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2/16/17 Scoot 3pm- President Trump, fake news, real news

Feb 16, 2017|

Do you like that President Trump is combative with the mainstream media? Should he be more "Presidential" or is that why he got elected because he's not? Does calling everything he disagrees with 'fake news' really the best way to solve problems?

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And if you're just joining us I'm sorry you have missed the show up to this point it has been a spirited and lively. I I haven't done it yet so sometime this hour we're gonna play a song by poison. Featuring Brett Michaels lead singer of a force in Bret Michaels and the temptations will be easy or fee escapade. At the morial convention center went to draw I attended a party went last year it is unbelievable. And Bret Michaels of the temptations and other bands are performing including some local bands. You've got a chance to win a pair of tickets when you hear the song talk dirty to me by poison when you hit that I give up the contest line. And if you. 350 dollars and twenty cents. We've been talking about trust press conference and much has come out about the press conference you'll see highlights of this later in the news. I thought it was a very good press conference Donald Trump had a sense of humor and I didn't agree with everything that he said no I disagree with some things. You know there was a moment when he was talking about well what should you do a bouts. About to Russia and is is potent testing you what are you gonna do with the spy ship off the coast. What are you to do with the Russian jets that by starship. What are you gonna do with the brush are launching a missile what are you gonna do with its what do you do about this. What's the response community. And trump told the reporter said I don't have to tell you. Is and I said that during the campaign. Any cinema say no I don't have to tell you I actually agree with that. Because we cannot tell everybody what we're gonna do. I remember when we. Went ashore and landed on shore in Somalia. When RC this was so embarrassing. When our seal team landed on onshore and some might wonder for going in there with our military. To help them with the Fam. The meeting was the degree to seals. The seals are coming ashore. That all of they're all decked out in their secretive outfits I mean they're all like covered up and and and in black and geek you can. And that the camera the lights are right on the on the seals coming ashore. I mean that was insane. So the president can't tell you exactly what he's gonna do now I don't know maybe trump doesn't have any plans. May be trump is tied to Russia that we don't know. You know he also talked about how a lot of the press is dishonest. And depressed is out of control. But he said some in the media are fantastic. And I'd have to. I have to agree with that as well. Now I disagree with trump when he talks about. Fake news well I don't know you know I disagree with him if it's not fake but we don't know. Some of the news that Donald Trump is calling fake news I don't know maybe it is fake news. At this point it's based on. Information it's based on. Reporting and some of the things I think that Donald Trump perceives as fake news. Is not relief fake news bit Susie doesn't like in that came up in the press conference to. And trump said look and I agree with this it is and I don't care about the stories that are bad ability to care about the stories that are fake. However he referred to the whole Russian thing. As fake news. And he referred to CNN as. Take media. Here's a part of what Donald Trump had to say at the press conference earlier today he was a talking on a lot of doubts. What he's accomplished. And to like it or not he's accomplished a lot. Has never been a presidency. That's done so much in such a short period of time. And we haven't even started the big work that starts early next week. Some very big things are going to be announced an excellent. Payment a couple of references to that during the press conference so you know will be here to talk about that next week whenever they've mixed up his. Donald Trump's also asked several times. Did. Did he have any contact with his content with his campaign staff and did his campaign staff had any contact with Russian officials know on nobody that I know of okay. Now did he leave an opening when he said nobody that I know off or was that you know the answer well you know let's just accept that as the answer. Yeah it does a lot that has not yet been proven. And I know that many if you wanna accept everything talks says that a nominee if you hate trumpet don't want to accept anything that he says. You on the show we're gonna still talk about how there's still a lot to be determined. Representative Chris Collins representative and Republican from New York talk to the media after meeting with Donald properly you today and had this to say about campaign promises. His promises and I'd trade getting inside the PPP very early on. Making sure that anything we do it infrastructures made in America great for the US steel industry. And from New Orleans Randy you're going to be WL thank you frank and Randy. Are you doing Randy. Are pretty. Smart comment on. And when. Oh. Ought to compare. Com. Compare. What I'm going to Obama are what you're. Would have. Trying to Hillary Clinton. You. Can't affect what goes on as. Of that trot out so when he bet on that question blow. My house. Accountable. Completely. Accountable. And the way and it's okay that it because it was. Well exactly Randy immense support that I made earlier it seems like it's more about revenge than anything else I mean at some point we are we the American people gonna say wait a minute enough is enough. We are we're getting ripped off we're gonna take advantage of by those in power let's not tolerated anymore and in the same way and I said President Obama was shipping on Air Force One. Too many times to go places at the expense of taxpayers we didn't really have to go. You know I'll say the same thing about Donald Trump and the trump has this big rally planned for on Melbourne Florida. On a Friday on Saturday evening at 5 o'clock it's just it's a rah rah rally as far as we know there are no major announcements but he just wants to draw. A big crowd I mean that's gonna come taxpayers' expense so is that really necessary. I mean I think you bring up a good point about. You know just because it's been done in the past I mean you know I talked about many of those things that people claim I never talked about. And it's our point we've got to say no it's. I don't care if the Republicans. Treated cabinet to appointees this way in the past it's wrong and it's wrong for the Democrats to do and. I totally agree this I mean I don't agree with everything slightly. I wasn't born and supporter I'd. Was not a transport work. I got a and that that that it would would you say you know I disagree with a lot of people that say that it's by one. I don't know what lot that. Well it's all right I am bias when it comes to some things in the ninth do you have opinions but I'm I I I bring up different to those scenarios in the air what do what bothers me what bothers me most. Is that. When people say. Why didn't you talk about it is when I really did actually talk about that that bothers me and the assumption that. I say something negative about trump and I must never have said anything negative about President Obama and that's simply not factual. I appreciate already. Priceless to. And from Covington Don a year on WL. Hello done. Our let's take a break if your whole state with a Seles get this break out of the way will come right back with them more to your comments. We're continuing to bring you highlights from president's or trumps press conference earlier today. And here's our party general opinion poll this hour is president trop right. When he says the mainstream media focuses only on negative news about his administration is he right about that. Give as your tenure by going to WWL dot com. We need to be clear about what fake news is. Fake news is not just the stories. You disagree with. I'm scoot to the afternoon and we'll be back under WL. I'd be a song of the day for there's two passes to go to or feet escapade a Lundy draw with Bret Michaels the temptations and a lot of other bands it's one hell of a party. The song of the day is talk dirty to be by poison when you hear that argue about the contest line if you DA caller you with a tickets I's to we're coming right back with more of your comments. I'm president trump held a press conference earlier today and you know overall it was a it was a good press conference modify a lot of information was out and trump said that. No matter what people say. They're still gonna link him to Russia. I know politically it's probably not good for me had the greatest thing I could do. He shoots that ship that's thirty miles offshore right out of the war everywhere in this country music. And so grain. The sacrament I would love to be able to get along recession. And a trump also said I own nothing in Russia. He said I have no deals in Russia. If that's true. Then all of the news about him having all these ties with Russia. Is fake. It's bogus. So let's see what happens. Somebody's right somebody's wrong. He did the media just reporting it or. President trump. Here's a president trump had to say though about the lakers the White House. Well we're we're finally. Yeah press. OK so he doesn't like lakers but here's what he said on the campaign trail when it came to Wiki leaks. I know politically it's probably not good so we had the greatest thing I could do. He shoots that ship that's thirty miles offshore right OK we got the wrong with their customers is as they Johnny somebody gives you a hard time on the phone just hang up on a I mean sometimes sometimes callers Aaron McKee John on the phone too long he's got to the things to do. So we're not gonna be brought with you. But get to the point and then on it's done you need to come on the here with me. Or you hang up and go talk to your friends usually that simple John is busy in there don't keep him on the phone with you via us. I'd we have an account. It was try on number two. So trump says that he is a slight radio this happens I trust says he. Doesn't like the leaders but here's what he said about WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks I love. Of WikiLeaks. I took a couple of them down. Good city. Doing this speech. Could get Hillary Clinton bush he's cricket club she's stripped and redone. You know why do politicians think they were so stupid that we don't remember what they say. Is it because we are. You know if if if true would simply say you know there was a time that I supported WikiLeaks I supported leaks. But I learn differently and here's why we shouldn't support it why can't politicians in a particular Mitch McConnell pick a lot of talk about a lot of politicians Democrats who does well. Why can't they just admit. That they have changed their mind on something to me that we give them all a lot more credibility Steve you're on WW no country you know. Hey. A couple things. Where. I mean he was hot and you know. Re election we've we've that was one tree shall we brought somebody and you change. When you what you are pretty. And that he's in and should you need to go and make drastic change. This. And so that it's basically what we. You know in the war I mean we. But wait a case Steve a lot of people or letting him work but that doesn't have anything to do with some of the the things that have been suggested and again if he does have ties with Russia that's something that we should know that has nothing to do with him. Do doing the work. Not changing things we have yes he can go on with those things but that does it mean that we should sit back is that a we're gonna give him a free rein here to do whatever he wants it and to not call him on things that are mistake. Mean that's wrong for president. And research and it's well so we're well CNN hands. So there either right or wrong about it but they surged well you know adamant there in the media is as Garland. Would Garland was. BBO. They used to have different liars and people go over his stop before it went in the air. I don't do that anymore well they don't do that here Steve McCain as a human eye cannot speak it. Can't speak for working for WWL. But that's not the case here I appreciate the call. From Hammond frank welcome to WW ell thank you frank and on. Does this. Me and my family really appreciate you. I think it's your one of the best newscasters. And just I just think it's sacred ground that you. Well I appreciate it thought out I'm you know I'm not a newscaster regard Robin it was a newscaster we're talk show host now and and and that's different you know we have to respond to have a different responsibility as a newscaster. Cover street topics that I think out. Think that the whole system is demand side agree with which votes out India. What is that thing to point out it is is one bottles sons. And should not. He was speaking. Bad day any realistic and mentions several years ago Saturday disproportionate. Amount of their money. Came from Russia because they couldn't American banks anymore and that's out there. That perhaps doesn't talk that absolutes are actually in the next act problems. You know he made buildings are certainly as give money from alpha bank and other places and that's probably won't release as our school. The other thing is what is question that we need. Oh. So. Sizzle so apple. So excited can't get to the oil question Exxon to do that thinking they're because of sanctions that replaced before. It's all about money Franken and have to get to a CBS news update I appreciate you bringing that out interesting facts. And also and I appreciate your comment about the show a few Arnold stay with us will be right back on every have you well. It is a beautiful Thursday afternoon and you've heard about a chance of rain tomorrow hopefully is going to be after the parades and then before the parades on Saturday so it looks like a weekend a whole lot of great trading. We'll talk more about Marty raw and the NBA all star weekend in town. Adversaries see signs of deceit transforming into both of those say events this weekend. We talking about that on a show tomorrow afternoon from Metairie Roger thank you for hanging on here on the show. Are. Trial would be trying to do and bitch bitch I knew would be. Bill Burton station they covered on. Fox. Paid our student like all M shall there. And talk about the all that's it may be suspensions. On the type reporting that fox new like I am sure oh yeah personality. Is this painting critique of what they called. While that's what they that's what they do I mean in the same way that MSNBC. Tends to do that test. Right equipment like them have dictionary every where two quote cherished brand approach. Network that. In. Including. But Roger you know when it comes to than the cable news networks and I I think the big mistake is that the people refer to that as the news and while they have news. In their news cast and Fox News when they select the news in the way they tell the news the news itself on Fox News caters to a a conservative and Alter audience on MSNBC. Caters to an audience on on the left. This is not really didn't use these shows our show is the year is this is a TV network. That is designed to attract the largest possible audience and it's really not. The news the way we are used to seeing a news. That you. Could point. Out so called expert. Commentator and major. Networks. Yeah. Or. Experts. Are. Are they which. Books and taken. You know we. Demands billions. Oh. Oh. Which. You grew. We proceed yet we perceive it's a news because it's about news stories but when you look at how it's presented I mean. The way that the news is is presented on the cable news networks it's not it's not the news the way we grew up watching the news on AB CNBC and CBS. Roger I appreciate it going to part of our after an audience. If you're on hold stay with us if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Erick are 504260187. Text numbers 877. Here is a Texas says unfortunately elections are more then. Acquisitions not mergers are more like acquisitions and mergers. Yeah I mean I guess you can make that argument here's a Texas says such front needs to show his taxes he says hypocrite. People. Do have short memories we of course they do when Donald Trump is doing right now. Honestly. If the pattern of our past is true. What truck is doing right now doesn't matter. To his reelection bid. The only thing that matters is what he does in the last year in office. And that's a pattern with every president. Same thing with mayors. To even the governors. And why. 'cause we don't hold them accountable for what they did in the beginning we have such short term instant gratification memories collectively this country. That we only judge him by what they do in the final year. And I think that sent. But he certainly is a reality. Is that they are fault. Now it's our fault. Looks at some of the stuff that comes up on the show might be a little uncomfortable. Because I'm very very much a proponent of personal accountability. And that also extends. To us as voters. To us as citizens. Because it if if we're nation. We're nothing more than a collection of individuals. So we can't be any better or any worse. That each of the individuals are they collectively make up this country. And we're so quick to a plane this plane that it's the liberals it's conservatives it's the media it's this it's you know why it's our us. Because we put them they're. And we tolerate. What they do. Because we put him back. And we do not hold them accountable. And all I have to do is throw us a little blown. And we've all forms. And what they do they throw us a bone to bone that they total us person the people. We don't care because we get the ball. And other people are getting bones that hurt us. It's an issue politics. And it's kinda ugly. Another song that makes fun of starters. Many of the jets Elton John this was a classic released on this date February 16 back in 1974. Remember it well. A young DJ on the here and loved a player that's on. Our congratulations to Tera Lynn Carol Lin is just 12 tickets to or the escapade with Bret Michaels the temptations and a lot of the bans as the biggest bash from ought to draw. It's when he brought in the morial convention center it's a lot of fun. And the tickets are valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents don't forget you can purchase the tickets by going to crew of morphine is dot com. And I'll have another pair of tickets to giveaway tomorrow afternoon you can also catch Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning sometime between six and ten. It gives you a chance to win a pair of tickets now what tomorrow will do either. Either temptations are poised and so I'm not sure which we'll figure that out too for the show tomorrow for the West Bank on a year on WL. Do was gone down Rancho. Thursday do you. 3COM you can agree. All agree to disagree with. Just a couple comments annoyed yup been voting since Jim caught the breeder thought president Ford. And then I saw. You know Reagan took over and because water parent the big power crisis response to several hours basically worked out pretty. As I speak speaking of presidential candidates communicating with the enemy before their elected. Let's go back to the courageous or may go with Ronald Reagan before he became president for the release of the the Iranian hostages. Well considers. This sense that that comes in to a vote for Jimy called over president Ford brought up all of he caught a Richard Nixon ball does that turn my age but anyway. Country. You are the most at vision and our country since. Since that time since I've been voting now mean technical matter come fifty years so but I monocle on Durham might. Voting process stern aberration. But. And partly it's not just that we're divided its ugliness of the divide and it's the hypocrisy is the justification. For one side. Over the other side win win. The one side that some believe his right is actually were. Yeah out and the reason why he's. Credit he admired ruby art first shores. You know conservatives are a group like Marco Rubio primary natural order for rob. It Democrats didn't put up any kind of Hillary Clinton were terrible candidate when you shall oh count so Pena. Michigan and Wisconsin and that's that's the statement that's Iranian. Candidates are all were very well. President trump. An early court and that ball wealthy people are not hurting for money before they even. Op whichever one elected. But actually did not opt you'll have a middle working class. Specifically the. And that was in to look at and that was so that was a group tempers really devoted to the democratic party for so long. Yes yes like my parents grew up Democrat. But who went off until I think Reagan and then. Marty good my dad not mom myself. You will return to be conservative Republican. He went and bought him. President trump wasn't your typical politician I mean teachers. So what he wants this current primary and the American public are large majority opposite. Got sick at auction did and got tired of the same old war in two until. Well Bobby enough people one in enough states to elect him the argument to be made that a majority of the country did not vote for Africa out front. But Donald Trump was a populist president's so was Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan won over so many Democrats they had a name. They were called Reagan Democrats. He was populace is a populist movement going on in this country and around the world very quickly here's a a Texas as if it's an opinionated version of a reported story than they should call it news. Too many people don't understand the difference while that's true. Not put that fault on the people although you don't honestly they've should save. It's predated. Here's an early Texas says even though the so called journalist reports. What fits that all of the so called journalists report what fits their leanings and Dan rather. Made up the story to attack George Bush. We'll be back on Debian bureau. Yeah why can't we just joined hands and now aboard Elantra and here's a Texas says the blimp is currently passing over Amanda real headed to know what. After the all star weekend yeah I've seen over New Orleans as well. Sports talk is coming up next with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia are you ready for the opening weekend of College Baseball it is here. Here's a text that says. There used to be something called liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats but not anymore. That's how we used to get things done. No they're still out here there are still liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats they're moderates. And we continue with the show to. Give voice to the majority of this area and the majority of his country. That are active moderates and not afraid to admit it. Wanna thank Diane Neumann RW vero program director Todd Manassas our assistant program director and John wicker studio producer. Thank you for the calls thank you for the text I do read all of them and thanks for listening we'll be back tomorrow afternoon don't enjoy this beautiful Thursday afternoon bloody New Orleans.