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Feb 25, 2017|

Duece and Deke talk with Dwain Price of The Fort Worth Star Telegram about tomorrow night's Pelican's vs. Spurs Matchup.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Mardi Gras to everybody out there coming in to the Big Easy if you look coming in New Orleans limited here right now. If you got bad patient this ain't the place to become and I can promise you that if you come infamous peel away from the causeway the triple C. From a slide dale. Take it and gates is still mentally ready deuce and I've been fine now we're down here for the last couple hours and is just Marty grow our traffic. Coming about regular weekend traffic and it's beautiful weather so everybody wants to be a part of induced. As sometimes it takes us awhile to get down here. Today was like game day traffic on steroids is hard to get to the CBD down to where you wanna go. This week even if you go to rates in Metairie where ever just be patient. DK was about to be. Deuce in the fans as the anti Putin and a lot of guards and police escort engagement and the police say they'll work to do so. So it would be my head while home over to the studio but I mean I was stuck in it and you know took a little maneuver and they get around some of the traffic a lot of it you know people do mr. Well look in and you could tell it's they're not from here and then you've got to traffic it's Leven from downtown so. Big week in in new rules. No doubt about it cause we got a unlocked gate to coming up on today's program. Course we would take a look at the New Orleans Saints as we move followed the black and gold. Or pick the first pick is number eleven in the first round which leads us to operating jaguar opinion poll with the eleventh pick in the draft. Should the saints take the best player available. Go to these and it's no matter what or tree back for more picks and you can you vote and you talk about picks their relatives and we get no compensatory picks has played Astride deuce to just announce a little while ago the sites. Don't think any compensatory picks again this time induced. You know. In today and them any tickets of high repeat you know a lot of those teams. You know by the way to package animal they pick them with some and it's always good ethnic and looks especially at the summit of rounds with some of those picks. You can tag ammonium days in the around it turned out to be guys that are just like you know in the the second or third round of the Bible. Well in the past you can you can trade deals yet this year you can't and a pair she could not trade those pics with this year you can trade bills a compensatory picks in what's adjusting is just some of the conversations. We've had waited with with management and how they look at it and how they operate. I don't think that they've had a great wall. Quote unquote to go after some of those states as far as compensatory picks and I think that they've always say they'd look will take care of our business via. Free agency and draft you know and that worry about well we lost ex players you know we're not going to feel that roll with wit XYZ. So I think there's of their philosophy maybe a little bit different from some other teams but you know a team that we're awarded a lot were. The browns and Bengals via those guys have a ton of peaks and so. It will be interesting to see if they try to package some speaks like you were saying to cannot move up and just say hey look you know let me see can we get. Move up to draft board for a specific player since we do have an abundance of. You got all the time any rush in here over the rebels and the saints you can talk in FAO deuce is a sports. He pronounces dues that signal I think it was said with that magazine with the signal they call you (%expletive) ticket and they. The I mean you'll be in the Toronto blacking them out there and he's aficionado I think that aren't on the same from the national in all sports across the board so you can hit a deuce. They estimate 78 cent were read to sixty and also you never know. We would pick of the following call some them Bobby and I do yesterday we picked the phony call to gentlemen named Eric. Tenacity with oil while proud that works in the law enforcement he's from McComb Mississippi who lives on in the or short now. In just given us his take on the whole Ole miss situation in. Can the cystic on college football in general so you never know when we might pick up the phone and give you a boost to just to show you how much we appreciate your listening to sports talk here each and every day. Two lane Pryce who come with the Dallas Mavericks for the Fort Worth star telegram we'll talk tomorrow night the teams that made the most athletic moves without question in the trade deadline. The Dallas Mavericks are one of those teams like New Orleans like the I guess you'd say Denver another team on the banking and and then 891011. Spot just a few games back of Danville. Tried to make a playoff push so what did they do they get more athletic in their front court to pair but dad can be athletic. And given some scored power Mac can beat this not as. Athletic. As a Boca he was not as admitting that he fit well with Golden State. But not as much with Dallas and Dallas felt like they need to get younger and more athletic in the front court they wing got determined that the pelicans actually drafted would appoint stand. Before became the pelicans right at the rejected and Davis we drafted there is no on the ship and deuce. So we never got a chance seen errands and after being out for Reno while he started to a very good player. And I'm sure for the dale fear it would seem for wow that Okafor was going to be the one that they were gonna move they want they're keeping him. And now Lebow his Philadelphia team it's only got one championship. Our traditional C don't even know one time or if faced the same thing is it they were nervous Noel is now it's being reported being cynical way over the issue. Yeah and you talked about Bogut Bogut is more of a defense and clean up you know he's more of a defense of the greatest force them to clog and blocked shots. And you know just to clean up as far as rebounds are not gonna run a lot of offense is sick. For him and and so even with the Lex minute that dirt ga it's over in Dallas no oil gives an option would be able to run up and down accord they did lose or trade their first rounder in last year's first round of the day to be able to pick Noel an instant thing about him since he has been healthy. He has been a pretty good player you know he's been inconsistent. In Philadelphia but I think that may be more of the environment and anything up there you know just because they have a lot of BX you know they do that let you talked about they decide that this bill being Simmons you know of this ingredient so people won't -- Angela couple weeks due to weak yet two weeks who actually didn't move him it was no bones about it they were going traded and he could move and enjoy them MO I'm a re you doing media hadn't played either you know he was out with a I think it was some soreness like three big fold at Seneca as the head well he was out with some type of knee injury and though. You know this is instinct how they operate in what they do you know luckily Angeles runner operation now via so you know they remind. Mean do so when you were playing when Detroit. When they went receipt RC is already ram Mike Williams doing Carlos Rogers and Akayev treacherous even for CUC was. They can advance in big mean and mean on those being in the big name he's a big ethnic mammoth big threat to basically three guys at a considered forward in the league but now when you think about doing the league is almost four vampires. In in the Okafor and and of course no whale and now they stock will want to post the same Okafor. In Indy with the whale. Seeing his first action tomorrow night with Dallas against the New Orleans pelicans deuce and I'll talk to Dwayne price. At the after the first break Jeff I am always witness a double by LSU sports this weekend. Basketball taking on Georgia and baseball against Maryland that's coming up at three game series starting tonight. And you know privately men's basketball coach mocks lessons of the depravity is. They have three games that they have a two game lead anything can happen. But their role right now they won their fifth straight. They dominated team has been down in the south blank comet's last few seasons they beat Steve and at at home. 82 to 65 they were leading by 32 points with fifteen minutes left in the contest. Stephen M meter run late but it was still not enough so the privateers with a win tomorrow night can clinch at least a share of the Southland Conference title. Induced this is a ballclub look into a fall in the state at this level. Nine in AI but division one you know in Louisiana Tech Abbas fought their shots they arrived at the top of their conference. And them both what twenty were nineteenth if you beat takes a torn between team you know is pretty much locked of the conference if we talk about March Madness internment time these are too hopeful. It'll be two hopefuls when you talk allowed. But yeah I mention it to see you know candy keep that momentum a lot of times when attained it's hot you want to attain the peak at the right retirement so. This is the right time for them the peak. Amidst a sea OK. You know what you get in the tournament you've. Possibly could lose one but you don't wanna really chanted there as far as retirement because you wanna lock up that automatic see it and so if you lose and determined and you use. You don't control it anymore you know you put it into the hands of the committee picks that are so if you can continue to peek at the right time and it vacant. Maybe lose one of these next two but went out in the conference and and obviously in the tournament you know it's you you win you continue you lose you're done but. You have to be prouder and happier harder plan right now. That is deuce McCallister I'm Deke Bellavia going to 8 o'clock tonight got a lot of takes to get to. A lot of information allowed on the board for those coming into the city be patient would have premiere room down here eight. No Wonka and how are you and hold you for the week in the long week in light north is gonna take a look town negated here remember. Raids be starting there within about a hour Al Metairie because we have raids at work. Over from last week starting this week. In the rays once they start talks they're gonna be rolled all the way to a tooth you get all the Marta grow you won't. On the official station of Mardi Gras. WW. My down in tidbit though we come into the first. Blame price joins us Fort Worth star telegram the mavericks make a move much like the pelican and a versatile big man in there and in no way out. Point thank you so much for the time is site you'd tell us how nervous Noel is expected to feeding and with the mavericks' front court. Or are playing ability and that it would pay cut it in read about. From block shop OK controller I did there it and it is not going to hear though president sport here in India currently heated by. This portal registries are the authorities CO pallets. The mystery of a doubt thirteenth fourteenth street look. Two and here it is pretty. I'm embarrassed let me I think he doesn't come back and gentler. And we know I'll that in 2000 level by a everywhere in the NBA now that popular great move out there but bogeys. Hard the now in its second year with consistent as they do an eloquent that it. Could negate. Indebtedness and a tree. Is protected from normal rate paying. With me. This sort of an aggregate. Blame when when you're located now I'd Dallas and New Orleans all of versatile big man that that can score and play with him back to the basket. Obviously of big thick a body and a guy like DeMarcus Cousins. What is is it fair to say that these moves in May with mind hey we gotta get today eight spot. And you know our make them in a monarch you know war is if the pelicans yesterday. Indigo award two I'm an upper play out very it would do Wednesday. That would be an alternate what will. So apparently ago. I've Google's. Couldn't go. Bidders. And it's been good today. And tonight well it nation. A look at took over the next to me. Government. And that didn't go to you're not stand and yeah minute. It. In the Zuckerberg the. Why not I agree Richard Jeremy one being that you have to understand as we plan audience when you play a team like Houston. Or Golden State yet to slow paced around him because they thrive in being able to. To run the ball opened on the court you know and and and take a lot of shots and you know if you're from a bigger team and I want a slowdown I wanna elements are cattle like you say it. But just give her thoughts on tomorrow's game as far as. How do you expect the mavericks account account there as far as cousins and in you know AD. Just that matchup in general and you know of the next really 24 games. Of the season. Well the man on Mars today. We are right now and travel tonight so Camara the second item about it. I'm a lot. Number two. The bar game in Colorado for Gary would that matter so I. Played you don't know he ought. So it from the Pentagon. There. And you know she would. Against government. I would reached record and on the Internet. Blame prize governor mabus the NBA for the fourth star telegram Blaine had to be the people waiting on social media. That blank I beat derby and price that money. There are about not spare. Instant yes in the deep thank you so much time we appreciate it have a great week here. I connect all your calls as local news the first they CBS news update. That's right Qaeda deuce Eddie McKenna to 26 and a big big cheaply too bad. And we'll follow you to as a whale you know due out in Vegas as they say you can get down anything what I mean by that is you can. Put your money or anything and I just got the up to date odds for this weekend's Oscars. They got Lance on the Oscars and deuce. If you wanna win a hundred dollars you got a bit 500 to 100 on that movie in La La lane that's how big a favorite they think that is. To win the best pitcher. So that's pretty much a lot right that's pretty much yeah I mean what this thing and using yet you you're gonna have to give us your I totally 500. But when they when they're saying it's a bet that get team is that big of a favorite of the beam light out loud and is a movie would be a team. You it's almost like you're guaranteed to win her column only got to lay Fowler it's almost some people go for mr. money because Estes Estes astronomical that's almost like. Tyson in Douglass sort of beat navy got the best. A director. Sixteen dollars. Risk you win one dollars that means the guy who's so who directed at La La lane duties actual big favorite older feel to be best director. You have to win you have to put a 16100 dollars to win one hon like sixteen to one at that big of a favorite has to look at IB beat big favor. Leader of the animal files on those bills. To do with my phone's. In density and their own Oscars in his. Yeah yeah he had patent offices. Got to wait wait didn't we didn't as the number and I'm sure it is all good movies but allowed in moonlight. He'd figured man just about to see nine arrival hacks I'll read stances. Tell us how war. I think than in who I haven't seen a couple of my you do it yeah. It would it would botulism just put it again I imagine it was. Some some I had to go do I write you had to go before boredom there's just no Kazaa but I don't it's just me. I just found that a lot of tan at a lot of the movies that win these awards at a (%expletive) some of them do crossover mainstream and eight in the real popular. But a lot of long like what against moviegoers a ton bomb went like the dead demean it did not follow by the this Academy Award of the human jaw in the movies now. The parts about remember yeah that hasn't arrived there a bit and let me right it's a and to be two to dumb down produce an accountant. If you register an out because this the same be distant as the odds all football sports basketball everything they send us all of that is very few things. You paint battle out in laws Vegas 260187811. Pick in the first round and again as you reduce say the new ruling NFL this year is you can. Package in tray compensatory picks however the saints don't have any compensatory picks. The saints do know they're taking a Levitt in the first round address today's stand pat where asking you to do things take the best player. Go to defense no matter what our trade back and try to accumulate more picks its operating jaguar being appalled at WW real dot com down the tidbit though. From my my believe that they give a college. Please look into Beijing and it well I would big. When and that. Ever. We have to limit Brunette. Well reduce your take all on what what is scenarios about hornet Vietnam era. It really depends on what they do in free agency I mean net that means that they have hit home runs. Own everything that they needed as far as to address some of you know you he hit a home run a line back either home run home cancerous you either you hit a home run to pick up not not just a legitimate starter at corner but were able to add depth at corner. I don't know if they're going to be able to feel models need to know you hit a home run at guard. You know so I think they can science and gas address some of those spots source positions. I. Not a five didn't alchemy they're fine if they can sign back fairly. I mean is if they lose mate then they gonna have to another well Claude Arnold say a top notch Jack I mean because that's what Sheldon Reich and will be. But you're gonna lose some depth and that's what they would have to to be able to help with that rotation. Thank you for the call deuce is it takes problem with ADB Anthony Davis does take says. Is he wants to put a nice guy paper he needs to watch more Jane worthy of Karl Malone footage if he wants to lead our team. Two championships probably won't happen under Alan gentry. TE people he's guided them and you know his his game really a James Worthy or Karl Malone you know right because those guys played too who will particular Maloney was pick and roll GAAP and Scotty played her purely on the perimeter I mean god might have been if he's not the best. Driven forward. Today and he can handle evolve in a vivid deployed for guitar army exactly the knicks' big attic and Malone was Lamar Odom that was a point four it was Scotty invented the point forward term that's right that's what it means you know guys wanted to be as far as when they were six six straight like you work like he was. You know. The thing about AD don't try to put him in to leave it at a square hole I mean because he can do so much so whale. You know those movies elevating the level of the one thing and how it is. When it's open for three goal it and take it but don't fall in love with the three you know by how out of like to see him you know worked at the mid range game the fifteenth put up a little bit more and the anatomy obviously he's got everything as far as the face of game once he's down on the black he can do a little bit of everything for you there lame but I think a lot of times people want him to being. This specific player that they envision him of being but I think his game has grown to the point where he can do a little bit of a little bit of air to I wouldn't call and dirt. You know because he may not shoot the three run as whale but his post of games lot better than dirt. No doubt about it at top pro Duce McAllister givers who have taken a course not only their loss last night pretty big. They lost a key piece and the like he was off to a good start in America SP would talk about day in just a moment. Pelicans on the board saints start College Baseball a lot to gate to. Deuce McAllister easier Wear this every Friday and every Wednesday all the time leading rusher for the New Orleans Saints and unlike the state. I'm a 26 year program in the morning hawk hit abuse at 870 eights and. All right. Big money are we cannot later in the program we get into the parade roaring house we will have our party and the team who have traffic updates. From all the Maude growth rate where their role and they start. Prosecution of data on the cruise how many floats in there everything. This is your hope the market growth information each and every year including Marty grounding the crude Debbie Debbie you know will be. All over the Big Easy Karen for you hear so keep your radio which all we can loan. All the way through Fat Tuesday operated jaguar opinion bogus saint right now on the eleventh pick in the first round. Of the seventeen apparent threat. Should the saints. Take there's going. Go on the defense aside no matter what. Or trade back for more exposed to an update. In a moment on where I'll hold stains and we're about four net if he's sitting there and not just if for natives there. Your scenario. If four and it is it let's say for that is a M by some. Strains figment of imagination. And we are hoping and wishing that. The Allen is the unit from Alabama. Or rule of Boston it's it's it's let's say the top here. These its calamities deer there. May be the saints number one player on their overall board is it in other words they've got several options he can't go wrong. But that scenario that what would you do you 2:18 am deeply Sean Payton you pick out the campus Steve and Steve good eight thank you to call. It ought guy beastie. What I can I'm a much they like beer that to mean there are no where and strap. That it is dynamic. Atlanta or. Go to so to me what the site that these. A miracle got at number eleven. Echo but anyway I think they should be Dolan and amp ammunition to look at them go out this year. You go to Jacksonville. Jet true more likely say that they want it ain't a gonna become one of audit. Depending on and nick are at. At a public jet card out there may be out there and it strange for there and unity given back in Tibet there. Because the thing you think about which or. Maybe the that going to be. Why don't let it literally liquid steep steep. Speak. State. Kimono. But Kamal Kamal. What they take me back in a scenario on what time. That I'm a little bit articulate that I'm I'm taken of ought gain or pop could not let the world. And trading at today that the Japanese or column diplomat. And didn't do it Nam maybe our optic and it shouldn't. I think it would do it. Our review because you got to make a move it to the icon on worries that thing is with them is that you're not gonna attempt at all. And what's the best thing that's current or quarterback you don't wanna back and mocking amounts are easily been here long enough. And yet and show me anything that he's going to be that he's going to be a player and I. Ought Mac and like mad that we just turn it did a great run at Atlanta on that you will be rookie. Tim Terry what do Mo give from the jet roars or. The jets. I would give their pick and I guarantee you. Jack all the dirt and the jet W optic in that. So you don't wanna you know tray one player and you know eleventh. To move on number. You know no no and I would need to and a second route that. Apple or a jet. So you try you three picks to move up to the third was it you know you pick and and marketing and an aunt and mark. But OK so we want to be. Our. So you really didn't want. Yeah he's swap one's okay we swap war and in you given up to second and third plus support the second or third right. What are you. Wouldn't I would say that now. I would I would I would I wouldn't go that far will mean I'll say they got TJ yield. They got TJ yield and down in Kabul. And authorities you know are all me me me me me people. Manual audio hog greater Steven you're going to garbage usage gains seen and dining room in India Indian last year race base and are our four running back from budgets. Besides Chris Ivory and we know that debts to banks they got so they would just continued and adding click click and you know Doug Rome as the new head coach. But I just don't see them make him a deal. And the ought to be the bat you're dating you brought in my quality to be considerate and seem to mock draft where they've where they can walk gotten law that they. Are now that make you know got gras. So it's shown that they it'll have competence but their running. So when marketing don't expect you not know about an hour. He had more you know beware. What may be great and I. Can make that. I'm not turn it. I don't know if you raise enough to move up to number three passed prop. Stephen thank you for the call you can text dues to get all bowl win and as well take some dates every aides say in the 02601 mates and this is sports Opteron 8 o'clock tonight on their BW.