wear that on your head. You have to take that off for your driver's license he refused. Because he says he was expressing his cost safari in space. All okay. Hostile foreign hands belong to the church of flying spaghetti monster. Oliver rarity that began in the US in 2005. Protesting religion. Encroaching into the nation's public schools. The mayor of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Last year rejected the man's request in part because he ruled the group couldn't be considered a genuine religion. Religious headdresses are all. On passport photos driver's license and things like that you have. You are deemed to be a part of a apparently legitimate religion. The court agrees saying hostile foreign faith quote did not show sufficient seriousness. To be considered a really hit you man. And no licensed to please you to idealize and take Nick Collins are off your hand yet and we're gonna put you right in the why. Would people fly because yak. I know it's hard and religious rights are very touchy delicate that you. But I think it's pretty clear that hostile Fareed. It's not real. And us. You know roster that I am with the dreadlocks and all that there real religion pasta bar in. Not so much and it puts you see what all. All with people files thank you day there out in less than twenty minutes more first news here at WW well. Like these that but the weather is not north of the lake got the frost as we go live and direct the pinpoint forecast and that they get my day. And happy Friday eve to mr. meteorologist Dave knows more. Yes quality. Selvin with a little straightening north Willingham a 34 degrees and no wind that's a perfect formula for me fry. These start voting on frost out there right in Slidell area there at thirty forces McComb ailment at 36. In Baton Rouge authorities belch it's even 38 degrees this morning so cold enough frost and LK and the other frosty down there it's amazing how the lake and it's sitting at 63 this morning. Definitely influences our temperatures here in the city but you don't get the West Bank it's about 34 degrees colder there. In downtown it's it Abu warm up by decently today. A bit just gonna be. Really cool day. Going to be around 63 here nor shall we get a little warmer than that averages 66 now so it was going to be below average the last two days. Which canonized incident we've been ridiculously warm. But then a warming try to continue though was goaded morrow not quite as cold in the morning in the forties but we are gonna see some wet weather returning to get into Friday night now. She get all the parades in Friday night without much of any rainfall which is good news still plan to be too late Friday eight after the inquiry after separates they get the could be a spotty shower sprinkle. Anywhere from say about 9 o'clock to midnight and then after midnight this year rain started to come and and like who will be heavy at times meaning from the city to the coastal areas. Could see some thunderstorms to not expecting any severe weather which is good news but still some heavy downpours. And looks like there riddle wrapped up is it to about 9 AM on Saturday the way to models showing in Iowa are parades early Saturday there are going to be in line and up and it will be lining up so as they line up looks at the rate would start to taper off by the time they start at 11 AM. There breach of god here still kind of mostly cloudy by then. And then by the afternoon plenty of sunshine expecting great weather for the afternoon and evening parades on Saturday 76 or higher on Saturday and Sunday even warmer and warmer closed degrees what have great weather partly cloudy skies all day for all those parades no problems what so ever. And then next week we start woman Monday eighty part rain returns on Tuesday outlook and a severe weather at its heavy downpours beginning Monday night. Through the date Tuesday into Wednesday it's kind of saw the beginning of the. With keep and I am Mattingly in June next week for now would just be glad it looks like any rain that we do you have over the next three days. Well happen when there are not parades rule you ready to play The Who belongs in the what. Rob people file rights do you are writing Clayton New York high school basketball player helped rescue an ice fishermen from Lake Ontario. Yeah yeah I was mission on the lake when the thin ice which has been causing problems up there for snowmobile lawyers and rights Fisher's. More people if sponsor of the lake and have been in a long time because it's been a mild winter. So this ice fisherman balls through the light. So Lucas action was among the volunteer firefighters and Clinton who rescued the stranded fishermen from a drifting ice flat. And he missed. The team bus to a basketball game because she was assisting in the rescue. The school requires the players not writing on the boss call the coach or athletic director. The team says he wasn't able to call because he was rescuing a guy from a frozen or semi frozen lake. The coach sat him for the game and would not let him play. It is the students knew the policy. But they say they're willing to consider changing the rule in the future. So he say guys life. You miss the team buys penalized and he got benched because he violated team policy. Who in this story belongs in the what wrong with people thought the ice fishermen because he knew he ignored warnings from officials as well let's let the teenager for rescuing the guy and missing the bus the coach for benching him or the policy for existing we put in the vial. Would you differs catch anything. A cold at the effect and no dinner there so that that doesn't go well for him he's he's in the five days. The school board I mean. Again it's it's I mean that would think he would like to he. Wore the deceived again life. You know that maybe particularly newsworthy and you know you're station house would be all over the story by. You know. Superintendent. The coaches kind of stuck by the rules he didn't call the coach granted. A kitten stately in the coaching does follow the rules. But having school wartime. I'd they reopened the fishermen in the school board in the file thank it and are they must know Islam live and Eric from the pinpoint forecast that Russell thanks for calling your on WWL. What do we do about this problem of increasing crashes and fatalities thanks to people using their phones beyond the real. And and Dave are actually currently apps out there available now Obama is AT&T drive mode. Double lockyer alone in not allowed to read seed in common notification. But let me ask. You going to bring. Giving people who text and drive are going to go and download an app to keep them from texting and driving it's voluntary. You can't force this app on somebody right. Probably not but you can do preacher and the people that are you can kind of incentive. Lock in and now one more or a phone number that you are. I like their number. And they can't use their own while the critical of the motion. So we appreciate the call may be that up for the kids about all these adults texting and driving. Him. Thanks mandates avenue eighth avenue while you're not driving with your react on this Friday. WWL sports thanks in the morning. Well what a night for the pelicans and Solomon Hill who scored a season high 23 points and in 95 to 91 road win over the grizzlies. The victory put an end to New Orleans seven game losing streak commit this as drew holiday we him Bob his way through the Bayer's. They almost lost triple has at some level of side streets from their one of the river personal habits good and what often under. Or scoop. Past Marcus all Beckel courtesy of the pelicans radio network Holliday finished with nineteen points seven assists. The team heads into the all star break on 82 game win streak and now two and a half games behind Denver for the eighth seed in the west. LSU outfielder Greg Dyke and practiced with the team yesterday. After suffering a fractured cheekbone last week. He experienced no problems and if he's cleared by the doctors later today I mean will be able to play tomorrow season opener vs air force. In softball LSU pitcher Carl Hooper tossed his second career no hitter and the programs 38 all time as tiger shut out Louisiana Tech five nothing. Hoover struck out on Lebanon to help boost LSU's record to five and one. Well perhaps the two men's basketball team did everything right against nineteenth ranked SMU guilty a fifteen point lead. But the mustangs will go after halftime but outscored in the green wave by 21 lead in route to an eighty to 75 comeback win it was two lanes ninth street that fee. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony's been added to the Eastern Conference all star team for Sunday's game here in New Orleans. It's the tenth all star nod for Anthony who replaces the injured Kevin Love Cleveland. Vince has hired agent Leigh Steinberg an apparent attempt to reboot his football career the 330 quarterback is attempting a comeback as he's now plea that game in the NFL's regular season since 2011. And retired 2014. And a movie about quarterback Tom Brady is in the works according to deadline dot com the website claims that a pair Oscar nominated writers are going to team reflect that will focus on Brady's role. In the patriot epic comeback in the Super Bowl but. We'll begin with that the flaky scandal. Padilla for sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Who's ready for the opening weekend of College Baseball we'll check in with LA she's pulmonary too late Travis Hewitt. Plus Louisiana Lafayette southeastern end UN knows it coaches I'm Steve Geller with your early morning to export back pretty. I've gave Steve on your raid DO would you go see a movie about Tom Brady. Sure I'm gonna go into CD draft date movie with Kevin Costner. That it was fun. Wasn't realistic but it was fun yet though once they started doing all the crazy trade scenarios I kind of checked that was like this is ridiculous habit you would like to see a movie about the life and times of Tom Brady in the struggles he faced with the plate gate. And then coming back to win the super ball in dramatic against the falcons look great footage that would be. Thank you deputy fire talking about the decades high crash and fatality rate thanks in large part to texting and driving and other phone use behind that we all the L what's the solution. A lot out there a solution other than more training because it's more than tax day is the text saying it eating. It. Driving. Yeah you're right. And the summit distractions behind the wheel one person Texas and it's 7870s as look at how they've been fighting drinking and driving and haven't won that battle so honestly I don't think they're gonna win the cellphone battle. Another present tax as if you're going to disable the ability of the phones to work while the vehicle is moving then you're gonna have passengers and children who can't use their found either in the car. How many wrecked again because my parents screaming at their kids because the kids. Distracted from the paving. Oh goodness.

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