WWL>Topics>>2-17 6pm Deuce & Kristian: talking college baseball

2-17 6pm Deuce & Kristian: talking college baseball

Feb 18, 2017|

Deuce & Kristian get an update on the LSU baseball rain delay from WWL LSU insider Jeff Palermo and preview the college baseball season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually Duke's Christian. Friday night Ellis shoot air force the bad news stories. For it. Walls the with a chip MO we rated network sports record. Was like that. Yeah. I would put Jeff on a hole here sound like we're haven't some some issues there in. Then the rain deuce. Doesn't look College Baseball get on the way in. I so we lost deuce and Jeff all the same time. But yet didn't look like Ellis is doing you know way it's the same time at 7 o'clock with our air force and we'll keep you posted. The best we can't hear. Full lines are open at 504. 260187. The techniques of Neitzel and Geoff Arnold was gone that route right now. Common and it's not an errant band while that explaining. The bill and I'm more right now or holding. Hopefully it would not gotten a record crowd quicker circuit well a lot beat it by. At that maybe we you know great weather here there January February Indian. Egypt sport. Depends on good whether media or. Well you know wanted to glory night that we that your call you doubt that would be. Well right now we're holding pattern or the big play very well here I. Cannot pick one pick can't complicate all that the fact that. Our airport that they point one on an army coming back out there backward boiler room oh. Your running game quite double header tomorrow they equate the outlet I happily the that they can't get that one and right now but it can waited outgrow it he maybe this green area pastor what date that. So is there talk on feel right now. All yet carpet on the little hand guy legacy. Hit the ball at that point and our market at the radar. It doesn't look like it cannot let up anytime. There. Eyes so we're pilot pen delay here right. That's what we're looking. It will count. An official word just yet permit if you want I would add to that gonna become yours just because. You know where were an Olympic closer to. Could start there aren't a lot. Applegate got yours but I gotta make some sort of determination. And so we'll we'll find out how. The only thing that we hear here soon is that back then it. Weren't right but that it pretty obvious that the. Just just talk about the expectations surrounds LSU baseball team you know they lost Greg indictment. When an injury he's going to be expected that lineup but also Bryce Jordan overall this kind of an Omar Bashir throw. I think it is I certainly think it is there's no doubt about. Pitchers like your approach change now lane. The real good on your own Judy the first guys. You're born in reaper a year under about a guy that. What you're seeded hate black people with closers you an hour and a little bit. Who looked pretty good you return of the year position players. Are you get the yard citing Rusch but it Antarctic waters that they can be pretty good. You know he looks bright or in that hurt the world no doubt about that but. They date I think that he. They had more. It'll Morton this would not appeal the night the art talent while ago though watney was the other work. It. I think that the team that certainly seek a little off beat question did the biggest thing I think that he'd get. Expecting net they're gonna get all the work and get there and they're like that came back. They get there pure pro day on labor Robert there. A lot of those guys that you don't want to come back when that we got here at LL. A lot of that Germany and it seemed we get it done. Jeff Palermo Louisiana and television network and news and sports record Jeff won't he say is the mean the Achilles heel earlier on this team that question mark that you don't quite. Well. I don't think it may never go to. Why I think that you get beat by a cure etiquette out playing a game plan or your post and the guy that. You know what about that much I think you know again from way it OK you might get a batter and from Allan like he did a year ago. Mean it ER hill up in the green that they can peak at. At least coltart it created these it'd be Richard well you don't know there are guys that are packet about. Right off the gate you start. Eating well and went to plant this early in our lap word yet. Although there and talk about what they needed it the ball well in the in in the in the summer ball well on the ball well pretty eager fanatic that scripture. We are going to be able to adapt quickly. Get opted decent start you know Kramer Robert and getting beat on and collected one. Or Weaver and were up eight guys that it. Repeating some things that they've been able to you know I'm. Looks like right now. The drop it in the right at that very well. And what maybe Achilles heel you know the power. Grip on the pay. Any can't that there were the guys that really. Reached. Good more baseline it was regret about the age span now what in the medical equipment that he's able we can keep it either. Team up aptly that will be a good base running team model will feel at any rate is that they did. Last minute or Michael prepared I think I'd like you know you're gonna get. You're here you can do very well at the plate I'm but it can hit it where pulmonary feel comfortable people in the lineup. He's struggled with that. Early on and he's definitely. Did that being a switch hitter and just decided it from the right side of the plate. Became much more can do that will keep that carried over your appointment. Do Sydney for Jeff. Are you can actually army because I wanted to though what what what what equal political mark Tuesday at double B you know what what would be the weakest spot. That that they need to see improvement from as they start to these new seasons saw me kind of uniform. The that that are going to be. They may feel like they have. I think entered at number well I ate it all out there it ultimately. The old when all those little things that have become the net take the Donald Sloan channel. Old. A game work at it. Not like football where ya at all it's still equal. At the silly kid he. Can slowly development that that sported a little. I would stand out to elect a bit skewed and a lot of the order I'm not the immediate upgrade but there but Jordan Romero probably. As we can. The the ankle a little while front row and it shall we think is there are Carolina. Aren't sort. On that kind of the way. That so you bet that the key to put it. So who's the L leading candidates are. To replace Bryce Jordan and a spot. I figured or with Greg I hear that secret. The board that part but there are super power hitter. Outrun it even before. He really car there at all on board. And Kramer then open. It beat state and number Corey the guys who were in a while so. You do color number. Where were you me we gave Greg Randall protection. At the proper spot on it believe Jordan is back at that spot right out. I want. Want to do that there and a why little. Ease a comfortable tinker with it all day here but eat out on top or get. Yeah Aso last year quite a bit they would use only if alignment changes based on who's playing well who wasn't in. All areas. Nothing else in terms of whether they unit tonight. Now we get an official statement from Alan you that they're monetary hit that you aren't a lot. It will get some sort of state and here. Yeah so I'm not sure exactly how long enough. Sit here and like this thing on there again and they want waited weekend now. That night. We might have a doubleheader there are players on that. Eyes the first pitch right now scheduled for seven vehemently Ellis unit for rookie of the day Jeff Lebow great job as always. I. I'd certainly sports talk continues here on W ointment that. I so tis the season but basically LSU an air force in a rain delay. He'll not start at 630 on yeah pre game coverage too since the way baseball's me and can't plan knowing. Gently in the rain Camilo he can play in rain the problem is the light and I mean when you have threat of lightning in game you know that's great for anybody. In this stadium and you know epidemic right caller. Yeah I mean we look at. The way they easily they can't it's different football this play lightning can't they can't. He could vault us safety in this all kinds of regulations and rules but then it is frustrating because when you look at the way L issues Wilson. Yeah transpired tonight it's great weekend of military appreciation for what they see things you've delayed that and it's frustrating. Well it definitely pressure Internet effectively because you know you want on your arms you know military debate debate it and sacrifices they make every day you know I don't or. Our sales but the weight significantly in the mean hopefully they can still give them full appreciation that they deserve. So LSU baseball coach Paul and Eric hoots and airports how much do you think this had had a play into you know honoring the military. Did Cadillac I mean I think you know just playing planted to an opponent who you play again you know. Just your past history format just have an opportunity to do something that's right they're doing it does does do it for the right reasons always bit me. Deuce McAllister Christie Garrett came out here on sports talk leader ready for LSU and air force the opening College Baseball season. Ready eco at Tulane and arming give them away about a thirty here. And church's stadium in uptown new worlds but. We should update on that team as a progresses well right now we're in the rain delay LSU in air force in. You know for the most part. When your knees nonconference games deuce but he played these as a football player alternately the players approach what is it. Laws and that's what you have to have a sharp hopeful consuming because you know you're not really necessarily a 100% Albanian. All of them because it is it's important but it's not like a conference game and so penal to do to be better to be a troll. Particularly though the guys we have to make sure the young guy understated and it looked. You know this is work all starts is what we feel confident since we we can't take this team lightly I mean because just because. The name doesn't say okay conference opponent. We still have to go out perform and so. When you play a team that she's supposed to beat your focus has to be there at you have to be sharp and make sure that they're more knowledge squad as sharp as well. What are your biggest questions. Revolve around at Ellis should baseball turn. Because you know. And third starter in the Indian able to come public it's consistently. You know they've got to get open and they've been. Been banged up a little bit more yet probably will mean you're always gonna have the aches and pains and opal to book. In order today if you don't have a third starter. Did he slip up and you know evil Beecher Kos Mary. Alex lying. Friday. Well certainly you're in trouble because at this point you'd think about sweeps and you'll you'll suites and so. It's never good to split into any series as far as to what is concern it's still come. But you know you want abuse say look we've we've we've got to sweet. That to me. If mean across the board though there's not to me College Baseball at its say that you try out guys like out slang or or air pollution. I'm not at all you know the other team that probably has that type of pitching. That's proven is the floor you know use. You know well. That. As well I mean. When you when you look at it that there and you talk about proven pitchers. Both those guys are gonna are probably not the traditional Sunday uses his quarter and pulled. Both girls got completely weeks. I had CBS news update back with here more sports thought LSU and air force in rain delay. You see Christian here on W Milloy and Matsuzaka. Or act Kristian garic war. At Steve McAllister 26 LSU baseball on a rain delay sent to openly is air force. Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia caught up and Ellis mutual coach pulmonary. Earlier in the week Nicholas. Baseball season is here. Act listen to a lab a torn if I was in now the LSU Tigers open up the 2017. Season the second ranked Tigers. North military we came in attaining air force and army tomorrow night is 630 at times 7 PM first pitch an issue taking on. Air force coach pulmonary joins us now. Coach and an area I would imagine that you know what when we say air force it means something maybe across the board universal. I look different to many people but to pulmonary air force certainly has special place to be. Well it doesn't special place in my heart because it worked there for six years that. I think most Americans are very proud of being there in Plano that we are wonderful lights in the country and we're at pebble polite. There's leave it to injury street is there a lot of countries don't read or had their streak in the because the Braves. Men and women at certain are armed forces and that includes the united states air force. In the kid that that played baseball for its game. There will be playing night or excuse me tomorrow night and then the next it will quite be fine US military academy. What's steak dinners. Playing in college and they graduate they get commissioned into their service there for it to the service. And they go on put themselves in harm's way it's hard bit so we have to respect our opponents sweetener in a special way because what they do. Now coaching area boy it's it like give it snake bit a little bit Yemeni was starting the season so. Against you take that approach does get that out the way and as his play a game in and hopefully we'll have some lucky breaks where. We don't have any negative news coming always bars injuries or whatever might come tomorrow. You know about these great football you know for coaches it's always a very gear delicate balance between. What do we have to do to two. Two. You know it's the team ready right you know he'd do the do we tackle lies and scrimmage used to the you know let them hit the quarterback and he got it is dust. Big picture king ready that the balance between guys getting hurt as well. And I just decided after after the last injury then they were censored but but let's back off a little bit and you were ready to play in this is so we don't regret at all this week without states like it's just. I wouldn't call it snake bit I think it's part of the game right there are other teams and an injury that read where that sort state. Starting third base they're broke its government Downey weeks so it's nothing unique to us it's all part of the game we just had to deal with that. Overcome it no excuses spirited play. Now I'm cordial and very look at that obviously fans always intrigued with maybe players and familiar way it. And obviously. Top freshman come in and and you set to start a couple of first year players and the players and but when I was kind of treatment and you look against the ability or potential. Of a guy like. Bottom line I gotta get his bat in the line ever find a place more. I purchased my coaching Fossett yogurt. If he's one of our ninth best player but he's back there at another petition another finds a way to get into the line up and get them sit on the bench and wait its turn. And first states quite frankly is the easiest position to run on the field. This year he he's got infielders still be shortstop third baseman by site design by its net by his development. He should be able to go over there played first base. And and be able to do it very easily. But he do first base to catch their their corner in the dirt want to go out there and have to make sure against the diamond so America diner so. In my opinion Dick will be an outstanding first baseman. Exterior move to a more traditional and skill position that for right now I want to get Jake in the line of I think he's too good hitters think he rented basis he could actually. We're better off with them in the lineup and sit on the there. Now could you would Gerry Boyle what more can you say you know I think you comment or him before Greg died in being the warrior that he is. Look less than a week have the had surgery to repair three fractures in his right cheek it innings ready to roll you know some fans of accidents that while Max go to an area. They kind of take the approach wall why play him against a air force considering the upcoming game easy before you started SEC play. When Maryland and and Houston classic. Is it just because he's ready to roll horrible decision to play a sore early throws especially since the injury was recent. Well there's no reason not to the doctors in the 100% clearance. And beat these games are just as important as another game are. And most importantly. You know Greg wants to play and he's he's not a percent healthy really he stepped it nailed that you mentioned. And he'd broken bones in the states and three places. But it's been non functional bone meaning there's no weight bearing in have to move there on in order to do athletic skills. It really all it has actually your appear. And he could've elected not even to have surgery on it wouldn't hurt to help one bit if you sort at a local dent in the side at this stage. And I don't blame for what they have that bodes straightened out so that he can return to be in a good look into it like year. But as far as. Potential to be hurt or hurt they're hurt him any further there's no such thing we're gonna put the protection on this stage. He's been practicing for two days he looks great there's no reason not to client. Coach pulmonary as well as the Tigers open the season tomorrow night at 7 PM a 630 air time against air force. Coach through the oh scrimmage is didn't seem that this simulating what games are like whoa what have you learned and what would you say is a strength of this team returning coach. Oh how like this thing that we are pretty balanced club to be honest it's your I don't know we got the best hitting team in the country of all we got best pitching team in the country. So appropriate that he sent the team in the country but I think it's pretty good balance. Across the board. I don't know where we rank in comparison to our peers out here but she. It you know I think we can we can swing the bats pretty well I think we can play pretty good defense I think their pitching or starting pitching and our bench is pretty strong so. It would goes before and its freshman actually mean veterans along with young players for freshman as we talked about. And I I think you're you're anxious to play that know what it takes to win and ready to Dexter. Now accords we are obviously you have Dolan to put you talk about the starting pitching and it's always intrigue and against yet depleting gains to see who you have confidence in. That rotation mid week in and Sunday. Is that kind of the wait and see approach and and and see who produces. As the season progresses as far as who you gonna win and who are you going with I think you called the season. Well of course everyone in peace starters Lang and tocchet has been established for two years so they'll be they'll start out there are gonna go to freshman. In game three year walker error Garrett is a very always. Cool customer and he threw a street pitches for strikes and mixes mop he. He's he's a really outstanding high school quarterback. Under the field general so this week. And I have all the confidence the world they don't go out there and you know to pitch well force. But we have other guys and you know it's appear for some reason can't handle it than the other guys for people to their opportunity that I have like option to Dirk walker would do really good job. Or LSU coach promenade a second ranked Tigers opened their season tomorrow night against air force you can hear all the action here on Debbie Debbie you know he's coached pulmonary coach McNair. Thank you so much of the time good luck. Okay it appeared to your days goes. I was jealous of baseball coach Paul and Mary with the Beaubien Bobby Hebert here on. W.'s ago early in the week if celts are crushing Derek here. On sports talk LSU and air force in a rain delay where you that action as soon as it resumes here on. W ago. I LSU in air force in a rain delay producing Cristian keep him company. Pullen drove an F 5042601. A seventy. Seduce. You look at College Baseball and it really is of his game and the SEC like there's. As a real favorite even though 11 team might. You know ranked higher than the other and might be one team that has more talent but in the SE so close. I mean I cannot pick a lot of it comes down and you know the pitching. Whether you have patterns block of the you look you look at how premium has been able to have adapted for Watters. He didn't know how they would have been out and be baseball lives. They've been able to pick up you know really where they have football in College Park I patted football but you know they can't sell off thirteen and that. I mean baseball wise they've they've been pretty good pain and so. On yet to be proud as a conference to know that you're in and year out you wore the league conference I mean you talk about when it comes time to hole. You probably you have about Bob's extremes that wore holes. It's easy read something the regionals as far as baseball or concern that. We look at College Baseball coach is where it what do you think. Of one unbiased opinion some but it go to LSU. We look at pulmonary how do you rank him where where where where is he stacked up on among the league's best. I'm. From Raikkonen baseball championships in year old that's what among tribunal rank and awful baseball championships and you know you probably want a cup which it actually you know on her that that's World Series arms and appearances are okay. But you can eat you gotta be agreeing in part would not think that would culture to be in due course when there will be able to do it you know there was flirtation last year. You know and eat eat he was seriously look at anybody all. Published talent particularly not only needed no one arms compact but in the field you know as far as everyday players involved and that's really what it is one of the deciding factors obviously the ball been eight. Always hill but I mean. But I would say it's good to be great it's going to be championships. Yeah he flirted with Texas last year maybe going over there but ultimately sentenced snails you look at. If there's a program that can keep up and Texas or the other it's LSU like always you wanted to leave anywhere else that's my question. Well I think it was just the disenchantment you know that they can. But natives have you gotten a little wary you know it's about championships Ellis spent and those you you know like considerable Peters to the college closers are split. They expect you to be able to compete a year year in and year out for Natalie it's easy championships would really. National championships and it'll when you don't have bills been. It makes things a little tougher and in. You look at the opportunity to see yeah I mean. Pick is as probably will resource is that you know. Wouldn't you see that they greatly bill beer legendary coach legendary coach I think it was like 44 years or something they. Yeah audience means. And I mean that there that bet that that makes it pretty good do I want to beat it makes gaga takes over for army and so. It's always good pitching dynamic and you know baseball is different and wanna say it's different. It's because you have to look at Scott's mom she kept saying look you know how it is gonna fit my program. You know I've been able to use the top program. Is somewhat of my advantage and how it's going to affect the players and actually Gideon and Al. As far as the state is concerned you know Georgia. Is still in with some of the same issues with their whole program you know and it's. Being able to get players into the university that are not necessarily all scholarships. Through the baseball funding but their instate players and you know they receive X amount of funding they have the grapes and little did they they receive. Money and so they can go out and it and lately slaughter I mean it's huge advantage as well when you have a statement that can participate in something like that. LSU and airforce and rain delay wooten will brilliantly is that we find it here on sports thought doozy Christian on. WL and a from daka. I do see Christian now within. Post your baseball the only delay we'll have chip player vote Jewelers at about ten minutes here. That look like they've played at night and this weather's not while operating with Ellis of baseball do sin. I guess we'll have to wait. You know we're just waiting here you know exactly looked fort Harrison thinking in the union obviously players' safety. Has to be you know war being that they keep that yields wells Indian. It was a don't want it remarkable and you know a notable Wales Sunday Tuesday they'll they'll shorten it down and they probably won't even short this game down. Two mark they have to go to the owner nervous definitely unfortunate but you know very. Politics take over. Then 77. Inning games based on it could be on Sunday may mean that Saturday and on Sunday when they play it go at it. You know this is a damper on the weekend that. 020. Pay tribute to the military in. I don't know if you saw this but. Now most people had our meal tickets basically that. The game tomorrow was in the army. The got a Marines on the face the tickets then there's a big difference news. Big difference between. And you know you know. You can dance around but he'd if anybody knows they've third. You know the difference and I you know I think taxes for. So moved by the ticket individual that did then decide not knowing the opponent. And not knowing the difference between the Gaza for the military in and I Serbs to. Yeah the Marines are greats of the navy. And soldiers don't like to be called Marines Marines elliptical soldiers. Nothing different there's nothing like so you know. How dare you punts for one of those deals where it's like don't be don't be called the running back for the year when your linebacker saint differences. They'll call me fullback just kind of a tearful ball out of four come from homer to back. Yeah exactly so. You'll see that the policies tickets and deuce we get an hour ago we try to catch up with the some of our. Interviews earlier in the week with a two mall Williams from BYU. You know we certainly sniper early earlier in Leigh Steinberg talked about to ball. We have from BYU running back how how how much of a market on the in. Polish Saints for a running back. Army I think you always can count on whether to draft a player or draft completed just kind of make is marketers offense. Right now that you got to run on you know two guys that are are on the restricted as being hightower can get it you know what they do look at those individuals and acknowledging on the poetry really collapsed so Murphy and Mark Ingram those guys are on the contract so. You know where they go visit bringing back a veteran guy alleged goal and you know with the younger guys via the draft you know wouldn't undrafted indoor draft. Drafting people counting will travel agency. LSU football coach and those Ron had his Jersey retired self whose high school here are our conversation with the LV and coach though next hour also your phone calls at 504. 2601 A semi tech states have been 887 LSU and air force any rain delay will bring you that as soon as it happens here if it happens. On 8:7 AM by point three FM on WON dot com.