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Think Tank 1110am War against pipelines

Feb 23, 2017|

Are you for or against the pipeline? War against pipelines in America!  More reports of flood protection advocates, fishermen and property owners fighting pipelines from Dakota to Louisiana. Which side are you on? This hours guest: Anne Rolfes - Louisiana Bucket Brigade founding member Dr. Bob Thomas - Director of the Center of Enviornmental Communications for Loyola University

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Bird thing about it headlined as the pipeline and it's. Moved to call. Every. And it's. And audio better Craig we have see Adam. Energy friends or partners. Today. Of the same company that ruining the group perjury. All the candidates. And for. And Barbara and they want to brought some of them and about. Six miles. We're truly natural world in century. We've tried everything again via company's side alone. It is there're earnings ways so bitten. In the body it's. Second well run there a commercial. Reasons why in the during the second or does have our. Alluded to two and world leaders in the bucket brigade founding member board conduct should. I'd be liberal both Gooden in particular because we only man and acts. And I can and Indian corporate wrong Purdue history in party dues absolutely. And by news. A bit on or when gore and sorts of questions things for him. I think we're ruling fraud. A year. Peacefully and most reg yeah it's like jewel of court Wednesday. To. If you've there's nobody in the second half hour. Fooled. By the sigma. If you can talk about something. Simply. Filed complaint with the producer. And and to calm on the issue now being added. In and if you're wanted good as you go all the time in the world corrected now. I I don't say this as confrontation. Should and one. We've really tried to get boats. And it sayings and it's please. What you'd think it is unfair. Wouldn't. Yeah and. I think my point if they're on. The that we can have a great numbers ala. Good girl good two and then we have conversation that you would hang. I have filled the time I'm thinking and talking about what use at. And as I think can talk and they come to conclusions Adams it's. Just I don't see a month and could be blown wide wander over and by people all the time and you're losers on the won't give me okay. It looked like something wrong that something prominent pipelines I'm very eager to talk about. It should goods do it to them. Boobs they're talking about were true god in the Anaheim got its specifics in the Ginn. I'm gonna sound like accurate exco. Because we don't have anything on the opposition side please go ahead. The fact that they wouldn't send someone to come on radiant shadow. You know really these kids to the conceit of this company and it makes you wonder. What's gonna happen when they have an accent I don't think they're gonna be picking up the sun that are replying at that time. You Alia I agree with. When we were when we cover report states and and pieces of Texas. It is earnings and having the excuse of we have are willing to report day in the good excuse Gordon. Well and it speaks to the lack you know there if there. Excuse was that personnel. I mean I'll. Also have the personnel to take care of their infrastructure because if you look at Energy Transfer Partners and you're correct that the same company. That once they're ram a pipeline. Through North Dakota against the wishes of the people. And if you look at this company they have a terrible accident problem in 2016. They had that nine accident many of which did pollute drinking water sources. And it stay flat and that personnel if they have the right kind of company they wouldn't have them any action. Let me give real back computer order. Did any Barrymore and now. Out of this company and to play balanced accurate. Technologies deployed to do tax bills. Only accomplish a goal in 20%. In the long pipeline leaks. Would between 2002 in 2006. And tortures sings backed by a vote. He had and he has an idea that technology solves all problems in Israeli jets that sound bite. To defend themselves against something that's indefensible because it. I'd be a while you'll whether it's gas. Coal oil. There is an inherent accident ripped up an example let's look at gas pipeline explosion in parody get in on February night. That pipeline from my reading of news accounts did happen technology where they could shut off. The gas flow and yet it still burned for well I think it was four days from third and Monday I mean. This nonsense. You know at this is that they're very dangerous industry and the fact is that there are alternatives and what are they ought to be doing. Quit subsidizing dirty projects and dangerous projects like kill workers and said pivot to renewable. Then you have hundreds of people there and support your project. And if we win we go live Linda plea deal. We'll we'll look at renewal when we look at solar here it's good wind. I don't think so much. End and we discard you when it's rainy. Is is alternative energy for Louisiana really viable. You also and let's look at the subsidies that industry get you know their math as Energy Transfer Partners not as significant subsidy in the hundreds of millions of dollars or plant totally Charles. And it gave it to the safe industry. Thank you would see law and I mean in November. Exxon workers were burned sent to the burned. In. In just in February. You had parity workers who were sent to the burn unit one was killed. And January when action reports. Workers had to jump off the platform off of an outrage in order to save themselves from action that I mean. When these people walk out the door there family down they're gonna come back home. At all or they're gonna come back I'm terribly burned there is no. Reason for this and it really and it and talk about simply a corrupt system that that is propping up. A corrupt. Industry. Or a live let me take a break we'll come back and do drugs that. Target and then brawl in Louisiana bucket brigade founding member. Number of bird doctor about a pipeline run by the same people who lived on the Dakota blah blah and and they won't rescinded a 106 month olds virtually across Louisiana roots from late Charles's saint James. What do you think. 2001. Aide somebody's double via. Our birthing at about the same company. That is doing the controversy you did to code pipeline and no more to build deploy a blow over 150 mile and sub. Louisiana and then proved house. Couldn't get PR company known columnist and we do have and roll shall resume book it reviewed founding member. And before we go to call words. You said you wanted to point something out. Oh yes at public hearings about this about the pipeline there had been too. What's been really disheartening is that you've had elected officials. You have received campaign contributions from the oil industry you'd pat Mary Landry who is now paid lobbyist. All of these paid people paid by the industry at that a people should be representing they've set up and said rob rob pipeline and yet you'd had hundreds of ordinary people. Crockett term retired people students. There to say we don't what these pipeline and it said it's just your. Stereo typical situation of raw power and money winning out so far the best interest of the people. Yeah did you don't report that called nude dude there's show talks about aid to lady. Paul little emperor 86 acre plot. When she'd Terkel hard look at their whole bunch I've blown. Crossing. And there was Energy Transfer Partners. Wanted to book cook put video Kabul were innocent and she said of them won't want them I'm sure drew upon true. Already blogging arm property. So she's said and I won't have Arnold who endured she had to go to cordon as she says I'm a Breivik. I don't have the money into platinum so. Regardless of who's right. Delusional per action in office. Really doesn't have the wherewithal. To apply for bare aside do that. Well we we're working on right I mean. Even they're really in the paper oil industry I mean. You know they they want if they come on a radius should. That in the article talked about what they're doing it they're using reasonably negotiate with a single mom land where you know. Again what you. Promised to use that term cold shoulder. We do not need that pipeline expert exports. And it the oil industry in this state cared so much about jobs that would stop laying people off because they do when profit dipped a bit. Lay people off. And that would put men and women at work today fixing their current related. Rusty dilapidated. Broken down pipelines as well at 27000. Abandoned oil well it got in the Gulf of Mexico this does this situation. And there's no way back and company should be able to build another pipeline and the state. Ari do you do will move and we go to video loops. With the caller is could Berrian Covington. Iran withdraw and roll. It's. He has a question. What we did a confrontational. Rhetoric question there. The validity. What. What if your idea of alternative. Operating. On them that Sherry mail towards your idea war. Day ultra to admit that it transport and. Luka early on we got a question who were so. There confrontational to really discuss that issue I think we need these conversations. We do not need that pipeline. This energy this. Is for sport I think it's very important I understand that you look through Energy Transfer Partners information. Acknowledgment that it is for export at out of the country and so. The big call this matter and energy security. We got. Right that we could have an aid equipment but this energy behind. Solar and wind power I think you'd agree dairy that jobs that are say. Are really good job. Barry Q and Canadiens to question. Org and and keep in line. Prologue. A gruel and you know are working I work. There ago mine my dead. Rubbed bronze about. Driller. Children dependable thing though I hold my young life. To loan company but. President from they have won the gold the major leagues at his platform and Brandon. Was to save the cold industry. What part of the group and then from this company is. This is ruined dues. Energy from porn comfort but eliminate dirty energy. So. By increasing. Natural gaps which morally or utilities are turning to. Doing not heard the very people that put pro and office. But. Probable additional extra work. Oh great I'm I mean. It's. It's a situation that I mean these the price used to date a little bit wobbly oil copper. And epic you know. It's wall streeters as speculators as part of war. A better I gotta cut a deal would get short. Of the courts and I. By doing. He heard what trumps you can do now. Everything I read it is 62. Miles of pipelines and in this state. As a hundred do you don't succeed miles. Wearing god. I'd eking. Its board 27000. And in prisons for in the Google. The team that. Great question and the answer is. That we've got to give it some time and now at the moment I mean. At some point they make a decision army unit continued down payment or rent or is this going to be the mountain is this. The moment when we change things and this can be by saying and a bye rich pipeline. Thousands of people across the state have parties that and a pat attended hearings and said that this isn't the you know when I'm at these rallies in these hearings into the biggest fears that people yet is when they speak about pursuing renewable energy because there's a lot. A promise and that. Are we wind and and solar. Me germ. Of the biggest one all in the whole world. News is going to sell open energy to other countries that hurting their utilities. Because it is not working it. Or is that. Actually on on. On. Well everything. There utilities can't handle it. They sell all of your utility companies. And cheaper rates which reduces there prop for what we have Barbara do we really sound didn't win in this state. 22 hours later and wondered. Describe isn't beautiful problem they have so much energy and it driving the price down Garland had to get the heart of the matter. We haven't done and we cabinet went in this state. And what does it mean it means it would drive the price down. For two or we'd of people and that's why we have a conflict because there's not much profit there for the oil industry and for the politicians that they pay off. That is the only reason we're even considering it. Silly. That un necessary pipeline because that few people are getting rid of that including politicians like Mary Landers garbage on there. It's not right and at the moment that we. And well it's a plea deal does and I think you'd turn that row legal fees and appreciated that time low in. June. Uighurs. I'm sure you'd think about where Gibbs go put out there truly appreciated. Oh David don't go wayward one month of people who own doctor Bob Thomas. Characters in there. Environment computing communications. And blow it don't Mets. Our Gurode thinking about drug pipeline. And then if I'm correct its us. Seeing company and its involved in the conference you'll dip quota pipeline. And look look upon no mood it's think Tim and build a pipeline and crawled salt and Louisiana from 106 tomorrow it's. Which really controlled in saint James and we were not able to get him on the air. There was drew response was we have earnings report dame wiggle boom we can do or. Upsurge of few words let's let's roll in April. Commercial. That we have been rock. New jobs new infrastructure for Louisiana by Louisiana. And by you breach pipeline is a shovel ready project jobs it will create 2500 construction jobs and many more in manufacturing and taxes it would generate seventeen point six million in sales tax revenue during construction. At one point eight million. And property tax revenue its first year. And these new works for Louisiana and its contractors suppliers and small businesses 100% of the pike was made here in Louisiana. The pipeline will be good safely to meets or exceeds all federal state and local environmental and safety standards bodies all led reefs fly. Because activists and agitators wanna stop the project for receiving a fair review and approval you have a chance to show your support for Louisiana jobs and it. Energy come to the assumption parish community center in the podium deal on February 8 at 6 PM stand up for jobs and energy. Here are paid for by the W bridge pipeline LLC. Our advance Robert talked a bomb we have dog bot Tom where is director of sender of the environmental communications. Or laurel university doctoral what do you think Twilley 500 new jobs seventeen. Point six million dollars in taxes. One point eight billion in property taxes should judge in the first year. And impugn your regulations. Are gonna keep on strike. But that's. Well that's wonderful and and at a perfect world absolutely. Indoor kind of endeavors and and we have always. Be mindful to endorse anything as good for the economy and jobs for people so that. People can live better lives and and have more access to all the things that. It would call the American dream. But but as in all things when you're talking about pipelines these days. Especially post BP. You were very concerned about about spill leak it is and vulnerability and that sort of thing and I mean even right in the middle. Of that discussion a couple of weeks ago we had that big. Leak that turned handle big tar ball. In saint Charles. And really Wendell discussion about except from the activists. Who were that this underscores our concern. But they're so full orders and you convicted league food you can resurgent. They don't they really seem like one of the few news beaten. I've played corporations whatever. That just give me the news. They did an analysis. Of data. From yours pipeline and hazardous amateur rules say the administration. And some partisan. Only accomplish that goal in 20%. Of no pipeline leaks. Between 20102016. Dual goal weight coming right back board doctor Bob Thomas lord rule the universe today. And joke and David statements. Early limited time everything good about Ty Blanton. About a hundred printer models crawled to museums same company did the country tour is doing. Same conference you'll do corporal pipeline project. End is always assumed the time of doctor Bob Thomas director. Of communications. At lawyer or and then doctrine general mining limited guru or Joseph or Joseph your own doctor Bob Thompson's. Paid on. And my question is that you know Lee I'll be you know is pipeline be despite that Soviet. But we need to know that that mentions of the bride. It's flexible. In the apple on it may lead out there and aluminum stainless steel and it's going to be shipped on the ground is going to be and the ground all right my at least 200 feet up well by having coating that. Shall call. Aren't good at court T strode to Bob believe we have any idea of being the and a. Well unfortunately I can't answer all the questions but he's really Smart ass come and and I think they've been covered in the public hearings I believe. That they have talked about that and there's got to be paperwork filed with the state could explain all of that there's so that's something we need to look at which which records speak to that. So immediately you're if you're radio talk show you wouldn't all those answers I don't know I don't know nor everything to lose coded there in the in Dallas. Then your own web doctor Tom it's. Other department admiral Allen I'm just couldn't control line or the program director of Richard tetra local. Common law. Well one thing out there that have report content and forestry strategy transfer partners. And I'm sure you're aware or perhaps a former governor Rick Perry is on the board which. Energy Transfer Partners and he is the current. And to secure a police. And and solid a couple of compare to but for others to problem. As soon as we know resign. All of American do you think that it's not. But the residual limb here it's got to go up you're like you're just one. And that their political. News and it's Tupelo focusing in on him come no impact of the pipeline. Alone in the look upon them on the court is now a little bit. Our lives out of him in particular shot. Our ultimate deterrent distinction that the company voters perhaps undue influence him negative residual. In the Department of Energy. Yeah and all of the image of look were short on time but thank you two really good talking Clarkson doctored. Well that's always. Concern when these major major mega project projects are going on about. Has been sitting where is the influence. Who's behind it it's it's normal. That in big job producing. Projects like this that. Elected officials and the land them behind it on its side because. Because they're concerned about jobs and the tax bases and all the economic side and it. And and there's always a lot of people that are willing to convince people that don't know much about issues. That other part its say and a and that's that's sort of the issue here is that. We're being assured that this is completely safe but the reality is that there are leaks all the time. And a Major League across itself alive could do incredible damage to our. Are one of our most beautiful conservation areas of the state now but saying that that that means that. I am not. I don't have a knee jerk reaction against. Projects like this but what it it it's signals committee again it's timing is everything. And we've just come off just a few years back. BP which in and they XL pipeline. Discussion and fight then that. The North Dakota and now this one company and people are hypersensitive. To major oil pipelines at the moment. And there are a variety of reasons part of it is yes yes yes. There are activist who just hate fossil fuel and they're gonna fight everything has to do that fossil fuels is no doubt about that. That that game isn't play. But there are also. A host of rational citizens. Who have very grave concerns because of the things that they continually read. And the fact that they see the weaknesses in the in the security issues. Now the pipeline people love to argue that this is the safest way to move oil. And and and you know I think statistically it probably yes. We don't need this moving down highways. Trains are moving and so much of it now and pipelines are something that we feel roughly comfortable with it. In Louisiana. But but in essence that's just. That's just looking at the tip of the needle. What what a lot of the people who are very concerned about this are concerned about. It's not a pipeline. They're concerned about the direction that our nation does go in with energy. And the fact that we can't keep emphasizing. The use of fossil fuel. And work that we don't battles seem much emphasis on sustainable. Energy down the road. And I think anybody is rational logical of those at some point we've got to make that move we talk about this additional time. We don't wanna be behind. Other countries that are competitive with on sustainable energy or they'll wraparound decks. And so ever that you've built in the pipeline. You're just fighting another way to move oil and you're taken the attention of sustainability. Road runner out John Barrymore and Brad Jones club worth thinking about doing some live broadcasts. Prone like classes like cures. I really loved his younger generation. Love to come in just raw pew. A lot to do it. But this is a tough topic and there a lot of listeners out there that are very pro that pipeline and into that pipeline. This is something we need to dig into them work on. If it files that company Mumford and I would be sitting down with the opposite and seeing if there's a bit middle ground. Our board and we're gonna come to an album deal people think always a pleasure thank you Brett called. I. Already covered I'm Greg once again ended because. President trump. Change your agenda. Illegal immigrants. The headline I love looking at anybody and anybody who were about where its pay birds you war Al Betancourt and three. Is our bride. Old dog to immigration. Tourney and take troop call it's. Governor Abdel brigade 78 M 1053. FM Garland Robinette a book that we call it to. The think tank.