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2-21 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Pelicans expectations

Feb 21, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk Pelicans basketball expectations in the wake of the DeMarcus Cousins trade with Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk.com.

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So it showed today so let's get right to it coming up today were talk about tonight's LSU basketball game is coming on a 6 PM. Tipped a fat there ads and the Tigers vs Auburn Tigers. As the countdown as even as you can win another game and continue down the stretch stay calm when they add an element to their current losing streak to 601870. Also operated jaguar opinion poll is a bad WW dot com with the recent excitement about the pelicans and just eleven home games left in the schedule. Are you planning on attending any of the remaining home being scared to vote online at WWL. Dot com senior writer attack debate back time brown as the odds on just gives us an update on the other issue. And buy tee one day football camp that happened over the week in what kind of news came out of that also LSU baseball with a remarkable opening weekend at the box. And the tiger's taken on UN odious evening tuning taken on southeast. 260187. He is the number two gate involving cajun cannon as he continued to kind of thumb around in here the fallout of issued saying feedback on the traits do continues in the Wall Street Journal today and there is space sports and they do use it one pages sports each day maybe a little more men. On the weekend cousin trade could be big deal dashed. Towards the north elegant the Sacramento Kings agree to blockbuster trade Sunday's. Which actually. Might not be a good for the Golden State boy space to talk about how the one. That one might imagine yet how you match up. As they talk about this could be something new it's generous as saying in Europe it's probably not a threat to the Warriors. But yet one way to beat Golden State and having LeBron James on your team is to bruise them with bigs like Davis and cousins or in the case of pelicans. Davis and close its meaning to keep on countenance and people. Well in this day Izzy goes a day shooting lights out I mean it might be a case where they're cold and you might say well. You know we Kevin Durant. Step curry. It was a little in the that have been the shooter a Michael Johnson might account and using somebody's going to be because the and you could see one of them that all of a sudden in Oregon a couple of ten and around my handed a ball for like rye rye did they make in like. You know two might be struggling though makes united increase. That's the only thing that you pound them in. And now. You know aegis. Just play different ballgame. Maybe slowed the pace down low or whatever and don't run the court now I don't know that's Alvin Gentry style. But the bottom line you have big men. And you got to utilize there's skill set and he can run the floor Sunday Cogent Austria understands that and he can utilize utilize that way. But. The thing that. When I look at like Twin Towers or whatever you wanna call call like a notable for a court duels in NBA history. And in comparison that icy. Would be more the likes I guess because that a physical presence. But two teams come demise mine. Is this Spurs in the rock but I mean that like Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Owning. Robinson. The it was all there. Grow but he still want to NBA titles together since the eighties and I would just take one opinion and imagine us having a celebration in each amateur with a pal and it's in your all and I mean yeah there will be on the U I would hate one another other one. Because. Also. That was an 8485. Our memory came Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson and a look at they may be between thirty NBA finals. You know but not really winning anything with but it just shows you they were in contention now there are other. Recognize the recognizable of notable record dueled you know Graham among Larry Johnson Alonzo Mourning with the Hornets. Moses Malone and Charles Barkley. But it's delicate Charles Barkley you know the cut those tours shortly 66. Days something more like 64 with six yes. So I mean that's what that's I don't say Twin Towers but they are Fred core guys and you look now now these. Two players are amongst the best ever. But again you had the status are stature should say will Chamberlain but not necessarily Elgin Baylor. But Deke. Now they reach the NBA finals. You know together. And is Soviet look Moses Malone Charles Barkley. Larry Johnson morning Chamberlain via Baylor. That's why I think it's more to consider physical presence then when you stand by and more like Olajuwon Sampson or Duncan and David Robb. And and to piggyback off of that in those cases of all the legend when you mean that you talked about in the game at that time it was basically it was the center. Who was considered more of the scoring threat in that case Olajuwon Kareem. You be in there and Ewing and Oakley in in there was a power forward at that point and the power forward. Was not as I guess you'd say as in two what was connect rate to be in more of a score. It right wars like the not so feature on the team mean to Senna was the feature back they will agree you big mean dog to Mike in. We're Chamberlain and Kareem goes on nominal all of those guys and you had a forward that was the rebounder the garbage point getter the enforcer. But now you tell my new les basketball. Oh these guys that are equal in size and play and they both can play on the mound think it's. You you could as cause since he's over his 2.4 if you need to you can put Davis it's an outdated you could switch a right aka our forwards I don't think your playbook that they've had eight Payer. That can score like these two pain with the exception of you for his compares and that would be Duncan and Robinson. Right in Indy. Romped in the back in of his career right and that admiral. But begin were able to win two NBA titles together so you know that. Bowled well look at that 9798. Season when they were 56 and 26 night which visited the filing the yeah yeah so you look with the establishment. You know part of it's going forward there. The closest thing the Patriots you know 21 entry now as far as always being in the hunt. Always being in the playoffs the glut look at. All of a sudden they're oh Kevin the Wrangler to Warriors Nolan hasn't chants. I think the Spurs are on their heel right. Well we ready to three gays that you disparate disperse the forty win team right now and so all the older rock. Yes so when you look at how we try to be that eight seed. And be relevant the weather is and Doug is the trailblazers. Are I'll selves. Leslie just try to be a playoff teams that just shows you probably to a the Spurs have done it all started with Tim Duncan and David Robinson. 26 so UNAIDS and you can Texas and eights in the eight Sammy. As the guy recent interest in the pelicans spike Q as far as attaining one of the final home games of the season they'll take on the Rockets on Thursday night he's Bobby Hebert on the going to be LSU basketball 530 tonight. Here on tiger radio WW. And welcome back eleven home games that Tony five and all for the New Orleans pelicans operated jaguar opinion poll were asking you online at WWL. Dhaka the New Orleans pelicans do you will you partake. And one of their remaining games at home one of the eleven at home to 601870. I'll pay attention to more Texas at 870 eights in the cage he can't. Yeah I'd begun you know rod walker with the morning avenue he was with this hang on training camp here covering the things in covering the pelicans. I thought it's interesting when you look at obviously expectations. Everyone's hyped blow the season really starts Thursday night. And considering changes to have gains behind memory Denver. You look where Sacramento on the canes are right now they just to gain. Ahead of the pelicans being McCain's. Portland is just to have the game above the pelican film and it's wide open. Ran a really got a 25 game schedule is gonna start. Thursday night. Against the Houston Rockets nothing deeply Houston last 25 games three times. Who's amongst the best and indeed definitely one amongst the best in the Western Conference. And the reason why bring this up. So. What's the margin of areas errors fours and expectations because you look at it. There is strong he would finish in these final 25 games. Is gonna go a long way in lowering. Potential more top talent to new ala. These 25 gained only ten. Or against teams with a winning record. Of the thirteen road games only five opponents have a winning record so would be to mean no excuses. My cell they have did you now they have to come together. Yet to give him at least at dosing schemes whenever. I mean no I mean it is they need to and now as patients. As soon as. He when you don't drive through his advantage. But the drive through Jack agreed. Right down Ellsberg thing that everybody one like instant makes a big hitter and a bird he would wanna pop flies one point B well. So I mean that the play and I make it is like hey. You have to win this rested expect is that there he had OK he had to look at who your immediately follow okay. Right now you all behind the Nuggets the Nuggets are two games ahead of okay. You played in the at least three times including them enjoying this nearly every the last two games of the season. So you've got what you want with them a right it's lined out yet and you got a chance to win this series so they have right there. It's a lot of basketball and it's just amazing how sometimes with who who leads distinct even in baseball sometimes 162 games is not enough. Yet they have one game playoff I hit a two games is not enough but yes it's coming down the dugout just because it is trade. I'll look at professional sports is to we're talking about this. From a national perspective it is the biggest trade ever. I'm I don't care about what the Saints added I don't care what part of pelicans Jazz I would nobody knew from a national perspective and height. And what's in the news is the biggest deal ever biggest. That's why I said yesterday New Orleans is like all of us and now an NBA city an activity right now I'm not that they warrant not that they weren't going to make a move eventually. But Jeanie buss. I guarantee you because they solid new law Wednesday that they nightly in the Gallic cousins get out to state we got a Lakers. Far how far and how we are magic my brother I let it get you my blood brother got ejected him out here it's a guy that you gotta go I guarantee that pressure well not a valid dad's dog about it LA well out of California out of California main duties and the president of the without not a doubt and I just hope I think in the eight what do you think the Indy TV cards as the networks. Who that is seeded Golden State Warriors in the pelicans. But the Golden State Warriors in the first round against the Nuggets. Gives the trailblazers. An article on Derrick there. In BA. Eighth in the eighth rain storm meaning somebody follows the Indy not just some eyes at me under the cap I don't think I'm I'm sitting at a and it got yet you look at the game being okay and we have people distant in any of the sports. That are fans of a team that does not collective you mean it that person who has a fan a certain team. Follows the entire league so you have you limit that to a situation where it's okay nugget fans and arrested and some casual some catch Indy fans the majority battle in the things that read transactions every day keep with it. All the time they watched the scoreboard like media you people accurately about football or your favorite sport. Other than that. Im a dozen deli can't shake new law and does because the star pride they have the stall out evil and Davis does by himself. The ones and most pop how would Indian player in the glory they're good story for NBA fans both of people there tried to attract and I'm not. All time or even casually Indy fans. Was he knew me well a big game and that's why Agile Mars mention Ellis likes it I think probably fifteen wins 25. All of the Internet he's like 88 years at eighteen you say and do so they got thing that elegant and raised here to hold their feet at a bar only add that you would accept eighteen wins and not my game back they're two games back right you know and adding and and they've been they've been this far behind before Bobby. The Mets and let him out there a couple of games back at the all star break. They Antonio in the regular season game. As odd about this takes. It's woken in 9981. Biggest trade ever what does Bobby smoke and he's on the from a national perspective I'm not talking about locally thumb you have when no bloom on no clue not united will what you valued talking about. This is the big biggest trade ever as a football and I'm not smoke and anything. Educators think globally got to think sports are national level CBS news update. And welcome back let's get back to the phone to go out to matter for Michael Michael thank you for calling Debbie did you go. And good afternoon gentlemen. I've got a unique strategy. This saying now your job and make my anarchy. But I'll take that away. The ball. I'm sure that really brought up situations. But the history as one Saint Louis Hawks traded. Lot of them. So don't look at. It again that and championships and it. And and everyone knows you could be millennial and you know who if you know basketball you know Bob Pettit and Bill Russell. Right to do. With that yeah. Picked up and cry about not. Blog indeed much has been set up to that straight in history number 100 straight at him a cookbook Kobe Bryant has. Stupid and that's what it. That. But guess what you know it seemed so upset about losing. About this trade in you again that evening at. You know alarmingly that. And stuff you know but cut at the helpless opponent to beat him twice this year is not as New Orleans is Memphis. And Alvin Gentry you wanna keep up with the lines great. Wanna keep your job get. And things from the government that. As cool as spot that too. By the way I'm not displayed Wednesday he crushed them. Yeah well officer fassero and it's you know it they won't be a favorite in the vet and get to the playoffs and has down lab in the we've seen if there is one weakness. To go to state. Indians and have an idea would be. Well about it because their big. The right now and oh who did elect goes we can't put everybody blocked it. Right and I'm Andrew Bogut yeah right via. And I and yet and Bobby now what you that it takes over it you won't. Yeah aids play is sent a thumb to pass this on to Deke is the excel in the export. Please explain why. It's such a great tree. I did have this other Dexter. Sarcastically yeah I'm sure he'll have a completely different attitude here that obviously wanted to get rid of his salary. Line. Way you know hate we won't have to win at the weight he we've heard we've heard too sad to distort Weaver decide that it's an organizational side about cousins in we've heard a stat that everybody era and community over there he's the community geared got. And he was if the seven years in you know the people he interacting with different opinions with him in the we will see when he began to enjoy it and that it could joke is only to continue but it all started before to break biggest trade have requested more like oh what is obvious smoke at bell I said not on the who'd had. Perspective no. Jabar was a great player with a championship caliber player along without Oscar robs him when he got traded. To the Lakers. That was one it's unique and compare when he which Damon to LA when he came from the East Coast the West Coast doc to date to Philadelphia. Some other ones and it happened the Celtics went on the David analogy with the demons when the Celtics acquired depicts demanded Robert payers in camp Mikhail. But Joseph Barry Carroll who want to be in terrible promoting state. They wore all predicated all picks we know who they were Jabar was established wilt was established. Cousins is established. These are the ones Kobe was not established as a superstar yet when he left the Hornets to go to the Lakers. Jack was a superstar when he left Orlando to go to a Lakers and from the Lakers to Miami but to talk about compute historic trade. The majority of them have calmed down without question and talk about what you call on the outside and Obi have come in the NBA and we can talk about the Herschel Walker Minnesota DO bit and it took preach images of the Cowboys that's in the question. Wayne Gretzky from Edmonton today and make canes certainly that's in the question. But when you think about it and what people talk about and to have the two best players. That and that even in their prime yet they are not even at practice and they are considered the best true not long and the Bears front courts in a person conflict but. In the game today. In Miami would take you know because this is to LeBron James has me. You don't see that happen you're in it it just Deke Bellavia occurred Allen joins us now nobody in the game. Well we've got to correct quick OK you know we remember it is a local perspective right professional basketball. Most of the Mavericks and even Atlanta Hawks to commit to New Orleans that's one player at right definitely you don't have Anthony Davis on board. And booed because has come in the town currently a judge now Kurt. This is astronomical that we're trying to paint in that there's no bones about it this is this a football market a football place but. What has transpired here is now only a basketball related issue this is historic proportions would New Orleans is able to do. I think it's huge for a day that he talked about some trades. That went on. It's ten to benefit more marquis we're talking about you know I. We're tinkering go where did you know will go wayward shot over the Lakers. They. The other one that was when you're talking about that the pop in my head was that that. A I mean there was obviously a little before our time but he'll be route getting treated the Yankees worked out pretty well from the Yankees. But you know. It doesn't always go to the smaller markets and I think that that's one of the great things about is that they. A chance for where the pelicans to really kind of stepped up and and have the preview. To compete if but in the end that there's a lot of work to do it and Ed. This has got to pan out but at the potential to put the pelican up to a very dangerous team in the last few years. Now guru when you say that. I don't know playoffs are above the jury get to a point where. Fan bases when an instant fix especially. They're looking at this now considering the only. Two and a half games behind the Nuggets. That a 25 game schedule that okay. I'm not saying we gotta go undefeated. Who we talked to Joseph Mario city and he was saying. I don't know I think that when the might be 7818. Games you have to win. To maybe be that eight Seidman will what does it take as far as expectations. Should the fans expect big things considering. That is is in the headlines nationwide. But we get three games left in Denver. So if you get actually get direct shot to the future and obviously Portland and that makes a little bit and. You know that a team that is under achieved all year and that a little worse with their recent trade but. It's fully capable of just weapons which makes me work I don't know I don't know how their desk that cost you. But the into the game I think you've got a chance got a real chance it is probably gonna take. Considering how well then there's been playing it properly and take fifteen at least at 1617 and be in that mix. You got a real shot and make right now it would if you don't get it you've built some confidence and sort of what worked and what doesn't. But at that summer I could or would you say not even looking at the next season. And a bogey cut as mobile on board since his contract so and summer of 2018. But one Milt Laurie is rather played in Nuggets. In the pelicans that mean eight seed in the playoffs I know you'd say well award as the favorite. But come on it and you know you went out I guess there's guys are Tracy's he came in and comets is nobody want to see six and having gained series. Right they don't want. They really don't want it to be quite a banged around first I don't wanna get physically beat a high high first round at the back. And that's would be more that kind of street Denver Yokich which is just a big boy. It's a big guy but he's a more perimeter guys was below one lingered. We have some guys that can read but they're not. Classically physical and technically. They don't have the worst defense in the league right now that the second worst statistically that there actually awful. So they would. In that they'd probably rather play that or Portland to also played horrific defense. Then then have to go kind of do you what besides. And that the the challenges that this this Frontline would present them. Obviously. He's obviously Golden State say that they probably advance. But. They want it to be easy spot up so. Denver while flight I mean Portland Portland and it. It travels that it it's more travelled and would like to without incident that has certainly the team they least want. Courteous and now current now as we close to the trade deadline what what are some of the things that you your hearing there's a lot of stuff that we are hearing but what where assistants took. I guess he say something that can really make coming to fruition rather than just you know interesting hall. He's not so subtle moves in front office over there at the quit getting it occurs is probably the most certain thing on the board. There's a lot and that are interested. That Chara looked interested Washington's interest of Indiana's interest in Utah's interest in there and there's others. He did you know looking to play him like we put him in. He can give you about eighteen point game and minutes off the bench which is second unit give them some energy. He and and he's done a really great deal this year and so Lou Williams probably gets moved after that I I'm. I keep hearing you're not that he could be moved as much as you hear about I mean maybe Okafor Okafor gets moved out of with the Sixers but I. How does how does for the audio had this to the day affair from his get a hands. Wrist in the a's can't and they don't move him that's probably not. I date that well that. That Portland pulled out of that field they've actually they thought they were really close Portland Portland and it went out doing the other deal and so. They got a little stuck with it they've got to find a way to get it got way too much up front and they can't keep all of them they've got to do something it's just that right now. If I wanna big man. Two real force on the market. Quick Munro Tyson Chandler. Brook Lopez. There's so many reps at the center but I didn't get I want PJ Tucker for some of these other guys. If you wanna big. The market is so loaded that I don't have to pay that much and that's just leaving he's going out there. This summer and in the hope that the market it will. Pro basketball talk dot com everything NBA hoops and then send curt he occurred how to their bike he'd go with you on social media. Yeah I don't know I can keep it would not so. Much. But I didn't follow me on Twitter at basketball taught were so that's an NBC sports dot com. Lot of obviously what the Laker content today with them blowing up their front office two days before the trade deadline that. That's an interest in time. Yes indeed parity that goes curt thank you so much at a time. Our guard dig is in order to break CP and the timing of everything yeah not you know part of the ball again bigoted Herschel Walker question mark. Eighty was not part of the tree no he was not part of the treatment look. How AD is viewed right amongst the league in the NB in this country OK at Utah and I did things sixteen players they gave up and the peaks Herschel Walker and you quit relate to peak. The the end now and the roster size and what the pelicans gave up in what they got in return for. There's a lot of similarities you can do could get the look destruct us as a which you have on your roster. And what Easley has on their hand and you're forgetting it was an instant. Bowling with the cowgirls were gonna do right you know line there is no I would draft pick is still had to make the right pick they had and they had to develop the yes yes he later became yeah better of a trade because they won three Super Bowl exactly because they picked the right players and kind of being hall of famers but you know that at a time you unit epidemic and go on in and win and win this. Other name is as it is banned them because what Russell data is nobody would duplicate that time. But this would be to go down the biggest one in this day and time because of the way the media follows. Back and nobody cared about basketball it was one photographer at their arena the night when we attain this score more points in an 02 we'll coordinate it to our points. Don't want to talk and he body of work in and night. We talk about different date with the media that this is sports talk on their BW. And welcome back. Out to the up on the go let's go out to a mid city for the white like thank you for calling WWL. Hello Pete Carroll Bobby and need to light. And then they can match. That that we cookware out yet why I showed him I did this guy dale and I got outcome. I did it figured. Out what chop it. Everybody at the urgent national meet your name's summit write it down and lose seed David. And your career that you did well good deal in the it was only when you hit the nail. Will not come up and I'm not let up they blocked the move. Finally got a great big secret because they reward and a live duck and then there was talk Utley. Delight yet where where to talk Little League you say blockbuster right who would know what you put any better than what you do is say it yet this blog but there. Move nationwide NBA's now. Exactly and it's not our roots but it's a reward and if you wanna win out wanna make a statement. You've got to go out and not out yet get into it like that that man like that insert that chart of the players. Well I think. So I believe that that moved Pitt would do it. Well all week and B hear everybody being so I'm blonde bowl it's clear everybody here the people disagree with them about. And you don't like amateur elect W a little boy you've grown up. I heard boo because the Marlins couldn't say optima wouldn't New Orleans when there is a cute but the proximity and will be continue all. Early or not an order exactly they had to have Mardi Gras there mobile he knows a bug portable you know well is it not now eating its a coincidence. Then they'd barely. All of us and played his best volleys from mobile also. Right things. We're lucky a little acts. I think it's a great move I think that you know everything goes right it great if prepare. What state in terms of prepared to our it's the couldn't hurt would. It Chris Paul might want to act now area again two we. Where do I think at think what you hear in the great to hear from remaining come on out the inning and other a remote in place that we'll be and we love to visit with all all the locals. I think what you just talked about is not only Chris Kolb people would look at New Orleans. They know it gets rave reviews across the country I mean if you fellow final twelve Monday every organization. Sent out. Great had a great time thank you so much no thank you so much New Orleans added lip service they love being here three times in a decade. But now you've got to the best to beat Maine. On the same team and a great place the people it is not New York is not only. You're not small all the time and the people might come up to you as you how you doing you know all it. It's it's a different it's a different market here. It's gonna attract. Fall more people is part of attract even more people we would even think would be attractive to New Orleans. They wanna come here with a well and as far as Chris Paul it today it is I think. It be a win win situation because you talked about the Big Three right that I they did the only situation with Chris Paul Ryan and a winning situation would Jrue Holiday you I think either one would have I wanna see it all worked out while we ration. Man I know the suit and took a trio. I'm a dislike outlaw uncle we have we date date Debbie doubt wall comes out unless they extend his contract. Main gate gate ghost tree 'cause he embody played the game that UK now stadium bogey but to see that 10 but their hall disciples of the great John can apart. Love him hate him he can get the best talent and look around the league that is very evident this is sports talk on WW.