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Think Tank 1110am Chris Blair, LSU baseball kicks their season off tonight

Feb 17, 2017|

Do you follow college baseball? It's one of Don's favorite times of year…college baseball. LSU baseball kicks their season off tonight. LSU vs Air Force pregame 6:30pm /first pitch 7pm. This hours guest: Chris Blair - LSU's play-by-play announcer

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And we'll talk in baseball target baseball the more specifically LSU baseball opening night is tonight. Are you excited and I am asking this question pretty opinion poll. How far do you expect this LSU baseball team ago this season Asia choices. SEC west champion SEC conference champion. Regional champion all the way to the national cast your vote at WW dot com. Taking some time to jaundice is the play by play announcer for the L issue sports broadcast network Chris Blair hey Chris hadn't talked team different. God rate to be we appreciate it and little accent beyond. The big blow that lead them get a chance for all been reprint that attitude music you're from all over the country put it. Chambers at Virginia Internet. Now we'll great to have Lehman Chris did you you've now got the chance to do all of oil issue sports hasn't lived up to the expectations when you took the job. I think you know one of the things I was talking about yesterday during practice you know and it can't be at Ole ball. And then the receipt of practice and and knowing these guys what still contend were in over achieving bunch in points extinct is based on. You know the new guys that vary. The load of responsibility is where will you guys. To the program. You know they they over achieved in the coming to these you were expectations every year all week. They. All. But these guys kind of have their own expectations and when you talk to them they'll talk about where they would be one game at a time that they want to go. Although I mean it's Omar are but for these guys. And they take it at the point of personal pride so you know they note the record up there than others expectations from the embrace. But they that the role expectations and blow it between that economic pact. The experience from last year you know that I'm black you're down we were talking about like 89 in the line. If you were talking about losing just one of last year's line up plus. You have the Friday and Saturday starter which maybe that 12 punch in all College Baseball and Alex lying entered politics so. You know things look well there's optimism and there should be and I you know talked a lot of people here known Kurt Coleman April. You know there to take it game by game day by day but I can't say honestly he's excited. About the promise this year. Do like the talks and LSU baseball your suggestions your comments your questions crisply a play by play announces what is the numbers Bible for. 260187. If you like issues that text instead. Please remember to do it responsibly no texting and driving but it comes directly into the studio 870870. And by all means vote on ready opinion poll. How far do you expect this LSU baseball team to gold this season Chris interesting you brought up about the Friday and Saturdays artisan last year. What you kind of got time Lang and potion a some problems on Sunday who do you think it might be to do feel that Sunday pitching role. Well you know food coming into the lead in it was announced that they Inca middle we may be sooner Eric walker going to be a press starter. I lean Errol is an Arlington Texas. Right hander he's gonna have the baseball and that's coming Sunday you know you mention it and tiger fans thought about it all time becoming a nice Friday Saturday combo. Projected development Sunday they go to an area picking that island under a more optimistic based on the stamps at their disposal. Into the enabled build so Pressman walker is certainly going to be honored to be printer. On the and they are very high on his composure. It maturity beyond years and he's certainly had a nice weaponry that the pro it matters so will Leonard do when it started on Sunday game. Well like you I'll watch this team really grow and develop last year from a bunch of young guys into some very experienced and talented players and this year it looking much better because we got just about the whole team back as you mentioned. But we've had a couple of serious injuries how bad the injuries to Greg indictment of course we lose and one of the Jordan twins for the season. Well bright nor did the big lost because you know one of the things he brings to his brother blow out very well partners is dugout leadership in those guys. Are rallying cry just about every minute of the day. You know going to beat law not to mention the fact that he was scheduled to be the DH in the middle line up and and represent some of the power. Not a lot of power but most of the power of the dollar and into the trees until about in the season to to a season ending injury is going to be. It biblical come Greg indictment as an amazing story we've been lapping around here last year Kramer Robertson took a lot here. But a great all of them and and never sat out maybe just plain old Greg indictment that they wanna be coming into this year last Friday Tuesday. Pretty heated fastball around cheek area broke three ball and that was Friday night he had surgery to repair those blown on Sunday. He started it in ninety on Tuesday yet backed into the batting cage on Wednesday and yesterday. Style and that stand out there on the field and more in America Latin batting practice and he's expected to be the starter in right field. As well back in the tigers so that's good news and Greg told everybody yesterday that felt about 85% on Tuesday. But nine year plus ninety plus on Wednesday and yesterday and I'm under percent ready ago. That is good news because they count on him as they did Jordan flow for the long ball. Chris we gonna take a break come back out to more questions got a couple of text questions for an answer to go before we break any update on the awesome has he been re signed for this year. And debut he was not in the starting line up as I saw yesterday that. You know they're still talking about it won't surprise me if we see him I think about the dugout. Maybe it is that we can't but I didn't do you by the dominant beat people. I would talk good play by play announcer for oil issue Chris Blair will be right back after this time. And is tiger baseball resumes out tonight you'll be hearing the voice would make Chris Blair pregame against Air Force's 631 is scheduled for 7 o'clock in. Hope the rain don't drops don't interfere with that. Our Chris I got a question that was text in wanted to not all we can add to this until we get in the season the wants to know how the loss of a hitting coach. Canas arrow is gonna affect the team hitting if at all. Good question. And in you know the thing is in that country it was no surprise in the opening a two state. Came. India beat the good you know got the list and and certainly great opportunity and move on and I brought his own shop when you were the thing got notre. And a mile and and and Mikey you came up. To be the new hitting coach you know one of the things about coach and aired epic tiger they're starting to realize is that when you take a look at the coaches. He's worked with the airports no pain here excuse gone on. I had great careers is that coaches all of the country realize he has a system that I buy into that system and pay very close attention to his. Detail oriented way of doing things it's it's kind of like you just plug. Picking up and wait staff in the that. That he had yours but I noticed very quickly when Mikey came in. To work with the hitters. You know uses a lot of the selling language are you better detail oriented I enjoyed yesterday watching indictment. Taking batting practice Mike it was behind the screen even importers page by page where is placement should be when he should move is needed. Going putting power from on a body to the on the back on the front of the body and it's very reminiscent of any candidate there so. You know obviously at the big law from a standpoint and he brought Natalie from heating side but also in recruiting but I can tell you what that scene from my. Former tiger lost so let's take it. Oh victory in the college World Series on medal nineteen Irina I think the tiger haters are negotiate so. What you eat some awfully good talent or quit I don't think any agreement problem at that point seven. Welcome to call several games last year way hitting was the problem with with knowledge she's team in cameras Errol would go out of the dugout to double team meeting on the sidelines. And all of us on the next in in the game would turn around and hopefully gives can continue that antennas are I think more than just the mechanics of hitting. Was also very inspirational and in getting the team to rally as they did so many times. You know Chris so one of the things that's comment appears to be going against an Aries philosophy of coaching is starting freshman. And you mention that we got almost the entire lineup coming back this year. With a couple of exceptions and have both freshman one is Josh Smith that we haven't at least I haven't had a chance to see him. And Jake slaughter what can you tells about those two guys. Well they have been fun to watch. Since arriving here on campus and dig slaughter on the stamp relief is being played he's probably the stronger. Bright and include an airing coach you'd boats probably showed up on campus as strong it in the compress and you're from a strength standpoint. And anybody bigger audience and he can play multiple positions obviously a shortcut I think you re going to be important cuter. You're an athlete to have in the dark and the ability to move Greg Dyke and again at such a valuable match. Loss is a great job in right field with moving him out to right field you know opened awaited first grade and slaughter history here. Dreary ten quality young man. It was a easily able to convert from middle infield firstly in the six to 200 pounder. And has really been phenomenal watching. In pre season at first base and they expected that would be pretty lively well got nipped an acre and down the other that are great. Five in about a 180 pounds nearby and most brings a product of Catholic. The same thing is. Because this deal will be hurt his entire career chances are that may not be good again make mica. Like that to freshman. It gave him the best chance to win would be on the corners up in field and also tell when you talk about that a the middle part. Of this tiger because I think that's one of the things that makes it. So formidable year because I have a better Kramer Robertson was named but don't spiked one lit earlier in the week. Cole Raymond who will be the leadoff hitter just port things up over the summer. In. Up north. He's gonna anchor and secondly and and you got it won the planets is speaking out for employee. You know what it electors from Brett in right B two at the coveted spots in her field of Bentley the metal. That's about it veteran talent issue yet and talking to Craig Roberts and yet it Cramer told me all great world slaughter and smear pepper and there. On going to be exciting to watch those two young guys. Chris some look at net operating opinion poll is that the fans voting thing 20% thing they'll go as far as the SEC west champion. Zero on the conference. 47%. The majority think they will take the regional championship. And 33%. Say they going all the way in Omaha for the national championship where do you think with in the conference the biggest challenges gonna come this year. Well I think for the gators and when you look around. It apparently does it is anywhere you know with 12 clutch of Alex Lange do coaches that earlier. A problem means Friday Saturday combo. In the country boredom mean people say it could be close and now some of that and do. You know untested. Pitchers on the weak yen but talent certainly going to be replaced to put your stance on the a year ago and reporting gators are going to be good. And you currently filming the South Carolina Gamecocks have been counted them and they're run coach ray tanner. And probably the team that maybe is under the radar of most sure he'd. The Ole miss rebels and former tiger Mike I mean he's got that thing rolling. And he's got a number I'd put it in the area but yet these cities that or the thing like team. Because last year they went to a buyer. They note. Though they have to take it day by day. Game back change. Every week in this but copper plate start but I think when you look at the league at least prior to burst into the season. It got to be LE view and or that think the top two teams just based on who they haven't back in the talent level and there. And you hearing Chris Blair are you hearing on all the hellish few broadcasts including tonight's season opener beginning pregame at 630 to tune in right here on the big 878 WW well. Chris some looked in at the long schedule and although we won't be starting SEC until next month what's interesting games do you see that a non conference games come and a. Well I think you know tonight going to be interesting because they're forces squad that their first winning season since 1998 by. Coat catalog yet thank units this year now starting to get that program in the right direction it yet. Five or six they're returners from a year ago by the way third in the country Medicaid between batting average at 325 so not a ban. It came. And five of those returners have been three year starters so. It's going to be a pretty veteran squad in its own right coming in here. This week yeah but outside of that and you take a look at the nonconference schedule I think it's great story lines it's a really good teams are well. Maryland coming in on the 24 or three game set that we pretty good team. In there'll right and it should be pretty good battle in those three games. And then promote ten point game you go to the minute make classic in Houston and you know things go right relics you again in the top or top five instances and all but 25 College Baseball polls. Pete you've got to come in and as the consensus number one biggest thing play out of the work week or so. You could see that top number one number two number one number three matchup Friday night. Over minute maid park in the you know it could be one of the biggest if not the biggest talent baseball game. In the early season but it also Baylor Texas Tech and the tiger like on. In that front are a little salad classic so that it would and it finally got Wichita State and you know tiger and. Follow Allah and all for a long time. The Wichita State much like LAQ much like tech is much like a couple of the Californian schools you know have a long history in College Baseball and the tigers had it. With Wichita State as well they've been down the last couple years. But there are expected to win as well for the Wii coming in. In the early part of march so I think the non conference schedule and you take a look at it especially the week in series. Should draw pretty good crowd should be exciting week in the ballpark. I'd very good Chris if you stay with a comeback run at the news we'll talk more about LSU baseball it's like to join the conversation. It's Bible for 260187. If you wanna techs Chris a question or comment. 870870. And we invite you to vote on our ready opinion poll question this hour. What's the furthest you expect LSU's baseball team ago 33% a looking at a national championship. 47% of their eyes on regional championship. 20% say SEC west what do you think cast that vote. At WW well dot com will be right back to continue a conversation with Chris Blair and now LSU's sports play by play announcer you'll be hearing him tonight. Game 631 pitch at seven and maybe we need to get a weather forecast to take a look at. And the possibility of some rain. Will be back to do all of that on the Friday think tank on the big day seventy WW well. And we're talking this hour LSU baseball with Chris Blair play by employment ministry asking you this question pretty opinion poll how far do you think this LSU baseball team will goal lot of return is couple really top notch pitchers in the nation Alex Lange. And Jared told JR back with the team a few questions to be answered got a couple of freshmen will be starting at some injuries there. But all things considered where do you think there will end up 31% subtle way and Omar from national championship. 44% said regional. And they SEC conference winners 6% and 19%. Say they will win as far as SEC west. Do you think it is determining factors on whether this team goals all the way and I know coach an area he's as good as anybody about. Not wanting to look ahead and taking them one game at topping game at a time. But certainly it's on the minds of all the fans that you know this team is is is certainly ready to advance to the national. But for the better unit we can't. Like coaches and players but. You know I think I have an optimistic view again based on everything about the date just know in this day and age of College Baseball what you could build. Rosters is very different than say 101520. Years ago a quick buck a year ago in the sense that you're limited by our opinion are limited by Iran. But when you look at colleges and even considering the law to price store which is that are leaders worry huge law. In the middle not to mention his leadership ability. But when you look at the team in totality it's it's really. As deep and as a lineup that you haven't got it all. You know to try to do freshmen and a lot but he does in my first and third. But they've got Chris Reid was a true freshman last year. But a lot of time especially in the packed app that he's the tiger. Ron. And held down third base extremely well and also contributed at the plate as well when you look at. You know that the players that they can pull again it'll wall grinding season. There's deep you can get that's one of the things you optimism at outpour that go the ultimate question answered correctly. I think it's gonna come down to the Sunday and did we sure simply because you're gonna have some guys at the open and it may be available. On the weekend because they're pretty be there's well not to mention one of the best closers in the country and Newman. But if you consult with that Sunday start and no you go into Sunday. So you're toppled on the road Friday night he'd come back in critical went on Saturday you wanna aptly the you can win this series on Sunday if need be. That and one of the things echoed their coach Dunn and tiger and talked about. Lance several seasons as good as being in band. They've lacked a solid. Consistent Sunday starter lectured about the third off to a great start in non conference ran into some trouble in its easy hitters and in the end piece together can you were at a couple at a sub is true freshman. Again not taking it only possibly been endemic to well he certainly. Put through the year out there early at the progress but I think it comes down to a few debts silence starting pitching. Nicole regained Friday Saturday and Sunday the pool in the middle. Guys are pretty good at it you can get the eight or nine. Under Newman as good as anybody close in the though. Wanna talk LSU baseball final 1460187. Mile text your message or you question 870870. For Crist where. Chris I agree with the on a percent on the pitching question. You've gotten a no. Pulmonary pretty well and pitching coach Don. Whether it's going to be Eric wacko whoever that this Sunday guy might be. Do you think that they'll employ that you know that in quotes Jack all staff theory again when they they've. Put in a lot of pitches to try to feel amounts to who's got what are they going to be rotating in the to find somebody who can go. If not five and seven ends on nine in his at least five inning game. I get the sense that you know he addressed the media do appreciate it crept up to that question first. Any kind of put that away as opposed to last year and you really talked about having great and Eric walker in mentioning the name of Taylor he'll work there's a number of guys who can come out of the bullpen but it eight indigo and say in this game. We're gonna do to me means to inning to inning to inning. I really think he's gonna. Put the ball and let them play him again or that they died was impressed with recruitment there last year it was you know when things were were not moving anecdote to a couple games. He had no hesitation in making some pretty major changes. And it kind most of the transplants because I respect them back and a the moved teammate were impressive and relief work for the pain having said that. Going into this year I don't think it's a plant kept on oh I think they have competence Pickens in the I think this weekend. They talked about maybe adding. Alex willing to Oprah about. Ordered by the inning Mac's appeal about 6570 could count. They'll be bigger here OK as well walker thought vote eighty preaches. Or they are looking to make it change. Doumit which will be interesting because again you got a number of middle relievers tribute on the weak yen. Maybe to guys do too in the middle week there's going to be any young Eagles all. And I don't think we'll see a lot I think the only chance that at least early part years Libyan goes made gains at the weak yen. They feel they're walker. Unable to get it done in a pretty big recruit freshmen and a particular they've got to the dead included in the year warming to the deal were. Wednesday at times could Phnom last year probable learned a lot election. In last year's campaign so just don't see it being quite like which in the last couple years but when it comes the sun. About it. I Christa movie got a few more minutes of talks and LSU baseball and if you'd like to do that with a survival for 2601878. Our text 87087. Jewel also check on our final. Votes that I cast and on bumper ready opinion poll how far do you expect LSU baseball lingo this season will be right back after. Analytic tonight will be hearing the an issue and called tick off the first pitch of relish use the baseball season long season ahead Chris Blair the play by play announces whether as we've been talked in LSU baseball. You know Chris if you stay around long enough to get the seat things repeat themselves history count repeats and I can recall in coach from an area you win against coach Ron may streak his former coach back in his playing days and university of new wall and isn't. That had both those guys on the ball and efficient trip and they were competitive and joking with the each other and still undecided who won because. And Eric got the biggest red fish but may street caught more speckled Trout so they dogged over whether with a one audio quality. Matt arguments still goes on but I see that being re live now. Because he's got formatting coach Andy Canas arrow going to be facing him on the field when they play Mississippi State. And also another former player Blake dean who played for him is now a head coach and you know. You'll be going against him and god I can't tell you how many seasons assault will Davis on the sidelines is coaching. He's got my head coaching job now Lamar and he'll be going against all three of those former guys. The you know it says when you take a look at that the last couple years. In the former tiger and former assistance without an area that have now moved down and running their own programs. Being you know I met coach about it number of apple like in the game. You know he'd like the opportunity. Did in in some ways you know you'd help out a code like for example not but he opened Blake out there. Well we'll markets could do for the two programs to play each other I think it's great Perella to take on as many teams in that state we can. All. As possible. But go to you know it's still difficult for what is you know they expect a lot of time we put a lot of work together. And then the look across the diamond in those kind of beat the other and you know is difficult to do but I U coach shipment credit that he continues. To have those match at night at the choice without get a zero at peace agreement and yet the city. But I don't beat me in Korea very similar when they get together or regain. Oh start. I don't know a dozen other coach football baseball any sport that is more proud of his profession and tries to help. People advance in that same profession is does pulmonary he's great at that. Chris so weather report what's it looking like in Baton Rouge and who will be hearing will be sitting next you do on the color commentator in tonight. Well with the weather right now it's awfully gray overcast for the most ardent everybody's monitoring. The radar. Outlook for the rest day in. That can't range starts ago as we get later in the evening now you know army and airport eating together to kick off this week in if you will. To use that rate over the boxes routine to get together. Back and a just few moments just separate twelve noon. Built in and hopefully that we will you know without it later evening. Tampering or move from 607080%. My mother nature of labor and in the win in the river ran an Oakland in his mind a little poll while. Upper burst picked at 7 o'clock we will get this underway accounts and former pitcher. One Leo World Series with the tiger at a big strike out. It at all that the claim of having his picture. You know just on a mark here seem to agree though integrate and late for a obviously skipper and but for the year curriculum in the blue your whole rally box games and then now will bill for all pimps were racing guy and walking encyclopedia. And as small as voice on the air I think in due. Absolutely it was going to be on the road so we're keeping that the band together here in point seven page. While Chris file I got a text just came in they wanna know if they gonna see use this year at the spring luncheon in Baton Rouge on March 20. Yes I got an invite. Yes two weeks ago the whole basketball games. And and I'll absolutely be there to greater man always great band. Or the things Butler is moving to Louisiana you'll have a celebration produced about it. And any time they can get LSU sports and a good time and good food and good fellowship they're gonna do so yeah outlook report ambient. Now when missive hello Chris thanks for spending the time was we appreciated have a great call tonight and look forward to talking with the throughout the season. On adult league manager of the pleasures beyond with the ear and note board thought it. All right bill tigers sank eucharist. I will be right back in that check on a pretty opinion poll how far do you think is LSU team can go this year will find out which of fellow listeners say grand after this. And I want to thank Chris Blair for talking with a strong now but they'll issue baseball exciting season hedge you can hear that that pregame show at 6:31 pitch at 7 o'clock tonight. Get a text and asking this question will most of the LSU baseball games be televised this year. Eyes kind of an iffy question nom a lot of the SEC games will be televised they Connery ESPN kind of reserves the right to. Pick what games they think oh the hot games of the week two before they put in a prominent schedule. But I can't tell you this off almost all the L a few games are televised at least on the SEC. Plus network which is basically an Internet channel. And it's a little complicated and I'm not the best got to explain it but I bought a device called a roku RO JEU. And you took that to you television you still have to have either a cable or satellite feed. In conjunction with that you can figure out how to get it but it will every game will be heard. On WWL with Chris Blair and Doug Thompson giving you all the play by play in the post game a bill frank as. Great broadcast team great venue we've never been to Alex box for an LSU baseball game. One of the best venues in College Baseball prom issue. I make all the games like I'd come back after the top of the our news we're gonna talk about etiquette and manners. Is that process they are. Big change. Now days we'll talk more about it and activists.