WWL>Topics>>2/16/17 8:10pm Double Coverage Are flag and touch football safer than tackle football?

2/16/17 8:10pm Double Coverage Are flag and touch football safer than tackle football?

Feb 17, 2017|

Wall Street Journal doesn't think so - do you? They say flag Lets dispel some of the myths about tackle football vs flag football. Is it truly a safer option for your children?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah I love commences Thursday this double coverage. That hanging out with you here until 11 o'clock a great show coming your way Charlie Campbell. At draft Campbell senior draft analyst for Walt football dot com will join us later at the bottomless our talk felt trapped scenario where we have the seats going. With their first pick in round one also to always be lightly BYU running back nine ER draft hopeful art trapped prospect. Breakdown as we continue to do we'll do that and so on draft day at the end of people of course Dan. Walcott active felt that in Feldman in VA on Twitter. Right for him BC's pro basketball talk in exports dot NBC sports dot com to talk about it is the annual pelicans. RO. On to weed out here you know it. So our flag what you were diving in on this the reason why I asked our creed article from Wall Street Journal the days ago about. Flag football. In touch football may not be safer alternatives. To tackle football for kits. More head injuries actually more significant injuries. It flag football touch football it's not a seat this football because. Of the helmet in the equipment that you where now it out some guys may be aware of John Reid. He's done a renowned you football coach. Out California made a lot. Lot against the greens kind of philosophy popular in certain parts of the country. He wrote about eight football youth football books coaching books that are not just use. At the youth level but. There. Popular high school in junior high level summing college's welcome. Now in a FaceBook post from John Reed Jack Reed. He talked about the the study in how concussions. Our our have a bigger impact in flag football touch football then if he's coached both. That it tackle football because of the equipment that you Wear and you don't have any. In in in youth flag football. So I'm Kerry Snowe and look I've coached at the youth level and I've never seen on. Various ages of you football. And I've never seen. One concussion now. Was able to properly diagnose the concussion probably not so there might have been wanted to. But at that in a flag level there there's a mobile there's multiple ones. For one player in the be you know span of several weeks. Where's that you numbers are dramatically down the you know one player out of the entire league might get one whether practice or. A game and I I never saw. A significant knee injury a torn ACL. Torn patella tendon meniscus is that are now can acute sprained his knee absolutely but they're much more pliable but much more flexible. If we give credit for that allows and that prevents him from having some of these catastrophic injuries that EC. At a higher level of football in high school college and certainly NFL. So I really. And curious to have this conversation I wanna talk to parents. Grandparent to set our he's not have a cute currently playing football but the two had eight restrictions. At age restrictions and it Joplin football I kind of want. Dispel. Some of the myths about tackle football works as flag football. Is it truly safer the truly safer option for your children and he put me to shoot a child when it with apple ball into what this all stems from. The last two years where there's an increased awareness. To cut right in particular National Football League you saw. Several experts about say you'd see a dip in numbers at the youth level of football because parents are concerned about the overall. Continuous head trauma that hits to the head that their child might be taken and put eight restrictions on some. Summit some league's legal that a kid play tackle football at solar ten years old park eleven years it'll make a plea flag. But like football is more dangerous than the touch football when it comes and injuries. So I'm curious to know where you guys were where you stand. As a parent. I have a nine year old that sort of plain that a football when he was eight. He wanted to play within seven a wasn't too keen on it because I wasn't too educated I didn't I didn't do enough research I kind of held up that wasn't quite sure how that would impact. Might sell but now. And Hackett today's plea for two years and played quite a bit he's he hasn't taken that issue shot that you go low. Men at the cost series they just don't hit hard at that he's now. As you get older 111213. Yes shows it's become a little more roaches of the more violent. And it might be different at different conversation unto itself but you know that if there that. Double coverage talk about the safety and your kids flag touches them safer than tackle football several studies one. India recently published Wall Street Journal articles say it flag tucked actually not yet skull fracture that flag football and they seem to come. In pairs along with the collection yet you have to collections in Nam. It tackle football fields that dental injuries and I injuries like oh. Nam. Based reason. Applicable players are wearing NFL quality equipment. Costs 7800 books now that these cute perky. With this equipment. And manufactures. Or portly are not going cheap route reliability reasons it's not making less agreed. Equipment because of lawsuits. Tackle football season looks like it's it's it's safe for the flag touch which on the surface just look at that it is here and you would say the opposite flag. Touch football would appear to be safe affect the case yet age restrictions for your kids. As far as we in the can play tackle football. 50426018. Semi tech's 887 week. Think it safer for young kids play flag touch or apple opal it's a great network of people line at W Google account. A city musical he'll actually to six awaits him Eagles and yet on Twitter. Act crushing Garrick as well Darius in two worlds he was warming your Debian welders. Eight get a Noah or the mile problem. I didn't have a search mark I actually started. We were playing of course you know were at the air in the playground when he was. Very young slight navy Cyrus pictures though it started with a plane to leave Little League Baseball and of course. After the baseball he sued Google or an acute and it played out. In a word gets around among it to bid football he'd go. And he wanted to wait. Yeah I would never ever gave second thought of at that time he's eighteen now. But he wanted to play. Immediately in you know injury you know it was a wrist injury report wannabes in the local rare. He came back a couple of years later right when he. Cattle wrist injury and he came back in ways. And he's been playing ever beltway now and but I really believe some injuries that are out there. You know these cute and became one of the culture. When a summit where Matt somewhat taken all the required to come. You know one of the coaches about Leo yeah but I really believe what goes on. Is trying to process a lot. You know each year do you can't do that all of these on and it ain't so that momentum of that sport that going forward Jed you know. You know 200 pounds or so. Elect a momentum going forward trying to process all of that actually included on this morning happen or if I do that is the point where I ignored now. Momentum of your body goes oh in all of that we now. An injury cost him he's so popular person because you would try to avoid an injured and I think there because. You know a lot of people probably haven't even played or one that actually it while he's older. And personally I problem here and I know something's you have. Took an import restrictions on the you know of course know it'd though hitting it and it or eating low in certain things you know you just can't. Allow. It if they get that. Let the players play I really believe entered a cause probably be an animal because. You don't have the process as much when they're out there. Would we be leasing process you're talking about. Clarity on rules and plays right. Yet when you are not so much to play once the player and emotion Communist sports you know 200 of the problem alignment. Goran or. You in his hit it 250 pounds. Eight of these it to fifty. One did you and as an example. I mean come down to get more on the collegiate level now. When you partner for the purpose when the conversation that there it's. It's really I mean I hit it we use that. At that higher levels that there there might be some thought in particular. Even more confusion because I think coach at a higher level two queue for these players it if you with scheme but also the rules well I think. Like you're right I I don't this group that. I'll talk about generals say it's which would deal with you know. Ninth in 1112 year old kids this notion that flag football safer has been it's been it's been refuted because of skull fractures. IE injuries. All Garth. And I've Sherri can happen to you put it with it tackle football eking it. You know if it monopoly isn't wearing is where it is now he's which he'll be flak for but he isn't rookies in the by the rep re. Agassi it's not that it's an open. But they have a regular basis but why we. All the time and I don't know much about. Yeah you know people with flag football rugby Obama's probably the wars. You know and and again once you know you're out there like I want my arm when he went out there playing. I didn't really what I am proud of them nearly a year been really (%expletive) in your court. Is it seemed as an inning here an outlet or he would have any equipment that. Really you didn't notice so repeating one and about. There really be honored if it's a real colors that it's not even getting on that level Arnold. Leg football and anything. None of those numbers say it is not it's it's unequivocally now. And that's why act that's life. And look I love the game of football in particular love apple Opel Wright and I think especially a lot of it down here's. Because of where we live were praised for football here right and I and I kind of feel like itself. Itself. So those were I feel like I have to take on it is fight of all. You football is it's too dangerous in fact I am happy to spread the word it's not because I leased to hear from time to time. You know we coaching house coaching youth football. Nice to hear. I can't say well I. I don't want my kid to play football because I don't wanna blow out his knee. I've never saw a catastrophic knee injury that C east brains gesture. That I see rule Baikal occasionally. That's the broken collarbone once. So enemy can happen but those injuries. Can happen. Outside the art playing street football Arctic in the art football. A broken collar vote that happened all on on the jungle gym at school. So it's no more it's no more risk than acting that some of these activities in ardidi. Participated by. But by these kids. And I know basketball annual physical at times as well you know equipment on the YouTube to take your elbows to heart spill on the court I mean there's a number of injuries at happy you can. And the ACL injuries are pretty high at basketball well so. I don't know I just feel like I just feel like this fight against. Tackle football. Is starting. Point download this is thought that you're protecting your child because you know politically tackle football I got a great. Text your way to meet today thanks for the phone call there's a lot along with subpoena witty. That money is is Jodie from Gramercy watch the thirty for thirty or. It was not a soccer player's it guy at the point point point six pairs the commission to add their point study by one top grosser in England is fine stated it the only where the equivalent of someone who would live. To be a 150 years old. If you like it live that long he predicted that in ten year's soccer players would have more point injuries that football players said. It but he soccer ball over at the art to a brick wall out our. I mean. You know. That's another factor or another sport to. The slide tackles soccer and often refuted that he would say soccer is much safer sport than it is now at the numbers. On it like to do with the flag touched the ball but does the attorney gas with no equipment. Soccer can be in the violence were it could be off. I don't think it in my pointers in the youth ball. I'm before 2601876878. Stemming that if CBS news update also minded. App or CBS news update. Charlie Campbell. At draft him want to receive draft analyst Walter football dot com field. Jamal Williams be like you went back at chase lag daddy at nine point. And they'll draft Russ Nixon wouldn't do that throughout the process the offseason process leading up to that couple draft prospects on throughout the shadow scanning -- familiar with wise. Some new white sale and a heard of that I'm well what would animal before Charlie Campbell. At draft Campbell on Twitter senior draft analyst at wall football that come in there. You log on to website will the football dot com each got his latest mock drafts were Cleveland Browns won there's been. So much conversation about quarterbacks in particular Alaska to Camelot was in his class. Here's a few moments but Charlie first op Ed I'm picking this mock draft he got up right now and now let's jump right in what he says. So Cleveland Browns don't clock seemingly for like two years. And that's. It's a no brainer for them right miles here. Yeah but I think they're gonna try and get out that. Speak English people around the league. At the home like they're gonna try him. Setup on market hope that they can have a team trying to do up there. Again that top quarterback whoever that kind of number to be pride Mitch troop bit key. Up from North Carolina but that brown would prefer to get out and cheer you. What they started last year and now just adding a lot of they expect. That rob stern really in check some talent in Tibet cheap but multiple player. So you have mixed Robiskie going three right now from North Carolina to the Chicago Bears so you feel like he's he's climbing that quickly what's odd to me is how is he. Evaluated and rated higher because that's the sample size is much smaller I think what yet thirteen games that the judge him by compared it. The Shawn Watson who's a what a three year starter Clemson in. Probably should have been a Heisman Trophy winner a play great to national championship games how is mr. this heat. So much further ahead than in additional lots. Well I think it with additional and that. You know. Your quarterback class all the guys law and all the guys. Our players that are real team ready to play girl you know and Greek team use them as leading on to that Allah. And it just the question which laws. You know are kind of old theory. That put some of these guys lower than others and why true it would be high a year. It mainly because the accuracy of that just a critical tree and well quarterback obviously. You guys in Portland are fortunate to secretly met them trooper you love the most. Accurate quarterback and a critical trade and enhance accurate you know all play an issue are currently. To be there a lack the authority and its partner. On the stretched a no win. He was an accurate. And all the to a lot of options so. Those are the issues that. You can. Overcome along with the you know scheme that that the big change for him going to the he Il you're gonna have to panic cater. To him to decrease not at all parole. Pocket I'll pass there right now you can work in and I have to take some time to develop that where. This indeed be a bit more. Being able to sit in that pro style offense and just. Pass the ball. Accurately from the pocket. Charlie Campbell at draft Campbell's senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com you know here. Jumping up on double coverage in with for who the first elegy tired eagle off the Portman is it an island for at as the individual atoms. Well right now I think it would be Jamal. I think that it would go that high optically that jaguars. Obviously I warned is. You know I'm in the guys superstar talent the and a oh. Teams are concerned about ankle injury. I know how cheap. Grade at format higher than how are we warn you kill yet. So they are a lot on what that running back position. Whether they import now but kinda it really took kind of dead in this point of the traps heat that topped with the trapped Helen. But what running back they can fly. That it takes the right time right team situation in order to pull the trigger so I think or that. Well go in the topped. But I think he might go and kind of short range. Somewhere in there are opposed to the top four. The reaction. Do you envision a scenario you to be talked about running backs how they tend to slide at times they go on a bit of hello Ron on the look at happening here in new world Deuce McAllister you know he was projecting over the top and cup the team. Slid all out of the top fifteen incidents when he rate he sees scenario where Leonard for a net. Could end up sliding to eleven in the saints are stare right to face at all of O'Neal o'clock. Don't think it's likely because I think that Shia and the paint their football John. Four and you know peaking at people in New York. Their general manager Mike McCann and very strict non thinking that are available Atlanta here. Helping to run attack from draft that year they have quality. Over guys like mortal man now even remotely be a quarterback. That are strapped with the chat. Leonard Williams beat them they are Atmel Welker for an. Sheldon archer and two really good interior. Lineman of so you know I think it's going to be hard for him the format I think there's a really good chance. For an accident that. In New York quick chat and they have them. I think Carolina would have a hard time you know passing him out given their running back situation so. I think it's unlikely he'll get there. But the look cute teen and on the check or that or be at dark horse note that read it literally keep an eye on them. I so let's look at all eleven for the new Nazis who they select right behind the Buffalo Bills and you have them to immoral conference quarterback out of Alabama more so it's just because. Some good you know pass rushers are off the board at this point. Also cancel insurance and think. Obviously quarterback and need for the mean you know build and grow. And she was injured quite last year. TJ Williams head injury and try and equality be if you need. Three good corners because you're third corners playing more than your third linebacker couldn't eat on the sirens nickel seventy or some other maps so. You have to have three good corners. After seeking re Kim last year they have. Pick coming back from injury. And obviously came short and still playing at a you know all falafel. I think they have resource is not want to and I think that. It's gonna come down to a quarterback. Pat structure. And right now the Dutch are great cornerback track they could get a little ballot there. Going back and quarterback does permanent Butler our guests chip Charlie Campbell draft Campbell tour's senior draft analyst at Walt football. Dot com going back the quarterback's room only here Charlie. So after pro day after the combine workouts. He sees important reset right and like we show up isn't because it's gonna be somebody that's gonna totally you know. While people in the work out if you let him make range and as we thought the only people we've been heavily when everybody could be Shawn Watson. Surpass mr. B it's key in mitigated that now that top three category. Yeah I think he could I think it's possible I mean angle from speaking with he he's been getting it. Odd date to just from the area out and caught hacking done by others out. Bomb from talking to teams haven't or one that keep them first concrete yet. That means that a lot he think he spell at the shot went in the first round you could ski team. Moving. In the first round to him. One of those quarterback needy teams that. Hi in the second. And the other factor that gonna help national on the lot one GM that that you know that. And that there's a lot of similarities between the two and ultimately though the you know is charged. The year ago and while weren't sure it happened you know that compare them and how rational on just in terms. You know the intangibles. Work ethic care her. Being a leader in the locker room. Happening you know guilt a quality arm with a good and while the shuttle you know why that. I think that actually can help him that he get into the eating some crow days he will ride the more you can. You know having a real shot that the first round. It text there was no late seventies have about ten announces the best I can. And oh cast cast then. The map now to thoughts are really close to that. You're pretty you know. But they'll open on the linemen yet he would use that have a term a good way evil he was able. Yet he was about technical that Batman 280 pound look like he's cheerful topic ramat. Com and meet just to recap we played really well Villanova paths to what good production. You know showing speed and strength at the point of attack. You still have them on to the game. But I know from speaking Mateen they don't think he'll get. He's going to be second round pick for somebody. And I think he can readily be in the right. Player that you know continues to grow. Side. And a lot of potential so he could be when it goes to round two. You know people should open up first round. So let me ask you this Charlie Derek Barnett some reports say is that the slide right and Marlon Humphries on the board who's the best prospect that you'll less player available. While that's the great question. You know. Between true. I would probably need tort bar that I think. You know just in terms of the three years that sack production in the he just feed it strength that the planet that had attack quickness. Two column on his scheme should translate well a three or 43. The guy who completely that fit in here you go and eat. I know is that really all want to. Real consistent. Thing that he get Ting down. It's just sometimes heal while playing. And right over in great position he maintained a perched up to about separation. But then you allowing such a problem that so. That's something that can be expelled but he's being a key plan. And it shall can run what he can battle keeper can change tomorrow. So they couldn't go long even players but I what we torched on that. Just because I have structures are not a premium and I think you can never happen. Charlie Kimball winding down on him find him on Twitter could follow at draft Campbell if you wanna lose draft. Mock draft junkies they've got plenty for you senior draft analyst at Walter. Football dot com I'm curious to know to have this conversation Choi today for yet on how we think is safer for young kids. The place flag football touch the flag slash touch football war. Tackle football. I would need flag football and I think that green flag football. You can still develop in pink or. Playing you know. Tackle football. School college while playing flag football or in terms of chronic rout them you know kids learning how to pass the ball and to act that you so much of what becoming the and a well and happy trip and weeks ago. You know it daddy. I think flag football we get an idea there talking put them on a pro quarterback coach few weeks ago. He talked to me about how. Many injuries he had growing up that well. You you know keeping it on a plane just a few years and I'll get in it so. There's nothing wrong with playing flag football or opt out. Yeah numbers would indicate the opposite that there's more skill skills skill. Skull tools scale tool skull fractures. Com if like Baltimore IE injuries and also more room. Or oral injuries while but analysts now. I didn't know that you're educating the real. I eloquently you if you are if you are targets or things go Google. As though Google topics in particular Wall Street Journal published a that earlier this week that was fascinating Andy and it's it's it's it says it right there any are how it's that there's an uptick in. So there's there's skill you know there's. There's precautions obviously we also have. Skull fractures. Yen or overly injuries I injuries and dental issues more so at the youth level and flagging types that you do and tackle football. While the main thing. Definitely check. Yeah I hate look at stuff he gives chants are tells what's on the site right now how people can go. It's driving in its original stuff. Yeah I'll walk or football. Everything's free there's no pay wall we have you know Donald and on my trap. You can build your own can read mine of course then. We have position rankings scouting report. In front of fantasy football and free agency comprehension. Grade and free agent signing and ranking there so really think you'd be. Well there at Walter football and now be. Current and now mock draft every week entrap them. Round or round right now I'll be doing all around that your by trap. We're Dolan. Quit slacking make it through seven rounds of radio Kabul. Wait non and it's all mean it's it's only February 7 Alpine August and art itself I I I I enjoy taking out the excitement. I ticker Charlie. There goes Charlie Campbell at draft Campbell on Twitter senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com still coverage here on WWL I anathema. Loading up ready there are people actively collect on say flight touched footballer safer. Tackle football in 33% not. Through here's a study. A Tuesday from the university I was just like football is safer than tackle football among young athletes the health care researchers found there was no significant difference in the number of injuries and concussions. Sustained. Between the two the two leaks and there's about two point eight million key aides between the ages of six of fourteen that despite youth football. In the US. A year. Based upon the results of research says we can not include that youth like football is safer. That you tackle football. And on the surface you an absolute the answers like Charlie Kimball it. I asked him what he what you know which would be preferring it seems like you'd be used who beat touch football or flag football because. You know it's not perceived to be as violent but that have to be violent necessarily. The cause injuries the cause significant skull fractures head to head com. You know contact. Without a helmet even more so into yourself. It head to the I had eaten break cheek bones you break or global. Com. And head on collision to the mouth you know knock outs empty yet that's major. Dental work done. So youth youth football touch of flag not necessarily safer than tackle football HD study. Caught on earlier this week with the Wall Street Journal and they published an article in scope Google is number of research. Atomic research the last couple days have come out over this. Com and point out the against the misnomer the myths about. Tackle football and touch flag football which one is better which would safer. Fascinating stuff I haven't had two point eight million Hughes 66 to forty SP football. In the US and they could not conclude definitively that. Flag in touch with C for the tackle coming up next hour. Your phone calls at 504260187. To all Williams run back for BYU it actually swank daddy. Our NFL draft profile continues also it felt that from the VA at if nobody BA. By different BC's pro basketball talk in its exports not now breakdown in the all star game in its as well double coverage rolls on in the next hour. This is WL and Anthony W involvement.

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