WWL>Topics>>2/16/17 9:10pm Double Coverage Its NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans

2/16/17 9:10pm Double Coverage Its NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans

Feb 17, 2017|

Does NBA have the best all-star game of the big 3 pro sports leagues?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Often run in welcoming our two double coverage. Crushing Garrick and now attends emirate master control it's Thursday night ladies' night at Timmy might be on now to find out of course. Rule that that we can't raise really keep often is tomorrow at the all star game this weekend agree Greek time. Use it more. But we etc. but a lot of it thinks now thinks for a tutored it and if you missed our. First hour. Charlie Campbell from. Old football dot com. Ultra mock drafts that are also. Appears too low to wrap profiles with. To always BYU running back to Le draft. Prospects than Horry falls with some. And he's ready for the ultra but now it's August the the jets. And explain it do Darrelle Revis and all that we can altercation at Pittsburgh blitzes from it's it's a medium yet Ian. Well we've just been investigated by Pittsburgh police for his alleged involvement street altercation over the weekend witness's statement to mean unconscious. Revis has not been arrested but charges against him. Include robbery. Terroristic threats. Conspiracy. Aggravated its all those are pretty significant charges that would happen Sunday morning about 245. More. On via south side of Pittsburgh. To an eight point one want to at least. By Revis committee for herbal altercation witnesses into one conscious. For ten minutes now coal. As a plea smoky Friday at that point for ten minutes. In the terror right in the terrorist art terroristic threats that serious. All right so Revis went down is his name only start. Pittsburgh Rio. So that jets as they are aware of the incident and add a comment and I so. At some point Revis snacks the cell phone away from the the person that to delete the video what apple was at twenty year old male. It's used not now like the real reason walking treason he spotted so that he thought I'd been Darrelle Revis heat can listen. It's acknowledged the on oil we use the four time all pro. At that point demand began recording video it's helpful continue to follow. Darrelle Revis so reduced costs of the street. And the flight suit etc. And a go figure that. Revis is attorneys assert that the bottom line Darrell Revis is the victim in all so we'll find out but pretty significant story out there involving the Rel Revis who has largely considered widely considered. But 20072011. At best quarterback in the game he had a bad year. He returns to New York Jets on a seventy million dollar contract via bad year this past is in the works mr. he's now 31 expense and time. One you with the Buccaneers also one year. With the New England Patriots but and it's gonna be itching to see how this all unfolds for the jets which by the way you all by the jets' web site the T website there's no acknowledgment no mention. Of this incident but a pretty serious charges he faces and people what we get terroristic threats conspiracy aggravated assault and robbery. Meant and you know it leads to nothing conversation that. Is worth having in you we we we see it all the time in New Orleans because I think we're used to being around. Stars mean. Pro football players who basketball colors. Pro baseball players leave here. Yet all kinds of seniors musicians and actors that that make this make towards their home and and so I used to see. People out about. And we tend to work things that. I've noticed is that New Orleans have respect for support privacy the kind of get it they don't necessarily always bother him. If they it and stand there aren't the pick you know he's Ellis Stanley and what we only Malone will that but that doesn't always happen for and in other places and in it. To me it makes you wonder Ari. Take it Darrelle Revis just overreact here. Or closed the guy that was taken and video antagonizing. Darrelle Revis and beauty Darrelle Revis asking hate please don't shoot video of you right now. It's you know maybe I don't know maybe he was he was enjoying himself and you know maybe he had a couple of trees here in didn't wanna. Didn't want that on camera that would that be represented on camera in. Now I'm curious to know how much privacy. Should a player like Darrelle Revis reasonably expect. I note the loss says stop but I'll tell you what I think we should say as consumers of football fame and B fans and it seemed celebrities in at some point now I think we elect these guys be individuals them be human beings than the normal everyday. He be now the other side of that coin is hey late shows that lifestyle may. The you know what's making him play football and be popular be celebrities I get that but I think that we were a little bit caught sometimes and not understanding. Always. How. Privately some of these guys make their lives and had I think the right to do so. This is this is a story that bears watching a curious to see what comes of it and at Doral Revis is indeed arrested. Polenta open at 5042601870. Tech's 87870. I don't know I just can't see. And. Unfortunately now I need to call her. Pro athletes on a date date basis with my job. Some around a minute and maybe I don't it is speak up about it is maybe the average fan of the cow's how's the body healed earlier today it do an appearance for the NBA also weaken him. I'll wait. He's a fantastic human being mean just what a great young man. He's a likable guy. Body healed but you know. Fans are going there and and understandably so you know they were they were very very much want them. It daughter got the pictures you know with audio and in and it's a player that he's not on the level of the Rel Revis in terms of popularity and recognition. But I don't know why. I just feel like sometimes fans might go a little too far now I'm not saying that these phase deserved to be knocked out for videotaping. Darrelle Revis honey there's going to be some details this story and it was they come out might be alarming. But. How much should you intervene are inject your life your phantom in two. Celebrity's life. Man. Asked for pictures and other some do's and don'ts I guess my question final four to 601878. X 87870. Coming up will visit with. BYU running back. Jamaal Williams from BYU is that. WL eleven aka. Open a catch up with Jamal Williams here momentarily BYU running back. But anytime come on grow Revis. Faced some pretty serious charges. Potentially. About the story but. Look at that. Altercation over the weekend terroristic threats conspiracy and aggravated assault. Two fans not tracked him down in in Pittsburgh on the south side of medium heat like the video that they were taken so that led to the altercation. And how how much. Privacy Duma celebrity's or should they get waning can what's going on in New York W two. Will give you do. You know I. Advocate in the president he's made it and do. What they did the Eagles to you know. It's probably in the days ago with the two you know. Yes look. At the same time I I agree that you know at times. You might have to recognize as a pro athlete arts liberty. That you're being needed. And we don't know that in this case however you know I can't see where. I'm I'm kind of a private individual to I like there's certain things that I just feel like are for me you know I mean in I'm Sharma deal like that and the other for me or my family unit. Is how I I would want to be I don't want a camera in my case all the time and I would want. And everybody watching every little move by may however you know in the case of Darrelle Revis in kind of comes with the territory it's kind of one of those deals where. If your politician you can't have soft skinned. Are thin skinned about them on pick and always someone you know calling out hold you accountable state kind of deal with the row we've its. It's a lot of these NFL players at. It's got to be careful because they have more to lose it at that point to a 21 year old so you have that he's not above the law by any stretch much copy that picture. I just think that at this point is this this might seem like a case of Darrelle Revis. Ultimately be frustrated with Avant to fans chasing down but it doesn't mean yet the react deleted and Timmy writes on the screen Revis island Kona. Rikers Island another. Text message points out that a he'd like contact lax treatment by the story that the brewery is Dudek has played so poorly. Waiting to Yeltsin. But I would get in my attitude you know and intimidated on the east and at 0000. Yeah yeah. I wonder. It's hard to be that moment though the whole story that these are pretty significant charges we serious charges that. Could be awaiting Darrelle Revis at 31 years old and back in the back nine in his career. Four time all pro you know look and I just think it. Yet pro athletes. At the recognize they have more to lose the I just wonder about these pains to you know that he's been at state too far. Oh it would grow its. All right OK okay. Wayne the restraint that they truthful all weaning tenor and can abrupt. Polite to open a 504260. When he said the tech 870 eights having you here about the thrill Revis incident. And you think. You know players are are sometimes. Our fans. To. Overzealous in the error. And their desire for autographs or pictures or videos with celebrities. And what's your approach when you see celebrities when you see saints players out of out about in town would you go up till then it's our video. And it's wanting to go up and talk to him. And it's one thing to maybe ask for autographs but I think. And look I I give it you know were there were and that their world were and that that everything's going on social media FaceBook live right away. But I think it Europe as a you're obligated as a fan to respect a little bit of their privacy at least ask the person the player maybe perhaps. Cavity of this team mine. I think that is certain amount of respect that fans have to give give these celebrities have players who what you're approaches and we see. A famous celebrity walking around. New Orleans or around your area where he Connolly Malone mighty eagle up till meets tonight an idea how do you approach. 5042601870. Text eight Seve Seve on Twitter act crushing Garrick also I have a Dan felt O'Donnell later on wrote a fascinating column. For NBC sports dot com and pro basketball talk dot com and he talked about. Anthony Davidson how he's really committed to try to be a championship here. To the world he's not frustrated. It's terrible get a model in all but put out a great stat since entering the league it's when he twelfth. Anti Davis using win shares in New Orleans actual win totals. Davis. Individually accounted for 28 point 5% of the pelicans victories. No player has produced higher share of this team's wins. In that Spain. Think about the company he's in he's ahead of James Harden Kevin Durant LeBron James stepped curry Chris Paul. Boat because it's. I mean. This is why. I think pelicans pains. Get frustrated. Because they know that we EC is that like this in eagle went in and if he's that food. He could choose for twenty points and at that point 5% a pelicans victories. It's not gonna take too much around him. To make it even better. That's like Elvis fans get aggravated by how this team is beat. Excuse me up by this team is being run. Or how it's being run. And then we see that's that it's kind of it's just jumps off the page that you ego why. I happen to have a player this good but still be what 4334. And it had a for the fourth loses season of five years one playoff appearance no playoff wins with it it is it's a sit it's a it's a travesty. It's just like age is like saints fans should feel. The last three years haven't Drew Brees in your waist and away. You would seven and 93 straight years he waste of Anthony Davis. Rick and Algiers what's alarming yard W over. You. And yeah is about the rotary it to change and he objected to some remote turn. A great party I mean you go back Russell virtually than June you can elect. Season needed. There have those that a lot of problems internally which they have personnel. And I respect demands privacy don't get me wrong. But the fact is an Arab media punitive the talking part of the plan to that. But until like you more about terroristic Burton robbery tomatoes and moved into a minute knock out I mean it doesn't sound like it. Flasher and you know get away from the thing. But anyway Angop progression of this one stated digit mark in many put it in intro and handed rate right and the list goes on non. And today article it and Picayune about chi Adobe and native Preval fame it's what they wrote about Michael's it and you know though that you patent on and it's dark Specter shell novel in the big day. Rick takes a phone call in outlook. I don't look at them the numbers as to how many incidents there's been it seems like at first blush there's been a lot more involving NFL players in the they knew what it used to be in an analyst that numbers but yeah I mean here's Terrell Owens who never got this kind of trouble he's not all fame to something doesn't add up. John and Avant failure on W Google score on jemaah John. Not by Kate Christian of you responding to your request for opinion on whether celebrity's privacy and no personal collection respected. And it may not looking for but she years couple sectors of what you don't and people were greater volume. Yeah and I and I think Q do you know after respective sub her. You know give Marbury recently. Now on the other hand you know if you are famous you're gonna get that India to expect that. So that I guess the answer is it's a little bit of both. Yeah I outgrew that that's prime Al outfield to unite here. As a fan that you owe it to them for a little bit it certainly they'll use him out of privacy this him out of respect the human. You give them down or up it's CBS news update. Thinks of the phone call phone lines are open at 5042 still waits heavily taxed 8787 we'll catch up with the ball Williams BYU went back here in a few moments and also Dan. Wolf I've used him Feldman. But for NBC pro basketball talk in ABC sports. Dot com our CBS news update is double coverage on WW LI MF and in W to a cup. I look back double coverage. Our NFL draft prospect profile to ball Williams went back from BYU on Twitter and at chase lag. Daddy Jim although thanks for joining us and ash right we've had what was that would it. Aren't as when houses are being you know on that point you start getting used. Social media group are they won again on March that the Maine make one so. Are pretty much made the name. Pay my apologies Massey guys the wrong the wrong phone number I got. Again it with a fat fingers instead of the final four area go to U 594 so my mistake that vote that. I. So which enough to secede able. We're able to worry about your race for the com. Our octave maegashira mall to go on all the Jews and make sure that market like. Would hope to accomplish that it was illegals. Moses so are. A bad all the things that people think they know. Just a soul that album. Our Moya their way it. They could they think they have capital so it is pretty much gone out there Duma that. And put my name out there. Kind of feedback are you getting from scouts and at the Senior Bowl in particular and through this process. The cream rises. On arm right there are married pain is one that. They know that the problem as many ball the back they'll play my hand there are not really a problem it. Mare march. Football well football that we plan B or they're really. Apatow goes broke right back that much by. Pretty much need to know which is working on did not expect the only catch. Jaw how much are they talking about character in itself being being a premium. I alluded. Care do not really anything our category because our whole Suharto a member. I'm not really Sobel dark person non model or how old. Really just to work hard type of person so. It objective and I really they deal for me. How much how how do you feel like you're special teams ability you know he might via a picnic say you in a minute round. Analysts your first round draft pick you pretty much gonna have the placement Steve's eighth electric game there. Are so murdered who detained army on the map. One out freshman coming in Macau is arm. On this nonstop and on the are you doing in part due kickoff punt return anything that they needed to do. To all this time a year where you know every publication out there it's in a name the player Jamal Williams item in the second item in the fifth round he's the DC. You see them coming up with their own assessment as to what you do well and what you don't do well at center and finding reasons to maybe to take your team down a little bit. It's an iconic it's that kind a year it's that's what they do how do you as a player now you know little frustrated by the EC some like that I was Watson. I'll look at its up and scout that's hats at the sale Michael Thomas you know via bloggers here for the seats lash your program Ohio State. Had some pretty. Some pretty interesting remarks. Not trashing his scheme. They look at the year he had I guess from a player standpoint and these guys can compartmentalize. That's a pass to UT two degree doesn't. Nazis Nazis and take you know he does cortisone. Make them being more you know make a real long grow they'd be making bill you know now they write stupid that is. As an adult overall native has proved. Wrong for deeper right now. And you know to make. They're credited the work and we would play mostly is taking its EU and Egypt don't you anchor what you don't go to play well all you'll error in my vehicle. Bring you down at the in the that you can never let it keep these young got to live at the view and being in Egypt keep current mayor. We'll see your favorite memories from BYU. And mark certainly in February probably. Who probably more. Sorry to eighty seek. Probably the most other court and I have art art that's out though. Who do Rio. Courtroom moment for me especially doing in the in stadium two. So in that spirit. Do the law and under the and then and receive RT. You always knew nothing about football Manny let decompress and just get away what is it that that you uses its deep down maybe it's. It's music maybe it's TV maybe it's a PlayStation game let it. Are more inclined video and video games. Or we want to them lightly. A game that it like amount out of the army gained ground here are really gave it. I was scared zombies well. I am lie and it can't play the game I just can't wait in Iraq War. You know what. Because god is kids do. Popularity alike media game. Jews and I like an hour so I like anime cartoons life. Well hopefully the zombies in the NFL those defensive lineman in the and linebackers who will motivate you sent him to run faster rural part of Jamal Williams. One back at BYU our guest here in final on Twitter at. Are thanking your program. I'm Leo Jamal Williams back for BYU shifting gears on dime. Of course MBA all star game this weekend here in the world is Dan Feldman at the end Feldman in VA on Twitter writer for NBC's pro basketball talk. Joining us now on them dance first up they too much for the time we we certainly appreciate having on. I. It looks sultry which eroded ABC sports and you know this that with the whole thing is fascinating. And it will rule we're gonna cut touched on quite a bit but at the end at the bottom of you art and is not start towards the middle that you talk about. Since there is it is entered the league in point twelve using wins shares in the world's actual win totals. He's accounted for 28 point 5% the pelicans victories and no other player. That's produced a higher share of the team wins and that's the enemy he's ahead of Kevin Durant LeBron James Chris Paul's death Korean it will be cousins at just. I guess does that. Should it be even more frustrating to hear that though because of how good he's been. Yeah yeah I mean you should be frustrated maybe a statement. They. Basically the idea about our work yet. The worst rates artwork. So that. Other players via ticket not so much spot that potent team. He really since he's been grafted. And they tried. The other expert in the tried this rebuild it like you'd ready to win now when went the other. That relate to one playoff appearance nothing to write home about what counts would like more depth and regular role players like that's not really doing it. It's a pot for a everything they quietly quickstep and it's not working they ordered and next. Umps are curious if you can maybe validate or shoot down something that I talked about quite a bit here lately given the struggles of the world's pelicans. And you know. It is they're 23 of thirty for him he's he's lighten up with one at some point some points a game 2.5 blocks. But I kind of feel like in today's DNA to the NBA. That eight he should just come out in eighty wall it's not as personalities just about outwardly expressed some of this frustration do you see our sin city that. The already quite. Eagles and what it much you love Portland wants to stay here in pretty good one franchise for the rest of this career. Sure. And don't know that a ship like that that would. Bargaining agreement that it signed a potent next time and makes a couple seeking the security gateway more. So you can and the tree street that bought the table but probably in the best interest in the public at that they're not Klein. If you want to be here to Portland and the expressing frustration accomplished. So right now okay super look at that and the games you know which you have it looked at the pelicans and I'm sure. I'm sure dammit he you'll find a varying varying opinions on. What needs to change what needs to take place in some point though there's that you have some point and Alvin Gentry. But what about. The players currently on the roster on this roster are they so are they light years away or they couldn't give them enough talent. I get that the temperature and go be close to. Being done to make the playoffs. Critical to winning couple playoffs you're not real in the imply because they're close to make in the play they tried it out players are you like. E'Twaun Moore and all of he'll go and ready contribute now a rotten cheese with more upside on the road that. And prior. To rate. Like you're okay well do it better for this year. So youth do you think Dell Demps has done enough. So as not to push a program has not. Yeah that they're not how you look at the abbey looked at you highlighted this am weakness right now I'm. I'm out I'm blown away by this that. So they tell what became the sixth pick it when he thirteen and Overton pick it fourteenth holiday in the ATP. Fifteenth or Morrissey and you know one picks they traded since drafting its previously company expects themselves to be it it. Well because they're trying to track they're rebuilding and decent players signature holiday not I didn't like the deal overall. Import. They like into David that you were struck out to him. You have a little bit of time attention and time to be India. To get it wouldn't you argue that the player immediately acute very good at you but he wasn't that good you ready. Could be anarchy on the court to have a little pot and they made the mistake of trying to abstract at. And then you view your two potential these young players who could've. Bit on you feel under current offer. Could've offered potential down the road there at the album I think Wednesday. Not the way to rebuild. And and your crew executed went to decided to go. Past its time to they would buddy yield at an event the all star event and an autograph signing cessation what do you think of the delegates for drug traffic so far. I like to Ballmer took wondered later more. You in the eighties and now. It's up to release the in the emerging like. Second spot on the out that. Every hour we salute at a huge too quick to give him the apps that you older and every other first round draft this year separate that out. So we shall something news is a little bit smaller at two over. You know when when people about the draft when you should be weren't finished product and not. And Alex did Feldman act in filled in the NBA on Twitter writer for NBC's pro basketball talk here arm. Double coverage so drew Hollywood the falcons do with him this offseason they do they've maxed them out. You know I don't know are the alternatives are because you. If you don't then you have acute or point guard rushed to the rock star. Well maybe as much is going to be DeWitt now. And I don't think you can overcome that really don't think Detroit to carry whatever it takes him and then hope that because it'll be restricted free agent that you want to move on and provide a little bit of money a little bit of security. He can. So he spent time in the Davis won't what you make. The games. From the foreign office in the coaching staff to. To make sure they know like there are aware right there there there now clocked in terms of beauty and now now that. That it is hitting now house. It into question I'm not sure. Whether you know how security field. I think gentry is probably more aware because you got a good job total other places fighter. I took them what it's likely that doing a good job not even necessarily not. I think it has been a little bit more insulated bubble at this point. Danny BA all star game this weekend. Into war Rosen. It seems to me that the events aren't as big this year surrounding this camp about. In an autograph signing sessions some of these and they had gone is that because of just how quickly they pulled that from Charlotte didn't have enough time now to you know that's up back in place. Might be some of that. I. Oh that's not his bigger you know it's early to only it's only Thursday there's going to be time for the program. Not sure orbit in the communicable they are now. But another actor like ultra it was just in New York on the people on the cute too bad news. No you don't agree to be a look normal and it's a little bit smaller maybe not that natural accommodation for a little. Peso all star game average ticket price over a thousand books with particular dollars. Is that mind boggling new. You know it's. Its record sort of on mostly now it's not necessarily something to her fans that can't do it something where the league and its partners get tickets and now to score isn't really. What sort of under the I'm sure there are strong waves were ten to get in a more reasonable predictions. Dan Feldman that did Thelma MBA on Twitter writer for him he sees pro basketball talk about which of them in a tough spot here so give me. Sell me on why give me a flicker of hope from a Palestinian as to why this team is it a total dumpster fire. Opening day when he gave and so margin for error and yet they tried to draw on but when you have that star. Yum Turkey warrior chiefs of all we're committed due to the city and it's a collective bargaining agreement. It probably allow them to they have so much more money than any kid could offer to knock early in the span all Gucci and Portland. That's been put a pretty high war on the cheap at some point walked into companies that. Man that it adds even more frustrated over there to have dialogue how. I mean I just don't want us via. And taking your current twelve your career just totally be wasted Abby companies rings you stack up in. The next eight or nine years if you soundness that was of talent allows the winsome. NBA titles. Goodness local zealot. Go ahead of art. All out like it like it is more for street angrily. Frustrated with the proper. To get them into the that you only hear and want to be here. Yeah I understand that but. The fans a million great he loves it here put he all of it too much longer the only enemy could say it only once and you do the right thing to exit row. They understand that it's a connection to this achievement. You know at some point if if you're talking to run the same conversation in its morning 192020. And it's it's just been bad and look at all that frustration I think you'll will vaulted ahead at some point but up take good stuff did Feldman at the infield and India on Twitter writer for. In BC's pro basketball talk and appreciate the time. Yeah yes indeed I thought we got his article fascinating stuff really good breakdown did Feldman a to get out here if you. Was double covered George W to do well enough to deduct. I threw just talk about Darrelle Revis well he's now been charged with four felonies. There we can altercation in Pittsburgh. Four felonies and misdemeanors from Pittsburgh police tonight stemming from his elected in ball ministry altercation over the weekend that witnesses say two men unconscious. Those charges to aggravated assault one felony count robbery conspiracy one. Misdemeanor count of terroristic threats. Now the real weakness not have a good year. So that the nfl.com and it felt dot com and so that the victims have been in. Identify. Apparently. Darrelle Revis. A punch both them and after witness witnesses say it trying to there arguing over. Com realistic in the full weight on the twenty year old man that was the opium. It through street is Frankie it is risky to how well as India or Superman. As story pretty fascinating. ESPN's guy in a Fella now is well and wire. In a few moments also is set relative baseball. The opener tomorrow Tulane opens as well I love the the format lets them take place I think what armies plane. To lay them all night L issues playing air force I. Is an army is that it is then turn around a plane Ella shoe on. On Saturday but first though I think. Air force are via plane Friday night before Ellis before I'll issue an air force of the gonna drive them. That Russa the world's Allah the old school approach. Greg indictment also back at practice that's a good sign for Ellis shoot. One more hour ago the lines are open a 260187 XX 878. Simply double coverage rolls on here on WWL anathema dot com.

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