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Charlie Campbell Interview on Double Coverage at 8:35pm

Feb 17, 2017|

Walter Football's Charlie Campbell joins Kristian to talk about his latest NFL mock draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Animal before Charlie Campbell. At draft Campbell on Twitter senior draft analyst at Walt football dot com will mean there. If you log on to his website will the football dot com each got his latest mock drafts were Cleveland Browns won in. So much conversation about quarterbacks in particular Alaska to Cuba was in his class. Here's a few moments but Charlie first off it I'm digging this mock draft he got up right now and now let's jump right in recent. There. So Cleveland Browns have been a clock seemingly for like two years. And that's it it's a no brainer for them right miles here. Yeah but I think they're gonna try and get out that. Speaking with people around the league. That it sound like they're gonna try him. Setup market hopes that they can have a few teams trying to buy up there. Again the top quarterback whoever that kind of number to be pride Mitch troop bit key. Up from North Carolina while the browns would prefer to get out and (%expletive) you. Uh oh what they started lat year it now and just adding up what I wrote it staff. That roster will inject some talent in Tibet cheap multiple player. So you have mixed Robiskie going three right now from North Carolina to Chicago Bears so you feel like he's he's climbing that quickly what's odd to me is how is he. Evaluated and rated higher because that's the sample size is much smaller I think what yet thirteen games that the judge him by compared it. The Shawn Watson isn't that what a three year starter Clemson and probably should have been a Heisman Trophy winner a play great to national championship games how as mr. misty. So much further ahead than in additional lots. Well I think it with additional and that you know. Your quarterback class all the guys flawed and all of the guys. Players that are real team ready to play girl you know and Greek team use them and leading on to the well. And it just the question which laws. You know arc kind of old theory. That put some of these guys lower than others and why true it would be high year. It mainly because the accuracy of that just a critical trade and I'll quarterback obviously. You guys in Portland are fortunate secretly that then trooper you love most. Accurate quarterback and a critical trade and watch them and accurate you know all the issues are currently. To be there are a couple of the forty minutes at a rally around stretched a little women. He would accurate quite minimal but you'll an option so. Those are the issues that. You can. Overcome along with the you know scheme that they big change for him going to the he'd peel you're gonna have to kinda cater. To him to increase not. You know crow. Pocket dial up there right now can work in an excellent time to develop that where. Bet he'd be a bit more. Being able. And that pro style offense and just passed the ball accurately from the pocket. Charlie Campbell at draft Campbell's senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com in out here. Jumping up on double coverage in with for who the first elegy tired off the Portman is that if Leland sworn in as the regional items. Well right now I think it would be Jamal. And I think that goes that high optically that jaguars. Obviously important. Is. The I'm in the guys curse our panel on the and a oh. These are concerned about your ankle injury. I don't know how cheap out. Graded format higher than Tucker we warn you feel Elliott so they out at the moment what the running back position. Whether they import now and it really took kind of looked at in this point of the trap the top of the trapped Helen. But we're running back. I can fly. It didn't take the right time right team situation in order to pull the trigger so I think Ford now. 000. Popped. But I think he might go and kind of short range. Somewhere in there. Opposed to the top four. The reaction. Do you envision a scenario you to be talked about running backs how they tend to slide at times they go on a bit of hello Ron I mean look at happening here in new world Deuce McAllister you know he was predicting over the top ten top fifteen. Slid all out of the top fifteen incidents when he rate DC a scenario where letter for net. Could end up sliding to eleven the saints are staring right to face at all at colonial o'clock. I don't think it lightly because I think what you mean they're what bull John. Format and you know peaking people in New York. Their general manager Mike hand and very strict on the that are available in Atlanta here. Helping to run attacks in the draft that year they have quality. Over guys like world demand now even though the quarterback. That are strapped with a chat. Leonard Williams the Atmel Welker for an. Sheldon archer and two really good interior. Lineman of the so you know I think it's going to be hard court and the app format I think there's a really good chance. Or an accident that. In New York quickly chapped and they asked them. In Carolina have a hard time you know passing him out given their running back situation so. I think it's unlikely he'll get there. But the look cute teen and in the Czech court that or could be a dark horse goat three really eaten. Them. I so let's look at all eleven for the new world seeks release like right behind the Buffalo Bills and you have them the immoral conference cornerback Adam Alabama more so it's just because. Some good you know pass rushers are off the board at this point. While also can't structures and I think obviously. The quarterback and need for the saint. You know they'll put. In which he was injured quite last year. TJ Williams head injury and try and equality he if you need. Three good corners because you're third corners playing more than your third linebacker couldn't eat on the siren nickel 70% other maps so. You have to have three good quarters. After kicking rank him last year they have. Pick how high coming back from injury. Then obviously came shortened still playing at a you know all pro level. I think they have resource up haunt and I think that. It's gonna come down to a quarterback pat structure. On right now that the Dutch are great cornerback trap they could get it will ballot there. Go back and quarterback does firm and by the way our guests chip Charlie Campbell draft Campbell tour's senior draft analyst at Walt football. Dot com going back to the quarterbacks for a moment here Charlie. So after pro day after the combine workouts. You've seen that Bork reset I like we showed up isn't because it's gonna be somebody that's gonna totally you know. While people in the work out if you let it make you cringe in movies is thought the only people we've been heavily when everybody could be Shawn Watson. Surpass mr. biz key in the unit that top that top three category. Yeah I think he could I think it's possible I mean I know from speaking with me and he's been getting it is. On day two just from the area out and cross tracking done by other out. Com from talking to teams haven't had a poor ones that keep them first concrete yet. That means that a lot he think he'd feel that the shot going in the first round you could see a team. Moving back. In the first round I am one of those quarterback needy team that in the second and the other. Actor that's gonna help national on that want one GM that new. That. And that there's a lot of similarities between the two and I ultimately though the you know the charge that Kraft a year ago and lower than it should happen you know that comparison that can help dish on just in terms of you know all the intangibles. Work ethic and character. Being a leader in the locker room. Happening you know guilt a quality arm with a good and well at the shuttle you know why that. That actually can help him that she get and eating some crow days he will rise more he's got out. You know having a real shot the first round. It taxed there was nobody 77 about ten announces the best I can. And oh cast cast then. The rap master thoughts on that really close to that. You're pretty you know in. That they'll open a lineman yet yet you prepare them. Greek. Term and a good way people he was able. Yet he was out sick the next Batman 280 pound weight. Simple topic ramat. Com and meet just to recap we played really well Villanova a pass to look good that production in the you know showing speed and strength at the point of attack. You still have them. Honest to gain. But I know from speaking with team that they don't think he'll get. He's gonna be. Second round pick for somebody. And I think he could really be in night. Player that you know continues to grow up side and at lot of potential so he could be one of those around two. You know people should open up first round. So let me ask you this Charlie Derek Barnett some reports say is that the slide right and Marlon Humphries on the board who's the best prospect that you'll less player available. While that's the great question. You know. Between the two. I would probably need tort bar that I think. You know Justin Turner. The three years that sack production in the yeah did you see that strength that the point that had attack quickness. To Islam and scheme should translate well a three or 43. The guy who completely that fit in the year to. So and eat. I know you that really well but want to. Real consistent. Thing that he get Ting down. That's just let time heal while playing. And bridal and great position he maintained a arched up to about separation. But then it'll catch a pop at so that's something that can't be expelled but he's being key plan. Financial can run what he can battle keepers can change how mom. So they couldn't go wrong either player but I would leave ports on that. Just because half structure our premium and I think you can never happen. Charlie Kimball winding down on him find him on Twitter could follow at draft Campbell if you wanna lose draft. Mock draft junkies they've got when he Oreo senior draft analyst at Walter. Football dot com I'm curious though so we're having this conversation Choi today for yet on how we think is safer for young kids. The place flag football touch the flag slash touch football or tackle football. I would need flag football and I think the great thing about flag football. You can still develop in pink for. Playing them you know. Tackle football. School college while playing football in terms of chronic rout them you know kids learning how to pass the the ball and to act that you so much of what becoming the and a Allen had driven the eco. You know it daddy. I think. Flag football we get an idea there talking at them and pro quarterback a week ago. He talked to me about how. Many injury he had growing up that well. He you know keeping has gone from playing just a few years and I'll get in it so. There's nothing wrong with playing flag football or opt out. Yeah numbers would indicate the opposite that there's more skill skills skill. Skull tool scaled tool skull fractures. Com if flag football more IE injuries and also more room. Or oral injuries well but analysts well. I don't know about Derrick to. Unveil a pretty good if you like if you are targets or things go Google. As though Google topics into the Wall Street Journal published a that earlier this week that was fascinating the in. It's it's it's it says it right there in the article how it's that there's an uptick in. So there's there's skill you know there's. There's precautions obviously we also have. Skull fractures. Yen or overly injuries I injuries in dental issues more so at the youth level and flagging types that you do and tackle football. Wow I mean a thing. Definitely check that. Yeah I hate look at stuff he gives chants are tells what's on the site right now up you go. It's thriving in its Internet stuff. Walter football. Everything's free fair you know hey wall we have you know Powell and on my trap. Can build your own can read mine of course then. We have position rankings scouting report. It hugged the fantasy football and free agency comprehension. Grade three and he's signing in the rankings there so. Really neat thing you'd be. Oh aero waltrip football and now be. Grind and my. Trapped every week entrap them round for round. Right now but I'll be doing all round by that your by trap. We're going to eat that we got you covered. Quit slacking make it through seven rounds already having no problem. We wait non and it's only it's it's only February should have that out but now I'm just giving art meant it's so light I feel like I I enjoy taking up the excitement. You appreciate it yeah I take care Charlie. Are there goes Charlie Campbell at draft Campbell on Twitter senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com still coverage here on WW LE anathema knock off.

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