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2-23 6pm Bobby & Deke: on DeMarcus Cousins debuting with the Pelicans

Feb 24, 2017|

Bobby & Deke break down what to expect tonight from the new-look Pelicans with Jake Madison of BourbonStreetShots.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

LSU baseball coach common area joining us and a few moments as a tags it's a day and attain Manning this weekend and a box stadium. Operated jaguar opinion pro do you think the addition of the Marcus Cousin will eventually. Lead the pelicans to the in NBA finals when they in the future cast a vote online at WW dot com get exit the through College Baseball to the mix also NFL com bank exits thought. By the end of the week in players report all the next week in Indianapolis. And of course token of a basketball college basketball you and coach and the lack of some top seed in the south when congress tournament tonight at home at Lakefront arena. And we were talking about more of the Ole miss situation unfolding in Oxford about the Ole miss football program. As we promised the concluding get a good connection let's go back to the funds ball mark in mentoring on one. Where exactly did you come Wednesday evening with Oakland. Yes you may not playing Mike D'Antoni needs me to believe this is the inside guy he got some good good for me. In my reason to call myself on well first the law won a very up front that I love me some LSU Tigers are went to LSU I graduated from LSU. A lot on the depth. But I really think that what happened Ole miss as terrible as it is. I'd be willing to bet that every major college program in the country including my beloved Tigers. There's money being funneled to players someway I'll. Lance has Somalia had dealt dad's yeah it's in the clubs for you you're not a good Ole miss who got got caught their hand in the cookie jaw. I just wish they could really clean up all the college sport I think they're making. Them an example for the rest of the programs yet. I have a feeling that it's just like a little flap on there Hairston is going to be on Faldo left and right all over the place long at college orchard me bigot it is. Yeah because LA product of fun while it got so big. Recently. Major college football the pot or five conferences. It's like professional sports. Amid all of of the NFL the money and bow. Out there and you know you look back in the day. Back Jackie Sharon August 83 decades ago afforded it's a party thirty years ago. Yeah yeah shady stuff going on but the money that's involved today in its unbelievable. To assault batter delighted to be whenever. It's judge big bend is that you gonna have a shady doings and I mean edges. I graduated. He swap column it felt responsible because our NCAA sport is really. One of the most corrupt things and I'm sorry say it because I know you used on him and right and it's a terrible. Anyway I could pick Michael. I paused while I appreciate toothpicks so when it's in his it takes the game going to be televised night yes fox sports New Orleans is the home. For LSU for a few you know a few pelican pelicans basketball and it's on off the monarch than though its owner DirecTV and charter. And Cox and I'm pretty shoots on these two definitely would be indicated in the year. TV team is David Wesley. And also it is Joseph Morris chairman chairman thank you for calling WW Rio. Are going to be in Ireland I'm. I'd like to note you go out and all of depiction of the Alabama recruit driving. Vehicles in. Succession. And Alabama. In that you. Dog Ella is good I'd being your best you can't beat Duke yet yeah yeah I Teddy got to prove it in LA times in my he's turned in Essen and seeing acts they don't price yeah yeah that you can't be like well I heard this I heard that are yet this that you got to. A written yet complain. Surely your intentions of recruiting issue. It Jericho sport coat there. It. In the picture. On in. And out. More. And other student of order. Well law you sir Trevor Louisville you know they're half as other program they had to submit a complete an Irish ever at some might come about a bad about that down the road. You know so I mean at that we do drew you to roof on that that's with him and you renouncing anything good or wrong or violation handing. The NCA eggs on reported complaint says so so not alone not on faced a liar all of a sudden. Those Alabama's such have a whole Monroe Louisiana. Novelist and as as Monroe Louisiana part of Alabama may make your tail with the prestige of Alabama program. And Nick Saban I'm not that and I eve. To believe that. The LSU baseball tiger is fresh off a victory over Hofstra getting set for a beat Joseph this weekend Manning comes in. From the big team coach domineering coach Jeff is the SEC schedule there's voter where it is and now you bring in a ballclub. You know not knowing much about them on the outside but as a couple of names I heard coach I'm an area. Of teens and expected to do really well this year one with West Virginia and the other one was maravent. Well let's say Maryland it's a very very very good baseball team. If you look at all the pre season polls value he barely and it can set up what are your side being the pick it would take care. They'd they'd been in two super regional recently picked out and fourteen into the open it. And they were one win away it felt he opened fourteen. They've got a player on their team that are highly touted with the threat they're. They're short that kept their I think he might have been let it without any prospect indicate but he expected date. I. What Reggie an all American by your starting pitcher returning that it very formidable about it it in the week. I know our players are excited about it at that feel like inept. By a pretty high quality on a QB heading into the puck. Now I've coached an area I know it's a young season. But obviously it didn't seem like he's affected by his his injury. Whenever you get. Basically bashed in the face look at it Greg Guyton third who'll run of this young season. And I'll just reading on eyewitness that did 486. Foot bomb. And and you look let's exits in the season at five have gone for extra bases it does seem like that diamonds is affected by the injury. Track I would. I would say it's pretty accurate yet to hear that yet either. Took a fastball and a state considered by certainly too little people opening day brokered. Cheekbone and tree like that. Had surgery on Thursday morning it's back out at practice that we're in the afternoon fall flat. Media. I get him but yet when they're at it on Thursday we edit it is it like pitching hurt signing. And then at Pittsburgh at bat. In net the regular seat and he hit that hole well and the next day it's. A line drive it to keep the way it. That. With about a letter or eat out there are expected a lot but he. Basically what it did it open yet. He put the ball at their. It at the there by ear and oak at the bigger so I get I would say it yet the pit at the injury. Give very great human being at. Look the play. That good at that orchestrate it that the better pitcher than we get in so everybody at the shadow. Yeah it's very look get a day one the wind over Hofstra. And now looking at right handers that has totally with the wind and his first career start. The talk about the challenges all of a sudden you know I'll watch it on and off on TV that I L issue you know you know game. And then now all of a sudden I'll she's gonna wind is and then all of a sudden it changed determine what. Well what the hell just happened to looking at the score. And all of a sudden you blow a five run lead now it was 118 loss to UN Nolan. You relieve his what LSU really disallowed two hits and one earned run. In four innings and I'm looking at the bullpen. Talk about the challenges and trying to get experience. For you hope pitching staff when you play those mid week games and all of a sudden. You know allows him like a better ballclub that was in the ball well and it tagged the pitching. Well I think a lot of the credit to give you an they've got to bury it hitting team like management jobs with them. They're very expressive than what we've made in the it is this the are starting pitcher is really great job or anything. He threw first pitch strike that fifteen of the seventeen batters that day in Iraq but the but fortunate the next pre reliever brought in that period and look look at that all of the I didn't think out. And then when they get two strikes on and they didn't put away so. The last two relievers that are well. We played a game. In an air anyway effort to any it's there and hit the sixth inning and again it like that you know they were and Brian. In humidity. Will get to the late inning we could debate it's been a person did it two out. Beautiful face it but it is to Artest or are rather it was the basis but we sent the deepest part of the field that caught up against the wall. It a few feet short period of you know vocal. You know they get a little bit of luck in and yet again. Give credit due to go but it went there and but you know we played well we know yet to find out about some guys to. That picture one bit terrible at sports that they they get it do its job to. I eat you know they can do it if the opportunity. Though that is what the early lead in game board. And trying to courtship on being here and there you know nobody likes to lose certainly not any. But you gotta find out that your team so that as the season wears on you know which guys really count on it crouched. And as you baseball coach culminated a 41 tiger is entertaining manner and this week can't commitment there thank you so much that damn good luck. A's coach all right and all indicate he came by being bandied going to be a big night in the big east tonight. Crews are running up downtown at being the obviously the crew muses that has become one of the most popular ones that is taken place in the Big Easy night Rowling's one of the biggest parades in the Big Easy. The pelicans aren't now on the debut with DeMarcus Cousins that thirty minutes away in any Davis. The you know privateers and down Jana so for the top spots in the Southland Conference tournament a lot of excitement going on his College Baseball. And yes it's a big when the Super Bowl win NASCAR's Daytona Beriault. Master TM will be in the house to give us the update today and the mark is a sports talk on WW. Pot call about me of the day what would take all of neighbor person we text from him you can takes the city Sam gates and you never know. When you gonna get a call from Bobby in deacon studio we picked up cowards they always call Eric. It Bobby isn't both and he's from McComb Mississippi. A graduate of in the eight Haskins. McComb high school one of the proud Tigers city was part of a state championship team with McComb and he's a big. Fan college sports pro sports and we take he had report and a good text us today about. Violations and how football recruiting is a pretty much and this stuff kind of goes universal were big time college football. And now we appreciative of his text and all the youth as well so Erik thank you so much spoke calling you know takes new show. And you never know when you could be the one that picks up a call from Bobby and how we pick up the phone. Recall from the studio three or four times a week so eastern Texas and 878 cents to yet to comment update. The Hornets are hornet the pelicans always with Terrence Jones and had a ten day contract addition. That many up the first of CBS news update. Yeah starting out and I threw the kings soda Jrue Holiday Solomon here it's on Moya DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis all the five could be the new look five the pelicans. Moving forward on to coach. Gentry Jazz to a switch things up joining us now Jake Madison of Burma street shots dot com. Jacque it's an exciting it. Vlad in these CDs that I have never fail before even the year when we went to the Western Conference semi finals in game seven is just a different type of excitement here now and one and I think the city appreciates and are you think this is the start of something good move forward. Oh you can you can. You could hear him right now might now they start again package Bears cause there's been by the city and he could eat it more so than when the playoffs a couple of years ago you haven't had this much excitement. In the team drafted Anthony Davidson built them both Ortiz choked. Basketball and all of a sudden you know artistry in the world and obstructed view during Marty even. And Jake you look at their opponent tonight and and Ramallah and a better teams in the west that commons that being the Houston Rockets and does this he may come into play on this is like almost a different scenario different season. When the last play win with the Rockets at an NBA Iraqi what three point attempts and they made and made three pointers where about this a misprint shooting 61 and made 24. It really blew out of the Appel against obviously. The book because committed town it is different but. It says that tough match up of what. The delegates wanted to do arts. A two headed coin where it's all still tough for the Rockets are they gonna play defense. Particularly McCormick should be the ideal matchup for the public interest this first game with a happy gave it to market a pairing like you said the rocket at a record when they made. Board needs 33 pointers attempted. And while negated the DiMarco I can certainly get out on the triggered depend Alou when they need Q did you come down to Jrue Holiday Solomon Hill. And all the sudden after the trade department there a little light on winged but he could be in some trouble tonight but on the by the you. You didn't now that you come in with an entirely different defensive game plan they're not really sure what they're gonna achieve without the market Clinton and Anthony gave it to the Falcons shouldn't have any problem corn court and I did. Can they withstand the shooting in the carpet three point barrage they're gonna heat from the rocket. To date Jake at a team party ways waving Terrence Jones who seemingly was pretty consistent. Throughout this season at 51 games and only had twelve thought he was a double digit gap about six rebounds. A block and gain any average about 25 minutes and was a one of those Kentucky products. But they wind that waiving him the rosters now at thirteen and they wind up also signing Hollis Thompson to a year. Ten day contract and to push the roster back up to fourteen your thoughts on the transaction. You know with Terrence Jones it's a bit of an unfortunate situation that they Hagerty is pitching that they wanted to be right by him he came into the year. Kind of below market contract form he had larger deals elsewhere he wanted to come in proved that he was solid NBA player earned a bigger contract that he's in. And then with the market garden comedian now Agee with Heatley and he's pretty excited to wave and shoot it next destination. I can't jump and the market currently share the same agent visit by the team a lot of good will. Are they do it but I'll talk to Bedard. You're a ten day contract she's strong when it comes to shooting from the perimeter he's 39%. Career three point shooter out of a state record and a little bit of yet they do you have that open roster spot but named Dave Reid most recently been accused veteran point guard Jarrett Jack. I've been with the team look for a I think they wanna bring into that steady locker room threatened them better in the world really seen much playing time but can have a positive influence on the market company is known for having a bit of a fiery temper. Now Jake I know you know NBA history so when you look at notable front court duels in NBA history. Going back though Wilt Chamberlain Elgin Baylor back with the Lakers and the became Olajuwon Ralph Sam symbols of Malone tells partly. Larry Johnson Alonzo Mourning and then obviously at Twin Towers Tim Duncan and David Robinson able. To win a two NBA titles together who would you compare no we haven't seen him but as far as. Maybe expectations if you look at their crystal ball who did they remind you of our RRD that unique dad being a DeMarcus Cousins in AD. You know I really don't think there's one you can really compare to all that well you know obviously evenly you any of these and you don't euros is a tremendous accomplishment it'd have dealt with that some of the best all time. But the market where they've been needed for such. First child big men I've that you didn't cheater that kind of you guys you know to market cousins just need six more three corners are good buddies you this heated and when he gave as far as range from three point is well and DeMarco almost averaging he's averaging four point nine almost August to regain the very strong passing big man they're just. There you need big uniqueness. Shuttle out and play quite well. Outwit each other they kind of play off each other it's going to be really interesting if he were a duo and top rank in all I'm gonna come the big man there. Now OJ got I trudge your opinion because you live and breathe NBA basketball and is Percival whose team the pelicans. When you look at obviously all the pieces in place. And now was going to be asked as far as the object to to lead him. Do you think coach gentry had that I'll understand how to utilize the talent. Or would this team or if you had a coach like money Williams with a half court game but it just talk about. To me depression is on Alvin Gentry now to produce as the coach would do all this talent. You know I. They'll be just buying. Gentry. That the genius at each eagle there career he's played slower opted to go with you big man he was via. Think it would be that it accurate the opposite the coordinator but a lot Clippers a couple of years ago where did you Audrey Jordan. And Blake Griffin broker that all of our big man. Slower the way and even in Phoenix when Amare Stoudemire. He paired in the art indoor rock and in the western corporate line or you know it you big man I hate you know there's. Currently experimenting going on. Over the 25 games or so I think you'll find the right role and right combination of the two guys that the couple run with a potent team. Solomon here or eat some more DeMarcus Cousins and the day was the starting five and you're seeing the impact Jake a damn abort. And good thing that you know. I don't know if it was a damn the situation but what I understand it they were parting ways of one of the younger prospects Indiana was ready to quoted triggered a Sam Paul George there. That would have been something that would have been a power move to kind of beef up their playoff run. Obviously we saw Dallas they try to get more and make a move Bogut who's more of a you know a stand steal some not as many. But they bring their lives Noel in there Roy Hibbert goes to Denver so the move that the delegates made profit of the team to make moves as well. Here it was a predominant ball at the trade deadline didn't on Sunday at the all star game but it really forced a lot of other teams and you know doubt want to try to get into the playoffs this year they you. Go entrepreneur and do well in a reactionary move because they still by the palate and white this year. I think think they're actually in Denver or the eight feet Denver food it was looking to try to make a glass because they're worried about the pelicans breathing down their neck and don't forget. The Falcons are only human impact of the nugget the heat right now. But they have the pregame. To play against them each one of those is going to be a playoff game so good about it done early. Getting it done for cheap. Importing other teams to kind of react to it and that's not on the volley on whether on the court or you would become the player personnel. Absolutely but she shot dot com leaving Calgary need to market hasn't strayed. In every angle imaginable and now he pit stop and eat and what his next contract to be looking like what the salary cap situation we've got you covered. Everything on there on top of the wac on how to podcast become you five days a week I'm not tomorrow have a recap of the game tell you exactly how well the market and lately it rightly didn't teach you well and are all the other things follow me on Twitter at Norwood Jake. About Jake last thing the Jarrett Jack argument in his name was the status of them. Nothing at that they're gonna bring him in the sport work out there coming weeks. I don't expect either Iguodala on the roster I think it's more just sort of better and president he would bring to the chaebol. I don't think he'd he must claimed some I think that is want someone there to try and he'd been on the market and he November. If it temper and attitude and all the technical well to government calming influence at that they put the puck and it looked into Buick a picture Jack. Jake Madison and Nolan Jake on it to a Burma street just sack on Jake good stuff as always. Thank you so much momentum now how many more subscribers up pick up this week imagine bidders had to be pretty good three cone. They had hit and it's been very busy so Little League winners from blog up for it a lot of fun at the good time to be at Taloqan. No doubt about it let's hope that that's all ride his wave of momentum Jake medicine beverage the shots that count Jake thank you so much that helped. I'll write these Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia we will continue his sports don't Oakland WW. And welcome back. Next hour and now we'll visit with coach Mike Newell of Baylor University topped him program their ranks seventh in the nation. With one regular season games left tried to make a run their best ranking in seventeen years. A sixteen years is it trying to make a run in the inning I turn in the beginning and expected to Gulf Coast athletic conference. Championship turned also Bobby the Super Bowl a nest call they encounter at Atlanta today were a little eat. Take the title this year and rattle off into the sunset that's what he plans on Doherty said if he wins the title. He will call it quits it will be. Him take on that team Jennings will be were just to be with our NASCAR of day to borrow today and tomorrow on Daytona 500 and elevate yet to come here it big. Nobody gave you some you know wait that is on our. But obviously it is now obviously this is a little tidbit. Budapest Budapest Hungary do you withdraw. We have on us are confident at the Olympics so -- and his team that I thought Paris I was looking to forward to going over and yet would have passed I want a bit -- to he's not moving him to pin because a million his total immunity. Until in the hunt country via the timid at times but Budapest where was gained has gone from them anyway town as a Mongolia and days among well yeah we knew him -- nation in that Congo and yes says ideas we begin at one Kolb. You know among Eagles management the Laguna it. And I am hungry and a Budapest. They stand they would draw their name. On their bid to hold the 2000. 24. So Olympics is said now only it's Los Angeles are Paris in the race man maybe some so big. So that would be great 2024. Yet so that would be one that would be 24 into that disorder for years since 84 man here right yeah as in the Los Angeles and he has a bad play because time flies remembered I tell you. I am. When LA when the Olympics and LA. In 84. I was the United States football league this season orchestra you about it made the LA coliseum the football field that was the bands grads. Surfers ever. The guy was stretching Ellis rolling around like little kid to grass felt so good. Many of again it ready right before the Olympic he was smoke and I don't mean yeah used to go to LA have played Ron Amadon. Ron Amadon of organizing LA expressed an expert at the downs here and act 184 Olympics is kind of there's like Detroit Lions. Amendment is Alice yes it over to blue and in the black trim yeah kind of a more more like at Detroit. Cowgirl. Thing main Medigap. -- he is that they Jimmy I would say LA might be the front room because their fortieth anniversary you know what it would afford you know that's completed the eight time. And that you did 23 to 24. That would also be the time and it ain't. New Orleans at to a game now eleven to mobile on to the Super Bowl yeah this dead that's where things so. The caller that time they will be here before you know it we could be. Talking about those two oval here in New Orleans and l.'s sold Olympics in the United States. It sounds an island and I success that was. It when Moses Carl Lewis tech Joan cursor Olympics at any useful in LA when the USA track and the routine means in limited so inept that famous Odyssey Olympics right before Berlin and they'll do with Hitler when they had. Or that Germany was in Paris on Wednesday night. Was it 28 to 32 Z in Paris France wanna say you know one of those years in the third in. He's 32 with 360. Not 36 as a hitless in again aren't as the one when. When that this Renner in. The taking over here yet three on Yahoo!. One of the greatest champions and lacking things he has to that's when that he was shocked when I do as old Jesse college as he did an immediate area here I was so pissed off yeah. It take your month of the league is that you in him in in DC only smoke. Smoked them dollars you got to make it you know you know me anybody keeps up with if you watch the History Channel. There's always sentinel about dictator it's a dictatorship in in the zone my mom a lot of my mom and jail time. But he he does on the military here you thought date you know eight he had fuel to the ultimate soldier and the ultimate athlete. I don't and they use medicine and come out like they were before Thomas steroid and doping he was that the follow of doping as follows at beat Tito he BO. Next mailing you don't build the ultimate and meet. And he thought no way no one was going to be everyday out Ron Al Jon do you the Germans in mobile though Jason only smoked them all in a contest. That was a great now with 36 right gallery in 1936 Timberland Hamburg in Germany that's right all right still yet to come Wal-Mart how I don't know hoops and baseball and of basketball and move the ball on WW and NASCAR.