WWL>Topics>>3/1/17 Scoot 3pm- Was Trump's address a turning point?

3/1/17 Scoot 3pm- Was Trump's address a turning point?

Mar 1, 2017|

Several poll shows that 78% to 80% of those watching had a positive reaction to President Trump’s speech. Did you?

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We're talking about president trumps a speech report joint session of congress last night and about 78%. Of those surveyed this escorting to a CNN. Or C poll. But 78%. Said they had a positive view of what the president said. Now you have to understand that there are a lot of people who tuned in court gonna be top supporters of the public is a lot of people who who don't like trop well they didn't bother watching. In the same way that there were a lot of people that win. President Obama at a press conference or give a speech and take time to watch stack up well saying he's going on with with president trot. So among those who watched its its already going to be skewed toward liking trot. So that could be one of the reasons why that number is so high. And I here's an update on a pretty jaguar opinion poll do you think that this is a turning point in his presidency. 74% say yes and 26% say no and you can give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. House speaker Paul Ryan called it a home run said president truck delivered a bold optimistic message to the American people. We now have a government unified around a simple but important principle. Empowering the people not Washington. Is the way to build a better future for our country. This is a president. Who were serious about tackling our biggest challenges and improving people's lives. But let's see if he does. Mean I hope he does because if he succeeds as much as you might hate him if he succeeds and that means that. The people will be more empowered. And and not Washington. If he succeeds. We will be better off for years from now than we are now. Just on on a side note to president trump got a haircut I mean it was noticeable that he he got a haircut and nastiest goalies on a congressman who walked in with the president. And I was interesting that he was wearing his Marty got color ties because yesterday it was Mardi Gras day. Like that we also earlier in the show and we can continue talk about some of this as well if you haven't had a chance to give us your assessment of it. We had a quick review of Mardi Gras night boarding gore 2070. I with the crowds Mardi Gras day bigger or smaller than in the past not my notice in French court they were they were smaller. And what's the crowd Tamer. In the French Quarter right noticed the crowd was was Tamer what was it like where you war. And do you buy this theory that there's so many people because the weather was so nice so many people went to parades. Before Mardi Gras day that they were just paraded out by an article today just decided to. Take the day off. If you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Very current 5042601. Point 78 and a text number is 87870. And I hear is Texas says side may be wrong but I think the only mentioned. This soldier and his widow. Yeah we're talking about another down moment that the moment that most people are talking about. Is the moment in his speech last night when he he recognized. Korean Owens the widow of Bryant Owens the navy seal who was killed in that rating Yemen. Now Ryan always father refused to meet with president trot. And he says he wants a full investigation as to why his son died. Thinking that this was a raid that was not necessary here's the controversy. Some believe this was a rate that was not necessary and did not yield any important information. The president says something different last night he said we did get a lot of information so somebody's telling the truth somebody's this devious. Which is yet. And there are those who say he took advantage of this. Dead seal. And he's very emotional widow last night he used them to make himself look good the other line of thinking is. The president honored. This fallen soldier and honored his widow last night. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Texting seventy Seve from the plus John welcome to the show. Good afternoon. I'm. So the early look forward talking about health care. How about such early court to chill. Where all polling. You know he again in October every one good health care and alt left. So perhaps. That's what he wants to do you also admitted the other day or so that no one realized shall care. So complicated. Well actually it's not true a lot of people did you know include people that. Obamacare. But if you realize that now may be you'll be more open minded as. People like Paul Ryan have a very different agenda from the one that the president has articulate. So a lot. Of up to everybody could get good coverage and a half left not what the Republicans. Are working with well. Could could last night has been in a sign that the job is defining the man. Well I've been somewhere isn't you know which are sure. Sure it's just sort of you know hard to know more at this point what's gonna have. Well he has he has the opportunity. To either follow through or not Paula sort everything you said he's the only one who can prove. Whether those were just words last night. Truly new and unique position the you know he needs from Republicans and you know they need him to. And he doesn't traps to let them Russia. Tipped John I appreciate the call and you know and and think about how the Republican Party projected Donald Trump and now. Many of them one of the guys from the east Robert you're under the WL. An aide who you don't mind. Pat I would like it changes being retired military officer. He hit a home to eighteen worse. So he hit me this year. I didn't know you don't force. Impatient. But we have a bunch of chicken in his country that would complain. So well and and don't I don't know a lot a lot of people don't know what a lot of people don't know what chicken hawk means I want when you explain accident. Check out that Nadal answered. They would criticize the military. That your. I think moderately there by their camp but but they're very anxious to go to war but they're not listen if you. Yeah. Annual statements site will cancel the actual. What these people are definitely. The injury at the spirit went in and year. Because. This country and get let go yet and that's who acknowledged go. Can't get them to the detriment wouldn't want to like he is the stability mania had now. 1617. Years old. Not knowing that it would come that. And a lot of that. And on the beach and went to 800. These people killed most of them know what they're talking. We do it did in the right thing. He that may be her that he'd ultimate price. And the reason we have so many suppose it would you need it because he's the one model that was so we get you know. Ronald I appreciate your call and Dyer also appreciate very much what you did for our country. I hear was what president trump had to say about two obamacare last night. Obamacare is collapsing. And we must act decisively. To protect. All Americans. Action is not a choice it is a necessity. So I am calling on all Democrats and Republicans in congress to work through us to save Americans. From this imploding. Obama care. Disaster. I got a Teddy a president from makes it sound like it's gonna be really greats like world gonna get better health care coverage and it's gonna cost us all last. Now is that what's gonna happen. If that does happen then president trump will get credit. If it doesn't happen. Then once again we're deceived. Here's a text that says says sub bumper sticker is ignorance is bliss why aren't more people happy that's on us it's a good question. I've you rejoice in your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy. Every coach 5042601878. Taxi 7870. It's coming tonight you down more rain is on the way. President drawn very very confident last night one of the things it really surprise me after the speech where says watching CNN. And Van Jones who has been more trust harshest critics and loudness critics. He said there was a moment last night when Donald Trump became. President of the United States to him. He described as one of the most extraordinary moments you've ever seen in American politics period and he was talking about the moment when he addressed. Korean Owens has talked about her husband the navy seal a right Owens who was killed in the raid on on you in Yemen. On a facility that. Is believed to have had a lot of information again there's two stories out there whether or not we got a lot of information about whether or not that was something that trump just. Decided to do that now I'm president gotta order raid. That's what some some are speculating I don't know if that's true or not and the father of Bryan Owens once an investigation and actually refused to meet with president trot. I get back to your calls here in just a moment here sudden here's part of what president truck had to say last night about crime in America. In Chicago. More than 4000 people were shot last year alone and the murder rate so far this year has been even higher. This is not acceptable. In our society. Every American jobs should be able to grow up with a safe community. To attend a great school. And to have access to a high paying job. But to create this future we must work with not against. Not against. The men and women. Of law. In force. We must build bridges of cooperation and trust. Not drive a wedge of disunity and this and really sort in his division. It's pure. Unadulterated. Division. So the president had some really good things there. But he can only do so much. It's up to us. As citizens. It's up to police officers. All law enforcement. It's up to us. To change. Any president can suggested by owe a lot responsibility for all of this this change. Falls back on us tonight I'll I hope we recognize them and that's that's something it's good I mean it beat it means that we do have power. From which we go Jeff welcome to the show. I think he's students I'm calling to I agree with previous caller. And I do agree that previous caller. I think on neutral as the perfect example the chicken. He had what five deferments and then he said that young men were at that. Ryan teel then put repeated his wife around congress. So everyone could could could could do. That by what are saying. And he had it are gonna be proven that he reasoned to it or about it. And he got trapped in dot. He's a perfect example of what you thought that it works do. Heard him to. Turn that into circuit last night. So you I think everybody can more understand that Donald rocket ship him off an apple optical liar. And it is not if he's colluding with the Russians Putin the election was shall why should talk. Well we'll have to I think you major point about him theater chicken dog we'll have to wait and see how how this turns out but Donald Trump last night in his speech talked about how. We need to find peace wherever peace can be found. Now again it is that what he's gonna do it in some ways during the campaign even talked about. Making sure that we don't get involved in in wars just to get involved in wars and and and distinguished. I'm not saying that this is what he's going to do is telling you that this is my recollection of what he said during the campaign. And what he said now. He. Made it seem as if we're not gonna just go to war to go to war. And a lot of people like that some people say it's a little to isolationist like the idea is not going to warrantless we have two that's a good Mike you're never WL. You are sworn account. And I wish they'll kill you. Or try and done. It takes Smart and much did. It went. Which you know. Truth job he's. Interesting my fit at this point so many people are sure. They know what happened and they don't know what happened and we don't know for sure if it was worth it or not. But if if there was the thought it was worth it well. You know Dana can be argued there was were we have to wait receiver I like what trump did last night when he says go to guy died a hero it doesn't matter where did the mission was a good mission or bad mission. It was a mission and that. Navy seal who lost his life. Gave the ultimate sacrifice. For his country and so that means no matter whether they've look it's important whether or not the the rate was was was necessary. Like just the fact that he was acting as a as a soldier in our military and died that makes him a hero period. Right what. I want you know obamacare. People. You're. An expert could use. And apple acting. Yeah some people benefited don't like some people benefited. And they've ordered him now I can. Warn people from. And come out and got better. Norman coming up by a vote. Well do do do both sides. Have the courage. To compromise to do both sides had the courage to go OK look this is good. And this is bad. Am. Sure it. Might appreciate the column you're right and and president fronted talk about how he is willing to work with both parties well let's see if he doesn't beat. We've got his words we've we are gonna keep this speech with me so we've we've got his words and if he follows through didn't he gets credit for that. He doesn't follow through will talk about that as well. Here's a Texas says scoot I think the tribute to the soldier's wife was genuine but after about the first two minutes I felt very uncomfortable for her she began sobbing. And there was no one you know what current. I could comfort her or embrace our. And it wears on Ibaka who were standing right next Jordan I guess she didn't really know what to do quite CBS news to be a real news and we'll be back. I Kelly and Con-way has really not been around now recently not just a couple of incidents they're kind of kept her behind the scenes. I mean she was out every day all day aren't all the networks haven't seen much of our. But a picture has says surfaced with her. And she's got her feet on the sofa in the Oval Office. She says. She was taking pictures and she said I needed to finish point. Well we know that you could stand up and have the same vantage point you don't have to push if he she has apologized for putting your feet himself. But I tectonic kind of ways is really blaming the media for for showing this. And again isn't this classic this so classically this is what the Democrats do with Hillary Clinton. It is it should have been leaked. What about the fact. That's office was said in the leaked information we're about what was sort of the contents of the league material. They didn't address that as much as a sure. The fact is. If the media catch you do something doing something and you're doing it. Then Europe to be held accountable again she apologized but she did make an excuse for putting your feet on the sofa in the Oval Office. I here's what truck had to say about his administration working with both parties. My administration wants to work when members of both parties to make child care access and afford. To help insure new parents. That they have. Cade family really. Who invested women's out. And to promote clean there. And clean water and to rebuild our military. And our infrastructure. True us for our people requires us to find common ground. To advance the common good and to cooperate on behalf of every American child who deserves. A much brighter. Future I did any of this sound strange coming from president trump. Child care accessible affordable paid family leave for new parents. Invest in women's health. Promote clean air clean water. Rebuild our military and our infrastructure and that was so predictable. But there were there are some things that you would not have expected from. A a Republican so. It is this a sign of Donald Trump exposing. The fact. Then he's really not far right that he really is more of a populist president. The far right has taken credit for trump. But he's not he's not far right a for the nor short Henry Euro and every WL. All. Hurry and we are we speak. Now. In. Good. I ON. As. All active duty. It. There. Are here or sir. If I. Shall. That person. Back. Our. All. You. Our military. At all. Oh. It. All. They're. A or at. Art. Oh. Well they. Should. At all. It. A record. A truly at this military. Well you know Henry I I do think that their art are chicken hawks bring your right I mean that did the phrase can't be used two Lucy to describe everybody who has this Tennessee but there are people who are really quick to say. Go to war but it's not going to be them. Where their kids in there or even people on on Capitol Hill who. Would be in favor of war but they didn't go and their kids would you go. You don't have to have. You don't have to have kids going into the military to be for doing the right thing. But it does seem as if there are politicians. Who historically. Have. Haven't had any problems saying you know let's go bomb them. When their kids are not gonna actually be. The ones who are. Part of this we do know the investors while the speech last night's you've heard in the news the stock market closed at a record all time high first time ever. Over 21000. So even many people who hate Donald Trump somewhere deep down inside to pick a kind of love and custom make a lot of money. This is one of the songs Bret Michaels played Monday nights at obvious. Obvious right back material. It was on this day march the first back in 1972. Merle Haggard was pardoned by then California governor Ronald Reagan angered wears a serving time in prison for. Attempted burglary. Here's a Texas says said the higher and faster the market rises the faster and harder. It will fall and that's true. So president trump is taking credit for the stock market going up and today closed. For the first time over 21000. So the president is taking credit finesse. Here's the problem with that. What is the stock market goes down. Is he gonna be to blame. I mean it's only fair beef you take credit for it you have to take the blame if it if it goes down. And and while. Consumer confidence and and things sometimes that intangible. Have a lot to do with the economy and an it conference in the future. On and we saw this with the Ronald Reagan we've seen this with width of the president's as well. When there's confidence in the future but the stock market goes up. Quite often. And so. The president has something to do with it but there's there are a lot of other things that go one and there are things that could happen beyond president fronts control. There because the stock market decode counsel I guess you could argue in a way that right now. President trump in the White House. Is causing this surge in the stock market. But let's see if it stays there and that's the other thing that yours have to be at congress and a from Arab beat George George WWL. Pace screw up shall all this thanks thank you Eugene O'Neill. Stock market match. We're public public entities you know in and now. We we have pension on how pension fund now it's totally sigh oh and my full one cage on rural blue blob blob blob blob that you can keep it you can call you know your debit and all. And all kind of monitor. Men like. I'm not totally bonded to act totally under the taxpayer vehicle. You need to be liked like ball. Right now at a great pitcher Bob used to be in trouble out of trouble on. And that's what you know you don't hear. People say well it's been on bat speed and diamond it's been done and it's taken a lot of burden taxpayers because like that. Now he or wanted to be in want it take totally. On that end and our exact Derek there there must be a lot of people who really hate trump but deep down inside I mean they're happy in their smile and when they look at their 401K with a look at their. I remember my my portfolio. Go crazy right now gas. You know I mean Mac you get just you know people at the right thing right some monies to step up. Or and I have percent to 1% to put it in right now comedic. You can you can become. I'm not an billion aperture could be. To turn on the mountain Allen's you know in the last couple months and I know what it. Georgia I'm glad things are working well for it appreciate is that it time to call a show you all right here's a Texas as. It's Yvonne is employed eyed child care and women's health care truck is just appeasing her he doesn't really believe it. Well at trump follows through and does these things who cares whether he believes it or not he surrounded by people that say do this and he doesn't. Isn't that the only thing that matters. I'm scoots ever be back on your bureau. Well if you are tuning in listening to the show this afternoon and you obviously one of the ones that either avoided gonna grow or you survived an. I just wanna say I met so many nice people over the weekend and and yesterday. And and Monday on and so many people just talked about how they're part of our afternoon audience and I love putting a face for the audience and hi I appreciate all of your love spending every afternoon with. On this west toward the end of president Trump's speech. Last night. That time for small thinking is of the time for trivial fights. Is behind us. We just need the courage to share that dream is that Phil us. The bravery to express the hopes that Sarah arsenals and the confidence to turn those shelves and those dreams interaction. From now on America will be empower. By our aspirations. Not burdened by our fears. Inspired by the future. Not bound by failures of the past. And guided by a vision. Not blinded. My Howard dance me come on now. So good speech. This was an excellent speech. The question is is this gonna turn into action and is a president to have going to be able to do the things that he promised he would do. We should hope so. Because he sure sent out a lot of positive very inclusive things but let's see where it goes from here. Here is a text and it says. The stock market in for a one case where an out during Obama's presidency. But that like they have since the election even before inauguration. The stock market started to. Search so. It has happened since president trump. Was elected. So I mean you you you eat it let's let's recognize that that is a fact. Here is a text that says so where was the outrage when Obama. Had his feet all over the desk in the Oval Office hypocrisy at its finest from. The left. Yeah he did have his feet up on the go on on on a desk at one point what they weren't actually on the desk they were. His his legs were on the desk in his his shoes were not on the desk. And I think that it ended in several expose I would say that that's a little bit different than putting your feet on the self. And you know you might to criticize me for saying that put. I I can remember that picture with the President Obama with a says it is likes upon them the desk and I I've seen the picture of Kellyanne Conley with their feet on the sofa. And ice IC difference and I'd I don't think it's hypocritical I think there's a little their president but Demi you can you can have your opinion of that. But the Robert that. A coming up next is sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Deuce McAllister joins Bobby and Deke at 5 o'clock to refute the pelicans new look and lineup. And preview the NFL combine its coming up. And then at 530 tiger basketball. The tigers will try to break. Their fifteen. Game. Losing. Record. Fifteen game losing streak. They're gonna try to do that against Tennessee. I I think they'll be some changes in L issue before too long anyway I've enjoyed be with you will have a lot to talk about again tomorrow afternoon. When I think Diane Neumann RW WL program director Tom and as bizarre. Sister program director and John wicker Syria producer. Have a great safe after Hillary did I but it's gonna be cooler when you and I get together tomorrow afternoon because when you wake up in the morning I'm skewed have a great afternoon. Love you New Orleans.