WWL>Topics>>2/16/17 10:10pm Double Coverage We continue to narrow down the Saints off-season priority list.

2/16/17 10:10pm Double Coverage We continue to narrow down the Saints off-season priority list.

Feb 17, 2017|

Kristian talks Saints, Trump and LSU Baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The NBA had the best all star game. Of the Big Three sports and you know sports leagues. MBA NFL. Major League Baseball. Without doubt it does. Needs its orbit event that is a game. Global marketing joke with him. Veto one that the other day talked about it ad nauseam. But yet I mean clearly does and now all eyes are on the laws is a great time for new world can all star game unexpectedly after it was pulled from Charlotte, North Carolina last year. And it's a great time to shine. Oh when I just think about constantly and overs but it. If the pelicans were pitted just how much he will be stoked about this. About this event here laws and they are they're excited and we welcome and we want them coming at a time we recognize how good we r.s of city. Not saying that you know won't work. Were upset that their year war in like that but it just makes you wonder how how much more energy would be the city. The pulpit role and play well and attention. For a legitimately contention for playoff spot. Full let's open a 5042601870. Tech's 8787. Yeah I mean. Major League Baseball that they do away with the winner gets home field advantage in in in the World Series because want that impact. Well ultimately Allen out how to play yet that the start of the this year to him. And I don't know if we baseball sorry easily in their cool. But originally go an inning and inning in the third so light that. That's that's that's that's who they look in the EPA every every every all star game as a sports though. Inebriated don't play defense the final couple minutes it's all about showboat in you know of these highlight real. Don't etc. but. How what the VA. Slam dunk competition to get back I it was. When Jordan was it knows when it's lacking some big name stars and it kind of bowed out here recently it's kind of been the trend. Also this hour. With the guys saw Donald Trump press conference this morning. He launched an unbelievable the association. Of his critics complain Ian inherited a mess landing. Stories that his campaign was honestly contact or Russia as fake news it's kind of been his battle cry in the I don't here's the thing. I don't wanna hear about. The messy inherited. He signed up for the game he really gets up Mikey council does gain sympathy from me from me for that. And he he went on for an hour fifteen minutes just lamb basting the media in particular. In the weeks etc. Well here's the thing the media for a long time has been the voice. To hold. The three branches of government accountable who have been collected for arm. Of via of the government's role in and it's their job and their connection. To the people is to present them with the information. Now I understand that there are left in right leaning networks right. And I think it's a consumer of those networks I recognize that go Bartlett and who they politically align. I'll still watch him. But I understand what I'm getting. From that particular network whether boxy and you know what happy I act I kind of have a good understanding of how they aligned politically and out OK you watch it. As far as the fake news notion. I don't know I I would like to think that you know most of these networks. Have some reputable guys and gals that are that are in charge over there. And they understand about journalistic integrity I know sometimes it's skewed in particular because today's the needs of technology with. Twitter and social media it's gonna be now that immediate. It's that are put a hole ala hang on a quote. From down drop. He says that never seen a more dishonest media frankly. In the political media. And he basically says it's all fake pain and nobody can be trusted how want talk about. The relationship though. That you expect. From the media covering politics sports etc. now news now there's a difference between reporting on something. Opposed to opining on some something as a reporter you're trying to do is deliver facts. As some might it's hosted a talk show or. Any time the variety. Year also charged with giving your opinion on something if you don't like Donald Trump's stance on. XYZ you're entitled to do that it's at the US the consumer. All right I understand that's that's an opinion don't get skewed in mixed in twisted between. An opinion and facts. And I'm curious though what you expect from the media. When reporting on it's will work with the regional expertise in what is what do you wanna be told how much do you wanna be told. For me and Ethan do you agree with Donald Trump's assertions that its state news that that the media is dishonest and com. It's flat out wrong. Thing report a team. If they're sourcing stuff you talk somebody's going to buy it has had to use that as that is. Report information based on sources that were close to situation and that. That a that I wanted to report or with relevant. It's it's not an easy thing to do and it's a bit and are wracking thing to do you put your name months of but he says that a report. At that thing gets shot down arc that that you who's proven to be false. In ELI today and face your reputations ruined. Or at least exit a pretty severe hit. What do you think the relationship should be for public enemy what do you want the wall to be from the media. Reporting on politics and pork exports might be little different in terms of which we expect what you want you to weigh in at 504260187. Texts eats them its enemies double coverage here on WWL. A anathema dot com. I got a text here at age 7870 following president Donald Trump's. Pretty epic news conference today where he does with all in all the media and it is enemies that are the news has been in his battle cry. As a full blooded libertarians. To me he was basically the PR department for the trees administration I didn't vote trial but it's obvious they're trying to destroy the guy. They're not beyond vote reproach and I wish all sides would call it media on their crap. You know. He goes on Donald Trump one on this is pressed congress to say I don't want that story it's true. And you know I think I believe them without. If it's true find that reported an act I I I kind of think that they're just. By the media's. Willingness and I know that mrs. His idea don't trumps ideas all of this long pressed them they would eat his wing nuts. But the more and more the media takes this guy on I think it galvanize. Some that much more dispensaries. Ho was his voter base I think it makes him even bigger he relishes this heat law practice. He. The media is gonna have to be held accountable if they do not come up with. Literal facts and provable things that they that they can show the American public on the that there report about the ultra. The ties to Russia etc. He said today he doesn't own anything in Russia has no business ties to Russia. If the media can prove that they go on then I think that begins to Rhode. Donald Trump's credibility at this point immediately there really there aren't dangerous slow. They they they got to be careful with what they would they report based on the source that sometimes can be misleading because sometimes that source. Might have an agenda that happens a lot of one of the first things you learn to journalism school it's well first things you learn. On the job at as a reporter is OK I got told this by a source that I trust however. Is that source politically motivated to get something for. His client it happens and in politics and happens in the world of sports you know. So my might be something to benefit their client easy all time in the NFL. Or college. Recording day around the draft free agency today cut float some NC always be mindful. Of being used if you oppressed. So I think that some of what Donald Trump has stated had to say today has some merit. At some times. Journalistic lines are skewed. Opposed to vetting sources close enough to understand it it's when you when you're. Taken on the president United States at some point you're going to have to prove that which are reporting. Is factual. He can't disable a source told me yet to come up. Give us the hard evidence. In order for me that you really unnerved by some of the things that are being reported. I have to see the hard evidence. And I haven't really seen a whole lot I haven't seen any of it. Now I understand it is so much to do that so much made about his tax returns etc. And okay fine if he releases them. Which that they can't make him do but they release him are they somehow it leaked then. If there's some things in there to be concerned about it then it's time to get up in arms but until then I'm I'm style watch and watch the show it it's kind of like being at a and really. Good movie with a lot of drama and a lot of a lot of entry. What do you expect from the the media though when they're telling me when they're giving information of what what's the rule what should the rule be. From the media to the American people reported on politics and sports. Final four to 6018. Early text 878710. Meets Thursday ladies night meant diving Bruins know gonna mail the bodies. The not the moment now. That was a short response. And I got to Phelan an amount that's on a bit I got a feeling of them. By the actual response that. You can't be coy about it united not always gonna doubles a place to look I get your private person we talk about that. Talked about how you know about deserves a degree of privacy but there's really. There's no he is Thursday night usually uniter he's the way to weakens I usually get authors and rights but it's a last second decision tonight I don't know Medea. Okay IC economic game to obviously wait for good golfer perhaps from some friends takeaway hang out here in India kind of decide all right. Yet the dialogue do art our our ego and most my friends are also orbits are enough that I have no idea what's going. Yeah that's true. That's true yes look it up with a look at that because time go outside there's a lot of things going on obviously get ready for the parades this week in and also the NBA all star game. Full lines are open at 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Talk about Donald Trump's etiquette epic press conference today in the role immediate. Plays in and reporting facts are as you recall of fake fictions are fake news. What he stands they eat he don't look right here. He seated there there are that these are tax all against him. Because of how the election turned out. That's kind of what he asserted he again touted his election numbers. Defeat of Hillary Clinton. And I don't know why some people are put off by that missile okay fine. I don't care pointed out put it out repeatedly. But that doesn't bother me at. I would go there to tea I want. He I won the election. And out point out that that Hillary Clinton. Lost numerous times. It shows how the American people spoke. Ed in the world sees what's going on and you're on WWL is. And doing fine non. Imagine that it hurt like cards are. Yeah again that's not yeah that's the environment whatever school. I thought it. Hey I like you know when error they're clearly indicated to our elected. Other Republicans absolutely. Spike and when they collapse and did everything they had to obstruct anything that the racial under. And it was a program and it's just been respectable that the Democrats are done as. And then if they are. In the just. Well. Why they are org or at the trop administration step for all. Right objectivity. In the it. At the New York Times reports that. Okay during the campaign. And trapped people may have thought direction intelligent agents. Well everybody out and opt out on the air and let our people. It. Why it is suspected. And it isn't expected that there were intelligence agents but it. And it got reported. You know. Elliott pilot error on that circle this organ at that get reported. And yet the oh I don't. It was despicable Republicans did it as likable now I think it's really. News at people. Everybody is the support respect in the and the cops stationed just like the president. And part of and a board in the constitutionally. Elected government of the country apparently not it is. It's. And chewed out a lit up. Through the criminal. Potentially collapse aren't material which would be proud and it and it. Respectable. Now and then and that's why people walked today it oh now trumps at the lakers are going caught him via a pretty significant price as there should be. If they are compromising. The national security by leaking classified information. Because you have an agenda against that guy. Mark RT. And you wrecking you jeopardize my safety. You better believe he should pay the price in your day you better believe it. That's right remember the Obama administration went after Russell Weller. More efficiently than any previous administration. This is this is a protected this is the it isn't protect him with support. This one out leak of classified information. There at Lily pads. I'd I'd get them upon all that would go economy. Era libertarian. Sort of an independent. I'm not a libertarian who similar to. That. Dollars and I was greeted text that was from a libertarian. I. I am I am very much. I will I'll tell you right now I vote I voted Republican recently and I'm registered as a vote. There. Are on the card carrying member of the Republican ROK. But it did that matter all American support system in Europe. And you know jet over the bloody question. Like yeah no bubble but it is out of native artery suddenly drawing on the intelligence. Agencies. And enacting a better there and the aisle and all of that on the ball that went on and doctor Rocco and. Hey Ed Ed I had a good I can go to CBS news update and I don't mean to cut off. I certainly don't know where that. I figure and welcome back to call on my twelve next. I by the way it. The last comment. As though they do it is all up in arms about Donald Trump Wii at 2:30 in morning Rick I want. Last I checked it's his Twitter account right and oh by the way I've sent tweets about it and OK. Christian Europe presidency if however what's the big deal and tweet at 2:30 in the morning. So what like the guy doesn't sleepy sleep for five hours a day. He was tweak it's it's it's his account what. And in the assertion that hosts the Mike should take that away from him what country you live and he's the president of the United States. He can tweet he can talking can say what he wants that was view in if they are telling you that you couldn't we get to thirty you'll be the first thing you it's. Yeah right. Particularly from me a break I know that the president held to a higher standard IQ. But I like the fact it. He's willing to out there and say what's on his mind. On an issue at all he of his 23 more. Carl and I twelve what's running on WW well. A did you think. Yeah it. It's the tried it you want to tweet. Rise of free country. A tweet. It. Here in each. And tickets. Super robotic that the president. Come up to it using fake news whatever in this grade is an illustration. Blame it on the media typical scapegoat. Straight news. It took buzzword now it all in all. Carl. Will call let me ask you this look I I get it could that fake news of it may dislike some of these reports lack a little. Evidence that I think should be attached to something as significant as some of the things that the media. As reported on dislike I would like qualification on what. What does he mean I think music what do what does he discern. As fake news just like out like in oh okay. I understand it. That is the journalism 101 is you never release which will relinquish or dive Poulter sources. I've had a scandal that ground myself it's it it's not very fun. But I'm seeing it you're gonna say source tells you you should also be in be looking to back that up with some facts for the American people. Oppose it just somebody tell you that. And then follow that up though with another investigation or a further investigation with some hard numbers which we haven't necessarily seen. That's why he recalls that they news. Here in the media. I think the president right to choose not to bolt are all the all the sources. Thought they sources on I think sort I'm saying information in numbers they're saying they were told a source to a tributes. Somebody with knowledge of the situation. And then at that point you should follow up with OK legacy by fine. The factual evidence that he would be from this source to now least for a major story. Well again it is actually a few minutes ago you determine which news. You trust New York Times or. And and it's been a news it is getting. Certainly. Irony. He's actually. It's. Hole. Not Orton you all are there. Did you. Statement he was taking over the years. Four years. The only. He just suddenly is born in this country. When you need to and it it talked to rubio our crews and others. Which one ball. Two idiots should. That's break. And yet. The biggest Electoral College victory in thirty U. That's not a news such as the. Lie. All. It analyst call bullet. I can't refute that. If our had a real argue with you about that and you clearly win this in terms of Obama's statement. Electoral College. I think he's looking Amir to assert that. Like. I don't want Al Hamas and appears saying it he's completely omnipotent like oh week out there it's question and that's not the crux of my argument. The club my argument is I think that the media apps that we should hold presence of politicians accountable. Okay yeah they should they have to do it with a degree of integrity with a degree of having some numbers not just minutes into the back. Like Korea certainly should checkered I'm not really argue you are doing. Out a statement. That I you know media that you know first of Allah they were picking arguing with you is you're you're obviously much more well worse than me and I would lose so. What I ought to be on the I'm lucky to be on the air right now human. I don't know what. Well. The F for sure Carl that carries a part of it's yeah. I 5042601878. X 878 semi double coverage on WW. Cheney being the illustrious five produces that he is going digging deep for the world about the Korean accidents. The monopoly. So there's some changes in the board game tonight tells about. Got to get rid of the symbol on the monopoly bought board altogether. The symbol is gone she knows the least and I never wanted to be the symbol always wanted to be the guy and a horse right. Maybe hat. The ball but I don't really wanted to be the symbol that was a very pouring basic. Piece of the public import like what would you wanna be able that was always the one that was left outside understand them from one to replace it. The symbol was used. Just to protect your finger injured eighty or so so they had no real purpose will what's it been replaced with. They haven't decided yet but they're gonna have a new version with him geez rubber ducky and also hash tag apparently. They're gonna have hats socks packs taxi that's just not really keeping up with the times that's why I loved that game. I love monopoly now novel about the new versions so the have a mode he's in it. It's on the smiley face and things like that maybe the dog. RNC it's just. It's just going younger demographic and that's I'll try to determine. Recapture. An audience that might defeated a little bit overtime. Rian beating themselves up obviously with a the symbol was discussed it does appoint. I'm not saddened. By that news at all I think he. Like he ever play. Monopoly with the symbol and it at all. I did you meet the play whereas aren't a thing like iron on that what it is yet iron you know calf got locked iron. Got tired and see how it. Look here's the deal. And I play the older version elegant new version where everything's automated off of academic art is no more of that green money little money paying money red money lots of put men it's all about it's all about opt ruthless as a landlord and Allah or was this the blue. The blue property. Park place and boardwalk right they act that's all I really cared tone. I didn't buy Agassi my money and look if I occasionally got beat and applaud that I would start I'd have all that money that's the strategy have all that money. To withstand you landing on one of those places. With with houses on our hotels away savvy but if I if you lose out on the boardwalk or park place that you start by NL it. Bile Ellis that for the money you have remaining and he could still take taken down but it's difficult. If they don't park place. In and the boardwalk and chances are. Uganda losing game puts them yeah monopoly rates and changes could go on the job. The movies will be a part of the game symbols on. And asked hash tags and there's now they have hash tags as part like PCB. He could actually be hash tag. Didn't explain just had maybe hash tags Robert Kennedy's. Doesn't. When. Monopoly. No creativity on the part of people I had known piece that I used. Is it against it that. For your. Pakistan presents to them. The so so will be a part of the and will be in peace art on the enemy Europeans open house treatment text. Editor and editor put the animal and they haven't I don't know what it's gonna replace them with. OK so we don't know packs tags going to be. A part of parlor game in terms of a PC actually. Mover around the port do you like monopoly and in in the world of board games is that when your favorites are now no not at all because it takes 34 hours and always ends with the fight. It has in the fight but this does in any way like. That's one floppies that uses is not new rules porn music sit down please report game. You better know it thoroughly and everybody. At the board should thoroughly we eat you can't rely on that one guys like Eliezer a player but his advisors and see. I don't like how's the house rules I think to play that play with the rules say after the game was designed this power play. Hope filled the patriot is back from his one week it. What's going on Philip patriot welcome back and. And it. Has been. But. It didn't. And it. They all likely light blue. And and again. Chandler. And equipment should. Do it. Phil he might have redeemed yourself. I'm. Amman second guessing my assistant to being used for a week. A week ago. That was much better that's the kind of stuff I expect from fill the patriot in hospital now to little. Lowe who is there as well of course the patented screen at the end when he signing off. Good on it they'll patriot to give you back on on the shipment. But be careful they'll committing a half step and again he'll get that one week in that by the way after that. If you already. Committed one violation. In its attitude to weaken it Vince Vince Young to be very much screen. They Jones making it welcome back at 33 believe we eat for five years he silently Steinberg. I and we Steinberg. And really well and IA I am pulling for rich young. I just wonder how much of this has to do with this is a player that when he was with the titans. To bounce differently towards the end. He says he wants to. You know be he would like that the way it went down Wednesday that he wanted to be his last experience of Opel. And they be in take himself he would take his career certainly enough he was phenomenal high school but. It's a guy that I read about this where he would go on vacation our fly somewhere he would buy the whole plane. Every seat on the plane. So you have its own plane which is mind boggling to me. On number of wells belly it's yet that money you beat at the deduce. But it just as cities to maybe immature thinking at some of these young players go through via Vince Young make it come back. Trying to target with NFL team we have some news on that we might have. Vince Young perhaps maybe next week or at least Steinberg. Next week talking about this comeback from finchem and I don't know. They easily fail means comeback attempts these things don't work and I hit it to noble cause. He was given a role model he wants to do the right way that like I went out. Just be being away from the game for what five years he's been. The law. Curious though throughout the world I'm sure somebody or about the very. I wrap it up next here on double coverage on W ointment and a stumbled upon a really good article about LSU picture Alex playing in the art of visualization and his two hour and five minute preparation before he throws his first pitch. An analogy game. But it tires open up tomorrow. Against. Is air force take on army on Saturday. It salute he has visualization at least most successful pitchers most successful. Quarterbacks athletes in general. Talk about that a Drew Brees has quite a bit visualizing. You know yourself making that rule making that it may connect catch. What have you that Yates though he always has to get the ball park two hours in five minutes before first pitch. Not too old to. Now 158. Two hours five minutes and it's a meticulous routine and that's really study pictures. In baseball they did their little quirky. They're a little strange and how they behave. In the things that they go through it themselves ready for a game anywhere from jumping on. A likely out sling does all the stationary bike. For about a two mile. Two mile ride these sorts in a cup rubbed out as the Calgary it's not loosen up as bodies tips arm. It's that are Padilla 57 minutes prior first it's related story the advocate dot com. 57 minutes prior first pitch he's visualizing. How is gonna attack each hitters in the first it's the first pitch the last pitch and it's no wonder that guys that those those successful as though she's pitcher. And at one pitching staff they're going at a particular is the top two guys on it that they issued here posting compact. Alex lying. Arthur Numan and no likely going to be closer. By the way damage Greg Dyke and come back after being hit last week. He was back at practice he had a broken bonus face I've been hit by pitch pulmonary did say today all Bobby in the it. He realized that that last and it maybe either throttle back a little bit there ready to play but no one alive pitching after that injury to Craig back in their their that their top slugger. And also Bryce Jordan be lost earlier that week as well for the year with a median treatment. Lot of expectations ran his notes baseball team we'll have covered small start at 630 is Ellison takes on air force at seven. PM and all week long channel actions well at W to do well in math and in DaVita well the company made a decision yet on which duel for tonight. No I'm just gonna wait till last regulators and all right so at 1102 use you're either gonna make a decision obviously in line. Arts at 1202. If you haven't gotten a text and inviting off for years to walk out the door hit it out pretty much today. I'm elected elected pitchers solo. I mean it literally last night thumbs kind of just went TV's tonight. Art that's a Smart you know long long couple weeks attitude that didn't Waffle House. You went to law allows less club off. Whitney there's a club Waffle House notes to. A cut that's it exactly while by neutral from me got offers him. It off obstacle wrong here and there ain't. The ticket to rest and his mug Laura around the corner. That the big weekend this weekend the following weekend with super cruise and vivienne pockets or pieces that are. Yet rest up and it's a party in over the next couple weeks I. No showed a law Ellis to baseball I'll be on after the game if time permits you know for a little while she posting from 1030. That it thirty to midnight Michael along with a all the celebrations honoring the military by the way kudos to LSU. For had a military appreciation weekend how likely is set up between LSU in two lane can play a round Robin between two and army. And air force I'll be on the ball forward Deke Bellavia for sports bought it for walking up to relishing pregame coverage against air force at 630 until then. Simplify I'm out.

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