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2/20/17 Scoot 2pm-Who do you believe?

Feb 21, 2017|

Trump continues to bash and battle the media....who's right and who's wrong?

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And welcome back to our show I was a fairly draw Saturday and I met some really cool people why I I'd appreciate those of you who set tie and you say you listen to short a regular basis side enjoyed meeting you. And as I said many times I enjoy meeting I enjoyed meeting you because I get a chance when I meet you I get a chance to put a face with the people I'm talking to. Because I'm I'm sitting here alone in the studio John wick is in our other studio. But I'm I'm not talking to anybody but I don't talking to you and when I get a chance to meet you and talk to you briefly it gives me a chance to put a face with the people who are. They are right now and every afternoon so I do what I do appreciate champions one final talk more about pedal to later. There there's a picture I think it's posted on on my FaceBook page and also I think are Tweeter to doubt we'll Summers who tweaked the self forming. A picture of Tony Orlando on hugging the to the point where I'm almost lifeless. My arm falls limp he gives me such a bear hug and that was sent out when. My Twitter account to act scoot tubby if you don't just a little while ago and it should be on FaceBook scoot on the year. And also ready to work to Susan can Ellis not John we've said it's a pair yeah I mean the guy gave me like the despair first personally news review was sweaty. Really sweaty from just coming off stage because big bear hug two point properly almost went lifeless here's an update on a pretty gentle opinion poll. President truck calls the news media the enemy of the people. Is he right or wrong. 43% say he's right 57%. To big shift hearsay. He's wrong give us your opinion by going to our website at WL dot com and we will continue that conversation. Also Friday night on CNN Michael Smerconish had a special title fixing the divide. And it sure was repeated over the weekend so you might have seen it but not necessarily seeded party night. The special was about the great divide in America. And what we might be able to do to fix. It's something we talk about so often on the show and you know I've I've I just felt like I overs and I feel like I was watching much of what we talk about on the show on this this special fixing the divide. What are the really interesting things that did that came up wise when Ronald Reagan was president. Senators. Voted for their own party. Voted with their party. About 60% of the time. Now senators vote with their party along party lines about 90% of the time. That's a big difference. And that's one of the problems. It's more it's more important on the part of the parties. To follow party line even if they disagree. It's more important follow party line than to act independently. And do what's best for the American people. And they also talked about the problems with the media. And also gerrymandering. It's amazing how gerrymandering has contributed to this this whole. This whole divide that we have the creation of districts. Too we do yield a Republican or. A Democrat majority. So I thought it was fascinate do you think there's anything that can be done. To. Fix it divide. Or is it just something that we should accept. It former democratic senator Evan Bayh who was also the the governor of Indiana. He said something that we talk about offered. We need a radical center. And when he says radical center I said radical moderate times we've talked about it moderates and centrists on the show a lot. There are more of us. Then there are of them on the right and the left. But they don't they get more attention that we kept. And so by by hearing Evan Bayh say we need a radical center which I agree with. To me that says look for those of us who are moderate for those of us who are centrists. We have opinions we have strong conviction. But we don't make as much noise as they make. And their four. The great divide it is defined by the right in the left. I got to Texas African mind is sound distance and it affects your calls here in just a moment. We supported find this text a tip came in from somebody. Just a little while ago. About worked okay here here's pace and I were champions square this weekend for the all star game huge crowds don't the majority was black. There was also such diversity of people. Lots of Japanese. Hispanic. White. Middle Eastern etc. Everybody got along splendidly. It was refreshing and seemed total opposite of what I hear and see on the news. And that's from Internet of of course the people who get along don't make it on the news. If there was a division there if there was a fight if there was something that involve a black and white or Hispanic that are any any combination here. That would make the news. So are we gonna be so stupid. As to allow ourselves as a nation. To be defined by what we see in the news let's be Smart enough to understand the news gives us the extremes. And that's what the subpoena can be done about that because it's human nature. But it's it's the people who get a long. They aren't getting on the news or making making a lot of noise or are getting a lot of attention. So that's why. More needs to be done. To. Radicalize. If you will. This centrist. Moderate. Mentality in America which defines the majority of this country. And in so many moderates are either registered as Democrats or Republicans. Anderson independents and there are libertarians. But most of the moderates it really do control this country and dominate this country either registered as either a Republican or Democrat. They are either right leaning Democrat or left leaning Republican. And I just think it's time that that group has a home. There needs to be. Defiance. There needs to be talked about how you know yes we may be centrist but dammit we've got opinions. We're just not beholden to the politically ideology if you decide. Here's a Texas says son moderates are responsible. For the divide in America they put a racist illegitimate man in the White House. Well moderates put truck in the White House moderates also port Barack Obama in the White House. If you would like to join us with comment on numbers 2601878. Very code 5042601. Ace every text a seventy ace every from Metairie Pierre welcome. You pick here. Had big news in the queen. Donald on. Which won. The one about state news. No wonder where he says. The fake news media failing or New York Times CNN MSNBC. And anymore is not my enemy is the enemy of the American people sick now when. Yeah yeah. I'd look at it and that is what I took from personal. Egos used toward say it does not use the word. The news media and you'll or comments have. In Europe poll you're talking about the news media. I don't think president is talking about the news media he's talking about. What he says in full cap fake news. And then he gave examples New York Times and BC ABC media Ian. By the way at about sixteen minutes later he yard drop the word sick and added ABC and CBS have if you put that in turn as well. Correct. The way I look at it he is much he's not concerned about the media is not concerned about Pratt is concerned about say it is. To me. NBC ABC and media for example. Have. Some profound example of deliberately say it is over the years and I go back to the CBS fabrication. The supposed air force reserve memorandum about George Bush in Serb. A memorandum that was created. By the news people to make it look. As if George Bush was trying to get out of his service obligation. You remember that I do. They BC. Took the Toyota. Sudden acceleration story. And ABC news came out got a Toyota. Rewire it. And then videos. Its failure. Now one of the videos. Would actually Schilling the pack Komondor racing up to 6200. RPM. Well there have been a lot of stories in there in the media that have been fake. Over eight years now. So may and then the thing most recently. It took the George Zimmerman on one conversation. And altered to make it look as if George Zimmerman. Well what is right what what what's new on me we we know there's a split in the media. But is that it is the media the enemy he is the beat but but you're talking about which you if you put those killing Pierre if you put those stories in the context of the stories that are accurate in this is not even a topic but I'll entertain the topic because it is a problem when the media makes a news. But when you would you would you fairly put that in perspective with all the stories that uncover wrongdoing. With politicians. And being with establishments in America than the media cannot be called the enemy of the people. My original point is he's not concerned about the medium he's concerned about fake news it's like his Clinton sat. And her hip are used to say that he is capped negating the news media is incorrect. Many passes this really. This is my observation. Win. Somebody says. Over and over the enemy of the American people. He does occasionally say that there are some exceptions in the media you're right about. But he is indicting the media. You don't have to see it that way that's my say based on on my experience in this business and based on the years that I spent studying mass communication society. This is my observation. This is what I see you could disagree issue as you just did. If you were to join us with a comet are numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica final four to 6017. Texas a 787 but just because there's been fake Duce does it mean. The media is the enemy of the people. Just because the news media can be criticized for a lot doesn't mean it's the enemy of the people. This song was number one on this stage January 20 1982. And also happy birthday today to guitarist Jay Guy aisles. But the Sheikh Al spanned 71 years old today. Will be back. Yeah I hope we get to that point I really enjoyed via a special on CNN Friday night to smerconish. Michael Smerconish a fixing to divide although I don't know if it's going to be fixed especially anytime soon. I just got a text alert here from WWL during a break. The president's hand is and named a new national security advisor introduce lieutenant general HR. McMaster we get the full story on our website right now at WW dot com. Here is a Texas says said the radical left will never give up. I think is also fair to say the radical right will never give up but this is where the radical centrist. Stand opposite way to that. I don't care what we see on the news we're not gonna ever give up. Now the tech says the media is anti trumpet anti populist conservatism except for some talk radio and some on fox that's. True. On rice previously White House chief of staff was so on some of the good news talk shows yesterday a Sunday morning. And he was on a FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. And he was talking about the media and the Russian spies and a lot of interest. To accuse an organization. Of being in Constant Contact with a Russian spies. Is outrageous and every day it's something different and some other source that. That is absolutely untrue and set of talking about the things that are going on. Well first of all if what the president is sticking his neck out and so is. CNN. Soars to New York Times soared those reporting disconnection between truck campaigners and Russian officials during the campaign. If it is true. The White House loses credibility. If it's not true. Then the media looses credibility. And if it's not true the media should be criticized beyond just losing credibility because it with the story out there in the first place. And somebody can accuse you of something. And if it's not true take it back. But it still doesn't make up for the initial sting of somebody accusing yourself. So. I'm saying the media better be right about tennis. Because if they're not. They will be absolutely. Dashed. And I'm not sure what it's gonna take to get that the media to win some credibility back but at this point the media definitely needs to stand up and fight back. On Fox News host Chris Wallace a challenge White House chief of staff previous over the weekend. When he was talking about the trust's declaration that the news media is the enemy of the people. Previously the point and said that less attention is being paid to the positive news about crops early days in the White House and the negative news. Like the Russian officials being in contact with on campaigners sport truck during the campaign I mean he's right about that. But that's the nature of news it was that way when President Obama was in the White House when George W. Bush weigh in Bill Clinton it's been that way when everybody's been in the White House. The fact is that human beings respond or too negative news and positive news so in a way this is a human nature problem. Here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll president trump calls the news media the enemy of the people. 48% say he's right 52% say he's wrong within a very active poll this afternoon. You issue opinion by going to divert a cumulative outcome John welcome to the show thanks Franken on. There. It bit me. Apartment. Although it won't. If Clinton is. What the first or do you consider Don let you considered Don lemon on CNN he's that night host on a CNN. Do you consider him to be the news media. I'd say they say 00. Does that mean you. I don't want. That life is. I don't think trust. Yeah. Well vaguely SA as a kid as a cavern of an effect. That. Made news and world nonsense. In McLean. And probably within the Indian arrow. It. I would say. Lachlan Danica. And so what and so we've. Pretty active involved. In our partner is. Indeed the season. And the city. A parent wow. Have widened. So I don't put on them. I have all the world. But you know on its considerable way. As well. They want a poem. In those who zone and so law. They have who had. There. Thank god you are you bring up a good point coming after you to CBS is a date I I appreciate the call and I'm gonna continue to respond to what you said. And this this idea of of what is the news media what is not the news media is also something import to discuss so you know if your hole stay with us who come right back with more your comments I'm scoot. CBS news followed by Devin of the elders of we'll be back. And happy birthday today to Walter Becker steely and 67 years old today and I'm studio the afternoon it was a beautiful warm weekend from morning are operating or you're hanging out when everybody for the NBA all star. A weekend it was a it was a fun time you know they were of a fun time except for those who got shot the review or shootings or near the parade. Routes. And does that. He is so sent to me and has nothing to do with you know PG. You know we're so quick to blame the police so quick to blame the city. That's the result of individual decisions that individuals we will talk more about that coming up in the next hour. Vice president Mike Pence I'm gonna come back to talk about what temperature on a less columns talking earlier to some on the but to the vice president talking about how we the media gets it wrong trop is gonna call. The truth is that we have an president from someone who has a unique ability to speak directly to the American people. And when the media gets it wrong my promise of president trump we'll take his case straight to the American people to set the record straight. Yeah and and any should there's no doubt about it in the media does sometimes get things wrong. This caller just a moment ago I John missed talk about Don lemon on CNN. And I Don comes on I guess it's at 9 o'clock enormous time. I watch you must sometimes. He leans for every very left. He does sometimes have people often it often has people on. Debra present the other side but he he leans left he lets them make their point but he leans left on Hannity and Tucker Carlson on and Fox News they link to the right. Tucker Carlson who is replacing Megan Kelly is just is is sending people to yell at him. Every night east peace setting people up to just simply crucify him. On the air. That's not entertainment to me some people would find that to be very entertaining. But let's look at the tactics that are used by the cable news channels and I'm not I'm not being critical as much as I'm saying look let's see if for what idiots. That's not the news media. Should not be considered the news media. Even that the hard core news media has bias. But certainly not like to cable news channels in the TV shows that are designed to express opinions they're driven by opinions. And so we. I think we've got to the point as a as a country in this society that we are mistaking. The cable news channels for the new swing in reality that's not. That's not just the news. It's more than the news. It's driven by opinions. Here's a Texas says in one of his press congress is set truck refused to take any questions from Jim Acosta pennies from CNN. Because he said he is fake news. He's utilizing the whole media on any news outlet that doesn't sing his praises he launched into the category of fake news. And that's an up a legitimate problem. Just because you don't like a story just because a network or reporters. Don't phrase you like in general. Fox News to us. Which they can do if they want to. Then you're the fake news. I just I've never witnessed. A president. That has gone so far as to promote. A network that is from the tedium. And yes President Obama was critical Fox News. When you get to the point where you declare war on the news on the media and you say the news media is the enemy of the people. And repeats it over and over and over again. If these stories. That the president calls fake news if some of the stories are true. What's gonna happen there. Upper Mississippi sunny here on WWL. Hello sunny. I was the sunny hole which a bag with him just a moment might cure under the WO good afternoon. Afternoons and question on the intra. To go. News source and kind of story also got a picture there where considering the source and dinosaurs that were getting. This so called uncle big news and more on the media. This coming from somebody. Repeatedly. Basically doesn't slant stories that makes up. Incorrect information I mean we can him and we have a long history of you know from. From the the Muslim on the on the rooftops that doesn't exist to. M and debates talking about between about the sex tape to the miss universe and in and saying I never said that in. And we can go the numbers about election numbers about the streak FBI stuff and agree tweets. There's a difference between it and get a clothing thing was Pierre or talk about. In other news media took certain stories in slanted it. Which I agree you'll creed that tends to have but we're also talking about a person who's saying is who basically is making. Things that don't exist. There is a huge difference between them slanting the news and reporting things are absolutely our don't exist at all so. You know we have to consider. The source you know to me constantly you know this analogy if you go to a pharmacist. And your cholesterol medication and he's sent collection from an occasional and you open up and it's hoped that. You know and you go back to using it without them like close in pharmaceutical company. You go back to get. And it's the same thing neglect and again and again any keep skating on Scott complain obstacle at some point we're gonna have to ask yourself. Something on the pharmacist. I understand apart like I appreciate the call and give your whole stay when this will come back with a abort your comments and you know I love the freedom of expression that we have every afternoon here we talk about the issues and your comments and opinions we are lighted local every afternoon your comments and opinions are very much part of the show we don't always agree. But again man this is something that we should celebrate. And I criticized in some people get so upset when they hear an opinion that they disagree with. Like somebody doesn't have a right to express another opinion and that is absurd. And we gonna continue doing that on the show. I Tony Orlando gave Leo a bear hug almost squeeze the life out of me taxation fairly draw over the weekend but he was kind of fun when he was on stage. We've posted that picture in picture. Tony Orlando Susan council and myself and some other stuff on there it's on FaceBook and Twitter my FaceBook page is scoot. On the year and we'll be right back on Debbie WL. And I remember being on the air talking about this when it happens sad day on the state February 20 2003 in West Warwick, Rhode Island. 100 people died 230 were injured. In a fire that destroyed a nightclub where the band great white was performing their pyrotechnics. Show set off this horrific fire. I'm Ty Longley the guitars to the band was one of the victims and one of the problems wise people is just simply could not to get out 'cause. Of the exits not being not being right here's an update on our party Joba can you pull another shift in the majority here. They react to pull assessment president trump calls the news media the enemy of the people. Is he right. 51% say yes he's right 49% say he's wrong give us your opinion Debbie if you don't count and from Mississippi Mike welcome to the show. So this is like a boot. You I don't go to scuttled court couldn't turn on Fox News that the Obama all over although one well leaking all this information. Yup that's and that's sad I guess it shouldn't be a surprise but it's. It's it's horrible that if people would not serve the country and do their job under the new president and and leaders from. A look at that can't be true let me Obama. I want to find out who these people are adamant they'll again. That would actually gushing go go call fox and solidly because you don't know there's nobody knows who would. Well there's electricity crackling had been some speculation that that's who's has been doing this and their their if if that's true and that's. That's horrible if it's if it's not true then that's a whole different story you know. I can't be true that on the artist who openly and a home fit being reported that problem that is. Well there there are a lot of thugs sources that remain anonymous and if you work for anonymous sources we wouldn't find out allotment. That's a whole different topic because some people effective on a source who should never be anonymous. I I disagree with that part. The that the person who was reporting the anonymous source has a tremendous amount of responsibility to make sure that that anonymous source is credible. What you think of that I don't trouble watching that show. We're. And talks last week where he's at that Sweden was having little. Problem. Again I mean that's one of the irony of thought his attack of the news media it seems like the president of the United States gets a lot of information. For what he tweed suit when he talks about from the very news media that he criticizes the news media gives him. The information that he needs to fire people up. Well just patient that in this state are could sort of slipped. And and I watched show. And that they basically it's like the worst neighborhood in Stockholm you could do that the next school report. The controversial place in Chicago. And sale of these people regarding mayor I watched show and he unfortunately. We choose to. To find the source before it was not like it or bow. My guy I agree with you appreciate the call here's a Texas says. This text really does explain how confusing bonuses. Fake news. Is saying the press is fake news. Anywhere where is it hits it's also also confusing. I defy you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon a number is 2601. A seventy. Mary current 5042601. A semi tech state 7870. I hope we can follow the words of The Beatles will be back on WL. You know we can play this song almost any day for bumper music and it would applied or talking about shame. Natalie champagne king from Lafayette Sam welcome to WWL. It is one of the chime. Thank you for. The un biased or at least that go to our valiant attempt at a non bias. The portal and most of you cover. By its I'm biased sample and what everybody but I I I I think it's when I try to do with the show is create a centrist. On our home for centrist and and and moderates because they're more of us not anybody else and and while we disagree I Iowa I'm violent everybody here expressed opinions. I agree and then I think you do a great job with that although I agree with a lot of that is. Thank you say that don't want the joke in that regard but. One in the world today is that it and I cannot remember that the details. Oh whether it was suspended. Or fired or the small serious repercussions. And I remember that to become the bottom line wounds and Dan rapper. For literally fabricating. Yeah seeing is that just did not happen now one of the things doubles. Our our observed. Correct me if hormones for example. You know examples of the vote there and that may refute what about this site that. Are not in those are major networks that's not cable news that ABC into media circle not mistake and. And ABC so. So releasing my buyout to my observation. Yeah and primaries is and Lisa I'm gonna right time I saw what you can you point. My observation is. I've never seen anyone from Hawaii. To be accused and it's been proven that pac twelve fabricated. On a major news network. That was. In favor of the right in detrimental to collapse the way it has been whipped. So are the opposite. You know that's something and that's interesting is something I'm gonna I'm gonna look into because it would only certainly all around and I found opened up in San I I appreciate the calls a serious question is. Their people on the rights in media that have fabricated stories I mean. And back. Yeah. I'm scoot we'll be back.