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2-20 5pm Bobby & Deke: talking Boogie Cousins to New Orleans

Feb 20, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get more national commentary on the DeMarcus Cousins trade from Chris Broussard of Fox Sports, then go local with Joel Meyers, the TV voice of the Pelicans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and Robert to our number 20 sports talk recapping the big trade yesterday there was panic and acquire. The best big man in the game at the market's confidence Chris Bruce talk fox sports NBA reporter noticed that that the the first break in the jolt my eyes to people with the pelicans will be whether it's at 535. To 601870. Operated jaguar paid people were great view. Give the tree you're a man did you the second and looking like he backed met with the media this afternoon I was the peppered with questions about keynote trades so for a pin no one of the things he took obviously you know when things are. On the long as they weren't you can say things he puts in the say things sometimes have truth or. Would seem to be out the quote unquote. Popular thing it's called fake news recalled a fake news there were that you put. Where I think he backed stated that if he would've way to closer to the trade deadline to make the move because in he would have gotten less. Meaning that he had more on the table two days prior to New Orleans making the trade. Ticket cause and also one thing when between a half ago when he put in at least. It was time for a change I decided it's the best direction but it organization the Vikings the pipes it. When he began with coach character. Care to matters. Now. I respect you about the back to authority was a good player in the league with the artists. With the canes in the Lakers. But I mean that that is a direct shot at the Marcus cause that's all that it. And the I don't know because they're coming here at Duke but there is always on a big I think he's doing is telling wet anybody maybe go with the owners tend to do but the bottom line is you paint the sellout though I'm that you guys who are you you've got to do what you gotta do. Well right board tells Roger Goodell the sell out of forty million members and then the way he he very well maybe it's not a big you know a lot of us with the well it's Alvin at night you might I don't know are at all out and evidently that'll do it but how do you etiquette in yet it's hard to say when I do. Right but as is also waiting you know you could kind of save face that you could do things at a different weight because if it's a bye week we spoke to take it that GM. The thinking is also won their total body the Bucs took this time Matt Barnes offseason. Matt Barnes is a dog on NBA court they have a lot one. So he's got to say one voice character matters but he's not he's AG in this and Matt mark last year one indicator matter when that ball. So I don't know I felt and he might be judging character from a Serbian perspective. Where it may be so. You well Serbia whatever it meant on an American. DeMarcus Cousins in America. And a hole really and that's why big I think they'll dance obviously he has again sign. And and I think that by him being raised in mobile odd thing dad's gonna help all of mourn anything if you look at it. Because that thing by it's still a good trade. That he's not a free agent this summer 'cause it's one more season eleven his current contract because of free agent this summer of 2008 team. Now you all of should be able to offer him a five year extension. Were an estimated a 179. Million in July. Now when you look at it homage is an up and not been a year fancy an all time. If he was with the kings this summer he would have marry a nine out the year is 209 million total so you look at that would in my mats right now it's basically thirty million. A more viable it became about what they did a stepping cousins. No doubt about it 260 wait Saturday. Your take it 87870. Ought to me comes out he's mayor point five games because. If the economic house Alvin Gentry and audio games mean I'd be you to talk about the Marcus coach. Let's go to the phone let's go to Cole Cole thank you for calling W do you. He's being paid me a Bobby at Notre Dame and they called good. Hey we're real quick peek what you were saying about mark map our fourth talk about the straight. Did yet think they did released Matt Barnes today. So maybe they are you know maybe that is. The route but they aren't the public about uneasy if care but here's the thing you don't you don't wake up in the morning news' take care to matters on the they get you made a trade. What's it matter what you took. Hello. I go ankle. A credit Noah I think you're right Bobby it's as far as the you know been Magellan and and in a mindset on that deal by. One thing I think they need didinger at. You know now have the two big I mean they they're gonna have so much for protection. I think whenever they're going what ignored then we gave a lot of our it. I really think they need to do would be you know look for some deep into market. You know guards that can guard the perimeter. And I mean you don't have to did. But luck if you don't within instead and we not talking about. Cole in the trade is that. I think he's an Israeli. Well lottery I'm Brian hammering armory Ari cast me he's a good e.'s bottom of dregs of the week it jacket. He can shoot at the long ball. To me I'm healthy I mean on the Jrue Holiday fan. And and we are yes it that that's right up to where it. Right so we get small forward. Obviously who's coming off the bench and shooting guard but but but I think even cast beat as the swing man. I'll watch him play a couple of times in and live. By going it took pelicans game and when they play decaying. And he can shoot. He can shoot and now and human after Maybin Hanley is a disease from Israel that's his background but just look up is three point shooting percentage. I'm telling you is that it's. I don't I'm not saying top five and on him but but it's not it's pretty good. All right let's go to Larry and Eric thank you calling debuted at Uga. Aren't. Okay beat America one thing. That run though greater. If I would date can be great year so it would here we are. They going to the plateau. Right did you see that yet. They're illegal it she couldn't become like I would say like probably 8% of the way you're. Big on that well. Because you need now. You need some soup around in ridiculous statement but. Nobody owners are eager to people is Arkansas right. And only got to do is look at what are bold statement. When you open. There and protect. How the broad popular and gone and so nobody could stop and Eric Guerrero. Then no doubt Larry you know you talk about that Jrue Holiday an obvious that he AB's he's they'll win it. And you know I'll obviously we sentimental. To Chris Paul. And I've had a number of tanks look at it Millen man I'll need to do now even though he has a seasoned veteran and he might. I don't know I'm just speculating here take last as he wants to win a championship. Oh well what have you put CP three would it would these two big guys. I mean you talk Bashar term good decided now like all would have 45 Bears know what you do in the next season to season and after I mean I still think. You know you look older players whether it's NFL or NB ACP three still says has something left in the tank obviously in his moxie so. Mean I don't know are used CP three and oh hole. Chris follow they wouldn't want to be in the mean you know you. Anybody. Could have beaten and cartons. And dignity. No real good victory when they did do as better to. Give you so but now I'm here. Argument a bit on the tree. And rip it beer and get rid. Gentry. Didn't need to get a real cold. I don't have a regular old man limit they imitate Jimmy tase him merits and be if if somebody else is caught us out to you move forward a I say why you why you got the middle to the pedal brother don't stop here keep rolling. People Roland no doubt about it I have no problem with which you do see it they got to learn these guys that point five games no doubt about it. Welcome back in it took one of the best in the business Chris Bruce thought if this is take the fox sports. On the pelicans beating the Marcus Cousin Q great to trade. At WWL that top. From a one national gears to the other one the best the business covering the association in beat Chris Broussard of fox sports and being. Report economist Chris. DeMarcus Cousins now paired up with Anthony Davies your thoughts on the trade of what this means for the pelican. The great trade for Republicans I mean they really did anything. And they obviously got one of the top college in the league. So really a no brainer opt for bill obviously they're a lot of work to be done. Heart of law and yeah you know he will be cousins acclimated to your culture. And try to you know make sure and hire me. He's going to be on his best behavior when you go on the field. My deconstruct the coaches the front drop it in teammate. But it really the problem that he's had about a career in back from their well. In the end secondly. You have to figure out what is the best way. You to play out that you have the twin towers of covered eight. So I not necessarily. Expecting them to take off right away I don't really care. It on the palate is I'm not concerned about whether its speed this year I mean to be likes. Like how war concerned about making sure you guys are developed chemistry long an actual holiday and other players. So that next year you can really be playing well and you could start his feet. How outgrew that your team can beat that goes to star players so I think it was great trade. But you know cause a lot of work and make sure. That you can maximize our talent you have blocked and. Now Chris Kelly Louisiana ties in I've got a number of Tex and I thought this is interest in considering. When everybody was all pulled we got Anthony Davis and now. Here would would bogey come in the town that this takes agog yards officially became an NBA city today. Mean how can the pelicans not be relevant in the future when you look at the young talent. You look at it there age I mean. To me that that is mind boggling 23 years 26 years old not a bottom line you want assigned 'cause it's a long term deal. But. I thought that was it is fitting that the answer that optimistic that when you all of division became an NBA city that's how excited are about the tree. Not a QB I mean that the great. Great move me and me being from Louisiana. And you know I'll you're right they beat relative for a lot of their. Why. You know they need to be on TV more people don't beat him a lot more attention than now. Bigger bolder and those are 20. Probably would say it was a dream bet. It definitely. You know partly to order five or six best big men in the league op. You've got a good point guard throughout the year racing law. Overlap well there's so. How it all Alvin Gentry to figure out of that plate predicting the play ended up in the coat. So. I think you can play you still can put DuBois and David. The market did you know and you needed the court you know what Bedard are but should good late low. Hated it would not blowing out she. Won gold thing. What. You do when you play he. Could be a huge. Problem forwarded. Future right Barack. All right a Knicks who have eight or CBS news updates here and then local news on WW. Great to trade you always picks up DeMarcus Cousins the best big man in the game to date. Give it your great at WWR dot com operated jaguar that you pull back to the phone Dakotas go to Charles Charles thank you for calling WW Rio. I. All. Error. Or. And there are. All are. In it and it's. It does that. Mean. Well Charles would you look at it. Get excited as the fans like and a bit really serious about professional basketball wanted to keep the team herald to. Audit their own right. What not a doubt I mean this right now there's no speculates that the value of a team. And projections going forward. You know there's always going to be O old what franchise to be that next team. Maybe to move to Seattle and a big big going to be in the future it is going to be to Seattle SuperSonics again. But I they that's solidified and you sign a bogey because it's a long tern deal know that this makes. You all of a legit NBA city. That. The book. And. If that's right Charles big had a bogey in the brown now. Thank you so much that a coach out let's go to John I can eat that you calling that you give you real. I guy I wanna say you'd opt Deke he met about an hour ago is this a not to get the city on board with that pelicans. Well my opinion is I think we need the pelican need help from the local media. Whether it be television and newspaper. Internet because he's been like if I'm a year. Didn't Draper is on the front page of all about saying bang bang bang now I love this thing. Another city game a football and what I mean I don't care about NFL draft to wrap my way. That a lot of people do. Yeah well at all it's all predicated on the market looked at the viewed the pars in my mate good to me you're the one that. Well unfortunately the way you won that though is not enough you. Maybe it will be but AF catering to the masses in them as they get the match what they while. A massive like over and help Ellis is gonna sign marvel about Ellis use bragging. Well what about the Saints and well as their feature province who evening to get a draft all the negative side Rainsy. Collide. I understand but it's it. That they got here at they've been third at oh in uptown sports it'll be between a thank LSU football analysts you base call. Bug good shot to be paired OB jump on the bandwagon when we know hearted to winning. The delegates when the other bands will be there I mean it that's my opinion looked human Amylin. The play L with CP three all of a sudden we beat the Mavericks and we play in the did does pars had they had taken against them and the city was fired up a professional basketball but you gotta deregulate in a row. One of the best in the business TV voice of the New Orleans pelicans Jo Myers started out jolt you know outside of oh play out victories or championships. 89 game related TV it all you know for the immediate when you think about it was a game related it would indicate it but with eight deep in the all star game last night in the in the I don't know if you moments hours so at that perhaps the best few hours in franchise history has taken place that you'll. Well out and try to come down from 2.2 days the weather parade. All star everybody everywhere. This could be it it was a the only place to be over the weekend aren't so I have been to have that news comes out late last night this morning. And quite it's Italy's obviously. Now I don't let the enemy is as you one question though Napier and I'm not no. I know your career I think people in Korea from those who don't know who told it's been all over not just a basketball guy he's called both recently be to a football. Big countless games across the board he was though with the Lakers for many years at the legendary chick Hearn and Nixon Johnny most you'll find. Legendary names in basketball called sports that knows. But my point is I'm reading some of the stuff that the broadcaster for. The kings put out and obviously we're we're the baucus guys now because once seemed too good in coming into orbit. I can't imagine a guy like Jo Myers. Putting out a lot. Of what goes own in house in what you learn from the team. In the fall with social media like he he basically just bashing because it's just another words keep it family business outside the fan with a beat. Yeah it was bizarre awards ludicrous you know Perseus it will add that cannot. I think they try and somebody like that I don't want to be rational about things you don't wanna burn bridges but that barrier. In any area that it's so it was strange and and hopefully when you calling. You're down the middle as much as eat your heart and your mind side you want your side to succeed. You don't look at it like he liked best because they're more important and obviously it'll. Yeah and so it was kind of strange to see you guys at that level. Kind of loose and professionalism that way were not tape be homers were paid to be objective reporters. A lot sported a. Would totally reject it it's a lot of work out Omar. What I'm getting to the hole. You would Bob Wickman we didn't play the game with your level we could Wear uniform like you do it. It it totally acceptable when you look you sweat blood here tomorrow bloods Orton Theres so. That's not to be good not. But for those of us it just call the game and we never played at that level. That is really bizarre for. Now Joseph. Looking at cousins and his unpredictability. You and called games he's played in gonna do with the rough ariz. And I think at times as you mature as a player. And it could be lack of maturity frustration. And I. Point towards. Maybe just like a success winning. That if you win and you have comedy teammates around you and the respect that he has AD. That and he didn't have a lot of that in the bud now know right now what. He was a recently forced to several one game suspension at the game and getting his seventeen technical. File this season that leads the NBA. In a new report to serve any additional suspension. With every at a pregnant here in cars the rest that a regular season so preakness eight. How he controlled the most is because. He's going to be suspended if that occurs considering all the technical he's had bit. My understanding. I try to break it down I think a lot of it has to do to frustration of not being on a winning team. Pat Donnelly that I don't know any but it seemed that it is seventh season he's had nine coaching. They're good note there's no stability. So we're not make excuses probably of an amateur and we've seen it before and he admitted to this year. Of course the first formal out bull being bowl word is recognition. And be honest with so and he's secretly. Because. I created this Beisel. Now I have to tour and and come around it and solve this issue might sell soap. And remember. There's very few teams incredible one entity and they have two top ten or top fifteen talent. Golden State has Marie. Plate and Kevin Durant but remember that he meant what the look for a at the automobile is just one bit of a different environment out there for a and executed at the end BA obviously very mature adult to sit restoration act the bill yet. But don't forget last year he had a 56 point game at a comedy back it up the next nine. That in the at 4013. 56. Followed by 48. Were talking about but it's been gifted count so it. If you have a chance to get one of these guys and I don't know which was terrific guys and and basically go about it dot on the dollar. In that deal in there about finally they are champions has but what part sought out there at all let borrowed from that deal. It's it's something you'd definitely wanted to pitch him and so. Then he beat the Patriots are not giving up multiple first robbers. But you can elect to wait and they only gave up that straight first round this year top three protected expect Robert. Would compliment repeat that because there's a podium be matched up so reaped eleven. Like five or bodies rookie deal and it comes to the market that contract for each year so wouldn't that be by 80%. And not only that he's under contract next year so they get an O two world that your. And over the next 45. C there's chemistry between the markets AT and especially two out. And dole finally you know when we think about it last time we spoke to you are eighteen was coming off of an 88. Very important interview he he would talk about it Friday wanna be here what is it that aside the expansion. He goes off a 52 breaks will record were you in BA also you VP this is for Nolan. DeMarcus Cousins to me now Joseph now in these next 25 games not only can we see a team. That was not the CB born into a title contender guys. But maybe Dick is this area in his community which is always before boat trip and I heard you talk but it's your day. But there's room for people love it though they showed a passionate about winning. May the weakest ought to see the true bonds did people connect routes taught to be form now with these two guys come together I think these next four or five games they'll be. Wave bigger than navy and it was unreal. When you bring out the you can't believe the activity. Ought all the phones at Republicans off the the pelicans box talk about so the loyalty factors are built. At the unbelievably loyal fan base we talked about it's here's Saints football and the way up action how emotional they are the other team well. Then there's going to be trust factor that the tells a good note produced not only produce but will be consistent. And this is to start when you met two guys that there's talent too streaky Peru. Uga are cut and you've got eight B you rent the video they're built up some money in the offseason as well. And you've still got your draft choice will be out. And say he'd go to work right away that talk and by the end and most of their games against the west struck it though it is. Up but split basically are not completely which our games football wrote our civic they'll and I haven't been real. So what's that magic number oh with the magic number four to twenty wins away. Well at 45 I think it's all of the testing. Because you're not only have to catch Denver. But there's a couple of others is which means you're number. Q3 back of the loss column right bunched in there with three or four other teams that you gotta hop over and I think you have to be ignored. Outfit came into it like more like Pete team. But they actually. If steak and hold it together and win it all there is a huge game already with Houston Rockets it's a big game are just the start of by the children. And he got political order in the proper support the seasons so. Big the big day for the franchise that is repeat it's relevant to this group. And that's what it means it paid to be taken seriously now. At another component problems that you've got to courtroom and a track record record four and it's growing in that direction guns. The TV voice of the New Orleans pelicans and north of the NBA and clothes you name be reviewed Jules mine they'll always have as a and man this is the seven all of them coming its exciting time in that we could see these two guys polio Thursday night at north can be great would have a good call. Rigel things. All right we will continue agree betrayed the DeMarcus Cousins at WW dot. Great trade. DeMarcus Cousins now because is it with. Anthony Davis drew holiday they'll make their debut Thursday night when the pails and attained a half behind Houston Rockets what is nineteenth in the NBA right now. Let's go to the opponent let's go to David Biloxi date thank you for calling WW Rio. So don't need to use our. And there's a lot of actions today. Like obviously in that mention. She used to bring. Trying to Ahman payment check go check out though and nobody really care. It's like well I am here. He shouldn't stick on the back of course you. And how can Stecker. I'm not. The first there's going to happens. To be at sports. And go out and in New Orleans to. Very. Blog Dave would you take about it outcome because like the things the pelicans. As the ideas than you are as solid as it is the golf Coles gulf south pelicans. And you know to support an NBA franchise that what it takes. And yet to look at where we're at right now everyone's familiar with Kentucky. A basketball university keep jockey but you look at the NBA level. There in the conversation and I say they had a topic conversation Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. Our carted to best NBA players and he's still got a lot left in the tank at the plate in NBA history coming out of it tech. Can only think about one thing about as well. Com. I'm really believes that. And and we should have been and there and miserably as the first the new. I agree I I agree on. But as. You know an off and up front. That life can. And that meant to include. He chipped it on the ground and you'll be great. Am a pretty good kids and all the reconnect that guys yeah absolutely Jezebel. And debris that went that topic we're not come I just didn't talent around him we talk about bringing in the best. To the round the best of them this. It. Did this latest youth vote when we go to break because it was of the game's new Octavio equipment that you for the call. The only way something like this happens up there freaky streak is crazy like these K okay. A player like the a's where you already got a player. Like that on your roster is it a you lined up having a season like. Him Dockett via when he he came to the birds and Robertson went down in extreme they wanted to flattery. Or age you lined a one of those balls pop it in the lottery. And you do like Orlando and you draft a web that you grew at any heartily. You have who would've thought we were I would imagine what would always check in Chris Webber would now we're gonna see something very estimate that and a guy like cousins. And Anthony Davis together all the way seven like it happens is it's a got to look at them that no delighted to bid to dig the Baez that is. Yet Ivanovic if that's exactly right but it happens so late this embrace the sport talk on WW.