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2/16/17 Scoot 1pm- President Trump, leaks and media

Feb 16, 2017|

President Trump today said most of the media is "fake news" and focused on the wrong stories...do you agree or disagree?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

President truck bees are continuing to I talked him what has been a very long press conference a press conference started I guess it was about 1145. And it's still going on now. Respect in my office before the show taking notes as an article please I could. So we got a lot of notes to talk about two we will have audio later in the show to share with you are some highlights report to president trump is talking about and I mean he's it. It is a very compress conference. He has a good sense of humor he even called on Jim Acosta from CNN and they had a conversation about CNN being fake news. So it was a very very lively press conference and at this point I would have to say Donald Trump looks good in this press conference. We'll get into that here just a moment coming up a little bit later in the show aren't talk about this sudden new survey out showing that motor vehicle deaths. Our op nationally 6%. And there appear Louisiana 5%. Among young drivers. On motor vehicle tests are up 10%. And the National Safety Council says one of the problems is drivers. Now moving from just talking on the phone. To texting and doing other things on the phone. No laws have been passed to stop people from texting and driving. The people are still quite texting and driving. Did you actually stopped texting when it became illegal. What is still to be with you the truth is you can get away with it. You can get away with texting and driving until you get into an accident. And then if we could be determined that you were texting and driving. The texting checking FaceBook. Checking Twitter tweeting things out. These are just a few of the things that you can do while try to. That are distracting. There are a lot of other things that aren't even legal. And I'm not talking about. That kind of stuff OK and talking about things like. Eating French Fries. On the order that you just picked up the drive through. Mean that can be very distracted. That's not illegal. So we'll talk about we'll talk about the the texting and driving which is just it's a continuing problem and there are a lot of people who continue to do and especially I'm young people are not picking on young people but. I guess they feel like they are. They're while they're better at a ten in many adults. And maybe they feel a false sense of security because they feel like they can do it better but look it is it's it's dangerous. And anybody who's got into an accident because of texting and driving that regretted it and I don't think they text and drive. Anymore recite I hope we'll talk about that but also I think it's important for us to talk about all the other things that are distracting. Because you can pass laws. I don't change behavior. Change of behavior comes from within. Within the person. So if you don't wanna change laws not gonna make you change. If you wanna change and you change. So in talking about all these other things that aren't distracting but not illegal. I think we kind of found and a point out that you can pass laws but that doesn't really make the world a safer place. In a lot of ways so we'll talk about that time a little bit later in the shield. I'm also there are some cities that are having a really interesting on a protest today. It's called day without an immigrant party without immigrants. And it's a protest planned in response to our president trumps op promised to build a wall. And also to deport millions of undocumented. Are immigrants some schools and restaurants are planning to close today as some had actually closed. Because they wanted to say to America this is what he would be like if you went a day without an immigrant. So we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show but first up on our show this afternoon. Before we get to some of the highlights from. Trust press conference and I don't have the audio yet we'll be getting that Korean. Don't we do have some audio from Donald Trump earlier today he was talking to reporters this was a meeting with the and congressional GOP. And we've got a couple of comments from trump. And then coming up later. We will. Getting into. Done the actual highlights from his press conference we we can't turn the owner around that quickly so we'll get it for you as soon as we can't. But here's what's upset about the leaks. And of course you know this is this is a big deal with every administration but he is a very big deal with a truck administration. There are leftovers. From the Obama administration they may be some of the lakers. So. The leaks are problems. As we talked about yesterday in the show the leaks or problem. But also the information that was leaked is a problem not just the leaks. Themselves but trump has a point in terms of finding the lakers and punishing them. The leaders will get its. He's an okay press release him. OK so trump is very much against lakers right now. Well here's what trump said on the campaign trail. Obama how much he loved WikiLeaks. Which is so cute. As the top of them down. Good city. Doing this speech. Could get Hillary Clinton bush he's cricket club she's stripped and redone. Interesting day you know at people people change but what is it this is what's interesting also. I disagree when Donald dropped calls something like this fake news because this is not fake news this news this is news. What he says about leaking now and what he said about being in the past this is legitimate news it can be news that he doesn't like. It can be news that he doesn't want to address. But it's legitimate news. Here's what trump said during this have meaning it's UP on the leaders and in congress earlier today concerning. Fake news. We do really well. The fake news media doesn't like talking about your kindness you think about the stock market sets new records every day. And and that's some of the stuff that he talked about in the at a press conference as soon as well. A truck talked a lot about a fake Doocy I've talked about test on a number of things in this press conference. And if you want to have not seen able to the best we can too I give you some highlights in fact tell let's let's take our break here. And we come back I'll start sharing with you some of the notes that I wrote down about some of the things trump said I'm gonna be paraphrasing a lot of fit and edited Mitt did it's it's not a direct quote. I did the best I could if you listen to this show you know this is not a shows it goes out of its way to bash trump remember we are. I'd we are dedicated to just dealing with the issues regardless of political affiliation. So. I'll share with you when I wrote down about the oppressed covers and then later will have some actual audio from prosperous got a because it was a very very meaty press conference. I'm scoot ledger witness will be back on deputy realm. At the press conference that is just wrapped up in you know Washington. President truck was sent talking about many of his accomplishments. Not at any time you react to many they were talking about him or I'm I'm I'm going from and the notes that I took during the the press conference. And will have the actual audio coming up a little bit later in the show we're getting older that now. I'm president trump said. The military is going to be the best military ever he says it's gonna be better than it has been. He's currently our military has equipment that is old and dilapidated. We have the best people in the world in our military but essentially he said the equipment is not the best and that is going to change. And again if you wanna join us for the comment about anything that I'm talking about with what truck trips at the press conference. You know and again with with the show went to Europe truck supporter or. You don't like trump. Your comments your opinions are always welcome on the show every afternoon from one to four. Are numbers 26 cell. When it's seventy very code 504260187. Or Texas a 77. And I'd like to talk to you if you're in the military. Ours at victory you've been in the military recently. Do you agree that the military is in terrible shape. Orders that fake news. I've always believed that that even though the military at times may be could be in better shape I've missiles always under the impression that we were in really good shape. And I realize that the number of people in the military may have been scaled back to some degree. But isn't that in part due to the fact that we have better technology. And as many bodies are not needed. And would you go back to the beginning of humanity and war. Mean if they didn't have bodies to put on the the battlefield that it if there were no weapons it would if they had to have the bodies to bring the weapons out there well that's not the case anymore. So before we get hysterical if if you are. Getting hysterical about our military so small now. Part of that reason might be the cause of a new technology. The president also said that we will strive for peace through strength. He said we're not gonna go while looking for war. He said that also this idea that there's chaos in the White House is fake news. Is there's not true. He said we are running this White House like a fine tuned to machine. And since I'm not there and you're not there. He might be right. Now of course there was this whole situation with Michael Flynn. Is a national security advisor. Who was on asked to give his resignation and Andy did and and and president tried to talk about that as well. It's so they have been some missteps spiked the president says it's running like a fine tuned machine I guess time will tell whether or not it really is. The president has press covers also said that he inherited a mess. He inherited a mess from President Obama and the Democrats. He said this is a drug infested nation and drugs are cheaper than candy parts. He talked about the walls. And he said it's gonna be a wall. That works. He also talked about the pipeline. And he said if we're going to build this pipeline. Why are we using American steel. And president trump says he's gonna use American steel. Don't all of that sounds really good here's the only problem. If you say only the American steel can be used. We deck not. With debt not cut down on competition. I mean I would be ideal if we use American steel. Would that make the cost of departure go up like I hope not Donald Trump seem to be very cognizant of of how much it cost to to to build things. To buy things. He showed signs of that since becoming president. But if we use only American steel what this country has a great great history of American companies ripping the government off. Charging the government more than it should and if we leave out the competition from outside. Then. Do the American companies get together and Jack up the price. And then do we as taxpayers pay more. It's a consideration as an. If you wanna join us with comments on numbers 2601. A seventy. Erick are 504260187. Or Texas a 77. After this city Jeff you're on WW out. Hey you. Fargo and gear remember the outlines Rahm like Chinatown where. Near the end she is sister mothers just their mother no I don't that line it was a joke out. You you get dropped to Egypt can't trust. And. Although I listen up I I didn't ever remember that line from the movie which are so long time ago but what you just said. Makes a lot of sense to me and a lot of people. But are like can say is there anybody that listens. To bother listening or paying attention to anything props. Is I'm sorry in my opinion and it. And I just. Trump they're not saying by narcissistic. And egocentric technological liar and anybody listens to. Kennedy's. Is wasting their time in my opinion. Or suggest the media the media reports on things and trump says it's fake news because I he disagrees that a truck said during a press conference just a few minutes ago. That he has. He has no business in Russia he has tons of Russia and he has answered and he has absolutely. No deals with Russia. Well but we generally don't we don't know yet. Julie. Everything. Analyzed well. In the apple a liar and everything about. Him. And then. You know the land it just shows. It's a lot. So it's just laughable served in the White House and I believe. Our democracy is strong enough to think. I don't. Well I'm sure that there have been other presidents that are just this week actual. And then unintelligent as trump are in this country survive. Jeff I appreciate the call it and I remember at the turn ethical wire used quite often when Bill Clinton was president. From Metairie Joseph welcome to WWL. Yes sir I'll call about trump. Are saying he used just American steel. On the pipeline. And people comment you know it's gonna drop the cost. If you're bigger. As competent parent for many years he's smarter about who know how to negotiate American pride. To compete modern country good strip it and it got generally. I don't know what others have said Joseph but I simply ask that is that the question and and it's it's a legitimate question because American companies have ripped off our government for centuries. Well you know are there court. My parents or care it was apparent why. Local police out it's about a girl. Why federal. Go. Occur because you know why didn't let our current deal. So India mayor offers. From the primary country. You want to sit in to burn. I'll honor your right Joseph I I've got to get to a CBS here's our data I I do appreciate the call I mean I think you are your I think you bring up a legitimate point. However the question can be asked to mean the first thing that came to my mind when you say were only gonna use American steel which is great. But let's also keep in mind that there are some American companies that might take advantage of the fact that there's no competition from the outside that makes the company spent. Not Donald Trump bad for picking American steel. If you're Arnold say will decide scoot CBS news updates followed by our WWL news update and we will be right back with your comments. Donald Trump is a press conference was talking a lot about fake news and the lying media. He said just I can handle bad story if it's true. And he said specifically about CNN. So much anger so much hate he said I used to watch I don't watch anymore. I wrote an op Ed block for our website which is on our website at W real dot com announced titled what if President Obama. Had called Fox News. Fake news but fake media. What if Obama had called Fox News the fake media. Interest in reading shared. On our web site every if you don't icon a gun to your text year just a moment we get back to call also from Greg and nick welcome to our show. Hey stoop. Use your listening argued simple score on that press conference and I heard beginning at issue is that is that you law about what's caught. Did it speech today. People should really be along most of the the price this beach at lower. The the worst attack on me or any. He's. 300. Cities and you know Hughes and I am really concerned. Along serve our country into war. No. Call up the troops may. And it'd declare martial law. People should be concerned. There were some things that Donald Trump said in the press conference that I thought were. We're good to where positive things but overall from what you saw you're you're scared and I mentioned yesterday that for the first time in my life I'm really worried about America. You know. So first they try. That's the first thing trying to do silenced the media you know. Yeah I know defamation. And it's it's really concerning that. It would be such speech as such in the act on them. On and on our system on our receipt you know. Delusion. Additional explanation. Nick I appreciate the call and I share your concerns though about president trumps on. Condemnation of the media. There's a lot of bad media people out there. And and there's a lot of slant to the media but again. What if President Obama. Had. Treated Fox News. The way president trump is treating CNN and MSNBC CNN in particular. And essentially what if President Obama had called Fox News the fake media. If you gonna join us on numbers 260187. He text 870 ace every from party Herman welcome to WW well. Code are you doing good. Tried not tried and tried not given up now. Outcome to the conclusion that trump is a classic example. 888. People don't who don't know what that it at attention deficit. This. Cut the crap beat cage. Because people at eight DDR constant wonder. What he can do while we're at and all need to. Can't stay focused. And went up in gold. It up and go away not necessarily but not the way people want. Can do it anymore. Herman I appreciate the call. Donald Trump said that everything that's being said about him and Russia and he is people during the campaign and Russia he said it's all. Fake news. What is latest. What if it isn't. Don't trust going so far to say that this is all fake news. That if it's not fake news. How does he regain credibility but again you know we at at this point we don't know. As much as you think you might know as much as I think I might know I admit I don't know but a lot of people think they know for sure. And we don't really know doing. Nothing has been proven yet and I'm just trying to be. Fair and honest here. As press conference president trump talked about Mike Flynt. The former. National security advisor. Says he's a fine person. Said he didn't think what he did was wrong. But he said he didn't like what he did to vice president pants. By not. Telling him the truth. But he said that essentially the stories about Mike Flynn. Are fake news. It's not fake news if you just don't like the story it's not fake news if you. It if you you disagree with a story. It's fake news if it's a story it is absolutely made up. Like the pizza gay story. The story about. Hillary Clinton and I John Podesta. Being faulted a child porn ring and a pizza parlor in Washington DC. Some people believe that it took that seriously. One guy took it so seriously that to go try to save the children he went into the pizza Paula gun and fired a shot. Based on fake news. Looked as much contempt as you might have with the media. This is the product of a media that is in our society. That is not controlled by the government. And there are going to be media outlets leaning one way and leaning another way. And is distasteful as you find that it's actually a blessing because that means the government is not controlling the media however. It seems as if president trump is trying to turn Fox News into an extension of the executive branch. That's scary. To us with the blog is about on our website at W Reynolds I come and we'll be back. On this day in a pop culture calendar and missed a February 16 2005. There's a story that was about fake news a Cat Stevens who changed his name to Yusuf Islam. I'm got substantial damages from two newspapers after they've under an article claiming that Cat Stevens was involved in terrorism. That was like news. Active and they said it was false and highly defamatory and they. Apologize pay these bills pledged not to repeat the allegations and gave him a bunch of money that he turned over to the tsunami relief projects. And by the way this song first cut is the deepest Rod Stewart dated. Sheryl Crow dated. Matt Stevens wrote it. I'd be a Dexia calls are from New Orleans David your on. You do well. They take it. Hello David. Yeah got into trouble I believe Asia India Vietnam veteran call. Soda the same thing in new EU said it. You know if we're not concerned with this Russian connection then you're you know you're brain damage him and remote area also. Vietnam and you know he you know. Feel sort of the thing and and Russia is not for a gluten. It is in court has dictator he went on the money United States want to create history year you know. Which Soviet Union head wants. Doubt competition is so naive and that surrounds himself with people that suspect in the Capital One have to yeah. I democracy and and the same slots once said the QQ democracy. The people vote. And and a collared body but it could saddled with other central quote trumpet that Mac and yet. That's scary you know because of that you know people don't educate themselves. Criticize Republicans Democrats put this country worse had it in danger of insecurity about country's going on right now I am. And it cannot concern then bend didn't use your naive person. David this is set come up a lot recently from a couple of callers about two but ignorance and it's a democracy in that did democracy cannot. Cannot survive if people are ignorant. And immediate reason for that is obvious because it's the government's not making all your decisions that you have to make decisions and part of that is who to vote for. And if if Nevada public is ignorance. Is and democracy can't survive. It should consume any you know complain constantly about. It probably purchase to their power. And equally in wanna educate them so they want to see it and all stocks honorable good. You know what. And shows the amount portrait you can act and it can. You would pay one to two. And one real quick everybody wants the news media. Many times early people Stalinist country says. The newspapers. Like bullets are gonna. I mean look at Nixon you know we have freedom and our god help as well because you know. Mine are three branches. The government has slid as good as the flawed as flawed as the media can be at times and and it's steadily. I mean becoming obsolete circuit now people called Dick coop in the government but don't carpet now and yet and indeed local court. That's because new people and due to the nature of the bit. Now. It's his right David I've got to get a break here appreciate the call we talk about that so often cannot. I love that aspect of our shows that we talk a lot about the relationship between mass media and society. Will be right back on WL. It is a beautiful Thursday afternoon arrogant or chance of some rain Friday night too but it looks like for the most part it's going to be great weekend for parading. Highlights from president trumps press conference earlier today coming up after the news he talked about leaks talked a lot about the media. We're getting close to the top of the hour news here on every WL so I don't wanna try and cram a calling and so if you are on hold just relax stay witness will be to your calls are right after editors. Here's a Texas as scoot to check out who started pizza gate Flynn son you know I don't if you started it or he was involved in it in the beginning Patel Michael flames son and how was the one who was very much involved in the beginning event that whole ridiculous fake new story about Hillary and Podesta on being involved in that. On child. Trafficking trafficking of children which of course was a fake story. Here's a Texas says truckers out of control he is a threat to our rights as citizens. And the entire constitution. And then here's a Texas says. All one needs to do is Google truck ties with Russia CU SA today and time magazine among others. I won't believe him unless he polices here is taxes. Donald Trump said today that he has no dealings with Russia. Always nothing in Russia. And all of that is fake news. We're gonna continue our conversation on the other side of news. I astute in the afternoon. Under review well.