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2-16 6pm Bobby & Deke: on Tulane and Southeastern baseball

Feb 17, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview the upcoming college baseball season with Tulane Coach Travis Jewett and Southeastern Louisiana Coach Matt Riser

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It is our number 30 sports talk. 2601878. You can jump on board you can Texas. At 87870. Coming at this hour we'll continue to over to the carousel of coaches throughout the state. It's a big College Baseball we gain in his first year he overnight tomorrow night as the Greenway you turgeon to. Are they will be at church in Greer field. Entertaining the on the back nights while Ellis human attained air force on Friday and Sunday to maintenance the same with all of our Friday and Sunday and they will play. Air force on Saturday while on the coast to that route would talk to coach Travis Buick is he compared to baseball program we're a good bit of experience coming offer regional play in which the way. Peyton always have an Oxford regional a year ago that is coming at their south also Vick. Back in an hour southeast of baseball coach met rise as a Lions coming off a another solid season. In south link convert like the team that has been one of the hottest in the country certainly estate. And a dominant in the sun belt. It is being coach Tony Roma show and the Louisiana as he had rating agency will be within a 7 o'clock hour and entering year two with the you know privateers. Is Blake dean. 50426018. Semi you can text as an 87870. Gaining your take. On College Baseball operated jaguar pay you blow which team in the state do you think has the best shot to make a run to Omaha. Cast your vote online at WWL dot com also is MBA all star weekend the good news today. As to a token last hour with Jo Myers and TV voice of New Orleans pelicans. Andy Davis about a national media is in town was talking about how much he loves New Orleans and talking about right now he's number one objective is to continue. To try and talk with his teammate Jrue Holiday is he wanted to resent with the pelicans. This Summers he feels that having everybody knows that. New Orleans has a much better chance at a much biter brighter future when you think about how could you negative five guys and you won't have to log now. We AD in the front you can have drew in the back that is to the five I think without question keepers now we're looking for drew opted to stay healthy. And the on the all star level like he wants when he was in Philly but we certainly know that he's cable of it we've seen signs of when he's healthy. This team is much better they go into the all star break coming off 831 road trip. Yeah I Leavitt and the west right now but just two games to have games back of eighth place. Denver dig in my back at it play out. Yeah I'm actually you know give a loss to Minnesota last night I was so that was a believe we have the Minnesota had a big win before that so their up and down to this year there was up and down into it and you know this and talk to the ground moved that'll Gallinari. To a certain team and the essence can be addressed in the next few Oguchi between now by being in a week from now. Because what does the impact of Kevin Love being out for over a month maybe a month and a half. Do for the psyche of the team the Brian James I don't move Kevin Lowe of full Carmelo Anthony Korea. But now it takes on a different meaning in if you talk about now and that meant I don't wanna wait a year wanna go back to keep his final streak alive gone back to the finals again. An average out on the well and then move welcome Milloy and the looks a little bit more like may be me we need to make his move. Well and signing LeBron to look at that. How can we overtake Goldman's right and he nudges you know. Even ease the that individual entity is I don't think. I don't think that they need to go out. In necessarily get another superstar right like like Golden State did. But you know I love being healthy badly you go back to two years ago when they most awards in the finals they did have love at all 'cause though was injured a lot earlier. But I can tell you right now. I got like how Caldwell who had eight threes and as night he's got show you somebody like that. To me he can't help him and put him back over the top of being either they don't make another move now providing that love is helping. I mean you out for six weeks about the so you bake in him up against the playoffs now and trying to get well I don't know if you ever really get whale on that short time. Six weeks from now he get ready for a player and he got cal Corwin what he'd give the Hawks oh like me that they were they were today you know yeah Mayo so no. We ran I think that was a good move filled with Garnett that he's he's a pure shooter and he can shoot transition and you had the B list as some of last night it was a the national game won't on the way home in Indiana and they were just like when it was tied at the 83. And maybe it's four threes in the 41 with eight he does or who shooters that can put you over top. And a big Laguna. You know when when you look at the NBA in who would be right now you know it's kind of through the midway point does he look at the all star. I mean you know I'm surprised now. Mean hard to believe. But the Houston Rockets. On man I mean. The league I did you think it heated success so I don't know now I know I felt only they'd be success this success I don't think anybody would really good to mix of pale right and ended thing is you know. In the NBA. You don't need defense. Until you need defense. In Houston is gonna score. But article beer to get those stops in the post season right game as much as the rules have changed when the game slows down you have more half court. Basketball the you do in Houston that were played at stout but. Teams are gonna make him play that way what can you do in we have anybody and they know they did not deal Bobby to where. They tried to additional Serena when they brought in Dwight Howard basket back to the basket then that that kind of team they are open now type team so. I don't necessarily know the Houston needs a lot of defense. But. Can they have some defense is Spanish and we come again in the second round or a conference found in the they would echo his final two years ago. And I think his teams on my bed and a team with two years ago but I think the top of the west is better. Much better than it was two musical too yeah is now like the way as. You know you do have the haves and have not yet where you know we always say it like well viewed as seventh and eighth seed in the west you can be like the fourth seed in the east may be our fifth. But other than I Venezia them this year. All right coming back we'll get back to the carousel of a baseball coaches there is a a new sheriff in town so to speak of ten New Orleans coach Chavis do it in the way you open up the season tomorrow evening. Against army black knights all the way be like in 2071. Learn about that next on WW rip. And welcome back to sports not. He is negate to anybody Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia well 41 wins leisure and a trip to the regional. Final in Oxford is whether green wave. The success holiday season come Tony and against Boston Collins but the when he returned an awful lot back from 2017. And a farm of good pitching and players in the field. And a new coach is in charge now coach Travis Julie Jones is now. Coach Julie thank you so much for the time and no secret the way you come from a top flight program. In it's certainly playing in extreme high level right now and Vanderbilt. And now you come to a Tulane program they have a lot of success in the last few seasons than good tradition for your college coach as you over of the season tomorrow night. I go to the tuning greatly. What are. Appreciate it you know in a time like in. Chair and spoke about the great universe and the boys were in it you know. Trish too so thank you but. Works you know you should be mentioned there are a lot of experience. Particularly all around fielder and you know on our starting pitching and then after that it will inexperience so. But don't feel good about it you know it's important. And a you know we've been studying are long times speaks so it'd take the first test and just got to get a gauge on where the groups out. Now a coach Hewitt obviously being the Vanderbilt always known plug great pitching. Look at what you and Harrington. I mean obviously a great opportunity was shut down starters a look at senior according morale. Junior JP friends sophomore Ross may CR massive overdose right. Goliath. 21 in eight record ERA about 2.5 nine last year and and and but it looks like that. You have to starters but is that the thing that figure out why are in the mid mid relievers in the closes when he had right now what does that. Yeah absolutely you know and I appreciate yet. Given those guys shot that it actually makes me feel good on the night before the first. Series without those guys that are rage in their heart beat in their experiences are sheer. You know nobody is going to be. Oh pitch count obviously the first week out our guys have done a good job building up so. If they're efficient with their pitches and and a commanding the strike zone but you know it should see him out their 40 or you don't 67 and as you did mention you know that does bridge a gap to finish the games so we come up with a closer. There's been steady enters. I trust him a lot big strong guy you know characteristics of a colder in the back that up and a loss he's got swing and has yet should. Sosa go into ardidi Trent are from Furman is that the yeah. And don't have a lot of innings in terms of pitching under his belt he had an injury strata art should appear so he actually has two years that he. Graduate transfer so. He's older lies. He's invested early part is successor and the guy just likes to roll all the time you know I think part of a church route to Serb closers. Not only those that I mentioned before but just somebody that can do it. You know more than once a week you know this guy. I gotta tell him to put the ball down electrical so much so. Feel good about in the back in again you know it's it's somebody nearly that. Down on it but he's performed well on our training segments and our scrimmage and things like that so. Look to see him at that at bat can obviously. If you in the game that means work we got the lead and so we did treatable. Now our graduate looking at the green wave last year but the long ball was definitely Iraq and when the green wave had 66 home runs seventy more in the three previous years combined. But also like feast or famine struck out also school record for average at nineteen times. You know what are approach are you take you moreover rating where may be more bigger emphasis on Bunning. And advance and the runners you know you hear that term small ball the bottom line is to get runs in that marriages break down that approach. You know. Not for network that the earlier small ball. Not sure but. I like the three run homer just like that in the scoreboard and there's no doubt we some sour. Throughout this lineup as evident that stepped it up bubble which. Upper side and cutting note strikeouts down because what we can. What are two strike approach and we can put all in the play it was certainly forced the other into. You know make the catch and transfer and an accurate throw reception on the other and so speaks so it puts more pressure on people summit I'd had good years imagined. All these guys did a good job. You know reducing those strikeouts mean not just in there. Production. Certainly Kitna so my big thing is it's what them this offense could be. Chameleon likes of the speakers wanna be able win and a lot of different ways. Ochoa did a CBS news that they come right back to me. There's anyway to remain a baseball coach Travis Hewitt as a wave open up the season tomorrow evening. Against army. I or to stadium grief fear. A coach on the combat and that we know when you got hired and came in here I found I don't think you sit in a resting at. But it just wanna get your take when you come from a program and I think I'm not. Of people on the outs and the command it relies Roy you get a chance to be a head coach and obviously people beating coaching I would think they'd be a goal. By coach at that we all know that at some places being hate coach is a special thing. But you could be an assistant coach at a place to where's it's like OK this is this is top tier this is as valuable as being a coach in January 1 of those places. At Vanderbilt in one of the things you say to you and dirtier press conference not a lot of places I would leave Vanderbilt four. But this place speaking of Tulane was certainly one of them and a I thought that spoke volumes when you said that. Yeah well you know the biggest thing is that. I was in a great place as you made reference the people that work were fine joint go to work everyday we recruiting. Level we were winning we're developing players. Things are going well. Looking at Vanderbilt stood for some cultural standpoint education knowledge stop by saw so many mirroring qualities. And a school like to play and so it was a it was a nice transition in and something that I. Was proud to be a part of it and and so that not you know I thought I could bring over here and you know get it going this week it'll. Now a coach Hewitt. Any article and Bly. And you know public high school baseball but you know nod and at that level college and I was in professional. But I know that catching the catcher position is so important. And when you look at a guy like a start catcher Jake Rogers I think you selected in the third round. By the Houston at true Astros in the 2016. Major League Baseball draft but there are they catching you have now the red shirt senior. And no comeback from an injury in my understanding. Michael Albano I'm pronouncing that right just about what he brings to table and his experience. Well Jeremy did catcher in his own right you know he. That streak a lot of designated hitting for the game and it was second on the all and so certainly. Power that way in which you expect out on the plate you know and inspector actually. Pitched from last year at some success but due to the pitching Tigers noble. Tommy John surgery in the offseason and so you come back nicely. You know stole the ball well he should. Would bet there for a you know. Tomorrow night obviously. Transfer from Texas and he sent some innings owners well there another quality program. So. You know we've we've been right there note taker. Sure that the catcher a lot of good stories motives of those on the plate that we feel good about Jeremy you know club into them. Now are closed Jewish boy aides say is like an ideal situation. Whenever you got the military academies in and Volvo Allen shoot yourself and there are forced a Norman coming to town. That just break that down and it just seems like a great opportunity. To show the militarily or appreciation and competing against them. Yeah no question and a it's a big part of our culture here to you know we don't get an opportunity to play. The military schools all the time but it just you know we spent time rehearsing. Hours stamp on national land on the respects for. You know all Americans we certainly won't work camouflage gear because. We're not soldiers would they'll. You don't pretend to be but we do respect. Those that are currently in those the passer than and it's just a great. You know opportunity to play these guys and all over India actually. They're playing air force we're playing army and abilities what the opponent on Saturday that we could both. You know experience both branches and just that the army coach is here tonight before jumping on their egos that are working now. You know gritty group of guys and then we go to India. A formidable opponent for sure there's you know going to be 20 they're going to be disappointment in all the things of that stamp or so what we are taking into. Amount ability. Tune in baseball coach Travis you're a coach Julie thank you so much for joining us good luck you and the way this season. Are. It's really appreciated our right to an angry wave opened the season tomorrow evening against army they're playing air force of setting a wrap up Sunday afternoon. Turgeon to the U agree or Greer stadium and they will be taking on the on me again on Sunday this is sports talk on their be debuting. And welcome back. While indicate to gain him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talking about College Baseball. And of course. The season begins. This week in a lot of teams skating in action anchoring on makes Davis Payne. Coach Matt rise of the southeast and I'm looking to build on another successful season from a year ago in which. The lines and a solid year in south ranked countless late. And the entire season they opened the season tomorrow afternoon taking on hoster. In Louisiana baton yet and there's a lot going on it's kind of a mix of games coming as the coach is now Blanco when we were you on. Rob and he got several of them in him and against each other but it kind of adds that excitement feel to the start of the season. And that exactly is the man appreciate you guys them all again now would feel. The our crewmen on the line and yeah we get round Robin that we the end he'd be on one you know we got you'll album off nights they've got lazy all we got all the goal and I want the best sport and Matt though in the country referred opening day pitcher off an hour they've welcomed the palpable the ball. Make it you know. Is the biggest thing we do in the parliament. Help prepare you know we're result of round yet you know loft to fourteen in the tournament. Doug there really been three days to beat soul we get it will be in this popular local these. And out of court tries to look at it also obviously that's always. I gained a wee in June because that's a local rivalry at Tulane come into town come and at saudis that on Tuesday so looking forward to that and and when you CIU team is structured in the confidence sampling you know yet new faces but. It seems like he returns in the Al if you talk about them that there really come in but a lot experience in our comments and we haven't them. Yeah you know Ricardo. A lot ultimately. All all big bat there were. Draft who has otherwise not. We're gonna have a great national career in their model that replaced with a good thing is we got. A that we are on now they power bat or. And I'll tell you thought about we go forward. Restore out there and beat on me to imagine. Beat Bentley in the DH spot you know late that one where they'd been renowned and there's people packed in there were in the band hall cupboard under before. They were all in two it's me commerce player of the year. They all those guys they note that award they don't replace these the open all day. Now could try to talk about also not only yo program but the competition in the Southland Conference I mean. I'm lime look in at Stony Brook we've heard that name playing at night knees. Cincinnati at northwest and dating back an inch enigma stage QB in Houston against Wake Forest. Liable when you look a solid comrades baseball I think it's nationally recognized. Considering their schedule and the programs you can entice to come down south and they're just about the pattern this solid converts is it what you face. Here are you know kudos to who our coaches copper did that bent that well. You know the strength of schedule they understand how important is cheaper all that had a string it amount offered the play those. Knock out most of the help you know build quality wins opportunities in building our guys you know it's Dave numbers. That'll be up with a big bat to their in the year right and it and it borrowed it comes to postal places the schedule they do we'll get him. Year or what should finish that they can beat these org PI. A big old coach gene that is it's paying dividend or copper to get multiple bids. Into the into the tournament it is PA. In hoping that think that certainly you know we feel like at the property and that we we all want it all that the purchase their in the year. Not a play and we have a chance to play for her reader Jim Pippen that pocket actually change yeah in the year. And duplicate you know public and you date you know. What they've done over the last Emery nine year that it had been in seven regional last night but I'm mistaken with a and been on owner at the top refute a point. I mean the conference as a at a lot of quality baseball and we want to be on display. It's the want will rekindle. You know football. And basketball but there are. That's what what would be the biggest the wrong with that that you know now I read a good don't get it on. You a lot of ball games. So these codes man rises as basic as enemy round Robin this week and southeast an MRI taken on Louisiana at the at the raging Kate insanity they battle after a and then Sunday Murray state of racism in tanning coached. I'm looking over the course of the season in years in which southeast and felt like they should be an inning got snubbed. And his schedule unbelievable after this week and you play Tulane at home did you go to Houston take a three game series against rice. Being you go to Vanderbilt to play The Commodores followed by nine count games in south Alabama Troy seat now. And the West Virginia and I'll listen to some national analyst a big West Virginia could be one of those teams are harder it is really contend this year on the national level so. There is scheduled coaches. Just on the outside looking in that game where our hearses some of them the more people to keep Overland baseball is as tough as I've seen. Dated. Like that those dividends in last year's streak to get a plate you know or are there. They've been playing six or seven point bug game I think three he's right now we're meant that today. In there in the top thirty year receiver both been reached or fall schedule. Burke those top opponents dull. I'll be at the began but he you know we all talk about on a couple of and oh well. They only to do that the player that quality opponent you know on and not. Now on display in the play him okay and played Vanderbilt up there and those guys that beat beat beat those guys were trying to book quote went our schedule. So that in the year you may look at it may the court at 40 now they go down there there are shot you know we will put all all. Yeah we all the positive that they lash. Southeast and coach Matt horizon and the Lions open of this season tomorrow in the good Louisiana battle against the rating Cade Louisiana Lafayette. And the any damage and alumni field tomorrow night he sixteen or is it could dry as always a pleasure. Good luck to you and the Lions haven't seen at damning our take. Greg Little an idiot may have gone to ascertain that message. And I'll give him. Yeah. Now. Though he we'd like. And I am wrong or that we and coach throughout the deluxe tee was season. Inaudible appreciated our. I will continue its outlook College Baseball this evening gone to 8 o'clock tonight right here on every WTO. He educate you came back BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia Ian thanks so much all the folks that came out today it was a it to. Rouse and of town on count animate Bobby no the power rating that was something and so on and don't call in talk in the scoot minimum nowhere real. With the during the day and school was telling me about you know it's going to help countries he eats you know it's pretty good days of bird do you eat healthy. And have the bird. And you tell me about these certain type all and mean it would mean on them again if they come and in on reason and on to a floral California ointment this said the car heritage on Q with the guess from the certain programs fall with something. Well somebody hurts lieutenant need to try it all points in Colombo. The veil on the view that the video that works at Ralph to produce manager jog in the departed. He brought me to duties pretty. Heritage owned and name it now agree with them in the good ball a good week to. Well you know it's good big guy I'll order reform dolls and naked pure Jews had so many man entering this year in the good. Well the whole just squeeze it. And pitchers. Or of mentoring jeans yeah that's good you know. And it's and is among them is dating and dating she beat two pretty soon yeah. And ocean you know she's got so many trees in the backyard. She's got their name entries in those men into Rio Google Rio real nice to it from Ireland and yet again my limits in the she's got commander ends. If she's cat. Oranges and and make the greens this is but I mean it is you isn't good you just these the only ground is going to come. You know at tomatoes commodity allocated says the man and mentoring men green mentally I can pick it up big you are Adam Myers lemon tree to you know read it and slightly chart is companies. As well alls who juicy and every like five or six man and the greens. Do one and as the economy kind of talk of them yeah yeah yeah I thought I honestly yeah I'd get some day in the work out do his. You know they got these aces to remedy you know some people believe critical as the whining of Joe Horn so forward thinking that. I've always apple cider vinegar is good for your blood pressure. And cholesterol. And now something get the apple cider vinegar with mothers in its I don't know with I don't know if he's always is says apple cider vinegar when mobs in the mother route you you get I get there. Annapolis and pickle juice in. And I squeeze a bigger name in hand with some crushed ice a day snowball eyes. All main receiving an exotic EA aces you're in love to see you could do you view of you can just feel you could mr. well melted down you just feel nothing else the veins flowed Powell main Altman not Clyde capillaries are all beautiful though. I would take a break we'll come back some more baseball to talk to agree coach a robe a show for the raging cajun. And private jet coach Blake dean joint justices sports talk. One more hour ago I VAB Eddie building here on WWL.