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2/16/17 Scoot 2pm- Trump vs. Media

Feb 16, 2017|

Did you like the way President Trump handled the media in his press conference today or was it not very Presidential?

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And welcome back to our show coming up on this hour we've got some highlights from president trumps press conference earlier today. It was a press conference re talked a lot about leaks I talked about finding that people and punishing them talked. A lot about the media he continued to bashing the media a particular the CNN. And he. Basically continues this war against the media and while the media may have faults and it is certainly it certainly does. I guess the issue is. How much do we bash. The media. And not appreciate what the media function what the function of the media is in this country. If reforms he very important function. This is a media unlike many other countries that is not controlled by the government and so when that happens. And there's no one person under control. Then they're gonna be differing opinions there's going to be a slant here slant Demi wickedly in another country where the government controls immediate. And there would be no slant whatsoever. A broader op Ed block for our website and we're talking about this as well. What if President Obama. Had called Fox News the fake media. How do you think people were reacting. What if President Obama. And talked about Fox News Fox News the way truck is talking about CNN. With that have been tolerated. Think about how people would react. It almost seems as if president trump is attempting to. Used Fox News as an extension of the executive branch of government. And that really defies this whole idea that the government does not control the meat. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy Eric coach final four to 60 when he said he tech's 87070. Here's a party general opinion poll. Is president truck right. At the mainstream media only focus is on negative news about his administration. That's what Tron. Talks about. Just a few minutes ago 75%. Said yes he's right Tony 5% said no major shift in our our poll. Right now 44% say yes in a majority 56% say no. He is not right I'm scoot in the afternoon and from the West Bank Brett you're on Debbie WL howry. I'm go in the department deterred a new suddenly all problem. Thought you but the the Fox News an extension. Of the administration. I didn't hear anything out in Vietnam would be Hillary Clinton. Quest then that would be taxed at a debate. About it blog. About it at all. You wanna talk about an extension of an administration that it definitely. Signified that. The second. That pertains rusher. In UP. Went on Mike Barack Obama heard telling an ambassador from Russia Anglican. It be cool to like get elected again and now empowered to do a little bit more free. While what he challenged while looked at him quality first on that. On goods. They. And we did not we did not enforce all our administration. Bolt won. The only issue and sanction. Little over two key point that I want you name. And could Google search. People people nominated Euro auto club. Barack Obama. Committee that it wouldn't be elected Charles Freeman. That when performing. Bill Richardson. And Tom Daschle. But they'll build a critical rupture that was involved in the old people when they went out and needed to take a the feet and it'll and in administration so. Well that would disappear that you continue to say that you're under its its not count the group. Brett are you gonna actually. Listen already made up your mind what I'm gonna say. I. Know you don't. You don't Brent because I have. I commented on Obama and the open Mike and I commented many Brent let me finish let me finish up and outrage. But it. And I think you listening. Outlook and outlook and all if you allow me to respond. I talked about everything that you talk about. And if it doesn't reach the passion that you want it could be your subjective view. I think I'm very fair when it comes of these and I have to be fair I could be one sided if I want but he had every right to be one sided but I'm not. But the idea of of of on CNN. The questions about on the question is given to Hillary that we talked about that'll. You don't. It was a big state. I'm not I'm not that Britain because you missed the she'll knock in a redo the shield of my conscious is clear these two things that you charged me with. Are totally falls you heard what she wanted to hear. So so so let me ask a question for eight years. Eight years Russia did whatever they want him to Crimea. Shut down planes. Wouldn't we be an administration. We should do enough that's for damn sure. What it is humid but not endorse election. Oh. This election OK Brad this is a great example of thought of how people listen to talk radio today somebody you she listened to them. On why I have. No I have listen I have talked about those things in a in a negative way I was critical of the Obama administration for not acting enough when it comes to foreign affairs why did you hear that. Why is it that you assume. That if I say something negative about trump I never said anything negative out about President Obama vetting this is absolutely fake news that you're presented here. It is to keep Katie talk about you know the media. Game immediate for all we want all I want. In the error an objective point of view from the media I don't want the media going wooded. What does it tell me what you define the media ants. Yeah Sydney report. An army. We do not you're not gonna get that on the cable network channels because that's not. I. You're gonna get it you're nor are you get more it could get a police had just ahead. The problem okay it because we partner out war. That's January 20. A terrible things are we wanna impeached president. Okay they have to sit and watch people listen do you see. I'm not the media. At Purdue and. I have heard some people report. Some politicians have said that and immediately ordered it. Oh the media didn't make it up. The media reporting the politicians Nancy Pelosi because one of them was said she's looking into impeachment. That is a reported new story the media didn't make that it. I've heard in media all poultry. That this is war and I'll walk. Hey are right luck ran to when you're talking about Fox News CNN and MSNBC. That is a different aspect of the media that is driven by opinions. It. I didn't think he has to make it it appears to see if he's moving in that direction because of the way Fox News is accepting his. His his race. I know this is a warning this is a warning that we should not allow the president of the United States to make Fox News an extension of the executive branch. It yeah that'll that'll lot of warnings that a bank could be out for the last year that we have eat it too. I do its spot. It's true Brit I've talked about them. I'm not I'm not gonna continue to argue with you because I've already talked about it. You. At your chart you're you're basically saying. What what what what Brett wait a minute. The Brit blatant. The first to think you charge me with you call appear to complain. To criticize me for not talking about CNN or Obama in the open Mike and open Mike thing I talked about both of those things. So. When you talked would you talk about again when you continue the conversation about the truck so you're supposed to listen I take personal and any snow or. Wouldn't take it wouldn't take it personal mature predictable all of the media and that's what I'm not gonna do right it's. And market could all I'm telling you that you're talking about the media would roll and I'm giving you my impression. What I believe me. I'm telling you brat that this is the mistake that a lot of people make. Don't take it don't take it that way the media is slanted and the issue of Fox News is not fair and balanced. That is not a no spin zone in the afternoon when bill Riley. They have a slant to the news it's okay. I'm not disagreeing with it but me and don't be so blind as to not see it M a slight it's tennis or not. I'm not blonde thing. Legitimate favorite didn't look old name and bought bundles tomorrow connect. Brett I appreciate the call. I'm not sure to get it like Tom Daschle and Bill Richardson these are these are politicians you know somebody that there are politicians. That are involved in in. Odd stuff that's illegal. Oh my god pick it it's just as dishonesty with pulp I don't have to look at the names to tell you they're scandal with politicians. And here I don't hang on. We'll be right back with everybody around. If you're on holes stay where it is somebody gets all your calls by its. Actually I get back to your calls now coming up we've got a technical glitch here that we're dealing with so we'll have more these highlights. From the united front press conference coming appeared as few minutes. I here's our party general opinion poll has president trop writes that the mainstream media only focuses on negative news about his administration. 44% say yes 56% say no give us your opinion but going to TWO dot com from Mandy village show welcome to the show. It. Yeah I thought it was very meaty I thought I had a lot of information that are and I thought I thought trump didn't have a good job. So that messed. For a decade and they did you know we're well you media. EDT how many people would air. I didn't I didn't count it it would have record tended to reporters care. Content where that's what does that need Witten we'd in the media. Let me. Oh wait a minute Joseph I'm trump has has gone out of his way to not call on some reporters and he's focused on other reporters more than more than. More than today. He has he has a right to do it but that's not the right thing to do if Obama had done that there would be criticism office and. Like every Obama went out of its box or Hillary Clinton now and that's and that's wrong too. An apparent that understand. Ellen yeah it goes Randy are both in the hypocrisy and seeing no one more thing and drag you out to Matt. He Colin the president immunity is that the guy. Nine million dollars. Our late. 18100 and their partner in the media and it can be the guy's Smart you know it yet. In or some act clam and battery Beagle common the president named thinking that he's a liar. The. Well there's a big difference between there's a big difference between being a liar being idiots I mean you can be a liar and not editing it. It. Temperature up in I don't know I don't have any kind of credit bill Jones a lot of the beach yeah. Hitting. The audience or any well. Which you part of the audience. Who sings that. Larry you and Evian duality Larry. Crawl. Who I think we shouldn't be a part. A broad stroke windows. He gave. Sneak preview. What you would be you've seen it on the debate. And it in the country. So we should be. Anything these. We both hopeful and somehow he got the brunt of it. We giveaway in law and he's probably. So we shouldn't be the brat. We know. He you know didn't have it mean to qualifications. And immediately called these ads. Well in your attitude is I don't think. Network he will be cynical about our own country was Smart and no big league wouldn't select operate like it. I think we're told that it did not yet but we. Shall. Could be lead but we about it. And we don't eat you know. Well we have currently if you. Wish you mean in the country. And we don't need to. But Larry you know this country was divided before truck took office. When. You can and do. It. Mean anger in the world be the winning. It's not looking for money. You now or he won't be. Blow it. Well you can say the same thing about Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton didn't even money she wanted the power. Well. Yeah one department to. You know you know what did you go. Now. You know the people who did you then. I did that it was going. Door and would still on the operating out of it would be. You know what I mean that's like a lot of people share your opinion Larry I appreciate the call. Off of gentility Adrian here and every WL. Outdoor an expert such insane if I think in the lottery your actual talent can you go out and you want them and connect guy. Edited and appreciate that you know. I think could not write the article you want fiscal and you but I do. Why don't care I don't care if they do age he would bothers me is when the say that I says something that I didn't say or they say that I. Why don't I talk about this when I really did talk about that. OK lender servicers that cracked a little common. Let's talk about how about. Things now they not saying that he immediately blame much on I am. But I'm not 100 and a little more about the more left and okay. All the mutated. Let's talk about the things he mentioned in the outcome that would mean you'd nuclear card would usually you Cody welcome to all of our commitment. That the media can. I'm talking about his his talking about is his on his composure and his sense of humor I thought it was a good. Performance. He remembered that he didn't agree with everything that he sent. I think. He joked about it negativity of the disrespect the growth. And the current economy but. In the government and around. AG he collects and to get to see a musical and it. Not that there would not say. Elin article. In all an act about cola and elections not about the city and two two. I'm on YouTube and say OK don't Olmert about the the sanctions but he. Dropped it there. Now that look at what to undercut it would have to. That took. Aging I I take a backseat Electoral College are gonna get to CBS news update I I appreciate your college here our host stay with us we will be right back with more events. Lot of talk today on our show lot of talk inspired by Trump's press conference earlier today. Reported back to your calls site here is so one of the highlights from the press conference earlier today. It's Donald Trump. Having an exchange with an Associated Press reporter on the topic of Russia. You're not aware of any contact during the course election how many times asked to answer this question can you just Russia is a ruse yeah I know you have to get up and asking questions and import. I so Russia it was a ruse I while I suppressed covers up to that point and Anna and I saw that it look sometimes reporters do ask. People the same questions. Not only politicians but also celebrities and a lot of times. You know athletes get really frustrated with reporters because asked the same questions even though the questions have an answer. Donald Trump did not give. An absolute. Yes or no answer the way some people wanted it on. When it comes to Russia however. Here's some notes and I made. He said I own nothing in Russia. I have no deals. In Russia. And then the other question was about whether or not he said anything to anybody during the campaign about contacting Russia. And my impression from the conversation was. No. He did not. Well she just what you know how Donald Trump is so open with his war on the media and on here was an exchange with a reporter from the BBC. Where you're from at BBC. Is another beauty. It's a good line. It partial freedom that you have here at this president just like CNN. All of the travel glad that we could bunch about the vote. I so what are President Obama had called boxer's state media. What if President Obama had it treated Fox News the way Donald Trump is treating. On. CNN. We would that fly but is it is it wrong for a president to focus too much on media based on their slant. From Mendocino Ethan you're under a BW a good afternoon. There. Real. True free and open press. In the United States. It may be much more free. Candidates in the North Korea Russia and Cuba. But Jim many samples major and media. And it goes to economize and wanted that sixty minutes. It's the produce straight. To have been bit beat old. And said sixty minutes said that there was pressure from the outside for them not particular production. Beneath and that's it that's a TV show that's not delivering the news it may be about news but that's a TV show. Named sixty minutes. Well outside limit well considered it is magazine that the example that the paintings and John the optional. And and in other show and it happened in the news organizations as well there are certain sensitive. Story. And bad. They know. It's inflammation that not and that there is hired I mean obviously digit too much information. Even locally here and talk to many police officers through the years that you know that they talk about the things that never make unions. And who is pressuring is to not certain. You. At eight. There is there is some there is some pressure there is some pressure to. Not near certain stories or to not take certain angles on certain stories and it's. It's it's wrong and I guess you could argue issue that you are assuming that that is kind of a vicarious. Government control over the media. But in terms of relative to the world even the BBC mean the the government to end in England owns the and the British broadcasting companies owned by. Government to government runs and controls the BBC itself. Relative to that. A free country we do have freedom of press but you're right there is pressure to not rants are the stories. Okay I'll add to that that our government is not treat an independent itself. I'd bet that a government continually improve implement corporate interest. Well ice at especially through lobbyist. And and and there is that we may not be pretty cute you know and backroom deal contest you. You know truthfully independent anything's. It is double double in May and we enjoyed a level of it than then and most in many other places. Did it but only to only to a degree. Eat and I appreciate the call I mean I think it's fair to bring an obvious there are stories that are not covered locally and and nationally. Because of sensitivity. And I read a book on in in the nineties when I was on a WQ well. And it was called feeding frenzy and it was a it was a book about in the news media and this book pointed out that. If a reporter goes so role. If they asked the president really whatever they want if if it's if it's out of bounce. Announcing that they don't ask challenging questions but the question is truly out of bounds. That reporter could get bumped from the white house press war. That reporter for his or her network would lose access to the president. Sometimes we've seen this with sports remember when but he deliberate was kicked off the saints' point. He was kicked off the plane because he was saying and writing negative things about the signs an idiot like it's only ticked him off the plane. So there is yet there is. Some. Influence when it comes to. Our team when it comes to the government. Relatively speaking our media is free are if you're Arnold stay with this if you got a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601. A semi tech's Amber's age 7870. Here's a Texas says so 2009. Obama said don't treat Fox News like he legitimate news organization. OK I mean that was wrong to. Just because he did it doesn't mean it should be done it doesn't mean that we as the American people should tolerate it I guess there's this. I guess there's this how we got to get back out. It's think about how much of this is really about revenge. I'm scope will be back on having a hero. It was on this date February 16 in 1923. The burial chamber of king took on comments recently unearthed tomb. Was unsealed in Egypt. By English archaeologist. Howard Carter. I mean do you think that was nice I mean should ensure we have early on earth that and each that we go dig up dead bodies. I mean I know it's for history and everything but I mean at some point our witness or digging us up and doing research on us. I mean year's surprise maybe centuries from now and again like you know Dick up Ernest morial. And dig up. She'll Boris. He got these people and and check out their bodies I don't mean it's kind of the same thing you take a political leader a leader of a country and just dig him up. I remember when the King Tut exhibit came to newer ones in the museum of art episode that was amazing like let me clear something up here. President Obama. In suggesting that Fox News was not legitimate news. Not a legitimate news organization. I can't put two meaning when he said he said that. I don't remember these exports by. If that's what he said that's very close to calling Fox News fake news. But my point with president trumpet is the persistence. Of cozying up to Fox News. The persistence of this bashing of CN NS fake news. Fox News is not going to report what CNN reports. Because of their loyalty to president trump. Does that make in somewhat of an extension of the second branch. And is that a good thing now if CNN is wrong. In what they're reporting. Then they have lost all credibility. But we don't know we don't know see an android we don't know if it don't truckers right we have to way to saint. Lynn a year under the WL. Related. And army continued yesterday and today I heard you can't say they've achieved. I'm all worried about the United States is now more than ever. Not it may. Welcome and say convenient outgrow our. You know. One thing to enough. So. Are you reunion news content channel ten to. Army had hoped President Obama. On Fox News. Could be the content for the little delicate it was wrong. You know and so I mean is going on in town. That's the Iranian person on both berg and track how tall. Order. Since since since Obama didn't like Fox News then it's OK for tryout to not like CNN mean. Is that is that's what is at the way it should be or is that retaliation. I mean it's like it's going home and talk coming Obama back in oh and he that Fox News he would go. But we have a hard act. Yes OK okay relentless. How did you hear about it. You don't think you're telling me about so you did hear about it so it it it is not this year. So people on opening. It I mean I talked about it so what EB nobody talked about. Day about it and see what Linden where he. What I wanted I wasn't I wasn't doing the show here in 2000. You know in Asia it is his racket made a big deal. Opt argued Cassini and art is. Well because trump is trump is relentless where. I mean he has made a big deal about that it's not some sudden passing comment. It's a big difference between the passing comment and an agenda or are campaign and it could mean you know I'm not stupid I mean the he chooses to look he's doing this for his benefit Fox News is either gonna benefit they're not gonna benefit. The audience is either gonna grow even bigger and they're already number one or the audience is going to go point a minute you know this is not. If if they're sucking up to the president and we find out that these things are really wrong with the president then. Fox News has had an credibility so we know we have to wait and see. And you're right they act you can understand. You know it is by all worried. But I have the knowledge that I mean do you feel under one on the bar that you and I compare their. And terrible. Linda I I was talking yesterday if you listen to the show. I was talking yesterday about and in much of it is the hate in this country. The nation that hate. That it's not no I'm not. And I appreciate the call and I appreciate you listening to our show. They hate is not new but I'm just giving you my opinion. And you're entitled to yours but actually I am truly. More worried about America now than ever before and it's because not only of the politicians and the workings of government right now. But it's because of the American people and how we treat debate. Will be back with Evian you well. And further North Shore wallets your endeavor WL wanna try to squeeze a quick comment and now before the news so go ahead. They're scared. You know I'm Jake to step back and look at the overall picture of the day. Pictures that the people in the establishment. Art to land if you wanna blame someone. In that it was total gridlock. And even happiness and that's why people voted for Donald Trump that's why are. Oh that ought to when I mean Donald trop. Are actually the cause of why someone. Like trop was elected that the people wanted something. To happen routers. Well you can't rewrite we talked about we talked about that a lot during the campaign people work. Even though there were some people who didn't want to vote for trump if they were more afraid of no change than they were the change that Donald Trump would bring. They wanted challenge. What. I appreciate the call if you're Arnold hang on recurrent right back with more of your comments. I'm human sometimes I get a little passionate on this show charged press conference was at the last minute. He apparently according to a an official Washington decided hey let's have a press conference I wanna take questions from the reporters. I agreed with what a lot of Donald Trump sent. We'll talk about that you might disagree get to your comments. And also we'll have more highlights from the press conference coming up right after the news here. On WWL.