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Think Tank 1210pm Dr Lee Shaker

Feb 21, 2017|

Is Facebook out to kill journalism?  85% of all online advertising dollars goes to Facebook or Google and now the head of Facebook intends to take not only the commercial dollars, but the media itself. This hours guest: Dr. Lee Shaker - Assistant Professor of Communications @ Portland State University

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What we're doing double and we've done many many men in many many shows on journalism and the media. A media is under siege I think ball all over the country. On reading an article in the Atlantic where of automobile lending web site. I'd totally forgotten about incredulous. Came along. Babe Ruth league coordinator role in journalism all of this country. Because newspapers. Made a lot of money and class by ads and Craig its drug most of that away. And you have FaceBook. There have been handled this quarter. Eight point eight billion. More than seven billion of it came from mobile patents. And 85%. Of ball online advertising. Reviews four and 100 page book Google. Lee is about 15%. Or via. Rest of the media. And we look at the numbers FaceBook. I think at one point 51 point seven billion monthly. Users may even more. And hit it combines. Primetime average. Pursue human parts in those in BC. Which pretty people went one million people way of steered New York Times. At one point 6000004. Of their digital. Subscribers. So. But Webb said you you can read didn't you have that in the in the I think journalism is under fire it's would applaud the Atlantic article in the says. Mark Zuckerberg. At FaceBook. This could very long manifesto. And on his page the web site. And the Atlantic called it a blueprint. Poured destroying journalist. That headlines. When you go to the very land settlements in the article it says. Zuckerberg Brooklyn does not want please put to killed journalism journalism as we know what he really really doesn't. But that doesn't mean he won't. Sure it gets old complicated in their guts of the story and in particular. It was parents and they divided. 2014. Starting. Awards were lucky enough to let things have one of the authors doctor Lee shaker professor of communications. Portland State University. Doctors think there's a month for the time. Port. Bow before I get into your study what you think about news headline hyperbole. Some relevancy. Or a really good at all. Well I think. Great local meteor finder program news. Fire. So I don't know that Zuckerberg. Originally set out to destroy the local media or news media in general are in the proper building. And umpire. You know he you upset the apple are. I did tell me about venture. It was a 2014. Paper and it. Joseph don't torture thrown. Yeah so I in. The effect. Of changing media are all on on Goldman's. And about about it. And I had that idea back then we can but people were over what. Something really important as. We all sort of shifted our attention well. The TV works well on the newspaper and Internet we were unconsciously taking with it. The other record that supported the newspapers radio stations. Even the television stations in our communities. And in doing so we would actually end up questions. So in the only fourteen article. What I would be able to do what specifically. Look at couple of these Denver and Seattle. I'll Wear a newspaper ran out of business in adult. And I was able to use data from New York. Who will it Al people in those communities. Word ball into the outrage at what newspaper is an aunt and 2010. After the newspaper that. And the basic picture was. When you saw that in Denver. Quote. Sorry the rocky mountain news and Seattle irons went out of business. There was they're invisible. Impact on. How act as if it and work in the communities where. Volunteer organization. Whether or not. Very petitions. A local government or shall all be. Whether. And participated in the and neighborhood on grease in 54 played well. When the newspapers were there these are higher well activity. And on the newspaper's one way responsible. But the activity. Now with all of the engagement. And and and I think you're sort of wounded brewers and replicated. Over the same period of American cities. That did not lose a newspaper. And that suggestion was a decline. In civic engagement. Was contributed to the new law also local news sources who understand that correctly. That's right so that took about using. Data is. It is important our entire country simultaneously. The survey data I use there's cult popping up all the current population survey. And they're actually commissioned by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a conservative the government uses pre. This famous war. Adam where you are in America unemployment hit it every so if you're urban. They talked about a 150000 people every ball cross country year after year after year. So what that it allowed to do was compare. The book for an actor in Seattle Denver. Or after the newspaper business. In those cities but I hope and it will. To see if there was a similar change and other cities across the country and fight the typically prepared. The change over time in the future cities to. I'll change or injured. With pinpoint by the larger American cities. And there were people were really quick start. In different Seattle there's a clear and significant decrease in civic engagement you know over in Europe. And then none of the other on our equities were replicated. So you're in the incident were a program that's. While. Let me take a break here. And from jump Schwab should journalists ahead where there a lack of civic engagement. What Zuckerberg. Is proposing. I'm sure you read the article and sure you were what schools and on. Do you think in the and I know you and our guru of them already engine during the but do you think. That have the possibility. To take the plays so bogged local media is losing. Governor bill brigades celebrity am on 053 of them what are your thoughts as a juror 170. Is indeed important to you ruled the local media it's survive. You only brief drug. Talked a lot over the years about X Libyan troops you'd about. How quickly things from changing. In this world. When we look at local media and newspapers in particular. Woods who won going to website bill moon publications they'll paper. We see the reduction. In. Ads and everything Els. I don't think there's a lot of reason for concern but not reason I don't think there's a lot of people that or concern. But there's some that we should bring. And in the middle bald. We we have beau mark drug berg had blown baseball. According to the Atlantic co article on the web site he is issued a big man as soon web site. That is the blueprint for destroying. Journalism now. That's the headline. But legal settlements. Oval as page with a report that says they. Pay for fuel journalism as we know wouldn't rule really doesn't but that doesn't mean he won't. And I think what their say in news. That doesn't mean he won't do it in the inadvertently. Because he's got a new plan for low core participation. And civic engagement. And one of the things in this Atlantic article that that are perched latch on to bill. Barbara program called categorical and stood. 2014. Paper found and I'm quoting. A substantial drop off in civic engagement. In twos cities from 20082002. Major cities. After both cities so the closure of long standing in the newspapers. And other. Instances. In America shore all that believe. Based on those two cities. What did up there boil meego. The altar of video board doctor. The shaker protesters communications. Portland State University. Doctor and I don't even or do you wanna comment on it. But Zuckerberg. Is is describing. I ain't. A web site were more and more civic engagement. Is encouraged. And and technically is set of words easier to do you were there more people to. Change settings on their computers. And the community begin to report on crime and things that seat in whatever. When you go back to the headline. Zuckerberg. Blueprint destroying journalism. Do you see that and what he's proposing and don't what what do you use. There I mean I'd be an area of man who. Had kind of climbed the law of the now he opens well which as equals spanning. And so on one and he's tremendously well. And you know unbelievable. But on the other hand he has unleashed some or maybe. Are starting to change the world in a way to undermine Google's values and you don't interest. And you started epic like maybe could be our goal what life might server happens what I do. Hope you know I'd ever undertaken all outward and change or a little bit older. It may privileges or corporation certain or activity. Hopefully. Or to undo via our community. Yeah on one has as president on communities. I don't know that he put the genie back in the ball. And even yet the best of intentions. Now as the article on the water and food in that we just may not be in use our. Are a call and make these interest tried it. In the old city. In these she inadvertently growing the genius of bear with me you know when rate by a quote. Apparel grab from the article. FaceBook is asking users to act is on paid publishers. And curators of conduct. Baby baby over roads. Live brought out from FaceBook newsworthy events. Links to news story Bob publications. This route. For a FaceBook traffic. And now all all so jacked his own page editors volunteering. To teach. FaceBook. Although rhythmic editors. Howell and women who served as the conflict. FaceBook. Those are paid for no words for his book. Is building a global newsroom. Run by a robot editors. And its own readers. Through Europe ought to boats. That's pretty crazy stuff. Yeah but it is written the allegation so well as well as you know bring it on route. Did you belt and boom in user generated out. You know people are ever looked around and we can go web were real to me. And everybody viewed as well I don't all the work and then we make money off their work out of the model you'll. And you work on YouTube and obviously where people go off line and they wind up at the information. You know on the medal. Genius or degrade they'll actually do it and we all. Everett in the on the Serb. Part of my idea. We oh analogue and people sort of individually. Create security. The right news environment. For Al rhythm today and property. But I think is the reality as you look at what people want to consume online. It'll want to do well integrated. They would build through good times between you and read the web site it would. Work audience nor I would hatred the way I. People wanted to ought. They've won a lot of predictions on what that. You know our little game but they're doing all the other kinds. And so I think it's a little bit. Prepared that we're gonna magically breeze through the world would use or abuse. So does the local news guy. Well I think it serves it is increase becoming a niche product. But it per alongside people bought newspapers but newspapers now because we've watered. The local news quote senator bought because they want the sport or they want to talk with irons than what armies and we've done our part on the job. All these other things. The local news happen to be on the front page of that onboard information. Now you can get all the other piece of information. All apart from different sources. And so local news. Maybe reduce toward actually all in all we're really wanted in economic terms were predicting a small number of people care a lot about. Doctors shaker I think the times they are a changing thank you so much for the call. And the time Havre de. Of course our. While that's. I'm seeing is a little scary I think it is of the revenues go all the way. And and those institutions. That we mean no. Is that shots pace. Is that just. Your circle of prunes that you learn in in your news. Introducing. In the thing to double bogey.