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2-16 4pm Bobby & Deke: on NBA All-Star Weekend

Feb 16, 2017|

Bobby & Deke discuss the festivities for the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.

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Ginn said for the big week in a lot happening in boy today is a type the day that you just look outside and makes you feel good. Beautiful day welcome everyone and to the Big Easy it's coming in town for the first big week and for Mardi Gras parades. For the 2017. NBA all star week in and just come in and to be easy because you love being here. It's going to be a beautiful we came we got a lot going on a lot to gain to the ball is a somewhat well they start things off this weekend as College Baseball a big big hug it. Taught him baseball in the state of Louisiana where my issue we had a record number of teams vying for regionals. And we'll have to see we can equal or get past that number deceased we'll speak with many baseball coaches across the state LSU coach pulmonary joins us. In the 5 o'clock out also Travis June. New baseball coach would too angry waived on this in the 6 o'clock am the Louisiana Lafayette baseball coach coach Tony robe Russia will be would listen 7 o'clock now. Former LSU tiger and in his second season for the you know privateers came out of nowhere last year and really made some noise. In the state and without their comic play dean will be withers and SE in coach Matt rise. Also coming up he is the voice I think he's got a golden council because if you listen to and he does sound so good and to know you talk about adds that much more to. Joseph my TV voice of the New Orleans pelicans in in the radio on national scene will be with the the top of the 5 o'clock now. And one of the all time Utley shot blockers in college basketball history with the ankle eight. And spent thirteen seasons in the NBA center Adonal Foyle will be witness in studio alive in the 5 o'clock hour. To get his take on in BA almost all week and he's one of several NBA players it's only eight they've been named the NBA's humanitarian. Award winner on my doctor. His post Indy career he has an awful lie and talk and reason why you hit your books. As well as trying to make on the pro level he's an author of several books and during the children's book. Very well known poet and still a part of the NBA and the Warriors organization doubtful will be with us in the 5 o'clock now. 2601870. You can take this at 8787. Operated jaguar opinion poll always available for you at WW dot com. Which LSU baseball team do you think is poised to make a run to Omaha this year. And I issue Tulane Louisiana Lafayette southeast and you know all of the you can cares joke vote online at WWL. Dot com KG can always something going on big B we can. With kicked things off preview in baseball tonight we know what's happening as far as. Football about a week or so away before the start of the NFL combat will go over that list of the three and thirty and by peace we started talking about that yesterday toward the end the show with deuce. And also a special evening tomorrow evening and I become Indian lab Bobby from the Rose. As coaches or draw head coach of the LSU Tigers. Got a big week and he picked him to be commitments for the class of 2018. Will vote it in a moment. And also on Saturday and the issue has won there more popular about it it's an invite the only camp our camp I want to date him pretty much all day. On some of the top recruits in the country. And of course Friday night with the passcode Jersey retired. Go into the stadium in the practice itself the food has grew so big B we can't look at things all tomorrow. Yet Deke considering this is you know will was always hopeful balls but you know this who Bulls over and it deemed offseason. We look forward to College Baseball. And kicking that off because utilized Louisiana's in the hunt. You look at L issued two lane of becoming Blake dean you know. He looks of these then nickel state of west in Louisiana Lafayette you can go on and on. The programs so. Baseball is baseball whether the league. I don't know how would you be. Against global warming it yet these commodities in early February mid February should save it. Is going to be a great week and an NBA crowd coming to town. The guy today what to think about where Ria right now. Scorers unusable we going to be involved in god MBA all star game. The college football which is keying. As fourth in the south for instance you have. A team like Cincinnati. Come into play and alma mater Northwestern State. Well they know the quality predicting at least have a chance to play the game Louisiana vs Ohio. So that's that's why you concede. You know even. You know all army in airports. You know coming you know south. Consider when you look at Colorado and on the Hudson River. With the cadets an army so big baseball is king right now because you could play. As early as so it's almost like. You know in major leagues indicate calls a spring training. There's a reason why they haven't in Florida and Arizona. Grapefruit league cactus league. When you look at that so baseball is here. You know lead in the hoop once fourth via movement India right now is king and you all and that being all star week in and I know they gonna enjoy themselves on the they're looking forward. To being here in and it's amazing. The you know we've kind of in the rotation together it's doable every via four years and I think we get again another 1202324. Somewhere around there but. It's days like we can even haven't NBA all star game besides this and even before we get an unsuitable or your body being being as embrace a New Orleans that much now. If the Palestinians can do something. And be more relevant practically enjoy that and they got though was it just in when I saw this in. The Andy Wes has been down this year yet you look compared to years past. I thought this is innocent you know he's talking about. Competition and we talk about NFC south even if football the challenges. Of the quarterbacks that you get a pace. Which our franchise quarterback that in other words Tampa Bay Carolina provinces Saints are looking for another quarterback. Going into the season where you look at AFC east with Tom Brady in the pages at the pace. The head when healthy veto bills and Jets quarterback now the Dolphins hold any real bounces back and it works out. But I'll do it well and bringing that up because you look at like the way as. And in the division the delegates have been eating going back the Hornets and look at the competition. I mean what it takes to be a playoff team and look at over the last five seasons. The team to the most regular season wins. Andy Katz said this even yesterday. To about a measuring stick up fifty win seasons. A reach in the playoffs. Low in the present it to go to regional play well. The twenty straight seasons. 27 out of 28 years when you look over the last five seasons San Antonio. Has 200. 92 regular season wins. Not just kind of surprising it just shows you it wasn't your normal expansion team that being the Supersonics win. Remember Oklahoma City they've been fortunate that big haven't had to suffer any. Has all of us and a thunder come about and you know would you look at San Antonio was one. Oklahoma City was to a 266. The Clippers. With 262 Vinny got a Golden State. For a wood to 613. Got you know the Spurs got it done there. LA Clippers the Warriors all west teams duties to convert club. You know with all in one of keep pasted them obviously LeBron it's and to do this in the past. With the Miami Heat. They were number five with 251. So it just goes to show you ago the competition would it takes it would you establish. As far as the winning franchise. Indeed we would just hope we can have like at three peat like to be in the playoffs three straight seasons yet and obviously right now we just open the pelicans because as it. It's been a down year for west the commerce to be beam hit an eight seed and only probably would get swept by the worries technical of the play. That's two KG camp Bobby Hebert Randy Bellamy we will talk a little College Baseball a day in BA hoops. Adonal Foyle will be wood is in the 5 o'clock hour and which team do you think in the state has a shot. To make a run at Omaha it's operated jaguar opinion poll vote online at WWL dot com. And welcome back he is to cagey game by BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia. I'm like going on. This weekend. Entering College Baseball. LA's you'd taking on their. The army and air yes air force badly and on the this week can you be of playing the military academy starting tomorrow night's 630 air time a 7 PM for a speech here on that tiger radio. If you do and at Talladega. I don't see this team is Alexander. The thing is prime time sports encroachment it was there. And I talked to him and he thought it was a great opportunity also game at Tulane involvement air force in. And army coming into the count and and this play you know. Part of a military appreciate the appreciation. And so to have them come down play. And that's as good measures take them to play a program like oh shoot two lanes so love. You know problems of the coach urban area again is done and the cadets and it's all about working together even though I'll issue. And two lane they do compete head to head. But I'm sure. Travis Hewitt. Work to coach and there because his book is is capable program to get that kind of exposure. And out to honor the military. Academies and obviously. You know coach winners background would air force then I was health again all but. I think just agree. Opening of the season. To play a team like airports and. No doubt about it Kalus but I mean LSU picking up some big news today of course. Young man that lays it calling comedic talents should just outside of Brookhaven in. Cold in Mississippi cope hire this and we called it the wolfpack. And he's a Deke physical pass rusher Bobby V is more. Comes to a LSU he commits to date he's about six it's these big tall range you guys 66 to fifty. If of those giving you an idea aren't he is again about it's about Tony fabulous pounds and that took the animal wade owning in the at all ranging. That doesn't mean that that's a prototype Charles Haley body looking type pass first at all when little whale. Now because anybody else offered him a scholarship while we just ahead of the curve you notice changes and issues ahead of the curve yet did this mean you get excited about him in Philly. I's are dotted line you know Ryan bright but that's that you gotta they gotta show interest in. All of a sudden. And always use the example. Because you got to get in early and I think you can convince parents and individual player I get this example Tracy Porter. Veteran right there and with the it was a Zachary. And those Baton Rouge area yeah and dodge and he went to Indiana and it will not Indiana basketball in Indiana Hoosiers who football. Wanted to decoy out just because they've created pitcher Adam. From the get go and he honored that commitment by the Indiana Hoosiers so while I think this is good coach O and they're recruiting philosophy to get young talent and show that hey we want you on board. And now he's not gonna. Atlanta all those players but a lot of putters light on that simply because you showed that kind of commitment early. No doubt about it Ellis who also by picking up defense of land tackle commitment. Nelson Jenkins blackening Greenville so it an issue now. Greece is there is Bobby too. Their total for 2018. And look at it right now is at seven commitment to UC some more vibe around spring time because you know when. The accuse you of coaches to this point down in their get into the college. The matter at hand when march comes out to be focused on what they are able campus. But Dan Wright at the day when people come on campus and you probably see. I would be. Surprised if you OC Warner to mole at the the week in because you have an especially when they came Saturday right down as a camp liked it is going to be some office and you see some might have welcomed me. Well they get and now look at Blackmon. And that being the green down that's an elegant in his backyard he might sit Louisiana is LSU's backyard and a necessarily. And an apartment carriages as politely and I mean that that's lean dental school before he had interstate system you have that B he was solid van rouge how you get bad bruise Brian Manitoba in one of the all time greats special teams the yes so the bit there mister Ellis she should. Always be on top of any. Local prospect especially at a convenience at the Baton Rouge a right there in your backyard no doubt about it 260 point eight semi. You can Texas and 878 send the pets and owners to get to against a few moments of course almost all weekend tonight. If you going to be around in champion scored eighteen T inside the NBA will be broadcast in the pregame and post game. Sure coming up before I get to bottom of the Allen news and having EC BS news update. And being in the back with more sports talk preview of College Baseball across the state tonight gone all the way to 8 PM here on WW yeah before we get the news it's a CBS update. And welcome back. He is the gaping canyon about BA ban. I'm not. And the Newsweek and the all star events. And tonight Bobby. It's at the Indy will be broadcast and I offered champion scored the pregame and post game at. Vijay Ernie Johnson joked that took to Charles Barkley can digits and in due to an NBA champion and four time world champion. She Q who need should be very very entertaining all the exposure Bobby you know they'll be doing that. Koreans we'll show with. Crawford is balling your show people walk and have been down the CD in the quarter of downtown there's Joseph people. Cook right Mardi Gras parades just to kind exposure that can only. Well agree to it movers and the weather's awesome there I want to be there and it. You know so that's always attractive when you're trying to promote the city and sell a bit. You look ragged 2014 and show you how receiving grown and you all of that being alls or weekend. In 2014 when you are of last hosted the NBA all star game. TNT's inside the NBA show was broadcast. From from the musical legends park on Burma street. Now you know that we actually I think that a oyster. The contests one time there I mean each dollar the judge. And rob ought to time yeah we were promoting Louisiana simply begin of that this year has tried green tennis again so it was something. You know I think it was like. Promoting oddly Friday night and allow us it was innately we BP. Are so that was so that is is good right after I hit yen to promote the I might have my years all but it was so they were promoting Louisiana seafood now. The last time. Inside the Indy too good show on the road. Was this past October for the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers this season opener against the Knicks media gatherings like Quicken Loans Arena and this is big time. This has made to take inside if you love basketball overall and invested events. He has pregame post game all that the personalities. Shaquille O'Neal Charles Barkley stagnated on gentlemen Ernie Johnson right. That did this is big time for them to have this says champions square and and you know if if if you have an opportunity to go not the god. I don't know how they get to control the crowd are my understanding. Is that almost shoot the edges that independent. At the visit. In BA on the role here you showed and I complicate the issue one you know secured an exam on today and all that bad yet this is a big. Against the New Orleans. A camera doesn't and other words. And I get to Charlotte the game at the New Orleans I don't to have Indian Wells. No doubt about it caused by the out today and Aaron Rouse this. And was out there immigrants and the more you verbal mound you broke promote yeah promoting MBA all star week in and having a good time on their just talk and B assuming Pete was stop and back. That listen to the show and course it was just such a beautiful day. But a young man the most about the senate told us she says it hosts on the ninth grader at Thomas Jemison there. He goes to show he's very excited about the all star game coming here and a couple of people in the midst homage to show. Primary gentlemen diamond in you knew you'd meet these people what you just feel like you know because they come out to be in the open to Ian and Celtic. You know you go to someplace in the visit excuse me or you or you worry. He's become OT. EP girl I 'cause they feel like three guys that aren't right and Ahman Green and make engrossed and so forth. But the white Richards mr. white was in there about and he has a Bain and then just tell you how you just don't know which is gonna run across used to play with Allen Toussaint. Irma Thomas. What Paul McCartney was here they play with him big time and the band is -- in the pentagon had been performing Janus finished and they do R&B. So he said the wind when you know sometimes and I don't sit there and do anything any kind of time he's so so chocolate though not here low fat by three I know you didn't know on none other than. That near you give me latest born years and 0%. VO and Joseph don't like to draw. As a deacon at the past and he don't make no cookies so speaking of the closet economy of the drink. Why no I know where you say how much real men I know when you came a Yo-Yo Monday had a whole meal in refrigerator yes it would do really well I mean the whole island real milk Ezra Ottawa watered down bill protest the main. Tuck and and also big Alvin here in the Big Easy so thank you all for stopping by and since Newton. Debbie did BO and we hope you enjoy this big be weakened over two rounds this. On a count on beautiful stole 2601878. You can Texas at 8787. And the dunk contest is Doocy yesterday about it's is an exciting but. I just hope one time between now and whenever even if it's when I guess I'm not being named on the eighteenth to gain. Somewhere along down the line I hope at one point they can get. The stall horse to game banking. Because in the eighties and the night it was always you know it was the buildup to two whereas now it's my opinion of social media the and a rabbi and a main. Players that you wanna see that don't show it did you know work out again the way yes it kind -- and then you know being called on tape and B you know like we all looked. Won it all goes down we all goes down when he's in inducted to the Al hall of fame wherever. What's can be there one highlight of socio Marshawn Lynch. Which one is. Now these MO yeah yeah Abbey's us Manolo us talking and as I admire about you know ultimately I think he'll be post Iraq has also to speak. But he now. It's just it seemed like now the story is. After the dunk contest like oh did you see it weighs. He used to be of the order to you know when he was even when Ozzie around it was and it. And so forth and Q these guy walk out and exploit way have I mean it was exciting win. Win I mean they got it now and the Archibald and Robinson he did but I mean he mis likes on the different don't they change the rules. I just hope one day you know you could seem like it is not gonna happen but just think it in in the height you Gasol. A young LeBron and Kobe in those guys in the dunk contest coming. And that would have been a big you know getting guys involved again exposure. Like I'll play over Orlando Magic of the enemy on the they'll cut yet not really well done and you know to get that kind of exposure you know you have seen. The truth is they play defense in the united author of game people receive points. And every now and then play defense might be incident to try to win gain. But overall not just individual. You might see better highlight dunks. In the all star game Vinny active theaters on Brett away via yet note trying to get out the way in and you know do it. Sixty minutes is exciting you mean they do a great job a showcase inept the Pioneers in. You know be many times these video showed the cameramen one time the last time it was the about the there was it was during the break dunk contest. And they show Bill Russell and earned a debris coming everybody just stood up story cheer coming in mangum lowering the need to think this means to us. Just a pioneer of the game so. Hope you have a great time this week in. And Lotta things handing in this him out of broadcast on the stand by the Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman and will be doing their show. In is learning today birthday so sellout happening it's an exciting time this week in and in. Of course we'll have our reads and will be going on all we can all. And the way it is gonna cooperate what is most be beautiful. Is going to be a finesse and it would be whatever sporting event with the hanging out Indy Els the week are way legal on College Baseball game yeah. I think we've been toward night we haven't for coach oval rules are rules that it is going to be off the colonials and and we think about it also to Bobbie there was a time when. There were adults. That war on the co Sports Illustrated with this past week accuses if for the second at their weak if they were. Was the epic with a 100 minutes or even now as they treated like heroes and yes it's almost like horse that is against is that he has to modify it it you believe that about this is the biggest exposure to him fox sports Allen. Chris Chris Myers was doing it here and all of the play about years he's been a guy's doing in colleges you. But they couldn't ask Harrison square garden it was I think 141. Westminster kennel. Dog show and what do these you have to wait you're no good dog Loria you had doing your best Embree mean like that type a dollar dollar loan all of my adult German Shepherd in him what you win that the U going to class like sporting clans non sporting. If hound group and if you win that being you get to do best in shoe meeting demand which breed your. Well Bobby that the dog Roma the German Shepherd one. This past week in you watch people in the first four months this is the fact Wall Street Journal and it's on about this. There's a spike. When that dog would over the dog wins best in show. Debris popularity whatever the figure was on with that dog was awful was skyrocket now because it's in one the best in social more do you want it back. The quote unquote German Shepherd. In the gates all these big contracts would dog food companies it's like Boston's is yet just like cost but not as not as big on a on monitors scale. Bridges is it was good to seeded German ship and win. Well again. As. Program alive. Was part of the picture. Of bitches in heat and as part Beagle. In partnership. Right in the band bands like opening act. You two behind. It okay it is racked. Now that in mind when you know it was we have repeatedly denied he had surgery. And Andy. Project is there Torre yet movement and that it was like. Be wrong. On both bill. And video. I'm multi it's all news to. Yet is three pounds eight years ago and it's full girl yeah. I might do to become an astute use him. Like about Booth is. You know what you got in Rupp who do you go in the game when it rains almost as well mr. go out to come right back. Meaning that they beat him that in the Andy team about is being. Here. It's like a gold and do it they'd be oh don't Pauley could. Dog is Chu is. His dogs pauses big odd Alia that told you about on Davies did well. Oh yeah yeah maybe Eisner usually with the farm yeah men that I've been kind of you know it took me awhile to get over him in the Bronx. Mind bulldogs you use it but I portable blog here but I. And decide he would David Pittman you know when I decide is that my hand. One of those big dogs one's like the worst thing ever did go on and glove and things that it Falcons mulled his daughter who's now 34 years page. I don't want to go to Georgia how one mistake here. We're gonna let down major is human being sort of popularity are eight all of this does that movie I'll pass and I gave you a Dalmatian dog legged Dalmatian. Who moved to Georgia after about 23 weeks is my adult. You had to take you had that you end up being my dollar you know we just trying to right the ship their about it right and don't like that's got a wall and now begin the prom I think oddities that made so many nominations in it hindered him yet but did they were desperate to the blood line yet again in New England it was a good you love it over breathe until the end of having a Dalmatian a long time. He's the KG camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia ever wants talk about all star game is Saints come right tee it is a sports talk on their B did Uga. Damage hair thing Everett Everett was saddened in my men. To be there but well well actually. That's right it's still there now so I'm gonna do. Let go there and pulled him what I care of the city and that the guys were Prater. Carter and Albert yeah and I'll get to a time and time mobile. I would have been. Out there and maybe it. Would be to be. Did the right there impeachable. City it. You guys were by the it and Adams. It's our program itself for that because it's you do as well without you in the make double or are you just great. I would. Personal self. Go. Home. You know bought out thank you out in the basketball guy could be aware of some moderate. Second burdensome apartment Juqua Parker. And without anybody on a week. Attention. Strike. So well that. Can. Well we now have a flagship station at a pelicans yeah we were not. I understand you want it. And you know it. Suspect that the best field those. And you know I would not anymore an average as well as the basketball on the radio. Row all Bill Belichick. They don't hit it. Mean and an active I can promise you it did you know. Be out. I love the NBA NBA it's atop a mound in NBA honesty Pasco football and you could throw everything else is in any and a or that you all but. What I'd do here is I do not think about we both do is it we do obviously what we tow we have a closer and have a four man wins title opinion. But it's also we came we came sixteen feet stove to people and ram it down their throat and if we tried to push some it can push him pushing it to the point where we want to make people like it. Did not mean in in that you had to come to terms is there a place for certain things it absolutely there's a place the table. But we are at a football restaurant so to speak and that's can be the number one serve and until some. It changes they anyways go Charlie Kelly does an excellent job on the radio right he doesn't act that I think he gave called multiple sports arena but I mean it's really you can't force people and oh yeah an immediate thing big and they got a when you go month to recover elegy basketball are you kidding me right. I'll guide to shoot me yeah it's a habit you lose in the paint out of mind when making active you know but I mean it's it's a two a's would just not. It's not a basketball I've been we've got to win here I am in you know you can't say where you at but. I would just like to think because of the way our fans are and the way we love our our team down here. If RJ is it stayed here all alone I think we would be much more of a basketball city I really I gave him more loyalty because you got the Jazz or they evaluated it and you know with that that did Jazz were born here. Well only if we don't take care of pelicans omelet and a crystal ball I have begun yet there it it might be out on the he probably changed the name Seattle pelicans yeah yeah. No doubt this is forced to Oakland to be the year.