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02-28 210 pm Mardi Gras Mambo - The Review with Scoot

Feb 28, 2017|

Scoot talks with callers about their Mardi Gras 2017 experiences throughout Southeast Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon at a very happy Mardi Gras I was out there are how on the parade routes and I say Charles downtown I was in the French Quarter. And now I am in the safe confines of the double to real studio. In downtown New Orleans but we'll talk about body grow as we continue rigorous review this afternoon as we do it every out article afternoon. We'll talk about the crowds the behavior. The parades. On how we lose everybody behaving near you I know a lot of people still out there partying and rating but not everybody. And I am very very very honest about my assessment of the crowd in the French Quarter will do that in just a few minutes. I wanna remind you that tonight to president trump is going to address a joint session of congress gonna carry that live here on deputy well AM FM and dot com. And we'll talk about that side tomorrow afternoon from one to Forester Tommy Tucker hander Carl we'll be talking about that. As well and I wanted to just say. That is just it's an honor to work with the people that I work with in order to anchor Tom Fitzmorris and Angela hill for during an incredible job right before their show. And Tommy Tucker and Kristian garic Revere this morning Dave Cohen was. But the parolees and in the French Quarter he always does a great job of bringing us the the sights and sounds of the French Quarter early in the morning. So. Is in the French Quarter earlier and I did a live feed on our FaceBook page Shapiro radio. And I was shocked. Look at the weather. We may breaking records it's going to be in the low eighties today. So I was expecting. Something that I didn't really say. I was expecting a lot more skin. I was expecting. More flashing. I didn't see one person flange. I mean I was really disappointed. A repeat. I'm I'm I'm surprised now it may have changed I was there from. I guess about 11 o'clock to who. 1230 yourself. It was the team missed. Mardi Gras crowd I've ever seen. Now I'll I'll reflect on this a little baby talk god more about this tomorrow afternoon I wonder if this is a bigger trend. I wonder if after the election this has something to do with the mood of the country I I I don't know. But I just found it. So interesting that it was such a tape credit I would have to say that this is the team is crowd I ever remember seeing. Now I'm gonna go back out after the show were until 6 o'clock am to go out after the show I'll go back into the corner and it and check it out dead at. And maybe it has changed may be its sellers crazy. Right now. I'm not sure. But I just was really stunned that it was so while there was so calm if you do wanna join us with a comment. If you are talk about the crowds. The behavior. The parades are numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601870. And our text is a 7870. I was watching out all of it TV channels started particular deputy realty dream. And this isn't gonna be the last morning draw for my cause and bill capital. They are going to be ultimately leaving the station. You know I'm still. Trying to figure out coral a Redondo and chief meteorologist. You know there were his there there is a couple of couples the female anchors. Were. Princess Leah different stages of princess Leah surgery. The Star Wars series. So was Carl Everett on to. He was princess Leah and I believe it was ever turn of the genocide. Yes it was a two piece outfit. I mean story like all halter top and then a bottom. Was it last year the year before pearl Redondo ways Paul Stanley of kiss. So his midriff was exposed. Karl Redondo he's not embarrassed to show scared. You know I think about some of these costumes and moaning draw. And you know it's no wonder that my generation has a gender Bender problems noted that we are all all confused about stuff because of this stuff that we saw it during morning grow a growing out. I mentioned in the life FaceBook feed that I did for every of your radio. That I'm really proud of the way my parents raised me and we came downtown we came to the French Quarter when we were kids. And I mean I turned out OK right. Ball maybe that's not the best example to use but I think it turned out to be okay. So is it you know it's not it's it's it's not. It's not the negative thing as so many people think it is when you see something on a little crazy suburban street is more for adults in royal street. But there there are a lot of people in the quarter a lot of stuff going on down there did you go to the quarter when you recant. Do you think it's okay if parents take their case to the French Quarter. On the article today. Again if you would join us are numbers 2601878. Text 87870. Here's a Texas says so must and must give thanks a budget thanks to all the law enforcement agencies they did a fantastic job and they're still doing a fantastic job IE I totally agree. In fact at a PD help me cross over the parade routes are a couple of times today says I'm working and my apartment building is on the other side of saint Charles so I had to cross over a couple of times they did an excellent job. But there were times over the weekend when I wasn't working and I didn't use mine and I derby at your credentials to get across the line. Since I wasn't working and I waited for them to open up the rate crossing. This year compared to the past NO PD did a phenomenal job. Of making sure that people. Were able to cross now you might not be able to cross exactly when you want to. I liked. You were able to cross and there were times last year and the year before when it was really really frustrated and I mean people in the crowd started. Chanting and they they they really frustrated because the parade was clearly an delay. It was stopped. And yet they would let people cross well not this year. I don't know what happened by then the plan this year was excellent and you know they're they're doing it they're doing a great job and you know and OPD they're they're more than just police officers say they end up and in some cases. I'm just being ambassadors for. The city and of people asked him a lot of different questions and you know I hear police officers take time to to answer those questions. From Vanderbilt and this year and every WL happy Mardi Gras. It. Did you go viral. It would give. Ya that like Metairie is more of a family setting. I always lessons as a percent of the parade to downtown it's a predictor of canal street and and really close to that the quarter began to you to see some. Simply and it's it's not total debauchery and again I got it. Can tell you Dennis this was. This was a crowd that was. Collectively Tamer than I really anticipated. Yet but c'mon let. But he and why and why would politics he'd come out on a day like today. I mean. You look at it everybody they've been a party here so that we adopt my side LP appetite for help bring politics in the Mardi Gras. CN I don't I don't have a better I don't I don't have a crop I don't have a problem with the political satire does is kind of always been there. You know I got I had a taxi in The Daily Show. From somebody who said. You know they never made fun of President Obama well that's not true there were going to talk. Where were you. At my. Well nobody it's it's. About struck Marty. Yeah Dennis again you I yeah I mean to you here I I only I I I know you're out here. Yeah I guess your point of view but I don't have a problem with of the political satire but that does it mean that we have to agree on that. Now now we now. Being from New England like you are young why you wouldn't you enjoyed the moment the way it is that it. Agree politics secure. Well I enjoy I enjoy the creativity of these other of the satire. We do now. Enter. You know it it can't be it joy are not doing that and you know people say. Here great people are. How everybody you lobbying did you know kind of people we are year he had nobody talks are. Dennis I appreciate the call glacier listening party Schuerholz they would issue wanna jump in the conversation on numbers 2601 a seventy. Eric coach 504260187. He text number is 87870. I don't mind the political satire deal and I'll tell you about. Bernie Sanders. Costume. I'll tell you about a comment about president trump. And I'll tell you about a comment about. President Nixon all of that in a quarter today. I'm scoot this is the Mardi Gras mambo the review and we'll be back on WWL. And welcome back this is morning gras mambo the review I am safe in our studio if you were out there iron at some point this weekend if you're out there earlier today you wanna talk about the costume she saw. You talk about the parades the crowds the behavior whatever. Our numbers 260187. In a text number is 87870. So our first call odd and challenge because I simply express my opinion that I find the political satire very creative. That's me that's my my personality. But yet there are people like our our our caller from Mather field who doesn't wanna say it and so I I understand I mean I get that I get their point of view. But I don't mind it I I thought this was really funny a guy had a Bernie Sanders mask on. And he had a sign that said break up the super cruise. Dare wore a group of people. This group of people on and they were dressed as a flower children. And I'm really like teenagers are either just like like hippies. And among the signs was impeach Nixon. I just thought that was creative because it was a reminder that we've been through and controversy in our past. I and then there were two people dressed as Mexicans. And the sign was. I trumps most wanted so I mean I I I find that to be creative maybe we don't. Agree but again that's part of Mardi Gras that's part of everything is in. Also I did your parents take you downtown to the French Quarter on on Mardi Gras day. Minded. I've human join us 26018786078. Seve let's go uptown and Donald you're on Debbie WL. Today which owners skated did you sample apps addresses. As Donald Trump's. And the such that don't get the political stats are on the go back. I mean I do I I can't deny if I'm not I'm not mistaken. A political satire has always been part of Florida girl but I'll tell you what would happen sometimes Donnelly do you know this as well as I do if if if a candidate or president that people really support. Is mocked then all of a sudden it's not good. But he somebody they don't like he's mocked well it's not that big a deal out there are some people who are not like politics no matter what it. If political satire. It's it's it's part of morning all I'm still amazed. A that the baucus floats last night. Bachus did the celebration of the fifty years of the saints and it was a take off on the Young and the Restless and it had the why and the from the TV show the logo the young into and the restless if there was a portrait of Matt Bryant of the falcons and a pusher Julio Jones. And the float float theme was the young in the Willis. You know I was gonna support surprising didn't anthems. Clinical. Now it's still kind of reaction did you get dressed up as Donald Trump. In Russia brilliant sustain. Obviously I put too much broad on you say about that the white stuff you know it so like. Or really bad silent and tight sanctions and had a FBI on. And just a blue blazer with the red tie and people really they they kind of are out first and then. And Michael Strauss and the like Claudia. And ours and pretend like go out supporting a lot you know start first got to get our. School and got there. This miracle on the people gorgeous dark and laughed at but they were just a little bit shaken up. And then we cut a plate or scared and they were. Then I'll so they want to take pictures web page and up a plate on a local brand and not had much air or on the as well so. Like that popped it. Our arsonist he would turn out crops and that the odd she wore a loose a little scared in two putted it by like. Now I I saw about a couple of references to two tropic fact there was one guy who weighs which dressed. As a deplorable. And he was solid guy we just like he just he had liquor it was a appeared to mask but it was system it was just have reeled. On disheveled looking guy smoking car and he was deplorable and right next to him attached to him was a statute of Hillary Clinton. And I just you know I thought that was great if Donna I appreciate the call time to lead to witness if you wanna join us this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Text is 87870. So on how the crowds. I just got a text a moment ago that says the crowd in the first quarter is still very tame and a suburban and count time. I anticipated with the weather being this way that we we've seen naked people all over downtown. And that's not the case. And I get a sense at this point that people are not gonna suddenly just start shedding their clothes. So for whatever reason. It's interesting that this was a very very. Came here and I don't know if this is a trend or it's something something special I've I have no idea but I thought that was just interesting to notice I Denish joined every WL. At. Night are going to be different value. I was around 69. We used to go to canal street outlook on watch Horry. Got lost. Inflammation on March no you know it doesn't now. I walk home our. I'll explain all the way to. Yeah I walked yeah saint Claude break and saint lot. Eight years ago. I walked on canal street did he know any anyplace you. Was in Arab be on community. And I walk there across sank our bridge. And I can remember right now every. That was an amazing feat. I don't know but you know only our remember. My mom and there it took opera that we're almost swear words in under. Police station in light sport news that he looks like AM. And I didn't but if you sank orbit than that amount well. Dennis. If that would have been me and and you and I are different I would have been released scared and felt very insecure obviously you didn't feel that way. What in a quick look at opt column are on the say that they do you know. Yeah. That would. And to win that way. On saint bought out again down. But every by. A never ending. Well it's it's sad that it would be it would be different doing that today. Our agreement and like which is saying about that. The parade route and stop and that lot of people on there and thank you were argued you. A fresh appreciate called Dennis and down mound I'm glad you made of it that that's a walk for canal street to Arabic go across the saint Claude bridge at the age of eight years old. Here's a text at least of making it sound as if mourning draw is not a Stanley tradition and others in Metairie. Our families. A fourth generation or enjoying. Years together on Jackson avenue and saint Charles and Orleans avenue on and that's again hitting one pair she gets. Well you know I I can't. Control how people perceive ward I talk about it when we talk about on on the show on the radio. But it was never my intent to make it seem as if morning draw in New Orleans was not. For families because. It is. Now there have been in the past there have been people who have tried to turn. Saint Charles avenue. And other areas in New Orleans. Into a French Quarter type atmosphere but again since I wasn't there this year as a saucy Charles around the CBC. Much of that area. And I mean there are a lot of family after they were families in the French Quarter so clearly and and all I said earlier was Bergen street is more adult oriented. Buy it. For me it's not as adult oriented as a place where you you couldn't bring kids and again I couldn't help but notice how. Tame the crowd is. All right if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon this is the review of Mardi Gras mambo here at the crew of WWL. Our numbers 2601878. Tex a 77. We got CBS news coming out followed by Don aims at RW a few others update I'd screwed in the afternoon everybody draw and we'll be right back. I hope nobody got to go to. I because you know the crew of records they're they're they're out there and they will tell your car if you're in the wrong spot hope nobody got totaled nobody got any tickets. You know if you wanna be on the interstate right now as far as I know it's serious pre team out there because so many people are downtown. Are you just heard Bob frost talk about the go home operate as stalled. I you know what they're doing archer. They just try to copy New Orleans because quite often operates all so than now down home they've you know they're gonna still operated well it's just like being in New Orleans. Except where in home. And yes a special thanks to NO PD the state police and the police from the surrounding areas. Not only doing the job that they do in New Orleans but also in the suburbs in and on the North Shore and down the volume and an N everywhere. You know we don't focus just on New Orleans. They do a great job it's not an easy job to do. And I mentioned earlier. That I wanted to talk about how NO PD disagree job. But we also play a role in that. If you think about how many people around on the street from morning drop. How many people around the streets for the parades. And you think about the few incidents that did occur. That's more than just the job the police are doing that's us. A lot of that has to do with the way we act. And and most of us know how to behave. In fact if you think about it. People come from out of town. They have never done this before. And yet they know how to act because they they follow our lead. As a crowd they're a lot of people from out of town especially downtown. But there are a lot of local people downtown. So we just as a city we kind of set a mood. And it's just unfortunate that. The bad incidents the negative news. Gets more attention than the positive news but again that's the nature it. You know I I guess in some ways it's not news if everything goes as expected as and then goes wrong well then that's quote unquote. News. But I've not to take anything away from NO PD your state police or law enforcement in general but a lot of it has to do with with how we act and and most of us. Know how to act. Here's a Texas says so just waits due to no one's alcohol consumption goes up the people are going to be close Lewis. Say I don't know about that because it doesn't you know last year was cold and I think the year before that it was cold and we've had a a series of very cold morning drugs. And everybody was anticipating that with this warm spring like weather oh my god what what are biggest city. Well being and a quarter earlier. I mean I have seen the quarter. I've seen the quarter ramp up I mean I've done morning radio shows. From the French Quarter born from morning. And I've seen bizarre things in the morning. But. This year. Eleven to 1230. I thought the crowd was extremely. Tame. And out of joking earlier largely disappointed regulated didn't see scale I would emotionally disputing about that I think it's great that the crowd is. Is the way it is. So it's going to be interesting to. It's it's just to see how this all plays out but again that the crowd was where his was relatively tame. Here's a text I believe most people realize that everything is recorded now. And there are more inclined to behave themselves that's a good thing. That's interesting I I hadn't thought about that part. You know you you see. A lifetime movie you know and some seventeen year old on spring break. Gets and on and video that goes viral it mom finds out that she took her top off at spring break. Okay well that didn't used to happen but it can't happen now. And you you do have to be cognizant of the fact that anytime anywhere. Somebody could be recording you. I mean it's not so much Big Brother there were worried about its. It's on us I mean we are video we're not videotaping but we're using our cellphones. To tape and and net is that he has said he dictator I I got to diverted this the sold their terminology. It's and taking a video. A recording of video with. With your cellphone. But yet that may be that may be a factor but again with with with what I've seen in the past. It doesn't matter how cold it is people still Wear their costume and and it is it's not a case of people just Kimberly deciding. Oh well I've had this much to drink so now I'm gonna show admired my close on a designated their their people who plan. Their customs. And many unplanned costumes that are rather revealing. On the video that I did that well now it's it's it's posted by FaceBook off feet. Offered every W well. Radio. I there was there was a very sexy attractive sailor. And I would have to say that she was not wearing. Military approved closely. You couldn't see anything there wasn't wasn't bad. But yeah I was. Kind of stupid and it was a typical. Military uniform. She had a a whip. Cilic on a crop. And answer what it was four she says to despite people. And I say give me a demonstration she gave me the demonstration. On me tougher Picayune Alan you're under the WL. You know one. You want to. Get all girl. Allan thanks for the call. You know I'm not even gonna taller to the kind of security. At no point. Did I ever say. People should get taken me seriously. Dude lighten up. I am surprised. That is not just me. But a lot of people surprised that the crowd in the French Quarter on this spring like day in February. Or as tame as they are. You got a comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601. A seventy Tex ever say 77 yard scoot in the afternoon. And this is Laurie gros mambo the review on WL. That is biggest the crowds are downtown and I gotta tell ya I don't think it was as intense as I was anticipating the cause of the warm weather I mean I thought it was going to be just impossible to get around and it's not. Do you think people are now going to Damian and bachus and Orpheus. And they're skipping Monique or doing. Meet again you hallways not totally jammed packed. And the French Quarter when I was look I know what's gonna get more crowded especially after the the praise for going on for awhile. I'm not everybody stays to reactivate that the trucks. So there with a quarter we'll get more crowded but I was amazed I mean again I I'm I'm from here this is not my first morning draw. And I've seen the quarter in the morning I've seen a quarter mid morning early afternoon and it was just not as crowded genocide. Expected. Based on the talk about everybody going out because the weather was going to be so warm so do you like do you skip morning ground game and by the way for those of you who were at home. To those of you who do Schiavone draw or if you're in your car and year the year you're working or relaxing today and there's nothing wrong with us. Money grows not for everybody and everybody doesn't have to participate. And sometimes for some people the greater Simonyi draw. Is one we just you get the day off he just has to stay at home and you get to relax and you can listen to it on the radio. Watch on television. Here's a Texas says another squirrels scoot yeah I got a text the other day from saudis said I think you're getting all of a body double Borough squirrels. They just treat the call your show. I think that guy wears or just being sarcastic I would like to see a bunch of naked people on Burgos street to. No I you know I've never said that I wanted to see naked. But I will always have a degree of sarcasm with me I mean I've had that when every school in the morning at times due to the afternoon now. That's just part of my personality so they're times and I reckon the a little sarcastic sort of take everything that I say so ultimately a seriously. Opera built chase side JC you're on WW out. Patriot you know I'm good. Yet we did the same things we figured with the weather and the people. We are. And Monday cooperated and we skip the and but it. Well you know let you know we went and critical department and people and is he liked it remember back and being crazy. In front court it would you know people. Well yeah oh yeah. Beat beat beat Corey and believe it. So Jason what what stands out in terms of the rate you saw. The night that might parades Prodi that they're not some of the old look like yeah. You know and we saw that in in India and then there's. Really. Gathered there the clobber Arctic slights I mean I figured it would their review of I got a chance CIA and Damian and and baucus and I nor Prius and they were just I just beautiful. Great deal to open it up. You let you know listening to the Flintstones. And yet. It'll ever given money. Money out people who. Make a little. Well you know. It's sort yesterday's news and do you do you should do you remember rates in the quarter when it boggles the French Quarter. Oh yeah absolutely you go to open button. Graded them for an order and not know what pandora are ready for indoor detrimental in the front court on the. For those who who haven't experienced that. To think about that now is like what in the heck were we thinking to have these rays go through the French Quarter but you know they didn't go to the quarter. Yes I'd that this was better and it caught him doubly when it was a really good start. I Jason appreciate the comment happy Mardi Gras eyes so did you skip morning garden where you're anticipating that it's gonna be so crowded that it might be best to do all these other parades. And I'm fortunate that I had a chance to our go to had Demi and and the infineon extravaganza in the series and superdome Saturday night and then again the or feet escapade. Morpheus cup will be escapade and associated or fiesta pay. Last night at the aborted a convention center with so Bret Michaels Harry Connick junior and the temptations. And this or cover band listened to cover band is it's a national cover panic they play a lot of fun places and Vegas and repair played big convention everywhere they're really good. Called the party pressures. And it was just it was it was of a fun time and I have to say once again dead. I really have met some really. Great people to this weekend. And and today included a people who listen to the show on a regular basis and I just I I love when I get a chance to put a face. With the audience the soliciting. So I wanna thank all of you. For being part of our after an audience and just met some really really cool people and it really energizes me. To artistic picked up this year they're every afternoon now if you are coming home from ought to draw. Did you did you have enough for me it's coming up 3 o'clock and I did you have enough already. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601 a seventy. And again that you know the crowds have been great. There's less debauchery that I expected. So does that mean there's really less to talk about during the Mardi Gras mambo the review and our numbers 2601878. Text embers a second assembly will be back. Happy Mardi Gras I got a text here that says and Zulu the crowds were noticeably lighter. Yeah I mean. Are people doing what are our last caller didn't. Said that he was gonna do and that is go to the parades. Before boarding joint day because the weather is going to be nice and people were afraid it was going to be too crowded may be there were some collective thinking that went on there. Here is attacks and says just a bit longer scoot soon your two days self imposed politics withdrawal will end. The need for emergency detox hopefully avoided on the flip. Sadly the bevy of pent up hate mongers rapidly await your return. Godspeed and take solace that hindered brethren of your general persuasion remain in your virtual presence. The directed at me. No I mean I'm telling you don't we look I get some text of people like. Yeah eight A Peugeot are you know it's just there's that. Text that. Are pretty. Basic and and you get one it's like almost poetic so you know thank you I know I was applaud the at that detects that are at least somewhat of a cerebral. I if you do what rejoice in the comment any time this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Every coach 5042601878. Tech's number is 87870. Here's a Texas as a state in knoller from Friday to last night we always come home for Mardi Gras day. Had enough by then. Yeah I mean that's that that's the case for for a lot of people I and then there are those who just just can't get enough. I think I just served at the it was a class on registering enough here's attacks to no one ever talks about the North Shore. Skull and bones gang on Mardi Gras morning. In New Orleans is great. Altidore shores while I don't really know that much about this if you want to call me and tell me about it you certainly can't. Here's a text I remember when flam ball carriers had real fire. Used to scare me a debt yeah I remember when they didn't have real fire. And it like it was like Texans have a I think kerosene or or something like that pretty I do remember that they have real fire that it's. I'm away I guess it's kind of got out of hand I still love seeing that. The final carriers and saw that the idea that I guess it was in Indian Meehan that I saw that for the first time this season but that was one of things remembers it as as a kid. And you know we can also talk about some of the stuff that. It took many of us remember from morning growing in the past like morning groin going through the French Quarter I mean can you imagine that but yes. It happened. Now the city. And America. Were not as populated and is now and I guess the city was. Well now back in in those days the city was not as popular editors as it is now even though we have it still. On its continued to regain people who left during her arm her left after or during and after Katrina. But it's just it's amazing to think that those rates went through. The narrow streets at the French Quarter but then they did and at some point they realized you know we're just tempting fate by doing is let's. Let's get these out of the French Quarter. But it you know it's turned out to be a nice morning grow a day in as far as I know the crowds have been dot com. Why does it mean if people aren't out there getting a little rambunctious now and then but for the most part the crowds are are are com. And so. On the wanna grow mumble the review. There is I guess less. To talk about because there's not a lot of negative stuff going on again this doesn't mean that that. It's something unfortunately could still happen because it only takes one person to do something really stupid. And then you've got a lot of negative news and our thoughts and prayers are with the three young people injured in Gulf Shores. Some. Young people I think they were in a marching band and they were hit by a vehicle. And then of course you got the the guy you're in jail. Who I hit the crowds packed in didian. North Carrollton and Orleans. And that was just a horrific fixing guides nobody died British in particular one woman and I believe is still in. A very serious. If not critical condition. On in a hospital but that's another story we're following also what this year was the first year without a Pete fountain is without Pete fountain at the for sheer without Pete but they celebrated and that's the way Pete would have wanted it started at parade many many years ago. And he was aired even last year. All right we'll come back with a more of your comments if you're on hold stay where this if you wanna join us we're talking about Marty draw this is a Mardi Gras mambo the review. Our numbers 2601 a seventy Tex a 77 on skewed in the afternoon have.