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Think Tank 1010am Donald Mazzella, Human microchipping

Feb 17, 2017|

Human microchipping??? Don says, "If its good for my dogs, is it good for my kids?" There's a bill up for discussion that would prohibit forced microchipping of humans. This hours guest: Donald Mazzella - Veteran newsman & political commentator.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Good Friday morning welcome to the Friday think tank guys some of the things we're going to be thinking about today as we head into a big callable preparation week can only be on the parades and of the things and hopefully it'll stay away for tonight at those rates and also the issue baseball. Game the kick off for the season get underway. In the 12 to 1 o'clock now we gonna be asking this question bad manners. An impact Q you business employee morale and you bottom line poll says 69%. Say people or ruling today. In just a generation ago is that normal now with blacks and tweets and FaceBook. We'll discuss that will be a special guests will be joining us and you may be through you with the name Emily Post all this is the great great grandson. Although lady who was considered to have the the standard for etiquette manners in in books and in writing to newspapers will talk to them very interesting conversation coming up. In the 11 to 12 o'clock now always going to be talked in LSU baseball is here already can you believe. The haven't had a chance to put two purple and gold on you don't wanna wait till football season. Now is it time to do it a Criss Blaine who was that was huge play by play announcer. When you hear this station which is an ability ideology sports network old jaundiced to talk about the LSU baseball team looked at the line up the schedule. And we'll be asking you how far do you expect. This year is LSU baseball team ago. This hour with thinking about human microchip. Yeah. I know it seems like it's it's an orwellian thought that it's here and it's got to be dealt with. And we have a special guest Jones to talk more about that his name is Donald Mazzola. Veteran newsman political commentator and a political and lifestyle expert Donald thanks for being witnesses. Oh my is relatively. A lot I think most people familiar with micro chipping out through the use of it with hats and I'm very familiar with that I'd raise breathe in train running dogs and I have them microchip for their safety and also is to. To secure my investment in them and basically what I know about is brought into the vet they insert these chips. If the dogs that we get lost and someone finds them they've got a tag on the column that indicates that they are microchip they bring them to. A vet that the most veterinarians now have these chip readers and it. Gives out information about who the owner is who to contact my vet would get notified as well as myself and my dogs hopefully would be recovered. What else can you tell us about micro chipping in now in this when he first century. Well quite frankly as little frightening if you think about it. As soon as you where. It is simply because of them build and introduce to make it incredible parents to Florida so forcefully. Do it but it but it speedy indictment but look let's talk about where it's being done. One very big area which. I just learned about this week is the fact that. It's being. The aegis but he of people afraid of being kidnapped for ransom or terrorism. And it's secret weapon that hope. Look on to force the authorities find them but they indeed. Is that but they're look more sophisticated. And they care commitment has signaled that. Can't be record as well one area. It is that's another area. Surprisingly news. Children in the custodians in the patience to. With the experience. And improve mental problems instead. It's been muted that experimental basis though I am told. That is spectacle as we told you about it until the it's more widespread than I've thought. But the there. There's different when you have a new dog emit these. So windows movement picking admit responsibly. Two days and a miniature. Batteries group for a couple years. It's very expensive. He has. Apparently. The growing and then. As you know is out of and a Australia. That's. Reducing them also. Suffer for various purposes and good the government certain elements. Speaking about using them to track it was. Aliens. Etc. it's. Is that and so there's been quite frankly scares the because it's the first step towards universal. And implementation. Which were twelve years ago would be considered. But now or even considering it's frightening. While O'Donnell if you could tell me what is it. The current law Lauren walked regarding human micro chipping if its Donald voluntary basis as it perfectly legal. Absolutely. Then it. Permitted earlier guardian cases. If it is permitted. There are certain channels system reserve. The interest for the Indo. Law enforcement. Reserves and channels. Some of the spectrum sales. That was done over the last five years I've also bid to purchase. Companies did. A lot of reserved them for. This purposes. It's a little right in because. Speech the use them very well well well well in the world. And it's something that. Libertarians. I am I gonna give them but anyway it's amazing. We've talked about it starting Monday. And it's just amazing the number. Times have been. On the air and people. Email you about that is in just five days. Well Donald in this senate bill then one on nine would actually make it a felony to require someone to be implanted with a radio frequency identify which basically is a microchip. We're way beyond the fact of outlawing it at all to take place it's here it's doable and it's available. That the law that's going to be considered is to prevent I would guess seasonal law enforcement authority from putting this in criminals. In place of may be an ankle monitor is so that in practice. Absolutely absolutely but. At commanders. Now. Preferably acceptable. Always doing used in the future rising it's it's matters. Visible and more importantly. If it's implanted. It would be very difficult for someone to. Get rid of the but and that is by the way have been told one of the main reasons for. For the for the flawed but it's something that came up. Something that. In this heated things dividend ridiculously. Going on in Washington the rest of the country. Is that going to be a press prior priority. At least for the next for the six months. I was talking with Donald Mazzola dials they were we gonna take a break we'll come back wanna find out what our audience thinks about this if you like to comment. An answer rob ready opinion poll question would you agree to have a microchip planted in you or your kids simple yes or no. You'll find them on our website at WWL dot com if you have a comment we welcome you to call us at Bible for. 260187. New York Texas and 87870. Comes directly into the studio in real time. But please remember we always tell you text responsibly if you're going to be driving season designated text will be right back. It's Friday on the think tank on WW. You can shoot me attacks that they 70870. With nineteen in talking about human microchip being I have successfully used it in mind running dogs. But I don't think I put it in my kids but some people believed in and in in fact the latest statistics as of last Thomas says in Australia. They sold they companies sold more than 101000 implantable ships with a do which is south kit it is that easy. And as our guest Donald Mazzola has told us there is no law preventing it from being done the United States how prevalent will this become. Was arguments for would be this would be an excellent way to track deported illegal aliens. And track their movement because as he says some of these chips not only can they be red for identification they also. Oz of similar to what you have been used cell phone on a GPS emits a signal as they locate. I also would this beat something to replace ankle monitors to monitor criminals and if you're a child were kidnapped a loss and they could be positively identified or possibly even located right now as far as I'm ready opinion poll. 73% of our respondents say no they would not agree to have a microchip implanted in themselves for the kids 27%. Saying yes. On the policy would end in Metairie has to say about it Andy's on line to Andy thank you for you call. Good Morning America. Are basically what ever you itch it's it's saying we're really at basis. Arm I mean it's bad enough armored carrier. So firm that can be tracked in the agency's. Which is two for any reason. But I haven't matured into or your children. It just means that we want less government interference. In American life. They're kindred that would just wearing the doors wide open for them to track and do whatever they went. A bottle and he raises an interesting question who is microchip central. Save for instance in Australia on this country or their private companies that did the information and disseminate nor is it actually on the governmental control. Known. Australia and other places to its private companies. They use the skills they say and so powers that the that we used were. Four homes and the trend between Erica and and development don't forget though that that in. Boot be it but it's a very limited range and you need to reader close the models that were talking about. That are available. Transmitted almost citizen. Well. Bloggers as your civil wrong bats and it's been buried in the future at the other of course it is. Ol' what's been recruitment and having built in ability to be turned down. It was suited to you it's it's a really cool breeze so. Not only am I am. Not that much worried about government. Surveillance but does this one political and whispers really got beat him. Because they think it is the 23 consider the bigger respondents said they would do it. At this point they did. Well let me ask you this the bigger question and major question has this ever being challenged. By a governmental authority having it right to get a judge's order and actually get those records make them available. To them for law enforcement purposes is that been challenged either in this country on Australia. But I'm not combined knowledge because the bills you have all of does he right now voluntary basis. And what brought all all the opens that simply said do. Got ahead of the curve it certainly is that the we have to prevent. The goes government or anybody else from from forcibly. Put together. That people like that word of that. Tuesday. I'm sure. Are immigrants. Illegal immigrant the problem how to attract all the people coming in and wouldn't be ignited the as what warriors do it and people. Trying to combo port and Hampton for that one. And to. Quite frankly people have found ways so we'll take you. The ankle bracelet so that everything you know. And give them the news places that's going on today. People peoples' season. These companies that will be useful council but that's about it. Pill. Don't forget to. We can't at this point in view miniature electric activity could add to that the you could swallow. For a limited time and eventually eliminate. So what sort of but today two put me that you are. Or however while wanna get into more about how it's insert and how easily can it be removed and what damage could Judy's self but I wanna get Bobby in the conversation now he's in Metairie he says he has a tin indium. Bobby how long you've been microchips. About two years done reports. In. Pebble let it much much yet. At age but it. And Tom much help people simulator so. Much. And it is that well a couple of times okay. So how does it work Bobby what does that tell you will do what information I don't. You look. Transform our. Portly. Adopted a lot like network. So much Obama partly drop looked certain level I'd advise. And it would make it triggered a party dispute local hospital. So they did not know we're all. New York it's Saturday your you were presented as not new technology. It will only say. You have no habit and you and I am telling you it's it's it's it's the wave of future like it or not. Well the purpose to yours is quite different in the purposeful a lot of these other instances Donald looked and it tells about medical microchip. Mountain if you don't. Like this every time I go on one of these programs learn something new he's absolutely right. And it. But don't forget he's got an outside unit. What they're talking about in the future is that the the broadcasting unit isn't as encapsulated inside the body. This is the same. This. So that the entire unit could. It is and that it is invisible. And again. What is the purpose. Does the good purposes the case against laws that somebody could we could possibly. The Bedford that he could keep track of people. People they agreed you want. On the medical side yeah. He's he's absolutely right. And I don't do as to say totally forgotten about that it would broaden. But but again. His unit in 8 AM and outside users inside unit. Look what we're talking about it is one. One unit in effective treatment swallow or just put him on the game. I dolls they would really gonna take a quick news break we'll come back we get to as a more calls on getting a lot of text messages in this is replete. Opened up are real candle Lawrence's Boras all the parameters and all the issues of human micro chipping presents. You get away and it's 87870. Phone numbers Bible for TC exit row 1878. And are ready opinion poll 25% of our listeners say they want agreed. To have a microchip implanted in themselves or their kids how about you cast that vote at WW all dot com more of the Friday think tank. Right after the CBS news update. That is so we are thinking about dumb microchip being in humans who were asking you would you agree to have one implanted in you or you kids 21% of audience responding so yes they would 79%. Said Celine not. Witness to talk about it is Donald Mazzola. He has to seal all of our small business digest mag dot com he's also a veteran newsman and commentator. In well briefed on the subject of human micro chipping and Don hello I'm gonna Regis some of the text that have been common in what she comment on the one engine likened. I'm also got more questions hopefully we'll get him in before the the clock runs down on us but this one says. Human microchip will not happen in the US the RFID microchip is available but just as the flu shot can't be forced on people. Put with a mass hysteria this is something Hitler would have done another says a chip never foretold in the Bible. Another one says I Don this is a growing industry called bio acting there YouTube video where guys start their motorcycles and cars. With implantable RFID. Another says is from another high risk cardiac patient that says says. They've had one imbedded and saved their life a number of times about regulating their heart beats another says this safe non invasive don't even know where they are on don't even know there there. Another says it's perfect for registered sex offenders and those on a roll. Another says as soon as one of these Gypsies chow from kidnapping normal person from being lost and every one. Will be on board those are just a few comments that the committee and on as far as this duel which is sell it in Australia how easy is it to inserted chip and these self in how difficult is it to remove. Well and I'm told. In the the kid and so I looked video and it's an absolutely essentially yeah and injected it. You know news he has. In the forum. The left or right forearm. Or. In the if it is let me be part of its. It's possible but it contributes to a picture so. What also done and then. It does please double. It's a little bit of the car but not big. Good to do and so one could have worked about as simple and so that you could still weigh in bikinis. If you want it to. Boone and that. I totaled. I advancing into because the video of those going to. There's basic he has used as a medical. Professional flow to pull it out. I I got some more attacks coming as well says in regard to chipping people while I've not chipped my kids internally. They do have a GPS tracking device issues for pets that I modified. To make smaller. And implanted it into the heel of their shoes my kids think I'm a mind reader is not always know. If the reports of where they have been or it the truth this week I got an alert from a tracking out that my seven year old daughter. Was outside of a permitted play area so would that type of equipment may be be more acceptable than. Yes but it's. Spoke about what what it's bitter foe for. That the people who have talked about it aren't safe. I'd say that you technical issues he you do illusions to and so. The wave but it can be done to view this a permanent thing so. A put these two because good enough answer and if you're using it as a prevention against kidnapping and getting. Etc. he could lose issues it was a piece of a hole of the day etc. As you either have to go all the way. Not at all in my view. I don't. It was very difficult. Decision people of the make up but it is boggles my mind it's the first time. I've heard. Serb elected do continue to be graduating sword but look silly as twelve and 25% of the people. Certain that we built. And don't forget that this could start years ago less than 25% of the people. Said the believe movement in them marijuana. Selling it now that a majority of Americans salutes. Very possible that looked. As far as sincere in his tenure as a twenty years from veco and I'd be very acceptable as a part of the safety precautions. And as. The United States becomes more violent and prone to crime people might oh want this. Type of the protection. Not only comeback from his break gonna ask you couple specifics about that senate bill one known nine that would make it a class C felony to requires someone to be implanted. With a microchip dot on the Zell is our guest if you'd like to speak with us. 504260187. In the old tax board's therefore you 870870. Just one text away comes right to the studio will be right back. And at this point 18% of your fellow listeners say they would agree to having a microchip implanted in themselves or their kids 82%. Saying no we've been talk in the Donald Mazzola veteran newsman commentator. Seal all of small business digest mag dot com about this. Donald the bill senate bill one on nine that would make it a felony to require someone to be implanted with name microchip. In the language in that deal all other exceptions such his cause a lot of people that attacked him isn't isn't great the sex offenders. It's great for illegal aliens who keep coming back at the deportation on there any exemptions in just a blanket. Felony. To require someone have this. It was going to be a policeman goodness summary of the bill which could answer the question didn't quit. It's not my idea computed. While we're on the break trying to find out. But essentially as it is in. It is the ones that believe. And it got them. It. Kind of red line in the sand and by area. By the senators and a speed issue and patently. They've been successful because as a lot of people have told you about it well we would certainly we're talking about it could go on now. We'll talk about it and not posted. And it seems that it is the struggle. What a lot of people. You know this is one of those things where it'll. Believe league legality and government law enforcement and admit it is a personal decision I got one Texas. And this is obviously part of that now it's 18% said they would do it as one says I personally have an RFID chip in my wrist. That I used to unlock doors unlock my computer and unlock my guns to me it's a no brainer. And the paranoid folks out there read the privacy agreements you skip over one accessing on line services. In less you completely live off the grid you'll already traceable intractable. So with a person like that you know it's got to be left up to the discretion whether they wanna be chipped and not. Oddly it's here and it's it's it's going to be here for quite awhile now the big question is. On the point that you brought up about the senate bill one on nine is it gonna become a law to where you can't be forced to do it but as an option it's therefore you if you want. These. They it would look at what's important about this told the it is. You know it's like that it could in the capital and once you put that. And so point two it's the capital to its side near outside. And that will make indicated that that will blow practically workers made a lot. Other. People at this point. Everything is voluntary and patent idiot as it is does commit. For that it was in makes life easier what. And I'll like the fact by the way that a lot to go at it. But still one of one of the ways. Boost it to him because. It's hard I don't. What would be appropriate ship. That would suppose would be cut that out all the other illegal. Good setup. And would not. It's money. It's a slippery slope. I like the bill sent seeking it that's probably government itself. But as people look. Getting. The government simply not to be something it is targeted at getting the go into. To reduce them. So. Built in and they opinions that I. And not men in the last week very little chance of success. But locals would make it voluntary people want to do. Product. We went from 23%. Down 18%. Positive. Oh will be the lower. Well I got some bad news for you to. It just went up to 30%. And the ones that say no Lawrence avenue presents though I don't know whether that last text of seen this happen is we get calls and text and information revealed. A CNET reflected in the polls I don't know where it's gonna end up but. We're just about out of time thank you so much for coming on and no one reserved the right to get to back on again you've been certainly a wealth of information. Operation. We'll particularly at a speed and good look pretty 220. Of the incident. Happy moderate growth. I say we love it thank you Donald. I will be back in now I'll wrap up assembly detects and get to a final figure on a pretty opinion polls you wanna cast your vote and tip the scales either way it's WW all the outcome. Senator home page back right after it is. I would been getting a lot of text messages in oh with regard to human micro chipping in now remain to be seen of course if you wanna get involved and politically there will be a bill senate bill 109 introduced that would make it a felony. Any. Agency law enforcement or individual to require someone be. Microchip. Got one Texan says my dog loves his chip I'd like to know how do you know that did you look expressed sincere. Thanks in happiness some formal fashion nominal like to know my dogs have on the that'll save me about I'd coming up next our goal man gonna be my favorite time of the year LSU baseball. Kicks off tonight Chris Blair the play by play announcer will be joining us will be talking all about LA issue baseball. You're a big fan like I am and asking the question how far do you think this LSU team will go this season. The pretty highly ranked in the polls will be back the talk LSU baseball on the Friday think tank on 870 WW well.