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2-16 8am Tommy, are the leakers being unfair to President Trump?

Feb 16, 2017|

Are you concerned about people leaking information about the Trump administration, or are you glad the info is out there? Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners.

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Axe it's army talker on WW LI AM a famine dot com David you're on the Tinder all the time margin. You're you shouldn't be grilling. It sounded good the dating website your math all you all and out on the ice and at peace in the nine now you couldn't sender. Plenty of fish anyway they got a restaurant and and somebody tweeted that this should be in every restaurant. In America an American ladies room on bars it says are you wanna date that isn't going well. If you tender or plenty of finished eight. Is not who they said they were on a profiler if you feel unsafe or just a little bit weird oh yeah I do is go to the bar. And order and angels shot. OK if you say I need an Angel shot in the neat yeah bartenders and escort duty car I got javy is sane Angel shot with nice you bartenders gonna call either and who boiler room girl or can ever lived for. If you say you want an Angel shot with Liam that means the bartenders gonna call the police. Sacha. So ice wine story and yeah and then. Don't really wisely. And dollars it reminds me of those ads I love those with a couple was honest. You know whether you know she's a I'm gonna send you a vague text and three is and whether it's never gonna see each other. Aero you know if you feel better I'll write downs league he did U pocket when you go out with you are today in those days snow angels show. It might have been bad for married couples actually if you had dinners like going too well and so it breaks out in angels shot. We even hear it looks like differing in a frank you're under the W morning. You know but it is Slobodan that our our. Eight nights where so adamant in. The other question you know issue with. A good buys on both sides. Here. I think we we the ball in on it it's our guy Torry art scene you know it means that. I think at each other. Look out so there and ask ask ourselves. That do we. Can we can we we pretty true. To true we really. A real good for the truth aside from legions of you the truth even if it's not say EP ebitda. Our own personal agenda and I think once we realize that so that question in. We realized. I think calm returns in and be let's divide. Well those lines frank. Along those lines you know if you go to an attorney. And or may be Vietnam. Whatever business where you need I don't narrow attorneys whatever advice you need from whomever okay. And what they what the truth is gonna make you may near gonna storm out and ending about the third guy you go to a woman. Isn't say the same thing in and finally they're gonna have you business. Lotta times they don't say the truth right away don't keep you coming back therapist or whatever until yeah. The united comfortable and maybe though there wiesel a bit of that and how concerned are you frank about your 401K. Are they are heavy ejected. Okay is it should be doing pretty well. And I edit text here and some money saying yeah the market's doing well but. It changes the businesses love. Low taxes and deregulation but it changes the world we live in a question is what is that world going to be like. So and SQ have you checked your 401K lately houses do Owen. And are you willing to get by with a may be a dirty your planet nor. Allow less less regulated businesses. In order that for a one Qaeda go way up some money text in you should have asked David Blake if he was on grinder and ending at about fifteen LO Els behind it's don't quite know that means. Mama Texans and I think the biggest fear liberals especially bill liberal biased media has. Is that trump succeed it's a shame these idiots are all hoping he fails but to be fair there were some people. That or wish in that President Obama would feel on Monday morning heat. Mom is when. Actions are not judged independent. As for standalone things enemy met that is when it's compared to a previous administration. Because to me that doesn't mean anything. If your broken down in the middle of the desert. And as somebody says we know what. Did did the other car would no broken down nets on gonna help begin moving. He just seems to be like a waste of time our Allen West Bank morning and WL. It. Scrambled but I. And win. Oh. And he come to. And the ones. On. The prayer. And you. Can't be able. It. Now. All. You can't do that you don't then. That's more than you are. Right. And we let me. Blitzes Moreland and and it or. And thought. We. Were. I do you have any any. Small party your brain. That stinks you know what just like his work outside markets on well this could be good for everybody. When I'm when I'm Obama and there are more equipment PayPal. It got out all old. Oh. Look at it. Is. Good but I. At all. It infrastructure program. Went out. And what it bought a couple of the people and people. I'd. 19800 on January 20 but a lot of that was the run up to Donald Trump com. Being elected president and along the anticipated lack of regulations lower taxes etc. Down and hearty hi Aaron got a W out the morning. And so we go. It's the that might say this resignation then. You know risk seen. There and you know via the general. Here where. Yeah you know it. And in the calling it. They would be there but still. He's against Google in the name me one bit on Google does is it means. The next irk people would be. Improper is that there is kept in the all eager as well as the alt the world a more. In. Ship it terminology means dual armed. Well so. Would've won it. And here it. He gets. Q I am. Which will be no more rain here but they're different icing it. We should implementation. Words. And terrible ones eking it. Our goal this administration. It Hillary Clinton. An. Attack are being. Anti national. Anti nationalist administration. So their beat if it's this narrative that Democrat urged the public. Conservative bursts at its meeting this week at these world people are understanding. That this country. On the brink but you know going back at nationals. Ball and so it would clear. Two to become used to cool as. Pollen in the wilderness. But there. Well I'd done so our guns and your Spanish but dom I'm glad you called. And only Omar colon before the news and would go to Jose that hey Jose. I had a better. You know one. I. A point that we. Would it be. It brought this the de Villa. In the it is. And we are. Debit. We know. We've got somebody that. War. It might actually you know go with. Bas is also. Update on. All. Blah okay it goes up and gave me the most. Indictment. By the day. All well now why make. That you were. That we would or at war on. In. That is. Why I don't mean people. And brought it in order an option. On the about speak out where. The action in. Britain. And it. We understand that if he didn't just let the pot just need the hour. And I don't. I'll. OK I see in Biloxi who went about general excellent Nikkei. Or do you. I. Leo you're. Well. I think. And I haven't heard it come out yet you know maybe I missed it. And it didn't acknowledge your upbringing in deal. And he had plain wrong Baylor now secret. Element to do it because it felt like well in the gears in there battle scenes. Security of America as well the rest of the world and there were summoned a hair held over whatever they didn't want those. Negative element that appealed to come out. On like eight man what you get that from. Now. I wasn't aware that they it was a secret component to the Iranian deal bullet. Is not credited at one point and red button. I didn't see anything and you know about kind of ciller anything it was supposed to. Be connected to it. Now. That some old a look a bit deeper into the coach Kotelly there was a lot of then I get more now they're. Plan would kind of prevail. And said that they had impart it it'll all come and go forth and now. What Donald Trump did due to be a successful president in your mind. Well for starters. It's. Going to be England during all got here first and patriotic. Goat keep America and around them. End. You know on dedicated to this country. Not necessarily a partisan thing. You know it's there is gonna have been at it real well. Have a proven record is in straight at an honor and you know apparently at a good sprawl. Support. He but I've always been around and hand you know it's. And this real quick really get your reaction to tweet Donald Trump release two minutes ago. The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election and so badly 306. So they made up a story Russia fake news. That's about the third time in the last four days the president has talked about his margin of victory. Do you think it's it's time to just kind of look forward and not look back to the election. Sure I do think Americans have to look old idiot lady here in town there's a lot of now there are completely shattered by the minute amount. Highly volatile reaction to earn election however in my life from extinction at your level. And some people just are not acting I mean we the people we elected him I can argue popular I. Every time we ate some and about it. His margin of victory doesn't it doesn't he bring it up again like he takes the scab off again it's like here we go again. Are talking about votes and go. Need to tap into again you know need to businessman he's not the practice. A politician. There were etiquette and that's what people want it. You are. Appreciated it just a businessman successful businessman always. Like they move on two on not one fuel compliment notre thing did give me your reaction and Donald dropped three minutes ago now the Democrats and they come up with a story. As to why they lost the election and so badly 306 and diesel that is electoral vote count. So they made up a story Russia fake news. Is it state news indeed thing. Donald Trump's very justified in talking about stilled the election and we go to Henry and a North Shore hey Andrea on WW well. Oh. I. Are. I. Oh. But are. We. Are right now I'm back and watch out there. Anna. 01. Shell. Art Oprah right. And outlaw. Are pleased by. If you. Can't rule right. Rule out. Oh I gotcha you confused who have left bright. You mean correct. Well now. Or. Oh. Oh. It. Are. Out. It. What are. Okay what would what would eat. After three years what where when he has to be where in America have to be what would he have to have done. For you do consider him a successful president. All. You know we are all. Gayssot jobs and end up pulled constitution I Henry rules thank him. I'm glad he gave us a call christened Wallin skill you're under the WL. Hey coming into view in that you. Yeah in true on tweeting about these stricter fuel and I mean come on the how many times in India and C units are out there laying week Russian excuse it will not talk about Russia. Let's talk about your any one. Talk about jump the dust up. But that let's talk about a lot. In people under arrest in the last three weeks because the trial tracking. Cracking down. On child trafficking and Kellie jolly. And Ali numerous child trafficking bus going on completely. Ignore. How are you know. You can't do that story that nobody knows that and you know there are happening. It's in Oakland. He sent but it was. Reporting I'm reasonably. As a kind of. It. The. Believe what you like please don't go shoot a pizza place so. I let me it does some of these tax Tommy I read online and John Podesta was responsible for bounty gate and also was the man on the grassy Knoll in Dallas while he's pretty busy. Good morning Tommy and his mystery man LO well I think I'll keep my job yours sounds tough well it's on you just got to you know. Mum. Let's be honest blacks don't like him because he's not black. About Donald Trump this is. Is obvious they did not even vote demo don't like as he's not Clinton. For all intents number cruises says this tweet we are still pretty fresh off of the elections yes MOK with from shooting off election tweets. Now of its July or August and he's still shooting off election tweets it was it was time to get over it. And move on. I just think EUU one mile one. One idea they're every time yeah here's the thing I think. If you'd if there is a deal where you want me electoral vote and you didn't win the popular vote you are every bit a legitimate president that's in the constitution works. But why wouldn't I wouldn't keep boring in an op is so I have to explain why I'm the president that's what bothers me about it it's like he is the president. You are the president act like Somalia and DO. And sometimes he does things that drive me crazy I don't know why doesn't that he's been doing things and sleep campaign started that have driven me crazy. And I think the big big question is. Why's he doing it now and it always seems to work out for him so I guess a pretty Smart guy today would not Smart is texting and driving. And we're talking about increased traffic deaths in the next hour. Specifically texting while driving and what age group has the worst drivers because the fatality rate is up when it comes driving do you think the minimum age to drive should be raised. Do you think that's the problem. Maybe a maximum driving range range age rather what's the most dangerous thing you see people do mine a wheel when you drive anywhere will be backed down and WL.

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