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Dan Feldman Interview on Double Coverage at 9:40pm

Feb 17, 2017|

Dan Feldman of NBC's Pro Basketball Talk

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Course NBA all star game this weekend here in new loans Dan Feldman at the end Feldman. In BA on Twitter writer for NBC's pro basketball talk. Joining us now on them Dan first up they too much of the time we we certainly appreciate having on. It. It looks all three which eroded NBC sports and you know this that with the whole thing is fascinating and know what we're gonna cut touched on quite a bit but. At the end at the bottom of the U art is not start towards the middle of that you talk about. Since there is it is entered the league in point twelve using wins shares in the world's actual win totals. He's accounted for twenty point 5% of the pelicans victories and no other player. That's produced a higher share of the team's wins in that span means he's ahead of Kevin Durant LeBron James Chris Paul's death Korean. It will be cousins and it's just. I guess does that. Should fans be even more frustrating to hear that though because of how good he's been. Yeah yeah I mean real should be frustrated maybe statements. Basically the idea about our work get worse they are the work. The other players via ticket not so much spot that he. He really since he's been grafted. And they tried. The other people that are in the tried this rebuild it like you'd ready to win now when would be other. That didn't really want to play here nothing to write home about it you accounts would like. Ward some regular role players like not really doing yet. It's a pot for a everything they quietly quickstep and it's not working it makes it next. Umps are curious if you can maybe validate or shoot downs of that and I've talked about quite a bit here lately given the struggles of the world's pelicans. And you know who. It is the 23 of thirty for him he's he's lighten up with one at some point some points a game 2.5 blocks. But I kind of feel like in today's day in aid to the NBA. That eight he should just come out and maybe he won't it's not as personalities just about outwardly expressed some of his frustration do you see arson city that. No quite the Eagles got as much love Portland wants to stay here and put it on different sides of the stupid career. Next. On a ship like that that it. Agreement that you signed the politics next time and nick couple gauging the accuracy to wait more. The people at the trigger street got off the table book that the interest the public at the line. If you want to be here in Portland and the expressing frustration accomplished. So right now okay super look at that and the games you know which you have it in looking at the pelicans and I'm sure. I'm sure dammit he you'll find a varying varying opinions on. What needs to change what needs to take place in some point relatives that you at some point and Alvin Gentry. But what about. The players currently on the roster on this roster are the so are they light years away or they couldn't give them enough talent. I get that and torture and go and be close to. Being good not to make the playoffs. Article two couple play you're not real in the in order to make in the play they tried it out players are you like. E'Twaun Moore and so he'll go and ready to contribute now. I'd rather see some more outside on the road. And expired. Tuesday. Like you're OK although I do it for this year. So do you do you think Dell Demps has done enough. So as not to push a program has not and yep that's not how you look at he Abbie look at you highlight this and I'm reading this right now problem. I'm I'm I'm blown away by this that. So they tell what became the sixth pick it when he thirteen and Overton pick it fourteenth holiday in the ATP. It when the team or Morrissey and it's three you know one picks they traded since drafting its previously company expects themselves to be into it. Well because they're trying to track and rebuild some decent players that doctor holiday not I didn't like the deal overall value import. Like into David that you were stressed that you have a little bit of time that particular time just to be India. To get as good if you speak calmly and that's player immediately that you really good at you but he wasn't it's going to other ready. Could be anarchy it's on the court to have a little time and they made the mistake of trying to abstract at. And then you lose your two potential these young players who could've. Bit on you feel under could offer to recruit offered potential on the road there you go out of my I Google today. Not the way to rebuild. And then when you grew the executed went to decided to go. Past its time to they would buddy yield that added event the all star event in an autograph signing says session what do you think of the delegates for drug traffic so far. I owe it to Marbury whose report directly or more. You know it is not and now. It's up to release the in the emerging public. Second star on the out that. Every hour or so that it is too quick to give him that you older than every other craft that you separate them out side. So we shall something is is a little bit smaller it over. You know when when people with the draft when you're should be more finished product and not. You know it did Feldman act in filled in the NBA on Twitter writer for NBC's pro basketball talk here arm. Double coverage so drew Hollywood of the Balkans do with him this offseason the today Max him out. You know I don't know are the alternatives are because you. If you don't think you have it's cute or point guard rushed to the rock star. Where do you much is going to be DeWitt now. And I don't think you can overcome that really don't think Detroit to pay whatever it takes had an upset because opium restricted free agent that he wants to move on and provide a little bit of money a little bit of security. He camp. So he spent some time Lindsay Davis won't what do you make. The games. From the foreign office in the coaching staff to make shoes they you know like there where right knee that they're there they're now clot in terms of beauty and talent. Now that. Did that today now. It into question I'm not sure. Whether you know how security field and the other thing I think gentry is probably more aware because you got a good job total other places fighter. I took them what it's likely to do a good job not even necessarily not. I think it's been a little bit more insulated bubble at this point you start. Danny NBA all star game this weekend. In the world Rosen. It seems to me that the events aren't as big this year surrounding this camp about. In an autograph signing sessions some of these and they had gone is that because of just how quickly they pulled it from Charlotte didn't have enough time now to you know that's up back in place. Might be some of it. I. It's not his bigger you know it's early to only it's only Thursday there's going to be talk to the program. Not turtle that same opinion a couple they are now. But another actor like ultra it was just in New York on the people on the cute too bad news. No world agree to be a look normal and it's a little bit smaller maybe not that the natural accommodation for a little. Peso all star game average ticket price over a thousand books that particular dollars. Is that mind boggling new. You know it. It's a portrait of mostly now it's not necessarily something to her fans that come to something who we're believe it's partners get tickets at. 24. That I really. Much in the event for the tenth. I'm sure they're strong waves were ten to get in the more reasonable practiced. Dan Feldman that did Thelma MBA on Twitter writer for him he sees pro basketball talk all of which of them in a tough spot here so give me. Sell me on why give me a flicker of hope Obama Palestinians as to why this team is it a total dumpster fire. Opening day when it and so margin for error and yet they've been tried Google on. But when you have that star young culture warrior chiefs or committed you know to the city and its and the court to marketers treatment. Probably allow them to hate him so much more money in any cheap could offer to Italy and all of Gucci in Portland. That's been put a pretty high war on the cheap at some point law get to a company's network. Man that it adds even more frustrated over there to have dialogue how. I mean I just don't want us via. And taking your current twelve your career just totally be wasted I mean companies rings you stack up in. The next eight or nine years if you soundness I was of talent allows the winsome NBA titles. Goodness local zealot. Go ahead of art. All out like it like if it is more frustrated really frustrated that. Bit of the that you only hear and want to be here. Yeah I understand that but. The fans a million great he loves it here put he all of it too much longer the only enemy it's in only ones and you do the right thing to exit row. They understand that it's a connection to this achievement. You know at some point if if you're talking about the same conversation in its when he 1922 point. And it's it's just been bad and look at all that frustration I think you'll. Will vaulted ahead at some point but they could stop it felt and at the infield and India on Twitter writer for NBC's pro basketball thought I appreciate the time. Yeah yes indeed I thought we got his article fascinating stuff really good breakdown in Feldman a to get out here a few moments double coverage on the redeployment from the dock.

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