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2-16 7pm Bobby & Deke: on ULL and UNO baseball

Feb 17, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview the upcoming college baseball season with Louisiana-Lafayette Coach Tony Robichaux and UNO Coach Blake Dean.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the final hour sports saw tonight. Powered by BA bear ion the ability coming up tonight. Spawned a the final hour. Had a couple more College Baseball coaches to squeeze in the show joining us and our number four. The coach of the Louisiana and he had raging case it's coach turner over show we Jonas at the first break. And in year in the mid to coach Blake dean of the you know privateers with stab back for a visit as depravity is over that the season. With a few different opponents they have southern Illinois Chicago and prairie view in him. Although his forthcoming and at the Louisiana Mathieu will be in Hammond take down Murray State Hofstra. And southeastern. Which team in the state do you think we'll make a big run our run toward Omaha in the college World Series atop ready jaguar Pena both. You can vote online at WWL. Dot com and like gone on by BA BA including all star week in and lot of folks will be a farming over to those two and got the of necessary a ticket to attend a live showed tonight will be taken out inside the NBA momentarily and also tonight after the game. Andy also Kuroda tonight. Ortiz there was announced that they sleep apnea. I've never understood those things and I mean I'm on the stand that premise of it. The hounding Helio do they go to Q sleeping. Well I'm wires on games UK sleep all right stuff on well the thing to do it again as the enemy that Vilma side. Most of it is is the payback on IR couldn't either but I you can dig out album wise on your heat I needlessly believes that. I have no idea of them because I am you know he's I don't know adults Miller. Adding obviously I gained some weight. That a 25 in the B 221 only use snow and a exactly. And that's I'm alive Kimi. Bedroom which you know ago at this mean now I'm practicing. I just think now. Everybody is nicer person. And life is better when you sleep that. And we got a good nicely and I never really fully understood and I know it was a different time. But if you watched like well on these old channel this pace sneaking idea on how weakened of the Donna Reed Choo. And the idea in my Mary animal. And you won the woman who's leaving him one being in amazement I but in the same room. I know lab now and SYL kind of all bad blood even otters and I think it's a lie that plateau in the same of room these abilities dollar here Agassi. They don't wanna be risky in different beds. But I felt good about different bedrooms so you don't hear nobody round ends lower odds are it was more like Pete who you know beauty kicked in creative or like Duke has some I know we've got to be the biggest being in the worst mine might gravitate toward nobody I think it was two cousins to lose K. Following him around the net you know like almost yeah. Different bands in the same movement and a lot of times now just out of convenience you hear all kind of commercials. That. Marriages miserables Dillon because my husband's dorsett too damn much rise and or you definitely got to humiliate all part of being and you don't wanna have it. Too aware. All of us and yes we've gotten is so bad that you dial like Reggie White. That's right Reggie White guy in his sleep the winning at fifty years old to damn I did this league and Tuesday. I knew I didn't have been ahead doing anyway in hand in hand in hand. The dude it was in like whenever he wasn't of applaud. I'll I'll walk out when and it is same damn big edge in India in the fears that the papers and if any caveats though no. The when it was like twenty minutes into its and the that we were supposed to sleep he would torn news and it dues out from a you can mile it was going all. They wind will gay do obviously without did you it's about here now you'll have a heart attack now he was he was so bay breathing and you know when you fall asleep. You might you skip and I don't hurry hurry is give a you know albeit debut repose yeah have you know and I Hugo. Do it and I couldn't sell chances horse every enabling took him to the hospital right in there because they they detectives so yeah they'll be able to detected. Well I just go out and some minor league you know you are you know you make an appointment and this'll happen. Mated tonight not knowing that we have the coach of the aid tomorrow. I'm just taking naps that's an energy force or do you UB through about six by 6 in the morning he threw in the negro leagues who split has done but I did asleep that it was kind of funny as it is like I wanted to all loses a step the end your right not X is right about the righty and that's where our win you know so if there happened though. So you know a lot of you gotta go to work in the real world mean early in the morning so that we weren't that some guys as a musket yet. So but it time you know there is they want you earlier but knee is that of the becoming an awful work tonight in us that we do so to wait. So cameras show and you know hug you know you know as the times she. I'm never out of bed and 9:10 o'clock. I'm a nine route and they have been in midnight you so's don't worry about it and I said no you don't have to wing media early in the morning. Does not have to go to work and Oki we you could sleeping because once she. You you really sleep and he can monitor the what you're doing. Some tackles toss and turn couldn't sleep. Decent about it I felt like about it time. I've fell asleep. The guy comes in there and regain leagues the line on. As they are okay as a timely what he's done or go home we have a good reading yet to come back to do it again. Assess what you what I had a good reading if you just let obviously Dubai two or three more hours. I don't have to go to work this morning though this was an opponent. Yeah as any with a hole nine is stating give no good read yet and he told me that I could sleeping because Toma and have to go to work I guess he was adamant somewhere waiting in the so the kids and our. And no obviously because they'd obviously Q probably mean the game make no sense of the ball four. Weeks and reminded the shining. It was only two people it was being as one other person in that hole. Really nothing I romance like in the over the whole team hit the earth and this city this team you know put an arm by the right place mean you know it is it's money breed them elect somewhere is kind of it's kind of Arafat that it is just a big being in the room is like. And that's it. Like no I don't know how to describe what I think is I don't have a problem honestly meant but I gotta get this week run and I might want to see exactly and obviously it's under wrote in a matter ivy retirement Avant out also disappointing is that Ayatollah. They are so good we will have to week you know could you don't have to you know go to work early in the morning. And it's and have a gun. You know I will have a six skating and go home now but you have to come back really get a good reading. And how to juggle. Well I have to go anywhere wanna is that we continue to slip. That's like a nuclear we atop mountain TV when the in the in the OTV and some people felt like you know you should sleeping only it because you just give bed asleep that way. And you couldn't like say certain things on TV like I remember on Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke when they were going their first child and it was it was against TV you could say like that the the wife was pregnant if they had to say she was expecting expecting there was certain closure could Wear and tear on it but there was an excellent. One comedic came monus and it. They're the worst thing that was said on TV Beck and they went back and white TV was so. When I honestly was said ward I think you a little hole on the B from the extra bases. Don't support it landed double mania and but anyway cadence and details. He has sleep. So we will know tomorrow I'll earn about next week you all have in the Dayton teacher that we gonna break it stayed there team judges call the and he got a solution insomnia of one here than on compounds Arnold he's got a right and we got to answer for everything though Cuba and I want it to enlighten me and need to -- now I don't know one thing is I know I know the that I think part of my problem it. With snoring is weight B yeah for sure Greg answer associated rib I was out almost form pound Manningham. But you are young. But I mean come home on the form now with a different. I think when you get over the and you gain weight Heath and I got to know more on and so on might be summed it you know in your breathing it trachea those you'll find out Ichiro. Yes so the same bag and same bank town those Monday we'll know if the cannon has yet. Always just and it's no. All right is this horse hooked on the VW. All right let's go to mid city for the teacher hello teacher. On the back on him we we always owning is nice and Uga. Are that upward there right at Fort Knox Campbell right. But in all. Children cannon and I haven't had a designated driver. On the give it to. There are people wanna die while lose weight they wanted to that. Ultimately the court the discipline that one. The key to make it. I mean guys up 10. Beckett. Where. That whole equipment to borrow on the okay for a side which you may. Wait. Who are like that especially Valentine's. And it teaches you a romantic. I mean. McCarty Draper. That's a lot about what they don't talk about. And accusing insomnia and it's not. Able to block out Bubba teach it as the problem though I Toma wide as well. You know what do I gain weight like yeah says that doesn't work that way. Now I and and a save like it to you why game we I got happy fan I'm just so happy review the pocket. That was a good dancing with the good of a damn. You've probably got a guilty conscience you know instead spoke with you got to pop up well you can. That well they'll those teach I do have a go because you know why. 'cause I've been in shape my whole life and why all of a sudden you know the older you get this and you really need to be in shape as good as the heart. And because I need day it. 2030 year old up until house probably about 47 year Rogge and I'm getting an 82 when he Earl but I kind of going downhill and trying to turn a corner. They get back on the right side. You work hard when you fought. Are you want to get money. Yeah I don't yeah I know you answered good polite or aren't but I think you'd. Like. Terrible people in that put him about that like. He did good give Remy thank you so much for the time LaRue in moment would be John by Louisiana raging Kate's instead head baseball coach. Toner over show it to cage in that badly on the unanimous choice to win the Sun Belt Conference. With so many players to come and back in the and you know when you think about it I'd be. Every usually have been the favorite Al pulled the to go to Omaha. Dog talk about in the I'll look at the media poll I got you to win the oh South America should Sun Belt Conference you know teams in the state are. Best teams in the Southland Conference from Louisiana and teams in the sun belt which would be. Monroe and and the. Looking at all the programs Louisiana I'd be surprised. You know we don't have at the least at least three programs. At least when the at large bid on you when you conference going to regional. Yeah you know where you participating. In post season baseball. I think there's that much talent. And arm. Mean coy anywhere if you look at Texas Louisiana. In awareness now I mean in makes sense baseball should always prosper. In the Dietz out of Florida California isn't whether I agree you know and I got a broad program like Virginia you at Michigan was a few years ago by being an issue open that was somebody in the I didn't. I forgot it was. The only him like three or four practices and had traveled so far to practice because any pride is an indoor stadium rather I rather as a however yeah the guy who it was bloody you know I think the era was last year they were really good and ACC. And now I guess is Marilyn Korea and and now I realize that if I know these schools now. Did a season got some palca scooped. All right coach groh was just he had to come and coach Blake dean he's back BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia before we get too caught up on the rest of the show in College Baseball. We will have ace CBS news of the always a pleasure of welcoming hand and we talk raging case in baseball would go rated top. Coach Tony Roby show with a cage once again expected to hand. A big season and they are the unanimous choice to win the Sun Belt Conference so some west title and go to Rome which are now Jones as coach groh always a pleasure. A good at good twist in downtown coach rod as a earlier I like that turned me Theo to start the season and you say you know hop a southeast and Murray State. And a round Robin action at like that aids in as of a different element induce a regular week in series kind of mixed things up. Any kind of gauge like an eternity field. Yet there Jeremy. And make you feel a bit like you know if you copper star but like you all well. You know that good and you're pretty contained in three days and yeah the adjustments on the fly because you know played. You know all on Saturday and Sunday were you information that you gain from making Friday night to adapt the people make adjustments throughout the week. It. Now the throw which look at it expectations and obviously what you established. And Louisiana Lafayette conference favored and how do you view of that lately with team in the pressure that comes along with. I well so much is given much requirement observe you walk. Yes no doubt the pressures privilege you know being. It even you if he saw it and I mean no current. Roster pressures of privilege thank. You know revert to right that privilege earned the right pebble all fire back earned the right. You know could be expected a lot of things could be expect another record here we were terrible. We have no expectation and so I don't want that way you know but I'm. You know all the rankings and so that at all last year being being we have earned not the point guy choke we epic. Well court now. We all our we know lectures beat book. But we don't know who victory here so. Don't start out the Mora and you know no matter what happened. You know we we we had for the long haul and we talk about it all the time about locked in the back to four. Our adult you know nobody wheat and Al and it all all double lock out. We make chart or don't Albert and always go back the years we've got to write out the back boards so we lock our back door. We're gonna start beer and it worked for premiership Tibetan in the week he would begin the week yet. You know raising cajun baseball coach starter over show as I guess that thirteenth ranked cage it's open at the season tomorrow night. And southeast and against the alliance. Coach and you know sometimes when people say here and they may say well yeah I remember coach robe was show. And with the routes and names in the you know a couple of these names you turn out they've been stellar. But it finishes first or. Gonna lazy I mean he is just the evening here Eagles the game is back coach. And he and given more of a pre season all conference some merit. And anytime you can bring back to strong longs coach. I mean any of you because you know in those series in an issue instead turn in the conference are already in that he had tournament. Go have a three game series are you going they were too strong arms you know you got a really good shot. Where about it you know balls out of court demand it again. And our ideal field so. When you have it you know you've got a chance the winner or could it. It is the but it gave you an opportunity. The potentially at that height when they did it. It's not that important note the note that we have a opportunity. A good pitcher Greg about his job is to get away and so. That ball really long ago. It. Could mean. Chicago code immigrated Lehman may agree all year but the date night you know I'll lose their. Rate it yet but it would they do so bit. Chicago at all are you gotta do not let law. Feel been. And and call I'd be X more law is a big boat issues in baseball. Coach also when you talk about two a couple other guys you count on especially a bad to play a guy like. Stephen essentially it was the having that experience coaching in we look at those four names and thought of so you know we got experienced at it would you say coach with me is this team which you got. Starting and also overall your roster top to bottom. Is this a team unit is CAA season with with with a good bit of experience and not that much experience where you had that department. No I think we're OK you know I like your peers are Robin action. Packed. Interact and aero offbeat character that make out and pick or are there or. Last year caught every game caught the last four years or so and Monica are you here that we kept from signing pro. Trap that we kept him. I think he's the big cock in Albion you've got behind the plate but he would do I'll grant for it. Out there all white rule so even even really great guy yet and B what experience over the plate or. Tell you college. I've played period the rules so. Even though these guys become media transfer ordered the featured back but the two year page and so. I like where we are experience wise but you know but troll guys or older guy. A lot of that they have opinion in a freshman you don't have a beer in the old guys do so. I think became older guys is being able to you know keep the ball bank day. And not out there and sport. You know have an opinion. Older guys some time. It happened and you know we don't need an opinion we've been here really do you know where Bryant. No luck coach wrote we shall we should expectations in the conference pre season favorite. Because David expectations. Who you'd say right now. He is to have his competition. Going into the season and obviously. Who was expected to win the comets like yourself and you'll like it. Well you know we'd get coach Carroll in the park hopper walked that Noah and beat the the arc Robert Wade deeper then just go Caroline you know these guys. In. We we've got good copper cup doubt going to be good again the player we call it. If you wanna be a champion at the bottom line and and start the week you mean we brought off the bat well. They know or a great job of of beauty by shift them. So so battle about it now it's about it does not think is a good. You run old school great ball boy or grind out. Net party played him where Greg. Gumbel or copper copper pitchers a year now. So you know a lot of people by warmup game but it is. There's going to be ago that you can't get beat here Eric back to two on the night and take on between you can't overlook. You know very upbeat. Coach Tony rover so the Louisiana Lafayette raging cages open the season tomorrow night. And ham and against the southeast and Lions could drove a show it's always a pleasure good luck to you and occasions this season. A's coach alright or would continue here and wrap things they'll we you know have a did coach Blake dean on WW. And we wrap things are talking about debates about with the UNL privateers. And joining us now is the coach of the privateers. Coach Blake dean coach dean thank you so much for the time. Coach from last year to this year what is break dean take from him being in the head coaching role and and having some success. In my this year vs your expectations we own what you did as a coach and learning your players and being in that capacity. Well you know put up that you got to have. And you know kind of last year you know I didn't know what to expect on the as a young coach in Sacramento program that has been altering the last few years and we went out there and kind of you know changed that a that mindset of these guys pound B cup and worked really hard you know in the success followed. So this year I'm Becky talked to much it hurts again and I'm deliberately off the right now get ready for tomorrow. I don't know very nervous that I don't know that it figured that date. So are we raise our expectation levels we work these guys are gotten better talent here so hopefully that the numbers successful you know all that well. Now coach dean look in 31 and 26 record. Now I know you look at it take that next step and I was reading where. Competing an NCAA regional berth and ninety returners coming back. And I you look at the line and hit three hammered hundred U averages under seven. Runs a game so looks like you blt hit the ball considering. That your brother third baseman decoded dean is one of three you know seniors. On the preceded Sally conference first team up a dials impressive and you look at Aaron Ballmer. Easy Kia Randolph. So you have players would experience coming back in and that always bodes well opening comments and obviously he also that have to have some type of pitching. Also they help them out. Yea you know. I think up until we think will be fine you know I think we're gonna hit that I think again this year that's going to be you know kind of what we base our team around as marketing. That we got some guys that can really swing it you are return five of my guys in my life three of the guys in. Eleven my partner last year and that you guys in that are pretty now that. You know the issue much about it and it's still a little bit of an issue this year and are there pitching in our pitching is kind of a name of the game he can't pitch. You know there's going to be some days it has been the opposite does that you know he pitched well on that play defense. Blue and up there and got a couple guys in the pitching staff we have some more depth. We're still looking very attic and I feel that there in the market to throw accurately with our closer did all cities and four wins that the big. At the big you know position where China replacement. I think ultimately again and gonna be all right dignity and then we got to figure out some way to make sure we can figure out the pitching in the get a tweaking guys back but. That's kind of the area were trying to figure out it will kind of figured that out you know over the next couple we can go out in the conference quite. And our coach Dave look at it is schedule obviously start what southern. So you're looking at a local fan base Gehrig of the comment UN no tomorrow night at 6 PM. And then on Saturday. Also backe you know Illinois at Chicago. I'm sure they excited about being down south in the play baseball the prairie view. Again on Sunday at 1 PM and then then at Ellis shoot relishes dominant the a ballpark on Tuesday. So that it's like a lot of local interest obviously. And I know you look at but to get off to a great start considering. That you look at the competition is solid converts and how. The quality baseball you have in the Salman. You know we're up to replace and they in a beer and invitational opening weekend. We've done that the last two years that I'm pretty you know some weekly Ty and pretty special that. They out you know in the became an adult facility route across the street on the west those guys do a great job on that facilities and on for a player that. Let me cheer him and obviously you know the noise issues. At home for me. He got some might tell the guys you know win or lose. In the he notes some fun for me go out winners well you know we kind of start talking trash back and for a couple days prior to it and yeah I'll always kind of joke around in your life plate he signaled that saint. Elements that it you know on the ninth inning that speak up for you put a book on him on because it might happen. Peca and steal one sign that Albert. I like life meant to went in the excited we've got a good art it to about that the other guys they'll. Coach to coach senior talked about you know trying to find your pitching rotation do you feel good offensively. On the opposite sat. Baseball how it's changed from when you'll come up before he went to LAQ we saw some big bets in the evenings now we're quote unquote you play small ball UCLA was there a few years ago. They did not many runs you know rotating pitching in. Where is baseball now is that you try to find that balance good balance across the board. You know easy is it better to have one of those teams ticket. It can swing and have been as skip used to say gorilla ball always it's small ball do you prefer what what is it in would it would team gives you debate shot. In my opinion it's gonna be this and it perfect storm vote. You know it you know LSU you know you can beat almost anybody you want the country to go to that place. You know it would just like coastal Carolina last year I think that it I'm up at home run but they also had like sixty something that you know sacked by. The outcome of the perfect storm I believe you gotta have you know guys that. Hit the ball out of the ball park I truly truly believe that otherwise. You're taking out an aspect of the game that didn't you drag in scoring a lot of runs and you know they change the bat and not at. That somebody up and down the game but it ought to change the ball now well for the home run numbers are going back out. You know either guys didn't 1820 home runs out at the other couple people operator did that it stature on the one mark. It's like he's in the act it will run so. Me you got it. Guys that can steal bases bunt and small ball but at the same time you get a couple guys on lead pack the outfielders are a little bit people monitor. I think that Ottawa kind of what it movement to it. Not so much small ball anymore but it's like a combination of kind of boat now I think. Doug coached me when you look at. You know you schedule and obviously conference play. It saves like by being in this holing conference and is different in football and basketball. That you have a chance to be national champs and and goal on you know to Omaha on the World Series. That the way it's set up and say like the nation obviously. Knows about baseball in the south and as solid commerce is one of those conferences. McGinest and the schedule. That they always do americanized considering the competition. Certainly a significant opportunity based on the topic that is as it's very high caliber baseball. I mean in the in the stage I mean it hurt you in the state you have you know nickel northwestern needs southeastern. You know that there's such good ball club in Texas you know he acted ballclub as well that typically you know this is good to bid Toppert leading to a routine. Make it to regional every year typically it's always one team who wins the cup for Germany gets the automatic bid usually what I think the yeah and again and it you know for that team too you know typically you're often out 41 that tight spot and not eastern out. Gap that you years ago by. It's it's good competition that they'll be likely that these he's based all. And don't don't me wrong I now work a baseball but and that stopper it stopped the land it really is because that's gritty baseball. Day in day out aggregate after. Coach Blake dean in the U or no privateers opener at this season coming up a big series this week in. As they. Take on as several different teams it's a good makes the team said the university will be in town Illinois Chicago. And prairie view a Indian coach. Thank you got particular happen at all. Right that's in the gate course made it and then I doubt that will visit Wimbledon the coaches in the state of Louisiana and Bobby you know last year we were going down the stretch we had a hand for the teams. That inland four or you know right there toward the RPI the and we had tick was in the mix you know had a good RP. You know other schools in the state so we'll hope and again have a handful of teams stick can be a bit southeast looks like they got a good squad coming back. With a lot of stars coach drovers show indicated that thirteen drained it country LSU is in number two. To remain the top forty ballclub top thirty by some so. Again by being the state of Louisiana where it comes to which sport is the deepest in the hands and legs are cited a club back close. It's yet as baseball Bentley is Cain that you look at the post season. That's not saying it did his appointment at least three programs are involved in the post season. And having him in on a roll in the stars like you can have as many as five and having the chance that the plane regional. And now hopefully move on and who knows that magic this season it's normal all right that's gonna do of those that makes it's Crist again it would double covered sports ammo I don't Tamar. As I've become a and as you coach it always arise is sound foolish topic Jersey. Will be but I was seven access to have a descent. Holiday tomorrow on the program and gates at the all star tweaking it. Makes the most among minority Chris Millen on the ability as always Joseph by the hate and in Bobby eight had one delay elation.