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WWL>Topics>>2-16 7am Tommy, can the US be friends with Russian and Putin?

2-16 7am Tommy, can the US be friends with Russian and Putin?

Feb 16, 2017|

Tommy talks to Melvyn Levitsky, Professor of International Policy and Practice at the University of Michigan and former ambassador to Brazil and Bulgaria, about US/Russian relations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now what's Tommy Tucker on WW LA MI famine dot com. I'd tell you what I think you know the candidates from before it was president truck had some trouble with the intelligence community. And he used at one point the phrase Nazis like techniques I think it's something. That's not the exact quote but. Com. I think he made a lot of Emmys in government pulls away he won and went after you won the election I don't think. Are we living in Nazi Germany is what he says and Marco Rubio coincidentally enough just said on an interview with CBS that. The public is getting more rule information from leaks than congress is getting through the proper channels all of us Argo and now on I just think that. What is going on here is that. Candidate trump angered a lot of people because he is nontraditional in the government. And as a result some people in the government. Are doing what they can get back get an answer grow leaks are coming from a to every shard things they Rashard urine double WL. Ali I'm eight I don't what's. It. We went your own of the green watchers you and him on the. That same help and me. As you can think this massive the treatment that. Might be different adrenaline and read it real time. It couldn't have been. Mike fully written with Russia. And older couple. Down only army what you mean literally overrun at a time when you mean real it's real what does woody Neiman. One arrest if you are when Vietnam on a home that shall. I hope of course to get away and analysts also Russia also. On playing getting even exceed commit to. Because Utley yet. Okay not. Competently. And I'm an old soulful. Okay immediate treatment and about. A woman actually secure at next it was so went to problem is that correct. Wouldn't call on his arm back and he trying to we completely but we know what do we. Need. But in the same token there. We eat. Up a net income in the. Then what it means. What did Corretja. And things that they been out. In anguish and Michael and Pratt and Michael and the angle compact is pretty on the immediate and dean even at the ancient. Him and apparently he I got two weeks ago. Reshard Iowa that's a bank everybody should know that but they'll look it up of not thank you for your call. We're gonna have a guess we come back and in the next half hour I am not going to allow a negative call about Donald Trump. We are going to be positive about this now would you call me starting at 730 with what you'd like. About the president's administration his accomplishments so far and why it is that you are so glad he's in the White House were to take up. A positive spin on this we join Melvin. Will this Tia professor of international policy and practice at the university of Michigan's Gerald. And a former ambassador to Brazil and Bulgaria are good morning mr. ambassador aria. Armed RU I'm well sir thank you for taking the time with this mom in terms of Islam. Is that things the Russians are up to. With. Clear treaty violation with with the cruise land based cruise missile with a range of 300 miles dozen ships. The the spy ship to go to college then does the south of gruden Connecticut I think that the home of the US a submarine fleet. Is this typical Russian behavior do they. Do this every now and end just to kind of strut around owner or let their people know that they ever think that they are in control sentinel will what is all this mean. Well I think that they have inspector and a doing this sort of challenges exercise over long longer period of time since relations kind of cooled off after these so called reset kind of went sour. You know they bugged airplanes in the medium in the Baltic Sea. They come close to ships as well. Of course we know you know Ukraine. They've been concerned about NATO moving. They have a lot of problems on there along their own borders. So this is not a usual however. Given the that situation especially with these sort of nice words being at between. Putin and mr. trump. During the election campaign. Seems to me that there is that kind of testing going on Odyssey well they can go. It might not make sense to some people because you might think well we'll lay off this stuff until. In until trump gets there but they've done this pretty consistently. Palm the treaty violations of pretty serious thing behind that tree was one you know the intermediate nuclear forces treaty. Was one remember. I was in the government owned service softer US diplomat that was negotiated over a long period of time. During the Reagan administration. It was very complicated but it looked like it really reduce emissions reduced tensions in. In Europe primarily since it's in the interim the intermediate missiles. And so violation of that that treaties that there's something we we shouldn't and can't ignore. I don't know what the administration is going to do our other artery activist. You know to these recent moves which you mentioned. From mice and you know a little cold warriors actually serve most times during the Cold War. My sense is that you have to that respond in some way or at least make it clear that this is not acceptable to them I haven't seen. Some mr. ambassador if you if you look politically it Donald Trump and things he set about Vladimir Putin bombed the things he said about our intelligence community. From. The action the Russians have taken particularly violating the treaty that Jauron rate Ronald Reagan in Gorbachev signed. As our Aziz the crew land based cruise missiles with a 300 mile radius they can carry nuclear warhead. What does he do now because if is he comes down to hard. I think the Russians aren't gonna back down if he comes down to easy people are gonna say politically that he's in bed with the Russians. Izzy and a tight spot right now. Well I think he's in the he's in the right spot but that's it it's always been the question of how you compartmentalized. Your relations with city. With an adversary. That word you have some areas that you could have some cooperation. And where there are some areas where your national interest conflict so. I mean it it's not an easy thing to do on the other hand nothing. Repeat that. In fact the I just took a look this morning NIC that the chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff general them borders. Often as late to Azerbaijan to have them a meeting with his Russian counterpart. That's good. We should be talking with them because we're involved in Syria we want to make sure that we don't. You know that would leave we coordinate subways we will get them side by side by side with each other and getting to some kind of shooting practice. So I think they're they're easier on them. There's an economic period we incorporated and and you know I group that to the few weeks go for mr. trump took office early in popular that would basically says this does romance that they have. There's Alina quick to laugh because they're just there is a national interest where we conflict. The congress has pretty much hard line if you take a look majority hard line against the Russians. Mr. trump building personal relations count but they don't count for a lot when you're looking at big national interest of the kind that we just. We've just discussed so. There has to be some kind of thought given to OK let's look let's look at what areas where we actually could cooperate maybe serious. When were we can start. That's possible there in the eastern Ukraine including chromium I think that's gone. But at least in the eastern Ukraine we can credit credit the conflict to an area. So and that's that the idea that the job of them now with the Kia that come about you know with the media. What general slim and with these rumors both rumors and allegations about context of the Russian. This is kind of what's on the monkey wrench into into the them into the works because. You know people don't people suspect that something's going on. Russians don't like some of the statements diplomat as the other days that we should be working on the brink of peace through strength. They either as a kind of talents. And so we need there are problems there severe problems. I just hope that the administration get its act together. I get going and have some kind of policy rather than having this sort of diplomacy by tweeting every morning. Real quick. And it will have about a minute the editor missiles I don't see how Lincoln stayed deployed because it's a clear violation of the treaty that would be a deal breaker was any deal would it not. I obviously if you break an important treaty like that unless unless you pull out formerly. Remember George W. Bush did with the ABM treaty he gave notice as. Was called for under the treaty and we pulled out the ABM treaty with their actions. But you know we this is something we have to go to you know we have to go to the boxing ring. I'll win then we have that we do we have to do we have to make sure that they're conforming to this treaty otherwise that we got real problems. Thank you so we have Pataki again. Imus ambassador had a good day Melvin Nowitzki professor of international policy and practice. At the university of Michigan's Gerald. And Bulgaria won't come back to 60187. If you like to compliment the president and Telus. And tell the audience about what it is that it's going right and some of the good things that are coming out of the White House that people aren't. Paying attention of the mainstream media isn't covering. And also I'll I'll ask you about this Russia's situationally. I think the United States should do. And are we in a position with all of the chaos going on a really take a hard stand against rusher right now and prudent it seems to me is gonna. Take advantage of every bit of disorganization. Of weakness or whatever he signs it is. To do it every once saint Tammany parish sheriff's office stops a guy Tony three year old. Ernest felt in the second Florida resident on my Crawford traffic violation is that they found and. A whole Augusta there were some drugs purple drank. Purple drank now. Purple drank. Or drank purple drank yet harper dry you know that is senator coating and implements losing coating which is costs here and I don't know. Man I -- such deal was when it comes dating cough syrup and got to put it and in a little cup and dragons fans and wash it down some realities in these evil step on it and hits him in a boy baby bottle Israel was and I can't imagine it is it just. Now that he of the bunch and the car just limited since they're bloggers have on the monitor and you have. I just I hate to take cough medicine somebody could sit on that tot Norris your high you're doing your and other WL. It. I don't know is that you the other as struck out at. You or olina Dicey chuckled to age not. What do. That is the app lets me positive. Quote don't want to open. True. Our wing audience he did your new campaign. I think I think it should be so. Governor I mean I think I've heard on the break there. And immigration date yet but no one. Why aren't people want immigrant vote or order a quote a truer. That is not what the president is what President Bush and what illegal immigration not evil accretion. I am disturbed by that's been bit about it when it's. Our. I like that active what do we don't worry read a book I. The try to get the numbers they they let the edit much but. What's it going to be in I think that's a relic that we are. It'll responsible bankrupt. And about Russia. Like the person lets go of the beauty. We're sitting in the spotlight but enjoy it that they like most of our problem. But I question though one other cultures. I try to rent for example I mean what sort of the pack heat they think. If that it was sweet spot although there we were out there. Lady do let. I hit the yen would be more so on the silence would you check your. Equipment and it. What they're. It's an interesting tale. And take its. And like when you know you get a problem employee and now are you are a problem employee and all of a sudden certainly than you alone. And are leaving you alone is a finding your place. But yet other. At the ballpark what is your response. I think that that the that I can they got but he. I talking lady called had a good day. To 601870. Chuck set the table for yet. Come on in handsome had a bite of positive that he tell me what you like about the drug administration so far what do you think is working. And do you think the intelligence community are other branches of government because there was such an anti trump sentiment in the country. Are kind of lining up against Jimenez. If they don't what they can make the president's detail what in the world does that say about them as Americans I mean everybody wants. The country safe and successful right along those lines. A taser on that and makes me think everything is not as bad. As some are making it out to be. From intelligence. Papers are being leaked things are being leaked. It's criminal action criminal act. And it's been going on for a long time. And of course she got to make a distinction between people inside of the government leaking information and somebody outside of the government. Packing a web site and releasing information. From this taxes interest in console crap that's. Some sync against he had an off year test. So in Manning at this text mining need I remind you would Mitch McConnell said when Obama was inaugurated Mitch McConnell said he would do anything to see that Obama fails. You had no problem with that. How the hell do you know its debt awesome and I had no problem with that. I was eight years ago when you're gonna tell me I had no problem with that you have to be a lot to have a problem with that today if any party government fails we all fail. John river edged higher on WW morning. Or. Doubt it did it do it and leave it all and let him do what she knows best he's not gonna messed up. And I personally I hope he becomes debate. Good buddies were pollutants because temple which it help whilst still be out for help west if we needed any trouble with other countries. I gotta. Tell you. John what better Italian. Yet had me until apart we've become friends with Putin because I think that's. Remembered downtrend on Donald content or entering Donald Trump. On the campaign trail used to quote the lyrics from now Wilson's song. The snake U member of that song. And he would say you need to earn Milo was listening before he brought me and you didn't you can keep food and clothes if you want like keep your enemies close in Europe. And in year what is your friends close and your enemies closer I don't think. I can't the food and in the United States forming in allies are forming in. We Rico only them. Joint. Goal a table at somebody on together idea and is on CNN and. The not wanting to denote nonsense guy would do well it's very easy you know to lead. What that president that would stand there and get it virtually. Action now. Natural question to the people and I think that they. Do. I think it's it's yeah they are a lot. Yeah seek out. Did you just to change your mind by the Russians since Donald Trump was likened president. That rarely. It was against that stated United States but I mean people will be friends. A crisis people on their votes. And and it was so now trying to either. Star dutrow army. I think trouble before. Cartridge. And I go look at. All right it for a technical fight against our country debt before it without. Just we're just you know we were on different sides in Syria and bombing different people. Thank you we enroll. Well I don't want to say before is one thing that makes me think. That there is a lot of hyperbole on on a lot of exaggeration. Of oh. Messed up everything in and how dire everything is and and that is the stock market because it's in no time line. And investors generally. Authorities get two sisters and instability about the US government and man mortgages rolling along anticipating a big tax cuts so. That's what I look at and it tells me you know what if there was anything recently. Seriously. Wrong. It would be reflected in the market and and hasn't been re more concerned by the leaks against president trump or about what the leaks say. Because NPR has story that they posted yesterday afternoon. Quoting a US intelligence officials official which means he's leaking the other she is leaking the information. That there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the transcripts of Michael's Clinton's conversation with the Russian ambassador. And he also said there are recording or she either recordings as well as transcripts of the calls. And that the transcripts don't suggest when was acting under orders in his conversations. On words. There's nothing there. But that's a leak. That's now old news organizations get most of their news is that people leak you know and it's panel likeness embryonic relationship between the media. And the political world they they use each others if the mead the the media needs information. They go to their sources in the source once open. Put out there but they don't want it. Have the trek back to whoever was it put out there hurt somebody Els or put pressure country real whatever they leak it to the media. Hi play highly ranked source. Intelligence official those kind of things and all that is those early sole argument that. Also about crime when we come back and resisting an armed robbery attempt which it.

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