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2-16 5:45pm Bobby & Deke with LSU Coach Paul Mainieri

Feb 16, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview the upcoming LSU baseball season ahead of tomorrow night's season opener with Coach Paul Mainieri.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Baseball season is here act listen to allow about Tony files and now the LSU Tigers open up the 2017. Season the second ranked Tigers. And with military we came in attaining air force and on me tomorrow night is 630 airtime on seventeen hours it's an issue taking on. Air force coach pulmonary joins us now. Coach and an area I would imagine that you know what when we say air force it means something maybe across the board universal. But look different to many people but to pulmonary air force certainly has special place to eat. Well it has a special place in my heart because there were the first they cheer but. I think most Americans are very proud of being there and thing that we want lights in the country and weren't able polite. Partly due to injury street is that a lot of countries that read we have that street in the because of the grades. Men and women at certain hour armed forces in that includes the United States here or. Beat the cadets who played baseball for the king. There will be playing night or excuse me tomorrow night and then the next it will quite be iron US military academy. What state senators. Playing in college and they graduate they get commissioned in there are that they're branch of the service. I think they'll put themselves and aren't what it's hard and so we have respect or on the weekend and especially because to what they yeah. Now go to an area boy it's it like give it snake bit a little bit and you haven't even started the season so. Against you take the approach does get that out the way and as his play game in and hopefully we'll have some lucky breaks where. We don't have any negative news coming always bars injuries or whatever might come home. You know without these great football you know our coaches told the very get go delicate balance between. What do we have to do to two. Two. You know get the team ready right you know he knew that we tackle wise and scrimmage used to the you know let them hit the quarterback and get it instead of predictor king ready. It's a balance between guys getting hurt as well. And just decided. Spectacle in and Egbert that search but but let's back off a little bit and you know we're ready to play in the should so we don't regret at all this week without they like it. I wouldn't call nick but I think it's part of the game right there are other kindergarten injuries Everett were the sort state. Starting third baseman broke its dominant Downey weeks so. It's nothing unique to the top part of the game we just had to deal with it overcome it no issues spirited part. Now a coach Larry look at that obviously fans always intrigue it may be players in the milieu where it. In obviously top freshman come in and and you set to start a couple of first year players the players and but when I was kind of treatment and you look against ability or potential. Of a guy like. Bottom line I gotta get his bat in the line haven't find a place more. It's like coaching slots yarder guys that he's one of our ninth best putters pretty good back there and another institution. I'd rather find a way to get into the line and did you sit on the bench and wait its turn. And perk Speights quite frankly that the easiest position to learn on the field. It Yuri eat your infielders still shortstop third baseman by by design buys and they buy his development. He should be able to go and play first base. And and be able to do it pretty easily. What he'd do or stage at their record in the dirt when to allow him an extra against a sign of our target so martz and Dick will be an outstanding first baseman. There cheer them to a more traditional and skill position the right now. I want to do it Jake in the line I think you to get here you keep on Tuesday should it actually. Order in the line and it on the better. Now could you literary boy now what more can you say you know I think you comment on him before Greg died in being the warrior that he is. Look less than a week at the had surgery to repair three fractures in his right cheek it innings ready to roll you know some fans of accidents that while Max go to an area. They kind of take the approach. Wall why play him against a air force considering the upcoming game easy before you started SEC play when Maryland and and Houston classic. Is it just 'cause he's ready to roll horrible decision to play and sore early throws especially since the injury was recent. Well there's no reason not to the doctors in the 100% clearance. And beat these games are just as important as the other games are. And most importantly. You know Greg want to play and he's he's helped they in the heat kept it nailed that you mentioned. And he broken bone in that state and three places but it's been on. Functional. Meaning there's no weight bearing and have to move on in order to do athletic skills he really on has actually your here. And he credits elected not even had Sergio on it would hurt shall one bit if you should at a local. Then in the side at that stage and I don't blame for what that straight bill that is you can return to be in a good look at it like year. But explores. Potential to be hurt or are there occurred in any further there's no such thing we're gonna Purdue protection on the stage. He's been practicing for two days he looks great there's no reason not to client. Coach pulmonary as well as the Tigers over the season tomorrow night at 7 PM a 630 air time against air force. Coach through the oh scrimmage is Ginn team that is simulating what games are like whoa what have you learned and what would you say as a strength of this team returning coach. Don't like to think that we are pretty balanced club to be honest with you I don't know if they're the best hitting team in the country we got that. Pitching team actually appropriate that he sent the team in the country but I think we pretty good balance across the board. I don't know where we rank in comparison to our peers out here that it you know I think we can we can swing the bats pretty well I think we can play pretty cute teacher I think their pitching or starting pitching and purple and it pretty strong so it would it born freshman actually need a better and along with young players. Freshman and popped out and I think their their interest to play than what it takes to win and ready to Dexter. Now coach better obviously you have Dolan to put you talk about the starting pitching and it's always intriguing against yet depleting gains to see who you have confidence in. That a rotation mid week in and Sunday. Is that kind of the wait and see approach and an anti who produces. As the season progresses as far as who you gonna win in. Who are you go with the key goal of the season. Well of course there one and two starters line and tocchet it's been established for two years so there will be they'll start out. There are gonna go with the freshman. In game three year walker they're Garrett it is very quarries. Cool customer and Turk street pitches or strikes he makes an MRP. He's he's a really outstanding high school quarterback. Under the field general so to speak and I have all competent the world they'll go out there you know to pitch well force but we have other. And you know it's appear for some reason can't handle it than the other guys to their opportunity are like option Eric walker would do really good job. Or LSU coach dominated second ranked Tigers opened their season tomorrow night against air force you can hear all the action here on WW he's coached pulmonary Kotchman Erick. Thank you so much of the time Billups. Days ago.