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Think Tank 1210pm Should the White House feud with the press

Feb 27, 2017|

Should the White House feud with the press? Every day there is going to be a fight!  This hours guest: Justin Salhani - World Reporter for Think Progress

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right and probably you absolute question the red state and Brad surges of debris which brought signal Covert. We're gonna ask it into words should the White House viewed but the perhaps. Accordance he abandoned the and president ropes she keeps for outages and a symposium of the video and say geez quote. Every day. There is going to you by. If you think. They're gonna give your country back bringing the borders of broad trumpet and about by its Hadley mistaken. Every brigade. Dieters going to be a fight. Bird to the media is opposition party altered tools media all of our provinces. Or going to beat implement. With the plight breed. Breed Bo apps you know liberals and conservatives side we have borrowed just and salon who Brothers world reporter prompting progress troops and thank you for the time. So what do you think when you hear this. I'd I don't think I've been around for quite awhile I don't thing. I've ever heard white adults say to the Press Secretary and end of the country. Get ready as can be applied every day. Oh yeah I think that it's kind of a continuation. State band ideology and what he's wanted for for some time and and it's sad. Load that trumpet part of the the blunt instrument. That ideological movement headed by destruction. Is. Is going to use to try to put an interactive policies which is basically to create the core. Well pushing eight without any credit society that has built around kinda it's. Idea of American nationalism that he alone. You know areas as strong trumps support so I mean predominately. Predominately. Christians. And when he says that the fight between you know they're trying to create not just. Eight. Political thicket Serena political ideology but they're trying to two. Put that aside in the doing that by things like the Muslim man like. Limiting immigration deportations. You know hit it certainly he has been close in on others when and the fight against in the literal fights. Or verbal fight against the media as part of that. And it ended as most people listen sure in the regular news. Didn't vote for trump. I am not impressed by him as president. He worries me you in in the number. Of error Rios I didn't bode for Oakland voted for somebody else would bow with the all that said. Good doe whose dad put him in office. Seemed to want him to do what he's doing rock and. I think the development in one supposedly when talking to trump supporters and number of them. Do want the sort of cultural societal shift. An and I can that the concerned about it though and as the number. Different conclusions which so political and so right now that you can maybe but you can certainly take from that as well. End and won one of the questions I have were were asking. Should the White House viewed with the products. But do every day will be in the afternoon when we're you gonna go home world wake up in the morning I dual law breathing on the show notes. And info more liberal you're watching close to New York Times more conservative bright board Drudge Report. A more young conservative go a little bit Wall Street Journal or liberal of the guardian. Should the media be in the fight with the president or should they just beat reporting what he's done those. Well look I mean I I think. The number of criticisms you can give to the media members of the media you know I'm. Certainly critical in and for every article you read you'd you know there's skepticism. But to have this sort of what field with a blatant property is that it is kind of unprecedented on. I do think that the median no matter who was president should be reporting on what's happening should be trying to hold the two and we can see. A lot of with Obama as well and you know with George W. Bush before him and I think it's happening in the other a now think there are definitely. Sectors of the media that are more emboldened notre trump and also in the last. I don't know maybe ten years or more of the media has become. Weather's been a number of new media outlets sort of popped up and have. Been bowler. I get part of the nature you mention great by as one example. And of course we talk about the post New York Times the guardian. I'm in the comments section of the so a number of them do have conservative or right leaning. Bloggers. That columnist what have you. Generally speaking in an editorial board. Editorial. Pieces that contribute more we left leaning. So I mean I do think that. You know it it is immediate job to. Report on the presidency report on the government try to hold that took political oh. On the U that they should be simply be reporting on the fact that are happening and that happening but then there's also states right now so they are. Opposite criticism that also it's a number of other. And in the end I understand that in the opinion I understand that in the comments section. But I I did about twenty years and TV news uncovered the story in this Simon had to associate produce a producer. Editor news director and if it called for a general manager. Demanded both sides. And there were there are no adjectives. In headlines or no engine tinged with the in the report. To suggest. How stupid the decision was or how radical Laura how angry do decision was it's. What what's happened to and if you've from accepts. I'm the wrong place a bomb appeared totally in the GOP's says no. Organs selectively. Dismantling and report to replace parts of an. Public to report those who without the engine tubes and bib that we see so much good labeled something liberal or concern. So make innocent. Yeah that's I mean. I think there is that you know it's been different. Didn't think that it blitzes that lets you aren't and if I and it must be and on and artists and media. Yeah actually there's a there's an argument to be needs for trying to. The circle actually happening or has kind of the about it but again you know. I think there there's the potential for different things and we need to be careful and not complete the entire. You know media conference call the mainstream media. Room are I'd say when they know big trouble five millimeters so. We're worth thinking about should the White House viewed abroad should browse feud with the White House. Should the White House simply abusing what they're doing. And the press reporting and norte sounds overly simplistic. But for a number of decades that would that that was the concept. Of journalism. And and I think. Government. Not a hundred per cent would certainly nothing more than today. What do you think give me a call to his eggs or one lead suddenly Dublin. Horribly brief little tongue Lincoln abroad should the white balance viewed with resolution of pariahs for him with a wide out. We're goats to abandon the site. So. You're giving conservatives. A broad quite often. Feel like he is the power by end of drone use one pulling the strings. And and he was owned Leo I'm borrowing would choose all the mall. Nationally broadcast. And he's sick does. Every day concerning the media and the White House who's going to be important. If you think they're going to give you mean to people aboard tribunal was back for the out of spite here's sadly mistaken. Things said he is a major goal of crunch presents. Is a hole. Poll deconstruction. Of the administrative. State. I've just a nose so Hanley wood and world report and preparing progress shows some. What do you make of that in what was the meat do you do with the when Brandon says trumped. His is a major goal deconstruction. Of the administrative says. Well again I think that's in line with. And prior dated ideology and as schools and said in the past that. Now when I think he he he sees happening become a lot of burned on the establishment rebuild them. You know and that he has in the ideological movement within. You know we'd build it there. In the ideological and and Adam in relatively. And did the media do they just. Report what he did news. Oral or do the extrapolate. What may come drug debt or again. Do they go into the advantages does say whoa whoa wait a minute. Are you talking about Social Security Medicare Medicaid. Well again I think. You know does does when he put in the media and what you have. Obviously reporters that should be reporting that the system and you hold to a mother's. And build deeper into the analysis and blatantly saying look as. That statement today and you know that in decades of Medicare and Medicaid. Foreign. From my understanding that it has been. No indication that they wanted the civic cut those. Specific. Programs but I mean again if you could impact ministry that they. It would they what's gonna happen and in abandoned at that many current book and a couple of the economic nationalism. On this as an assistant that that he really likes it but I think Italy he he wants to keep. He can you want to keep. You know a number of the Medicaid and Medicare in. Then in check or keep them going while providing other services but it's not a typical conservative. Pot for the more. Morality. You could say like a left leaning in some ways that kind of manipulative very rational policy as opposed to a conservative. We're funding courts from where boarding see old news ending dozed of the media. Have have to change its dance. Ordered or did things just keep going the wind the or now. Where. I think a ride year. Virtually anyone to the general for the liberal media. In the conservative media I'm not talking about blogs. I'm not talking about individual reporters. Doesn't just stay that way. And again that it's hard to really define what the media. Is economically newspapers TV news Elizabeth saying. But there's you know there's not like some. Major directive coming from topic going down but with that in a precaution and a reporter can brilliantly it has to get it be. Had been raised organizations together and to editorial. But I mean in that sense should be immediate change its tune I mean it and how they've they've been. Turn them. Adapting to what's happening trumpet release did a lot more kind of coded language and other after a number of Kamal directly saying things like. Trump said that the it's alive and that's that's something that's written fairly new. I'm you wouldn't a lot of before and so on the media's changing it will change and wouldn't you know it's going and this is part of and in terms plenty that you want to delegitimize where much of the media that they have left. Kind of check on what they're trying to do in the the it and they're trying to push through so. I think it's going to continue what he saw recently. The house. Press Secretary was giving. Editor SN and number of top media outlets including CNN new console and from attending and so I think that you know since this is part of the planet and try to portray it as something a that's its immediate lower on the White House he even though really what the media has kind of oh. But toward ending in June to be balance. During the Obama administration did he not have meetings would selected media. Without feel the media there. Children and that definitely address that's different out. Navy you know what I want something like that and bought them from. Any of the speech because they've been giving unfavorable coverage something I think completely different. So I think you know going forward I expect more of the same I think you might see. Picket that and it is something more drastic happens in the sense that. Trying to. Prevent things from getting published a bullet in really dangerous territory it you might agree. But for the time period for the time being I think we'll see more of the same then. It's seems to be an effort to try to push the agenda. Johnson. Bruce Cutler threw pretty GOP expertise. And that time have great. Yeah. It. Just there are currently in me that says those weren when in comes out and says he. Uga hasn't even by every day. Well. Imposed in New York Times. Labeled something that trump says if you lie. I mean that the headline an obscene it. In that bred me. Or banner in that exactly one he once. A headline that says this is why. These shoes. And here or. Some facts bed me. Contradicted. What would be wrong with the and it's things like. You're doing exactly. What band wants to give him. Believed their build the weapons. To do away with the administrative slate of Columbia. Aren't you the questions Howard should the white counts of your blog if you broke through with White House. Steve Bannon chief strategist for pro and says look organism by every day. Trump's main goal is to beat kings fraud. The the Edmund Andrews treatable form of the government and yet the current. And several major gold trend project peak construction. Of the then insurance. Ovitz at our outlook it's something you can facts and these poll who believes poll. While we went through with the electorate here vogue getting white barred. Report on the poll that says 40%. They say they disapprove. All of try and perform touched by board conservative. Are in and fears won the Hugo witches liberal president's. Job approval rating hitting two more who. And here's another one. Movement the bright bargain. The current White House administration. Under Donald Trump is more trusted to tell the public truth than the media. According to Poland and has flown both methods and explain why. Prompt brew residents are all over the place which to me. Goes back to solidify we can't really believe the pulled at all at all and hinges on the amount of people interviewed. A process that technique that question answered our questions asked Powell there. It's all over the place but. Visible on her own patents in the wash your journal many Americans disapprove put pro on board or open to leave his agenda. Of one of those I didn't vote for him voted for a third party didn't vote for Clinton. But the idea shopping. Either and legal unions not legal. I'm all for. He of obamacare which I've been told we've been by liberal disease is having major problems are in trouble. Need to replace the ads. Do it. If deregulation. Is gonna make the economy better. I'm all for it lips do those things. Worldwide. Do you Wall Street Journal NBC poll cents. Job performance. 48%. Disapprove. Of prop. Making him the first president of the post war award to Earl what they net negative approval rating and his first page of public opinion. Trump rating would be words if not. Don't support from surprising cornered the electorate. Meet who his job performance one positive reviews from 55%. Of the respondents. Who voted for a third party in November. Our goal was it didn't even vote brawl. Even though that said they had supported trunk of the garden borrowed from client. And in the Wall Street Journal NBC news called this group that critical middle. In the nation's partisan warfare. In sound said it accounted for over one hurdle bald respondents. Undergo that some poll. I do find it fascinating. Because I like his agenda. I just don't throw the mail and he scares me or through journal. Poll within those group a majority of applauded the president's handling of the economy. Said the administration's early missteps post typical mobile wide outs. In the poll respondents. Who approved of Trump's job performance. Exploiting their feelings by saying. The president was delivering on campaign promises. To bring back jobs close the border need to be given the changed by the media and others. Instead of rushing the government judgment. And that's me. And I don't understand. That while the media. Isn't looking at that core war. And saying why don't we just present of its regular Greg covered and backed him in trouble don't always look forward hopes it would mean. Anybody else whose eggs or 187 and not trumpet attacked just pointing out something I think most people know. His strong middle. Not as rude people who bowed pork and the people that light his policies. And wanna give them a giants. I'm included. Kissinger wanted somebody who what do you think. Yeah. Gibbons drug could never boring revered human courage and charmed by the White House pro secretary. Held a meeting of his entire Sampson and secondly leagues Tammy are you so blown organs services that you it is. Went very didn't binding thing. Somebody a result and by the easy and that meeting uses encrypted. App. Lead content so bleeding has stopped the liquid. Trump's dolphins please. Review of talk and so wheezing. Screwed in the afternoon coming up don't chili beans got great trio. You can listen thank you for doing that have a great day and Greg bond McGraw that's. As governor of bill brigade celebrity am on the re at.