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Think Tank 1010am freedom to drug test welfare recipients

Feb 16, 2017|

Do states need more freedom to drug test welfare recipients?  If so, should the same be done for Medicare and Medicaid recipients? This hours guest: Michael Tanner - Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute

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Come back busy day and you'll think tank today at twelve noon. This is something I'm I'm I'm finding more and more in pursuing and count your roots. Our conservative. Dujail opening becoming targets. Of conservatives. I'm Nina and seen that everywhere in the political writer it's conservative political and it's not just blogger who's. But nationally known. Conservative. Writer. Structural concerns she ups suddenly attacking congress. Shall we take a look at all that in NC. If you've got to power. Of the GOP. In the Oval Office and the says that in the hopes. And now conservatives are attracting conservatives. Was a mean particularly in the long term. 11 o'clock. Or federal employees. Believe courts. Defending democracy. Or. For ordering. The car owners of secret information coming out of the trunk adminstration. Don't make of stronger or weaker and and and we'd read some news. It becomes an education I think in the -- laden is we didn't know. But a lot of the burden put on Trump's side and a lot of good and I think it is is very concerning. In the big picture. So we're going to think about it. Kind of a web site account and website and I've been promoting. It's called how horrible. Of raw and originated by a number of very well known journalists and I've gone in they've said they've. Creating. And they're gonna allow booed. There better and bigger and code. Basil. That's horrible for the outs and sent. And they're gonna explain it and too big you know big and explain it in tax with no home. Due to costs that suggests liberal or conservative. So I. And perhaps in the drew boos because it is crazy idea bitten journalists that this. Pick is subject. When the B video wouldn't be writing or blow. And and present his specifically. Yet it's here's what we know. And let the public decide. I think that's what does web site drugs at least some form or. Here's a religious bill I've pulled from their work site concern. Does give states need more freedom to drug test welfare recipients. As these seem to. The resolution in rural returned a Department of Labor regulation. Of finger in the bowl on the administration. Don't allow it's it's a drug test recipients. Of unemployment insurance only only. If they were fired for using controlled substance. Are the only suitable employment. Available to get them will large crunch. When I guess it is complicated is subject to often turned to a Michael prisoners stream your OK to institute surge rise in domestic policies. Particular emphasis on Health Care Reform and social work or pro reform Social Security Michael. Annoy a busy yours always are appreciated call. Why don't the pleasure you know that. But book pouring into the the pros and cons. What are your thoughts. Well eight. Doesn't seem to be very cost effective policy for the states to pursue. Those states that have. Drug tested welfare recipients which I would think would be more at risk population. That they unemployment insurance beneficiaries. Have found that there's actually simple little drug use no higher drug use among the general population. Some states for example like Tennessee actually spent more money on the drug testing they saved. But barred people blow users from welfare so aside from the fact I'm not sure. What the reason for it is other than being punitive it doesn't seem to bigger cost effective. Lose it and give people Bloomberg did to aboard true Jews there. Tuesday. Latest example does the stable drug does in program route do you almost constantly poor results. One year. And Lucy started testing all applicants. For welfare reform. For them it would kit. The end of denying assistants. To route thirty people Al well. 20000. Of them lived in and the results from seven states. That'd tried. Those same thing. Out of 39009. And hardens seventy blow prior recipients. Forty dribble got positive drug test. In Missouri Udall in they blew about 6000. Dollars. A catch 25 point you know and people. Arizona the boundary moves of Mississippi Jones and support should just. That really kind of colds and the question the basic Tenet of what we're doing this for a. Well that's pride I think there's a little bit of stereotyping going and a third punitive measure I mean I do think. If we are giving people money to survive we expected to spend that money on survival goods not drugs or alcohol or other goodies. And and certainly we also expect people to be able to take steps that help themselves get on the property which is there going to be drug users. They would not be able to do. It doesn't seem like that the major problem Obama mania among while our population it and it seems much more likely that there's a little bit of marijuana use. But not a lot of hard drug use and it generally a lot of the wrote the population doesn't seem to be able to interfere with the general function. In an element kick a little league for a quick moment you your blog news or have knowledge about some food security. It up and have people call that says you know build and on the illegal Hamburg and it's a give welfare benefits. I'm looking at these sort of secured website. And Saturday. They can receive school an emergency medical care. But not. Well prayer for food stamps in there and would go to something that Q and I've talked about were these suspension. Files. Were. Illegal immigrants. Did it falls so security and Medicare court border route maybe. They get a job. The employers here OK the case of these there Hiram. It goes so I Rem it's included sooner and earning suspense. File. And everything ridge says about 200. And it's worth of that money. Piling up. End. We're we're we're paying a whole lot. Of Medicare and Medicaid today. Bread yeah interest from that you know it tomorrow. No you are absolutely right. Now in the area I oppose the idea immigrant could come back and prove that depth. Both security money belong to them. But to do and so they would have to admit that they were committing a felony using apple bulk of security number. To do so and prove that that was down. Years ago who is using it and pay into the system. Put him highly unlikely that they would ever collect basically. They're paying into the system to not getting now. India if they've created. And they do so legally. Very difficult to get the money that they created of the poll in the concerning. Let's try to factor would just have reached that Kate in the news highly publicized about his mother and I believe it would. Colorado order to wisdom. Because she had a criminal convictions criminal conviction wars for using a ball both security number. Are limited Greg won't come back blame me Europe are doomed and so Webb's aren't accountable. Does war and again it's in interbrew Beatles what people were typing and and and they loaded and they pro con column but keep in mind you general cotton capable. And you wanna talk to your representatives. Is some light there's the real problem reduced but he adds to collects. And you deliver one you'd think about a bill doubled up. Our neighbors think good about eighty converts from the bill. And Roland and resolution. The word don't turn the Department of Labor regulation. Odd thing during duke Obama. Double what she needs a drug test recipients of unemployment. Insurance. Only if they were by Arab per using controlled so options. Or if the only use suitable employment available to them requires drawn to us. Offering broad to a Michael and with a kid went to these type situations. Like what are what are the arguments in favor Brad is that the regulation should do to earn a the states ought to design their own program for drug testing people. In the in the end of these cases where it. Well I certainly think that that's probably true let me dive on the federal that part I believe that states should experiment. Beat date. Well as you discuss. A dom policy we all heard from a Tennessee drug but called the boy to do that the Tuesday. The rest of us you would warrant at that not a very good policy that you can learn from what. Brandeis called the laboratories of democracy so I'm all for letting this state duke and particularly on. On programs. Where the states are contributing part of their own monies for example on unemployment insurance and Anna and food stamps and so on. Warren so I certainly think that statement. Paying into the program they issued via more freedom to decide how they want to do should they get the bad policy put them to do so. I'm here currency. Cord from what overload users if your neighbors paying you not to were improved picture. Then he is your boss in the record should drug tests to ensure that you were doing would shop. Your neighbors paying you to not. Do drugs puree. Well like my question is one I'll that your neighbor pay you know to do we should debut Tuesday it badly the year on a Sunday afternoon watched the game. I mean there's really very little different between napping alcohol addict at Merrill lot. We simply have a prejudice against one and a tolerance of the other. Should they be able to talk about what kind of low you can meet that you shouldn't be eating fatty foods are unhealthy food to meet the data chips and soft drinks are bad for you. Quote that you get two oh wait it makes it harder beauty get a job so therefore your neighbors should control which meets. The dilemma Thomas paternalism. We issued a widget basically tolerated. Fighting. Andrea and I definitely need that thing about potato chips and opt in opt can be. Could we get fed implemented. It off I'd put my long put headed blades and up trouble with the. Our did talk to me it becomes very question Medicare elected. We would you read paper world prerogatives. And for Medicare we pay. Barely more than 1%. To oversell robbery. In that kind of basically the same thing the pre service and is so shouldn't we. Drug tests Medicare and Medicaid patients. You know why tree once that a bit for the benefit different from the others aren't recognized that people say while Kate and that Medicare that the it's the average couple that. You got it back are a hundred department of dollars in Medicare benefits more than they paid over the course of their working lifetime de L being supported by other taxpayers and a fact. So the question is why not let them why not test at all. I've legislators why not that anybody who gave the government grant. You know it Lou we basically what we're doing here is sort of being punitive toward the poor were cut apportioning your receiving they get there are different clap the benefit that we are based its should be punished. I'm not sure we could make that distinction. Joseph lives miserable and read this and to play and made notes. I think about it and 1820 states. Already eleven under blogger and benefits for people. Or choose to take her payroll employ or you're drug it's part of previous news. Employment issues with the drugs and three states Texas Mississippi Wisconsin. Already in the end of the laws emblem and drug testing. So we breed in twenty out of fifty states were already have is that true. Well I think in terms of requiring you to do would take a drug test of a potential order all want what I think that's an entirely different thing you're on unemployment you should not take jobs that are offered to you read in the that would job. Would require you to do The Beatles like like. Peeing in a cup dog and I think that that that sort of thing is it is entirely reasonable the question of whether or not you should be tested simply because you're receiving benefits. And that that I don't think that particularly good polyps. Crazy question. We're we're paying. A led duke later this. Legislators. Or offering. Jetting rig when they're juniors so we're going to K street and lobbying. Should they be drug tests. We are not always figured that maybe legislators world it is a great deal they. That's. What you all at community. I think there are receiving. A paycheck directly dog that. Exactly. What my neighbor and ultimately it's state legislators there aren't my neighbor. And Itanium. I should certainly be able required him not that that joint. My dinner. Always blades in Peking opera got to have to ask you about it is that David to your audience should know. I think it which ran it did in the drug testing it's been stayed in the story which fit you can't buy steak or eat food with food stamps it. It's kind of a paternalistic attitude that development toward the poor might just think. That will need to realize. Is that the programs may be problematic but not the poor themselves. Mike always players were always in new education. Have agreed to. It in terms of general Walid. And I'm depending well prayer. But. Can your group the the legislators we need him. What they did in their it's free. For the league squad that we we pay camera I shouldn't have big drug tests. And Medicare and like one point 3%. Of course. That it's virtually nothing should Medicare or Medicaid recipients. Did tests. When you go that slow should never bought. Dub. Or Bernard thinks the about a bill going globe for congress. It would overturn a Department of Labor regulation drew new book on the administration. No outs it's a drug tests recipients. Of unemployment. Insurance only if they were fired for using controlled strokes and war. If you'll suitable and or move the bill will treat him required. Drug ring in Hamburg where look at boats protein content and ignorance of the caller Jerry in Slidell that your appreciated echo. Thank you draw up. Bill. You know that unemployment picture went play. You know the picture that needs to be looked. Like a Emeka a general statement about so spoilers. You know all welfare social programs. All the programs beat GP. Eight bridge to sell her story. All of their their needs to be met several. Makers. Well you know war I able Warren is to require. All. You know able bodied and able. My persons. To be either educational program. Or so ago. What our program. That will eventually. Lead at the self sufficiency. The other thing is that they let the way social programs on Ellis. People aren't too comfortable on them. Why would somebody want to get our vote. Four epic epic big provider or worry that they're living Stewart are better than somebody that's worked in fort. Operate we need to or some of the stuff. As far as maybe. Maybe I'll as much program and who they open up maybe more like well. You know appropriated through type programs especially in housing developments. There and as such it out and I mean I think that that is a failed. Program as far as why would somebody be motivated get a job and buy a house that they elect. A subsidy and Lebanon now and not a day or so that. That's part of the problem. Outlook helping people but it should be a bridge to sell the and it shouldn't be. Oh don't wait like four. Well people in Ausprey. And look I hear words saying I think a lot of people agree with you but gently just public course. So obscurity. You reach a certain acute issue in general diapers. You get past that 65 bureau. So worried nude celebrity. Even if you had three to 4%. You start taking out three more in me. Should we not do that in order not to be calm he's shall we shall lose that democracy. And again you're bringing you may have seen electorates Medicare Medicaid. Caucuses one point 45%. Over early. Should in Medicare and we do edit the blown news is we have one point 45%. Of burning its plus. Three to 4%. In after that we have to become self sufficient. I don't like that those programs it could be looked. Maybe people be a war in the world. But dug up that correlated with the welfare. In the time it does seem. Well at the worst Social Security force for our program. You know which as well. Emitted back in the 1930s. I would think that you know six who workers. Out there like yours. Well all that change congress where he's at the moment will lose that. But you weren't saying. They didn't stop the dual deserved I got you. And of with the conflict and a bloated word if we're truly an individual routes. Capitalistic society. Well. So outstanding. People. When it comes to Medicare Medicaid. Social Security. Shouldn't we once we get to a point. We're we're getting water number one didn't put into it. Shouldn't it be the same thing restriction. That's what people need to pray that your records mean that that we've been. Well. So Bible for somebody it's aliens as them and eighty years and expect Google. But it might argue your booty might be you Buell we've. Means moves from profitable and somebody will welfare. Look. Since since abolition of the collapsed. With the coal industry. Where we've got Colin. Of able bought. Fifty year old plots. On social security and his ability. The cards are hurting because you're not motivated to get the job. No job. Good and others including. Upload a picture recently were about. You know they're going to be jobs just staying people. You know we only looked at all the models of how many our industry actually going to be. You know workers. Saying it is. For her are as safe as you dilemma. Always appreciate the call you made me think have a good day. Bill comes right back callebs in New Orleans they will bring. This is figured 78 AM and 53 at them we call it the thing to. They get about a global forum congress. Is does throw Woodrow overturn. And regulation. Put in your in the Obama. Administration. Bill outskirts of drug test for serbians have and implement troops only have they were fired. We're using a controlled substance or if you only suitable employment available to big report urged pro which remain reluctant. And the pros and cons of those children another caller carloads from New Orleans Corliss and production Inco. Hey I appreciate you. And continue talks every period. The engine agreements and if you don't. Right now. Some one in and speak to the beat on the black community. We believe you'll is that. Will. Was created to hold certain people doubt. I don't. Act because you do. Well this will. Well yeah it. Would you completely expression that we hold high quality of the two types and they. Not. Dish critical. People really depend on it and week out. Again just like the tree and people evacuated. Compact in law and take a bullet and I guess. Ericsson the Auld made calls away out he would absolutely. All benefit so these are. Man. Just under toaster but not in or people. It's wouldn't well from being. It's happened. In Indian community in. Katrina or they go commercial mean commercial and tools program and it grow on trees you know. And not. Me and my plan and tell them up project. Though. And this and called in and. It was. You know is seen in the community. Or do a little bit let's get to four away from bill. I'm. Now on it well property. You want you out. Of that that is why we have the means that we it audit in particular route. We need more program. Not just my. People that only yeah. Programs that educate the blacks and not to. Act to save people. This. For an education. That teach now body at auto body. Program to callers. Oh on May be electricians. Sub program that'd be viewed here. Put your entire. Good to all the different got a program that unpredictable. In in a person. In that. It is what it is like to help me. There are all that you ma ma and. And low cut I ironed them virtually alone I think a lot of people think. Similar. To you little lubricants on and you're done and have found is so and so obscurity web site. Up to 80% of people who were on welfare. That can bore. Already working. Dave they need the welfare. His supplier and the check already getting to skipping together on the Big Three. Need. Most of those were not working or aren't able to work or children. By requiring drug testing the parents room well prayer in numbers seem drug benefits. They're going to be a lot of children who won't receive benefits that they may brightly deserve under global and look. I know I know Google groups are obscured here in the building your hatred Portland and owns c'mon. And lot of free voters here. Bush but applaud and don't approved form for welfare are factored I think there were million refused and sued the board. So skirting Medicare Medicaid. I mean worse we're supposed to be big scandal at oral and to beat capitalistic society right or would become lean. Socialist. Capitalist. By spotlighting the poor. But not our cells. What do you think the public. Covering much. No leaks. Pouring a hold of wiped out. Is is it. Helping our democracy or exit eroding. Our democracy. Talk to. Cobbled experts and you to exit or 187 and Garland Robin that would that we called think tank and those. There's WW OO brigades a but he he immortal 53 year at him.