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2/20/17 Scoot 3pm- Trump vs. media again!

Feb 21, 2017|

President Trump tweeted that the mainstream news media is "the enemy of the people." Do you agree with what he tweeted?

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It is carnival time and no weather was perfect for the parades this weekend and and good crowd so I mean this is so weak before this was the weekend before the big weekend before Mardi Gras. And they were our crowds downtown downtown is very very crowded. A lot of traffic downtown especially with the rays and the NBA all star game into in town this weekend. I just I feel badly for everybody was stuck in traffic I actually. Guess I should never get stuck in traffic downtown because I should just always planter to walk and never go anywhere raft to connect actually come back into the city but I want to fairly draw. And coming back to the city on Saturday afternoon it was it was rough week getting back in into the city. So I was stuck it's a minute traffic with you over the weekend it was a mess and now I'm I mentioned earlier that. Sunday morning I woke up about 440 and it looked out of my window and traffic with steel. Two lanes of bumper to bumper Rondell White streets so that a lot of people on still I don't think those people getting up early to go to church I think if we're still out from the night before. And his seem like it was a really great weekend at a city of New Orleans and NO PD had their new plan to fight crime in effect. And it look there's no guarantee you're gonna stop crime. However it does seem as if it is this plan of blocking traffic of having. More police out and from the surrounding communities there were some police officers in fault state police as well. Along the NO PD working twelve hour shifts. A lot of police out. It seems as if this idea of cutting down on the across traffic and eliminated across traffic on Bourbon Street and then the very popular blocks of of perfect. It seems like that's a good plans we first saw that New Year's Eve and their Sugar Bowl weekend we saw it again this weekend with the praise said the NBA all star game in town. And it seems like a plan that is is helping the situation though there's no guarantee. Where you out at all over the weekend we loud and in the crowd at all. A lot of people came downtown even though they might and it had tickets to the all star game they came downtown and they were just part of being in the then Billy do the environment the surrounding. The NBA all star game because. It was so it was fun and it's one of those electric times in New Orleans and man what about what about this do what trade that we just got. DeMarcus Cousins from Sacramento. I heard you talking about this with the Tommy Tucker this morning coherent over to zero. And DeMarcus Cousins. Anthony Davis being on the same team is just a huge huge deal and it's it's ultimately a game changer. Sports talk coming up next you know to be talking about that. And Anthony Davis sent a record with 52 points in the all star game to Western Conference beat the east 192 to 82. And the previous record was held by Wilt Chamberlain 42 points back in 1962. An FDA to spoken with 52 points and he did it in his home court so that was they were it was it was awesome and and I I like this idea of doing more to build a team around Anthony Davis. The first season we had Anthony Davis and I would go see some of the games. I just thought it was sad that here's this guy with all of this talent. And he's not getting the attention that he would be adding he was on team. It was better equipped to get to the playoffs. And and to win. If he was in a bigger market and had more a team around him he he beat and battery in and we get more attention. And I was always hoping that the pelicans were due more to built a team around him. So he dies. Find himself in the position that he should be in in basketball and in life and it looks like we have made a very very big move in the direction I think this is gonna and a lot of excitement. Two the pelicans and the people who wanna go see the games. We have been talking this afternoon about two. The. Declaration that Donald Trump sent over the weekend that. The news media is the enemy of the people of the American people. And while Donald Trump has said that there are some exceptions. He has declared war on the B. This is dangerous to me because a lot of the media. Is. Is not. Responsible for the fake news. And you you get the impression that sometimes. President trump. Considers stories he doesn't light. To be fake. And look history is littered with president's debt rejected criticism from the media. Only to be shown that the criticism was actually justified. Only time will tell on his side by this earlier. If these. New stories being reported. My CNN by the New York Times and and others if these stories about. Trump's campaign workers. Being in touch with Russian officials during the campaign. If there's anything that was wrong in those conversations. And I'm assuming we've got transcripts. Of those conversations. If there's anything that's wrong here. Then. The news media has to call the president. However. If trump and if Ryan's previous and if Sean Spicer and everybody with the administration says there's no connection. Between truck campaign workers and Russian officials during the campaign. If this if this is true with their right. And those news media services that are stuck their neck out saying that this is true. I mean they need to be condemned. And they also need to be condemned for creating historian creating hysteria. About something that it wasn't true. And this would feed into the idea that the media. Is so slanted. That they're out to attack. President trump got an interesting call and I'm a little more into this when I get off the year. The call until the same from Lafayette. Said are their cases where the right. Has made up fake news. He says it seems like. The liberal leaning media. Is responsible for the fake news. Roddick cases where the right has Arab right leaning media. Has been responsible for faked news. I mean Glenn Beck has said some things in his career and iris change recently but he says some things in his career they were just on. Politics funny. I mean you are so outrageous. And maybe come back to work the next day still making millions of dollars even know what he said Burris was totally not true. When I think about everybody that bought into everybody. All the conservative talk show host in this country. That bought into whole idea of the birth of movement. That's the epitome effect news. The idea that President Obama was not born in this country. And even though the president presented a person civic yet it still wasn't enough. They were people who believed. The fake news because it was what they wanted to believe. So. Yeah out there have been cases and I'll I'll look into what some were cases as well but there certainly have been cases of right leaning media. I'm being involved in it figures are from Slidell Larry you're never WL thanks frank and on. Tiago who. And they call. Commitment to this sort. Yorkers seem. More Republican vote and talks. Because. Holidays yeah uncle beat up on the democratic and democratic com president. CNN global but the that in the democratic. Now it is. But one thing Hitler. And portable war. And you know so. You can always watch sixty minutes what the world in the morning that was good news and I actually and he usually got a little going on everywhere. Yeah it is one. To. You know and so much of ego rule the world. You know I might switch from the channel might into the wind that sort of got me here they. The store. And I would the signal. That was seen up and it. Always hope is that when you treat them well all of a world. And it was about. So at some point Larry at some point there's gonna be reconciliation either on the part of president trot to the administration or an apartment B units reporting these stories because somebody's line somebody's telling the truth and alternately will find out who ideas. Yet and I agree you don't I mean I hear these people. Talk about oh the black electorate and give government or our management. Marketing slogan oh what Afghanistan and our. This is not our. Nicole liked it. There's so much there. Apt moment to replicate vehicle which you can deploy there and that is. College Tuesday. What they need to do. Thank you so OPEC RB election. Take these lobbyists are reflecting that these people wrote on some huge Oman. That way nobody arguable. Larry don't. I appreciate economy had to get to break here I are you bring a group that listen thank you for your service to our country if you gonna join us with your comment this afternoon here's our number. 2601878. Harry Kurt final four to 60187. He takes a receipt 7870. Here's a Texas as did the pelicans really get to Marcus cousins yes. They did that's real news not fake news. Here's a Texas says I would think that the ping pong pizza story exemplifies the right creating fake news that's true. That's a great example of it's fake news story that a lot of people bought into. The story about it I Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. On the orchestrating a child porn ring out of a pizza parlor in the DC area. Come on tells us Saturday Night Live did although I need to think they would have gone there. I'm scoot him will be back and having a hero. And I ran into Susan council on their cal sales for the baby boomer generation this was abandoned had a couple of hits including this one. And Susan says uses to the show every day says Susan thank you very much for that I posted a picture fund. Tony Orlando myself and this is a council active chemical over the weekend it was a beautiful weekend for that. And that's on via FaceBook page scoot on the air and also I think retreat at those pictures out today as well at scoots WWL. And there's one picture of Tony Orlando on squeezing me to the point where the life is leaving my body Mya my arm actually went to went limp. Obviously defined as the finest pictures there's a new poll out that shows that time Americans are stressed out about politics and that's an all time high. 72% of Democrats and 59% of Republicans say they're stressed out about the future of the nation. What do lately simply to rescind the Democrats say veer stressed out because of the election results. And 59% of Republicans say they're stressed out about the future of the country this is from the American Psychological Association. And there is little doubt they were all kinda stressed out so you know when we do they show every afternoon when we talk about all this stressful stuff put. You know I try to maintain some degree of of a sense of humor. As we do the show and we're not afraid to sometimes beyond a little bit sarcastic and we've got the stuff from our pop culture count yourself. With all of this you know we talk about the serious stuff put to try not to get too stressed out but I can't tell you from a personal and professional level. This is the most difficult. My job has been. In terms of just mentally. And it'll actually dealing with the issues and the reaction. And as I said the other day and I'm concerned about our country. And I'd. I don't mean that just because Donald Trump is president. I mean that because of the way people are reacting. It's more about how Americans are reacting. To the election of president trump. Then it is about the election president trot. And it's just. It's unprecedented. And so I hope at some point it comes down I don't think it's gonna come down anytime soon. And in particular if you don't consider yourself far right or far left wielding you've just identified yourself as being part of the majority of America. And really the majority of this country. When you take a look at and the majority estate would when you take a look at two surveys is that there this many Republicans are this many Democrats. Please understand that many of those Republicans and Democrats. Are not right or left. Their moderate. They're centrist. They're just like you. And me how many here. And so. I wanna continue to build to show every afternoon. As a source for. Centrist dialogues. Centrist conversations. Centrist model walks. I mean why don't we start making as much noise as they're making on both sides. Because there really are more of us there a lot more of Boston them. Many Republicans registered as Republicans. They don't vote always. On the right. They don't agree with everything on the right many lean toward. Being marked. Same thing the Democrats many people registered as Democrats are not liberal progressive Democrats. And this idea as a Democratic Party defines itself this idea that the Democratic Party. I'd needs to be more progressive is about as ridiculous as the Republican Party needing to be more conservative. And we had this conversation. We had this conversation after the loss of Mitt Romney 2012. We have this conversation as the Republican Party over the years was trying to redefine itself. What's interesting is that Donald Trump came in and personally redefine the Republican Party. And when you compare trumped the right in the left. Donald Trump. Is more of a centrist. More of a populist. And as a populist movement going on in this country and in other countries around the world. This is where we are. And so you know. Those of us who who are centrist those of us who who to tend to be more moderate does it again I've said this many times it doesn't mean we don't have conviction doesn't mean we're not. Define it with our views that are in our conviction that just means that we are not defined by the right with the left. And instead of shows being built on feeding the right or feeding there that did the two left. There should be more office and we're gonna continue in this direction on collector with a sick every after Catholic and and for those of you in the right the left will disagree. But that's one of the great things about being in America it's it's okay we can disagree we don't have to agree on everything. If you rejoice at the comet also like to talk to you if you were out to this weekend did any of the parades or. I did you come down for the NBA all star weekend did you have a great time did you see any problems. There was one thing guys are observed about NO PD when I guess second traffic and I don't know affinity to be done about this with talked about this in previous years. We'll talk about it again we come back also get to report your calls. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy mystery code 5042601870. In a text is a 7870. Here's a pretty Jeb opinion poll trump calls the news media the enemy of the people is he right or wrong. I'm astute will be back after CBS and every every real news. On this day February 20 1965. For the third consecutive week this song was number one. On the RB charts. And the temptations will be at or fiasco paving Bret Michaels and a lot of other vans Harry Connick junior. And RT escapade on this coming Monday and job permanently appalled not to have a do we from today the ocean I guess that would be disc coming Monday went to draw. And if you want tickets just go to. Or fee escapades. And I guess etiquette is cool forties that's what it is cruel or fears dot com. Which had a party last year is a blast and I'm. And we to be there again this year. Would get back to your calls suffer from Slidell Chico welcome to the show. I am churches agree shall I bring a fact that. Cultural interest and go in overlooked in the run O which like most get a medal round. I just aren't that master expects or. National security advisor and epic that's that technical. Asked so. Well it's by any Chico and that's exactly what they're gonna do. I would be very the other opinion as the Iraqis are coming up till your string. And you know as well that's what ever here. But let. Just garment center in a real young people. Made it. But. And cannot say something about shall what these people get so sure. You know the other day. I was with micro and one round and we left or cell phones in in and call our mortgage goes to plantation. And we were on Shia personal suddenly revoked credit should have scored on. Georgia or were other world streaming and you mentioned group or four hours. The world not stopped streaming. No we should talk about those moments Chico because I have them once in awhile sometimes on purpose but mostly it's because I forgot my phone and I just stop and I take a deep breath. And I go how OK I don't have my phone. So guess what I'm just going to enjoy what I'm doing right now and when I get back home. I get my phone there was a time when human beings we're not in Constant Contact with each other all the time. You have to wait can you go on sheet. What was going on that evening's planned merger are going to continue to exist. It's not just do it back to Michael. She you do guard Charlie girl from you guys have separate drone strike. Salute and and you know of young people with if you get married the first apartment that you no matter how small is make sure that. You have separate that from sheppard's well. Or that well and sometimes you can't afford it but I tell you that is really one of the keys to a successful marriage especially the separate bathrooms business. Without problems of one and one more thing about. Communication picture in my church fellowship that I. A member I've seen to be remembering it more borne out we should not change people like to thank. And you know the more we think that what you change people place during the more typical. And anyway. Mr. Richard Dick I appreciate the call a major part of our afternoon audience. So I saw the subs are stuck in traffic downtown and and where I had department you go across the parade routes overlooked was that it was a challenge relative to Fam across soft it's harmony. They were awesome although. We're surprised that the bank. Mean I heard all these instruments and it was a drum and guitar player in the girls sing respect that the biggest thing. Publisher where they were brought against him reducing the long thing where where where there was stuff but elbit let the girls the girls could sing. And the overly cute and I do have a picture of on one of the girls at fifth army hugging Tony Orlando backs would like to completely genres are two completely different generations. In any event coming back downtown. Again that's stuck in traffic getting back to the parking garage. And I mean traffic was a mess and people were doing really really stupid things like blocking the intersection. They were stopping to on Lowell while they were blocking and the like just just trust me. And look if you were in the traffic you you know I'm rob right they were doing some stupid things. Are inconsiderate of others. There. Was I would say. Six NO PD officers. Standing there. Now. It wasn't their job to direct traffic. It was their job to. Direct the buses into just maintaining peace and order and I don't know what their job was specifically but it was not to direct traffic. My question is if there are police officers on the street. Even if it's not their specific job to direct traffic. Shouldn't they be encouraged to get involved in the process. Because when you just deal with that kind of confusion downtown. With the NBA all star game being in town and the morning operates. The the the cycle of lights just doesn't work. And people have a tendency to get caught in the intersection and not get throw. So I guess that this is not criticism than a PG. But it's an observation that we've made before and I'm just wondering could. Could it be possible for. The police officers who were doing. Duty. Two sometimes just direct traffic are if you're holds a stay with us I scoot we'll get back to more viewer comments here on WQ well. So DeMarcus Cousins whose nickname is bookie. And I thought we were dedicate this song to him because he is now with the pelicans and this is a major major cash. For the pelicans. We got bogey. I mean we always knew we had bogey could not in our cities got blogging now wait now we got book. I've skewed to Rebecca WL. Yeah WWL. Today is a a sad day our pop culture calendar. On Tuesday February 20 in. 1967. Kirk Cobain was born. It's a sad day Kurt Cobain would have been fifty years old today and I don't know about you but I would love to be witnessing what Kurt Cobain would be doing. At this point in his life for the French Quarter Rocco a year under the W a good afternoon. They screw you bill. Well and it's saint the Mets now. Should the permanent damage you know you talk about those who have seen goalies. I saw true there was street shootings. Would get six blocks that way you are. Not. It. And let you know maybe it would have been there. Portland. It would and we go to bat tree and go to. The wall and he she aggregate. Sometimes. They're gridlock causes on did not so angered. But I'm sure Obama. It. Will not go up but that we get in that comes from the top. Cop. But it does. Shrapnel all my guys you know they think that. Iraq I guess my only question is it an again it's not criticism it's a legitimate question could NO PD officers who were they are. I'm doing deet I mean their their bodies are there there there's there. Why why couldn't they direct traffic when they're just instead of just standing around Celek or doing anything else at at at the moment did that I can tell. You still their Rocco. Let's elegant must not have got this is not criticism of NO PD at all. But it is wondering if if the bodies in there and there's just such a horrific traffic jam or could they help out with that. Henry year under the WL or good afternoon. Well. Sort order out. Brett but. Yes oh. Well our. Short cut. It out pork. Oh. Our. And out. Or strap it all at. All. Day. It. But it would protect. It is all due to go out. Well. But. Change. A lot both well bush preached there a Coke worker. Well. And it will be. Short and so. Want to call. It. A a crop that. And you're right by. Our local. 200. Henry I appreciate the call I got to move on here are you know maybe we'll talk to somebody with a with some of the traffic division NO PD before they the weekend because you know this will be another busy weekend and at this point looks like the weather's gonna be really. Really nice further Dick racists on this upcoming weekend. But it just seems to me that may be an end and maybe I'm wrong maybe can't be done but just seems like if there are police officers there. Why can't we have them directing traffic because it would generally some of the down. So the gridlock. Will be back under review well. Around time is on our side right now because we are out of its sports talk we've Bobby Hebert Deke Bellavia coming up next. Got a text a moment ago they simply says. Bogey in the brow. Yeah that's going to be a phrase the pelicans can now use bogey and the brow. Major change. For our New Orleans pelicans the guise of talking about this at a lot more coming up next the acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins should change things for the pelicans. Tonight is the annual fund raiser for the retail hospitality foundation. Horses hops and cops it's held every year at the annual and a PD staples located near the intersection Marconi and Harrison it's from five to nine tonight. Food and beverages will be on sale they are live music from the wise guys and the yet packed. But general admission is free for all ages she can get up close with the buoyed by surprise lies steals. You know if if if we're gonna be reincarnated as an animal that's one of the ones that wanna come back as because. Those creatures are like treated like rock stars mean if you think about the tampering again in the treatment that they get. That would be an animal wanna come back as they are just absolutely. Beautiful creatures so ought go out there are no support Louisiana. Hostility foundation courses pop's accounts what do think Diane Neumann. You know have a lot to talk about tomorrow afternoon I'm scoot lucky New Orleans.