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2/20/17 Scoot 1pm- Media as the enemy?

Feb 21, 2017|

President Trump calls the news media the "enemy of the people." Right or wrong?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the what a great week otherwise eyes springtime during money grow operating. Carnival season in New Orleans. We get to the NBA all star championship game that it Willard that was it was a lot of fun downtown. However I'm not sure everybody got out of traffic and I woke up its 4:40. Sunday morning so this is an extension of Saturday night. And cars were still backed up on cry on the lat going toward a canal street I mean backed up I mean given the were. To Liza Gabi just back to back bumper to bumper. Pointers as crowded all the streets that feed across a point receptor canal street it was just crowded downtown. I hope you I hope you brought patients I actually got caught in it. For part of the weekend and it was fine but you just have to relax. And you just have to excuse. The stupidity of the and considered us of these drivers did. Cut through which we are gonna sort. It was a great weekend Alicia got shot over the weekend and there were some shootings at near some parades. How over the weekend we'll be talking about that can't blame NO PD for that in a PD which really. All over the place and it's not their fault that this. Happen despite will get into that a little bit later. I'm also and let's talk about the Mardi Gras parades and it was really just a thought it was a fun time I saw a couple the parades. And this weekend was also the at the weekend that the city of New Orleans had its new plan to fight crime in effect for the parades and for the NBA all star game for big gun. They gazed at their weekend they've got these new plans in effect and it's it's blocking all cross traffic cut across urban street during the high profile areas of pervert and I thought it was great I mean did you go out did you feel safe I I felt very safe. And as I've I've said many times. You know when you when you went downtown or do you spent a lot of time downtown. You have to lieutenant under experiences. But you sometimes get a sense of the crowd. Every crowd has its own attitude. It doesn't mean that everybody in the crowd represents that at a two bit epic epic crowd has its attitude. And I can tell you this was just another one of those weekends when the attitude of the crowd was great and you just got a sense that most of the people where they are too. To have a good time Friday night on CNN was a special it was a special addition of smerconish we post Michael Smerconish. And it was a special title fixing to divide. And it was about the great divide in America and whether or not he can even be fixed. So we'll talk about fixing it vital bit later and former us senator and former governor of Indiana Evan Bayh. Who is a Democrat. He said we need a radical center. How often have we talked about them on the show. We need a radical center. Would you be more part of the radical center. Or would you be more part of the rights. Or the left that's coming up of a later a first up president truck calls the news media the enemy of the people. The fake news media. Failing New York Times CNN. NBC and anymore. Is not my enemy. It is the enemy of the American people sick. That was a tweet the president trump sent out Friday as the president continues to ramp up this war against the media. Shortly after sending out that original tweet president trump. Edited the tweet dropping the word sick and adding ABC and CBS to the list of the failing media. Is the news media really the enemy of the American people. The perspective Donald Trump the answers yes. But if you go beyond trump if you go beyond trumps inner circle and if he'll be on trust most loyal followers. The news media. From my perspective is more the savior in the enemy of the American people. But just judging whether or not the news media is the enemy or a friend of the people. Is subject to our personal biases. The news media has its faults we talk about them off. There's no doubt that certain stories get more attention and certain angles or reply to make stories more sensational. And more reflective of the divide in America. Stories demonstrating unity. Over divide. To attract as much attention as those that ignited this national narrative of the great divide. With that dare to do is real or rhetoric. Is the conversations. That ignites angles that ignited defied not the unity they get the most attention. Advertising is. Often using a technique. About repetition. Repeating a phrase over and over and over again. And he works. Even if the phrase is not 100% accurate. And this seems to be a Tennessee. Of on the top administration right now to repeat certain things are I'm not saying that others don't. Repeat the same thing to me Democrats do this as well but we're talking about Donald Trump right now. There's a Tennessee by many to accept as fact. Something that is repeat over over even if what is being repeated is not factional. And I guess it's just easier to accept something that it is to find out whether or not. Is accurate. But this appears to be one of the tactics in Trump's war. On the media. The news media deserves a lot of criticism. But to state that the news media is the enemy of the American people is designed to create unfair distrust. From an institution that has a right and a responsibility to question authority. Even the authority of the president of the United States. Opt to this point I would say president trop is winning the early war on the media. Now only time's gonna tell whether or not the media or the president is right or wrong history's littered with presidents that have rejected criticism from the media. Only to be shown that the criticism was justified. It's interesting to consider that so much of the information including the rhetoric of president trump. President from. Resist the American people. This idea that the news media is. Their enemy and it's interesting that. He gets his information from the very thing that he is so critical of Donald Trump is a lot of information from. The media in particular. That the TV the TV news. At a campaign rally in fort over the weekend president truck reference to terrorist attack in Sweden the night before. When it was quickly determined that there was no terrorist attack to sweeten the night before. It was that reveal the truck was referring to a report he had seen on the Fox News Channel. Fox News host Chris Wallace. Challenged White House chief of staff writes preakness yesterday. About the president's declaration that the news media is the enemy of the people. Previously the point that less attention is paid to positive news about trump. In his early days in the White House and the negative stories. Like the truck campaign. Officials talking to Russian officials during the campaign. Chris Wallace told White House chief of staff previous you don't get to Telus. What to do any more than Barack Obama ticket. Barack Obama whined about Fox News all the time but I gotta say he never said that we were the enemy of the people. We have a president in a White House. That is attempting to control. The news media. Ironically. It has been the idea of a liberal media controlling the minds of Americans and Americans in this country. It's been the focal point of much fear on the right. When the president declares the news media is the enemy of the American people. The news media needs to fight back. And prove its role in politics. Is a beneficial role and vital to our freedom and America. If you wanna join us for the comet this afternoon here's a number 2601. A separate area code 504260170. Text numbers a 7870. If you think the the media is the enemy of the people then. Tell me why now. And if it's not tell me why and how. And do you see what you'll love trooper not do you see the danger. In trying to discredit the news media. In many cases with outs factual support to back up the criticism. I'm scoot through the afternoon we're coming right back for your comments on WL. That's a song called enemies by a shined down it's it's what we're talking about Donald Trump says C a news media is the enemy of the American people that's a party general opinion poll. Right now 57%. Say yes they agree with him and 42% say he's wrong. But he is not the enemy of the people give your opinion by going to our web site have a relative comfort of your calls a rice previous away as chief of staff. Was was on fox who is Chris Wallace yesterday here's part of what he had to say about two fake news and enemy of the country. All day long and every kind around every seven minutes are talking about Russian spies talking about the intelligence community talking about how mean Steve Bannon don't like each other and what's Kelly and doing all this just total. Garbage un source stuff. Why do have a question about where's Kellyanne Conway she had a rough week in and you haven't seen her. And all I mean I may be she's been on here and there but she hasn't finished a dominant so I mean I guess or just a little bit of a pullback call on her. But this is a legitimate discussion. Is the news media the enemy of the American people from the North Shore Don welcome to the show. Into the call. And get him in Newton. Mean here is absolutely an expert in national news is absolutely. The NB or people. And your law. Mean I mean Clinton seeing an NB CNBC. And Fox News. Because. That news. Is reporting war Carter if you go to the national program now worker. They. Wolf Blitzer. And that. They're in it and I think there exit leading questions to our. They give your opinion about what happened not know what. They're doing. It. The American people that at all. It what actually occur in their opinion opinion. Oh. Start at the dawn and little did they went. Mistakes and I think it falls on the American people is that they now perceive the cable news channels as the news and that's not the news as you point out so appropriately. It's opinion data driven. Entertainment program. And in this is and that's what I know it's right Tweeter and it provides insight good news is no longer in the news business. Good news the national news is now in the inner hang it. Yes I say it's it's it's sort of a long time ago it's been a slow process but it really cramped up with. The cable news channels are coming on and with the 24 hour news cycles dissed the desire beat because if you think about it. You know in the news was on when when I was young you made an appointment to watch the news in the evening at a certain time it was on at a certain time and that was pretty much it. Now the the cable news channels are competing with all of the other entertainment channels on cable to get your attention they want you to watch over a movie they what you watch over comedy show. They what you watch over everything else they want to watch down so there. Obviously try to present in an entertaining manner. Go to market they want and or one like big news now. That. People. Look at noon and research girl and thing any and all of them and becoming an art allotment. Well the guys on South Park Eritrea Trey Parker and MS stone they decided they were not gonna senator rice shrimp anymore because they said they cannot even write comedy is good but he did your wife to launch. About 20 we took off others it tells what he got as far as for launch. Often temerity Stephen here on WW Dog Day Afternoon. Hey how are you should be publisher a small town news. And I can remember and are at the rate street tree or away at a provident is as bad. An inside caught three tarps. They repeat big time. And finally options are targeting tech column I wrote it small article it and buried it. Just because I've felt it needed Dele and the people that read recently though you know we have people atop the well he can delegate lead he's out on our. He stopped replies it was but he. And you know but it was ships. This 24 hours day seven days a week and allotment option to say Indians over and over and over. Inaugural year you are station from. 7 o'clock in the war he took probably 5 o'clock in the yesterday. And I hear display news over and oh or out of the blue outfits march. And I still get the site please be patient suicide people. But I mean it's it's absolutely ridiculous and a lot of it is true that we just here over. Not a lot of it has to do it I mean we're meant we're we're blessed to have listeners like you to listen for such an extended period of time but. And the truth is people always tuning in at different times and it's this is an effort not to be repetitive but it's an effort to. Update people on what is what has been happening if they missed it. Our parent. Okay can I add something new refreshing break. This to rent a bike for the city. The run like to. Read by companies to the insurance. Insurance. Because I bought new cars are two year old him and the only scratches. And they audit. Aim for bicycle ride down the street. Battery update and there's no way you know I get in the door via. Use up the dog before it actually see Billy Waugh. And it wasn't necessarily the run public know my outlook yet but I mean you know. And all. That you know these vice. So our thing is is it just like it like a motors if somebody. It puts damage to your car because of whatever they are on or in they should be held accountable and and how do you. How do you get ahold of the driver I mean the rider of the bike if there's no like places like for example. Well let's hope this company won't license plates say it's my number twelve so you could say at 3 o'clock deceptively like it. I'd like number twelve and of course I have great credit card of the person or something yeah. Well I think this you are bigger they're short. Steve and I appreciate I appreciate the call and near the information that you gave us at the beginning of our conversation about. Arrigo assault newspaper and humorous story about the guys signed a businessman's son. Who was a peeping Tom. I you lost business as a result of that. You know this is some of the stuff that the media has to put up where there are a lot of pressures to not be honest there are a lot of pressures to. Two would not say what needs to be sent especially on though the level of awful local small newspaper so we know if you're the publisher that the editor. What do you do did you tell the truth about this peeping Tom or do you ignore it because it's the son of somebody who does business with you. It's a dilemma. If your hole stay with us we've got CBS news coming out and following that are WWL news update and we're coming right back with more of your comments. Also got to some comments from the president trump over the weekend. And Lindsey Graham and John McCain Rand Paul are all making comments about. The president and many of these comments are about. How the president is talking about the media and he does have some support. And here's a pretty general opinion poll president trump calls the news media the enemy of the American people is he right or wrong to pressure opinion. By going to WW real dot com here's a text that says senator reinstate the Fairness Doctrine that's how fox came about when he was repealed. There was something in effect called the Fairness Doctrine I think it went out around the time of Ronald Reagan. It will touch on that and rockets mortar call us when we come back I'm scoot in the afternoon and here's our CBS news updates on every if you will. Yeah I think this is a song vets. Donald Trump would be actually singing to the media. Anyway this is the Iran coupon is going to be honest with you I don't know what happened here producers the raunchy appoint a sewing is John I hate you I want you I want you or hate you hate that a lot of you love or hate you. Seems like that was peace something that Donald Trump icing to the media in general we've got a special song that the media. Should be singing to Donald Trump that's coming up going into our next break. Hearing every ambulance to graduated so we had a great weekend when it was just absolutely sensational. On this time of year I like it a little cooler but when you've got morning grow operating in the NBA all star game in town he was a beautiful weekend. President trump once again. Fires off another attack in his war against the media. Calling the news media the enemy of the American people is he right. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Very code 504. 2601. A seventy. Tex oversee 7070 price previous White House chief of staff was on couple of the talk shows yesterday he was on a FOX News Sunday. With Chris Wallace and here's part of what he had to say about. Getting sources for news stories. I think you should be concerned about mainstream news outlets. That are acting like. We you know Washington daily gossip magazines instead of the way used to be where you get a few sources on the record. You know he's right about that I mean there's a lot of salacious business that this added to the news you might be news oriented to some degree but. That the cable news channels many of the shows have become very much like reality television. They did the presidential campaign was like a reality TV show. It was almost as if pop art is imitating life. Donald Trump told supporters Saturday at a rally in Melbourne Florida. That there was a problem in Sweden and here's what he said. You look at what's happening in Germany. You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden. All right here's something else that he said in reference to that as well who would believe this week. They took in large numbers Avant problems like they've never thought possible. I've but he kind of made it sound like there was this big. Attack. Friday night. And nobody can find evidence of that and Sweden has sent out a list of things that happen in Sweden and that doesn't include any of that. So there's just been a lot of from this there's been a lot of talk about this over the weekend I'm I'm I'm glad to discuss it here today because again you don't once again this is part of this. Thing that we do quite often on the show which is talk about how the media covers the news stories in the responsibility that we have not only in the media but the responsibility of the audience when it comes to this whole relationship with the media senator Lindsey Graham was interviewed on CBS's face the nation he had this to say. When it comes to try. You're all over the top. You're acting more like an opposition party every president's had problems with the press he need to do your job. But from a Republican point of view and they live coverage against president trump has been almost to the point of being hysterical. All right if you wanna join us the common numbers 2601 a seventy text numbers say 7870 from New Orleans David welcome to the show. Racecar I think it's insane. A trumpet people believe that the press and many people out. I'll mean purpose even more so frequently and for the country which treatment or people need to look at this history. When and when the crown crush of freedom of the press. That was the emphasis for the whole revolution. And and Banco cold beer day in the for a real government here. Local Watergate look at all that it can't that we not share the power outcrop with a lot of press Goliath but it. Then you wouldn't you wouldn't report is and has about doing good things like Sweden. And and you beat green dead people that believe you'd call a couple calls though right one say. You know empire or not but editorials. On the other hand said prior. Well well it's the dumb people out there but don't think to look at whose story got could be here. And all I am not by opinion. And then it just listen to what they want it. That's the problem it's not a per inch which is still don't outlook is big news or listen to. And that's a crop not approach them. You know David this is an interesting point because had it not been for. The news media Clinton would've gotten away with doing what he divot mark asking. Exactly battle trump wants to get away though is nonsense and that's why I want to go flat ball. Depressed. People need to cut in this country you know I wanna get their opinions OK I'm about trump Donald K it would what does. You know I believe the instead be in. I'm biased and think he itself and into the facts in them home and you know it is Democrat code that matter Leo. You know and Kolb who would said that particularly here the moxie ignore people get to vote and that is that true and because. You know they formed and the hypocrisy. Truck was so depressed but on one hand that let the press. Conservative. There questioned but not the other is that it's critical war so you know the pretzel now. David I appreciate the call. They're just so many interesting aspects of this to to talk about. On the press I don't think as the enemy by. I agree to a group to agree with Lindsey Graham a sudden we with talked about a lot look this is about entertainment and Donald Trump is such. Is such a polarizing character and he not only is polarizing. But he also enhances that he goes out of his way to accentuate. The things that the media will cover. Again I I think in many ways and in many ways. The White House right now is being run. With the same philosophy that a lot of people in this country used to run radio talk chips. I did your hole stay with this here's a son I think I think the media could be singing this to. I don't trust. At this point. And they've really active to stand up and do the best they camp but you know again here's a song the media should be singing to trop I'm studio will be back on WWL. On this days laboratory is 1976. All four members of kiss had their footprints are against who receive their boot prints output in pavement outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. In Hollywood kiss will be here this Saturday night and Danny and extravaganza. I think the playback part of the conversation that we Gene Simmons last week I think we'll play part of a practice week because it was just really an outstanding year conversation. Front. From heart defects a quit your WWL. Hi still. Our scope are all I don't think the press enemy. At all but I think it'd be challenge specifically about a general likes your enemies. It like this year's Pacific. The last caller. Said that. People people should believe this open he'd police line it PBS. It just has been able it's. You know carefully also they make terrible pride in his statement and I think. All are real emergency is extinct problem will talk about bikes worst. And how he's always there would be at all the of course anybody in the okay. So wanted to look at the book out doors would not want to people greeted that was not booking. So I would depend. Yet there is so there is a fault on both sides does that mean motors are bad but they're so cycle is still. Don't do don't follow the rules and it makes it difficult for. A motor assist wellstone I kind of emerged. Stated it was aptly Stephen. Prejudiced okay most of touted by super Oreo of people yet but he had that look. That he was concert it's his or damaged but bicycle. I just don't believe. I ethic ethic it's gonna say they were beat regularly had looked at. Charlotte and again I think you're right with the degree of bad luck involved in the I. I think people should avoid being post it appeared black out well. I agree and I appreciate the call and from Boca lucid John you're now into the W a good afternoon John. If you don't have but I'm gonna. Mayor if they do it wanna pollute or. It alone by the minute miracle you're really cool the senate versions. It there is I don't. Dumb and dumb. You want might dictate. Coming here it would mark the Detroit though. Don't you will be and Natalie. Oh you don't well. What all all due to its if it. John I I appreciate the call and here's what John McCain said on NBC's Meet the Press yesterday. I hate the press I hate you especially but the fact is I we need you. We need a free press we must have it it's vital. Yeah I mean the alternative would be a government controlling the media and that's something we don't want to look the media needs to be criticized wind when they do something wrong in the media collectively does a lot of stuff this wrong and and I did quick ticket agent on part of the industry have been very quick to criticize the media. If you're on hold stay with us for common right back remorse your comments we're talking abouts Donald Trott the president saying that the media is the enemy of the people. You agree will be back. Scoot WW. Happy birthday today to Rihanna she is 249 years old seems like she's been around for a long time only 29 years old Rihanna. Some people apply that to a New Orleans said dialect to her name caller Rihanna. From Lafayette Wayne your and every WL. Thanks do you know one thing people say the the media is the enemy of the American people quite option aboard the thing is we forget our own American history scoot. The media. Would incubator to wrap up to colonial press before. The American revolution was the incubator for art revolution now Great Britain passed. The stamp act in the 1760. I majored in history college and I'm a former reporter myself. The stamp act was great Britain's attempt to stop. Renders from printing pamphlets in newspapers. Potent stamp acted and the other tax the responsibility. Sharing tax burdens. You know the Great Britain one Colleen do without representation while. Newspaper were going crazy opposing stance. In the act it tried to direct. The press in the United States what what unites states do to Colin. The column. Newspapers in pamphlets. Warwick kept. Other conflicts we brought the Connie get a similar colonial resistance. It connect Burton and the and we you know and other. Then I think we should admit that the news media has evolved from its earliest days it is not as. It's not as pure as it wants wise there's a lot of entertainment on putting into. What people perceive to be the news media I don't think it's fair to say the cable news channels and all those shows are the news media. That's going to we will attack that. He'd you know term. That's right up the turn of the century. That same thing with newspapers they were becoming well William Hearst was one. What's happening today it happened before in this country which is seeing it on the green on late reading at a. I figured I appreciate your insight I've got to get to a news brickyard if you're hold stay with us we continue the conversation coming up. Next I've scoots his Monday on WL.