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WWL>Topics>>2-16 9am Tommy, how dangerous is texting while driving?

2-16 9am Tommy, how dangerous is texting while driving?

Feb 16, 2017|

Tommy talks to Don Redman, AAA spokesperson, about a new study on dangerous driving habits and what generation is the worst at doing them.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How it's Tommy talker WW well a a mouth almond dot com yeah I loved when the president was talking with the BB yesterday. A colleague BB like we're friends and Edmund yeah you know you guys out there you can tell these two. We're definitely close friends don't you think absolutely and even the first lady's got together and one out I lol thing volatile. Their friends and on these things may look like they were different story I just saw somewhere Monty dramas miserable being the First Lady announces she's never looks very happy. Yeah seared do you think she looks awful good though is a lady that treasures her drivers want. A dredges are privacy and especially for Darren and. I'm on my own mom. Finishes raise money build a better mousetrap and you will succeed now now the world will be a hat to your door. Now tell me who said. All wrong around Waldo Emerson monetary ever wrong to say what happened. Now he did. There's a discussion going on as to whether or not. Donald Trump or we're gonna build a wall like Donald Trump wants or some border security people are saying offense would be better. While on a portion of low wall near Douglas Arizona. Where there is a against its offensive sheet pile was what it looks like. Senator rising drug dealers putter catapult on them. On them it's like the road runners they put it catapult ice where it got out on the Mexican side of the wall. Oh yeah I hope there are catapult catapulting people like Mel Brooks and history of the world well now what happened and now they were catapulting big eye goggles IP oval yeah all. No big bales of marijuana harassing Al so. That that cracks me up for summaries and I don't know line maybe as misty is teenager I really am in my head. You're not while I could be at an end thank about it what do they lined up you know from like hundreds of miles I was catapult to shoot in the don't. Over the wall I don't know her to keep up what I know I don't know if this speaks to. The war on drugs on the nose to speak stool wall I don't know what it speaks to our offense or one I don't know but it's pretty low tech but it works. A it is built out of admitted that I don't I don't I don't know anything there are people on those subtle recently. Yet. He had already big surely good morning under the W melting summit calling him. It's coming thank you wouldn't subject my yeah and I really thought of that news apparently because drive. On the eyes and everyday. And it seems like no one is looking at the whales anymore. Everyone has dropped what is so all look in the in dual forty dollars and in the. It surely limited idea. Mom I saw somebody right on that very stretch you know free as a young lady and it's kind of hard when you know is going a hundred miles an dollar because I tried to keep Bob whether. Taxing and I even looking at the wake wishing on an honor miles an hour in a Prius while nine you know degrees and 200 she's gone pretty fans. I mean everyone is doing an older fortunate that the morning. All. In Rome in my age bracket and these were not drive and looking at all. I would tell you man my belt light small ball that they're allowed don't people that used. I saw daddy other dale older guy get that big jitterbug on his. On is a steering wheel was spread out like a family Bible. You don't mean does that behavior in me knows that big innings trying to attacks on and it was terrible. But you're right big surely it's like you know what it's like. It's like now. Actually holding the wheel wouldn't drive they get paid attention to what you're doing and has become a secondary in ancillary activity. But it's not eggs at us it's. As rat. I was in the wall were two of the most creative things that was you know we're we're pretty. That's why I like listening to your station because you subject matter that talks on north wit that have allowed that the talk Bob. They surely are up George I am so tired of talking to run down drop I am just tired tired tired tired tired. I think I says unless anything happens let's just. You know. I mean we had covered news was to see what happens and then you know will C wood where it happens from there because we don't we don't know anyway would just guess and. I'll miners toward Hillary what you're about presidential wanna give the guy chants. What you've got awkward door decree is dying and all that warms and that's what got you Google earth and also the week. We did and the way that I created material in it or. I'd thank you big surely push yelling great arm too you don't the following announcement. Acheson suggestion. Done Redmond triple A spokesman joins us right now Don good morning Hillary got good well thank you good morning. I'm gonna tell you this my daughter was out of town and had a dead battery and was crying and didn't know what to do. So I took that AAA envelopes that had been sitting on account today meant to sign up for. Since she went out of school out of town school year and a half ago let me today so my friend there are no people don't like Tripoli when you got a daughter around town that hasn't dead battery. So you saved her life and I just think it's a great organization and I think if Danielle. Have kids out of town I would strongly advised. Did he get them Tripoli and. I applaud but hey let's get straight talk about it. I think they think it's pretty likely that they have you know and right right exactly that's yet. Bad part about my siblings to policy for crying out but again oh wait siblings of followed. That. Sooners. Can't island gets the better he. Apparently aren't about scrambling you know what to do that let's get on with the subject matter year of driving one would what exactly do we find out. Well this particular. That culture say the index it looks like. And look at it all drivers that would be breaking down by age groups who looks like our armed millennial young people on the heels of these are. Ages nineteen to 24. All are among the worst behaved drive yours Lisa I want 88%. Of them. Admit to speedy running red lights and then Eckstein as well. And maybe an issue what is the age range are we decide Millen nicely. Team to 2040 particular age group as it is the war. And it seems when you when you look at some other. Attitudes. About it in other there. And other 001. Half times more likely to admit that their texting while there while they're driving in this we've been past thirty days but that's. About 66% in the bill and it vs forty of the rest of the population and population. And that Google as an adult scene thing. You know perhaps and maybe they shouldn't we do it they don't think it's that dangerous. But boy if you are not texting in the drop what they surely use it out dangerous it is an Indy look at some of the studies were. That your parent level. All your texting it's very very similar to someone who's impaired with alcohol. It it used to be whatever tickle our. Driving erratically pompano lines or slowdowns. Ya my immediate thought was a letter to draw driver. Now. They don't think OK that persons either draw or texting. Matt how close leaving it keeps on the wallet well the problem. As seen here in this story in many cases even the forty to 59 Euro group is worse than teenagers. When it comes to those kind of behaviors and. You know that's the. Few years ago when one. I think it's Seventeen Magazine did a survey. Look at it teen driver driving habits and. And at that time the the age group about the 1618. You're about 70% admitted that they text while they're drive and an opponent on the phone. And adults their parents were like 35 or 40% backup a parents have gone past the kids in the war on Eckstein and all appalled all the time. Made into other risky behaviors causes such as speeding and running like that. A beat out CPU market we all have story of things are witnessing great drivers to that. Now have a big banks are seen as more on just packed in apple is paced time mean while there. At its core. Maybe lie went into life FaceBook now to yet. It's incredible man I'm Tonya so what do I mean Heidi it changes it's a culture in people. Look in and I don't want anybody to take this wrong at all in no way am I encouraging this. But apparently some people can adapt to it because I used to think. But for the good lord any before cell phones or texting or any thing if you look at. What it takes to get in an accident Don justice lit unguarded moments and a split second right and unguarded moment. It's amazing that they don't have a 100000 people a date killed in this country in amazes me but I guess people adapt and and maybe some can adapt to taxing or maybe it's the good lord it working and I'll know when I do you change that culture. Well aid to dictate how of that that art and we've actually seen. An increase in the number traffic count these compact. Point 115 to 2016 the number I would cut the Pallet these increased by 7% the largest. A single year increase of fifty years something's going on I think it has to do a lot with those distractions in its order report exactly what was going on but. We've we've become more distracted so while we may think we can handle a lot of it's a bit interesting in analysts. Obviously we're an outwardly. Well lieutenant heal some had. Dublin is your quick dated skip a group. Hum forty to 59 and in the group in between ever nineteen a Tony for bad. Forty to 59 bad and an in between they're not as bad like maybe at that point airlines they're rather cautious. We start dedicating more cautious. We'll work 75 or 675. That were little more cautious but I do hope it's more than act. Of those other respond to any you know up. Bit speedy never run red lights and I am texting. I was one and around about the pocket between states when he won forty days and now. Honestly did little bit of good news game slide at a morning and other WL. More. Or pacing hide it down as well. Hey Don how are you good morning thank you opt. But got Tommy had been jogging in in my neighborhood and enable it to batted about on our ears. And that he spoke about that earlier and they kill almost killed a leader. About about. So great conflict in count in the last three or four years it it got really really. There come out in the subdivision like games out of agent yet got more on it a week about. DC more people on the phone then nine in his does he get your attention when he sees somebody not on the phone. It it does really. And yet it's a good point not used to run a lot with traffic. But I'm too scared now because they Mike is beer off the road out from. Right it at least up learning if you if you watch him. You know it it's very Italian I used to ten years ago yet the teenage eagle or school driving kind of bad. And that was it initially trying to put makeup on their RI IE and that was the worksheets seat but it is it is extremely dangerous for runners on the road now and a scene. It's scary it is seen people distracted not our beat people. Snapped chatting an eight time it cricket crazy America. Almost stopped the Kabul time a light on that stop and just joined a gym and go around the treadmill because. Really package up and perhaps white. You know actually dive into you on economic. Now outlawed a gentleman you know got out and in effect he was sorry that this set and you know let them out he all the time. I had that same thing happens anywhere guy they didn't seem Meehan nine almost ran over me in the dog and I did you know money grants. And he turned around and authority was in the comeback like knoller knew we go road rage. But he apologizing yhency me you know he was texting and driving in the in the Manila. It was a guy you know. I started a charter right and in the light of Butler and an early early morning when it got dark. Not to enact. Starter right it's six now and it is that it's real dangerous that he's been and it all alone at all all. Thank RJB. I every parent and want Cheney's man on talent yet done it would it be. Com. Is there anyway politically resist something triple A would would be for maybe insurance companies to his somehow work it where you can't use. Even though this is scientifically possible but that phone moment work in that car. There is there are. Technology available I don't think there's go to their normal legal make definitely environment mandatory. Though I certainly. Would recommend even this year and most phones come with it an app that you couldn't. He goes straight to voicemail as long indeed Texaco cars in motion and and maybe that's our best intentioned idea that. A target so that I am not attempted to make pick up that ball. Or or do any kind of distraction with that with that phone. But it's still allows their case there's an emergency Arkin called emerge to people. But. That's phones out and it used the UN at its next. I'm sorry you're gonna have to be some kind of disciplined individual not to look at it. Put it in the glove compartment that way you know on here it you don't know. Why exactly is summit on Tripoli did you. Thank user have a good day do you ever text on your jitterbug glee. Driving on yeah yeah you do really well on driving Null okay good absolutely none I mean like I said. I'd buckle up in my and I take off on the garage here or anywhere else I feel like I'm going on the racetrack. He had just we're you know I've argued got to got to meet rounds yet. Defensive driving asks almost put the pulmonary worry in the door here. Basically. It's going to be too much temptation. And I hate when people Jordan text me when they no one tried. Yeah that's taxing is it out of pondering Ike and I got a blog on the dash cushion and talk to mark for whoever it is. I don't nice text instantly get him. The added Myers this amount years. He stole woman's start nine point department apartments correction cardinal wal. Then got a gun on the queries stole. And pencils meals on cable. Mean it's pretty. Think UT and year out. Us you'd Jack Jack. Night somebody at knife point any exclusion it. Not the whole thing soul and body it is it's crazy T six O needs any would you be. In if there were some kind of mandatory law that said. You can't. Cell phone and now every one ever while cars moving to take it out of people's hands because. It's not getting better. And now. Fidelity rages via and people are now and didn't plastic surgery. It's a story to make yourself these look better and if you think duo land not. Do it in a car. Mommy's mortality adamant plastic surgery in the car note no us. But don't rule it out. People have already done it on their dining room table you know that. Jeremy and good morning on W well. It. I'll. Call. Or at pre. A duet pared an act the way. Wanted to get on and it will be all day and there and that publicly and even thought about it. Here. And the goal you eat it. Like. How old you. I was when he sounded candy yeah on so. Yeah I'm oddly when people act and I could not going dollar upgrade to smarter in China you can get across lake you know. Really did you mean. Have you ever text and round and driven moans last time he did it. On behind it would be like. Then with the keyboard. And he. And they do in incidents. Eight hours because since they made it illegal because opening others seen it in wars are never but effective anybody out there. Hands it knows somebody ours had and gotten a ticket. For texting while driving is I've never heard of anybody and don't know anybody it is happened to. But so now what they do is they hide it any put it in her lap. So it's bad enough old enough phones out on the scare in Leo where you're trying to look at those. But when you got it in your lap and you look and accountable legal. Yeah. What are the welcome back to. Jail because my back and I at all. And did a great ego and you count on is ridiculous got the major outlet you culled to Allen the roadway yet now. Doing all right you. Or. People. Went so well. Yeah JT one. State. And or. Court. Show they're being. Dollars. And we'll all. Be. So art. Lama tell you what I'll like Judy keep listening out because I am challenging right now. Anybody if you think you can text and drive safely. Comb. And make your case because I am making this statement. Nobody and I'm generally very much against always and never nobody and everybody but nobody. Can successfully overtime safely text and drive. If you disagree with that statement I would love to hear from you. At 260187. And and you know months and money away. And I am always bring it up it's like please don't ever ever ever the a pretty free but. This is and deal breaker and I hope she does pat good morning or DeVon WL. Hi I. And then he could possibly. Implement and Florida. And aren't sure right. People kept nanotech and died. You know and installed a camera or on pork and people. That is car. Well about the country not. Our pocketbook you know he went to say even. So they say that would be able. And that is what com. Actuaries to there again they would get together with the insurance companies and they would figure out. How much early in the save on claims. Are people is that zone then. And a. In my company before you know I thought about them out of it and charmed connections because I'd understand why mr. Proposed that. I'm Alan you know. I. India. The cellphone industry's hands on this because they certainly don't wanna. A product that causes death and destruction and means people leave when it's misuse. But then brought wanna make it seem as though their product is dangerous either. It's not interesting anymore and more than. You know drink and it staters I'm not on men that's that it was speeding even mean when you haven't the end. Our stop and that the stock a attending the mom. That drink and job and the Texan I've gotten should be kept its accountable. At the same lines I mean people I hear people criticized the truck driver. And how we killed a family or whatever it out about the accident happened and how that was also get your neck out and. The eighties and they pretty effective public service commercial about. Com a girl was enough texting or something and then and now all of a sudden out of nowhere in this horrendous Tivo and crash happens. Right it really brings a moment it only takes Sagan thank you pat. Politico have a good day Fox News. Tweeting six minutes ago. Breaking news car bombing in Baghdad kills at least 45 Iraqis they TV reports ices claimed responsibility. And this is the thing. I think where they talk about under reporting of terrorist attacks it is a terrorist attack. But I think a lot of people is two years in thing denying no more trouble in Iraq from Italy's blown each other round. And although it is a terrorist attack I don't think there's any intentional under reporting ideas don't think we remembered. Arthur in Madison bill good morning your and other. You know the law economic hole yep there and you. How good yeah you know like you previous column about it jug is scary out there. I mean I was small business don't want to wrote thank god I don't optical out every day. But my truck took a quick boot to some awful calls. You know rocket you know rocket and I'd probably talk little about my hands right there Obama console so. Optical safety embassy trap to comment one way people on the ball always looked in that the outcome and that means he would they do would. And I got to tell you there's I mean I don't drop the causeway that day thank goodness I though maybe twice for Tom's we define who I do. I get do we odd you know meta state now. What I can do it ought to leave it odd that he wants kids in school would everybody's network. Mean what I keep the cause way to let the go to ball to an idea to end this actual. But I wanted to collateral cause way. Our kids come out. If not call somebody's. Ball. I agree our third satellite the the anomaly if they're not Garland next thing tanks these states need more freedom a drug test welfare recipients. Our federal employee leaguers defending democracy are corroding and and more. Garland next think tank don't argue money morning at six.

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