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2-23 7pm Bobby & Deke: on Dillard hoops and NASCAR

Feb 24, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with DIllard basketball coach Mike Newell, then get a NASCAR update from Tim Zimmer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Really don't do my best pay attention to the rest of the show is about and I doubt one I glued on everything we are working on and wind blew on the start of the panels and act tonight at smoothie king center. As a his first shot as a pelican it drains it and he cousins in the annals of early. To Neil that I could jam packed during about it a sellout crowd tonight is leaking some. Well the this though we need I mean me. I know we will embrace the New Orleans pelicans in basketball and I and I said this. Whether it's LSU. What this Tulane Fogelman arena. You know whatever if you put a consistent winner in basketball and they will come mr. right. And I think if we have if we can give the fans hope and they feel like we legit and who could play with the best. Then they could be good. Middle of the week it did Tuesday night Wednesday night whatever nudges the weekend game. Ed B well builders who became arena so I'm optimistic going Florida I'm fired up. They got on November to lead us to show how much I'm a basketball fan and not again this free. I paid far near I had Atlanta Hawks tickets he bobbled tell you as a Niekro had domino this man is Danny Manning nearly did. You said in good sees the submit all year and they will win they were winning. Big no no odd man out and out here they were the two seed Iowa the veritable assuming Manny thought they were the one seed in mixed I want to win in the conference finals are you being Indiana instead of Iowa as an front row but I'll like third rules on the you're right there I was right there and begin Al wanna say. I think I had them five years. It went sixes in a 45 years. Take it you know to ride in Vietnam America's. And I thought it was agreed atmosphere and Utley historic before. Dole is way in two girls two volleys and the girls were all that the girls that will become the basketball game in less. Like that makes our was like a big time game. And they would notice us share. Our. Andrei three was it at 806000. Years ago was showing up and who is the one that was Glenallen did Janet Jackson remainder Jerry Dupree Jim main do three yes that's episode and that. They Islam does seem. Who regained it posted on here and you know they won't have I don't know I crusty man bra right deceive the ones that come into the game so yeah I'm. I'm big on it be great for new all of that. Blog the pelicans and truly establish something in. And they would that be a big feather. In in the dancing cat. A few hours ownership you know of the Saints. Can also and turn things around in the pelicans. To have. Very competitive NFL and NBA team wears the pants and a hold that view. Have a chance to win some operated debt whopping you vote do you think the addition of the Marcus Cubs and will help to lead to pelicans to Indy in BA finals 30% are you saying absolutely. 40% are you saying we'll see in Tony 2% a saint or Ukraine by Fritz and you raise. You can vote online at WW a deck I'm still yet to come we're going to be as it would go. Men's basketball coach Mike knew these blue that was a critical road next week taken to remove in this season. Finale before they get to the Gulf Coast at their conference tournament were there will be the top seed order soda the conference. And the attack on two in balk and Bob Bob when I look at the NAI top 25 is loaded with Louisiana town including the number one team in the country. And they've been IRL history Alexander they are number one LSU Shreveport is ranked in the top Wales they were Lance pulled us out there with the ability is at number seven. So a lot of power the day so we got pretty good basketball right in the and I level the throw even though in the air and you throw obviously was Janet K yeah so those are the top teams as far as basketball is concerned you know about putting it too but we will on the costs. A week ago. Of saint perhaps the from a standpoint other than Buster Douglas. It's huge monumental win over Mike Tyson. The Super Bowl three which with -- we dubbed the first Super Bowl game in which the nineteen and a half on the dog New York Jets beat the being heavily favored Baltimore Colts. Indiana with a on the miracle on ice which and that should it was a land Campbell or Thomas amateurs taken all pros. It would've been the greatest jobs in sports history. Tuna he lost by three. Like you girls hate her and embody other thing games in which states that lost in the last I would say five seasons. It was the closest we in UConn his hated. In almost a decade. They when they win they don't win by four fives and has always had they get a win and I doubled to deep left like sixteen is there anything to doing six victories sixty in the way that a shot that both the title. Moya had a bad thereby make history and you look the league what was their winning streak like when the hit a hundred now we know how I want you know we've talked about it quite a week ago week and a half ago yeah but they're going to bring this of also since we talked about the pelicans and obviously they kick it off tonight. We cousins on board against the Rockets. You look at the highest points per game. At that time of a mid season trade is as NBA history now. And then this is they went on I was reading this a minimum of five games into the season look at the category. That they put a bogey cousins DeMarcus Cousins in you know he's averaged right at 28 points. A game. Okay. Is he going way back to even the mid sixties. This happened win. The Warriors will Chamberlain. Who was average in 39 points a game in 6465. Went to the 76ers. Several sort of Wilt Chamberlain. The next one. 78 this every night begun though you know this when. Went from the Knicks. To the Celtics Bob Mack could do. Was average in 27. Points a game night and the next one. And 20067. AI. Allen Iverson is averaging 31 point two game lead in the sixes that nugget. In in Allah DeMarcus Cousins at 28 points going panicking and pelicans night giving those things begum mid season trade. And 93 wide in the music you throw win. Wilt Chamberlain. The board is cousins Allen Iverson bound Mac do those at bats will things and everyone's heard. 26 soul mates and you could Texas and eights in the eighth Sammy it's opera's Ottawa command head men's basketball coach. Other Dillard blue devil Asik in his second season coach Mike know John just now. Coach knew first of all op I extend my apology on behalf of me and sports talk that we haven't that you on sonar. But I was watching driven through the TV and I Nassau there and you arrival game in this would have to be across town at ability and you beautiful new arena. And you guys have really put on Xavier and I'm looking in on being an opening Nino with with the phone things now I didn't kind of flop fool around and I'm go I'm going nineteen. Did and he's mean their conference this out in the country I'm Lucas it would Aggie coach knew all but it's been that tied the season coach had been successful with. Talk a bit about dish rag on one regular season game met in ranked seventh in the country and I was reading on line and some of the Dillard notes. This is the highest ranking with 1516 years since 2002. That that's correct. I think the 2001 to complete team got a prize ship and so we league match at. And broke out at. But even more proud that we've been able to. Intensity which is the actually the are you in championship. Two weeks certainly. So what these kids have been doing a great job and let them from last year's team so we knew going to be good. And we felt like that we had you know recruiting class so. Put recruiting blitz and police and were sure the weaknesses. The relationship to a national championship. And that's where pointing toward. Yeah cordial that they'll look at and four seniors on this team. Are you surprised value younger players about that guys that you're counting on now. You can anticipate. Our hope they work Albert. Are you really pleased and surprised at their right now supporting. Those four seniors on the team. That the I'm in the here and course. The army. Made them back seat to be Demetric Austin. And it is right now. Both series and now the league recorded the second team all American last year and is that he's actually in the definitely. People answers who work for. Division team. In India and he division duties. Players of the year Yzerman he. He made double it because. Business like it was so I think secretary of chemo Roberts last year so too cute and pac. And and they've been leaders most of the year. And then maybe I'm an acute Christian you can make a contribution. 66 sitting here. In the congestion. And fortunately the game last night. And a Motley. Who can actually I'm. And so now that you can't come in at them. And going accident which in my office. Askew have come in gentleman has been number 13 point shooters in the country also remembered who in the country six into yet. And he's sector and cut to block shots which is so. You'll see that will open at the three point shooter and but to beat up. From where you would do those weaknesses and that's important ones and and that's. Numbers in the country in the but we're looking forward to. Receiving game that to do in the in the polished. And then when bill in the civilian. It's the toughest time to it and a and probably in six days so I would agree. Visit which Diller head coach in my know the Blue Devils a roller right now thirteen and two in their last fifteen coming up where they take on to glue on their final. Our regular season game before the Gulf Coast athletic conference. I turn it takes placed him on to Kansas City horribly and coach nu were when you look at it down the straights and though you lost so 11 count gained from Landis Smith. They won that overtime the Texas College. But talk a bit about the other teams in the state did get national recognition Messi where at LSU Alexander is how they're ranked LSU Shreveport. So Louisiana at this whenever the man that was pretty stout basketball wise. Ultimately I think it's you don't know who does not be a division I schools and instead we hear so. That that's on the planet so it was about it is sort of the that is wrong schools generally go to guy and root him as such are greatly that's that we and seeing. That group as players. That are you and is that we actually played and it's. And the Big Ten that put him because it's in a place and they've got an outstanding team between you and I think there at LSU and and that the two best teams in the country. Been keeping up of this course have been doing as well the so. But it. They did that it been to those who make it really regulatory it was US's the good likelihood. Of an outstanding team also and so. Who get there and let them Iguchi Dominican Kansas City also that that subject sure. Now I've coached new when you look at the process and and all the experience. How do you recruit do you like. Four was on this stage well in this Al thawra Heidi get your message out. It would be targeted as far as recruits go. At the university. This is it's it's quite easy to recruit to put the ball. Because he and bill means a lot. And so we're mad we're known for academics. And and we do the students from the state that we it's been like and to shoot oh ops agents arrogance that school. The United States. And the thing is that. And adequate to assume that that administration. Kimbrough. And he cubic balance. You know that Belichick. That's really important coaches try to Uga coaches in his group is that as the there and the director. And at the same lot two weeks and it would be really commitment athletics commitment and it happened it and that that the coach he has. I absolutely couldn't. And you know you can't we think that you get acuity to meet the academic standards and also post. And that subject you at the moment ago. And then with my views of the and so in the country I'm in that epic continent. Of it on for years. I've met on that currently goes left coast and I compliment him. So many little kids that Michigan in the in the game that DC. And the agency. So there weren't in Tibet as India can be that the mental focus definitely. You know coach him one interesting thing I want to bring us to I see in your second year here now and from Sam Houston. Take us through oh wait you were coached in and how you wanted to come about. Come into new laws to Delhi university. Shouldn't. Do I am a pretty team this. Week. And the out the putt on the post and at Atlanta and gave him that my maturity year. And and do the same mistake and that one match and it was pretty. People. And and and and that to commit. That sort of events in the third. And the but to have that and keep. To commute to get my masters. Which may be. They can't and that and England's. Generic and you and assistance and dissent or went to Oklahoma would really. And Portland is the student you can do that was Q it's basic change and then went that you would start. Was in the end it approach in the took. I'd straight teams in CA and IP upset Notre Dame Japan as a big that that he's been in the NCAA tournament. Gee you know lately. And I weren't as well it's. In five different states. And that bonds I'd given most coaching job. Well in that screw ball. 1617. Years ago. And and so and we actually it was good diet would be. Well coping because of coaching college and you have Mike. You can call Kiki and talk about the privilege opposite. Thirteen straight losing seasons. And that big but he some. As bad as I've met and Colin and he's a letter to congratulate. Our Gator doctor Gregory. And we've been used to go to the process to match smoke. With the process. And I don't know when that happens to tiger about it this year's group of his wedding. Some coaches that can do. And so ultimately limit here and not so I took to get them and go to due process Matt. And sort of do it in them. Attitude and it's that's been an okay I don't know Baptist. Bill the two but that is important figures in. And I really quick in and ugly and it's really in a little bit on. Coach Alan day you're pretty pleased the game my ignorance but I had no idea of and of the knowledge and I mean I though. How I went to the web site looked in that I didn't adding to the media again and should Dillon has won but. I'm seeing him and I am I'm bath and company went all the NBA those in Oklahoma in the battles with amazing all the way waive it can't stale in the night believed though he is the and they could I don't know I don't know onus that I have been out there of the gate coach. Billy Tubbs fans what throwing stuff on the court yeah they were playing easier in Oklahoma in Daly told grad Mike Mahoney says Spain Spain's pleased. He did not throw stuff on the court despite how bad this. Yeah. Yeah. You've got to you go to Billy does all my I mean it this is amazing this has been fun man. I hope we get Joan Guillen notices is his own mail Bubba you don't know cool yeah you know coach you'll. Man that you you're human yo well the basketball on. Well you know coach Q you got some of these kids in the law and is that knee drop and it is true and you know all those treatment aid that is that is my history man coach Knight job knew of Delhi university coach may good luck thank you so much and we would definitely. That you learned some there every day I just learned some on and Lance eleven minutes and I haven't alone now back our our right now backyard thank you so much a good look at the Blue Devils. All right coach Mike knew that gosh in my bag and you don't name's Stacey team Wayman Tisdale. Billy Tubbs I mean I would tell my that's when Kansas beat Oklahoma lightning in the big eight in the game and an answer to be clear he was even in averages or whatever glory years as a group in the way and he didn't want to use city you go on like we have might know them like him but what quality does and I've brag on the court Joe's wedding. Mean the man man a will dedicate a CBS news update Marty go to report and the yes Werth hit on the ball is on the track they don't have found it on Tim Jennings give us eight. NASCAR update mixed on WW. Man. Because now once it life is like a box attack it you never know which of India here. And I am just pay attention to Dillard and Xavier playing on TV though he the other night and I'm looking into the interview from new arena and you realize they were ranked so high. And that's it until I produces the gala that the speed coach knew only shown so little because. And not look into that you know state basketball anonymous talk about here we Fam I knew this man got a forty yearly issue analogy entry. He says. Yeah I was a freshman LA issue of he was there or the LP just think he's talking about this puppy that's the only team we referred to is eight. It LSU right everything about this got coach we ability to five straight in state turned appearances. A national championship which they play remember now they played Kansas three times a year twice in the regular season. Once for the big eight championship canes is they it was a big with the elite eight team. And tubs in him beat in they lost him there brown and Danny Manning in the championship in which Oklahoma was the favorite thing. So my Wayman is down as they seeking some garlic. Maine who wrote to lean on to talk about college basketball or it might know. Well they get acknowledges part of my head. You look like Xavier you looked at Dillard. Who's the NBA player. What does the super as the black obviously watched and it locked in already beating go to zig yes yeah I think it's. There's a lot yes he did Louisiana now all of thing he made the head band Famer and an MBA. No doubt about. When Europe is not wrong would mean an all folks to find out the latest we don't know everything that's why we afford to not put this big statement on his station. To get some folks to help us out including one alone you hear Christian. And used BT about talk about. Him gaining and a -- and I'm calling your name right optimism Tim's animosity and did tested and cornerback d.s to only play for the Green Bay Packers Tim it won't be known as camp you heard him -- but you hear him talk about it all the time he's in studio with this idea now is officially in George because we can take some time. Aaron I would say that about as cool well we found omni and he knows NASCAR he knows NASCAR season and saute it in Saudi blogs about NASCAR does all kind of things NASCAR. He's here to help us talk about it in DM you back Joseph own style but what I was talking about yesterday at bat is what's interesting is. I can just see sentinel a ticker and kind of pick it out. And I read this article went to the east is that Dale Earnhardt junior. If he were going to have a success for years and win the cup if he would he would walk away from racing and I am thinking like wow. Because that's that's a pioneer named Andres and add him to elaborate also on that with the was saying. That what you think about I don't know any other sport though it does does the intent. But it did Daytona five partners like this who Mobil reported season starts. Yeah it's like it's the biggest race of the year it's the fifth ninth running of it and I'm going back on Dale Earnhardt. Last year as you know he most of the season was he was a concussion protocol yet Alex Bowman take over for him. This year he's actually starting second because qualifying happened last week. He's next it was not seem a tastes tastes Elliott there. And no actually race tonight in the second and M on series duel that is just kind of like a practice racing in terms qualifying from second on. But he'll he'll actually be in that race tonight. On the I think he'll I think he'll do fine this year I don't think I'm this year as a whole idea of the well. Arm he's the all new is the favorite 51 odds to win the Daytona 500 tomorrow or Sunday. So are things you have a good race I don't think he's gonna win now. Or Tim initiatives. For people that. Listen all sometimes you know Arab guys got their own thing it will with daylight both for people who don't they may dismiss NASCAR or talk about it not being a sport what what drew you would gravitate UT interest in NASCAR like a good idea. That I did all right as cost Vilma when I was at sonic kind of lost it here and there because I had terrible on it was my favorite driver with Jeff Gordon gonna tell it. Last year actually got the fantasy NASCAR of all the fantasies Utley and football fantasy basketball fantasy baseball. And in between nine off you know that that. Football and baseball rising needs some in between besides basketball while I got the fans' to NASCAR's joke and actually got to really be your series with it and I did pretty well. And it just I just happened to watch every race last year which is you'd find Cristiano expert how many races on I would say 36 while around that and missed that three out the races yet there's two seasons there's a spring and then there's the second season and and is the playoffs right so. Yeah I mean it's it's a funny it's a fun race this race and it's you know particular last year's Denny Hamlin had the I guess that. The closest thing I ever be right behind marcher. Yeah really Biden knows our political Bob ball and hours and not American sports it's it's in FL and I don't know what's and they've EB is Nathan NASCAR right in the top three I think him. Popularity of NASCAR attendance in the stadium is actually decrease split I guess popularity on TV through fox and NBC and increase last year it duties now fox who was the big key I think it's because Jeff Gordon now is in the box he's the one calling the race of Darrell Waltrip that's increased foxes are ratings via I'm not a big fan and BC but you know NBC does a pretty good jobs. You know as intrigue and I can remember now the tide in the football. When they had deny gain at Bristol Virginia Tech and yeah see the end of the saga the biggest guy sort of like a hundred feared that I. That date back to fill a full month. If Frank Beamer when people first got to take in the and that was that was a dream has come true to have that game name and ironically neither one of coaching we're gonna happen when you look at NASCAR as Canadians and who's actually when it's packed like at Talladega. Where yet. No the eagle we talk about a 100004 balls the ball company but NASCAR then that's like nothing. Needed binoculars to see the field from some of the seats in that stadium. It was they had that big giant television that was on top of the field that I was scared that you know one of the tables might break and. Right but but DeVon I look at like. Household names in you always have. I guess drivers that. People don't want to cheer for you look like the rainbow warrior yeah yeah and Jeff garden. And how oddly kind of viewed among California creative we now on. In Q and ham and it but it you look like a guy that's always winning are always in the figure things. And I and I viewed I Jimmie Johnson count like the new New England Patriots of NASCAR. Yeah Jimmy Johnson's I've I would say a fan favorite just like junior on one guy that I guess fans don't like is Kyle Busch publish is of he's he wins almost out. He's in the top five almost every race. And I I don't think you back in Nome I think it was Nashville one of the races after got a trophy got a it's hard that's when the trophy they give you he smashed it like. Like one of the rock stars to do and I think that dislike a lot of that he'd like a lot of fans dislike him after that. Did you see it for the big went to assume Bobo may do it. Opposite now they're big when mr. Bobo is to start the season finance column come back up more questions. I guess you'd say about it I just think in off the coast to talk to Tim Jennings he has done NASCAR as part. Including Sam are what is Tim's MO what is what is the percentage of guys who win the Daytona in Cologne and do win and win the cup will be teams take on that too. And remember that it will be when it's on a week and going into the weekend from here on out to give us. Make us brought the show and a big key to some NASCAR news of them is he where this. We'll wrap things up this is sports talk on WW. Guinier update it's the super bowl of NASCAR this week in Daytona five hunter on him some AC witnessed in his latest. DM it's a long season he you know you see is 36 the you know between a lot of races but. Is there you know is as such thing as a bomb of a momentum if you win a Daytona the mean it's is same rates the same is the same amount of points take a studious and how often does the wanna Daytona going in and compete and be a legitimate threat to win that's just. Retire while I think there's a comfort level here 'cause Denny Hamlin went last year and I think he only won one of the race after that but once you win a race you're in the top sixteen automatically. You're in the hole in the playoff so your goals just when one race card that gives the playoffs if you win malt the race that increases here increases you on the level all golf rankings. I'd say I can only be good and you resonate the catalyst in golf if you if you do well when I was trying to meet you automatically get to get the right to play in the masters yeah yeah yeah our Cologne if you land at in the British Open the call of the open yeah you winning the US open are the masters you could of taken in the five majors have you get a if you win majors I guess like. This is like you'll dislike you resonate right because you always put to the four for a. Yeah once you win a race you can just basically just finished top twenty to wrest it away and once the playoffs get here resets that's when you can you know get. Give back into it but these are babies a NASCAR drivers are competitive so each race the other team's gonna win specimen the money's involved. And not give us Doug did the break. That it does that make a difference to pole position and who qualify you said that a lot of guys who have particularly in this race the poll was as you have agreed Chad you gonna win. Yet the most winners have come from the pole there's been. There's been nine winners from the pole position in the Daytona 500. Last year was a little different chase Elliot he is of you took over Jeff Gordon he won the pole last year finished 37 in a an indirect this year he won the pole again. So I think that this'll change he actually won the race tonight in the cam and both of the goals series race one. So I think is a really good shot at winning that they aren't junior's gonna finish is is gonna be second in this race and he's likely on season 51 favorite so I think. Finish and and yes are in the front steadily good shot of you know winning this race. I'll also you mentioned old school Michael Waltrip I think will be his last race you were saying this yet dozen years last edited it and the last Daytona 500 and then you also I guess the thing you familiar with the Michael Waltrip because he's the one fox. Yeah he's he's two time winner at the five turn in 20012003. He won this will be his last time at Daytona Healy is just fills in for today. For Daytona and Talladega last year doubt Talladega he made a big wreck. With soft you know believe lapels if you watch that you would know about that. That is not NASCAR expert insider Tim examine he is with us on the week against him to be in the induced him article instead of booking his predictions and other tips. On how to get more involved in the be something that you know you get more involved in the enticed to people when that call especially as doable. That being in Daytona 500 Tim thank you ma'am they were looking forward to I'm from all right picks the most a moment owning Chris Miller be sure and dawn it. Me and Bobby and do tomorrow Bobby give us his take on the week you recap the pale hose and the Rockets into decent for the rest of the big weaken its sports including LHU baseball and some college hoops as well. As always I'm Deke Bellavia drama that cajun cannon Bobby A banner on the way it lays down goodnight people.