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Feb 16, 2017|

Are conservatives, the GOP, becoming targets of….conservatives?  Will the alt-right punish Congressmen, who are not implementing Trumps projects fast enough? This hours guest: Dr. Ed Chervenak - UNO Political Science Professor Dr. Robert Hogan - LSU Professor of Political Science

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

OK III and kid isn't she balances they went from boards elected people could surprise. Democrat. Trying to hurt the Republicans in congress. No body so broad. But couldn't serve the troops. Packing the GOP. In. Com. From radio talk show who's to belongs. To a prudent. To mainstream. Publication the in the quote. Conservative mainstream publications. Anybody's seen that coming certainly didn't. Who's worn the national whose right. Is coming. Forward yeah. And pinkie. German house admin and rode the administration. A branch reboots. Right wing media or blaming the former RNC chair for administrations. Said productions in Melbourne silent so we'll wait and congress. Talk about board they have not done him weren't. Pro open Jew pig line and would reality. We will learn from Forbes. Of pro in congress blocks tax cuts. Did you abuse gonna lose how it's. Very introducing always called my good friend or during the program that you were no political science professor doctor. There's always say to withdraw appreciated call. Thanks for having me girl local polls well. India and Q you. Both organs recipients do you see what I see growing. Conservative movement and tenth the GOP. Well we've seen over the last eight years growing divide. And the Republican Party. Part really does moderate establishment Republicans and the more. Conservative members who are part of that freedom caucus. You know be free copies these are the people who would lead the effort to shut down the federal government also cute. Threatened to. Not raise the debt ceiling for the federal government. At the that was about you know dominance of policy. Now what we're seeing is conservative movement. New rights are alternative right. That it has not just looking for policy dominance there's actually looking to obliterate and demolished. The Republican establishment and I think that's what's new. But good even though Snead Ben former. Have a bright pork. White or bright board come out and says quote bribe board news infringing. General blooms culture. As a person whole war and war against those in the administration they deem insufficiently. Loyal to trump and and their warning a previous. Inventing come to hug and says that's via. We're good friends and everything. And it is so connection. With a bright part and what do you make of that. Well you are aptly write he was bright part up until. He joined the trump campaign and then became part of the trip administration. So he's tied very closely to that movement and it's kind of hard to believe. Bright part could publish an article like that very critical points treatments. So at least he's standing and then some balance so. Otherwise it in note that. Basically what you be arguing is that a bright part blank site and Steve Bannon defected he closely tied to that. So that. That may emit do you move actually. Against pre good and then noon it is protecting himself by saying no problem on them I didn't Norton shredded. But. In the in talks trumps based on. Absolutely absolutely. Does that to talk to Trump's space. And you know. It's kind of interesting that we do you have Bannon and and produce and then because they're literally polar opposites in terms of their approach. You know that. Pretty good does this establishment Republicans who want to work within a system. Where as we know the ban and types and our mission in working with the systems that are interested in burning it down and and putting something else. And he'd been quoted as saying. Honorable well. View established. Yes its content is in fact to destroy the GOP establishment and don't know one of the number one target is Paul Ryan. And you know he believes Paul Ryan has the house majority leader. Is the leader of the elite global cup ball. You know that's determined on America because. You know there to promote. Immigration and trade. And so. He they've been very very critical Paul Ryan Evans and and so you know eventually some of these tensions are gonna explode. In it you know either in the White House or between cut of the White House kind of. Arriaga a woman quoted rogers' own you lose Leo former chrome campaign that applied for a very big in the campaign. He said quote I think this is Pearl Harbor and we'll go from controlled supporters to have trumped one analyst. I believe broad range preakness. Moved on general play and I think he intends to move and street band. And Stephen Miller next. The people he hired or war road to the Republican National Committee. Not the president of the United States. If that kind of thing is going on can can control conduct policy. You don't that's was one of the big questions. We were you know in this business again did the assumption was that he'd like to have. These kind of polar opposites at odds with each other and that kind of come to a decision. But here we're talking about. The American government. And we wanna see that explode but. It's it's almost apocalyptic in the you know that quote in terms of either you know ten minutes ago were pretty descent ago and not sure how that can really play out. As you know of course then if there have these internal battles. That's going to be basically what the media is going to be focusing and as the Washington can be focusing. But of course the Republicans in congress have a completely different agenda they wanna deal with tax reform they want to repeal obamacare. You know they wanna you know scale back on a Medicare social welfare programs and are not able to get that agenda because. Well you know we're witnessing the political turf war inside the White House. And you know you view you look the president shall treat you you your route you've been in this. Profession a long time. And wouldn't it if array. For an agency like brush like a broad. And you see the pro White House fighting among them so. If you sued the GOP majority. Biden couldn't serve. If you CD in engines command and apparently finding the president and his people. Org but what looks like is that an opening. Is that in the invitation to make a move. You know you either you know this is the thing is if you're national security team in disarray as it appears in the White House this. Give opportunity for our adversaries to make moves. To which we cannot respond quickly so. You know and we were talking about some clashes today that oleander is you know we see on the politics going in the White House but the reality is the danger exists outside our borders that these states are paying very close attention. To what's going on their following every tweet that the presence makes the following this in the media and you know but it's almost like we're giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. To make moves that may be detrimental to learn our national interest. Hasn't that been reviewed before in history. And got taken care wrote for we look at it's something new we've we've got about a minute move forward robbery. You know it's hard for me to kind of look back. At a time. When you know that foreign policy put in place to be it foreign policy. In old. When it came to Chris criticize the president was not domestic politics and that. Criticism and at the shores in terms of foreign policy that you always give the president the benefit of the but it seems that in the last decade or so we kind of lost that and that. Now criticisms of the president on the and his foreign policy undermining the president. And that seems to be relatively dangerous. Horry border we're going to be taken a break and about four sell and book boom boom conduct. Boom bold talk about those and I mean you can move lid you can buy it ended in bright board you can buy it and Robert report. You can play ended in conservative. Law it's conservatives. Attacking members of the trump. Administration. And attacking a lot of members of the UP in particular. In the hopes. News is something that helps us or words suits. Governor bill brigades of idea moral plus I three at. Joseph is one man's opinion but to Prodi jaguar Davida bill's opinion poll. When you hear this. I think you know of the duke in trouble. Conservative. And the do pretty becoming part did some conservatives. 64%. Of view bread state. Including. Losing orders from the Serbia hold them at Georgia Florida. All the same things succeed or proceed yes but think we're gonna growing problem. I at I don't talk politics without calling. My profiles. From your little dog treated true and a a dog could've won one of the room. Articles numbered and says a new media upside down. The consolation. Of pro troop white wing beat your personnel. And organizations. That have growing. Again strong and again it's not again and trump against GOP. And million people and crawl. Administration. Is growing exponentially. You agree. I agree that. What we're seeing is a growth for the sport particularly on the online movement to ease as web site chess board. Social media. To get that message. They are going to challenge the Republican establishment. Are on the bulletin quote. A reluctant to give the quo because it is. Cock approved to raise web coal and toward. But it's outside controlled when he was campaigning. Went to did interviews. And pray. This site. But he and former wars editors have larger saying. The resignation of general Clinton as part of an ongoing hampered by the military and cultural complex. Just sabotage. Probes and trump and reassert control over foreign policy. And even WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks came out and served as Lindsay does stabilization. Program. By US. Spot. Within the government. Where you go from here I mean. It isn't it's becoming very dangerous. I believe those becoming very dangerous. You know you're basically. Basically trying to bring them system to create a new system. Means what we're finding is. This does he knew conservatives. Are really making a fundamental argument about culture. That they feel that western cultures under assault. That establishment. Conservatives. They just care about pre market. You know they're happy to allow some immigration. To do fructose premarket they want to promote. Free trade. What can you write says that's dangerous. Because. Culture not economic efficiency. That's the Paramount value and and you start getting into arguments like that he's kind of fundamental value arguments. That can become changed. Doctor Sherman act fifteen seconds about a targeted tea who've reacted to it oh of the Melinda you do not have been confirmed that the rule engine runs. One of these they'd rather try to broadcast from gore class for. Governor of yeah. Hopeful we can she can with the color in this thing to going to do it to goodwill and the group. Pulled oh yeah. Did you call just to 2000. And. No pot call. You know. If the dollar in advance our you'd Dubuque. At the view oh rout spore count and and I am here now duplicate directly on the ticket to be we gain new week in here right. In law and about it on all called off now or by a who's who of the associate will be out. So come on now out of the way I am your weight. I'm angry and reroute all our count and Abby at 2 o'clock and that the program all ticket and we're not be print. Robert. Sounds great look all I've got one quick question poured here when you talk to board operators. Over the years where it might show. Do you ever call me India and when the entry you say you sound sleep in the is saying is echoes. From more original Garland show. Where are days I don't. Oh I note you know if I don't like oh OK idea on it and now. You're bailouts. Aren't aren't all government. All right all right Barbara thing about it is something kind of sur is actually to think about. Amazingly enough. Conservatives I mean let's do did screamer engine shoppers and the conservative renewed talk shows. Or to do GOP in congress with all its. Then didn't you read. I board publications. Which is speech and former. Company Betty hadn't. Saying. And the national in his right. News coming forward pretty and three girls. The that'd be human which for import. Problem. Because they'd think he orchestrated. The the ball the general plan. Well so we've always said or was good beer expert it's because when I agree one think is open role. In the experts have been bright as usual. Sulu in time and dog Robert Hogan a few professor of political science doctor. As always thank you for the time. Sort of look at this category you can. I was sort is by the chrome election. But I am surprised. By conservatives fighting conservatives. And in my it's seeing the wrong thing. Yeah no we don't normally within one party. Captors control. You know the defense held and the presidency. There is a great deal of you know excitement and there is coming together. And demanding offenses. Of you know small. Squabbles that may have existed and there's a coming together and everyone gets on the at least initially is on the same page. With regard to priorities. That the party hats but. The thing that is different here of course is that you know. Donald Trump is not someone who's worked his way out. Through electable office he is is an outsider. Even an outsider to the Republican Party and so he has brought. He's trying to meld with in his White House people that are part of that all right movement. The bright our people as and as along with that. The person he's chosen registry that's is chief of staff with the point person for all these things. So he's trying to get to build these these different factions together. And it is working for some. It it's it's hard when it's hard pressed it again and you know and in past decades. Of their ever being White House for this much severe turmoil. So were literally. We're we're not even a month Jen. And there are already major disagreements about priorities. About simply personnel who should feel different different positions and you know and and that's the flip argument and are the usual for Flynn is is is not a small. Who's going to be the national security advisor and major person. Who translates. You know the information from from across intelligence community. Distill it in a way that is comprehend comprehend the bull to a small group of of policy makers including. The president. Who can then direct. You know the resources and states to achieve its its goals. That this is that this is the real problem. My ball and used them taken an early break. Ready jaguar that bit of room and in Poland conservatives and that UPU. Targeted cell of believing as conservative. And 168. Times you say yes. In the Red Sea degrees in mr. Yoon. Alabama and Florida. Two's are general Walid severing we've got the rich were worth thinking about something happening berries remains conservatives. Attacking conservatives. Double dog yeah. Are welcome back. We're we're thinking that bots country get to. I thought. In a group we're talking about two years down the road but certainly relatable. And first hundred days is an office. Conservative. Attacking. The GOP conservatives. Attacking conservatives. Federal sale at all this week doctor Robert Hogan was Brazil is shoot for pleasure pollute quote it's. Professor Anglican an article in cold drew couldn't be more conservative. Silence lay hands congress. And you see you're kidding me unity gears to repeal and replace obamacare. Now you're talking about a 200 day plan. Now look at a man grudge. From prior drew did drugs report. Said the Republican Party should be sued for raw. No discussion of tax cuts now. Just a lot of crazies. Lazy guy. And when I listen to the probably conservatives' growing talk show posters saying the same thing. Yeah yeah yeah I mean I I think what which you're seeing here is is he is you'd have Donald Trump bring. In. A lot of people who were outsiders. These are people who. Did not have familiarity with governing. They're not people who have held elective office even condone or even work with people who how held elective office or not people who. Who worked on the hill for a long time they're people who. A lot of them are on the outside and indeed these social media and art and in which in which. They got the pitchforks and torches and and they go happily you really strong she. 222 the state house the war but the problem is they don't a lot of I think it can the major attention you're seeing here is between. Those that would be campaigners vs those that were the people used to governing Arabs so the people on Capitol Hill right now. Because. You know it is and so he. 2222. To do away with obamacare is it seemed like a simple thing they made it seem like a simple thing in the campaign. All you have to do it elect a Republican president who would dense fine. I'm one of these many bills to remember Obama got got got that sample of them. The house represented in particular I think pass something like that fifty. Bills that overturn obamacare but they have they seem to lack the will mail to deuce and even among members of congress a means. I mean there among it was in the Republican caucus the freedom call contrite now recently. Got together and decided that they were drawing the line and they're not going to support. A piece of legislation. That is push by the moderates in the Republican Party. To sort of repeal overplay they want to actual completely eliminate. And what that means is that going to be very difficult for Republicans to even replace it. If they don't have those barriers and tempers on board. So it's going to be very difficult for for try to get a working coalition. To get a program through. The congress to Japan. And appointed to repeal and replace. All right doctor organ. Against you feeling dances you've won a man in show Andrew on this subject. Hopefully would add about always appreciate it's time have agreed today to. Started to untold did to bill will be in or tell people the importance. Are you calling just to hear about my career humble high school football. All Manny here golly you pretty. You know I'd like birds eye was the major billions war. OK and I'll do right in the European artists out there just. Aren't told the words. Got real are down midfield for account at the route you're always so good talk about. But the superstar. Come on now all that ought be in the house at him picking and you can check it out. Quite activist China where had departed of the route all America Europe and it in the eight be and it will be here in the aptitude. I know when it does not need to be president. And you can pick up to pick it. But the big week and that speaks Saturday night in could be the. I Gabi. Import. You'll that big circular thing they hold hold that chickens. Here cool did the orbit should. You were hardly at all on the team and the global. And in and look I hope it wouldn't you walk through the prepared food. I'm troubled by everything. Our man like it they got in a courtroom for Chapman don't. You'll you'll get a lot about the game. A big bill mobile Barbie on the air and do not forget they debris of the call. Our double the common right back to you whom routes and buck. Urged deserves a chance to read his blog from media accurately read or remember you and prayers. This afternoon and Scoble talk about the pace of new controversies. In this country reaching a billion greater and greater or. Whoa is that number. Whatever happened whatever happened we'll be talking about her own Scrooge show biz app and thank you listening. John Barker and soon to and he. Thank you pulled the plug in to go and keep the show the other. You did votes and thank you so much and he read Tuesday. Governor Abdel brigade celebrity among old and three yeah effect.