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Feb 28, 2017|

Bobby and Deke talk about the New Orleans Pelicans with callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk misspoke in the sports that based on unit. It was a Braun no. But he cousins at that. Received almost Tenneco's he faces a one game suspension you're allowed only filming technical before you had to serve it one game suspension. And that course of course coming the other night welcome back to our number two cortisone shot tonight that's what handing out the LSU sports network for the Johnny Jones showed 26018 Sammy is in them again involved. At Tony's bad games schedule ensued after the all star break for the pelicans that now over and three since they've big trade for DeMarcus Cousins what do you think is wrong you can Castronovo. On line WW dot com about the playoff it to for the pelicans or if you're counting at. It's tough just the month of march he had Detroit here. A wink the only two road games right near Detroit here raising night which is five for a spot in the east San Antonio the Al team to dazzle play out team. The Raptors are a playoff team Charlotte in the east there flirting around the elves. The Miami Heat do the same you got Houston Guillen twice this month. You have Mathis. You have you're talking and in Denver this month. And in the end the most Sacramento so you have the majority of months to get player. Teams that are well didn't meet in the play and I think when the trade happened and caused an author of break heard so commentator Norman Fillmore. That how tough it was going to be for the palate is he would bogey Cubs as a due play well they had. Alicea know fourth hardest schedule you know and has gone by playoff team right in and who you have to overcome. You know to get. Eighteen wins and I keep saying eighteen wins. Because that and I trust Joseph mar I mean. Would Jerrells said about. Is it fifteen and I'd be in eagle fifteen and and more like eighteen and then you feel the guy I don't know what's gonna happen this year at the truth no one's on me on about. I to the falls ago Pensacola Florida that's Escambia county for Richard Richard thank you for calling WW. Good senate thank you for Kolb. What they do it Metallica and well. Gentry and head coach for sixteen years in his career. And then sixteen years he's had three winning seen them. So. Ago plays save like I mean I think he could be part of a team as far as a staff as assistant. Like you said look at the track record as head coach. Yet these terrible. So still Micah it hasn't got a good head coach you might Williams. And I don't get treated like Marty Schottenheimer. I mean yeah okay they'd played the Warriors but did you really think they were going to be the Warriors. Now. I made you know you know I think we got a little sprawled with Chris Paul. And it would on the road and played a game seven of the it will we were almost in the Western Conference final but they are a fan base through technologists I would just take. Kimono we are a playoff team year in Europe now. Ultimately the fans are getting complacent. But. The league when you take down here of this the pelicans in Richard if and if we word to Memphis Grizzlies. And then after you hit you in the twelve when Al all the time. If you're in the put out there crying and you you're legitimate hard matchup there about right and that's what they are all to do he should be. I mean. They had a point guard amp and a little erratic at from Miami last year or maybe two years ago are more. The end Norris Cole yeah they part ways with him pretty quickly. You not expect this game he did you are always he he he could pass than. We could actually issued a three point shot up and don't have. So so ritual what do you think they need to do. You like and go forward is say like or would point guard do you want. To see and I'm not talk about them fantasy draft but what realistically would point guard what you wanna see playing with cousins in ninety games. Like their skill and and and confident and Anthony it was. Well at last night you know I mean cut and Bob about the fourth quarter. Indeed it's been. There are still 610250. Pound brown. Well you gotta wait did you and I'd think the they got to play half court game yeah. But I don't know but I might Richards says in Everett and running diary to bring them to go puck I don't know that if they got the right point golfer according. Right in the facility right at the facilitated you know it's like OK if we're gonna compare us go to two BX. In only team baker were to compare ourselves to is Mathis. Could this team has got right Aramis to be extending Mike Connolly right. Now they are there more of one has more traditional senate in both of laws because Marcus solitude of big feet bodies sooner. He's not as that as dramatic as I don't think is as cousins is certain that Davis but if we if we talk back to front core plays I think that's who we can compare our guys to. So we're competitive like that what that dished artist or Franco is my count on always being banged up. These are true and they had a big illiteracy and thirty. This past week and they won right and I mean I hate it that we. I don't wanna get ahead of us at but we do that 22 games left ago and it may be a situation where they look. You know it takes awhile to click anyone alive but clicks on who knows me Miami is that a team that was. Basically struggling to make them make the house in the east they had twelve game win streak. Two weeks ago goal. So you don't know what is gonna click so I'm hoping that go to the usage is gonna take them in their thinking hey look at people we're getting close they showed more tape where it's closed. They can point out some and send him boom we start to see in the formal wins. Because every game you lose it's more ground. Day two did seem beat what does Torii five games that the play. But when you're down two and now 32 and a half for loss column and you gone okay what now would down for a loss column. And we only got 42 left to play in is bigger and bigger you keen at the time they got to be losing much more ground. The one thing you have gone for you gamble wise as you do any of treatment. But I mean people don't look at all like oak at the only one name again although as we do played well they did about what have ignited teams leagues evidence that he no they have a hearty not like Dallas yet and I threw on those teams Friday made a move you know at right. Back to the falls ago Metairie for Joseph Joseph thank you for Colin WW ago. If I don't speak about it and I have a couple of court center like ridiculous ranch as well one is on what the pelican. I actually these guys come down low. And nobody followed proper shot. They shoot the low and it hit it better at running back to the other article never well never and I blame coaching. Well they're really don't get Joseph what I've witnessed the is that. In a rebound as a rebound but sometimes. You know David to rebound so you know one and done but it probably think about it you can extend a play and things like. That we don't get enough offensive rebounds. You know that whether it be ADR cousins from the offensive side. It would be hit dike come down according by himself. In all honesty about a guy under the goal and what you do you shoot a while some thought he makes a choked up you know. A lot of continental. And other teams on the other and make it that back impacted that. Speck on all that together and it's just this a memorable watch. Still the hero in that seat at the bars and weight because they came out and it fastball around Hayward the plate and it wicket in front. Yes I mean it just seems like the big ER I'll buy what you wanna like running gun. Just had a big you are what you wanna have regained do pick and roll mismatch. I mean. I don't know it just they like to me. That the big man and tune in pats history. When you of the tees have been successful. Well when you look at Duncan and an admiral artists just able to general Nolan was running gun like the Antonio wants to do. Are you even the Warriors and me we I don't know it to be good that would that be a winning formula. Witty. Okay we'll have a collection is on our football. Until aggravated when and pros and college in high school when that's your quarterback go back. In a defense is gonna throw actual loss in April and out of piles and they tell April out of bounds intentionally. Well that's great need to as a bubble which are going to go out and the defense would go at Larry. He added they changed that rule now I'm Hollis played their arm Emery Julia had that throw it and these things and their receiver. But now if you out the pocketing just throw it past the line his arm and his background so yeah united. Yeah. Yeah at the Rose is drug to put off as the succeed. I mean the rules and changes the way it is and and I think they won more games. Thirty sounded twentysomething in high point is verses in 1613. You know. In an hour and a role in scheme offense triangle whatever teams like that. The guys that I'm not you know household names and contribute here and there whatever you don't mind. But on his team when you look at the guys especially who are not lane. You and you add up the money and you look at the ones that are playing and you look at their money and A gone by we you mean. Ladies and moves. Weren't Alvin Gentry. It was dale depth. So all of this calls in together in again. We started out with 2.5 games now with 22 games to meet everybody but the dude the two players that you Duke grabbed his cousins. And and Davis. At the day. Everything's a programs. Is a sports talk on their behavior. Kasey Kahne got a text over there. Yeah. Bigger this text they're Texas frequently urgency. 2996. Though bull click we gentry no discipline too many turnovers. Know half court offense. No offensive rebounds. In any Eagles on the comment that. That being AD cousins. They both average two offensive rebounds per game 01 of the main reasons are standing on the top of the key. Then he went on to say. That the exact number like eighty averages 2.2 bogey at two point one of the two rebounds per game. That's if you look at the whole league Deke that seventeenth and 22. You think I don't live TV at the proper offense that you know you've posted in download to take advantage car. Of their skill set that they'd be at least in the top ten. In rebound and so that Saddam. He had the I think you almost misplaced by being in gentry time running gun offense. Back to the phone to go Bobby Picayune Mississippi if Allen Allen thank you for calling WW it. I. Am. But what we're not do a playoff game right. Yeah yeah I needed accurate and he was into the series yeah. I I just want to make sure that you know. We're not sure about rocket not all of the second thing is what we get ready. Seemed that that they'll know that they thought it was two weeks it's it would that you what it was like 15 AM yeah. He's sort of edgy season on 34 Meehan in dead money on Ohno mere Asik and I'm not gonna say well he's still on my team. But he's a one. In the lasting gains that was five minutes. So basically I count that is damn money. You know he's played him 31 games this season. And you know in wins he's Jarrett had three points a game in losses Evers 2.4 points per game. He gives you absolutely nothing this was a horrible move in the in the guys and in in a the whole thing goes back to like what if you could get something out of somebody something it be one thing they quit listening to you were talking with you could hear us. Yeah I don't know how do you now go needy youth ministers did not make the point about Asik. Cut you off I don't know I don't know built illegally. You know. Which you. Now we've we've both opening days in a paid Ryan Anderson because it goalmouth coach gentry what they wanna do look at it yeah is able Bristol running gun. Know the Rockets running go idea and tone it. And and now. He certainly is all on the third best team in the NBA right now record wise and meet Jimmy V veteran dejected type offense you can validate leading him toward me you know that you got to coach him whatever that now guarded and Anderson. That at any kind of just put our graduate later tonight. Forrest a former Houston to eat a good pants. Is this is frustrating because and a there's no reason why we. I don't think we Barney thing Bain we were all supposed to be excited. Went to treat the whole world was Exide is no doubt about it but again when we talked about toward the end of the week with caution is that it's not for game. At the same people who charge year cost him in charge here you know I think of anything Trevor Ariza and I mean it is handled that. I don't know it is completely bad decision yeah I mean you know in the and we had a lot of Saturday channel asked to be negative but compete with. What you bring in the gala Solomon you know and and we try to say well you hippies here and you try to be Smart about it in the fans like come home and do his garbage. He meet you gave him seems to me in Dallas. In the Indy is like you try to make sense of in the head and they defend their right because it's like okay. What what are we gonna get at him as one of help we give him give him it was should be giving Drew Brees a hundred mid. And then I am and it is an. I understand I don't know I holed out of the agreement clinic gave it right. But and the you know. We were asking the same people clicking right big outlet it is college audio you know based on we don't get an offensive rebounds. And this caller zero lies at five because coach gentry TDs as soon as the shot goes up. Immediately get back on defense. That's stupid basketball. That is Texas where some degree all right welcome back to fill up in the column and a rescue collars open lines it I'll wait to 60170. You can Texas at 870 eights and look at his roster. Down the stretch in the you know who hours investigate high. To help out who can contribute to cousins. And Davis if they're gonna make the playoffs. And you know basically now we just assume when a game. And we agreeing gain them a full of points I missed that point five games well negative view atop coach wouldn't it be enticing. That next year Vietnam movie cousin Anthony Davis if you're a top coaching you know and you do with the beauties out right a CBS news update. When you're saying this is the big history ever where was all of this concerned there was a there's always been concerned we always talk about it because just because you made a trade how they get a general at the same coaches and he's did the same front office. Yeah that never changed. No I always in question and you say maybe them more practices. In. And obviously being in have a soap fan I think they've had three games of forty's kind of basically in the practice one time. But I just got this. I think it should be price or Marty gras day and have a game only is that this guy from Ellis and Danny. And begin. We get all kind of press releases yet. This official. As soon as I mean it don't let that official Zulu press really. And I davis' and hooking Cubs and the server the 2017. Zulu honorary grand Marshall. At the ma was. Yes. Adamant about seventeen that's great that's out there. Oh yeah and you got a game Wednesday night that it is code and that now where's your trial man and they laid off season. You gain of finished playing ball we can always put you know parade balloon that being on that kimono name as adamantly any of the things you got I don't know what it is. But like mentally I'm from a moment now to Amy wanna go to a Christmas degree at the new season oh okay when you do stuff like Dan. Is not that. It can be owner of it would of players and often on Tuesday if he got a ostrich you just come out all star break news of the day. That game who is their with the big Ruble what do you. And a lot like a player the public the publicist. I was handling cousins and aunt that he gave his business and I don't think has to be a good lie. Right now we know and you aren't like navigate no one thing you'd be hard to imagine great obviate. Led Tim Duncan and Tony talk who have LaMarcus are used Ginobili. Even in handy when I Tammy if you beat them up a damn parade day before a game yet it is the Zulu social native players club is proud then Al's honorary grand marshals for the 20172. Primary. The Indy you on pelicans to r.'s Anthony Davis and DiMarco is because will be defeated the liberty Riders. Fairway 28 to go 17 was starting 80 am and at least 2 o'clock in at least two while. You know you be practicing and ready for the game Wednesday night. And I'd be this that you have a butch is a little little breaks down the road with below the Ravens win. And it did at this rate of within the ever NBA championship program trying. Woodley got by that it is. This shows you date Austin where our owners who thought that Alec and our coach gentry. Nobody's being controlled telling because exit of the agents that never happens. And they got a game of the it's Doc Rivers a daisy it and it bit LB depicted Wednesday night I'm lame and the Zulu parade in in the grand Marshal. Priorities and not an arm c'mon you are about Marty brought apolitical darted right at an. But me I got away though no right yeah you gotta win I mean. Outlawed in the cart before ours you know what I guarantee if you were rated can be a lot of people waiting. Don't they have to it were today. They were in there practice. It's like. You know like in the NFL if you don't play don't Baghdad no way. On the NFL. C'mon you might have to play Christmas theme night. Yeah I it's got to understand. Yeah I mean it's a job you get paid million to Dallas. Yet dale didn't immediately get back and guaranteed collide right. Against me because as guarantee Michael Ryder prayed if you won maybe you can. The right Villa Carlo Pollard arrow coming right back to you this is sports talk Jonas and WW. And welcome back. Out to the phones to go different brains name is impairs the Phillip Phillips thank you for calling WW Rio. I tell you what it dark in here days irritation in your boards and talk about the Falcons I'm the only back I mean why. You know you know de through. I think. People really wanna get on board to get on the bandwagon wanna get on a bandwagon but again you know last week about a nine. You look. It's our job to call it like we see but it also is also logged off our personalities come out and the rest of the that's how we feel. You know our regardless of what people may mean I don't I was excited. I always ask about I was excited. But you know it's almost like you got to tip your excitement because I guess we shouldn't but that we we you have to remember. Although up a player comes here this different he's supposed to be really good borderline great look we still had the same people around in the. Here's what am I can correct. If we can't let in the chat that don't work I number one and Q were you intrigued. They need to get where Padilla a cracked. Look cousins will sign with the team in a year if there are thinking or without a doubt it and blocked they need to get religion for now are and yet mango and who knows. Exit knows that knows what they do. Gentry is clueless you don't know X there is no ball movement newseum plane and at the time at her and the year at the time they're not motivated. You'd have two great players on thirteen man roster the other players but not that great holiday is. The back. You know him well and I'm like OK here goes to the was banking for the job and with a winner. Where he. It does that thing when he Redskins in the wall as far as when you're ahead coach not assistant coach as far as winning a championship are winning games what. Would you reckon we knew of the man when you're the head coach that's had him at 32 to me between bang vending. And and gentry just in eve even look at money Williams K maybe save money Williams took his as far as they were gonna go over at least during the playoffs. Mom and it was so odd occurrences player might want to make it kind geared my prediction but you know well. They'd better get this right it's that they don't get this right. They're gonna keep on lose and content or at least you think after that you think indeed in the Hedo but we still don't note he's got dinged up a there. They're the Seattle to start again. No I gets it dead at navy AV once the demo they have franchise long term in Seattle. But what is your approach Phillip what. Which is got a press release in the Zulu club but they're both going to be in the Marty grow prayed to mourning got a game Wednesday night against the Pistons. Well there's no. Moral that you. I know you are oh you're. Well David probably job I would. I'd even look at other top NBA. You know teams are locker room yet congress probably comedians. That that yet still look how that looks to the public. I mean you can be and all the Marty grove raging one yeah what would you retire and go to the playoffs man yeah. Paid a hundred some million dollar thank you back by you operate. Right and I know the flip that was say where we want to entertain you knowing so much in means into all of the knowledge I've been a thing if the car and understand that but let me come home and this. He got a win and and I hate to go back to that which you know would mean noticed it has paid player in Rossum is. Oh Morrissey. But put him on the parade. That that he needed it and no play but wanted to five minutes and adding and gold variety and if you add an incredible parade in Colorado and it was a they don't infidelities. I knew parade and camera though a parade as the champions. When you win a championship you agree. And all right this is puts up released at WW ago. I ever knows let's just try to below fair imbalance okay we look at what's going on just this last year two guys moving forward. Last season and 66 games Ryan Anderson averaged seventeen points a contest with. The New Orleans pelicans. Now when you look at what is going on right now as far as the way he is with the Houston Rockets. Brian Anderson he is a averaging. Thirteen point nine points per game these that there are leading score four. The Houston Rockets much more minutes as far as a stamp on what he's doing and he is playing Pete is having gained so we certainly don't talk to break the game totally he had a year ago when I was here in sneaky. Eric Gordon when you look what he did last season was one of his best and a New Orleans uniform his actual best in New Orleans was. And his first year when he averaged twenty points per game but from them and that was only in Nang gains. We're looking pretty much a full season his best season was. Last season because he played us you mean in 2013. When he played 64 games Sierra fifteen point four points. Last season 45 games he averaged fifteen point two points. Now when you look at here Gordon right now what he's average in. He's averaging seventeen point contests and he's played 54 games he's gonna have told so not just about trying to pick on somebody say something. Those two guys are working well for coach. We've money Williams and would Alvin Gentry. We use those guys see it now yes we could but I'm to the fact now to where we sit memo we always say we have the actress Taliban Baton Rouge LSU now. That has got him en route to to be in that press got in less miles a cam Cameron's offense so we don't know what he did me in. Now the Eric Gordon or Ryan Anderson. Will we be better rhythm yes I remember we saw in the year we see and what they do it in in Houston now that I mean if they were Becky and now they beat him was more different. Diego very similar. The right timing right situation and you talk about like a deck press cup would be Mississippi State uniform what they're doing verses and Cam Cameron LSU's offense ranked. Did the Antonio did you have any success in New York. Now with the Knicks know they ran his behind out of town there right that is terrible. Actually got to look at what you wanna do it would you have available. My you know trying to mix oil and vinegar all of a lot of highs in Eddie. Oil and water all of more. Yeah how would you know separates. Was kind of like well a good question to want to do. That now. We want to jam as you with the wars dig a big news and charge an office assistant coach yet but look at percentages those guys shoot in the Jack Canada. Mean all you know I'd be coached and yeah I mean he could be a running gun and a wide open no doubt about it I don't not that I'll just say on the three point shooter but added that we're percentage and three point shooters. He can be a great shooter but. Are you amongst the best with the Warriors had a among the best of them Carlo thank you for common WW yeah. And I they're. Our group got around basketball toward forty years old in what you're gonna use you in 82 games you can't win at least forty games. He hit me. The yak is because we always look and act Carlo like 45 beamed the low point like high parties the fifty wins. But don't count their elbows against the that you root against our seven sexist you don't lose again and broken bat. Baker and eat eat and went up it should be an eight spotlight and the guy got ago. Calling if you make you make some good points about about those losses the Shula and then to do no cousin Jim Wright mean. You're right thank you for all.