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02-28 510 pm Mardi Gras Mambo - The Review with Scoot

Mar 1, 2017|

Scoot talks with callers about their Mardi Gras 2017 experiences throughout Southeast Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the final hour. Even that the that the customs in the individuals that did go out of their way to take from the headlines and I do a costume. Based on that. So. It's just. So why I mean it's its morning draw and set tires part of it. Look at eight in in some ways the baucus last night I was satirical. Especially that did the young and the ring Louis float with a portrait of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones an aside the flow with the logo like the Young and the Restless voters the young in the ring list. Mean that was political satire that was a statement. True. It's obvious not like they're lying about it but it if it was true. So I just find it's done I'll finish it and everybody's entitled to their opinion but I find it's missing is some people are just so animated about political satire. And I hope it's not a case of well you can make fun of everybody else except the person that I support. And then we use when you take take shots at the person I support this inappropriate I hope that's not the case with with anybody but sadly. I think that is the case with a few people and I wanna say again. That I I met some really really great people over the weekend on add in Damian at the office escapade. On the street. I'd during parades and on the street and in the French Quarter and downtown early today. I am I thank you offer saying hi I love meeting all of view and I I I love putting a face with the audience. I love tube to meet those of you who are part of our show every afternoon everywhere into the time grand sports talk to agree on the air. But we just got some really really dedicated listeners every afternoon from wonderful or and if you haven't been joining us. On in a lot of ways it's a show that's a little different for talk radio because it's not right or not left. It's a show that is on defiantly. Moderate defiantly populist. Defiantly. Centrist. Yeah we got opinions. By like most Americans. Were not beholden to the right or. To molest and are gonna get into politics but that's just kind of the attitude of our show and it it's it's it's amazing how many people really do feel that way but. There really are few places to go to feel like you've really got to place it is reflecting your your views and in my conversation with Gene Simmons of kiss. On he said that the same thing about himself. He takes from both parties depending on the issue and and has an opinion he says he's a part of the American political party. Well it's not really a defined party but there are more moderate populace is centrist Americans than there are conservative and liberal Americans. And at the Demi and extravaganza I mean it was an extravaganza it was just amazing you know you had to you had to put your hands up. I'd not just still hope to catch something you had to put your hands up to defend yourself because I mean it's like this barrage of stuff coming and I share and inevitably there are people on the the floats you know a lot of people at you the tables right around you and I mean they are hurling. Big bags of bees at. And I guess in some ways it can be a little dangerous but you usually have to be paying attention at the year at the parades and that's that's for the praise on the street as well. I want to I wanna talk about my friends in group B seven release seven played before kids and look you know what this was fine I mean. Dear kiss and they're still kiss and you know you can't really tell the guys are aging the president make. I mean they even delay did look the same Paul Stanley Gene Simmons they look the same as it looked years ago. So that's one of the unique things about kiss and anywhere in the makeup but I mean they had a blast. And they've made it obvious that they were just having a lot of fun but groovy seven played during the parade. And when I say they played during the parade I mean they played during the entire parade. In Demi and is a long operate. And at the beginning coming in the dome they let the king float goes through. The caseload goes through one at a time circling the and tired of coming in and going out. And then they start bringing him in more than mortar type so that was a long time. And I say this was an excellent. Their or just agree to a party. Cover band tonight I thought they did a remarkable job never stopping the music pages letter role. And then I got a chance is in the top cancer Pakistan issued yesterday he thought tribe was there category six. Record crowd for that you know and and that caller earlier who pointed out may be the weather was so nice. Tougher or I duration of time that people just had so much fun. And and party down and they just took today and and and and relaxed. Also I had a chance to go to F or fears escapade or fiesta paid a source. Or fees at or fiesta or feet escapade that's it you know I got to find the syllables the right place at what's that last night and and that is a first class event if you get a chance to go to that that is amazing you know not as big as the opinion extravaganza was at the morial convention center. Harry Connick junior performed he was the guy who started a parade. Bret Michaels reforms and the temptations performed and then this have really good cover band party pressures for their last year and again this year but. The I get close to the end of our all day Mardi Gras coverage here on Debbie Avago we started very early this morning. In the French Quarter Dave Cohen and tell your hall with Tommy and their Kristian garic. If you wanna join us with a comment about the crowds about the behavior about the parades about. Money go 2017. Our numbers 260. When it's evident area code 5042601. A seventy text embers a 7870. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll. I do you go to the parades work or chills on money go a day. 78% chill so far nobody went to the parades and Tony 2%. Say they work gives your opinion by going to WW real dot com. All right Tim Moore via text or your comments when we come back. Having money draw from all of us here at WWL. Eight and and six is robust and less time watching channel four's there RO. There are partners you're there are zero and my cause was the moves again Michael us. Shiva Turk. Was he pregnant beyoncé. Doug motel on. Lines yelling. And Leisle spoon. Analysts are spoon they they're the sports department. They did. Costumes that reflected their names. Lions yellen was a lion. Wesley spoon. Was a less like now she was a spoon. And Douglas taught and I did not know this would move on mean cheap. So he was a sheep. And it got Ty Tryon who was. I guess it Hans solo. In Star Wars and then there where is Karen Swenson. Who was. It's just lay up one. Movie version reports a slayer because legislative evolved overtime. So Karen Sorenson was princess layup. And then. I Natalie Shepherd which princess lay up from another movie. And Karl Eric John doe was princess lay F from the return of the agenda like. Yeah a halter top and and a and a bottom. Now I couldn't tell whether the bottom was like a bikini bottom or pants bottom mean I I didn't see that part of it. But this is not the first time pearl Redondo hands. Done something blatant that I mean he's had some pretty outrageous custer's an overview of slashes the before he was a Paul Stanley of kiss. And is that midriff was sent totally you know opened saw I guess he enjoys that sort of thing. But the consensus on the show this afternoon is that. A most of us would have preferred to Alexander transferred in the outfit picked her Redondo from Napoleon avenue James you're on WWL. You're a great job today is actually it's well past so loud but it ought to draw and which cited. I don't have more reported a night like downtown Portland while downer. And well known on the moved down. Who noted lucrative market. Yes it would be crazy. I mean she you know people do and start to have a part adding more and more popular aren't hurting. I would say it's a little crazy. Certainly won't be in a game like you out there. An African countries appreciate the call I'm. You know I've I've covered this on the air and there's really no need to. Cover that again. Most of you guys. You know me and Domi for a long time. And you know rise so I don't you want to or to address that. Anyway I just let us hustle bustle of the concerts are really really creative. And again none my costs what does that moos. This year I. I heard earlier today that might cause has been the moose for twenty. Eight years if you do wanna join us for the come this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A Seve text is 87870. Here's a text parade in the home on the North Shore was a family friendly event great parade. You a lot of the praise in suburbs or a great family events. And you know for most of and of New Orleans the at the uptown park the CBD party in the canal street part. I'm these the these parades effect really almost all of the rates are family friendly. With the exception of crude taught I mean that's an adult oriented parade they they tell you a front. You know chances are if you kids are too young to understand that. They're gonna see stuff and they wouldn't even know what the heck it is. Unless you make a big deal about it in an explained so. If something goes by and and they don't know what it is that you cover their eyes are gonna look at me oh that must be something because mom is covering my eyes so I that are pay attention that the next time I see it in life. So sometimes you just have to to beckon. You know realize their kids don't see the same things that that that we see. But and it's it's family friendly it doesn't mean that you're not gonna find some rowdy people in the crowd because she will. Like what I've found fascinating when I went into the quarter earlier today was I. Saw a crowd that was. Lighter than. Last year and the year before and really. Firfer nice weather one of the latest crowds I've seen Mardi Gras day it doesn't mean that there are not a ton of people down there. And yet it's gonna be crazy into the night. Butch on the defect at the crowd might have been lighter I'm getting a few texts like this when that says I think the crowds are smaller because of the crime police are proactive anymore. You know as pro active as a police could be and you know maybe there is something to that. But the problems that we have on the streets of New Orleans. As in every major city. Are not because there are not enough to please me a week or we may be great if we had more police amber we're working in that direction. I saw in a treaty I chief of Michael Harrison last night and it talks looked very distinguished list or music or fear escapade. And nice conversation with the with the chief. Much of much of the problems that they deal with our problem with society. It's a problem because parents didn't raise their kids. That's the problem not. You police. Again it would be great if we had more police but you know perform any of the crimes that are that are committed you could never ever. Have enough police on the street to stop these crimes. And it's because people are not talked consequences for negative behavior they're not taught respect for life and taught respect for. A further people. Accrued if move now recruited Todd OK I secluded Todd got a correction here this is like radio you think this thing is scripted I don't think so. If further proof that innocent and I do this on purpose just so you know it's like crude flu according to. So. Many of the problems at NO PD faces are are the result of society. Not them. And you know the police chief took over a tough situation. And we've seen a lot happen. Under this police chief and I personally think keys and professionally think he's he's done a good job. He still has all a lot to to deal with it heats it took over a department that. Had a lot of stuff going on and every time you hear about somebody who is. Are arrested or somebody who is a kicked off the force. You know you can you can look at it quarter of two ways you can think of my guide you know the police departments corrupt. Or you can look at it like OK they found somebody to rob they got rid of them. So they're is a positive way to see that. But anyway you know since I've I've heard people say that even in Metairie there was some areas where the crowd didn't look as large I don't think it was just crime in New Orleans. And in there there are people who don't want anybody to come to New Orleans because of the crime. They don't come and they don't want anybody else to come and a lot of people to come to new worlds and if you think about the number of people in the street. During any parade but especially Mardi Gras day. And you think about the very few incidents that happen now they're gonna get more attention on the news because that's the nature of news. So you see this stuff going on the news but that's not a reflection of the crowd. The overall crowd think about the few incidents have happened compared to the size of the crowd. And the crowd the people we deserve credit for that too. Not only in OPD but. This is not taking anything away from NO PD but if you couldn't possibly have enough police to. Keep that many people's civil if if all those people to doubt want to remain civil. I mean we know how to act most of us. Most of the time. We know how to act and in even the people come from out of town Dave. They pick up on how we act and what we do during Mardi Gras parades and it it turns out to be a fun time for. Most people. I've stood in the afternoon and we got CBS news update and RW abilities coming up and then we'll be back with more. Of bodyguard mambo the review right here on WWL. And last night on the stage at the I played this on my favorite songs. Because every rose has its thorn. Every cowboy has a says says it's on. Every everything that's good also might have something that's not so great it's kind of a way of saying that we should just be a little more. Accepting of some people who are perfect. I'm screwed in the afternoon and the crew of WWL has been going all day today in this is the the aired the closing moments of our own audio mambo the review will be on here till 6 o'clock here's a text Lakefront was packed all day. Now I would think that on a beautiful day the lake front is always crowded. Morning a day because people of the day off. Was the lake front more crowded today. Than usual that's what I would be sitting in in hearing about. Because it if it if the crowds were lighter it may be in theory was floated earlier in the show. My caller said what in the weather's been so nice for so long he believes that people just had so much. So much fun the parades. And spent so much time out because the weather was so nice. Leading up to the weekend and over the weekend that may be they had enough. And so they decided to. Just use this isn't a nice day off with nice weather. Here is attacks that says Paul Stanley but the other guy. Let's see where this goes. Always a source here it's too good to hear you on the air. When. You were talking about kiss it reminded me. When I worked at WG you know and I was on the crew we interviewed Paul Stanley but the other guys did not show up. Well I don't I mean I don't know about that point I look I've known just to be a very reputable group. And they're not jerks I mean there are some bands that are there they're jerks and you know you don't wanna have to attempt to deal with them. But I love my conversation with their Gene Simmons who. Yeah I like IG and to talk about politics because he's very politically minded he sent an activist. But he's he's a very Smart guy. And I respect is is his views. He voted for President Obama and at some point said look I I regret that I voted for the man and I wish I could take my vote back. I don't know we voted for in in this last election. But he again he talked about the news moderates. A populist stance when it comes to something like the military's very very conservative when it comes to other things like social issues are very very liberal. And that describes a lot of Americans. And it amazes me that there are not more places for. That group to feel at home because that truly is the largest group and able continue to do. The best we can to bring it to. Everybody's attention every afternoon here is Texas has why do people go out of their way to call you gay what a waste of time. Lonely likes yeah I mean I don't I don't understand that it actually I don't I really don't understand that I've addressed it on the air. No need to address or your retirement it happens. Here is a text he skewed did you hear what happen in Gulf Shores it wasn't a DUI driver the person was actually in the parade in red over the band. Yeah three. Young people in a band are in critical condition. On on I believe. It was an elderly driver. There was in the parade. And sometimes. Sometimes people. Sometimes people hit the accelerator instead of the brake. And I mean this this that this happened with a young person on over the weekend over the weekend. Somebody went seven stories that went to a which to a the the wall. Up parking lot from I think 79 stories up the car landed upside down. And the kick walked out of the car. I mean it was amazing. But it was a younger person so mean it it. You know. I guess sometimes. That just happens. There are obviously there are some older and some younger drivers who shouldn't be driving but they are. And just we we all need to pay attention and you know if if he gets to the point where your loved one is driving and they should be driving any longer. Yeah I know it's uncomfortable and I know it's tough when you as a child have to act like the parent but sometimes that moment comes in life and when that happens. You've got to take the keys away from him he can't let him drive. And I realize that it's not just older people it's younger people as well but it means a sad tragic story of the last I heard and you know sometimes I'm busy during the news so I don't hear every word of of the news here. The last I heard the three you know people were in critical condition so let's keep our thoughts and prayers. With them are if you are joyous with the comet this afternoon numbers 2601870. Area code 50426. Cell money seventy. Takes over is 87870. Here. Is. Taxed that Stan is. Not every major. Not every known know every major city. Allied that is sometimes these checks don't come out the way they're supposed to major city Dallas had a 136. Murders last year the population. Ten times ours. It is true that in other big cities they don't have as many murders we have here so there's a problem there. On if there's any good news in this is banned people shooting bad people. The great majority of the time. Unfortunately sometimes when they shoot at each other they hit innocent people. And you know I mean I don't again and a discussion today we talk about that a lot in the afternoon it's like it's it's all about. It's all about raising kids. And you don't have to be perfect parent project to be apparent. Will be back on Demi WL. As far as I can tell it was a really wonderful morning brought 2017. And it's still going on it goes on until midnight and then the police chief and the mayor. And police officers. Get our horseback at the beginning of suburban street permanent canal. And they go down bourbon I guess and their cars as well they go to amber every street. And closed down Monique. Barbara street is closed down at midnight money goalies over. As anybody looked into the constitutionality event I Kevin your mind WWL. It's cute. And what traveling. Out of town but after men caught by a truck parade floats that will 05 school. Eric ball players. Who were walking around the world. I don't think it may very dangerous situation there double wondering about anything legal and Mubarak. You know what it being true. You know. So is that the flow was like what on that on the up dude the road it was it was an incorporated. It would be and I yen and then obviously with the parade in negative kid back to where they ordered. But the but the plot was actually called hot in traveling. It beat sixty ball well. You know I have I have seen a lot of people when the parades over I've seen people on city streets in in floats or and in the trucks. I'm but I don't know about that it's interesting I always thought that it was illegal to ride in a trailer that was being pulled. In any bearing beings it. Margaret I don't know but you know somebody may have the answer that nobody sets it apart by Kevin appreciate the call. And rich young WL. Now why it is about people or the old guys. Google people goal or belt balance. I. I think only. Old people should not dried. Look nobody seemed to do it and it. There rich I appreciate the call. It's such a touchy topic I'm like gonna get into eight to during a Mardi Gras mambo the review. But it's a good topic for our show one afternoon from the one before here and have him throughout. It's a it's a sensitive topic because if you look at the statistics. There are no overwhelming statistics that indicate that people past a certain age should not try. But I believe that past a certain age you. Certainly should take a driver's test again and maybe even had a doctor's certificate. Saying that your. Your cool saying that your your census or are there you you can drive. I mean you realize that you get a driver's license and I mean when's the last time you took a driver's test. I'm would I have moved to other states occasionally. Just occasionally. I've had to. Take a driver's test but I I left here for. For a few years and when I moved back here from from Denver. I and I got my driver slices that a chest during. Well you know maybe over the period tie and I was gone maybe there were some new rules on the road. And maybe I should've. Had to take the test. I know I know a lot of people don't like hearing that because they don't want to bother with it and and what if you failed. But I mean really I believe it when it at some point pockets some interval. When we get our license review we really should pastor to take the test here's a text they disband the truck parade. On on the interstate at Tulane avenue here's a text I'm old and I'm pretty sure I should not drive. Well it's interesting Billy you're on WWL eight. It. Jim and Ellen yeah screen. Chart there that there are pretty neat. To bring it on in. Our standing. I struck votes they'll gather at the unit that parade. Ought to city and the people on. The charts this station at eight try to Currie. It would. Drop back in the starting point. So I. He. You know people on struck will be in on it it is up but I think it. All but empty it. Back in Japan rate is being able to you know ride on the struck it back in oh. Yeah I mean I understand logistically why they would do that but if it's something that's. Illegal do we make the exception because since money draw. Not act at that question I mean to be somebody armed. You like it look that nation by owner Stan. That so many people at all I'll be struck will know if they eat people. On one vote and if they are hit that drive personal you'd be in place. And our back. I mean actually it electric in its equipment to be on the. And all of a personal he would get back people. We don't yet Billy as some point I I appreciate the call I mean if it's illegal it's it's illegal and we do make some exceptions. During Mona draw but if it's illegal because it's not safe that's one thing but. You know now that I think about it and I haven't really paid attention to outline I've seen it before but I do see people. On the ads at the truck floats on the I don't see anybody on. Or regular floats. Events on the interstate but I seen them around. The city. Here is attacks. About the crowds it says. Scoot it's about timing with spring break and the crowds. So I don't know because we had moaning draw closer to spring break that it was this year. Here's a Texas to my name is frank Cooper and I think you're a great guy you're not gay you love women I love the way you address and I hate the bullies like the guy. They call it like hey I appreciate that Brian I really do but you know I'm cool in this business along time. And when somebody calls and says something like that I don't let it bother me. From magazine street testy here and have a W out. Going just to. Does that RO. Two LaRoche. And sometimes. I call upon which right now in their vehicles. Can't beat that are urged. It and tech coach somewhere across so it. Are what they pick us up in English so that. Or why he. To drop Omaha. You. And pebble. Which global group to draw or been to a detour to. Hi Steve I really appreciate that information and happy Mardi Gras. You know I would imagine that there's some people who worked today and they're gonna get off soon and now they're gonna go down to the quarter to start to party. It's gonna be interesting to see with the court looks like to later and I'll I'll talk about that tomorrow afternoon. On our show also we'll be talking about. The highlights of the president's address to a joint session of congress tonight. I'm screwed this. We are about to wrap up a long long day of some money drug coverage here on WWL with a crew of WWL. I Dave Cohen knows very early this morning I started out of the French court the birther leans has started 5 o'clock this morning. And then at 8 o'clock you wish Tommy Tucker and Kristian garic and then at eleven Tom Fitzmorris financially hill. And then we started the body grow mambo the review here at 2 o'clock in Rabat to have brought that up. A coming up at 6 o'clock so really proud to work with all these people they did a great job. It Diane Newman as our executive producer of all of this tell instantaneous. And on site producer Gallagher hall. And there's engineers and so many people thanking George dog who is our studio producer today. So my thanks to everybody in insurer for got a few names Specter you're all greatly greatly appreciate it here's a text haste could I actually. Do know you and has met you in the let the guy that called was so ignorant. It doesn't matter of years gay or nine years ago yeah relying outline and it would differences that make. And what I find so interesting is it for some reason this is followed me through my career they're the of people it's actually within our idea. On that day on. If you listen to me a regular basis. And you. Hear how. Opinion you know I can be. And how. Nontraditional likened being so many ways my god if I work you would know. Here's a text that says so am I have been parading for 45 to fifty years now. Hit it hard the last two weekends with great weather got to say I cut it short today I beat. And I think that's it. Of course you don't maybe. We should have somebody like Donald Trump. Assess crowd size because they would have a vet come on it's just a joke don't take that so seriously. Here's pretty general opinion poll final update to you go to parades work or Cilic Mardi Gras day 78%. She'll. 0% say parades. And yet that there may have been a glitch in our response that 78% say chills are sensing praise and Torrie 2% say they worked. So yeah please remember those people who worked today so you and I could have in a great time. I hear is attacks to scrutinized and every morning draw at the fairgrounds. Where a great day for racing today enjoyed it very much that's cool. Here's a text all this is about to summary riding a float it is illegal but the cops look the other way well you know I mean. They have other things to worry about our day like today all right it has been a pleasure to be with you this afternoon we'll be back tomorrow afternoon from one to four. I'm scoots.