WWL>Topics>>2-17 5am Dave, Party time in and around New Orleans... and are the media a bunch of hate filled liars?

2-17 5am Dave, Party time in and around New Orleans... and are the media a bunch of hate filled liars?

Feb 17, 2017|

WWL's Dave Cohen talks about the parades, parties, NBA All Star Game and more fun in and around the city. Also, President Trump says the media is hate filled and liars... are they? And a pair of reports from the What is Wrong with People!?! File.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake now Marge WWL first news with Dave Collins on WWL pay amounts almond dot com. And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW Alfredsson is on the seventeenth of February 2017. And it is TGI. App. Well come June oh I today. Really wild weekend. And I figured labs grow and oh yeah how about that yeah. There's nothing to do it. I wish I wish there was somewhere I know it is our thing if there. Some blanket you know have a bunch of fun this weekend. Oh yet as the NBA all star game and tan. Big concert champions square would pit bull. Slam dunk count. Celebrity game actual all star game. Bigwigs in famous people all over town. 42 parades around the region North Shore now stories. Think West Bank. Family garage in Metairie. Man I'm going to do nothing going not. Why we're gonna tackle this in this. And this is this is the time of year when he test you'd. Find yourself or spot. And Tesco. On pastoral we do now to run around and act kind of crazy. Or to sit and watch it all you know I can't know probably. Other people watch it's it's real interesting. You know it's fun to watch the different personalities. Parade personalities people. You get the people right up front who walk up right to the floods and almost dumb man. Certain throws it on there right there yeah they really are heavy duty again maybe they got to get on their shoulders maybe nice. You know maybe there'd jumping up and down made this of them make noises that mean right there and then I go over the barricades ebitda for the platoon on them. They're gone right up to offload and I need that Teddy bear. And then get the kind of people who sit 345 rows I'm and they discuss key eat of observer it is going to be here in the hands at his countless well dope something lands in their lap. Wow that's great animated and keep him and it did me who's. In and that yet everybody. And it is kind of funny to watch the different parade personalities. Hand trying to. See how people in jointly. Spending time. I got family grow our come on that's going to be nice. You know but three. Big name performers from yesterday and today. Plan over there on the program in Metairie so that's on the MBA all star game brings so much fund the CB. I mean they just rate timing Evernote we see you there is is seen over the next couple days to follow and you're gonna see some very very famous people. Just thing and now Pavel it was a much money. Money they apparently have to blow up yeah it's what about athletes and movie stars TV stars them. It is brings. Them all Cummins and Collins have the good old time good time for the city to shine and show off its. Party face for the whole world to see and I think that's fair great. Camera. Chaos and you know you over the city and for the I don't think the NBA lost so tremendously. Government how we're gonna go out and Rollins and if all of theirs carnival soon yeah. Today it's like they were there is it coming mimic the party even vendors so we got that go on. President tropea. Went off on the media. At least some of the essentially calling them mean spirited cool light years. And I'm curious what our audience X about whether or ninth. The reporters. In this nation. Weathered via television radio print Internet. By and large do you think that those people telling you the news. In this nation are mean spirited lie yours. I you know. I I understand. The current struggle that orient. Anders stand why the president has upset. I know that the loud minority always gets a lot more news coverage. Than the silent majority. That's always been the ways is the squeaky wheels loud as should her masters and you go out and we've got so much politics in this mix with you know. Throwing fuel on the fire at every. Turn your house so that just adds to it and we. Because of the way our. Media has evolved. With social media and the Internet and apps list and that it and so many outlets for people have their voices heard. It is very difficult anymore to know who are true journalists covering the news and trying to tell you what's going on. And those who are trying to spin it. And trying to influence what you think. And so on I get the frustration I understand the problem. And I'm just curious what our listeners think you think the news media by and large in this nation arm mean spirited why years as the president has indicated. Or do you think they're just covering the news of the day in telling the nation what is go room visits 5050. Is an item 82 funny I don't. I don't know. And anymore it's hard to tell who's an actual journalist and news now. While luxury yacht and that we do know one thing a meteor ranks and terrible. At it and popular birdied two holes. It was like 20% as I am not good. Wilson Woolsey who got too down on our. And noting that kind of that number or part of the media so now I'm part of the national media and I think people draw lines and an NC differences there. But we shall see we shall see you in less than fifteen minutes and more advertise here on Demi W don't. Agree that we. Hey happy. Iron today welcomed the weekend and thanks for doing it here on WWL. Gate get on with the early edition of WWL offers is about that forecasts. Cloudy weather returns today with a 30% chance is spotty showers and high around 69. Look for the Chancery declined to 40% deceiving so watch out for the raiders go to this parade with our temperatures in the sixties. Overnight today to its rate is even higher to 80% with some heavy downpours possible. I was on the nor shall in the lower fifties in the South Shore in the upper fifties. No it's very them what do Randall come to an end. That the permit to sunny clouds by the afternoon were just a slight chance for shower 20% but that should not impact the parades much with high temperatures around 75. It's Sunday morning starts foggy but I'm partly cloudy by the afternoon with highs in the upper seventies. For the pinpoint forecast center and WW LTV meteorologist Dave announced bomb. At 521 or start out the dale cool on this pride game right now we have 46 degrees and cloudy skies at the airport in Canada calm winds and up and really worry about there's like now partly cloudy and 38. With all Malaysians. Several people like vaccinated 7870% of all the great stuff going on this weekend. And several say yadda LSU baseball soon that's right let's get that College Baseball season. Kicked off Steve Geller how does do that with WWL sports happy Friday. The gets in the morning everybody the College Baseball season is here and opening day around the nation no surprise that they're high expectations for the LSU tigers and the players haven't been shy away from their goal of being national champions. Junior pitcher Alex Lange was asked if these butterflies about the start of the season. Pentagon always you know we're ready to go it's it's game day is right LSU red ready for. Tigers host air force tonight meanwhile uptown at church and stadium Tulane opens their season vs army the Travis juiced era begins for the green wave as he takes over as head coach. Following David Pearson leaving for taxes. The LSU women's basketball team took down 23 ranked Texas a and M 67 a 63. A lady tigers' record improved to 76 in the SEC has rained model Cree led the team 23 points. The NBA's all star weekend gets under way with a celebrity game and the rising stars challenge tonight. Pelicans rookie body heal this taking part as a member of the world's team roster against the US which tips off at 8 PM in this movie king center. Meanwhile the old ways outspoken Charles Barkley who look and basketball but feel that the NBA has some major issues that need to be fixed and eight in order to save the sport from being a joke. We got awful lot of nothing but got up what you know it got to a three good seeing the rest of the hole or that the consummation of a couple of all these stars. Our team and up and wanna play together and also was burned this year considering NBA what they're way too young they don't have. And New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has been charged with four of first degree felonies and one misdemeanor after he was allegedly involved in a fight would Sumit. Facilities include two counts of aggravated assault and a single count of robbery. Today have more sports talk with Deuce McAllister and Kristian garic. NBA all star festivities College Baseball season starting or Mardi Gras parades what's more important to you this weekend. And LSU baseball vs air force pregame coverage will start at 630 follow my first page at savage. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports aren't. And afforded Garth Ron Amadon with yet on your radio. How does LSU baseball shape up the season where they start in the polls and what you expect from other break. Pretty much in the top five of all of being numerous College Baseball polls that are out there number two is their highest ranking in the collegiate baseball poll ranking. And they were just two wings shot of Omaha last season have a lot of players returning. Two top pitchers in the nation with Alex Lange. And Jarrett tocchet the question is gonna be who's gonna who's gonna turn out to be that Sunday starter on the weekend and they feel that stead of doing John equals that but. Lot of high expectations for the tigers and that that road to Omaha this team is. Already talking about an embracing it not backing down saying hey we're just taking it game by deed by. You know it seems now is that third starter that the tigers are looking for every season we sent. That third starter going to be in the week and irritation. I guess we shall wait and see but expectations are high. And hopefully they'll be. We're talking regional super regional on Omaha and it was his opening day by. Yet feel pretty good about the standard team thank you Steve at the early edition of WWL first news on the seventeenth of February 2007 today it is. Finally TGI Al welcomed us. Ride yeah aid. So get after the jump around there they music right. Jump around there and jump around whoever you are right now but just don't have jobs and help our jump up and get down. I thought it all of us and what a weekend again upon us. Yeah I just feel all things and it's one if you glory it's the NBA also again I am playground. I'd imagine markets here at the big dog for all our guns and dogs good concert is going on people president their coaches. Yet today his majesty the 25. King Maximilian T Roth and her majesty. Queen when he fit that senior Cooper. Will have the traditional Friday logic gala was. Rarely is it McCain creative market yeah the dog's it is going to calculus and have planned around the fifth but that's that's. Lap. Dogs in March halls yeah OK Alec was only nor do we have such wild and whacky and crazy things in a restaurant were celebrities have been known to wait for hours to do here on am regard the dogs. You know access kind of funny habit there's some like you know NBA all stars the labs in town I guess getting out lives up now signs that tables taken today the king in market. Parade will be Sunday. It looked gorgeous and is in bail them don't know were they are yes it will be Vicky. With the man to do this guy in Florida. Who planned to blow up target stores along the East Coast. Now yet he had this elaborate plan he was gonna take boxes of scenery all snacks and other things and and he was gonna plastics and explosive devices in them. And he paid another man. To put together these bomb boxes according to authorities. And the idea was that when a customer pick up the boxes cereal or the boxes snacks or whatever was wrong. And it something one night why when he won and here put a lot of slotted into what he's not a radical terrorist. No I mean not a traditional yeah he's he's got to have some you know homegrown now know that on early he wants to get rich. His idea was to create this. Terror and fear it targets doors to the stock price would drop op and he could buy cheap. And then I had to stand when the company rebounded. According to words she's real. You couldn't find that that was your best idea embody get rich that's Reid took all of your imagination creativity and in cereal boxes come off blowing up cereal boxes to make the stock price drop it. Targeting target figure. He's not. Coolest deals up to ten years yet in terms of papers artsy to him about that we get the movie's opening at the break if you're not it zoo parades if you're not in the NBA all star if you're not in the Stanley groggy about it many of the fund on on around now. Walking up and down Barbara history watch in the media exchange whatever. You go to movies this weekend I don't know that a lot of people do that locally but it's there if you want it to our current top five are the Lego. Man movie and fifty shades darker John a week after acute. Split and Hayden figures we get three new movies opening every problem yet. The great wall off man Matt Damon stars in this. Mega. Expensive movie cost a 130 billion dollars to make parents do really well in China. But it's not expected to act here it's doing some terrible reviews. The fist fight is also opening. This is with ice cube Charlie day Terri Seymour again Christina Hendricks have a one schoolteacher. Gets the other fired. And his challenge to an after school fight. Most recently the horror movie. A mystery thriller called here for wellness. And ambitious young executive sent to retrieve his company's CEO. From an idea I'd. And a mysterious wellness. Arrigo. At a remote okay. Cause of the three new movies do you think Batman can successfully fend off these three counterweight. Go sing weekend. Me. On the roll the dice on the on the great wall announcement horrible reviews you know and the late actress so much money. Honest personally I'd go and you do to America and I'm doable walls. Right. They're great water wall says monsters on the other side of the Walter. Looks like it's you know fun and obviously Obama we've been asking people they think about. President from Gaza are going calling the media a bunch of mean spirited why yours. One person tax rate drop is right the media were lap dogs is cheerleaders the last eight years in chains episode of fake news Walters now. As as I love WWL the nationwide big news media take stories and twist them feel it can't trust them anymore. Now says David president child can't take the heat eat the attic cajun. Real talk of his as the media is the ruin a nation of the world who they report lies lies lies as a totally agree with the president. Mrs. doubts he'd just do his job stop tweeting stop being whiny little BP. So but the vast majority of people are things and they hate to me and a little Washington national news reporters at all. Trump is right the media in the media's just outlines vision report is that as they should not report news that is not written for the most parties right I think the media a lot of times trying to get a break in his first and not necessarily about getting it correct this and other things via us brigades. So and dying you know that we get this text states that needs him. That just maybe. I got to go to work. Then get this squirrel out of my attic. Then I'm ready to party. So that that's the plan for go to our. Justice Oro and that authority. Ran the it works it's a plan a ago your weekend plans there as wonderful as and about the score on the attic parred the going to work part Marty part of all that now he gets on the look forward that are able accord mourners from the last twenty minutes here on WWL happy RI AA. And that's was happy Friday to mr. meteorologist Dave knows bomb live and direct them WW LTV and went for guess that there. I had a audit Hawaii. That's for a start a little chilly this morning for. It's a cold thirtieth north the late forties and the city that the season being warmer is on the weekend now aren't how warmed up again for today and then whats gonna be like for tonight's race what are they gonna kind of warmup kind of weird actually get kind of when Hamas he kind of we hear it weird because temperatures in a warm up by lunchtime and it allowed the clout to commend this afternoon so there and knocked him back down. He's an get a warmest temperature at 3:4 o'clock in the afternoon and make a close to lunchtime today. And I want to let me. Upper 60s69. Degrees and not too bad but it partners avenue Abed a drop off for the courage that we drop off for the prints and we need to bring your umbrella for the parades its it's similar yeah how much we saw yesterday it looks like the timing is moving up a little bit so for the parades this evening I know there's a lot against him a fan on the ground towards downtown man bill Hammond homeless everywhere. Yeah up to 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock but 40% chance for a lawsuit if we have your umbrella with you think one of those because it's beats him. You grow it is a relative term upside down and use that it has to be so you know it's it's not going to be heavy rain coming. Just maybe some showers coming all the heavy rain comes in after the parades and overnight tonight. Both Lowe's work its way across the area. And a low temperatures tonight will be in the fifties on both sides late but the range it come to an end most about 3 AM comes about many viewers still sleeping. When you wake up tomorrow morning BB few light sprinkles showers out there. But by the time the parade start rolling 11 AM on Saturday it's near perfect have some already be gone guys. Looking good out there and then is going into Saturday night query whether for rates to temperatures will be the following the 70s60s. And it's on sale lot of sunshine temperatures near eighty degrees. So perfect again whether for the parade up for those wearing costumes tough but for. The rest of us attending separates. Should be pretty well too warm perhaps four earned beat bastards on Sunday yeah I have had these shorts at risk that he would channeling yes exactly and how warm on Sunday afternoon 79. Ordinary AD. For the parades for the NBA all star festivities and know their it is set ups for stuff tomorrow for tonight so hopefully they plan at first rain. Mr. meteorologist Dave knows Obama that a little bit of rain it may be coming Ender in the operates tonight everything looks like a wonderful weekend. Lie and large what. With people. It was a viral video. I don't know where it went viral on in my news feed but anyway that should auto woman in a Florida courtroom. Are outside a Florida courtroom performing a sex act. Guy in Jacksonville Florida. With a quote found a way to get my charges dropped. Q apparently was trying to make it look like the prosecutor was. Accepting her oral gift. And apparently a lot of people saw this video including the police. Police were able to track down both the woman and the man seen in the video who was by the way not a prosecutor. The and apparently he wasn't getting her initial charges dropped to resist getting more added to them as a result of this video. CS now she's charged with performing a nude and lascivious act. On top of the drug charges she was already facing the she claimed turner. Oral videos then would it resultant getting hurt artwork she was on drugs that's the south it I don't know. But they rest of the guy team. So now they're both they're both case things. Great idea let's do this particular the prosecutor's table yes and they Wear in the courthouse apparently right there at the courtroom doors inside the courthouse. Yeah. Great plan that lets you both in the well with people file hope that was really good for him you know it was worth it now he's going to be out of jail. Thank you Dan have a good weekend as mom I've indirect from the ten point port as senator so one person Texas and it's seventy it's seventy. And others nothing funny about a guy's alleged plot. To blow up shoppers killing Mehmet target stores of the target's stock prices will drop you can buy this stock at low prices and then make a lot of money when they rebound. Texas is a little funny as if that guy had succeeded and killed shoppers at target by placing bombs in boxes of cereal. Would he be serial killer. Exports time we got baseball starting College Baseball today and one former NBA all stars pretty critical of the sport's current condition. That and more we say happy Friday is the gallery. Thank you gave the morning everybody's been 250. Cases the LSU baseball team last of the field but that ends tonight as its opening day. To coach Foreman Larry though it's come by in the blink of an all right. Just like just yesterday we're in the super regional out here but it's been a lot longer than their group really feels like and how you're just anxious to get started with your team you feel like you had a good team you feel like you guys are ready to go everybody's excited. The tigers are ranked second in the nation by the collegiate baseball poll and post force tonight to earnings season opener brings army detergent stadium the green wave are starting their first season under head coach Travis Hewitt and have eighteen players returning from last year. The LSU women's basketball team as having a much better season than a man and were able to beat their first nationally ranked opponent of the Euro last night. The Lady Tigers took down number 23 Texas a and M 67 a 63 behind junior Ramos increased 23 point night. Pelicans rookie but he is taking important NBA's all star weekend as hopefully and he rising stars challenge this evening which tips off at 8 PM in the smooth meeting senator. Guilt the third player in franchise history to take part in the game. TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley is enjoying the town and the all star action and he loves everything surrounding all star weekend but not so much when it comes to the actual contest on Sunday night. We get it themselves they got to be on the good that game the last appeared to have them all or. I mean it just got a layup dunk contest. Big problems for Revis island jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has been charged with 41 degree felonies and one misdemeanor after he was allegedly involved in a fight with two men to felonies include two counts of aggravated assault any single count of robbery. And Sam Saunders will be the clubhouse leader when the first round of the PGA Genesis Oprah resumes this morning at the storied Riviera country club. The grandson of Arnold Palmer opened with a seven under par that leaves him two strokes ahead at Dustin Johnson and four others. Today at four on sports talk with Deuce McAllister Kristian garic. NBA all star festivities College Baseball season's starting or Mardi Gras parades what's more important to you this weekend. And LSU baseball vs air force brigades at 630 followed by first page acts added I'm Steve Geller which early morning look at sports. All of the above to we can do Marty cry NBA all star and LSU based sponsor of of people attacked him NASCAR kicks off this weekend so. We. OK that's a pace yourself with a all the activities and things to do strong words. From Charles Barkley. Saying that the NBA is in shambles that there's a few great teams with all stars who all wanna play together. And then there's about two really bad teams and he's fearful for the future of the sport what do you think about those. You know I think you Charles Barkley words are a lot of times cause controversy but I can't agree. With him here it's you go went to the NBA season. Really with 3142. Really win the NBA title for the rest it's kind of beaten in all mission marsh of who else will be their opponents just to get ousted in the playoffs but. On the super teams is becoming a huge problem where we just had Kevin Durant this past year leaving and now joining the Golden State Warriors. And it's almost as if it's of like Harlem Globetrotters vs U you know everybody else. So is there a solution to the B a salary cap this year could be some way to try to achieve parity in the NBA errors that pot. I at this point I'm gonna have to wait until the new collective bargaining agreement in the league. And I don't know how they can stop that because the age of free agency can't I guess tell players where they cannot. There. A South Africa though would be good start thank you Steve I was so much going on this weekend folks find here fine. And make it great have a wonderful weekend. And just be a little responsible all right now tell it not be totally responsible but B just responsible enough at a great line see on Monday.

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