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2-16 5pm Bobby & Deke: on the Pelicans, All-Star weekend, and LSU baseball

Feb 17, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk Pelicans hoops with the team's TV voice Joel Meyers. Then they talk with former author/former NBA center Adonal Foyle about the NBA's humanitarian efforts. From there, they preview the LSU baseball season with Coach Paul Mainieri.

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And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk coming up after our break wanted to ought sounding Sapp blockers in college. Basketball history a thirteen year career in the NBA and now one of the ambassadors for the game and Adonal Foyle will be with us they picked. Coming out of coal gates and the yeah resonated now. And O'Donnell has his unbelievable and he used to be someone the umps is point to keep you degree. No matter win but. Top of the land Magnum come Lotta from Colgate university and they went on played thirteen seasons in the national basketball. Association is all star week in College Baseball began from article a lot happening. Operating jaguar you go which Louisiana baseball team do you think is poised to make a run. To Omaha this year you could cast your vote online at WW real dot com and you know if I was like notion domicile had to guess in the future or just maybe in the past Sunday. I wanna like back when somebody was Jones if they went to an all star game with their father. And you'll crushed and crime because their team that they wanted to win and loss in his favorite player was about had it. I wanted that Jim and would be Jo Myers who joins us now. On on our line TV voice the pelicans fox sports in. Joseph I stole some a year you yet talked this morning our consistency on going in and I'm like man I mean join is and that that's kind dark about. Our sport but you know and be with TO. Their stories about things it was Macedonian and you were telling this morning the value your father with all of dogging. Media and they have posters of the guys that are two of play on 42140. On oh and there was for. I think Bob told it was public extra proper balks. So if the did they want to win that you'd got it at that time you guys know work the other the only two years ago what a lot of money. So it was only way it worked in at a course that Torre my debt in Everett the time. Involvement that early summary because he has no business whatever but it wouldn't feel it obsolete. And he cable but about sick so why a couple of looser. They get two tickets for real certain that giver. Now on Joey looked at the all star process and do you light did you see in all the revised system. Employed now but in VA takes an accountant doubled from the players. And a panel basketball media and nudges the man does. Mean I want to say the fans had Dwyane Wade. In his starting lineup not know if you look at a run what. I mean is amazing his run at to be an all star. When it was like twelve straight seasons. Something like that good you Davey got it right now wow they selecting all stars and all of those lines. Who are you impressed with a look at Gordon Hayward the entry jarred Kemba Walker. The first Robert opportunity to be on the altar or stage. Well it's a no win situation as you go the year ago they got a pleaser there economics but the the sponsorship. So I think they actually got right now were 6% the treatments well the opposite of where Tony Parker's Olympic coaches. The coaches can't people put murderers they can't go to the world. So. To that extent it was opposite irons are not the truly. Would be starting in Ulster. UC produced and reports are armed the other bracelets were so. They if I was only told you about it because a review of the serbians. It was the Russians are in our democratic process rights of those are taken over our all star. But we figured. They had to server so many different. Kind of source and an Atlanta would be. They actually got a pretty well straight picked you you'd there's always going to be a couple of guys. Eddie Bradley deal and what about was named yesterday replaced a couple of Bramlet you'll. Really agree John wall's backcourt for Washington. But. This will be yet another team reports from the panel bottle York shot. And Alabama Goodyear would be to your point your original question. So it is that I'd write though you almost all epics. TV voice for the New Orleans Alec and side nationally NBA host to in the week in the mornings is Jo Myers joins us now talking almost a week in Joseph to the pelicans. I think this is encouraging a four. Pelicans fans as you know a lot of national media is in town this week in all sorts of stories you talk at a time athlete you could have won angle he says something boom used we journal story. So there was an immediate Alley interviewing Andy Davis he says that based look up. Courting him I'm here. If I was thinking about leaving I would never resigning last summer when he re sign the five year 127 million dollar contract extension he says right now he sort about winning and the one think he's focused on is kind of do its an in house recruiting jolt in keeping Jrue Holiday. In the fold because he knows withdrew by his side he has a much better chance. And Agile that being said I mean cool. I think we cellblock took advantage Chris Paul. And to me that's puzzling that some might have told me. You've actually. When all's said and done you can have more success and Chris ball. They went AD. And I don't think so so I mean it to be adapted bugs me now taken advantage of the game. World. You know Bobby if it's kind of a transition period. And they've got to make that commitment you recruit you watched her state your match that truly great I actually heard of on the showed that and and its incredible how much he cares about the city that wants to be here so I was in the year. During QBs Corey. So I I don't know would it is it would were at the time you got closer to a but I. But I heard him but he Davis that made me smile. Because he epi pen and he told frank at all Jack's. On and be your radio that you know and I I've always looked at myself to garlic to bunker. I would still want to be wonders Sikhs and I want you to. And I are just Molotov about it so terrible all that they should deal. Probably be. And I think we have such loyal to two wild. How many nights were up against kings I'll look up what you believe. Other people are the building effort in order to an opinion that are under so I truly believe it in and maybe I'm naive on this but I look at what bold statement. With seven they'll crawl up in the world thirty at the world Patrick waiters are to make it work economic super Kevin Durant but he was also traffic. And bigger step curry haven't. Play accountable but prima revert. Well he we keep true you've got you're you're generational talent and it is partly right now. And off the charts first tee ball India keeps through body couldn't field but you. And it fault for a long term. It got better and it. So get your pick this year and don't give away your draft picks now I I think the San basis he cares so much and so there's this program and the team. That if you invest in your own. Truly believe cultural ought to be there and it will support so that the calculate them getting. Over the last few weeks of this franchise and I've talked to a lot of people it is our super. He didn't Alter and in the Witasick around the way to get there early so. I truly believe that they want to. All pioli and building from within and with oral prep course. I'm glad and ahead and fine it's always a fun interesting to talk with one of the best in the business jolt my eyes TV voice for the New Orleans pelicans and Indy radio joke. Always a pleasure been missed and it. And jawed these so great almost all week in third time in ten years it's in the Big Easy Amanda what do place for the NBA to be until the weather couldn't be better. Doctors you know what if you are so much to our to wrap up guys are your clock to. Everybody looks coming. It's unreal everybody considers is about to a city as tolerant president we've got yesterday regretful. That that survey. Up all articles cities and their their season ticket holders mr. About 32 and a told seems eager to pick road trip while our team who work ago and ordinances by our number one. It is truly where everybody wants to appease so it's LP situations great for the city Europe walk around down the city today it stack. Everybody walking route Oliver Perez developing yourself at now we just need to have built the franchise the right way it'll work are probably should. Joseph my Joseph always a pleasure enjoy this great week here we'll talk against him. Real all right Joseph all right. Tomas when return Adonal Ford joined us here on WW. Well at big events bring a big names to wonderful city and we have. A very unique in an inning it is an all time greats in college basketball when he left the game he was all time leading shot blocker in NCA history. And of course agree career thirteen years bang in the Indy Donald ball joins us now and now I look at all of the accomplishments you've. It would to it to need to stand out and I would imagine from a parent's standpoint and in yourself as well. Graduating magna c'mon Colgate University. And being ninth in BA players inducted into the world sports humanitarian thing. Those odds are great in Korea but goes to meet that signifies that you know if the ball was away from you you can be a success. But the mama could. I do you about an hour out there I'd be fair era but is that that's my what's my mom was approach part of the as well and I think a lot of it too is that is that I'm really understand from Johnson that led to a lot of team between sports and academic ball was of that that. That balance needs to close he'd be kind of beat and and both sides you have to. Truly be a student got the because of the courier for professional I've plays at the end of the day. Is this so it is so short and I always felt that as I please we we learned to be and so was still out of people because the I think many of us come from on circumstances that would not the best and we. We've learned and persevere through debts should help with so many other people so there's always a desire I think in almost every athlete profession I've been of Matt. Wanna give back to the next generation. Now falls on special guests in town for almost all we care about Adonal now. That he is have a knack to have financial common sense are that background because. No matter what the sport whether his professional American football players are just professional athletes in general whether it's football basketball baseball. They think is going to be like this all the time and they'll realize that life style. Is not 3040 years and just talk about your background and how. A tree where JJ Redick with the Clippers sent Ira are recommend the book you wrote a winning the money game and the NE ABA player athlete entertainer young professional it's a great guy. It should be used as a tool for the success. So that you maybe can avoid. Financial disaster considering you've been blessed and had great opportunities in life. Yeah I mean one of the things that I wanted to do when I first got out of the league a while I was in the league is some really asked the question. You know why would we seen so many professional I've is going to such adversity in his eye when he comes to financial. Well. And I wanted to to really just talk to them so I did this than usual thing while I was doing my masters in sports psychologist did a masses while I was in the NBA as well as finish up college but while I was there and amass the my senior thesis and I must this thesis was on. Retirement experiences I wonder on just talk to player's I talk to guys go out in the atop the guy's going to lead and if they tell me about the challenges that you face the good and bad. And I think potter because I was part of the fraternity do very giving so that it did just that talk to me about all the challenges the they did their experience and around and weak and I was kind of debates is that this book. Much smaller O'Donnell former first AC BS news update. This game with. All the time college and NBA great Adonal Foyle thirteen seasons in the NBA team with a Golden State Warriors who he's with basketball. Without borders some of his many posts in BA career pursuits in the very successful battle following it would just now now we know we have several of the aids. You be participating in the all star week in and obviously gifts are writing and I had a professor in college they told me you know if your broadcasting any form over if you can't writing. You can't say obviously you're gifted writer. Children's books two tall. I'll fall finds he's gained that it's out but in the end of one Bobby was mentioning now too as well winning the money game. Lessons learned from the financial thousand pro athletes in but I I wanna paint a pitcher to the list is out there. You can take the Anthony at a reduced insert yourself everyday person because it's a lesson in in the dollar amount or it is irrelevant. It's about ousted disbanding with meaning of budgeting and so forth. Very very interesting what what drove you to all of these two books especially think about one on this side which which seemingly put Q. To a more tattoo of being in the gain. Vs the children. I think it's. The book was it was really fun I remember one of their programs the NBA had when I first got into the league was three to achieve program will go to read. To these kids and I remember. Because. As a child growing up in a crib and I didn't have access to a great deal of books so as I was reading these books to these kids are saying right. One day I wanted to be able to read my own book you know in case I have you know some kids and go but also just wanted that I give reading. To a young person and telling them your story I wanna books that reflected. You know my experiences experiences that are very much Ty. Two young people and sports and basketball and I thought I wanted to do something around that so when I had the opportunity after I retired. I jumped that it issues great and I think the finance so book was. I've always responded to this idea if there's something that needs to to get done if there's a problem. My I think two in my mind walks is always hope you help solve a problem so when I. When I thought Alan Iverson when it's the Antoine Walker us all of this that I've been in numerous not he's going to financial difficulty the first thing that came to mind was. Hope do we Honda this problem on and my thought was go talk to the people that are living it and and hopefully that there will be on us and share. Some of the challenges and and you use that as the basis today and do investigative inquiries. And Donald again upon retirement you served as the magic's director of player programs from 2010 to twelve. And you relocated back in the Bay Area in 2013. And you joined the Warriors as a part time community relation ambassador. Is that really covered cover in the whole Bay Area because now the Warriors. They gonna from Oakland December's sisco is at all warrior country in India pretty much they community involvement that. Yeah I'm into war isn't as taken over California and menu is them in that I've been at a time estimate boy have his Lakers are Zia but I I was at a time when the Lakers. Rule and a couple of them but there is no denying that this is all Warriors country and a. That and now our commitment now is New Orleans. You will you make an appearance a book signing when Crescent City book yeah. Odds tomorrow. You know just talk about the you know like at a figure this is a good back grown. Would everybody here to talk with some of the challenges that are the season retirement so we're gonna be a christened books tomorrow. Around 6 o'clock and now we just two at talk shop a little bit so coming out tonight and enjoyed the experience should be fun. And O'Donnell also be nineteen Dotel talk and you know tomorrow at 2 o'clock in the game you can KT for the book signing. Winning the money game of the book of intake Chris into the books tomorrow. It six year. And not all look I'm a big man I'm like 64 row and I stand by ya feel like a middleman so that that has to be intriguing options all that he was a basketball tournament a big Jewish. And then when I go next to sack I look and get better and yet it could sell my gut is though is that it's relative is that there's always going to be somebody bigger than you it's a. I doubt just want one question could you you obviously get a chance to see you know in all the games if we I think depending on what age group you from where I liked what. We've got this areas that we better at this better than it but the game has changed and you are seeing some prolific scoring and then to add a guy like Kevin Durant to that Warriors team. How would you see your separate traditional shot block a guy wood is back to the basket you know in the low post. Same it is a place I did but did the big physical tennis it is not like he used to be what what do you think about the game today I. I think the game has evolved but. I now is. You know the game in the NBA is a kind of a weird sport because they. Whatever one person do want our organization dude and everybody else follow. And so and the question is that it's always has been the case that staff curry has changed a game right. So I always say that I love staff as though ward they're Warriors are doing. But the moment that you have another big man that imposes with a moment you have another acumen allows a rush careened out Joseph Girardi yeah. They're gonna shift of the game again I mean if you just look at their young. Cotchery have a NBA yeah after these young NBA big man. Uniform in beating Philadelphia you know top tongues out and now Minnesota. You know you look at the AD here you know he said there is that you start seeing. But the movement of guys coming back and re claiming that the league in a little bit but there's no denying at this juncture this is step through the I'm right at this point this is a small mentally. But it it might only be there for a few more. Years in my it is cyclical thing does it matter of attitude about. Allah and Adonal boy it's amazing. Because it via the volume who kind of similar. Football soccer. Compared to how you promote the sport and you look at India Howard truly is in the national. They have do you some bullets counting talent in the Caribbean. Because you from saint Vincent and the intervenes and on our did it in Bobby and Adonal away. I'm really going over to rain I know his motherland at the island am right now is very impressed I've I've been around a gradual climb blossom for our provocative idea all right I thought you need to. Absolutely honored not only did they call you say you gotta concede is skated them and now. You know the cool thing about the NBA is that the NB a show it to be able global so we have four economies notice setting up in Australia in India in. In Africa. And and China so you know we we've been really keep in trucks and now he's ms. across a ball I had a chance to go to Trinidad and Tobago. I saw some of the future players that we gonna have some of these kids at Dallas we can do and detonate going to be awesome. You know Madrid and has in common with New Orleans in right in the middle of color are not involved. Talk about Rio Rio 200 at New Orleans as part of it out of us I doubt I'd Donald. Oil keynote talk talking you know DeMarre two and a winning the money game a book of Itamar Crescent City books. Take him out thirteen years in the in BA man to come Roddick Colgate one of the all time leading shot blockers in one I'm Manny in BA players inducted to the world sports. Human all of a humanitarian hall of fame and doubt. Almost here this quote there was wants a eight journalists that are talked about Joseph Louis anyone points and BC you know Joseph Lewis is a credit to these race. The human race. There's no doubt you have certainly made everything and people around you a lot better and we isn't there one of the the more interesting interview about it now that we appreciate you coming thinking. Well. I like being around Smart people how far I get learns Doug and I didn't think he needs just due to root Susie to you you learn more at would fall well I say 31 guy conga line one that does not come via. I think it is a I really had examined all right come back from a sentimental coin WW. Baseball season is here. Act listen to a lab I've torn a files and now the LSU Tigers open up the 2017. Season the second ranked Tigers. And with military we can't in attaining air force and on me tomorrow night is 630 air time 7 PM hours it's an issue taking on. Air force coach pulmonary joins us now. Coach and an area I would imagine that you know what when we say air force it means something maybe across the board universal. But look different to many people but to pulmonary air force certainly has special place to eat. Well without them I support my heart because it worked their pursuit cheers but. I think the Americans are very proud of being there and they know that we are wonderful lights in the country and we're able polite. Partly due to injury treated like countries are the reason we had a streak in the because of the grades. Men and women at certain hour armed forces and that includes the United States here courts. Beat the kid at the plate baseball for the king. There will be playing night or excuse me tomorrow night and then the next it will quite be iron US military academy. What they banners. Playing in college and they graduate they get commissioned into their service their branch of the service. I think they'll put themselves and our athletic target so we have to respect our on the weekend and especially because to a date yet. Now coaching area boy it's it like give it snake bit a little bit and Yemeni and started the seasons though. I guess you'd take the approach does get that out the way in as his play game in and hopefully we'll have some lucky breaks where. We don't have any negative news coming always bars injuries or whatever might come home. You know our parties but it's football you know our coaches and told him very get go delicate balance between. What do we have to do to two. Two on. You know it came ready right in OTQ do we tackle lies in scrimmage used to the you know let them hit the quarterback and get it in steps. Big picture king ready. But at the balance between guys getting hurt as well. And just decided there after the last injury that and they were that search but but let's back off a little bit and you know we're ready to play in the should so we don't regret at all this week without they like it. I wouldn't call it like that I think it's part of the game right there are other teams have an injury that read where that sort state. Starting third baseman broke despondent and Tony weeks so. It's not unique to it's all part of the game we just got to deal with it overcome it no excuses spirited play. Now a coach Larry look at that obviously fans always intrigue it may be players in the milieu where it. And obviously top freshmen come in and and you set to start a couple of first year players the players and but when I was kind of treatment and you look against ability or potential. Of a guy like. Bottom line I gotta get his bat in the line haven't find a place form. And it's it's like coaching slots younger guys it's one of our ninth best putters pretty good back there at another institution. I'd rather find a way to get into the line up in did you sit on the bench and wait its turn. And CoreStates quite frankly that the easiest position to learn on the field. In theory eat your infielders still shortstop third baseman by by design buys and they buy his development. He should be able to go over there play first base. And and be able to do it very easily. What he'd do first they catch there at corner and there are what allow him have to make sure you get that kind of a parent so my opinion tickle be an outstanding first baseman. And cheer them to a more traditional and skill position right now I want to get Jake in the line I think he did it or think he rented stations it actually. Or better in in the line and sit on the there. Now could you literary boy now what more can you say you know I think you comment on him before Greg died in being the warrior that he is. Look less than a week at the had surgery to repair three fractures in his right cheek it innings ready to roll you know some fans of accidents that while Max go to an area. They kind of take the approach. Wall why play him against a air force considering the upcoming games you before you started SEC play with Maryland and they used to classic. Is it just because he's ready to roll horrible decision to play and sore early pros especially since the injury was recent. Oh there's no reason not created doctors in the 100% clearance. And beat these games are just as important as other games are. And most importantly. You know great want to play and he's he's not a cent healthy in the heat kept it nailed that you mentioned. He'd broken bone in that state and three places but it's been non functional bone meaning there's no weight bearing and have to move in order to do athletic skills it really all aspects that your here. And he credits elected not going to have surgery on it would hurt helped one bit if you should help them in the side that's. And I don't blame for what they had that straightened out so that he can return to be and a good looking at like year. But exporters. Potential to be hurt or Stewart they're hurt in any further there's no such thing we're gonna Purdue protection on the stage. He's been practicing for two days he looks great there's no reason not to client. Course pulmonary as well as the Tigers open the season tomorrow night at 7 PM a 630 air time against air force. Coach through the oh scrimmage is didn't seem that this simulating what games are like whoa what have you learned and what would you say as a strength of this team returning coach. I don't like it then it. We are pretty balanced club to be honest it's your I don't know who they're the best hitting team in the country beat the best pitching team that you are appropriate that he sent the team in the country practically predicted bounced across the board. I don't know where we rank in comparison to our peers out here that it you know I think we can we can swing the bats pretty well I think we can play pretty cute teacher and I think their pitching or starting pitching and purple French. It pretty strong so it would it born freshman excuse me a better. Along with young players. Freshman who popped out and I think their their anxious to play that what it takes to win and ready to Dexter. Now could you are obviously you know ability to put you talk about the starting pitching and it's always intriguing Agassi at the plating gains to see who you have confidence in. That a rotation mid week in and Sunday. Is that kind of they'll wait and see approach and an NC who produces. As the season progresses as far as who you gonna win and who are you go with the key goal of the season. Well of course serve one and two starters line and tocchet it's been established for two years so they'll be they'll start out there we're gonna go with the freshman. In game three year walker. They're gear it in their forties. Cool customer and or street pitches for strikes in Nixon mop the he's he's a really outstanding high school quarterback. Under the field general so to speak and I at all confident the world they don't go out there and you know took a twelve sports but we have other. Guys and you know it's appear for some reason to handle it then the other guys to their opportunity are like options Derrick walker would do really good job. Or LSU coach Tom and had a second ranked Tigers opened their season tomorrow night against air force you can hear all the action here on WW he's coached pulmonary Kotchman Erick. Thank you so much of the time Billups. Disco is our rival will continue talking to coaches across the state this evening here on to WW.